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1201. HR Pufnstuf - The Stand-In, The Golden Key, The Birthday Party, The Box Kite Kaper, The Mechanical Boy, The Magic Path, The Wheely Bird, Show Biz Witch, Totally Obsessed - Miami Vice/Madonna/Cabbage Patch Kids/Cats #101. 9/04, Dukes of Hazzard/TMNT/Piercing/Mother Goose #102. 9/04, LOTR/Clint Eastwood/E.T./Pink #103. 9/04, Munsters/Peter Pan/Weight Gain/Pac-Man #104. 9/04, Joey, Dharma & Greg - Unarmed and Dangerous, Stephen King on the Today Show 9/20/04

1202. Worlds Wildest Police Videos Tape #2 - Phoenix, AZ - A pair of armed robbers held up a dry cleaners and fled in a green mini van. They drive all around, hit a car and the passenger switch places with the driver as a news chopper follows because no cops are near. They jump out and run into an apartment and are caught, Denver CO - A man hits the road in a red turbo charged 4x4. He's armed and dangerous and runs through downtown. Cops race up and PIT him and he spins out into a building and still fights the cops when they grab him, Miami FL - Two car thieves tear through a residential neighborhood in a white Toyota. They almost hit two cars then slam into a woman driving a brown car and crash into a house and run. The driver is ambulanced off, Robbers on the Run Special Edition - Harrisburg PA - At rush hour on a clogged freeway cops set up a blockade. Two thieves in two stolen Mercedes come along and cops put up spike strips. One thief doesn't make it and the other one swerves away and almost takes out a cop. A second strip is put down and he almost takes out another cop. He then calls his girlfriend on his cell phone, hits tollbooth traffic and has to run on foot. He is still on the phone while running until a plain-clothes cop sneaks up on him, Gardena CA - A community is in turmoil a suspect is chased through his own neighborhood. His mother runs out and fjunaeaints when she sees him. The teen driver keeps running and cops ram him. He goes around a hotel and over a lawn and mocks them. As night falls cops back off. A civilian truck comes up and rams him again and again when enrages him so cops restart the chase. He runs back home and is blocked in by firetrucks and the neighbors riot, Montgomery County AL - A drug addict desperately tries to distance himself from police. He does crack while driving and hits stop sticks, punctures his tires, crosses a median and races into oncoming traffic until he crashes into a car. He gets out and runs, but is caught and says he didn't know what was going on and got 10 years in jail, Chilton County AL - Cops track a suspect doing 120mph in a stolen turbo charged all wheel drive car. He has a buddy along for the ride and shows off by slowing down and gunning it to 140mph. He tries to cause a wreck as a 500 cruiser keeps up with him. He skids off the road, down a dirt road, gets back on the main road, gets rammed twice and is caught, Los Angeles CA - A stolen SUV blasts through the city streets driven by a 15 year old girl with a 14 year old passenger. Choppers follow as they head to the airport at over 100mph, hits a bump, bottoms out and T-bones a car in an intersection with a baby inside. He driver has to be pulled out through a window, Atlanta GA - The owner of a red car went shopping and left her keys in the car. Two thieves take it and jump on the freeway. A trooper tries to box them in and he gets off on memorial and runs over a curb, over another and through a gas station. Trooper Garry Shelton PITs him and he spins out and is trapped. They pull him out through the window

1203. Drew Carey Tape #31 - Whose Line US Season 6 #174, 132, UK 8.11, UK 8.12, The Passion of the Wick, Finale, UK 8.13 (Comp), WL 115, Ryan Stiles Hosting Mad TV 5/3/97, WL 145, 71, The Late Late Show Hosted by Drew 9/20/04 & 9/21/04, WL 83, 80

1204. Brady Bunch Tape #4 - To Move or Not to Move, The Dropout, The Grass is Always Greener; Lost Locket, Found Locket; The Slumber Caper; Going, Going, Steady; Call Me Irresponsible, The Tattletale, What Goes Up…; Confessions, Confessions; Kitty Karry All is Missing w/The Lost Brady 1, The Voice of Christmas w/The Lost Brady 2, Is There a Doctor in the House, The Babysitters, A Fistful of Reasons, Where There's Smoke, Pop Up - Our Son, the Man

1205. Brady Bunch Tape #5 - Pop Up - Her Sister's Shadow, Pop Up - Getting Davy Jones, Pop Up - The Honeymoon, Getting Davy Jones, Ghost Town USA, Grand Canyon or Bust, The Brady Braves; Our Son, the Man; The Liberation of Marcia Brady, Double Parked, Alice's September Song, Tell It Like It Is, The Wheeler-Dealer; My Sister, Benedict Arnold; Juliet is the Sun, And Now a Word from Our Sponsor, Click, The Not-So Rose Colored Glasses

1206. Stripperella - Beauty and the Obese 2 parts (Extended), Little Women (1933), Lonely Hearts, Empire of Dreams: The Story of Star Wars, Awesomely Badder Girls

1207. 80s Music Videos & Beyond Tape #94 - PJ Harvey - The Letter (Domestic), Technotronic/Ya Kid K - Move This, Common - Reminding Me (Of Self), Van Hunt - Dust, KMD - Peach Fuzz, Blackstreet - No Diggity, Ginuwine - In Those Jeans, Keith Sweat/Kut Klose - Twisted, KoRn - Word Up, Papa Roach - Between Angels and Insects, Doom Hunter - Not Ready to Die, Opiate for the Masses - Heaven, Shadows Fall - Thoughts Without Words, Shadows Fall - The Power of I and I, Inspiral Carpets - This Is How It Feels, Bob Mould - It's Too Late, Marvin Sapp - One Thing (Live), Darwin Hobbs - Nobody Like Jesus, Wet Wet Wet - Angel Eyes, Kylie Minogue - Can't Get You Out Of My Head, Paul Weller - Wishing On A Star, Koffee Brown - After Party, Joe - Stutter, Taylor Dayne - Love Will Lead You Back, Basement Jaxx - Good Luck, Chico Debarge - Home Alone, Eric Benet - When You Think of Me, Sybil/Salt 'N Pepa - Crazy 4 You, Ike & Tina Turner - Soul to Soul, Mel'isa Morgan - Do Me Baby, Montell Jordan - Get it on Tonite, Lucy Pearl - Dance Tonight, D'Angelo - Lady, Angie Stone - Brotha, Brand New Heavies - Dream on Dreamer, Mike Phillips/J.R. - Wonderful & Special, 702/Clipse - Star, Mary J. Blige - Reminisce, Joss Stone - Super Duper Love (Are You Diggin' on Me), Cee-Lo -Getting Grown', R.E.M. - Radio Free Europe, Tori Amos - Smells Like Teen Spirit, Tina Turner - Acid Queen (Musicladen), Cyndi Thomson - I'm Gone, Mark Wills - Back at One, Willie Nelson - Maria (Shut Up and Kiss Me), Alison Krauss - New Favorite, Shania Twain - It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing (Live), Toby Keith - My List, Ranch - Walkin' in the Country, Kenny Chesney - The Good Stuff, Vince Gill - Someday, Kenny Chesney - Young, Usher/Alicia Keys - My Boo, Ashlee Simpson - Shadow, Good Charlotte - Predictable, Hilary Duff - Fly, Lostprophets - Wake Up (Make a Move), Linda Ronstadt/Aaron Neville - Don't Know Much, Elton John - I Want Love, Shakira - Otos Asi, Molotov - Frijolero, Juanes - La Pagaa, Jaguares - Detras de Los Cerros, Flaming Lips - She Don't Use Jelly, Producers - Certain Kinda Girl, Jeffrey Osborne - The Borderline, Triumph - Allied Forces (Live), Smithereens - Too Much Passion, Smithereens - Top of the Pops, Go West - We Close Our Eyes, Go West - Faithful, Eric Clapton - After Midnight, New Edition - Can You Stand the Rain, Troop - Spread My Wings, Black Crowes - Remedy, Van Halen - Best of Both Worlds (Live), Duran Duran - Too Much Information, Frank Black - Hang onto Your Ego, Donna Summer - I Will Go With You (Con Te Partiro), J. Geils Band - Fright Night, Cure - A Forest (Live), Church - Metropolis, Damage Plan - Breathing New Life, HIMSA - Rain to the Sound of Panic, Martyrad - American Hollow, KoRn - Right Now, Cradle of Filth - Nymphetamine, Chevelle - Vitamin R (Leading Us Along), Secret Machines - Nowhere Again, My Chemical Romance - I'm Not Okay (I Promise), R.E.M. - Leaving New York

1208. 80s Music Videos & Beyond Tape #95 - Rod Stewart - Maggie May (Storytellers), Allman Brothers Band - Melissa (Live Beacon Theatre), Duran Duran - (Reach Up for the) Sunrise, U2 - Electrical Storm, K-os - The Love Song, EPMD - Goldigger, Roots - Star, Tony Toni Tone - Thinking of You, Boogie Down Productions - Love's Gonna Get Cha' (Material Love) w/KRS-One Interview Clip, Carl Thomas - Emotional, Res - Golden Boys, De La Soul - Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey) w/Maseo Interview Clip, Tweet - Call Me, Jaheim - Backtight, Janet Jackson - That's the Way Love Goes/If (VMA 93), Joss Stone - Fell in Love with a Boy, Jill Scott - Gimme, Lucy Pearl - Don't Mess with My Man, D'Angelo - Me and Those Dreaming Eyes of Mine, Musiq Souldchild - Girl Next Door, Janet Jackson/Blackstreet - I Get Lonely (Remix), 702 - Steelo, Me'shell Ndege'ocello - Who is He and What is He to You, Mos Def/Faith Evans - Brown Sugar (Extra Sweet), Boogie Down Productions - Jack of Spades w/KRS-One Interview Clip, De La Soul - Shopping Bags (She Got from You), Dilated Peoples/Kanye West - This Way, Maxwell - Sumthin' Sumthin', Bilal - Soul Sista, Chico DeBarge - Iggin' Me, MC Lyte - Stop Look & Listen w/Interview Clip, Jon B./Tupac - Are You Still Down?, Changing Faces - G.H.E.T.T.O.U.T., Foxy Brown/Dru Hill - Big Bad Mamma, Black Eyed Peas - Hey Mama, De La Soul - Say No Go w/Posdnous Interview Clip, Black Eyed Peas/SSX3/Sims 2/Tribes Vengeance/The Urbz - Let's Get it Started, Darkness/Outlaw Golf 2 - I Believe in a Thing Called Love (with interview), Christina Milian/Jade Empire - Dip it Low, New Found Glory/Bloodrayne 2/Outlaw Golf 2/Jade Empire - All Downhill from Here (with interview), Marilyn Manson - Get Your Gunn, Marilyn Manson - Rock is Dead, Trivium - Like Light to the Flies, Marilyn Manson - Sweet Dreams, Marilyn Manson - This is the New S hit, Probot - My Tortured Soul (Live HBB), Nonpoint - The Truth, Marilyn Manson - Tourniquet, Marilyn Manson - Disposable Teens, American Head Charge - Cowards, Jill Scott - The Way, Toni Braxton/Loon - Hit the Freeway, Missy Elliott/Ginuwine/Tweet - Take Away, Big Bank Hank Interview Clip 10/04, Groove Theory - Keep Tryin', Tribe Called Quest - Jazz/Buggin' Out, Tony Toni Tone/DJ Quik - Let's Get Down, Public Enemy - Fight the Power V2 (Do the Right Thing) w/Darryl McDaniels Intterview Clip, Gina Thompson - The Things You Do (Bad Boy Remix), Kelly Rowland - Can't Nobody, Monica - Just Another Girl, Run DMC - King of Rock w/Chuck D. Interview Clip, Lauryn Hill - Everything is Everything, Anthony Hamilton - Comin' From Where I'm From (Live, Laurena - Infatuation, Jimmy Cozier - She's All I Got, En Vogue - Don't Let Go (Love), KoRn's Greatest Videos - Viewers Choice w/Jonathan and Munky - KoRn - Word Up, KoRn - Somebody Someone, KoRn - Got The Life, KoRn - Y'All Want a Single?, KoRn - Here To Stay, KoRn - Right Now, KoRn - Falling Away from Me, KoRn - A.D.D.I.A.S., KoRn - Freak On A Leash, Diary of KoRn Part II - A Decade in the Game, Lizz Wright - Open Your Eyes, Christion - Full of Smoke, Me'shell Ndege'ocello - Pocketbook, Jonell/Method Man - Round & Round, EPMD - So Wat Cha Sayin', Mary J. Blige - It's a Wrap, Soul for Real - Candy Rain, 112/Supercat - Na Na Na Na

1209. Cops Tape #5 - Kansas City #1023. 5/16/98, Miami, FL #438. 5/9/92, Portland, OR #207. 11/89, Atlanta, GA #1104. 9/19/98, Las Vegas, NV #1010. 12/6/97, Coast to Coast #1703. 9/11/04, Coast to Coast #1704. 9/11/04, Houston, TX #335. 6/91, San Diego, CA #215. 1/90, Arizona #1332. 5/5/01, Tennessee #423. 1/18/92, Coast to Coast #1705. 9/18/04, Los Angeles, CA #705. 8/6/94, Fort Worth, TX #1219. 2/19/00, Broward Co. FL #110. 5/19/89, Resisting Arrest 2 Special Edition #1706. 9/25/04, Alaska #310. 11/90, Coast to Coast #1635. 10/2/04

1210. Howard Stern Tape #112 - E! Show 9/10/04 - 10/5/04

1211. 80s Music Videos & Beyond Tape #96 - Boogie Down Productions - Criminal Minded (Live), Carl Thomas - Summer Rain, Maxwell - Matrimony: Maybe You, Eric Benet/Tamia - Spend My Life with You, Ricky Fante - It Ain't Easy, Troop - Sweet November, Erykah Badu - Tyrone (Live), Laurnea - Can't Let Go, Donell Jones - You Know that I Love You, Silk - Meeting in My Bedroom, MC Lyte - Lyte as a Rock w/Interview Clip, Janet Jackson/Q-Tip/Joni Mitchell - Got 'Til it's Gone, Jay-Z - Song Cry (Mtv2 Unplugged), Cee-Lo - Closet Freak, OutKast - Rosa Parks, Musiq Soulchild - Just Friends (Sunny), Camp Lo - Luchini, Tyler Collins - Girls Night Out, Creatures - Godzilla, Allman Brothers Band - Midnight Rider (Live at The Beacon Theater), Jodeci - Lately, Boogie Down Productions - You Must Learn, Pitch Black - Good Times, Mary J. Blige - All that I Can Say, Allman Brothers Band - One Way Out (Live at The Beacon Theater), Sweetback - Cover, Fugees/Steven Marley - No Woman No Cry, India.Arie - Little Things, Jodeci - Come and Talk to Me, Aaliyah - More than a Woman, Hi-Five - Quality Time, Somethin' for the People - My Love is the Shhh!, John Legend - Used to Love U, Les Nubians - Tabou, Raphael Saadiq/D'Angelo - Be Here, Monica - So Gone, Bahamadia - Uknowhowwedu, Kelis - Get Along with You, Public Enemy - Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos, Sister Souljah - The Hate that Hate Produced, Chico DeBarge - Love Still Good, Tribe Called Quest - Find a Way, LSG - My Body, Big Daddy Kane - I Get the Job Done w/Interview Clip, Aaliyah - Rock The Boat, Floetry - Say Yes, Deborah Cox - Nobody's Supposed to be Here, EPMD - You Gots to Chill, Sweetback - You Will Rise, Carl Thomas - I Wish, D'Angelo - Send it On (VH1 00), Refugee Camp All-Stars/Lauryn Hill - The Sweetest Thing, KRS-One - Sound of Da Police, LL Cool J/Total - Loungin', Aaliyah - One In A Million, TLC - Girl Talk, Jon B. - Lately, Diamond & the Psychotic Neurotics - Sally Got a One Track Mind, Mariah Carey - Breakdown, Mary J. Blige - Family Affair (VH1 Awards 01), D'Angelo - Crusin', KRS-One - Step Into a World (Rapture's Delight), Talib Kweli/Mary J. Blige - I Try, Allman Brothers Band - Soulshine (Live at The Beacon Theatre), Amel Larrieux - Get Up, D'Angelo/Redman/Method Man - Left and Right, Syleena Johnson - Guess What, Guy - Do Me Right, Aaliyah - Are You That Somebody?, Jaheim - Put that Woman First, Slum Village/Dwele - Tainted, Aaliyah - If Your Girl Only Knew, 702 - Where My Girls At?, Guru/N'dea Davenport - Trust Me, EPMD - Crossover, Kanye West - Through the Wire (Live @, Raphael Saadiq - Ask of You, Angie Stone - No More Rain (in this Cloud), Lenny Kravitz - It Ain't Over Till it's Over, Public Enemy - Burn Hollywood Burn, Robert Randolph & the Family Band - I Need More Love, Eric Benet - Georgy Porgy, Chico DeBarge/Joe - No Guarantee (Remix), Jill Scott - A Long Walk (VH1 01), Public Enemy - Rebel Without a Pause (Live Mtv Europe), De La Soul - Ego Trippin' (Part Two), Aaliyah/Timbaland - We Need a Resolution

1212. The Odd Couple Tape #5 - Myrna's Debut, The Oddyssey Couple, Last Tango in Newark, Odd Decathlon, The Insomniacs, That Was No Lady, The Pig Who Came to Dinner, The Moonlighter, Vocal Girl Makes Good, Shuffling Off to Buffalo, Old Flames Never Die w/2001 Ad, The Subway Story, Felix Remarries, The Laundry Orgy, The Jury Story, The Big Brothers, The Murray Who Came to Dinner, I'm Dying of Unger

1213. MXC Tape #2 - College Girls, Cable TV Workers vs. White House Employees, Hi Tech vs. Civil Service, Outdoorsmen vs. Educators, Snack Food vs. Print Media, Novelty/Gift Industry vs. The Death Industry, Baby Products Industry vs. Paranormal, The Amusement Park Industry vs. The World's Oldest Profession, Dentists vs. Explorers, Republicans vs. Democrats vs. Third Party, The Couples Show, Country Kids vs. City Kids, The Winter Sports Special - Fast Food vs. Aerospace, Donors vs. Addicts, Food Service vs. Hobbyist, Wall Street vs. Alcohol Industry, The Monster Special - Monsters vs. Mascots, Entrepreneurs vs. Hotel Staff, CSI and Forensics vs. Children's Entertainment, The Master Debaters - Bush vs. Kerry

1214. Legend of the Rollerblade 7, Allen G. T-Man - Rollerblade, Stigma, Twilight Zone - In Praise of Pip, True Spin - Baby Got Back/Me So Horny/O.P.P./Through the Wire, Ultimate Albums - Run-D.M.C. - Raisin Hell, M*A*S*H - In Love and War, Life as We Know it - Pilot, Notorious - The Michael Jackson Case

1215. Osbournes Tape #3 - Season 3 - The Show Must Go Oz!, Car Jacked, Rebel Without an Ozz, Return of the Ring, The Accidental Tourist, The English Patient, Scent of a Woman, Pain in the Neck, Ozzy Knows Best, Valentine Daze, Intimate Portrait - Sharon Osbourne, Rides - Jack Osbourne's BMW X-5, It's Good to Be Sharon Osbourne, Punk'd with Jack Osbourne, Celebrity Deathmatch - Ozzy vs. Elton John, Good Morning America 10/6/04 with Kelly Osbourne, Live with Regis and Kelly 10/6/04 with Kelly Osbourne, Celebrity Deathmatch - Ozzy vs. Rob Zombie

1216. 80s Music Videos & Beyond Tape #97 - Busta Rhymes/Mariah Carey/Flipmode Squad - I Know What You Want, Big Daddy Kane - To Be Your Man, Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home Alabama (Lyve), Maxwell - Get to Know Ya, Prince & The New Power Generation - Money Don't Matter 2 Night, Erick Sermon/Marvin Gaye - Music, Faith Evans/Missy Elliott/Freeway - Burnin' Up, Boogie Down Productions - Duck Down, Tribe Called Quest/Faith Evans/Raphael Saadiq - Stressed Out (Remix), Chico DeBarge - Virgin, Destiny's Child - Emotions, Janet Jackson - Twenty Foreplay, Jill Scott - Jill's Home Movie (He Loves Me), Omar/Angie Stone - Be Thankful, MC Lyte - Cha Cha Cha, Dave Hollister - One Woman Man, Stop the Violence Movement - Self Destruction, Musiq - Half Crazy (Remix), Faith Evans - Love Like This, Aaliyah - Back and Forth, New Edition - I'm Still in Love with You, Aaliyah - 4 Page Letter, Truth Hurts/Rakim - Addictive, Robert Randolph & the Family Band - Going in the Right Direction, Alicia Keys - A Woman's Worth, Digable Planets - 9th Wonder (Blackitolism), Ben Harper - With My Own Two Hands, Nappy Roots - Roun' the Globe, Sunshine Anderson - Heard it All Before, Mary J. Blige - Be Happy, Lo-Key - I Got a Thing 4 Ya, Brian McKnight - The Only One for Me, Remy Shand - Take a Message, EPMD - Never Seen Before, Blu Cantrell - Him 'em Up Style (Oops!), Dru Hill - I Love You, Michael Jackson - Liberian Girl, Beenie Man/Mya - Girls Dem Sugar, Public Enemy - Shut 'em Down, Brownstone - 5 Milers to Empty, De La Soul - Keepin' the Faith, 112 - Cupid, Jill Scott - A Long Walk (Concept), Public Enemy - Fight the Power V1, Elvis Costello & The Imposters - Monkey To Man, Jackyl - The Lumberjack, Jeff Buckley - Grace, Jeff Buckley - Forget Her, 7 Sons of Soul - Run On (Live), Yolanda Adams - Never Give Up, Ce Ce Winans - Hallelujah Praise (Live), Canton Spirituals/Paul Porter - Stronger (Live), Williams Brothers/Stevie Wonder - I'm Too Close, Damita Haddon - I Won't Be Afraid, Erykah Badu - Bag Lady, Common/Lauryn Hill - Retrospect for Life, Janet Jackson - I Get Lonely, Tony Toni Tone - It Never Rains in Southern California, Big Daddy Kane - Lean on Me, Monica - All Eyez on Me, TLC - What About Your Friends, Stephanie Mills - Healing Time, R. Kelly - Bump 'N Grind, Wax Poetic/Norah Jones - Angels, Brain McKnight - Love of My Life, Montell Jordan - Supa Star, Fugees - Fu-Gee-La, Chante Moore - Chante's Got a Man, MC Lyte - Paper Thin, Mary J. Blige/Lil' Kim - I Can Love You, Whitney Houston - My Love is Your Love, Black Eyed Peas/Macy Gray - Request Line, Erykah Badu - On & On (Unplugged), Snoop Dogg/Pharrell/Uncle Charlie Wilson - Beautiful, Run-D.M.C. - Ooh Watcha Gonna Do, SlipKnot - Vermilion, Sevendust - Waffle, Nightwish - Wish I Had an Angel, Rammstein - Amerika, Brain McKnight - Back at One, Tribe Called Quest/Faith Evans/Raphael Saadiq - Stressed Out (Remix), Rolling Stones - You Can't Always Get What You Want (Rock And Roll Circus), Who - A Quick One While He's Away (Rock And Roll Circus), Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers - Tomorrow People, Calloway - I Wanna Be Rich, Wet Wet Wet - Sweet Little Mystery

1217. Punk'd Tape #1 - Eliza Dushku/Mandy Moore, COPS: Mike Shinoda/Brandy/Mekhi Phifer, Vivica Fox and Tisha Campbell/Chris Klein/Jeremy Sisto, Lara Flynn Boyle/Ashanti/Omarion, Rosario Dawson/Ashton & Britney Spears, Evan Rachel Wood/Jennifer Love Hewitt/Warren Sapp, Tyra Banks/Kanye West/Good Charlotte, Dave Mirra/OutKast/Amber Tamblyn, Jessica Alba/Wilmer Valderrama, Lindsay Lohan/Beyoncé/Goldberg, Eve/Matthew Perry/Adam Brody, Nick Carter/Tommy Lee/Li'l Bow Wow, Ashton Kutcher/Carmen Electra & Dave Naavarro/Tara Reid, Jena Malone/Shannon Elizabeth/Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Richardson/Trishelle/Seth Green, Missy Elliot/Hilary Duff/Usher, Justin Timberlake & Kelly Osbourne, Travis Barker/Jaime Pressly/Nicole Richie/Wilmer Valderrama, Taye Diggs, Rachel Leigh Cook, Halle Berry, Julia Stiles, The Rock, Kaley Cuoco

1218. And You Don't Stop 30 Years of Hip Hop - 1. Back in the Day, 2. Bring the Noise, 3. Gangsta Gangsta, 4. Life After Death, 5. Hip Hop America, Duckman - Aged Heat 2: Women in Heat, Shelly Duvall's Tall Tales & Legends - Annie Oakley, The Terrorists (1975)

1219. Cheaters Tape #3 - Christine Moss (Withheld/Withheld) Gloria Jones (Nathinal Jones/Withheld) Allen Williams (Denise), David Lawrence (Susan Lawrence/Lester Jeffcoat) Andrea Pleasant (Jeremaine White/Lynn Smith) Allen Prince (Valerie/Angel), Chris Lewins (Ivan Watkins/Scott Cooley), Mario Hewitt (Carla Nunn/Howard Smith) Lionel Anthony, Jason Bacon (Cyndi Bacon/Withheld) Tanisha Johnson (Rodney Wourneaux/Tiffany Turley) Kristin Cone (Brent Cone), Suzanne Ravazos (Alfredo "Freddy" Morales/Lucy Monvendez) Ronnie Warren (Sharon Denault/Bradley Wallace) Withheld (Malayki Dancer), Best of - Minerva Fernandez, Douglas Williams, Best of - Paige Davis, Stephanie Dye, Best of - Isis Draper, Jamal Smith, Best of - Daisy Durante, Allen Prince, Best of - Rose Harden, Brian Williams, Dave Hauser/Maribel Jasso/"Tiny" Thomas, Best of - Delores Duran (E60), Allen Williams (E68), Best of - Vanessa Shaw (E61), Lionel Anthony (E36)

1220. 80s Music Videos & Beyond Tape #98 - Allman Brothers Band - Whippin' Post (Live At The Beacon Theater), Doug E. Fresh - Cut that Zero, Def Jef - Give it Here, MC Hammer - Pump it Up, Eric B. & Rakim - Let the Rhythm Hit 'em (Rapmania 90), D-Nice - Call Me D-Nice, Heavy D. & the Boyz - Somebody for Me, Dana Dane - Tales from the Dame Side, Kid 'N Play - Getting' Funky, Master Ace - Me & the Biz, MC Breed & DFC - Ain't No Future in Yo' Frontin', Real Roxanne - Respect, Roxanne Shante - Live on Stage, 3rd Bass - Gas Face, DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince - Brand New Funk, Audio Two - I Don't Care, Run-D.M.C. vs. Jason Nevins - It's Like That, Eazy-E - We Want EZ, LL Cool J - I'm Bad, Antoinette - Who's the Boss, Kool Moe Dee - How Ya Like Me Now, EPMD - Rampage, Mick Jagger & Dave Stewart - Old Habits Die Hard, Bjork - Oceania, Lynyrd Skynyrd - Free Bird (Lyve), Public Enemy - 911 Is A Joke, Big Daddy Kane - 'Nuff Respect, Body and Soul - Dance to the Drummers Beat, K-9 Posse - Ain't Nothin' to it, Jaz - Hawaiian Sophie, Chi-Ali - Age Ain't Nothin' But a Number, Poor Righteous Teachers/IQ - Rock Dis Funcky Joint, King Sun - Be Black, Redhead Kingpin & the FBI - Do the Right Thing, Tribe Called Quest - Check the Rhime, Fu-Schnickens - La Schmoove, Gang Starr - Positivity, Jungle Brothers - What U Waitin' For, D.O.C. - The Formula, Eric B. & Rakim - In the Ghetto, Jaz - The Originators, Terminator X - Homey Don't Play Dat, Queen Latifah - Latifah's Had it Up 2 Here, Slick Rick - Children's Story, Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock - Joy and Pain, Oaktown's 357 - Juicy Getcha Krazy, Kwame & a New Beginning - Ownlee Ewe, Chubb Rock - Ya Bad Chubbs, Heavy D. & the Boyz - We Got Our Own Thang, Cookie Crew - Born this Way, K-Solo - Spellbound, Doug E. Fresh & the Get Fresh Crew - Summertime, Kid 'N Play - Ain't Gonna Hurt Nobody, Redhead Kingpin - Pump it Hottie, LL Cool J - Jingling Baby, Black Sheep - Flavor of the Month, Radiohead - Creep, King Missile - Detachable Penis (Censored), Porno For Pyros - Cursed Female, Traci Spencer - This House, Big Head Todd & The Monsters - Bittersweet (Live At The Fillmore), Stetasonic - Talkin' All that Jazz, KMD - Who Me, Gang Starr - Manifest, Public Enemy - Brother's Gonna Work it Out, Eric B. & Rakim - Move the Crowd, Marley Marl - The Symphony, Kwame - The Rhyme, Monie Love - It's a Shame (My Sister), Big Daddy Kane - Smooth Operator, Heavy D. & the Boyz - Gyrlz they Love Me, Slick Rick - Hey Young World, Brand Nubian - Slowdown, Nice & Smooth - Sometimes I Rhyme Slow, LL Cool J - Mama Said Knock You Out, Eric B. & Rakim - Juice (Know the Ledge), Ice-T - I'm Your Pusher, Public Enemy - Night of the Living Baseheads, 3rd Bass - Brooklyn Queens, Cool C - Glamorous Life, King Sun - On the Club Tip, Biz Markie - Just a Friend, Three Times Dope - Weak at the Knees, Queen Latifah - Dance 4 Me

1221. 80s Music Videos & Beyond Tape #99 - Eminem - Just Lose It, Tyrese - Lately, Aretha Franklin - A Deeper Love, R. Kelly - If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time, Kid 'N Play - Do This My Way, Big Daddy Kane - Ain't No Half Steppin', Tribe Called Quest - Can I Kick It, Jungle Brothers - Straight Out The Jungle, De La Soul - Potholes in My Lawn, Brand Nubian - Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down, Eazy-E - Eazy-Er Said Than Done, J.J. Fad - Supersonic, Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock - It Takes Two, Eric B. & Rakim - Eric B. For President (Live Yo! Mtv Raps), Ice-T - High Rollers, Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - They Reminisce Over You, Gang Starr - Lovesick, Finess & Synquis - Soul Sisters, Jungle Brothers - I'll House You, Digable Planets - Rebirth Of Slick (Cool Like Dat), LL Cool J - I Need Love, Eric B. & Rakim - Paid in Full, Run-D.M.C. - Beats To The Rhyme, Biz Markie - Vapors, Three Times Dope - Funky Dividends, De La Soul - Me Myself and I, Faith Evans/Carl Thomas - Can't Believe, Rupee - Tempted to Touch, Macy Gray - Do Something, Mos Def & Talib Kweli/Common - Respiration, LL Cool J/Total - Loungin' (Remix), Lindsay Lohan - Rumors, Snoop Dogg/Pharrell - Drop it Like it's Hot, Nelly & Christina Aguilera - Tilt Ya Head Back, Britney Spears - My Prerogative, Kanye West - The New Workout Plane, Simple Plan - Welcome to My Life, Young Buck - Shorty Wanna Ride/Stomp, Bon Jovi - It's My Life, Rolling Stones - Sympathy For The Devil (Fatboy Slim Remix), Heavy D. & The Boyz - Now That We Found Love, Evanescense/Dusk & Dawn - Bring Me to Life, Black Eyed Peas/Leisure Suit Larry - Shut Up, VG Unity - Stand and Choose, Ying Yang Twins/Trick Daddy/Fight Night - What's Happnin, Vines/Bloodrayne 2/Jade Empire/Tribes Vengeans/Leisure Suit Larry - Ride, Devil Driver - Nothing's Wrong, System of a Down - Boom!, Otep - Buried Alive, Dry Kill Logic - Paper Tiger, Children of Bodom - Needled 24/7, Brooks & Dunn - That's What it's All About, Sheryl Crow - No Depression in Heaven, Shania Twain - What Made You Say that, Kasey Chambers - Not Pretty Enough, Keith Urban - Days Go By, Katrina Elam - No End in Sight, Trisha Yearwood/Don Henley - Inside Out, Lonestar - Mr. Mom, Tift Merritt - Good Hearted Man, Nickel Creek - A Lighthouse's Tale, Emerson Drive - Fall Into Me, LeAnn Rimes - Nothin' 'Bout Love Makes Sense, Shelly Fairchild - You Don't Lie Here Anymore, Sheryl Crow - If it Makes You Happy (Storytellers), Patty Loveless - I'm that Kind of Girl, Keith Urban - Somebody Like You, Shania Twain & Billy Currington - Party for Two, Phil Vassar - I'll Take that as a Yes, Joe Nichols - The Impossible, Aaron Lines - You Can't Hide Beautiful, Cross Canadian Ragweed - 17, Rene - All Nite Long, Nickel Creek - Reasons Why, Martina McBride - Blessed, Faith Hill & Tim McGraw - Let's Make Love, Chris Cagle - What a Beautiful Day, Darryl Worley - I Miss My Friend, Deana Carter - Absence of the Heart, Carolyn Dawn Johnson - Georgia, Jessica Andrews - There's More to Me Than You (Ballad Version), Gary Allan - Tough Little Boys, Chely Wright - Shut Up and Drive, Phil Vassar - Another Day in Paradise, Rodney Atkins - Honesty (Write Me a List), Blake Shelton - Austin, Kerry Harvick - Cowgirls, Travis Tritt - What Say You, Rachel Proctor - Me and Emily, SheDaisy - Come Home Soon, Reba McEntire - He Gets that From Me, Jenkins - Getaway Car, Blake Shelton - Some Beach, Glenn Cummings - Big

1222. Brady Bunch Tape #6 - The Teeter-Totter Caper; Big, Little Man; Law & Disorder, Jan's Aunt Jenny, The Big Bet, Hawaii Bound, Pass the Tabu, The Tiki Caves w/Lost Brady 3, Pop Up - Big, Little Man; Still Brady After All These Years - 35th Anniversary Special, The Subject was Noses, Peter and the Wolf, The Impractical Joker, The Drummer Boy, The Winner, The Private Ear, Dough Re Mi

1223. Real TV Tape #7 - In an Australian convenience store the manager sees a woman shoplift and confronts her #1053. 11/20/96, In Santiago, Chile a fire on the 14th floor of an office building rages out of control and people are trapped #1055. 11/22/96, In Southern CA a man in a blue car with his 1 year old kid runs for the Mexican border #3057. 12/1/98, Off Hawaii pilot whales are spotted and Lisa Costello jumps overboard to swim with them #1056. 11/25/96, In Times Square NYC a building is on fire and a man is trapped on the 12th floor #1058. 11/27/96, In Pomona, CA at a funny car drag race Dave Uyhara's Insanity car rear ends Ron Correnti's car #1085. 1/17/97, On the Mississippi River in New Orleans a 775 foot grain boat, the Bright Field, is out of control and crashes into the River Walk Mall #1089. 1/23/97, Public Service Video of a Conrail train crashing into a car #1093. 1/29/97, In Laurel, DE 2 men skydive from 13,000 feet #1126. 3/31/97, In Louisville, KY a group watches an airshow from the roof of a building #2010. 9/19/97, In Joshua, TX Joel Hartless chases storms to tape lightning strikes #2012. 9/23/97, At the South Florida Mikasuka Indian Village Kenny Cypress wrestles a 10 foot alligator #2144. 4/23/98, Near Atlanta police chase 4 burglary suspects in a Jeep #3038. 11/4/98, n the Utah mountains police pursue a Mazda Miata through a school zone at 80mph #3040. 11/6/98, In Pakistan Mohammed pets a lion with his family #3041. 11/9/98, Off Australia Ron Taylor films gray reef sharks #3049. 11/19/98, In Ontario, Canada a high speed chase of a Chevy Camero that hit 13 cars in 60 miles #3047. 11/17/98, In Fulton Co, GA RC Hayes chases a DWI going 78mph #3050. 11/20/98, World's Scariest Moments Caught on Tape #3148. 5/5/99, At a Costa Mesa, CA horse show Karen Musick jumps her horse Cloud over a hurdle too early and misses #3141. 4/26/99

1224. 80s Music Videos & Beyond Tape #100 - Emerson Drive - November, KLF - 3am Eternal, Smithereens VH1-C Interview 10/17/04, James - Laid, Vince Gill - Next Big Thing, Lonestar - With Me, Michelle Poe - Just One of the Boys, Brooks & Dunn - Ain't Nothing 'Bout You, Billy Hoffman - You're the Ticket, Shakespeare's Sister - Stay, Trent Willmon - Dixie Rose Deluxe's…, Alan Jackson - That's Be Alright, George Canyon - I'll Never Do Better than You, Brooks & Dunn - Only in America, Steve Holy - Put Your Best Dress On, Brad Paisley - I'm Gonna Miss Her, Diamond Rio - One More Day, Hilljack - I Kissed Miss Mississippi, Brad Paisley - Wrapped Around, Flotsam & Jetsam - Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting, Peter Tosh - Johnny B Goode, Jimmy Cliff - Hot Shot, White Zombie - Thunderkiss '65, Ride - Vapour Trail, Teenage Fanclub - What You Do To Me, Counting Crows - Rain King (Storytellers), Faith Hill - Cry, Keith Urban - Where the Blacktop Ends, Julie Roberts - The Chance, Kasey Chambers - Cry Like a Baby, Travis Tritt & John Mellencamp - What Say You, Mary Chapin Carpenter - Let Me into Your Heart, Garth Brooks - A Friend to Me (Storytellers), Tift Merritt - Virginia No One Can Warn You, LeAnn Rimes - The Light in Your Eyes, Mavericks - All You Ever do is Bring Me Down (Live), Shania Twain - Man! I Fell Like a Woman, Cross Canadian Ragweed/Lee Ann Womack - Sick and Tired, Chely Wright - Jezebel, Primal Scream - Damaged, Sarah Harmer - Almost, Shania Twain - Love Gets Me Every Time, Travis Tritt - Strong Enough to Be Your Man, Trisha Yearwood - Believe Me Baby (I Lied), Dixie Chicks - Landslide, Chely Wright - Just Another Heartache, Mark Wills - Places I've Never Been, Montgomery Gentry - My Town, Darryl Worley - Family Tree, Patty Loveless - Lovin' All Night, Emerson Drive - I Should Be Sleeping, Sons of the Desert - Whatever Comes First, Deana Carter - There's No Limit, Keith Urban - You're Everything, Wynonna - Heaven Help Me, Faith Hill - If My Heart Had Wings, Pat Green - Three Days, Toby Keith - I Wanna Talk About Me, Cyndi Thomson - What I Really Meant to Say, Tim McGraw - Angel Boy, Gary Allan - Man of Me, Kelly Willis - Baby Take a Piece of My Heart, Rascal Flatts - Too Good is True (Live), Diamond Rio - One More Day, Kenny Chesney - No Shoes No Shirt No Problems, Mavericks - O What a Thrill, Aaron Tippin - Where the Stars and Stripes and the Eagle Fly, Rascal Flatts - Love You Out Loud (Live CMT Beach Party), Cyndi Thomson - I Always Liked that Best, Alan Jackson - Drive (for Daddy Gene), Brian McComas - 99.9% Sure (I've Never Been Here Before), Mindy McCready - You'll Never Know, Toby Keith - I'm Just Talking About Tonight, Vince Gill - Feels Like Love, Pam Tillis - I Said a Prayer, Sting - I'm So Happy I Can't Stop Crying, Shania Twain - Home Ain't Where His Heart is (Anymore), Rascal Flatts - I'm Movin' On, Gary Allan - The One, Jo Dee Messina - That's the Way, Tim McGraw - The Cowboy in Me, Eric Heatherly - Flowers on the Wall, Jennifer Hanson - This Far Gone, Carolyn Dawn Johnson - Complicated, Kenny Chesney - Don't Happen Twice, Scotty Emerick - I Can't Take You Anywhere, Willie Nelson & Lee Ann Womack - Mendocino County Line, BR5-49 - Wild One, Faith Hill - Breathe (VH1 00), Garth Brooks - It's Your Song (Live), Faith Hill - This Kiss (VH1 99), Alison Krauss - Forget About It

1225. VH1 Hip Hop Honors 2004, Making the Movie - Team America World Police, Scream Play - Baywatch/Princess Bride/Barb Wire, Parking Lot - Michael Jackson, The Wiz, Duckman - The Longest Weekend, Dilbert - The Merger, Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne on Regis & Kelly 10/21/04, The Changing of the Guard

1226. 80s Music Videos & Beyond Tape #101 - ZAO - The Rising End, Rage Against the Machine - Freedom, Sick of it All - Step Down, From Autumn to Ashes - Lilacs & Lolita, Mazzy Star - Fade Into You, Bryan Adams - Heaven V2 (DWI), Prince - Cinnamon Girl, Vote for Change - People Have the Power (Live), Clint Black - Something We Do, Earl Scruggs & Friends - Foggy Mountain Breakdown, Jack Igram - Mustang Burn (Live), Dixie Chicks - Long Time Gone, Allison Moorer - Tumbling Down, Lyle Lovett - Hear I Am, Toby Keith - Courtesy of the Red White and Blue (The Angry American), Eminem - Just Lose It (Making the Video), Nas/Olu Dara - Bridging the Gap, Intro - Ribbon in the Sky, Alicia Keys - Fallin', Janet Jackson - Because of Love, Jodeci - I'm Still Waiting, Wyclef Jean - President, Dru Hill - We're Not Making Love No More, Mary J. Blige/Elton John - Deep Inside, Ginuwine - So Anxious, Destiny's Child - Say My Name, Brandy & Monica - The Boy is Mine, Digital Underground - Kiss You Back, Heather Headley - I Wish I Wasn't, Troop - All I Do is Think of You, Nenah Cherry - Buddy X, OutKast/Cee-Lo - In Duetime, Ashanti - Baby, Paulino Rubio - Algo Tienes, Si Senor - Yo Se, Juanes - Nada Valgo Sin Tu Amor, Los Tres - Jarabe Para La Tos (Latino Festival 98), Jorge Moreno - Mi Sufimiento, Catupecu Machu - Y Lo Que Quiero Es…, La 5ta Estacion - El Sol No Regresa, Mana - Como Dueles En Los Labois, Alex Ubago - Fantasia O Realidad, Vicentico - Despierta la Cludad (Clean Version), Enrique Bunburry - Que Tengas Suertecita, Jarabe De Palo - Bonito, Alejandro Fernandez - Me Dedique a Perderte, Hi-Five - I Like the Way (Kissing Game), H-Town - Knockin' the Boots, Heights - How Do You Talk To An Angel?, Beastie Boys - So What Cha Want, Nirvana - Heart-shaped Box, Psychedelic Furs - House, Porno for Pyros - Pets, Dinosaur Jr. - Thumb, Collective Soul - Shine, George Harrison - Cheer Down (Live), Chingy - One Call Away/Jackpot (Making the Video), Johnny Gill - My My My, Cristian - Iloran Las Rosas, Ignacio Pena - Hey Tu, Nek - Laura No Esta, Molotov - Here We Kum, James - Say Something V2, Bebe - Malo, La Ley - Aqui (Unplugged), Julieta Venegas - Lento, Thalia - Me Rones Sexy (I Want You), Chencha Berrinches - Explotar, Jaguares - Tu, Tiro De Gracia - Me Laza, Soraya - Solo Para Ti, Zoe - Love, Inspector - Amargo Adios Tequila, Manuchao - Me Gustas Tu, Zayra Alvarez - Hoy, Thalia - Baby I'm in Love, Estopa - Fuente de Energia, Rabanes - Everybody, Jumbo - Foiograffa, Alih Jey - Munequita, Attaque 77 - Western, La Mosca - Para No Verte Mas, Resorte - Alcohol, Juanes - A Dios Le Pido, Café Tacuba - La Chica Banda, Juanes - Nada Valgo Sin Tu Amor

1227. Howard Stern Tape #113 - E! Show 10/6/04 - 10/28/04

1228. Banned in America - World's Sexiest Commercials 2 Hosted by Carmen Electra, 40 Greatest Celebrity Feuds, 40 Most Awesomely Bad Dirrty Songs, Politics: A Pop Culture History, Stephen King - Fame, Fear & Fortune (2000); Totally Obsessed - Klingon/Anna Nicole/Foot Fetish/Disney/Rats #105. 10/7, When Rated X Ruled the World, M*A*S*H - Goodbye, Cruel World

1229. 80s Music Videos & Beyond Tape #102 - Los Tres - Jarabe Para La Tos (Live 98), Xzibit - Hey Now (Mean Muggin') Making the Video, Alejandro Fernandez - Me Didi Que a Perderte, Cabula - La Ultima Escena, Si Senor - Done Estaras, La Mosca - Todos Tenemos Un Amor, U2 - Vertigo (Domestic), Gwen Stefani - What You Waiting For?, Gwen Stefani - What You Waiting For? (Making the Video), Sugarbabes - Hole in the Head, Paul Van Dye - Time of Our Lives, Underworld - Two Months Off, T. Raumschmiere/MC Soon T - A Million Brothers, Miss Kitten - Professional Distortion, Rob Dougan - Furious Angels, Paul Oakenfold - Ready Steady Go, Gugus - Desire, Taul Paul - Rock Star, DJ Shadow - Walkie Talkie, Chemical Brothers/Flaming Lips - The Golden Path, BT - Simply Being Loved, Zero 7 - Somersault, Air - Cherry Blossom Girl, Dirty Vegas - Days Go By, Fischerspooner - The 15th, Grandaddy - Now It's On, Mr. Oizo - Stunt, Goldfrapp - Strict Machine, Kiss - Rock and Roll All Night (Symphony), Ben Harper - Burn One Down (Live Bonnaroo 2002), Britney Spears - Everytime, Hoobastank - The Reason (Concept), Wilson Phillips - Already Gone, Jessica Simpson - Angels, Jay-Z - 99 Problems V2 (w/o Intro), Avril Lavigne - Don't Tell Me, Blink 182 - I Miss You, Alanis Morissette - Everything, Shinedown - 45, Coldplay - Clocks (Live), Vines - Ride, White Stripes - The Hardest Button to Button, Nirvana - You Know You're Right, Darkness - Growing on Me, Carolyn Dawn Johnson - Simple Life, Jenkins - Blame it on Mama, Kevin Montgomery & Pettibone - Another Long Story, OutKast/Sleepy Brown - The Way You Move V1 (w/Intro), Pink - Feel Good Time, Katy Rose - Overdrive, AC/DC - Big Gun, Limp Bizkit - Behind Blue Eyes, Light and Day - Polyphonic Spree, A3 - Woke Up This Morning, 311 - Love Song, Counting Crows - Accidentally in Love, 5 6 7 8's - Woo Hoo, Mis-Teeq - Scandalous, Liz Phair - Extraordinary, Josh Kelly - Everybody Wants You, Nappy Roots - Trouble of this World (Coming Home), M - Belleville Rendezvous, Will Ferrell & the Channel 4 News Team - Afternoon Delight, James - So Many Ways, Elton John - Answer in the Sky, John Cougar - Walk Tall, El Gran Silencio - Dormir Sonando Versipn Perro, Obie Bermudez - Todo El Ano, Nickodemus y Osiris con Carol C. of Si Se - Maripose, Monchy y Alexandra - Peridos, Thalia - Amor a la Mexicana, Neon Venus - Beso a Beso, Plastilina Mosh - Human Disco Ball (Remix Ventura), Jumbo - Despues, Hombres G - Lo Noto, Orixa - Lucha por la Freedon, Ojos de Brujo - Tiempo de Solea, Litzy - La Rosa, Crokked Stilo - Ya Lo Saben, Jarabe De Palo - Grita, Mario Maisonnave y Cronica Naranja - Dentro De Ti, Aylin Mojica - Chiqui, Ratones Paranoicas - Para Siempre, Aterclopelados - Rompecabezas, Bayanga - Solo Los Locos, Panteon Rococo - Esta Noche, Ricardo Arjona con Che - Duele Verte

1230. 80s Music Videos & Beyond Tape #103 - Lynda - Corazon Perdido, Lu - Una Confusion, Libido - Tres, Trisha Yearwood - That's What I Like About You, Marty Stuart/Merle Haggard - Farmer's Blues, Pat Green - Don't Break My Heart Again, Mavericks - Here Comes My Baby, Dixie Chicks - Without You, Lee Roy Parnell - She Won't Be Lonely Long, Kathleen Edwards - Six O'Clock News, Charlie Robison - Right Man for the Job, Bruce Robinson - Angry All the Time, Ja Rule/R. Kelly/Ashanti - Wonderful, Jay-Z - Can't Knock the Hustle, R. Kelly - Half on a Baby, Jay-Z - 99 Problems V1 (Mtv News Intro), R. Kelly - Bad Man, Jay-Z/R. Kelly - Guilty Until Proven Innocent, Alicia Keys - Karma, Trick Daddy/Lil' Jon/Twista - Let's Go, Jadakiss - U Make Me Wanna, Lil' Jon & the Eastside Boyz/Lil Scrappy - What U Goin' Do, Fabolous - Breathe, Jacki-O/Ying Yang Twins - Fine, Jagged Edge - Where's the Party At?, Lil' Wyte - I Sho Will, Mannie Fresh - Real Big, Chingy - Balla Baby, Fountains of Wayne/The Sims 2 - Stacy's Mom, Von Bondies/Tribes Vengeance - C'mon C'mon, Jonathan Davis on HBB 10/31/04, Rob Zombie - Living Dead Girl, Korn - Make Me Bad, Shadows Fall - What Drives the Weak, Control Freak Commercial with HAL Computer, J Mass - We Must Praise, Collage - Open Your Heart, Nicole C. Mullen - Hail Jesus (Live), Donald Lawrence - Why Can't I?, Barry White - Practice What You Preach, Guy - Groove Me, Cherelle & Alexander O'Neal - Saturday Love, Smithereens - Yesterday Girl, White Zombie - Black Sunshine, Mos Def - Sex Love Money (Making the Video), Mos Def - Sex Love Money, Papa Roach - Getting Away with Murder, Queens of the Stone Age - Go with the Flow, Trick Pony - The Bride, Kanye West - Jesus Walks V3 (B/W), Method Man/Busta Rhymes - What's Happenin', OutKast/Sleepy Brown - Land of a Million Drums, Sheryl Crow - Tomorrow Never Dies, Train - Ordinary, Lenny Kravitz - Lady, Lillix - What I Like About You, Bina Mistry - Hot Hot Hot, Limp Bizkit - Take a Look Around, Snoop Dogg/Lucy Pearl/Q-Tip - You, Spider Bait - Black Betty, Chemical Brothers - Hey Boy Hey Girl, Paul Van Dyke - Crush, Air - Surfing on a Rocket, Richard X vs. Liberty X - Being Nobody, Donnas - Fall Behind Me (Making Of), Van Hunt Story, Prince - New Power Generation, LL Cool J - Hush, D.O.D./Kanye West - Higher, Terror Squad - Take Me Home, 2Pac - I Get Around (Mtv Jams Live), Xzibit - Hey Now (Mean Muggin), Mike Jones/Slim Thug & Paul Wall - Still Tippin, Big Tymers - Still Fly, N.O.R.E./Nina Sky/Daddy Yankee/Gem Star/Big Mato - Oye Me Canto, Lil' Wayne - Go DJ, P. Diddy - DIDDY, Slim Thug - 3 Kings, 8Ball & MJG - You Don't Want Drama, Lil' Flip - The Way We Ball, Pitbull/Piccalo - Dammit Man, Lloyd Banks/Avant - Karma, Lil' Mo/Fabolous - Superwoman, Nicole/Missy Elliott/Mocha - Make it Hot

1231. Cheaters Tape #4 - Best of - Wess Garron (E64), Kristin Cone (E74) 10/13/04, Best of - Whitnee Stevens (E64), Amanda (E75) 10/14/04, Best of - Rashelle Reid (E65), Tracy George (E52) 10/15/04, Best of - Patricia Major (E65), Tina Moffitt (E40) 10/19/04, Best of - Erica Laton (E66), Carrie Hartley (E50) 10/20/04, Best of - Demetria Morgan (E67), Stephanie Burns (E49) 10/21/04, Best of - Kristen Walker (E67), Tines "Tiny" Stevenson (E47) 10/22/04, Melissa Godfrey (Robert Godfrey/Vanessa Rains), Bruce Jones (Jessica/Panessa) 10/23/04, Best of - Amanda Greyson (E68), Ivy Hicks (E48) 10/25/04, Best of - Rose Porter (E69), Brendan Musick (E44) 10/26/04, Best of - Aaron Rodriguez (E68), Chris Hall (E46) 10/27/04, Best of - Chris Lewins (E73), Jodi Vincent (E34) 10/28/04, Best of - Christine Moss (E71), Jonathan Falloon (E42) 10/29/04, Best of - Leonel Robles (E69), Kim Harber (E29) 11/2/04, Best of - David Lawrence (E72), Erich Dalrymple (E39) 11/3/04, Best of - Hollie Blackhall (E40), Carl Burmeister (E31) 11/4/04, Best of - Tanya Jones (E54), Tiffany Brookins (E54) 11/5/04, Best of - Brittany Caon (E54), Jake Diggs (E60) 11/6/04, Kyra Zeigler (Jonathan Shaw/Withheld), Cameron Spalding (Withheld/Tammy), Casey Jones (E65) 11/7/04

1232. Avalanche, Eye for an Eye - Lonestar Rollergirls vs. Chris Smith, Motormouth - Battle of NJ, Prince's Trust All-Star Rock Concert, Awesomely Oversexed Celebrities, Motormouth - San Marcos TX/Columbus OH, All in the Family - Gloria the Victim, Motormouth - Brooklyn NY/Cincinnati OH, Shortest Celebrity Marriages, The Best TV Shows that Never Were, Celebrity Justice 11/8/04 with Michael Jackson

1233. 80s Music Videos & Beyond Tape #104 - Jay-Z/Memphis Bleek/Beanie Segal/DMX - More Money More Cash More…, Norah Jones - What Am I to You, Snow Patrol - Run, Paul McCartney - Maybe I'm Amazed (Live), Rolling Stones - Anybody Seen My Baby?, Walk Idiot Walk - The Hives, Hood Hop - J-Kwon, Mobb Deep - Get it Twisted, Roots/Cody Chestnut - The Seed, Cassius - I'm a Woman, Halo Friendly - Me vs. the World, Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway, Ewan McGregor & Rene Zellweger - Here's to Love, Elton John - The Heart of Every Girl, Lindsay Lohan - Drama Queen (That Girl), Klint - Diamond, Snoop Dog - Give Up the Funk, Funeral for a Friend - Moments Never Faded (Live), Funeral for a Friend - She Drove Me To Daytime TV (Live), Funeral for a Friend - Rookie of the Year (Live), Jason Mraz Live and on the Road, Beastie Boys - Right Right Now Now, Sum 41 - We're all to Blame (Making of), Sum 41 - We're all to Blame, Arrested Development - Tennessee, Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence (Reinterpreted Remix 04), Ja Rule/Fat Joe/Jadakiss - New York New York, Sepultura - Mind War, Fear Factory - Bite the Hand that Bleeds, Arch Enemy - Dead Eyes See No Future, Pro-Pain - Down for the Cause, Jay-Z - Dead Presidents, Lil' Flip - Game Over, Eminem - Mosh, Jadakiss/Styles/Eve - We Gonna Make It, P. Diddy & the Bad Boy Family - Bad Boy for Life, LL Cool J - I Shot Ya!, Alicia Keys - Karma, Destiny's Child - Lose My Breath, Lox/Eve - Ryde or Die Chick, Alchemist/Nina Sky - Hold You Down, B2K - Gots to Be, Karen Clark Sheard - Secret Place (Live), Dorothy Norwood/Miami Mass Choir - There's Got to Be Rain, Deitrick Hadden & the Voices of Unity - Rain on Me, Vanessa Bell Armstrong - Somebody Prayed, Deitrick Hadden & the Voices of Unity - Raise Up, Ja Rule/R. Kelly/Ashanti - Wonderful (Making the Video), Karyn White - Romantic, Judas Priest - Johnny B. Goode, 4 Non Blondes - What's Up, Ice-T - You Played Yourself, Keith Sweat/Athena Cage - Nobody, Bette Midler - From A Distance, House of Pain - Jump Around, House of Love - Beatles And The Stones, Elton John - Something About The Way You Look Tonight, Elton John - Believe, Posies - Dream All Day, Violator/Busta Rhymes/Kelis - What it is, Twista/R. Kelly - So Sexy Chapter II (Like This), Ghostface Killah - Cherchez La Ghost, OutKast/Patti LaBelle - Ghetto Musick, Crooklyn Dodgers - Crooklyn Dodgers, Foxy Brown - BK Anthem, Mobb Deep - Burn, Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo - Ill Street Blues, David Banner/Lil' Flip - Like a Pimp, Lil' Kim/Lil' Cease - Crush on You, Gang Starr - Ex Girl to the Next Girl, Arrested Development - People Everyday, Marc Cohn - Walking In Memphis, Peter Gabriel/Youssou N'Dour - Shaking the Tree, Locos Por Juana - Quees Lo Que Esta Pasando, UFF - Me Enamoro De Ti, Control Machete - Comprendes Mendes?

1234. Maximum Exposure Tape #1 - Goin' For It!, So You Think Your Job Sucks?!, The Max-X Awards, Max-X Guide to Life, The Real Fight Club, International Edition, Awesome Explosions; Like, Totally Overexposed; Twisted TV

1235. Mail Call Tape #3 - Silencers, Marine Corps marksmen, Javelin anti-tank missile, War of 1812, Revolutionary War Musket, Military sidearms, Military rifle XM8, Ninja Weapons, Rapid Fielding Initiative, Anti-Tank Rocket, 5th NY Zovaves, R. Lee Ermey in Afghanastan, The Jeep, Grenades, Celebrity Golf Tournament, MP5

1236. Maximum Exposure Tape #2 - Really, Really Bad Days; On the Edge, Talent Show, Holy Matrimony: The World's Weirdest Wedding Videos, Guns and Hoses: Shocking Stories from the Street, Too Drunk For TV, Critter 911, Wonderful World, The Max-X Commandments

1237. Howard Stern Tape #114 - E! Show 10/29/04 - 11/28/04

1238. Retrosexual The 80s - 1. Sex Sells, 2. Teen Sex, 3. Taboos, 4. Turn Ons, 5. Hotties, Baywatch - Thin or Die, Nightmare Bay Pt 1 + 2, Baywatch Grand Prix, Stephen King on The Today Show 12/2/04

1239. Cheaters Tape #5 - Best of - Fallon Ryan (E60), Danielle Grismond (E62) 11/9/04, Best of - Robert Lucas (E60), Dessiray Gamez (E55) 11/10/04, Best of - Joey Cahill (E55), Maria Peace (E61) 11/11/04, Best of - Maria Dominguez (E59), Tammy Taylor (E68) 11/12/04, Best of - Antanette Dotson (E59), Evan Broykin 11/13/04, Best of - Nick Ogene (E62), Alfredo "Freddy" Rameriz (E70) 11/16/04, Best of - Christine Preston (E66), Leon Hester (E51) 11/17/04, Best of - Kelli Manning (E70), Latasha Johnson (E43) 11/18/04, Best of - Tamara Thomas (E70), Chantal Womack (E38) 11/19/04, Best of - Gloria Jones (E71), Mario Carreno (E36) 11/20/04, Chris Caryle (Julie Caryle/Robert Dufresne), Crystal Day (Nick Watkins/Divona Williams), Mike Keller (E70) 11/21/04, Best of - Andrea Pleasant (E72), Margo Vargas (E69) 11/23/04, Best of - Mario Hewitt (E73), Beau Eastham (E35) 11/24/04, Best of - Jason Bacon (E74), Jamie Vogt 11/25/04, Best of - Tanisha Johnson (E74), Marty Greenstein (E33) 11/26/04, Best of - Suzanne Ravazos (E75), Jennifer McBride (E30) 11/27/04, Fred Epstein (Withheld/Mark Morris), Constance Washington (Johnny Burkhalter/Marshall Dobson), Juan Cortez (E61) 11/28/04, Best of - Ronnie Warren (E75), Dana Christopher (E32) 11/30/04

1240. 80s Music Videos & Beyond Tape #105 - Cure - Alt. End, Damage Plan - Explode, Iced Earth - The Reckoning, Disturbed - Down With the Sickness, Haunted - All Against All, Exodus - Throwing Down, Suicidal Tendencies - Institutionalized V2 (Still Cyco), Rumsfield - Blister, Tye Tribbett & G.A. - No Way (Live), Tye Tribbett & G.A. - Everything (Live), Tye Tribbett & G.A. - Everything Reprise (Live), New Found Glory - I Don't Wanna Know (Making Of), New Found Glory - I Don't Wanna Know, Timex Social Club - Rumors, Black Box - Everybody Everybody V2 (Studio), Bobby Brown - Rock Wit' Cha, Michel'le - Nicety, Boyz II Men - Can't Let Her Go, Babes In Toyland - Bruise Violet, Manic Street Preachers - Slash and Burn, Public Enemy - By The Time I Get To Arizona, Rick Jones - GLOW, Mtume - Juicy Fruit, Rod Stewart - Leave Virginia Alone, Suspiria - Chemistry, Cataract - Nothing's Left, Kataklysm - As I Slither, Faith No More - Last Cup of Sorrow, Six Feet Under - Dead and Buried (Living Life in the Grave), Helmet - Wilma's Rainbow, Entombed - Retaliation, Williams Brothers - Still Here (Concept), Xross/LJ - Behold, Shekinah Glory/William Murphy - Praise is What I Do, Bishop Paul Morton - Reason Enough (Live), Full Gospel Mass Choir/Desmond Pringle - High Praise (Live), Bishop Paul Morton - Storm Chaser (Live), Bishop Paul Morton - Let the Healing (Live), Al B. Sure - Rescue Me, Luther Vandross - Stop to Love, Toni Braxton - Love Shoulda Brought You Home, Stephanie Mills - (You're Puttin') A Rush on Me, Ol Dirty Bastard - Shimmy Shimmy Ya, After 7 - Ready or Not, Jordan Zevon & The Wallflowers - Lawyers Guns And Money (Letterman), Green Day - Blvd of Broken Dreams (Making Of), Green Day - Blvd of Broken Dreams, Karen Clark Sheard - Glorious (Live), Evanescence/Bloodrayne 2 - Everybody's Fool, Lil' Jon & the Eastside Boyz/Fight Club - Get Low, Von Bondies/Tribes Vengeance - C'mon C'mon, Missy Elliott/SSX 3 - Gossip Folks, Anthrax - Deathrider, Life of Agony - Through and Through, Love is Red - Close My Eyes, Terror - Overcome, Agnostic Front - Peace, Hopesfall - Icarus, Madball - Down By Law, Full Blown Chaos - Apocalypse, Caliban - The Beloved and the Hatred, Rise Against - Give it All, Eighteen Visions - Tower of Snakes, Robyn Hitchcock - Beautiful Girl, Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians - Raymond Chandler Evening, Vixen - Love Made Me, Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Clubland, Bob Dylan - Tight Connection to My Heart, Meat Loaf - I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That), Robert Palmer - You Are In My System, Very Classic Thanksgiving with Dee Snider, Terri Nunn, Lisa Lisa, Eddie Money, Davy Jones & MC Hammer, U2 - Vertigo (Making Of), Inner Circle - Sweat (A La La La La Long)

1241. Bands Reunited - Scandal, Vixen, Information Society, Backstage Pass, 100 Most Cheesetastic Video Tricks Exposed Part 1, 40 Least Heavy Metal Moments, World's Most Amazing Videos - Tough Hedeman rides bulls in Las Vegas, Tripping the Rift - 2001 Space Idiocies, Motormouth - Bethesda, MD/San Antonio, TX

1242. Kingdom Hospital Parts 1-6, 100 Most Cheesetastic Video Tricks Exposed Parts 2&3, Stephen King on The Daily Show 12/2/04

1243. Totally Obsessed #6 - Three Stooges/James Bond/Wrestling/Boo Berry/Cockroach Dresser/ Comic Books, Duran Duran Arena, Duckman - Coolio Runnings, All in the Family - Lionel's Engagement, Song of Arizona, Awesomely Badder Fashion, 40 Most Awesomely Bad Heavy Metal Songs, ChalkZone - The Big Blow Up

1244. Maximum Exposure Tape #3 - Born to Lose, Super Heroes, Pain Fest, Bad Dudes With `Tudes, Hell on Earth, Beat Goes On, Men Are Stupid: 3,147,568,279 Women Can't Be Wrong; Special Moments, Special People; Recipe for Disaster, That's Gotta Hurt!

1245. 80s Music Videos & Beyond Tape #106 - Lil' Jon & the Eastside Boyz/Ice Cube - Roll Call (Making Of), Lil' Jon & the Eastside Boyz/Ice Cube - Roll Call, Story of the Year - Sidewalks (Making Of), Story of the Year - Sidewalks, Destiny's Child - Survivor (Making Of), Destiny's Child - Survivor, David Bowie - Rebel Rebel (Reality Tour Live), David Bowie - Never Get Old (Reality Tour Live), Breaking Benjamin - So Cold, Slayer - Criminally Insane (Still Reigning Live), Cataract - Nothing's Left, Pro-Pain - Can You Feel It, Future Leaders of the World - Let Me Out, Killing Joke - Seeing Red, Mudvayne - World So Cold, Lashun Pace - For My God (Live), Deitrick Haddon & Voices of Unity - Are You Ready?, Tamika Smith - Junka Praise (Live Fam Fest), Christian Massive - Light it Up (Live Fam Fest), Bishop Lawrence Rolle - Is it Well (Live Fam Fest), Midnight Star - Midas Touch, Peter Gabriel - Biko, John Lennon - Slippin' and Slidin', Paul Weller - Thinking Of You (VH1 04), Paul Weller - That's Entertainment (VH1 04), Eric Clapton - Layla (Live Aid), David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust (Reality Tour Live), Toni Basil - Mickey, Wet Wet Wet - Wishing I Was Lucky, U2 - Sunday Bloody Sunday (Live Aid), Good Charlotte - I Just Wanna Live (Making Of), Good Charlotte - I Just Wanna Live, David Bowie - Heroes (Live Aid), Triumph - Magic Power, Enigma - Sadeness Part 1, Ramones - Spider-Man, Liberty X - Just a Little, Bond vs. Oakenfold - Die Another Day, Plastikman - Disconnect, Aphrodite - All Over Me, Paul Van Dkye - Nothing But You, Donnas - Fall Behind Me, Baha Men - Holla!, Stereofuse - Everything, Dave Matthews Band - Grey Street, Exies - My Goddess, Feel - I Won't Stand in Your Way, All American Rejects - Last Song, Sarah Hudson - Girl on the Verge, Skye Sweetnam - Tangled Up in Me, Auf Der Maur - Followed the Waves, Simple Plan - Don't Wanna Think About You, Evanescece - Everybody's Fool, Matchbox 20 - Bright Lights, 3 Doors Down - Away from the Sun, Radiohead - There There, David Bowie - Life on Mars? (Reality Tour Live), Beatles - She Loves You/I Want to Hold Your Hand Medley, Trinitee 5:7 - Put Your Hands, K&K Mime/Vickie Winans - Oh What Love (Live), Yolanda Adams - Open My Heart, Various Artists - Hallelujah Chorus, Headbanger's Ball Dimebag Darrell Tribute 12/11/04 w/Dave Mustaine, Marilyn Manson - Dope Hat, Diecast - Medieval, Grateful Dead - One More Saturday Night (Live), All - Dot, Darryl Worley - Awful Beautiful Life, Alison Krauss & Union Station - Restless, Miranda Lambert - Me and Charlie Talking, Gary Allan - Forever and a Day, Jimmy Buffet & Martina McBride - Trip Around the Sun, Cross Canadian Ragweed - Alabama, Jimmy Wayne - Paper Angels (Concept), Sugarland - Baby Girl, Lee Ann Womack - Something Worth Leaving Behind, Pete Schlegel - It Takes a Whole Lotta Liquor to Like Her, Robert Earl Keen - Merry Christmas from the Family, Big & Rich - Holy Water, Gretchen Wilson - When I Think About Cheatin'

1246. The Honeymooners Tape #7 - Battle of the Sexes, Kramden vs. Norton, Finders Keepers, Hot Dog Stand, Goodbye Aunt Ethel, Jackie Gleason on 60 Minutes 1984, Norton Moves In, Dinner Guest, Cottage for Sale, Hot Tips, Check Up, Better Living Through TV, The Babysitter, The $99,000 Answer, Teen Titans - Revolution

1247. Jackie Gleason Show 10/16/54 with The Honeymooners - Love Letter 1, Most Awesome Celebrity Beefs, Duckman - America the Beautiful, Motley Crue - If I Die Tomorrow, Motley Crue Behind the Music, 20 Most Awesomely Bad Songs of 2004, Motormouth - Queens NY/Raleigh NC, Gene Simmons Speaking in Tongues, A Perfect Circle Emotive Interview 10/04 - Matt Pinfield with Maynard James Keenan & Bill Howerdel, Duran Duran the Set, Motormouth - Kansas City MO/Fairfax VA

1248. South Park Tape #4 - You Got F*cked in the Ass, AWESOM-O, Goin' Down to South Park Special, The Jeffersons, Goobacks, Osama Bin Laden Has Farty Pants, Cow Days, Here Comes the Neighborhood, Kenny Dies, An Insider's Look at Team America, Douche and Turd, Something Wal-Mart This Way Comes, Pre-School, Quest for Ratings, Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset, Cartman's Incredible Gift, Woodland Critter Christmas

1249. 80s Music Videos & Beyond Tape #107 - Kenny Chesney - Anything But Mine, Jamie O'Neal - Trying to Find Atlantis, Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton - Christmas Without You, Martina McBride - God's Will, Charlie Robinson - El Cerrito Place, Game/50 Cent - How We Do, Mario - Let Me Love You, Twista/Faith Evans - Hope (Making Of), Twista/Faith Evans - Hope, Black Box - Strike it Up, T.I. Bring Em Out, Jay-Z & U.G.K. - Big Pimpin', Beanie Sigel/Melissa - Feel it in the Air, Blahzay Blahzay - Danger, Ludacris - Get Back, Guerilla Black/Mario Winans - You're the One, Nicole Wray - If I Was Your Girlfriend, Beatles - Roll Over Beethoven, Ray Charles - What I'd Say, Que & Malaika - P in the Funk, Ciara - 1, 2 Step, Snoop Dogg - Let's Get Blown, Destiny's Child/T.I./Lil' Wayne - Soldier, Akon - Ghetto, Cam'Ron - Girls, Ludacris/Nate Dogg - Area Coder, Queen Pen/Nutta Butta/Markell Riley & the Lost Boyz - Party Ain't a Party, Lady Saw - I've Got Your Man, Omarian - O, John Berry - O Holy Night, Toronto - When Can I See You Again, Patty Smyth & Don Henley - Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough, Norah Jones & Dolly Parton - Creepin' In, Scotty Emerick - The Watch, Lee Ann Womack - Silent Night, Toby Keith - You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This, Ashanti - Message to the Fans/Only U, Keyshia Cole - I Changed My Mind, Fantasia - Truth Is, Foreign Exchange - Sincere, Guy - Let's Chill, Jill Scott - Whatever, Toni Braxton - He Wasn't Man Enough, Cynde Williams - Harlem Blues, Santana/Musiq - Nothing at All, Mos Def - Ghetto Rock, Brandy/Mc Lyte/Queen Latifah/Yo-Yo - I Wanna Be Down (Remix), Doug E. Fresh - D.E.F. = Doug E. Fresh, Joss Stone - Right to Be Wrong, Quincy Jones & Tevin Campbell - Tomorrow, Jay-Z - Ain't No Love (Unplugged), Martin Luther - Daily Bread, Taking Back Sunday - This Photograph is Proof (Making Of), Taking Back Sunday - This Photograph is Proof, Andrew K. - From Insult to Injury (w/Making Of), Karyn White - Secret Rendezvous, Eddy Arnold - One Christmas Eve Long Ago, Julieta Venegas - Algo Esta Cambiando, Alejandro Sanz - Y Solo Se Me (Unplugged), Ha-Ash - Te Que Daste, Curanderos - Dolores, JD Natasha - Tanto, Los Amigos Invisibles - Playa Azul, Hip Hop Hoodlos - Ocho Kandelikas, Nek - Si Se Que Te Tengo a Ti, Ely Guerra - Ojos Claros Labios Rosas, Jumbo - Aqui, Vincentico - Culpable V2, Magnate y Velentino - Yo Lo Se, Malanga - Latin Lover, Caramelize - Carolinas, Soul Control - Chocolate (Choco Choco), Campo De Almas - Las Piedras y El Mar, Cristian Castro - Te Buscaria, Kinky - Mirando de Lado, Molotov - Amateur, Alejandro Sanz - Tu No Tiens Alma, Daddy Yankee - Gasolina No Me Dejes Solo, David Bisbal - Camina y Ven, Domenic Marute - Ven Tu Balada, Belinda - Angel, La Ley - Mirate, Enrique Iglesias - Solo En Ti, Ricardo Ajona - El Problema, Mr. Haka - Lola, Paulina Rubio - Dame Ostro Tequilla, Trebol Clan - Los Bacatranes

1250. Maximum Exposure Tape #4 - Wild in the Streets, Crash! Bam! Boom!, Them Friggin' Critters, Dudes in Uniform, Max Ex Coolest - Most Awesome Videos, Extreme Sports Psychos; Nasty, Nasty Critters; I Fought the Law, Earth: The World's Most Dangerous Planet!, Extremely Lucky Dudes

1251. 80s Music Videos & Beyond Tape #108 - Liquits - Chido, Bacilos - Pasos De Gigante, Panteon Rococo - Buscandote, Alejandro Sanz - Cuando Nadle Me Ve, Manjar de los Dioses - Malayerba, Lila Downs - Mi Corazon Mi Recuerpa, Joselo - Muerete, Puya - Oasis, Juanes - Voiverta a Ver, Obie Bermudez - Antes, L.A. Guns - Electric Gypsy, Diplomats/Juelz Santana - S.A.N.T.A.N.A., Juelz Santana - Santana's Town, Cam'ron - What Means the World to You, Diplomats - Bout it Bout it, Cam'ron - Horse & Carriage, Cam'ron/Juelz Santana - Oh Boy, Cam'ron - Horse & Carriage (Remix), Charli Baltimore/Ghostface Killah - Stand Up, Lil' Jon & the Eastside Boyz/Ice Cube - Roll Call, Missy Elliott - Get Ur Freak On, Geto Boys - Yes Yes Y'all, DJ Quic/AMG - Trouble, Digable Planets - Where I'm From, Ice Cube - Really Doe, Diplomats/Jim Jones/Cam'ron /Juelz Santana - Crunk Muzik, Body Head Bangerz/Youngbloodz - Do it Big, Nelly - Na-Na-Na-Na, Trick Daddy/Trina - Nann, Jay-Z - Feelin' it, Keith Murray - The Most Beautifulest Thing in the World, Eminem - Like Toy Soldiers, Jeru the Damaja - Come Clean, Fao 5/Heltah Skeltah & O.G.C. - Leflah Lflavreshkoshka, SlipKnot - Left Behind, Ill Nino - Cleansing, Guns N' Roses - Welcome to the Jungle (Live at the Ritz 1988), God Forbid - Gone Forever, In Flames - Touch of Red, KoRn - Another Brick in the Wall, Haste the Day - The Closest Thing to Closure, Alexisonfire - Accidents, Scars of Tomorrow - Suffocating Worlds, George Huff - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, Various Artists - Hallelujah Chorus, Mississippi Mass Choir - Emmanuel (Live), Five Young Men - Give Love on Christmas, Smokie Norful - When I Think About the Goodness (Live), Smokie Norful - Can't Nobody (Live), Smokie Norful - I Need You Now (Live), Magnate y Valentino - Ya Lo Se, Aterclopelados - Bolero Falaz, Whitesnake - Is This Love?, Tommy Shaw - Girls with Guns, Richard Marx - Hazard (Chapter One), Peter Wolf - Can't Get Started, New Order - Regret, Cocteau Twins - Love's Easy Tears, Love & Rockets - All in My Mind, Lightning Seeds - Pure, Art of Noise/Max Headroom - Paranoimia, Killing Joke - A New Day, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - The Weeping Song, Hunters & Collectors - Throw Your Arms Around Me, Talking Heads - Girlfriend is Better (Live), X - Burning House of Love, Tool - Sober, Destiny's Child - Bootylicious (Making Of), Destiny's Child - Bootylicious, Blondie - (I'm Always Touched By Your) Presence, Nick Lowe - Cruel to be Kind, Chilliwack - My Girl, Genesis - That's All, Bangles - Walk Like an Egyptian, Hall & Oates - Did it in a Minute, Styx - I Am the Walrus, Chingy/Lil' Flip/Boozie - Balla Baby (Remix), Rainbow - Death Alley Driver, Ronnie Spector - Who Can Sleep, Debbie Gibson - Foolish Beat, Haircut 100 - Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl), Thompson Twins - Lay Your Hands on Me, David Foster - Love Theme from St. Elmo's Fire, Martika - Toy Soldiers, John Cougar - Pop Singer, AC/DC - Flick of the Switch

1252. Drew Carey Tape #32 - Whose Line US #93, 70, UK 8.13, Drew on Live with Regis & Kelly 10/7/04, Blue Collar TV - Blue Orleans w/Drew, Green Screen Show #1, Drew on Late Night with Conan O'Brien 10/7/04, Drew on the Best Damn Sports Show 10/13/04, Green Screen Show #2, WL #52, #31, Green Screen Show #3, Drew on the Ellen Degeneres Show 10/26/04, Green Screen Show #4, Green Screen Show #5, Coach - Viva Las Rating w/Drew + Mimi, Home Improvement - Totally Tool Time w/Drew, Ellen - Secrets & Ellen w/Drew, WL #29, #137

1253. Cosmos by Carl Sagan - I: The Shores Of the Cosmos, II: One Voice In the Cosmic Fugue, III: The Harmony Of the Worlds, IV: Heaven and Hell, V: Blues For A Red Planet, VI: Travelers' Tales

1254. Cosmos by Carl Sagan - VII: The Backbone of Night, VIII: Travels In Space and Time, IX: The Lives Of the Stars, X: The Edge Of Forever, XI: The Persistence Of Memory, XII: Encyclopedia Galactica

1255. Cosmos by Carl Sagan - XIII: Who Speaks For Earth?, Crystal Method Live in Australia - Tough Guy, Get Busy Child, High Roller, The Very Best of the Ed Sullivan Show & Toast of the Town - The Greatest Entertainers Hosted by Carol Burnett, Interviews with Ella Fitzgerald, Alan King, Carol Lawrence, Jackie Mason, Michelle Phillips, Ray Manzerak, Will Jordan & Joan Rivers, Performances by Carol Burnett 1957, Rolling Stones - Satisfaction 1966, Jackie Gleason - Pour Soul 1952, Chong & Mana 1967, Joan Sutherland - La Traviata 1966, Kermit the Frog 1967, Pearl Bailey - That's Life 1968, Dolores Gray 1967, George Burns & Gracie Allen 1957, Lucille Ball & Desi Arnez 1954, Wayne & Shuster 1958, Teresa Brewer - Gonna Get Along Without Ya Now 1956, Johnnie Ray - The Little White Cloud that Cried 1952, Bo Diddly - Bo Diddly 1955, Buddy Holly Oh Boy! 1958, Elvis Presley - Don't Be Cruel 1956, Fidel Castro 1959, Bobby Darin - Beyond the Sea 1960, Vaughan Meader 1962, Lesley Gore - It's My Party 1963, Bill Dana 1962, Beatles - I Want to Hold Your Hand 1964, Jerry Lewis 1962, Flip Wilson 1968, Moms Mabley 1968, Joan Rivers 1968, Alan King 1966, Beatles - Ticket to Ride 1965, Young Rascals - Good Lovin' 1966, George Carlin 1971, Beach Boys - Good Vibrations 1968, Mamas & the Papas - California Dreamin' 1966, Janis Joplin - Raise Your Hand 1969, Richard Pryor 1970, James Brown Papa's Got a Brand New Bag/I Feel Good (I Got You) 1966, Phil Silvers 1955, Jimmy Durante - Young at Heart 1962, Barbra Streisand - When the Sun Comes Out 1963, Louis Armstrong - Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey 1961, Judy Garland - I Could Go On Singing 1963, Ella Fitzgerald & Sammy Davis Jr - S' Wonderful 1964, Senor Wences 1966, Novelty Acts - Plate Spinner, Three German contortionists, French furniture spinning sisters & Dynamite Jefferson, Plays - Richard Kiley - Impossible Dream - Man of La Mancha 1966, Carol Lawrence & Larry Kert - Tonight from West Side Story 1958, Julie Andrews - I Could Have Danced All Night from My Fair Lady 1956, Will Jordan 1954, John Byner 1967, Lyndon Johnson & Jackie Mason 1964, Elvis Presley - Love Me Tender 1957, Bob Dylan 1964, Rolling Stones - Let's Spend Some Time Together 1967, Doors - Light My Fire 1967, Jayne Mansfield 1957, Four Tops - Reach Out I'll Be There 1966, Smokey Robinson & the Miracles - I Second that Emotion 1968, Supremes - You Can't Hurry Love 1966, Stevie Wonder - For Once in My Life 1968, Jackson 5 - I Want You Back 1969, Soupy Sales 1965, Ethel Merman 1968, Topo Gigio 1969, Part 2 - Hosted by Burt Reynolds, Interviews with Johnny Mathis, Rich Little, Gwen Verdon, David Crosby, Phyllis Diller, Steve Allen, Senor Wences, Performances by Tom Jones 1968, Jackie Vernon 1965, Peiro Brothers 1965, Beverly Sills - O Luce Di Quest Anima 1969, Topo Gigio 1969, Jack Benny 1967, Rolling Stones - Paint it Black 1966, Nat King Cole - Walkin' My Baby Back Home 1955, Connie Francis - Lipstick on Your Collar 1959, Johnny Mathis - Misty 1959, Petula Clark - My Love 1966, Lou Rawls - Love's a Hurtin' Thing 1966, Fifth Dimension - Aquarius/Let the Sun Shine In 1970, Gene Kelly 1957, Rich Little 1966, John Byner 1967, Frank Gorshin 1964, David Frye 1966, Novelty Acts - Bobby Winter & more, Frankie Lymon - Goody Goody 1957, Everly Brothers - Bye Bye 1957, Roy Orbison Oh Pretty Woman 1965, Jackie Wilson - Lonely Teardrops 1962, Pompoff & Thedy 1966, Alan King 1959, Jean Carroll 1959, Henny Youngman 1966, Totie Fields 1967, Phyllis Diller 1969, Georgia Brown - As Long As He Needs Me from Oliver 1964, With a Little Bit of Luck from My Fair Lady 1964, Richard Burton & Julie Andrews - Camelot 1964, Jacques D'amboise & Karel Shimoff 1970, Rickie Layne & Velvel 1959, Senor Wences 1960, Arthur Worsley 1957, Albert Brooks 1971, Harry Belafonte - Jamaica Farewell 1956, Hank Williams Jr. - Your Cheatin' Heart 1963, Beatles - She Loves You 1964, Marvyn Roy 1969, Elizabeth & Collins 1965, Ottini & Co. - 1971, Clyde Beatty - 1957, Phil Silvers 1956, Charles Laughton 1956, Elvis Presley - Hound Dog 1956, Steve Allen - Syncopated Clock 1962, Victor the Bear 1969, Jackie Robinson 1962, Arnold Palmer 1961, Muhammed Ali 1963, Sugar Ray Robinson 1951, Bill Bojangles Robinson 1948, Gene Krupa & Conrad Buckner - Thou Swell 1960, Augie & Margo Rodriguez - After Supper 1959, Margot Fonteyn & Rudolf Nureyev - Swan Lake 1965, Gewn Verdon - If My Friends Could See Me Now 1967, Peter O'Tolle - When Irish Eyes are Smiling 1963, Lovin' Spoonful - Do You Believe in Magic 1967, Smothers Brothers 1966, Byrds - Mr. Tambourine Man `965, Richard Pryor 1966, Credence Clearwater Revival - Fortunate Son 1966, George Carlin 1967, Ike & Tina Turner - Proud Mary 1970, Bob Hope 1955, Carl Ballantine 1961, Sammy David Jr. - That's Entertainment 1955, Jerry Lewis 1962, Duckman - Ajax and Ajaxer, The Crippled Lamb, Action - Lights, Camera, Action; 24Seven Gamer - Best Game Ever - Resident Evil, Best Game Ever - Tomb Raider 2, Hotlist - Game Babes

1256. Sanford and Son Tape #1 - Will the Real Fred Sanford Please Do Something?, Aunt Esther and Uncle Woodrow Pffttt…, The Way to Lamont's Heart; Hello, Cousin Emma...Goodbye, Cousin Emma; Fred's Treasure Garden, Once a Thief, A Little Extra Security, There'll Be Some Changes Made, Going Out of Business, Ol' Brown Eyes; Matchmaker, Matchmaker; Ebenezer Sanford, Grady and His Lady, The Surprise Party, My Kingdom For a Horse, Home Sweet Home, Sanford and Niece

1257. 80s Music Videos & Beyond Tape #109 - J. Geils Band - I Do (Live), Klymaxx - I Miss You, Bryan Adams - This Time, Peter Gabriel - Big Time, Damn Yankees - Don't Tread On Me, Motley Crue - If I Die Tomorrow, Expose - What You Don't Know, Usher - Confessions II (Making Of), B2K - Why's You Leave Me on Christmas, Michael Jackson & James Brown on the BET Awards 2003, Ashanti - Only U, Trick Daddy/Cee-Lo/Lil' Kim - Sugar, Destiny's Child - Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Chingy/Lil' Flip/Boozie - Balla Baby (Remix), Brian Setzer Orchestra - Santa Clause Is Coming To Town (Live Acoustic), Smithereens - Blue Christmas (Live Acoustic), Amy Grant - Christmas Can't Be Very Far Away (Live Acoustic), George Thorogood - Merry Christmas Baby (Live Acoustic), John Waite - All I Want For Christmas (Live Acoustic), Richard Marx - Santa Claus Is Back In Town (Live Acoustic), Luscious Jackson - Let It Snow, Timbuk 3 - All I Want For Christmas, New Kids On The Block - This One's For The Children, Vince Gill - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, Deborah Allen - Rockin' Little Christmas, Neil Diamond - Morning Has Broken, Patti LeBelle - T'was Love, Bing Crosby - White Christmas, John Legend - Oh Holy Night (Live), Avant - Christmas in the Ghetto (Live), Faith Evans - Merry Christmas Baby (Live), Keyshia Cole - Silent Night (Live), Buddy Miller - Worry Too Much, Brad Paisley - Mud on the Tires, Catherine Britt - The Upside of Being Down, Craig Morgan - That's What I Love About Sunday, Supergrass - Kiss of Life, Peter Cincotti - St. Louis Blues, Alan Jackson - Monday Morning Church, Keith Urban - You're My Better Half, Cletus T. Judd - Christ-mas, Rascal Flatts - Bless this Broken Road (CMT Live), John Anderson - Christmas Time, Josh Gracin - Nothin' to Lose, Billy Dean - Let Them Be Little, Vince Vance & the Valiants - All I Want for Christmas is You, Clint Black - Milk & Cookies (Live Cowboy Christmas), Dave Matthews - Save Me, Bob Guiney - Girlfriend, P.O.D. - Change the World, Grits - Hittin, Toby Keith - Santa I'm Right Here, Alan Jackson - Let it Be Christmas Special 2002, 40 Below Summer - Self Medicate, Sevemdust - Broken Down, Hatebreed - This is Now, Atreyu - Lip Gloss and Black, Converge - Fault and Fracture, Jackson Browne - The Pretender (VH1C Live Acoustic 04), Jackson Browne - For Everyman (VH1C Live Acoustic 04), John Waite - Missing You (VH1C Live Acoustic 04), Kool Moe Dee - I Go To Work, Billy Idol - L.A. Woman, P. Diddy/Ginuwine/Mario Winans - I Need a Girl Part II (Making the Video), P. Diddy/Ginuwine/Mario Winans - I Need a Girl Part II, 12 Stones - Far Away, Pantera - Planet Caravan, Xmas Balls/Monty Lane Allen - All I Want for Christmas…, Hank Williams Sr. - Honky Tonk Blues, Ludacris - Diamond in the Back, Disturbed - Liberate, Fear Factory - Cars, Dillinger Escape Plan - Setting Fire to Sleeping Giants, Meat Puppets - Sam, Verve - Blue, Smithereens - Behind the Wall of Sleep, Smithereens - Only a Memory, Live - I Alone, Loverboy - This Could Be The Night, Rod Stewart - Broken Arrow, Lenny Kravitz - Are You Gonna Go My Way, Billy Joel - The River Of Dreams, Jellyfish - The King Is Half Undressed

1258. VH1's 100 Greatest One Hit Wonders Hosted by William Shatner, Honeymooners - Please Leave the Premises, A Matter of Life and Death, Opportunity Knocks But, On Stage, Remaking Vince Neil, Celebrity Weirdness Explained Pilot - James Gandolfini/Pink/Gary Busey/Mike Tyson/ Bijou Philips/Billy Bob Thornton/R. Kelly

1259. Hostile Intentions, 24Seven Gamer - Best of E3 2004, E3 the Last 10 Years, Hotlist - Villains, Weird, Inside Out - The Rise of Velvet Revolver, 40 Most Awesomely Bad #1 Songs Ever, Twilight Zone - The Bard, He's Alive, The Thirty-Fathom Grave

1260. World's Most Amazing Videos Tape #1 - At the Daytona Speedway FL during the stock car race after five crashes one car spins off the track and crashes into a paramedic Mike Staley. He is tossed in the air and then run over, In Honolulu HI a tank with 6000 gallons of diesel fuel explodes causing 200 foot flames, Lancaster, CA - police chase a stolen truck through residential areas, In British Columbia Canada diver Doug Pemberton and friends find an old ship wreck and Doug is attacked by a giant octopus hiding inside, In Las Vegas bullrider Tuff Hedeman rides Copenhagen and gets thrown off but is arm is caught and he gets spun around and around and rodeo clowns trying to save him get tossed, In Manning SC Chief Randy Garrett chases a car at speeds over 100mph he hits stop sticks crashed into a gas pump which explodes near a day care center and the chief pushes the mans care out of the fire before the fight to capture him, Off Keyaho HI Lisa Costello swims with pilot whales and one whale pulls her down 40 feet and she has no oxygen. Before it is too late the whale races to the surface letting her go unscathed, In Los Angeles an ex-con steals a blue pickup truck blows a tire shoots off sparks gets off the freeway and hits cars. His sister runs out to try to stop him and when climbing in the bed he pulls off, At the Chesapeake Bay Airshow the McDonald family records a 117-A Stealth Fighter crash into their neighbors' house and the pilot landing nearby

1261. Sanford and Son Tape #2 - Strange Bedfellows, Julio and Sister and Nephew, The Merger, Tower Power, Crossed Swords, The Masquerade Party, Golden Boy, The Stand-In, The Headache, The Older Woman, The Stung, The Family Man, The Over-the-Hill Gag, The Oddfather, Donna Pops the Question, The Olympics; Divorce, Sanford Style; The TV Addict

1262. Howard Stern Tape #115 - E! Show 11/29/04 - 1/10/05

1263. 80s Music Videos & Beyond Tape #110 - Nirvana - All Apologies (Unplugged), Green Day - Longview, Green Day - When I Come Around, Loretta Lynn & Jack White - Portland Oregon, Redman - The Saga Continues, Michel'le - No More Lies, Sheryl Crow - Strong Enough, Us3 - Cantaloop, Brenda K. Starr - I Still Believe, Verve - Slide Away, Stray Cats - Mystery Train Kept A-Rollin', Lenny Kravitz - Always On The Run, Beastie Boys - Gratitude, Missy Elliott/Ludacris/Trina - One Minute Man, Redman - I'll Bee Dat, Afroman - Because I Got High, Chris Rock - No Sex (In the Champagne Room), John P. Kee & New Life Community Choir - He'll Welcome Me (Live), Shania Twain - Don't, Trent Willmon - Home Sweet Holiday Inn, Julie Roberts - Wake Up Older, Terri Clark - I Think the World Needs a Drink, Nelly & Tim McGraw - Over and Over, The Live Aid Story, Big Dismal - Rainy Day, Norah Jones - Those Sweet Words, R.E.M - What's The Frequency Kenneth?, Starship - It's Not Enough, Genesis - Jesus He Knows Me, Peter Murphy - The Sweetest Drop, Peter Murphy - All Night Long, Kate Bush - The Man With The Child In His Eyes, U2 - Night and Day, Tweet/Missy Elliott - Turn the Lights Off (Making Of), Tweet/Missy Elliott - Turn the Lights Off, Jennifer Lopez - Get Right, U2 - All Because of You, Jimmy Eat World - Pain, Crossfade - Cold, Gwen Stefani - Rich Girl, Jamie Cullum - High and Dry, Damien Rice - The Blower's Daughter, Live - Pain Lies On The Riverside V2, Tool - Prison Sex, John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band - On The Dark Side, Madonna - Fever, Barnes and Barnes - Fish Heads, Ween - Voodoo Lady, Butthole Surfers - Hurdy Gurdy Man, Duran Duran - What Happens Tomorrow, Amon Amarth - In Pursuit of Viking, System of a Down - Spiders, Metallica - Frantic, Deitrick Haddon - God Didn't Give Up on Me, Ruben Studdard - I Need an Angel, Harvest Life Changer's Mass Choir - God's Chosen People, Tamika Smith/Christian Massive - You're All I Need (Live), Christianaires - God's Gonna Work it Out (Live), Bobby Jones & the Nashville Super Choir - It's You (Live), Renee Spearman/Prosperity - Celebrate, Dorinda Clark-Cole - I'm Coming Out (Live), Annie Lennox - Walking on Broken Glass, Dinosaur Jr. - Just Like Heaven, Electronic - Get the Message, Goo Goo Dolls - Give a Little Bit, Jet - Look What You've Done, Avril Lavigne - Nobody's Home, Kelly Clarkson - Since U Been Gone, Joss Stone Story, Joss Stone Live at Irving Plaza NYC, Dirty Vegas - Walk into the Sun, Brittany Wells - From Harms Way, Minnie Driver - Everything I've Got in My Pocket, Los Lonely Boys - More than Love

1264. Maximum Exposure Tape #5 - Animals Strike Back!, It Coulda Been Worse!, Wipeouts!, Rescue Me!, Greatest Hits, Comin' to Getcha!, Bizarro World, When People Attack, The Coolest Animals Alive

1265. Cops Tape #6 - New Jersey #322. 3/91, Fort Myers FL 7, Broward Co. FL #106. 4/22/89, Classic Cops #S909. 2/9/96, Las Vegas NV #1007. 10/11/97, Texas #1032. 2/14/98, Kansas City #1016. 11/22/97, Atlanta GA #1102. 9/12/98, Tazed and Confused Special Edition #1710. 11/6/04, Grand Theft Auto 2 Special Edition #1721. 11/13/04, Fort Worth TX #1213. 11/27/99, Bad Girls! 6 Special Edition #1724. 11/19/04, Atlanta GA #1107. 10/10/98, Coast to Coast #1707. 12/4/04, Ho! Ho! Ho! 2 Special Edition #1712. 12/11/04, Fort Worth TX #1220. 3/4/00, Maui Wowie Special Edition #1708. 1/8/05, Los Angeles CA 10 #228. 4/90

1266. Cheaters Tape #6 - Best of - Araseli Esparza (E36-1), Sylvia Vargas (E28) 12/1/04, Best of - Kelsey McGinnis (E36-2), Patrick Owens (E24) 12/2/04, Best of - Melanie Holloway (E35-1), Mystery Martinez (E27) 12/3/04, Best of - Eugene Stein (E35-2), Ryan Creek (E26) 12/4/04, Andy Wilkens (Candy Grossman/Richard Sherra), Judith Hughes (Charles Hughes/Katherine Harris), Ronald Matts (E63-2) 12/5/04, Best of - David Hendrick (E59-1), Marcie McRae (E61) 12/7/04, Best of - Jay Smart (E59-2), Stephen Redlow (E62) 12/8/04, Best of - Lacy Dawson (E60-1), Matt Grisim (E63) 12/9/04, Best of - Chase McLendon (E61-1), Teri Skipworth (E66) 12/10/04, Best of - Candace Jefferson (E61-2), Ed Becker (E67) 12/11/04, Ethan Roberts (Burt Brooks/John Del James), Juan Cavala (Liz Caras/Michael Contreras), Kijuan Daw (E59-2) #503. 10/16/04, Jonathan Daniels (Dede Sampson/Michael Stokes), Myra Aguilera (Mr. Aguilera/Nora Sanchez), Rose Harden (E62-2) #504 10/24/04, Michael Loflin (Cynthia Murphy/Bill Hartley), Robert Marisol (Mari Gomez/Andre Chavez), Andrea Pleasant (E74-2) #505. 10/30/04, Best of - Stacia Colvin (E37-2), Anastasia Shmakova (E21) #CHS051. 1/18/05, Best of - Marie Lepak (E38-1), Crystal Raymond (E19) #CHS052. 1/19/05

1267. Simpsons/King of the Hill Tape #4 - King of the Hill - Luanne Virgin 2.0, King of the Hill - Hank's Back Story, Simpsons - I'm With Cupid, Simpsons - Itchy & Scratchy Land, King of the Hill - Westie Side Story, King of the Hill - Three Coaches and a Bobby, Simpsons - Treehouse of Horror XV, Simpsons - All's Fair in Oven War, Simpsons - Sleeping with the Enemy, King of the Hill - Patch Boomhauer, Simpsons - She Used to Be My Girl, King of the Hill - Livin' on Reds Vitamin C and Propane, Simpsons - Fat Man and Little Boy, King of the Hill - A Rover Runs Through It, King of the Hill - Hank's Unmentionable Problem, King of the Hill - Death Buys a Timeshare, Simpsons - Midnight Rx, King of the Hill - Yard She Blows

1268. Sanford and Son Tape #3 - The Sanford Arms, Earthquake II, My Brother-in-Law's Keeper, Steinberg and Son, My Fair Esther, Greatest Show in Watts; Della, Della, Della; Can You Chop This?, Sanford and Rising Son, Fred Sanford Has a Baby, Lamont in Love, The Engagement Man Always Rings Twice, A Pain in the Neck, Camping Trip, The Director, Sergeant Gork, Sanford and Gong, I Dream of Choo Choo Rabinowitz

1269. 80s Music Videos & Beyond Tape #111 - N2U - Issues, Al B. Sure! - Off on Your Own (Girl), Sarah McLachlan - Possession, April Wine - This Could Be The Right One, Adreinne Young & Little Sadie/Will Kimbrough - Home Remedy, Kim Richey - Just My Luck, Johnny Cash - Delia's Gone, Billy Joe Shaver - Freedom's Child, Morris Day - Oak Tree, Kevin Welch - Anna Lise Please, Nickel Creek - Speak, Travis Tritt & George Thorogood - Move It On Over, Restless Heart - Big Iron Horse, Slim Thug - Like a Boss, Trillville/Cutty, Used - All that I've Got (Making Of), Used - All that I've Got, Boyz II Men - I'll Make Love To You, Larry Gatlin & the Gatlin Brothers - Houston (Live), BR5-49 - That's What I Get, Kelly Willis - If I Left You, Stacy Dean Campbell - Cottonwood, Be Good Tonyas - Littlest Birds, Junior Brown - My Wife Thinks You're Dead, Cross Canadian Ragweed - Constantly, Steve Earle - Some Dreams, Derailers - Bar Exam, Simple Plan - Shut Up (Making Of), Simple Plan - Shut Up, John Waite - Restless Heart, Green Day - Basket Case, Sheryl Crow - All I Wanna Do V1, Sting/Cheb Mami - Desert Rose, Scum of the Earth - Get Your Dead On, Ozzy Osbourne - Time After Time, All Else Failed - To Whom it May Concern, Heaven Shall Burn - The Weapon They Fear, Deftones - 7 Words, Chris Byrd & True Victory - Cry Aloud (Live), BeBe Winans - Do You Know Him (Live), Micah Stampley - Take My Life (Live), Vickie Winans/Marvin Winans Jr. - Shook (Family Slow Jam Remix), Michael Jackson - You Are Not Alone, Gerald Levert - One Million Time, Lisa Loeb and Nine Stories - Stay (I Missed You), Coil - The Snow (Answers Come In Dreams), Erasure - Love To Hate You, Restless Heart - A Tender Lie, Radney Foster - Everyday Angel, Pat Green - Carry On, Jason Holland & The Stragglers - If You Want To Hear A Love Song, Flatlanders - The South Wind Of Summer, Nanci Griffin & Emmylou Harris - Goodnight New York, R.E.M. - Aftermath, Sheryl Crow - Leaving Las Vegas, Chris LeDoux - Look At You Girl, Jim Lauderdale - If I Were You, Jack Ingram - One Thing, Allison Krauss & Gillian Welsh - I'll Fly Away, Right Said Fred - I'm Too Sexy, Larry Gatlin & the Gatlin Brothers Band - Broken Lady (Live), Crystal Gayle - Hallelujah I Love Him So, Crystal Gayle - Three Good Reasons, Crystal Gayle - Someday, Delbert McClinton - Lone Star Blues, Chris Knight - Oil Patch Town, Del McCoury Band - My Love Will Not Change (Live), Brian McKnight - One Last Cry, Ace of Base - The Sign, Crash Test Dummies - Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm, Restless Heart - Mending Fences, Charles Robison - My Hometown, Patty Loveless - The Boys Are Back In Town, Dale Watson - You're The Best Part Of Me, George Strait - You Look So Good In Love, Kelly Willis - Don't Come The Cowboy With Me Sonny Jim!, BR5-49 - Cherokee Boogie, 100 Demons - Repeat Process, Seemless - Lay My Burdon Down, Perfect Circle - Passive, Misery Signals - The Year Summer Ended in June, Harvey Watkins Jr. & Lee Williams - What a Wonderful World (Live), Kelly Chapman - Heal Me, Deitrick Haddon - Won't Stop Praying, Tyra - Country Boy, White Boy - Can't Get Out the Game, Brooke Valentine/Big Boi & Lil' Jon - Girlfight, Trillville/Cutty - Some Cut, Jim Jones/Cam'ron & Juelz Santana - Crunk Muzik, Razah - Feels So Good, Pharcyde - Passin' Me By

1270. Howard Stern Tape #116 - E! Show 1/11/05 - 2/1/05

1271. 80s Music Videos & Beyond Tape #112 - Jay-Z - Jigga What, 8Ball/Lloyd - Forever, Usher - Caught Up, Sean Paul - Get Busy, Jay-Z - Hard Knock Life, Red Café - All Night Long, Fabolous/Mike Shorey - Baby, Birdman/Lil' Wayne - Shine On, Brandy - U Don't Know Me (Like U Used To), Masta Ace Inc. - Born to Roll, Casting Crowns - American Dream, Strokes - The End has No End, Anita Baker - You're My Everything, Luther Vandross - Can Heaven Wait, Teena Marie/Gerald Levert - A Rose By Any Other Name, Salt 'N Pepa - Let's Talk About Sex (Original), 50 Cent/Olivia - Candyshop (Making Of), 50 Cent/Olivia - Candyshop, Restless Heart - Fast Moving Train, Rodney Crowell - Fate's Right Hand, Bob Dylan - Cross the Green Mountain, John Cowan - They Always Take Me Back, Bob Delevante - Penny Black, Kentucky Head Hunters - Too Much to Lose, Cooder Graw - Better Days, Bret Michaels/Jessica Andrews - All I Ever Needed, Goo Goo Dolls - Here is Gone, D12 - U R the One, Sway - Pussycat Dolls, U2 - Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me, Glenn Frey - The Heat is On, Christina Aguilera/Missy Elliott - Car Wash, Lenny Kravitz - If I Could Fall in Love, Michael Wysomierski - Drumbone, Marple Newton H.S. - Coutdown, Conestogan H.S. - 10:18, Tracey Hamlette - CD Idol, Patricia and Monica - Good Friends, Seal - Prayer for the Dying, Fabolous/Mike, Jack Ingram - Barbie Doll, Alison Krauss - Baby Now That I've Found You, Bela Fleck & the Flecktones - Turtle Rock, Jim Lauderdale & Ralph Stanley - She's Looking at Me, Ballie & the Boys - Long Shot, Ballie & the Boys/Alyssa Bonagura - One Thing, Ballie & the Boys - Heart of Stone (Live GAC 05), Miri Ben Ari/Scarface & Anthony Hamilton - Sunshine to the Rain, Twista/Faith Evans - Hope, Jadakiss/Anthony Hamilton - Why (Bush Uncensored), Brand New Heavies - Never Stop, John Legend - Ordinary People, Vesta Williams - Sweet Sweet Love, Tweet/Missy Elliott - Turn Da Lights Off, Aaron Tippin - For You I Will, Mike McClure - Haunt Me No More, Patty Loveless & Travis Tritt - Out of Control Raging Fire, McBride & the Ride - Squeezebox, Pilar Montenegro - Algien Quena Vel Ame (Pop Version), Serralde - Ay Que Mal (Live at El Rey), Pokoloko - Moverse, Delux - Mas De Lo Que Imaginas, Jae-P - Latinos Unidos, Los Enanitos Verdes - Tu Caracel (Live), Ricardo Arjona - Minutos, Aleks Syntek - A Veles Ful, Mejia - Un Angel, Fey - La Fuerta Del Destino, Tiziano Ferro - Tardes Negras, La Secta All Star - Music, LDA Concheka - Hoy, La Uva - Paranoia, La Ley - El Duelo, Reyli - Amore Del Bueno, Fulanito - Trai La Bulla, Servando y Florentino - Una Cancion te Enamore, Juanes - Mala Gente, TK - Ilusion, Bon Jovi - Wild in the Streets, Bon Jovi - Livin' on a Prayer (Mtv VMA 1987), Bon Jovi - You Give Love a Bad Name, Bon Jovi - Never Say Goodbye, Bon Jovi - Livin' on a Prayer

1272. I Love the 90's Part Deux 1990-98

1273. I Love the 90's Part Deux 1999, Riding the Bullet, Jackie Gleason - The Great One Biography, Layover, Michael Jackson's Secret Childhood, The Very Worst Sports Disasters

1274. Battlestar Galactica Tape #2 - 2003 Mini Series, 2005 - 33, Water, Bastille Day, Act of Contrition

1275. Battlestar Galactica Tape #3 - 2003 Series Lowdown, Galactica 1980 - The Super Scouts Part 1+2, Spaceball, The Night the Cylons Landed Part 1+2, Space Croppers, The Return of Starbuck, The Propaganda War - Spanish, 2005 - You Can't Go Home Again

1276. The Three Stooges Tape #5 - Hoi Polloi, Goofs and Saddles, A Pain in the Pullman, Three Little Pirates, Half-Shot Shooters; Grips, Grunts, and Groans; Have Rocket, Will Travel (1959), Three Stooges Meet Hercules (1962), Wee Wee Monsieur, The New Scooby-Doo Movies - Ghastly Ghost Town, Beer Barrel Polecats, Heavenly Daze

1277. 25 Most Cheestastic TV Stars, Celebrity Deathmatch - Stephen King vs. JK Rowling, 40 Most Shocking Hair Moments, Dilbert - The Dupey, Twilight Zone - Jess-Belle, Celebrity Deathmatch - Puff Daddy vs. Trent Reznor, John Tesh vs. David Hasselhoff, Twilight Zone - The Parallel, I Dream of Genie, Of Late I Dream of Cliffordville, Passage of the Lady Anne

1278. Cheaters Tape #7 - Fred Calhoun (E38-2), Michael Oliver (E20) #CHS053. 1/20/05, Michelle Brisset (E41-2), Cindy "Devon" O'Canas (E16-2) #CHS054. 1/21/05, Kristopher Armstrong (E42-1), Elizabeth Hamilton (E7-2) #CHS055. 1/22/05, Michael Faught (Withheld/Rick Werner), Irene Carrizales (Andrew Carrizales/Deanna Rodriguez), Nick Ogene (E64-2) #511. 1/23/05, Tony Zitnick (E44-1), "Tiny" Thomas (E72-2) #CHS056. 1/25/05, Annette Frymire (E46-1), Pablo Dominguez (E63-1) #CHS057. 1/26/05, John Chapin (E49-1), Kalen Kirkpatrick (E60-2) #CHS058. 1/27/05, Melissa Ronquillo (E49-2), Ryan Jeter (E58-1) #CHS059. 1/28/05, Nicole Bradley (E50-2), Megan McMannus (E61-1) #CHS060. 1/29/05, Robin Smythe (Withheld/Patricia Parvhoen), Shadelle Gomberg (Withheld/Marie Mendez), Patricia Major (E67-2) #512. 1/30/05, Matthew Talamini (E51-1), Christy Adams (E57-1) #CHS061. 2/1/05, Sandra Mattei (E52-1), Rodney Wourneaux (E76-2) #CHS062. 2/2/05, Valerie Gonzalez (E53-2), Mike Keller (E85) #CHS063. 2/3/05, Marie Sullivan (E37-1), Steven Mongold (E22) #CHS064. 2/4/05, Michael O' Conner (E39-1), Renee Lewis (E1-1) #CHS065. 2/5/05, Chloe Swain (Charles Nicolav/Withheld), Monica Munson (Rhett Glasgow/Shania Hibbs), Alfredo "Freddy" Morales (E77-1) #513. 2/6/05

1279. World's Most Amazing Videos Tape #2 - In Bangkok Thailand an Elephant gets stuck in the mud and are a few hours an entire village comes out to rescue it. It is hooked to a crane, but the snaps break twice before they can get it out. The third time it gets out but is exhausted and it must be forced to stand up or it will die, In Eerie PA on a bitterly cold night a fire rips through a boarding house - the Station 1 Hotel. Firefighters can't put the fire out because the hydrants are frozen shut. Then they see Howard Eisner trapped on a second floor balcony with no way to rescue him. A water truck shows up and douses the area and an electrical transformer blows up. Eventually Tim Wilhelm climbs up into the fire to save him, In Hillsborough OR at an airshow stuntman Lee Oman does an axle hang underneath a biplane. The 200mph wind freezes him and he weakens and falls. The plane can't land with him hanging underneath so his friends Jim and Bill drive a truck down the runway matching their speed to pull him in, In Cannadale TX Trooper Stephen White pulls over a car with phony plates for DWI. He gives chase at low sppeds then he gets on the freeway, fishtails, broadsides a van, hits a big rig and they smash into the center divider and take out a lamp post, At a Northeast Louisiana Indians NCAA football game - Shane Claybaugh - Vic the Demon mascot is harrased by Chief Brave Spirit, Steven Patron. Vic punches the chief in the face, then the chief punches and kicks and throws Vic down, the takes his head off. Shane tries to take the chief's head off, but can't and the police are called in, In Phoenix AZ escaped prisoner are chased by the AHP. Officer Time Mason throws stops stick out and they hit them. He races ahead and drops the sticks again flattening all 4 tires. The suspect then shoots meth while driving, fishtails, plays chicken, goes on the freeway the wrong way and then Tim pits him into the walls, the driver throws up his arms and the truck spins out on the shoulder, In Santa Fe Argentina a bus is head head on, goes off a bridge and into a river. A crane is used to lift it out, but before it can get the whole bus out of the water, the massive crane falls over the side and 30 feet down into the river. The operator bailed out in advance, Mediterranean Sea Aircraft Carrier of the coast of Lebanon. Admiral Zap explains about carrier landings. A malfunction causes a plane to accelerate after landing, Lt. Charlie Boh ejects at the last second. Plane goes over the edge, he lands on the deck hard, broke hip, 5 ribs, wind blows the chute over the edge, catching him in a safety net over the side. Taken to hospital, now enjoys life to the max, Newark England - Stuntrider James Dylan is trying to set a record by driving his motorcycle through firewalls. He goes through 24 burning hay barriers out of 28. Announcer Nikki Anderson said she never thought he would come out. Eventually he crawls out on fire and shredding clothes. His head is badly burned. Afterwards he says a bar ripped the helmet off his head.

1280. 80s Music Videos & Beyond Tape #113 - John Mayer - Daughters, Vanessa Carlton - Ordinary Day, Calling - Anything, Jurassic 5 - What's Golden, Corrs - Summer Sunshine, Ashlee Simpson - La La, Robbie Robertson - Shine Your Light, Babyface - You Were There, Redman/E3 - Ride, Raven - Superstition, Catherine Zeta-Jones & Rene Zellweger - All that Jazz, Restless Heart - When She Cries, Alison Krauss - Sitting in the Window of My Room, Dwight Yoakam - Suspicious Minds, Kip Winger - Miles Away (Live Acoustic VH1C 05), It Dies Today - A Threnody for Modern Romance, He is Legend - The Seduction, Behemoth - Conquer All, Clutch - A Shogun Named Marcus, Remember Never - Incisions, Toby Keith - How Do You Like Me Now?, Lee Ann Womack - I May Hate Myself in the Morning, Vince Gill - When I Call Your Name, Nas/Quan - Just a Moment, Lost Boyz - Lex Coups and Jeeps, LL Cool J - Doin' It, Redman - Da Goodness, Lil' Jon & the Eastside Boys/Ludacris/Too Short & Chyna - Bia Bia, MC Lyte - Ruff Neck, Smooth - Mind Blowin', Mase - Lookin' at Me, Donnie McClurkin - I Call You Faithful (Live), Ruben Studdard - Flying Without Wings, Ricky Van Shelton - Wear My Ring Around Your Neck, Alexander O'Nealle & Cherelle - Never Knew Love Like This, Asleep at the Wheel - Lay Down Sally, Kathleen Edwards - One More Song the Radio Won't Play, Mark O'Conner & Charlie Daniels - The Devil Comes Back to Georgia, Ricochet - Daddy's Money, Nickel Creek - When You Come Back Down, Rhonda Vincent - I'm Not Over You, Dolly Parton - Hello God (Live CMA), Kevin Welch - Killing Myself, Larry Gatlin & the Gatlin Brothers - All the Gold (Live), Crystal Waters - 100% Pure Love, Cowboy Junkies - Sun Comes Up It's Tuesday Morning, Travis Tritt - T-R-O-U-B-L-E, Mark O'Conner - Bowtie, Allison Moorer/Shelby Lynne - Going Down (Live), Great Big Sea - When I am King, Queen Latifah/Al Green - Simply Beautiful, Richard Marx - Ready to Fly, Ian Brown/Noel Gallagher - Keep What Ya Got (Domestic), Live - Lightning Crashes, Fozzy - With the Fire (Can't Take Me Down), Pyschosis Animation, Unearth - Zombie Autopilot, No Warning - Bad Timing, All That Remains - The Darkened Heart, Fozzy - Enemy, Nasum - Wrath, White Zombie - More Human than Human, Richard Smallwood & Vision - Calvery (Live), Dorinda Clark-Cole - I Am Still Here (Live), Generation J - Secret Place, Nicole C. Mullen - Redeemer, Mississippi Mass Choir/Benjamin Cone III - If I Be Lifted Up (Live), Mississippi Mass Choir/Christ Richardson - Victory Shall Be Mine (Live), Mississippi Mass Choir/Frank Williams - Thank You for My Mansion (Live), Mississippi Mass Choir/Mosie Burks - I'm Not Tired Yet (Live), Queensryche - Empire, Janet Jackson - Anytime Anyplace, Luther Vandorss - Take You Out, Maxwell - This Woman's Work, Wedding Present - Kennedy, Meat Beat Manifesto - Mindstream, Martina McBride/Jim Brickman - Valentine, Ronnie Milsap - America the Beautiful (Live), Slaid Cleaves - Cold and Lonely, Chemical Brothers - Galvanize, Saul Williams - List of Demands (Reparations), Kaiser Chiefs - I Predict a Riot, Elefant - Misfit, Adem - These are Your Friends, Concretes - You Can't Hurry Love, Zutons - Pressure Point, John Butler Trio - Zebra, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Straight to You, Emmylou Harris/Sheryl Crow/Mary Chapin Carpenter - Flesh and Blood (Live), Alison Krauss & Union Station - New Favorite, Chris Ledoux - Five Dollar Fine, John Conlee - They Also Serve, Lords of the New Church - Dance With Me, Sparks - I Predict, Alison Krauss & Union Station - The Lucky One, Dolly Parton - Shine, Mac McAnally - Down the Road, Razorlight - Golden Touch

1281. Sanford and Son Tape #4 - The Winning Ticket, The Stakeout, Aunt Esther Has a Baby, Aunt Esther Meets Her Son, Fred Meets Redd, Carol, Chinese Torture, A Matter of Silence, The Reverend Sanford, The Will, Fred the Activist; Funny, You Don't Look It, Fred Sings the Blues, School Daze, Sanford and Son and Sister Makes Three, The Copper Caper, A Matter of Life and Breath

1282. Behind the Music - The Notorious B.I.G., Trekkies, Trekkies 2, Behind the Music - 5th Anniversary Riches to Rags, 40 Most Awesomely Bad Love Songs…Ever, 24Seven Gamer - DragonBall Z - Fight Moves, Interview with Daisuke Uchiyama for Budokai 3, Fighting Tactics, Tokyo Game Show 2004

1283. Black in the 80's - Color in Film, Def Jams, Color TV, People in the News - Michael Jackson 2/5/05, Miami Vice - When Irish Eyes Are Crying, Michael Jackson Accused - MSNBC 2/7/05, Prophecy II, Mark Levin & Ann Coulter on Hannity & Colmes 2/7/05, Celebrity Justice - Michael Jackson Hostage Story 2/8/05, Corey Feldman Michael Jackson Interview - 20/20 - 2/11/05, 24Seven Gamer - Feb Preview, Best Game Ever - Metal Gear Solid 2, Gran Tourismo 4 Launch, Gearbox - Brothers in Arms, Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas

1284. Hellraiser: Hellseeker, Ghoulies, Empire of the Ants, Halloween H2O, Mark Levin & Ann Coulter on Hannity & Colmes 2/18/05

1285. Osbournes Tape #4 - Battle for Ozzfest Season 1 Episodes 1-12, Sharon on the Tonight Show 1/14/05, Osbournes Season 3 - Part 2 - Sleepless in Beverly Hills, Have Ozz Will Travel, Hawaii Five Oz, History Bites - The Osborgias, Sharon on Live with Regis & Kelly 2/4/05, Sharon on late Night with Conan O'Brien 2/5/05, Kelly Interrupted, That 70's Show - Misty Mountain Hop with Jack

1286. Drew Carey Tape #33 - New York Comedy Fest Improv Footage 12/04, Crank Yankers #315. w/Drew Carey 1/12/05, Whose Line #176. Show No. 7001, # 177. Show No. 7002, WL UK 10.11 (Compilation), 178. Show No. 7003, 179. Show No. 7004, New York Friars Club Roast of Drew Carey 1998, 180. Show No. 7005, WL 159. Show No. 606, 181. Show No. 711, Mad TV - Whose Idea Was This Anyway? Parody, 182. Show No. 7007, 183. Show No. 7008, 184. Show No. 7009, 185. Show No. 7010, Kickin' It w/Drew and Jennifer Coolidge for Robots 2/17/04, 186. Show No. 7011

1287. Against All Odds (1984 Letterbox), Motel Hell (1980), Tupac: Resurrection (2003), Banana Splits - The Prisoner, Wally Gator - White Tie & Frails

1288. 80s Music Videos & Beyond Tape #114 - Yellowcard - Only One, Erasure - Breathe (Domestic), Judas Priest - Revolution, Godsmack - Keep Away, Dark Tranquility - Lost to Apathy, Pig Destroyer - Gravedancer, Bury Your Dead - The Color of Money, Eighteen Visions - I Let Go, Probot - Shake Your Blood, Kreator - Impossible Brutality, Kittie - Brackish, Shadrach - I Won't Worry No More, Jennifer Lopez/Fabolous - Get Right (Remix), Radiohead - Stop Whispering, Basia - Promises, Crystal Gayle - If You Ever Change Your Mind, Eddie Rabbitt - Step By Step, Bravery - An Honest Mistake, Queens of the Stone Age - Little Sister, Killers - Mr. Brightside, Mars Volta - The Widow, Matchbook Romance - My Eyes Burn, Daddy Yankee - Gasolina, Jet - Cold Hard…, Papa Roach - Scars, Unwritten Law - Save Me, Straylight Run - Existentialism on Prom Night, Jimmy Eat World - Work, T.I. - You Don't Know Me, Modest Mouse - Ocean Breathes Salty, Kevin Welch - Till I See You Again, Bering Strait - Jagged Edge of a Broken Heart, Young MC - Principal's Office, Social Distortion - Don't Take Me for Granted (Live), Lou Gramm - Just Between You and Me, Lou Gramm - Lost in the Shadows (The Lost Boys), MC Hammer - Pray, Eminem - Mockingbird, Cam'ron/Jaheim - Lord You Know, Diplomats - Dipset Anthem, Queens of the Stone Age - No One Knows, Ludacris - Rollout, Sum 41 - Pieces, Mike + The Mechanics - The Living Years, Destiny's Child - Buga Boo (Live Fashionably Loud 2000), Beyonce - Baby Boy/Crazy in Love (VMA 03), Ralph Stanley - Girl from the Greenbriar Shore, Bill Anderson - Just Him and Me (Live GAC 05), Adrienne Young & Little Sadie/Will Kimbrough - Home Remedy, Delbert McClinton - Sending Me Angles, Patty Griffen - Chief, Gwen Stefani/Eve - Rich Girl (Live at the 47th Grammys), Lindsay Lohan - Over, Kids in the Way - Phoenix with a Heartache, Explosion - Here I Am, Jennifer Lopez - Get Right (Making Of), Jack Ingram - How Many Days, Rhonda Vincent - I Sang Dixie, Gillian Welch/David Rawlins - I Want to Sing that Rock and Roll, Trace Adkins - Songs About Me, Amy Dalley - I Would Cry, Joe Nichols - What's a Guy Gotta Do, Montgomery Gentry - Gone (CMT Outlaws), Toby Keith - Honkytonk U, Sawyer Brown/Robert Randolph - Mission Temple Fireworks Stand, Keith Anderson - Pickin' Wildflowers, Blaine Larsen - How Do You Get That Lonely, Shooter Kennings - 4th of July, George Canyon - My Name, Kenny Chesney - Old Blue Chair, Aaron Lines - Waitin' on the Wonderful, Buddy Jewell - If She Were Any Other Woman, Andy Griggs - If Heaven, Shania Twain - (If You're Not in it for Love) I'm Outta Here, El Vertigo - Virus de Amor, Jaime Camil - Nada es Igval Sin Ti, Jay Lozada con El Boodah - Me Patinae Coco, Soniko - Salto Mortal, Roselyn Sanchez - Amor, Amor, Los Calzones - Yo Quiero Morirme Aca, Laura Pausini - Viveme, Andrea Echeverri - Aemeo, Kemo the Blaxican - La Receta, Master Joe y O.G. Black - Banshee Robao, Rolando D'Lugo - Esperando, Pepe Aguilar - El Autobus, La Sinfonia - Inseparable, Ricky Martin - Jaleo (Spanish), Ojos de Brujo - Ley De Gravidad, South Rican - Asotarte, Lucybell - Esperanza, Don Omar - Reggaeton Latino, Los Sin Credito - Ilorame, Alondra - No Se Porque

1289. Cheaters Tape #8 - Best of - Lionel Anthony (E39-2), Mirelle (E23) #CHS066. 2/8/05, Best of - Mary Benn (E40-1), Ray Richard (E25) #CHS067. 2/9/05, Best of - Lisa Easter (E40-2), Donna Rousseau (E18) #CHS068. 2/10/05, Best of - Panessa Jones (E41-1), Dennis Meeks (E11-1) #CHS069. 2/11/05, Best of - Nicole Brown (E42-2), Harold Norman (E2-2) #CHS070. 2/12/05, Nikki Simms (Withheld/Janet Rogers), Lilly Renaldo (Jeremy Hayes/Felicia Esteban), Candace Jefferson (E61-2) #514. 2/13/05, Best of - Vincent Starling (E43-2), Eddie Miller (E3-2) #CHS071. 2/15/05, Best of - Jasmine Solei (E43-1), Monica Tovar & Jennifer Alviso (E4) #CHS072. 2/16/05, Best of - Todd Thomasson (E44-2), Zachariah Lytle & Charlene Massie (E8) #CHS073. 2/17/05, Best of - Andrew Collins (E45-1), Nathaniel Jones (E93) #CHS074. 2/18/05, Best of - Vanessa Garza (E45-2), Robert Godfrey (E71-1) #CHS075. 2/19/05, Oscar Kopekne (Kerry Clauson/Linda Merrick), Marcia Johnson (Curtis Jackson/Chaney Burlitz), John Bausch (E46-2) #515. 2/20/05, Best of - John Bausch (E46-2), Casey Jones (E83) #CHS076. 2/22/05, Best of - Joel "Doggie" Hines (E47-1), Martha Mendoza (E64-1) #CHS077. 2/23/05, Best of - Danni Peskow (E47-2), Adam Greene (E67-1) #CHS078. 2/24/05, Best of - Yazmine Franco (E48-1), Jason Jones (E56-1) #CHS079. 2/25/05, Best of - Brian Willard (E48-2), Norma Norman (E4) #CHS080. 2/26/05

1290. 80s Music Videos & Beyond Tape #115 - Don't Stop Til You Get Enough: The Michael Jackson Marathon - Michael Jackson - Don't Stop Til You Get Enough, Michael Jackson & Janet Jackson - Scream, Michael Jackson - Rock With You, Michael Jackson - Another Part Of Me (Concept), Michael Jackson - Beat It, Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal, Michael Jackson - Remember The Time V1 (Long), Michael Jackson - The Way You Make Me Feel V2 (Short), Michael Jackson - Man in the Mirror V1 (Children), Michael Jackson - You Are Not Alone, Michael Jackson - You Rock My World, Michael Jackson - Thriller (Long), Michael Jackson - Billie Jean V1 (Concept), Michael Jackson - Black Or White V2 (Short), Michael Jackson/Heavy D. - Jam, Michael Jackson - Bad V2 (Short), Michael Jackson - Dirty Diana, Michael Jackson - In the Closet, Michael Jackson - Leave Me Alone, Michael Jackson - Heal the World V2 (Children), Michael Jackson - Stranger In Moscow, Michael Jackson - Blood On the Dance Floor, Michael Jackson - They Don't Care About Us, Michael Jackson - Another Part Of Me (Live), Michael Jackson - Earth Song, Hed P.E. - Represent, System of a Down - Sugar, American Head Charge - Loyalty, Sevendust - Denial, Clark Sisters - My Living in Vain (Live), Dorinda Clark-Cole/Kiki Sheard - Waiting on Him (Live), Clark Sisters - He's a Friend (Live), Mejia - Virgen, Paulina Rubio - Balla Casanova, Dominic Marte con Geraldine - Ella se Iievo Mi Vida, Carlos Vives - Pa' Mayte, Manu Chao - Me Gustas Tu, Magic Juan - Mil Horas, Jugete - Sin Ti, Klave - Hijo Macho, Los Amigos Invisibles - Las Gorditas de Mario, Frankie J con Baby Bash - Obsession (No Es Amor), Amerie/Eve - 1 Thing, Maxwell - Let's Not Play the Game, K'Naan - Soobax (Making Of), K'Naan - Soobax, Queen Latifah - Better than the Rest, Stevie Wonder - You Will Know, Whispers - Rock Steady, Brian McKnight - Still, Pharcyde - Knew You, Family Stand - Ghetto Heaven, Mary J. Blige - I'm Goin' Down, K-os - Crabbuckit, Fugees - Nappy Heads, Fugees - Vocab, Fugees - Ready or Not, Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez - Sweet Tequila Blues, BR-549 - Too Lazy to Work Too Nervous to Steal, Great Big Sea - Sea of No Cares, Jerry Douglas - Patrick Meets the Brickbats, Bryan Adams - Do I Have to Say the Words?, LCD Sound System - Daft Punk Is Playing At My House, Phoenix - Run Run Run, Doves - Black and White Town, Interpol - Evil, Good Life - Lovers Need Lawyers, Pinback - AFK, Music - Breakin', Tegan and Sara - Speak Slow, Death From Above 1979 - Romantic Rights, Jesse McCartney - Beautiful Soul, Game/50 Cent - Hate it or Love it, Faith Evans - Again, Ludacris - Number One Spot/The Potion, Elbert West - Diddley, Old Crow Medicine Show - Tell it to Me, Trent Summar & the New Row Mob - It Never Rains in Southern California, Goldfrapp - Train (Live), Streets - Dry Your Eyes, Linkin Park - Crawling, Linkin Park - Faint, Linkin Park - One Step Closer, Onyx - Slam, Redman - Time 4 Sum Aksion, Common - The Corner

1291. Terror of Tiny Town, Bruce Lee: His Last Days (1976), The Secret World of Michael Jackson ABC Special, Mtv Icons - The Cure, I Married Sebastian Bach, Mark Levin on Hannity & Colmes 2/24/05, Stars Without Makeup, I Married Sammy Hagar

1292. The Three Stooges Tape #6 - The New Scooby-Doo Movies - The Ghost of the Red Baron, Hold That Lion, Fright Night, Out West, Monster House - The Three Stooges, The Three Stooges Movie (2000), Uncivil Warbirds, Even as I.O.U., Cactus Makes Perfect, False Alarms, I'm a Monkey's Uncle, Pardon My Clutch, Shivering Sherlocks, Squareheads of the Roundtable, Dizzy Doctors, Fiddler's Three

1293. Howard Stern Tape #117 - E! Show 2/2/05 - 3/7/05

1294. Sanford and Son Tape #5 - A Pad for Lamont, The Great Sanford Siege, Coffins for Sale, The Barracuda, TV or Not TV, The Suitcase Case, By the Numbers, The Card Sharps, Tooth or Consequences, The Puerto Ricans Are Coming!, A Visit From Lena Horne, Fred & Carol & Fred & Donna, A Guest in the Yard, Lamont Goes African, Watts Side Story, Pops 'n' Pals, Home Sweet Home for the Aged

1295. UFO's Seeing is Believing - Peter Jennings Reporting, Tomb Raider - Cradle of Life, Wild Angels, Duckman - Apocalypse Not, Duran Duran Unplugged 1993

1296. 80s Music Videos & Beyond Tape #116 - Duhks - Mists of Down Below, Ed Bruce - Country Medley (Live GAC 05), Sons of the Desert - Everybody's Gotta Grow Up Sometime, Lyle Lovett - Nobody Knows Me, Lady of Rage - Afro Puffs (Cut), D.O.C. - It's Funky Enough (Cut), Dr. Dre/Snoop Dogg - The Next Episode (Cut), Ice Cube - It Was a Good Day (Cut), Domino - Getto Jam, My Chemical Romance - Helena (Makes a Video), My Chemical Romance - Helena, Jennifer Lopez - I'm Glad (Making the Video), Jennifer Lopez - I'm Glad, Faith Evans - Again (Makes a Video), Lush - Deluxe, Mariah Carey - It's Like That (Making the Video), Mariah Carey - It's Like That, Peter Gabriel - I Don't Remember, XTC - The Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead, Delbert McClinton - When Rita Leaves, Blake Shelton - Goodbye Time, Monie Love - Monie In The Middle, Perfect Circle - Judith, Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society - Suicide Messiah, Converge - Eagles Become Vultures, Lamb of God - Now You've Got Something to Die For, Faith No More - We Care Alot (Concept), Rizen - Trust (Live), Winans/Teddy Riley - It's Time, Martha Munizzi - Because of Who You Are (Live), Fatboy Slim - Slash Dot Dash, T. Raumschmiere - Monstertruckdriver, Ferry Corsten - Punk, Client - Radio, Handsome Boy Modeling School - The World's Gone Mad, Del McCoury Band - It's Just the Night (Live), Jay-Z - Girls Girls Girls, Chromeo - Needy Girl, Nic Armstrong and The Thieves - Broken Mouth Blues, RJD2 - 1976, Helio Sequence - Everyone Knows Everyone, Kings of Leon - The Bucket, Kasabian - Clubfoot, Death Cab For Cutie - Title & Registration, Madonna - Bad Girl, Velvet Revolver - Dirty Little Thing, Ciara/Ludacris - Oh, Breaking Benjamin - Sooner or Later, John Fogerty - Southern Streamline, Neko Case - Furnace Room Lullaby, Lush - Sweetness & Light, Common/The Last Poets - The Corners (Makes a Video), Common/The Last Poets - The Corners, Fat Joe - So Much More/Safe to Say (Access Granted), Fat Joe - So Much More/Safe to Say, Ciara/Ludacris - Oh (Makes a Video), Larkins/Dolly Parton - Steady as the Rain, Lyle Lovett - That's Right (You're Not from Texas), Kelly Willis - Not Forgotten You, Deana Carter - One Day at a Time, Keni Thomas/Vince Gill & Emmylou Harris - Not Me, Shelly Fairchild - Tiny Town, Wrights - Down this Road, Paul Brandt - Convoy, Tracie Spencer - Tender Kisses, Julian Lennon - Say You're Wrong, D-Mob/Cathy Dennis - C'mon And Get My Love, Blake Shelton, Dierks Bentley - Lot of Leavin' Left to Do, Game/50 Cent - Hate it or Love it (Access Granted), Game/50 Cent - Hate it or Love it, Elton John & Jennifer Rush - Flames Of Paradise

1297. Michael Jackson Trial Tape #1 - Accused - The MJ Trial E! News Special 2/28/05, E! News Presentation 3/1, 3/2, 3/3, ¾, 3/5 - Weekend Edition, Topic A with Tina Brown 3/6, 3/7, 3/8, 3/9 Live Coverage of MJ not showing up to court on time 3/10, 3/10 - 1 hour, 3/11 - 1 hour, Tonight Show - Jay Leno's First Ungagged Monologue 3/11

1298. 80s Music Videos & Beyond Tape #117 - 1981 - Buggles - Video Killed The Radio Star (Pop Up Video), Joan Jett & The Blackhearts - I Love Rock And Roll (Pop Up Video), Human League - Don't You Want Me (Pop Up Video), Kim Carnes - Bette Davis Eyes (Pop Up Video), Queen & David Bowie - Under Pressure (Pop Up Video), Cold War - Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Two Tribes (Pop Up Video), Culture Club - The War Song (Pop Up Video), Sting - Russians (Pop Up Video), After The Fire - Der Kommissar (Pop Up Video), Genesis - Land Of Confusion (Pop Up Video), $$ - Madonna - Material Girl (Pop Up Video), Pet Shop Boys - Opportunities (Pop Up Video), Loverboy - Working For The Weekend (Pop Up Video), Donna Summer - She Works Hard For The Money (Pop Up Video), Simply Red - Money's Too Tight To Mention (Pop Up Video), Self Love - Cyndi Lauper - She Bop (Pop Up Video), Billy Idol - Dancing With Myself (Pop Up Video), Billy Squier - The Stroke (Pop Up Video), Vapors - Turning Japanese (Pop Up Video), Peter Gabriel - Shock The Monkey (Pop Up Video), Road Trip - Cars - Drive (Pop Up Video), Talking Heads - Road To Nowhere (Pop Up Video), Sammy Hagar - I Can't Drive 55 (Pop Up Video), Gary Numan - Cars (Pop Up Video), Prince - Little Red Corvette (Pop Up Video), Charity - USA For Africa - We Are The World (Pop Up Video), Voices Of America - Hands Across America (Pop Up Video), Artists United Against Apartheid - Sun City (Pop Up Video), Dionne Warwick & Friends - That's What Friends Are For (Pop Up Video), 1982 - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - You Got Lucky (Pop Up Video), Motels - Only The Lonely (Pop Up Video), Billy Joel - Pressure (Pop Up Video), Stray Cats - Rock This Town (Pop Up Video), Dancin' - Men Without Hats - The Safety Dance (Pop Up Video), Hooters - And We Danced (Pop Up Video), Herbie Hancock - Rockit (Pop Up Video), Wang Chung - Dance Hall Days (Pop Up Video), David Bowie & Mick Jagger - Dancing In The Streets (Pop Up Video), Metal Mania - Twisted Sister - We're Not Gonna Take It (Pop Up Video), Def Leppard - Photograph (Pop Up Video), Van Halen - Panama (Pop Up Video), Poison - Every Rose Has It's Thorn (Pop Up Video), Motley Crue - Smokin In The Boy's Room (Pop Up Video), Mystery - Phil Collins - Sussudio (Pop Up Video), Duran Duran - Notorious (Pop Up Video), M - Pop Musik (Pop Up Video), George Thorogood - Bad To The Bone (Pop Up Video), Paul Hardcastle - 19 (Pop Up Video), Televangelism - Madonna - Papa Don't Preach (Pop Up Video), Bon Jovi - Livin' On A Prayer (Pop Up Video), INXS - Devil Inside (Pop Up Video), Night Ranger - Sister Christian (Pop Up Video), Mike + the Mechanics - All I Need Is A Miracle (Pop Up Video), XYZ - What Keeps Me Loving You, John Waite - New York City Girl (Live AcoousticVH1C 05), Megadeth - Of Mice and Men, Crowbar - Dead Sun, Norma Jean - Bayonetwork, Bloodsimple - Straight Hate, Atreyu - The Crimson, Three Days Grace - Home, Crisis - Waking the Dead, Ray Charles - Georgia on My Mind, Queen Latifah - Fly Girl, Fu-Schnickens - Ring The Alarm, Stetsasonic - Talkin' All That Jazz, Naughty By Nature - Everything's Gonna Be Alright, Dr. Dre - Nuthin' But a 'G' Thang, Leaders Of The New School - International Zone Coaster (Album Version), MC Hammer - Turn This Mutha Out, Jungle Brothers - Beyond This World, N.W.A. - 100 Miles And Runnin', Leaders Of The New School - Sobb Story (with Yo! Mtv Raps Interview), Eric B. & Rakim - Don't Sweat The Technique, Bushwick Bill - Ever So Clear, Geto Boys - Ain't With Being Broke, M.I.A. - Sunshowers, Arcade Fire - Rebellion (Lies), Shout Out Louds - 100 Degrees, Placebo - Twenty Years, Futureheads - Decent Days & Nights, Regina Spektor - Us, Dears - Lost In The Plot, Ja Rule/Fat Joe/Jadakiss - New York New York (Access Granted), Tears For Fears - Closest Thing To Heaven, Nirvana - The Man Who Sold The World (Unplugged)

1299. Brady Bunch Tape #7 - The Power of the Press, Sergeant Emma; Cindy Brady, Lady; Fright Night, Mail Order Hero, Her Sister's Shadow, Lights Out, My Fair Opponent , The Fender Bender, Today I am a Freshman, Cyrano De Brady, The Show Must Go On, Career Fever, Amateur Night, The Driver's Seat, The Hustler, The Brady Bunch Cast Back in Hawaii

1300. Night Court - Rabid, Christine's Friend; Hit the Road, Jack; Harry on Trial, The Blizzard, Constitution Part 1&2, Harry and the Madam, The 50 Most Outrageous TV Moments Hosted by Jerry Springer, E! True Hollywood Story - Bill Clinton: All the President's Women, I Married MC Hammer

1301. 80s Music Videos & Beyond Tape #118 - Genesis - I Can't Dance, DIY Making Home Movies - How to Make a Music Video (Troy Campbell), Brooklyn Cowboys - Hey juanica, Mary Fahl - Going Home, Radney Foster/Pat Green - Texas in 1880, Simply Red - Something Got Me Started, Donny Osmond - Sacred Emotion, Old Crow Medicine Show - Wagon Wheel, Steve Earle - Telephone Road, Restless Heart - Dancy's Dream, Cathy Dennis - Touch Me (All Night Long), Pretenders - Tattooed Love Boys, Daniel Ash - This Love, Blur - Parklife, Allison Moorer - Believe You Me (AMA Awards 2003), Elbert West - Unpredictable, June Carter Cash - Keep on the Sunny Side, Enjambre - Biografia, Lorca - Si Vasa Darme Boleto, Gian Marco - Sin Querer, Resorte - Brota, Bacilos - Guerras Peroidas, Locura Terminal - Mujerlegos, Machete - Havana Mix, Café Tacuba - Reves, Skapulario - Hoy No Estas, Enrique Bunbury - Lady Blue, Kalimen - Ya No Sufrire, Kalimba - No Me Quiero Enamorar, Hip Hop Hoodios - Gorrito Cosmico, Mario - How Could You (Access Granted), Mario - How Could You, Tori Amos - Sleeps With Butterflies, U2 - Sometimes You Can't, T.I. - You Don't Know Me (Access Granted), Marques Houston - All Because of You (Access Granted), Marques Houston - All Because of You, Lamb of God - As the Palaces Burn, Trivium - Pull Harder on the Strings of My Martyr, Stone Temple Pilots - No Way Out, Senses Fail - Buried a Lie, Soundgarden - Pretty Noose, Shadows Fall - Inspiration on Demand, Timothy Wright - I'll Serve the Lord (Live), Lashun Pace - Hey (Live), Bishop Paul Morton - The Throne Room (Live), Javen - Your Sacrifice, Winans/Michael McDonald - Love has No Color, Cassidy - I'm a Hustla (Makes a Video), Cassidy - I'm a Hustla, Snoop Dogg/Uncle Charlie Wilson/Justin Timberlake - Signs (Making the Video), Snoop Dogg/Uncle Charlie Wilson/Justin Timberlake - Signs, Hall & Oates - I Can't Go For That (No Can Do) V1 Album Version, Venetians - So Much for Love, O'Jays - Make Up (Live at VH1C), O'Jays - Love Train (Live at VH1C), Bright Eyes - First Day Of My Life, Album Leaf - On Your Way, M83 - Don't Save Us From The Flames, Ambulance - Stay Where You Are, Decemberists - 16 Military Wives, Moving Units - Available, Stars - Ageless Beauty, Walkmen - Little House of Savages, Used - Take it Away, Nirvana - In Bloom V3 (Vintage), Perfect Circle - Imagine, Garbage - I Think I'm Paranoid, Puddle of Mudd - Away from Me, Muse - Hysteria, Thrills - Not for All the Love in the World, George Harrison - Got My Mind Set on You V2 (Arcade), Marie Sisters - Real Bad Mood

1302. The Real Miami Cops - The Cocaine Triangle, Cops in the Shadows, Operation Secret Weapon, Christmas in the Combat Zone, Carving Crazy Horse, Behind the Music - LL Cool J, I Married Carnie Wilson

1303. Cartoon Tape #2 - Putty Tat Trouble, Daffy Dilly, Scent-imental Romeo, Puss N' Booty, A Fox In A Fix, Porky's Hare Hunt (Color), Martian Through Georgia, What's Cookin' Doc?, The Unexpected Pest, I Gopher You, Tease For Two, Dog Gone South, High Diving Hare, Strife With Father, Egghead Rides Again, Fast Buck Duck, Baby Bottleneck, Bingo Crosbyana, Boyhood Daze, Rhapsody Rabbit, Duck Dodgers and the Return of the 24-1/2th Century, Claws For Alarm, Ducking The Devil, Ghost Wanted, Goldimouse and The Three Cats, The Great Piggy Bank Robbery, Holiday For Drumsticks, I Love To Singa, Hollywood Canine Canteen, Hollywood Daffy, Little Pancho Vanilla, Knighty-Knight Bugs, The Lady In Red, Let It Be Me, Little Beau Porky (Color), Merlin The Magic Mouse, Mice Follies, Pilgrim Porky, Plenty Of Money And You, Porky and Gabby (Color), Porky & Daffy (Color), Portrait of the Artist as a Young Bunny, Raw! Raw! Rooster!, Rodent To Stardom, Robot Rabbit, The Slap-Hoppy Mouse, The Solid Tin Coyote, Sport Chumpions, Snow Excuse, Snow Time For Comedy, Soup or Sonic, The Village Smithy, What Makes Daffy Duck

1304. Michael Jackson Trial Tape #2 - E! News Presentation Week 4 - 3/12 Weekend Edition, Access Hollywood 3/14, E! News 3/14, 3/14 - 1 Hour, E! Online Bonus Footage Week1&2, Fox News Report 3/15, 3/15 - 1 hour, E! News 3/16, 3/16 - 1 hour, 3/17 - 1 hour, 3/18 - 1 hour, 3/19 Weekend Edition, 3/21, 3/22

1305. Game Show Tape #1 - Love Connection - Jas Greenwood & Isaac/Josh Ornstein & Gail Rawling/Ben King, Love Connection - Daniel Schweiger & Tammi/Teddi Highsmith & Ron Williams/Jeff Soine, The New Newleywed Game - Tanya & Brett Lawrence/Terry & Vinny/Peggy & Sheldon/Joy & John, The New Newlywed Game Maternity Day - Patti & Randy Fletcher/Janet & Mark Reinbold/Gigi & Michael Allen/Lisa & Matt Hozinko, The New Newlywed Game - Celste & Ray/Rose & Paul Rockland/Dawn & Adonis Baldwin/Lisa & Maconna, Family Feud with Ray Combs - Aikman vs. Cross, The New Newlywed Game - Shivonne & Larry Bell/Christine & David Norton/Tanya & Curtis Hill/Phyllis & John Manley, Match Game PM - Dora Flanigan vs. Blaize McDade, Match Game - Glen Trausber vs. Lori Lundby #1, Family Feud with Richard Dawson - Teel vs. Sloan, The New Newlywed Game - Melinda & Jay Gilvoe/Hilda & Raoul Tabiel/Lisa & Cedric Hicks/Susie & George Alodizian, The New Newlywed Game - Tracy & Sillman Fisk/Trish & Fred Cullege/Pat & Mark Dudley, Marcy & Buck Eilers, Family Feud with Ray Combs - Aikman vs. Slavens #1, Match Game PM - John Boland vs. Peggy Harris, Match Game - Glen Trausber vs. Lori Lundby #2, Match Game 1990 - Mary Beth vs. Gonzo Raymond, Match Game 77 - Bob Long vs. Maureen Gorman & Shirley Skinner, The New Newlywed Game - Patty & Jeff Bricker/Donna & Tony Vicoucci/Janice & Kim Matthews/Joyce & Steve Baker

1306. Howard Stern Tape #118 - E! Show 3/8/05 - 3/30/05

1307. Battlestar Galactica Tape #4 - Litmus #106. 2/11/05, 6 Degrees of Separation #107. 2/18/05, Flesh and Bone #108. 2/25/05; Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down #109. 3/4/05, The Propaganda War - English, Hand of God #110. 3/11/05, Colonial Day #111. 3/18/05, Kobol's Last Gleaming 1 #112. 3/25/05, Kobol's Last Gleaming 2 #113. 4/1/05

1308. Michael Jackson Trial Tape #3 - E! News Presentation Week 5 - 3/23, 3/24 Inside Edition MJ's Bodyguard Busted, 3/24 - 1 hour, 3/25 - 1 hour, 3/26 Weekend Edition, 3/28 - 1 hour, 3/29 - 1 hour, 3/30 - 1 hour, 3/31 - 1 hour, 4/1, 4/2 Weekend Edition

1309. Game Show Tape #2 - The New Newlywed Game - Sandy & Ron Hibbel/Lynette & Thurman Robinson/Joanna & Walter Shadsky/Stephanie & Ronnie Kikutchi, Family Feud with Richard Dawson - Sloan vs. Adam, Family Feud with Ray Combs - Aikman vs. Slavens #2, The New Newlywed Game - Jean & Chris Razback/Lauri & Dave Severance/ Marta & Butch Welsh/Seanda & Lucious Winters, The New Newlywed Game - Donna & Kevin Adams/Jackie & Dave Itner/Rosalyn & Michael West/Alma & Eddie Lopez, Match Game - Rosanne Juisty vs. Carl Porter, Match Game 1990 - Mary Beth vs. Tony Ervalina, Match Game 77 - Bob Long vs. Judy Corton, Match Game PM - Rebecca Glen vs. Frank McClendon, Match Game - Tammy Filander vs. Vince Zappa (dopey relative of Frank Zappa)/Alice Defasio vs. Fayve Killebrew, Match Game 73 - Beverly Reinhart vs. Shirley Klein and Polly Kisling, Match Game 77 - BG Biani vs. Charles Nurnberger, Family Feud with Richard Dawson - Black vs. Wright, Family Feud with Ray Combs - Gumm vs. Jordan, The New Newlywed Game - Yolanda & Ron Simmons/Gita & Chips Hopkins/Jane & Mike Lambert/Wendy & Michael Valdasave, The New Newlywed Game - Rose & Dan Woodward/Shannon & Jimmy Reinhart/Lorrie & Eddie Drake/Leslie & Ken Gonzalez, The New Newlywed Game - Cheryl & Jay Evans/Micky & Tim Walters/Cathy & Jeff Gacian/Sandy & Bill Misco, The New Newlywed Game - Maternity Day - Desiree & Michael Godson/Judy & Dave Newman/Sonny & Kevin Duran/Lana & Rick Whittaker

1310. The Three Stooges Tape #7 - Hot Scots, Snow White and the Three Stooges (1961), Creeps, Hoofs and Goofs, A Crime on Their Hands, The Ghost Talks, Who Done It?, Hokus Pokus, All The World's A Stooge, MGM's The Big Parade of Comedy (1964), Gents Without Cents, Spooks

1311. Club Mtv - 1. Hosted by Downtown Julie Brown 1987 - Whitney Houston - I Wanna Dance With Somebody, The Jets - Cross My Broken Heart, Nu Shooz - I Can't Wait, Wang Chung - Interview/Let's Go, Pseudo Echo - Funkytown, 2. Prince - I Can Never Take The Place Of Your Man, Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up, The Cover Girls - Because Of You (Live), New Order - True Faith, Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam - Lost In Emotion, 3. The Whispers - Rock Steady, Sheila E. - Glamourus Life, Mel & Kim - Respectable, Run-D.M.C. - Interview/Walk This Way, Michael Jackson - Bad, 4. Cameo - You Make Me Work, Erasure - Chains Of Love, Siouxsie And The Banshees - Peek-a-boo (Live), George Michael - Monkey, Was (Not Was) - Spy In The House Of Love, 5. Cameo - Word Up, Natalie Cole - Jump Start My Heart, Wang Chung - Everybody Have Fun Tonight, Debbie Gibson - Only In My Dreams (Live), Run-D.M.C. - It's Tricky, 6. George Michael - Monkey, Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine - 1, 2, 3; Erasure - Chains Of Love (Live), Pebbles - Mercedes Boy, Information Society - What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy), 7. Andrew Ridgeley - Shake, Sweet Sensation - Love Child, Bell Biv Devoe - Poison, Madonna - Vogue, Snap - The Power (Live), 8. Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up, Gladys Knight & The Pips - Love Overboard, Debbie Gibson - Out Of The Blue, Prince - 1999, Earth Wind & Fire - Thinking Of You, 9. Escape Club - Wild, Wild West; Pet Shop Boys - Domino Dancing, Samantha Fox - Naughty Girls (Need Love Too) (Live), Good Question - Got A New Love, 10. D'Mob - That's The Way Of The World, Jungle Bros. - What You Waitin' For, New Kids On The Block - Step By Step, 49'ers - Don't You Love Me, Keith Sweat - Make You Sweat (Live), 11. Whitney Houston - I'm Your Baby Tonight, Debbie Gibson - Anything Is Possible, Prince - New Power Generation, Suzanne Vega & DNA - Tom's Diner, Johnny Gill - I'll Be Your Fairweather Friend (Live), 12. Kym Sims - Too Blind To See It, Prince & The Revolution - Kiss, Clivilles & Cole - Pride In The Name Of Love, Paula Abdul - Vibeology, Naughty By Nature - Everything's Gonna Be Alright (Live), The Cure Unplugged, David Banner/Magic/Lil Boosie - I Ain't Got Nothing (Access Granted), David Banner/Magic/Lil Boosie - I Ain't Got Nothing, Ashanti - Don't Let Them, Mary J. Blige - You Remind Me, Janet Jackson - All for You, Phil Lee & the Sly Dogs - Night in a Box, Pablo Montero - Dicen Por Ahl, La Secta - Cosjeo, Pitbull con Lil' Jon - Toma, Julieta Venegas - Andar Conmigo, Eliel/Don Omar/Hector "El Bambino"/Zio - Ronka

1312. 80s Music Videos & Beyond Tape #119 - Chris Knight - Framed, Omarion - O (Access Granted), Atlantic Starr - Always, Billy Idol - Shock to the System, Tina Turner - I Don't Wanna Fight V2, Billy Idol - Scream, Veruca Salt - Seether, Blur - Girls and Boys, Natalie Cole - Jump Start, Will Smith - Switch, Rob Thomas - Lonely No More, Bowling for Soup - Almost, Low Millions - Eleanor, 3 Doors Down - Let Me Go, Green Day - Holiday, Moby - Beautiful, Jack Johnson - Sitting, Waitng, Wishing, Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway (, Keane - Somewhere Only We Know (, Beck - E-pro, Coldplay - Clocks (Concept), Aslyn - Be the Girl, Ryan Adams - New York New York, Jessi Alexander - Canyon Prayer, Hot Apple Pie - Hillbillies, Dolly Parton - Dagger Through the Heart, Howie Day - Collide, Cock Robin - Thought You Were on My Side, Foo Fighters - Learn to Fly, Lenny Kravitz - Fly Away, Enslaved - Isa, Soulfly - Roots Bloody Roots (Live), 3 Inches of Blood - Deadly Sinners, Mudvayne - Happy, Agnostic Front - So Pure to Me, Brand Nubian - All for One, Yolanda Adams - I Believe I Can Fly (Live), Gerald Levert - Funny, Jennifer Lopez/Fat Joe - Hold You Down, Kelly Clarkson - Since U Been Gone (, Shout Out Louds - Very Loud, Mando Diao - God Knows, Adam Green - Emily, Devendra Banhart - A Ribbon, Pitty Sing - Radio, Garbage - Why Do You Love Me, Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Storytellers), Fountains of Wayne - Stacy's Mom, Louis XIV - Finding Out True Love is Blind, Hot Hot Heat - Goodnight Goodnight, J-Kwon/Petey Pablo - Get XXX'd (Makes a Video), J-Kwon/Petey Pablo - Get XXX'd, U2 - One V3 (In Drag), Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Do You Love Me?, Lisa Marie Presley - Dirty Laundry, No Doubt/Lady Saw - Underneath it All, Patty Loveless - The Last Thing on My Mind, Janie Fricke - You Don't Know Love, Lenny Kravitz - Again, Weezer - Beverly Hills (Makes a Video), Weezer - Beverly Hills, Art Of Noise - Legs, VH1 News 4/1/05 - Lisa Marie Presley, Ratt - Nobody Rides For Free, Joe Walsh - Space Age Whiz Kids, Adema - Tornado, Strapping Young Lad - Love?, Rob Zombie - Dragula, Vehemence - We are All Dying, Rev James Cleveland & the Metro Mass Choir - Where is Your Faith in God? (Live), Buddy Guy - Damn Right I've Got the Blues (Live VH1C 05), Debbie Gibson - No More Rhyme, Dead 60's - Riot Radio, Kills - The Good Ones, Destiny's Child - Girl, Evanescense/Paul McCoy of 12 Stones - Bring Me to Life, NIN - The Hand That Feeds, Eddie Money - Think I'm in Love, Sting - If I Ever Lose My Faith In You V2 (Rehearsal), Paul McCartney - Figure of Eight, David Bowie - Time Will Crawl, Tammy Cochran - Angels in Waiting, Anita Cochran/Conway Twiity - (I Wanna Hear) a Cheatin' Song, Talib Kweli - Never Been in Love, PM Dawn - I'd Die Without You, Jill Scott - Cross My Heart

1313. Game Show Tape #3 - Match Game 73 - Polly Kislick vs. Shirley Klein/Brain Bradford vs. Sandy Dickinson, Match Game 77 - BG Biani vs. Charles Nurnberger/Pam Simmons, Family Feud with Richard Dawson - Wright vs. Skov, Family Feud with Ray Combs - Jordan vs. Agre, Match Game - Ron Smith vs. Claudia Fields, Family Feud with Richard Dawson - Hart vs. Weidman, The New Newlywed Game - Teresa & Tony Waltman/Laniana & Chenny Bell/Cello & Jeff Bowman/Millie & Jim Foot, Match Game 77 - BG Biani vs. Pam Simmons/Tomasina Galvin, Family Feud with Richard Dawson - Wright vs. Bosic, Family Feud with Ray Combs - Jordan vs. Moyer, Family Feud with Richard Dawson - King vs. Whitehead, The New Newlywed Game - Lynn & Tom Ootes/Christy & Mark Sweeter/Bobbie & Dennis Dent/Cyndi & Robert Rameriz, Match Game 77 - Tomasina Galvin vs. Chris Cranston, Family Feud with Richard Dawson - Wright vs. Jones, Family Feud with Ray Combs - Moyer vs. Gold, Match Game PM - Chris Bryant vs. Loyta Hossman, Match Game - Tony Tooley vs. Pat Basant/Eileen Williams vs. Dan Legs

1314. Mars Needs Women (1966), Meteor (1979), The Howling II, Awesomely Badder Hair, Fabulous Life of The Brat Pack, They Started on Soaps 4 - Jude Law, Russell Crowe, Nicole Kidman, Tobey Maguire, Keira Knightley, Mel Gibson, Heath Ledger, Teri Hatcher, Guy Pearce, Marcia Cross, Kylie Minogue, Natalie Imbruglia 4/7/05

1315. Game Show Tape #4 - Family Feud with Richard Dawson - Moore vs. Taylor, Match Game 77 - Chris Cranston vs. Patty Panichia/Mike Garner, Match Game PM - Rich Yoder vs. Denise Walters, Match Game - Kimberly Bassler vs. Booker T. Smith, Match Game - Eileen Williams vs. Dan Legs, The New Newlywed Game - Dena & Dave Allen/Barb & Joe Sturdabon/Alvise & Scott Evans/Rachel & Mike Dunn, Match Game 77 - Chris Cranston vs. Mike Garner/Linda Sai, Match Game PM - Marvatte Knight vs. Paul Toucher, Match Game - Kimberly Bassler vs. Booker T. Smith/Julie Hunter vs. Terri McMillan, Match Game - Eileen Williams vs. Dan Legs/Don Myers vs. Ann Fertell, The New Newlywed Game - Melody & Brian Doorman/Valerie & John Cranford/Deedee & Charlie Shinfield/Elnita & Roy Brown, Match Game 77 - Chris Cranston vs. Linda Sai/Meg O'Brien, Match Game PM - Wanda McCoy vs. Mark O'Connor, , Match Game - Julie Hunter vs. Terri McMillan, Match Game - Faye Killebrew vs. Alice Defasio/Allison Smith vs. Arthur J. Amos, - Match Game 73 - Brain Bradford vs. Sandy Dickinson/Linda Czar, Match Game 77 - Meg O'Brien vs. Ron Currie/Pauline Jones, The New Newlywed Game - Tammy & Joe Negro/Deedee & Paul Zimmerman/Gina & Dave McBale/Darlene & Michael Pornoy

1316. Michael Jackson Trial Tape #4 - 4/2 Weekend Edition Cont, 4/4 Current Affair - Video of Jordy Chandler Today, 4/4 Celebrity Justice - Ex-Housekeepers Son the Minister Testifies, 4/4, 4/5, 4/6, 4/7, 4/8, 4/9 Weekend Edition, 4/11, 4/12, 4/13, 4/14, 4/15, 4/16 Weekend Edition, 4/18 Abrams Report - Gavin's Mother Janet Testifies, 4/18

1317. Lords of Flatbush (1974), Unspeakable (2003), Dr. Phibes Rises Again (1974), Storytellers - Phil Collins, Aqua Teen Hunger Force - Mail Order Bride, John Gambling on The O'Reilly Factor 3/24/05, 24Seven Gamer - PSP & Nintendo DS Launch, Best Game Ever - Sonic Series, Lost in Translation - Greg/PSX3

1318. 80s Music Videos & Beyond Tape #120 - Gerardo - Rico Suave, Los Teta - I Like, Vico C - Desahogo, Si Senor - Facil, Reik - Yo Quisiera, Shakira - Tu, Mexician - Si Ono, Santa Clara con Gustavo Laureano - Sanas, Soraya - Ilevame, Karen Clark Sheard - The Heaven's are Calling (Live), Machine Head - Days Turn Blue to Gray, Children of Bodom - Trashed Lost & Strungout, Life of Agony - River Runs Red (Live 2003), Wednesday 13 - I Walked with a Zombie, Dimebag Darrel Damage Plan Interview, HIMSA - Cherum (Live), Mastodon - Blood and Thunder, Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl, Natalie - Goin' Crazy, Brendan Benson - Spit It Out, Long View - When You Sleep, Akon - Lonely, Dresden Dolls EPK - The Rise and Time of, Omarion - Touch (Access Granted) 4/8/05, Omarion - Touch, Paula Abdul - Knocked Out (1990 Remix), Linda Ronstadt - Get Closer, Billy Joel & Ray Charles - Baby Grand, Talking Heads - The Lady Don't Mind, SHeDAISY - Don't Worry 'Bout a Thing, George Strait - Heartland, Amber Dotson - I'll Try Anything, Cracker - Low, Ying Yang Twins - Wait (the Whisper Song) Makes a Video 4/4/05, Ying Yang Twins - Wait (the Whisper Song), Nelly/Jung Tru/King Jacob - Errtime (Making the Video) #1804. 4/11/05, Nelly/Jung Tru/King Jacob - Errtime, Brian McKnight - Goodbye My Love, Asleep at the Wheel - Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens, Derailers - More of Your Love, Kate Bush - Big Sky, Black Eyed Peas - Don't Phunk with My Heart, Matchbox Twenty - Unwell, Lifehouse - You and Me, New Order - Krafty, Stereophonics - Dakota, Bloc Party - Banquet, Rick Astley - It Would Take a Strong Strong Man, Drowning Pool - Killin' Me, NIN With Teeth Ad, Fate's Warning - Simple Human, Crowbar - All I Had (I Gave), Kathleen Edwards - Back to Me, Bacon Brothers - I'm So Glad, Breakin' In: The Making of a Hip Hop Music Video Dancer (Linda, Michelle Odell & Tracy from Toronto), Jay-Z - Dirt Off Your Shoulder, Kanye West/Syleena Johnson - All Falls Down, Cam'ron - Get em Girls/Killa Cam, Memphis Bleek/Trick Daddy/T.I. - Round Here, Eminem/D12 - My Band (Uncensored), Jay-Z/Missy Elliott/Twista - Is That Yo Chick?, Jay-Z - Big Pimpin', Jay-Z/Beyonce - 03 Bonnie & Clyde, 50 Cent/G-Unit - Stunt 101, Stagga Lee - Roll Wit MVP, Sean Paul/Busta Rhymes/Spliff Star - Make It Clap (Remix), Benzino - Bang Ta Dis, Swizz Beatz/P.Diddy/Ron Isley/Baby/Jadakiss/Cassidy/ Snoop Dogg - Bigger Business, Joe Budden - Pump It Up, Joe Budden - Focus, Scarface - Recognize, Sean Paul - Gimme the Light, 50 Cent - Wanksta, Petey Pablo - Blow Your Whistle, Notorious B.I.G. - Warning, Mario Winans, 2pac - Keep Ya Head Up, Nas - Nastradamus

1319. Simpsons/King of the Hill Tape #5 - King of the Hill - Dale To the Chief, Simpsons - Mommie Beerest, Simpsons - Lemon of Troy, Simpsons - Homer and Ned's Hail Mary Pass, King of the Hill - The Petriot Act, Simpsons - Pranksta Rap, Simpsons - There's Something About Marrying, King of the Hill - Enrique-cilable Differences, Simpsons - Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala(Annoyed Grunt)cious, King of the Hill - Mutual of Omabwah, Simpsons - On a Clear Day I Can't See My Sister, King of the Hill - Care-Takin' Care of Business, Simpsons - Goo Goo Gai Pan, Simpsons - Mobile Homer, King of the Hill - Arlen City Bomber, Simpsons - The Seven-Beer Snitch, King of the Hill - Redcorn Gambles With His Future

1320. The Odd Couple Tape #6 - The Ides of April, That Was No Lady, The Odd Holiday, Felix Directs, Strike Up the Band...or Else, To Bowl or Not to Bowl, VH1 All Access - Older Babes, Younger Guys; Oprah - Priscilla & Lisa Marie Presley's First Interview Together 3/29/05, History's Mysteries - Frankenstein, Werewolves, Bloodline - Dracula Family Tree, Dream Car Garage - KITT, Live with Regis & Kelly - David Hyde Pierce for Spamalot 4/21/05, 24Seven Gamer - Quakecom, Star Wars Galaxies

1321. 80s Music Videos & Beyond Tape #121 - Da Brat - In Luv Wit Chu, 50 Cent - 21 Questions, Clipse - Hot Damn, Lil' Jon & the Eastside Boyz - Get Low (Remix), Missy Elliott/Ludacris - Gossip Folks, Petey Pablo - Freek-A-Leek, Chingy/Busta Rhymes/Nick Cannon/Fat Joe - Shorty (Put It On The Floor), Ginuwine/Baby - Hell Yeah, Master P - Scream, Usher - Confessions II, Toni Braxton - Just Be A Man About It, Ja Rule/Ashanti - Always On Time, Babyface/LL Cool J - This Is For The Lover In You, Usher - Bedtime (Live), Toni Braxton - Unbreak My Heart, Babyface - You Were There, Babyface - Reason For Breathing, Toni Braxton - How Many Ways, Usher - My Way, Usher - You Make Me Wanna, Babyface - Every Time I Close My Eyes, Toni Braxton - You're Makin' Me High, Toni Braxton - How Could An Angel Break My Heart, Toni Braxton - I Don't Want To, Usher - Think of You, Toni Braxton - He Wasn't Man Enough, Toni Braxton - Spanish Guitar, Usher - Nice & Slow, Babyface - Dream Away, Jermaine Dupri/Da Brat/Usher - The Party Continues, Babyface - Rock Bottom, Ja Rule/Ashanti - Mesmerize, Ashanti/Ja Rule - Happy, Ja Rule/Ashanti/Vita/Charli Baltimore - Down 4 U, Ashanti - Baby, Ashanti - Dreams, Ashanti - Baby (Remix), Ashanti - Foolish, Game/50 Cent - How We Do, 50 Cent - In Da Club, 50 Cent/Nate Dogg - 21 Questions, 50 Cent - Wanksta, 50 Cent - Life's On The Line (Nobody Likes Me) , 50 Cent - Rowdy Rowdy, Black Moon - Who Got The Props, Black Moon - Two Turntables & a Mic, Black Moon - Buck 'em Down, Black Moon - This Is What It Sounds Like (Worldwind), Heavy D & The Boyz - Nuttin' But Love, Heavy D & The Boyz - Now That We Found Love, Heavy D - Big Daddy, Heavy D & The Boyz - Keep It Comin, Heavy D & The Boyz - Black Coffee, Heavy D & The Boyz - Truthful, Heavy D & The Boyz - Sex Wit You, Heavy D & The Boyz - You Can't See What I Can See, Heavy D & The Boyz - Who's The Man, Heavy D & The Boyz - We Got Our Own Thang, Heavy D & The Boyz - Blue Funk, Gang Starr - You Know My Steez, Gang Starr/Total - Discipline, Gang Starr - Full Clip, Gang Starr - Militia, Gang Starr - Royalty, Gang Starr - Just To Get A Rep, Gang Starr - Mass Appeal, Gang Starr - Take It Personal, Gang Starr - Ex Girl to the Next Girl, Gang Starr - Step In The Arena, Gang Starr - Suckaz Need Bodyguards, Gang Starr - Skillz, Molly Hatchet - What's It Gonna Take, Tina Turner - Private Dancer (All the Best Live), Nick Cannon/B2K - Feelin' Freaky, B2K - Bump Bump Bump, B2K - Gots Ta Be, B2K - Why'd You Leave Me on Christmas, B2K - Why I Love You, Ginuwine/Baby - Hell Yeah, Ginuwine - I Need A Girl (Pt. II), Nas/Ginuwine - You Owe Me, Ginuwine/Timbaland - Pony (Remix), Ginuwine - So Anxious, Ginuwine - None Of Ur Friends Business, Ginuwine - When Doves Cry, Ginuwine - I'll Do Anything, Ginuwine - Only When Ur Lonely, Sole/Ginuwine - It Wasn't Me, Ginuwine - There It Is, Ginuwine/Timbaland - Same Ol' G, TLC - No Scrubs, TLC - Creep, TLC - Red Light Special, TLC - Waterfalls V1 (Rap), TLC - Get It Up, TLC - Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg, TLC - Unpretty, TLC - Diggin' On You, TLC - Sleigh Ride, TLC - What It Ain't (Ghetto Enuff), TLC - Girl Talk, Case & Joe - Faded Pictures, Joe - I Wanna Know, Joe - All That I Am, Chico DeBarge/Joe - Listen To Your Man, Joe - Good Girls, Joe - All The Things (Your Man Won't Do), Mariah Carey/Joe & 98 Degrees - Thank God I Found You, Joe - Don't Wanna Be A Player

1322. Eye for an Eye Tape #1 - Love Thy Neighbor, Bitter Batter Battle, Body Slam Fan, The Strange Stain, My Bouncers Boo Boo, Self Defense, The Bar Poured a Stiff One, Mi Casa Su Landlord, The Bum Roommate, Freaky Fender Bender, Winner Takes Al, Early Worm Gets the Bird, The Flim-Flam Man, Clean Up Your Act, Fat Chance, Paint Me Nekkid, Tommy Habeeb on The Tonight Show 3/8/05, The Smoke Detective, Miss Planted's Miscommunication, Sister Got Lucky

1323. Cheaters Tape #9 - Lynn Parker (Cory Lee/Bryce Kimsah), Derrick Jameson (Cherry Robison/Denver Vinson), Nathaniel Jones (E73-2) #516. 2/27/05, Best of - Jeremy Rogers (E50-1), Mindy Chaetrall (E56-2) #CHS081. 2/28/05, Best of - Dwayne Wilson (E51-2), Robert Wilson (E70-1) #CHS082. 3/2/05, Best of - Allen Williams (E52-2), Chris Alcantor (E87) #CHS083. 3/3/05, Best of - Michelle Moss (E53-1), Andrea Pleasant (E82) #CHS084. 3/4/05, Best of - Carolyn Pretzel (E26-2), Ronald Matts (E78) #CHS085. 3/5/05, Best of - Meryl Gunn (E54-2), David Lawrence (E74-1) #CHS086. 4/11/05, Gabe Teague (Kacey Becker/Wes Cash), Serita Bronwyn (Devon Stoy/Latrice Weller), Joe Preston (E68-1) #507. 11/14/04, Robert Black (Shannon Boyle/Withheld), Robert Grishem (Meesha Oaks/Topaz Williams), Chris Alcantor (E65-1) #510. 1/16/05, Best of - Meryl Gunn (E54-2), David Lawrence (E74-1) #CHS086. 4/11/05, Best of - Ava Lee (E55-1), Lacy Dawson (E60-1) #CHS087. 4/12/05, Best of - Renee Trudgett (E55-2), Candace Jefferson (E91) #CHS088. 4/13/05, Best of - Kenneth Eklund (E1-1), Cathy Graham (E66-1) #CHS089. 4/14/05, Best of - Brooke (E10-2), Rose Harden (E81) #CHS090. 4/15/05, Best of - Cindy Duffy (E11-1), Amy Gottlieb (E46-2) #CHS091. 4/18/05, Best of - Willie Johnson (E16-1), Dustin Roberts (E8-2) #CHS092. 4/19/05, Best of - Charlene Massie (E1-2), Patricia Major (E89) #CHS093. 4/20/05

1324. Howard Stern Tape #119 - E! Show 3/31/05 - 4/22/05

1325. Game Show Tape #5 - Match Game 77 - Meg O'Brien vs. Pauline Jones/Ed Baldoff, Match Game Don Meyers vs. Ana Fertall, Match Game 77 - Meg O'Brien vs. Ed Baldoff/Andre Neth, Match Game PM - Sally Anne Brewton vs. Glen Meider, Match Game - Becky Burton vs. Phil Marlowe, Match Game - David Brown vs. Janet Smith, Match Game 77 - Ed Baldoff vs. Andre Neth/Linda Hamby, Match Game PM - Gene Masar vs. Ann Hooligard, Match Game - Becky Burton vs. Phil Marlowe/Betty Numeyer vs. Ross Gottlieb, Match Game - David Brown vs. Janet Smith/Ginny Bradley vs. Leroy Upperman, What's Going On? - Hy Gardner/Audrey Meadows/Gene Raymon - Counting Sheep, Match Game PM - Judy Dubreeze vs. Bob Becker, Match Game - John Clark vs. Mimi Boon/Charles Lewis vs. Erin Zir, To Tell the Truth 1990 - Tom Velarde (Popcorn) - Patty Naocowsky, Password Plus - Bill Cullen vs. Susan Richardson 1981, Super Password - Vicki Lawrence vs. Tom Poston 1988, $100,000 Pyramid - Meg Bennett vs. Nipsy Russell, Match Game - Marcie Bennett vs. Rip Ribble/Jerry Spence vs. Michael Silver

1326. 80s Music Videos & Beyond Tape #122 - Three 6 Mafia/UGK - Sippin On Some Syrup, Baby/Mannie Fresh/P. Diddy/Tateeze - Do That..., Big Tymers - #1 Stunnas, Fat Joe/Big Pun/Cuban Link/Triple Seis - Bet Ya Man Can't (Triz), Juvenile - Back That Thing Up, Lil' Jon & the Eastside Boyz/Ying Yang Twins - Get Low, Lil' Jon & the Eastside Boyz - I Don't Give a F, Lil' Jon & the Eastside Boyz/Ludacris/Too Short & Chyna - Bia Bia, Violator/Mystikal & Busta Rhymes - Keep Doin' It, Mystikal - Shake Ya Ass, Silkk The Shocker/Mystikal - It Ain't My Fault, Nelly - Hot in Here, Nelly - Country Grammar, Obie Trice - Rap Name, P. Diddy/Ginuwine/Mario Winans - I Need a Girl Part II, Youngbloodz - U-Way (How We Do It), Audioslave - Be Yourself, Relient K - Be My Escape, Memphis Bleek/Swizz Beats - Tell Me If It's Like That (Makes a Video) 4/17/05, Memphis Bleek/Swizz Beats - Tell Me If It's Like That, Lynyrd Skynyrd - Red White & Blue, Willie Nelson/Bon Jovi - Always on My Mind (Live), Boyz N Da Hood - Dem Boyz, Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc., Richard Marx - Take This Heart V2 (Short), Foo Fighters - All My Life, Hawthorne Heights - Ohio is for Lovers, Chevelle - The Clincher, Caesars - Jerk it Out, Maze/Frankie Beverly - Silky Soul, Foo Fighters - Times Like These (Acoustic), Bananarama - I Heard a Rumor, Motels - Shock, John Waite - New York City Girl (Concept), Mariah Carey - We Belong Together, Rammstein - Keine Lust, Diecast - Rise and Oppose, M.I.A. - Galang, Mercury Rev - In A Funny Way, Thievery Corporation/Sleepy Wonder/Gunjan - Warning Shots, Radio 4 - Absolute Affirmation, Eisley - Telescope Eyes, Bruce Springsteen - Devils & Dust, George Thorogood - I Drink Alone (Live Acoustic VH1-C 05), George Thorogood - Nobody But Me, Hilary Duff - So Yesterday, Hilary Duff - Why Not, Hilary Duff - I Can't Wait, Hilary Duff - So Yesterday (AOL Sessions), Hilary Duff - Little Voice (AOL Sessions), Hilary Duff - So Yesterday (Making Of), Hilary Duff - Why Not (Making Of), Hilary Duff - Anywhere But Here (Studio), Hilary Duff - Love Just Is (Studio), Ike & Tina Turner - Proud Mary (Beat Club), Shakira/Alejandro Sanz - La Tortura (Making the Video) 4/26/05, Shakira/Alejandro Sanz - La Tortura, System of a Down - B.Y.O.B., Kevin Montgomery & Pettibone - I Wish I Were Blind, Bruce Springsteen - Better Days, Bruce Springsteen - Thunder Road (Plugged), Five for Fighting - 100 Years (, Switchfoot - Dare You to Move (, Jet - Are You Gonna Be My Girl (, Keane - Everybody's Changing (, Waifs - Bridal Train, Maze/Frankie Beverly - Can't Get Over You, Kylie Minogue - I Should Be So Lucky

1327. Michael Jackson Tape #3 - ET: The Jacksons: Exposed! 2004 with Janet Jackson Superbowl coverage/83+ 90 Interviews/Jackson 5 clips from the 70s including Dinah Shore, Michael Jackson: A Remarkable Life, The Jackson5 w/Janet on the Cher Show 1975 - I am Love/The World is a Mess/I Want You Back/I'll Be There/Never Say Goodbye/Stop/Dancing Machine

1328. Cops Tape #7 - Got a Habit Special Edition #1713. 1/22/05, Busts #1715. 1/29/05, High Crimes Special Edition - #1730. 2/5/05, Resisting Arrest 3 #1718. 2/5/05, Las Vegas Heat 1 Hour #1716/7, VH1 Goes Inside Cops 2/22/05, Best Drug Busts #S907. 2/7/96, Bad Girls 7 Special Edition #1735. 2/26/05, Coast to Coast - Fort Worth #1709. 3/5/05, Coast to Coast - Santa Ana #1719. 3/5/05, Coast to Coast - Pierce Co. #1723. 4/16/05, Coast to Coast - Pierce Co. #1726. 3/19/05, High Times - Pierce Co. #1725. 3/26/05, Los Angeles, CA #706. 8/13/94, Houston #338, Celebrity Justice - 600th Episode 4/30/05, Caught in the Act Special #1733. 4/30/05

1329. 80s Music Videos & Beyond Tape #123 - EMF - Unbelievable, EMF - I Believe, EMF - Long Summer Days (Live), EMF - Children, EMF - Lies, EMF - EMF (Live), India.Arie - Purify, John Legend - So High (, Joss Stone - Spoiled, Lyfe - Must Be Nice, Aaron Hall - Don't Be Afraid, Mariah Carey - It's Like That (VH1 Save the Music Concert), Bobby Valentino - Slow Down, Joe - The Love Scene, John Legend - She Don't Have to Know (, En Vogue - Runaway Love, Aaliyah - Hot Like Fire, Zap Mama - Bandy Bandy, Erykah Badu - On & On (Concept), Jackie-O - Nookie, Beanie Sigel/Snoop Dogg - Don't Stop, Keyshia Cole - I Just Want It to Be Over, Juelz Santana - Mic Check, Black Rob - Whoa, Pretty Ricky - Grind with Me, Faith No More - Midlife Crisis, 50 Cent - Just a Lil' Bit, 50 Cent/Nate Dogg - 21 Questions, 50 Cent - Your Life is On The Line (Mtv Jams Exclusive), G-Unit/Joe - Wanna Get to Know You, Joe/G-Unit - Ride Wit Yo, Young Buck/Mr. Porter/50 Cent/Tony Yayo - Look at Me Now/Bonafide Hustler, 50 Cent - Many Men, Da Back Wudz - You Gonna Luv Me, Do or Die/R. Kelly - Magic Chick, Offspring - Come Out and Play, Lil' Troy/Fat Pat/Lil' Will/Hawk/Big T - Wanna Be a Baller, Gizmachi - The Answer, Cult of Luna - Leave Me Here, Esoteric - Ram-Faced Boy, Siouxsie and the Banshees - Shadowtime, Game - Dreams (Making the Video) #1806. 5/1/05, Game - Dreams, Concrete Blonde - Still In Hollywood, Mindy Smith - One Moment More, Wayne Hancock - Thunderstorms and Neon Signs, Derailers - The Right Place, Mavericks - Things I Cannot Change, Willie Nelson - The Great Divide (GAC's BTS), Great White - Substitute, Queen Latifah - Come Into My House, Webbie/Bun B - Give Me That, Nelly - Na-Na-Na-Na (Screwed & Chopped Remix), Usher - Caught Up V1 (20 Mins), Lil' Flip - Game Over (Screwed & Chopped Remix), Young Jeezy - Over Here, 2Pac - Ghetto Gospel, Young Gunz/Swizz Beatz - Set it Off, Freeway/Peedi Crakk - Flipside, J-Kwon - Tipsy, Mike Jones - Back Then, Redman - Pick It Up, Delevantes - I'm Your Man, Mary Gauthier - Mercy Now, Chris Knight - It Ain't Easy Being Me, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band/Jaime Hanna & Jonathan McEven - The Lowlands, Secret Machines - The Road Leads Where It's Led, Aqueduct - Hardcore Days & Softcore Nights, Ben Lee - Catch My Disease, Oasis - Lyla, Rhonda Vincent & the Rage - I've Forgotten You, Asleep at the Wheel - Cherokee Maiden, Junior Brown - Sugar Foot Rag, Kevin Montgomery - Let's All Go to California, Samantha Fox - I Only Wanna Be With You, Maze/Frankie Beverly - Back In Stride, Gucci Mane - Icy, 112 - U Already Know, Ghostface Killah/Carl Thomas/Raekwon - Never Be the Same Again, Keyshia, Juvenile - From Her Mama (Mama Got Ass), Mary J. Blige - Seven Days

1330. Michael Jackson Trial Tape #5 - 4/19, 4/20, 4/21, 4/23 - Weekend Edition, 4/25, 4/26, 4/27, 4/28, 4/29, 4/30 - Weekend Ed, Celebrity Justice 4/30 - Boys Porn Books Admitted, 5/2, 5/3, 5/4, 5/5/05

1331. Judge Mathis Tape #1 - Kelly Soukal vs. Jennifer Conforti/Daniel Willemstein vs. Amy Simmons & Mark Former/Shannon Galloway vs. Darwin & Tamara Skinner/Amanda Brittain-Tairo vs. Shawn Stevens #6121. 4/15/05, Neff Ayers vs. Omar Lincoln/Suzette Harris vs. Elizabeth Smith/Michelle Aguirre vs. James Williams/Shawnna Killings vs. Makisha Miller #6131. 4/29/05, Wayne Mishler vs. Jennifer Myers/Isidro & Sandra Yanez Jr. vs. Donna Gillespie/Dorothy & Tracy Hunt vs. Terry Hunt/Marlon Finch vs. Arthur & Renee Brown Jr. #6122. 4/18/05, Montrey Jackson (30) vs. Angela Hemphill (18)/Lorinda Perkins & Chelsea Begnoche (17) vs. Perry Kiggans (20) & Heidi Begnoche (23)/Katarzyna Augusyn vs. Mark Kulaga/Joe Scott vs. Antoinette Freeman (17) & Toni Williams-Freeman #6132. 5/2/05, Cathleen Zelmer vs. Mark Zelmer/Janette Terell vs. Erika & Rudy Calderon/Wanda Richardson vs. Wayne Goodmond/Roberta La Russa vs. Justin Klocke #6123. 4/19/05, Dean Goodspeed vs. Tina Goodspeed/Jason & Jeff Schultz vs. Mehurovic (20) & Robert Esquivel/Tiffany Canady vs. Eddie Collins/Leah Petitto vs. Ashley Jones #6133. 5/3/05, Robert Quein (22) vs. Arienne Rhodes (21)/Joseph Danihel vs. Kimberly Walsh/Paul Nicinski vs. Laura Schriner/Joshua Ritz vs. David Grant #6124. 4/20/05, Tim Smith vs. Lisa Alvin/Carol & Michael Smith (18) vs. Stephanie & Jack Grieve/Monecho McMillion (21) vs. Terry Smith (19)/Twila Perna vs. Thomas Erkstrum #6125. 4/21/05, Ashley Landrum (19) & Jessica vs. Constance & Almeda Gillum (22)/Dorothea & James Cross vs. Joe Cross/David Wright vs. John Potok/Jeannie Leconte vs. Scott Wagner #6135. 5/5/05

1332. Cartoon Tape #3 - Zip Zip Hooray!, His Bitter Half, Now Hear This, Spaced Out Bunny (1980); Now, Hare This; Punch Trunk, Pop Goes Your Heart (Color), Porky's Prize Pony, Nuts And Volts, Daffy Flies North (1980), Aqua Duck, Boulevardier From The Bronx, Wise Quacks (Color), People Are Bunny, Daffy's Inn Trouble, The Old Grey Hare, Elmer's Candid Camera, Boston Quackie (1957), Walky Talky Hawky, Freeze Frame (1979), The Impatient Patient (Color), Moby Duck (1965), I Love To Singa, Toy Town Hall, Back Alley Oproar, Nelly's Folly (1961), Dumb Patrol (1964), Person To Bunny, What Price Porky (Color), Turn-Tale Wolf, Easy Peckins, Innertube Antics (1944), Quentin Quail, The Chewin' Bruin (Color), Porky's Pet (Color), Go Away Stowaway, Rabbit's Feat, Tweety's Circus, The Coo Coo Nut Grove, Fox-Terror, Toonheads - Super Star Bugs, Officer Pooch (1941), Toonheads - Egghead, Daffy Duck And Egghead, Count Me Out, A Day At The Zoo, A Bone For A Bone, Porky's Romance (Color), Toonheads - Dreams of Bob Clampett, Toonheads - Goofy Gophers, Toonheads - Motor Heads, One Cab's Family (MGM), Little Johnny Jet (MGM), Toonheads - Fight Night, Toonheads - The Evolution of Tweety, Toonheads - The Year Elmer Fudd got Fat, Toonheads - The Nice Mice of Warner Bros., Ain't We Got Fun, A Sunbonnet Blue, The Mice Will Play, Toonheads - Toro! Toro!

1333. Maximum Exposure Tape #6 - The World's Most Dumbest Guys, Stupid Morons - A Celebration of Life, The Future of America, Believe It...Or Don't!, The Max-Ex How to Show, Awesomely Bad Career Moves 4/29/05, Zero Hour - Massacre at Columbine High, Zero Hour - The Last Hour of Flight 11, Primetime Live - American Idol: Fallen Idol Corey Clark

1334. The Surreal Life 4 Tape - The Surreal Seven #401. 1/9/05, The Kids Are All Wrong #402. 1/16/05, Horses, Dwarves & Bears, Oh My! #403. 1/23/05, Three Crushes #404. 1/30/05, Celebrity Pitch Fest #405. 2/13/05, I'm With Cupid #406. 2/20/05, Seven Celebrities of Death Pt 1 #407. 3/6/05, Seven Celebrities of Death Pt 2 #408. 3/29/05, Dirty Laundry #409. 4/3/05, Lost Footage #411. 4/17/05, Get Out #410. 4/24/05, Break Ya Neck with Busta Rhymes, TV Detectives - Carrol O'Connor, I Want a Famous Face - Ricky Martin

1335. Snake in Eagle's Shadow (LBX), Murder Reincarnated, The 40 Least Hip Hop Moments, The X-Files - Bug Honey, Michael Jackson's Most Shocking Moments (2005), I Want a Famous Face - Janet Jackson (2005)

1336. Cheaters Tape #10 - Totally Busted, When The Cats Away, Sticky Situations, Prince Slater, Veronica Castillo, Robert Godfrey

1337. Cheaters Tape #11 - Best of - Sylvia Vargas (E25-2), Nicolette James (E47-2) #CHS094. 4/21/05, Best of - Don Alexander (E23-1), Minerva Fernandez (E57-2) #CHS095. 4/22/05, Best of - Atisha Sharpe (E27-1), Antainette Dotson (E63-2) #CHS096. 4/25/05, Best of - Crash Parks (E23-2), Juan Cortez (E86) #CHS097. 4/26/05, Best of - Teri Cox (E20-1), Joe Preston (E84) #CHS098. 4/27/05, Best of - Norma Norman (E2-2), Kijuana Daw (E80) #CHS099. 4/28/05, Best of - Juanisha Richard (E15-2), Whitnee Stevens (E66-2) #CHS100. 4/29/05, Damien Borchardt (Kate Swanson/Eric Randall), Chris Giedon (Tonya Sherrone/Justin Sandler), Pablo Dominguez (E63-1) #519. 4/30/05, Best of - Tammy Basaldua (E12-1), Sean Roberts (E71-2) #CHS101. 5/2/05, Best of - Charlotte Rae (E11-2), Nick Ogene (E88) #CHS102. 5/3/05, Best of - Glenn "Candyman" Lunceford (E9-2), Alfredo "Freddy" Moralez (E90) #CHS103. 5/4/05, Best of - La Tasha Jones (E18-1), Shaun Parks (E23-2) #CHS104. 5/5/05, Best of - Jube Marsh (E18-2), John Bausch (E92) #CHS105. 5/6/05, Michael Jurgeon (Christina Lopez/Withheld), Sharonda Holloway (Patrick Holloway/Withheld), Mari Gomez (E82-2) #520. 5/7/05, Best of - Aramis Kudryashov (E17-1), Diane Espinoza (E7-1) #CHS106. 5/9/05, Best of - Kristen Cone (E17-2), Adan Vasquez (E12-2) #CHS107. 5/10/05, Best of - Brock Mayo (E20-2), Aaron Roberts (E8-2) #CHS108. 5/11/05

1338. Judge Mathis Tape #2 - Stephanie Whitfield (21) vs. Molly Trueblood (19) & Christine Trueblood/Jimmy Baleja vs. Barbara Baela & Joanne Schulz/La Shunda Bolden vs. James Kevin Simpson #6126. 4/22/05, Donya Quinn vs. Michael Smith/Cassandra Ruggiero (21) vs. Brian Warren (27)/Michael Vasquez vs. Margaret Niemeyer/Erik Szymanski vs. Luke Van Rodyen #6136. 5/6/05, Nichole Dahlstrom vs. Michael Kennedy/Britney Silva (16) vs. Ray Adams, James Queen & Valerie Walker vs. Breezy Overlin & Lori Williams/Kim Samuels vs. Theron Wiggins #6127. 4/25/05, Micah Beshada (20) vs. Ashlee Lawal (19)/Catherine Manchester (19) vs. Jeffrey Pecore (19)/James Bailey Jr. vs. Birungi Ingram/Kristen White (21) vs. Chris & Amanda Odom (23) #6137. 5/9/05, Jennifer Avina vs. Brenda Wigginton/Deanna Miller vs. Thomas Tinsley/Susan Bennett vs. Shelly Simmons/Jason Malik vs. Todd Sipf #6128. 4/26/05, Jennifer Dick (21) vs. James Zoldak (29)/Jennifer Schmitz (19) vs. Jessica Riley (22)/Rebecca Sacco vs. Manny Reese & Jessica Gissa/Lance McNack & Kelly Goldberry vs. Travis Grant #6138. 5/10/05, Randall Rolfs vs. Laurie & Charles Maddox/Brenda & London Everett vs. Darla Garver & Charman Wheeler/Patty Rupp & Ilmars Klavins vs. Rebecca Garza/Robert Castillo Jr. vs. James Hughes #6129. 4/27/05, Cynthia & Kristy Cichos (17) vs. Diane & Marc Jenswold (19)/Sarah O'Bradovich vs. Landon Hedges/Carl Pannell vs. Kenneth Smith Jr./Anna Henrichsen (20) vs. Michael Greeno (23) #6139. 5/11/05, Lori Wooge (24) vs. Alisha Bartoli (23), Robert Cruise vs. Michael Henderson/Nicholas Salas vs. Diana Deleon #6130. 4/28/05

1339. 80s Music Videos & Beyond Tape #124 - Mavericks - I've Got this Feeling, Girlschool - Fox on the Run, Dr. Dre/Snoop Doggy Dogg - Deep Cover, Trillville/Cutty - Some Cut (Screwed & Chopped Remix), Ludacris/LL Cool J & Keith Murray - Fatty Girl, Alias - More Than Words Can Say, Europe - Rock The Night, Samantha Fox - Naughty Girls (Need Love Too) V1, Morrissey - There Is A Light That Never Goes Out, Dorinda Clark-Cole - Right on Time (Live), Karen Clark Sheard - Come in Take a Seat (Live 5/2/03), Six Feet Under - Shadow of the Reaper, Ministry - N.W.O., Into the Moat - Dead Before I Stray, Corrosion of Conformity - Stone Breaker, Society 1 - It Isn't Me, Death From Above 1979 - Blood On Our Hands, Armor for Sleep - Car Underwater, Sade - King of Sorrow, Alicia Keys - Karma (VH1 Save the Music Concert), Guru/Angie Stone - Keep Your Worries, Surface - The First Time, Alice In Chains - Rooster (Unplugged), Aesop Rock - Fast Cars, Raveonettes - Love In A Trashcan, Piebald - Part Of Your Body Is Made Out Of Rock, Animal Collective - Who Can Win A Rabbit, Richard Marx - Too Late To Say Goodbye, Alice In Chains - Rooster (Concept), Fall Out Boy - Sugar We're Going Down, Fat Joe/Nelly - Get it Poppin', Snoop Dogg - Ups & Down, Mike Jones - Back Then (Makes a Video) 5/3/05, Mike Jones - Back Then, Audioslave - Be Yourself (Makes a Video) 4/27/05, Audioslave - Be Yourself, Dave Matthews Band - American Baby, Anna Nalick - Breathe (2AM), Goo Goo Dolls - Slide, Michael Buble - Feeling Good, Gavin Degraw - Chariot, Pussycat Dolls/Busta Rhymes - Don't Cha, Chaka Demus & Pliers - Murder She Wrote, B.G./Homebwoi - Where Da At?, OutKast - Player's Ball, Mystikal - Bouncin' Back (Bumpin Me Against the Wall), N.O.R.E. - Grimey, Nelly - Hot in Herre, Birdman/Lil' Wayne - Neck of the Woods, Trick Daddy/Duece Poppito of 24 Karat/Trina & Co of Tre+6 - Shut Up, 2Pac - Keep Ya Head Up (Censored Shirt), Ice Cube - It Was a Good Day, Tony Touch/Total - I Wonder Why (He's the Greatest DJ) The Jimmy Castor Remix, Marley Marl - The Symphony Part II, Nivea/Jagged Edge - Don't Mess with My Man, OutKast/Raekwon - Skew it on the Bar-B, Federation - Donkey (R Rated), Tony Yayo/50 Cent - So Seductive (R Rated), 50 Cent - Disco Inferno (R Rated), Nelly - Tip Drill (R Rated), Isiah - Pleasure Paradise (R Rated), G-Storm & the H-Mode Fam - Itty Gritty (R Rated), West Coast Mafia Gang - Gangsta Pimpin (R Rated), 2 Sense/Royal Beats - Making Money (R Rated), 275 - Move Sumthin' (R Rated), Ying Yang Twins - Wait (the Whisper Song) R Rated, Alice in Chains - I Stay Away, Dawn Penn - You Don't Love Me (No No No), 112/Beanie Sigel - Dance With Me, T.I. - You Don't Know Me (Screwed & Chopped Remix), Da Brat - That's What I'm Looking For, Ludacris/Shawnna/Lil' Fate - Booty Poppin' (R Rated), White Boy - Where the Party At? (R Rated), Money B/Eddie Projex/Numskull - Drank a Lot (R Rated), Cold Cannons - Shake it Like a Pitbull (R Rated), Joker the Bailbondsman/Phenom & Max - Ladies Coming Over (R Rated), Motorhead - Brave New World, Still Remains - The Worst is Yet to Come, Thursday - Understanding (In a Car Crash), AFI - The Leaving Song Pt. II, Immolation - Harnessing Ruin, Lemmy Kilmeister Interview 5/14/05, Good Charlotte - We Believe

1340. Joel Greco's Hip Hop Shop

1341. Osbournes Tape #5 - 28 Days Later #315. 2/14/05, Bonus Features Blowout - Sleepless, Charity Case #316. 2/21/05, Number One Fan #317. 2/28/05, Lost in Translation #318. 3/17/04, Ozzy & Sharon on The Tonight Show 3/11/05, The Show Must Go Off!!! #319. 3/14/04, A Farewell to Ozz #320. 3/21/04, Ozzy on the John Stewart Show 3/23/05, Ozzy on the Carson Daily Show 3/30/05, Kelly Osbourne - One Word (Making the Video) 4/19/05, Tsunami - Animal Instincts, Matzo & Metal Passover - Dee Snider/Scott Ian/Jay Jay French/Leslie West, Awesomely Wacky Families, Dawson's Creek- Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road w/Jack 4/30/03, Ozzy on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson 5/6/05, Ozzy on the Jimmy Kimmel Show 5/13/05, Will & Grace - No Sex 'n' the City w/Sharon 3/25/04

1342. Drew Carey Tape #34 - Whose Line is it Anyway? #7012, #7013, Assembling Robots - The Magic, Music and the Comedy; WL #7014, Drew on The Tonight Show 3/8/05, E! Behind the Scenes of Robots, WL #7015, Drew on The Tavis Smiley Show 3/15/05, Drew on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson 3/18/05, WL #7017, Drew on The Best Damn Sports Show 4/9/05, WL #7018, WL #7019, #7020, #7021, #7022, #7023, #7024

1343. Star Wars Tape #1 - Starburst - Star Wars Revisited UK (1996) Hosted by George Takei - Interviews with David Prowse/Billy Dee Williams & Warwick Davis, Star Wars Trilogy Widescreen Video Release Featurette (1994), Star Wars Trilogy THX VHS Ad - The Original One Last Time US (1996), Star Wars Trilogy THX VHS Ad - The Original One Last Time UK #1 (1996), Star Wars Trilogy THX VHS Ad - The Original One Last Time UK #2 (1996), Tunes Breathe Easy ad - Darth Vader (1996), Star Wars Trilogy 20th Anniversary Special Edition Featurette #1 (1997), Taco Bell - Star Wars Feel the Force Ad (1997), Star Wars Superbowl Ad (1997), Star Wars Trilogy 20th Anniversary Special Edition Featurette #2 (1997), N64 - Shadows of the Empire Ad UK, Walkers Star Wars Tazos Ad UK (1997), Doritos Star Wars Contest UK (1997), Star Wars Special Edition Ad #1 UK (1997), Star Wars Special Edition Ad #2 UK (1997), Pizza Hut Pan Pizza - Son won't take off Vader Mask Ad UK (1997), KFC Kids Meal Star Wars Toy Ad (1997), Star Wars Special Edition Ad Germany (1997), Galoob Micro Machines Mini Star Wars Heads Ad (1996), Empire Strikes Back Special Edition Featurette UK (1997), Return of the Jedi Special Edition Featurette UK (1997), Sci-fi Channel - Star Wars Night Ad UK (1997), Star Wars - The Magic and the Mystery Ad UK (1997), Empire Strikes Back Special Edition Ad 1UK - Coming 3/11 (1997), Empire Strikes Back Special Edition Ad 2 UK (1997), Return of the Jedi Special Edition Ad UK - Coming Friday (1997), Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition on VHS 10/6 Ad 1 UK (1997), Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition on VHS Ad 2 UK (1997), Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition on VHS Out Now Ad 3 UK (1997), Sci-Fi Channel UK Special - The Force Returns w/George Lucas Interview (1996), BBC Interview with Rick McCallum (1997), Big Breakfast UK - Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition w/London Premiere, Big Breakfast UK - Mark Hamill Interview (2/97), Omnibus Special Edition - George Lucas: Flying Solo w/Lucas Short Films (1997)

1344. Star Wars Tape #2 - BBC News - Star Wars Special Edition Released in UK w/Mark Hamill Interview (3/21/97), BBC News - Star Wars Special Edition London Premiere/Scottish Fans (3/21/97), BBC News - Interview with Gary Jenkins author of Empire Building and POTF2 Toys, E! UK Behind the Scenes - Star Wars Special Edition, Sky News/Movie Show UK - Empire Strikes Back Report/George Lucas Interview (1997), Life Size X-Wing Tour in Glasgow Scotland (1997), BBC Interview with Mark Hamill on Aliens (1997), Movie Match UK - London Star Wars Convention w/David Prowse, Sci-Fi Channel UK - Illusive Concepts Tour w/Making of Yoda (1996), Sci-Fi Channel UK - THX VHS Release w/George Lucas Interview (1996), Sci-Fi Channel UK - Tour of Steven Sansweet's Collection (1996), BBC News - Star Wars Special Edition London w/Mark Hamill (3/21/97), Ch 4 News CA - MIT Decorates the Theater Dome as R2-D2 (1999), Ch 4 News CA - Phantom Tickets Premiere going for $80 (5/99), ABC Good Morning America - Joel Siegel interviews Liam Neeson (5/16/99), Ch 5 News CA - Star Wars Toy Marketing Report with 1st day of sales (5/99), TLC ultimate Special Effects - Episode I, Ch 5 News CA - Waiting on line for Episode I

1345. Motormouth Tape #1 - Norfolk, VA/Omaha, NE #117. 11/25/04, Brooklyn, NY/Cincinnati, OH #104. 10/29/04, Jersey City, NJ/Morristown, NJ #101. 10/26/04, New Brunswick, NJ/Lafayette, LA #103. 10/28/04, Las Vegas, NV/Staten Island, NY #102. 10/27/04, Austin, TX/Toms River, NJ #108. 11/7/04, Long Island, NY/Louisville, KY #109. 11/8/04, Fort Worth, TX/Dayton, OH #106. 11/2/04, Cleveland, OH/Indianapolis, IN #107. 11/3/04, Arlington, VA/St. Paul, MN #119. 11/27/04, Best of the Worst #121. 1/17/05, Phoenix, AZ/Tulsa, OK #112. 11/11/04, San Marcos, TX/Columbus, OH #105. 11/1/04, Oklahoma City, OK/Washington, DC #114. 11/15/04, Scottsdale, AZ/New Orleans, LA #113. 11/14/04, Henderson, NV/Austin, TX #201. 5/15/05, Bullshead, NY/Rollingwood, TX #202. 5/17/05, Cherry Hill, NJ/Tucson, AZ #207. 5/18/05

1346. When Metallica Ruled the World, Some Kind of Monster, Auto Focus (2002), Dick Van Dyke Somebody Has to Play Cleopatra w/Bob Crane 12/26/62, Hollywood Secrets Revealed - Movie Screwups, Hogan's Heroes - Klink's Rocket, Diet Pepsi Episode III Yoda Ad, Fox - Episode II First Time on TV Ad, Episode III Trailer - New Apprentice, Burger King Episode III Ad - Vader vs. Burger King, Episode III Trailer - Sense a Plot, Burger King Episode III Ad - Vader vs. Mopman, Fox - Episode I Ad, I Want a Famous Face - Tiffany Thiessen, 7-11 Episode III Ad - Darth Dew Slurpee, M&M's - The New Star Wars Dark Side Flavor, Burger King Episode III Ad - Chose Your Destiny w/Vader - I Am Your Father

1347. Michael Jackson Trial Tape #6 - 5/6, 5/7 Weekend Edition, 5/9 - Moms Edition, 5/10, 5/11, 5/12, 5/13, 5/14 Weekend Edition, 5/16, 5/17, 5/18, 5/19, 5/20, 5/21 Weekend Edition

1348. World's Most Amazing Videos Tape #3 - Chandler AZ - Winter National speedboat race, L'Espulga Spain - a massive tornado comes through Jose Morato's village on 8/31/94, Lancaster CA - police chase a stolen truck through residential areas, Stunt performer Reckless Rex Phelps drives motorcycles up a ramp and flips into a pool, Jerome ID - Snake River Chariot Races 11/30/91, Maui HA - 7 miles from the beaches. In 1965 they detonate enough TNT to simulate an atomic bomb and sink captured Japanese ships and blimps, Top 10 Most Amazing Videos of All-Time, More Awesome Celebrity Beefs, I Want a Famous Face - Brook Burke, I Want a Famous Face - Posh Spice

1349. Judge Mathis Tape #3 - Jennifer Gilmore (20) vs. James Northrup (20)/Lois Habersham (48) vs. Sandra Steele (64)/John Fraczek & Son vs. Dan & Daniel Welch (16)/Donna Miller & Tiara Johnson (23) vs. Willie Johnson #6140. 5/12/05, Desmond Hill vs. Alice Patton/Wanda Benley vs. Linda Pilon/Roxann Thompson vs. George McGhee/Michael Holmes vs. Zikomo King #6141. 5/13/05, Rachel Becker vs. Matt Cholewa/Latoya Roberson (20) vs. Kevin Harris (24)/Jonathan Lee vs. Don Delgado/Maty Kilburn vs. Alan Kessler #6142. 5/15/05, Ryan Malanoski vs. Crystal Berkemeier/Christine Mullins vs. Trudi Taylor/Dante Craig vs. Mounet Newton/Philipp Tsipman vs. Kenneth Chase #6143. 5/17/05, Amber Casserilla (22) vs. Philip Gray/Eduardo Gonzalez (23) Vs. Casandra Solano (26)/Patrick Doornbos & Hope (14) vs. Kevin Conley (20)/Ayesha Brown Vs. Martese Cotton #6134. 5/4/05, Rose Russo-Hoquist (42) vs. Matthew McCarthy (29)/ Brooke Stevenson Vs. Kristina Post/ Margaret Williams Vs. Duval Thomas/ Matthew Kirichkow vs. Steven Elisius #6144. 5/18/05, Ashley Reilley (18) vs. Efrain Pantoja (22)/Charles Murray Vs. Julia Bocock/ Steve Polcyn vs. Henriette Lepp/Michelle Gibson vs. Paul Hardges #6145. 5/19/05, Sophia Banks vs. Eric Miller & Shenika Bell/ Lisa Damon (24) vs. Michelle Parker (24)/Amanda Brennan (21) vs. Richard Spalla (30)/ Kyle Warner (19) vs. Kaylee Moore (17) #6146. 5/20/05, Jennifer Gay (32) vs. Matt Finney (24)/Tasha Fields vs. Shannon Kizer/Sarah Byer (21) vs. Stephen Mirich (25)/Andrew & Barbara Thurman vs. Kristopher Young (19) #6147. 5/21/05, Steve Harvey Show - Here Comes the Judge #515. 4/29/01

1350. Howard Stern Tape #120 - E! Show 4/23/05 - 5/25/05

1351. 80s Music Videos & Beyond Tape #125 - Simple Plan - Untitled, Billy Idol - Rebel Yell (Live Acoustic VH1-C 05), Billy Idol - Scream (Live Acoustic VH1-C 05), Ciara - 1 2 Step (Access Granted), Apathy - Put Your Dukes Up (Basketball Version), Blue Van - Revelation of Love, National - Abel, Rilo Kiley - Portions For Foxes, Jackson Browne/Bonnie Raitt - Poor Poor Pitiful Me, Ludacris - Pimpin' All Over the World (Making the Video) #1807. 5/15/05, Ludacris - Pimpin' All Over the World, Billy Idol - Sweet Sixteen, John Mellencamp/Me'Shell NdegéOcello - Wild Night, Kim Wilde - You Came, Huey Lewis & The News - The Heart Of Rock & Roll (Live At 25), Huey Lewis & The News - If This Is It (Live At 25), Peter Murphy - You're So Close, Pitball/Lil' Jon - Toma (R Rated), Dr. Dre/Knoc-Turn'al - Bad Intentions (R Rated), Crazye Al Layne - T&A (R Rated), Firemen - Smoke Wit Me (R Rated), La Chat - Use What'cha Got (R Rated), Delph/Petey Pablo - VIP (R Rated), Ric Jilla - On the What (R Rated), Twip - Back Drop (R Rated), Konkrete/Slimm Calhoun - Whatcha Wanna Do (R Rated), Mystere - Don't Get Mad at Me (R Rated), Labtekwon - Uhnnn Huhnnn (R Rated), Bow Wow/Omarion - Let Me Hold You (Access Granted) 5/6/05, Bow Wow/Omarion - Let Me Hold You, Oowee/Petey Pablo - Chain Swingin' (R Rated), Foo Fighters - Best of You (Making the Video) #1808. 5/18/05, Foo Fighters - Best of You, B5 - U Got Me (Access Granted) 5/18/05, B5 - U Got Me, Anointed - Under the Influence, Anointed - It's in God's Hands Now, Black Label Society - Fire it Up, High on Fire - Devilution, Huey Lewis & The News - The Power of Love (Live at 25), Poi Dog Pondering - Living With A Dreaming Body, Shout Out Louds - The Comeback, VHS Or Beta - Night On Fire, Billy Corgan - Walking Shade, Lisa Marie Presley - Idiot (Tonight Show 5/24/05), Oasis - Supersonic V2, Morrissey - How Soon Is Now, Luscious Jackson - Daughters Of The Kaos, Bedo - Go Ahead and Do It (R Rated), Play-N-Skillz - Freaks/Call Me (R Rated), Master P - Get the Party Crackin (R Rated), Jae Millz - Who (R Rated), Eminem - Ass Like That (R Rated), Frankie J/Mr. Phillips - Obsession (No Es Amor) Reggaeton, Nick Cannon - Can I Live (Access Granted) 5/11/05, Nick Cannon - Can I Live, R. Kelly - Trapped in the Closet Pt 1, R. Kelly - Trapped in the Closet Pt 1 (Access Granted), Infectious Grooves - Infectious Grooves (Live), Moody Blues - Blue World, Frank Black - Headache, Stevie Wonder - So What The Fuss, Samson - Atmosphere, Jaguar Wright - Free, Vivian Green - Gotta Go Gotta Leave (Tired), Gentle Giant - Words From The Wise, Ice City/Freeway - Lock it Down (R Rated), SlipKnot - Before I Forget, Life of Agony - Love to Let You Down, Agony Scene - Prey

1352. Cartoon Tape #4 - Toonheads - Director Robert McKimson, Walky Talky Hawky, Toonheads - Our Man Sam, Toonheads - The Musical Cartoons of Friz Freleng, Toonheads - Night of 1000 Elves, Satan's Waitin', Toonheads - One Toon Wonders, Toonheads - Battle of the Bookworms, The Bookworm (1939), Toonheads - Crooner Toons, I Only Have Eyes For You, Toonheads - Turkey Toons, Tom Turkey And His Harmonica Humdingers, Toonheads - Hobo Flea, The Homeless Flea, Toonheads - Rocky & Mugsy, Toonheads - Salesman Daffy, Road To Andalay, Toonheads - Ants Life, Toonheads - Travelogue Cartoons, A-Haunting We Will Go, Toonheads - Emily the Chicken, Toonheads - Moon Toons, Little Buck Cheeser (1937), Toonheads - The Great Cartoon Controversy, The Cat Concerto (MGM), Porky's Double Trouble (Color), Kit For Kat, Toonheads - Tasmanian Devil, Porky The Gob (Color), Toonheads - Baseball Cartoons, Toonheads - Before Bedrock, The First Bad Man, Porky's Spring Planting (Color), Just Plane Beep , Toonheads - Night at the Opera, The Hole Idea, Horton Hatches The Egg (Dr. Seuss), Daffy Rents, Toonheads - Sufferin' Succotash!, Life With Feathers, Crowing Pains, Scaredy Cat, Bunny And Claude: We Rob Carrot Patches (1968), It's An Ill Wind, Jumpin' Jupiter, Hop Skip and A Chump, Roadrunner A Go-Go, The Rattled Rooster, Rover's Rival (Colorized 1995), Porky's Road Race (Colorized 1995), A Scent of the Matterhorn, Rushing Roulette, Hobo Bobo, The Swooner Crooner, Odor Of The Day, The Pest That Came To Dinner, Plane Dippy (Color); Run, Run Sweet Roadrunner, Wagon Heels, The Wearing Of The Grin, The Wacky Worm, Toonheads - Beaky Buzzard, Bugs Bunny Gets The Boid, The Bashful Buzzard, Trap Happy Porky, Three Little Bops, The Astroduck

1353. The Three Stooges Tape #8 - Pardon My Backfire, Knutzy Knights, Dunked in the Deep, Sappy Bullfighters, Punchy Cowpunchers, Studio Stoops, A Snitch in Time, Baby Sitters' Jitters, Don't Throw That Knife, Merry Mavericks; Listen, Judge; Love at First Bite, Corny Casanovas, Gents in a Jam, A Gem of a Jam, Mummy's Dummies, For Crimin' Out Loud, Three Dark Horses, Up in Daisy's Penthouse, Termites of 1938, Fling in the Ring, Playing the Ponies, The Pest Man Wins

1354. Michael Jackson Tape #4 - MJ's Home Movies: Up Close & Personal with the King of Pop (2002)

1355. Cartoon Tape #5 - Lighter Than Hare, Knight-Mare Hare, Dr. Devil And Mr. Hare, The Unruly Hare, Rabbit Romeo, Hare-Um Scare-Um, Frigid Hare, Toonheads - Cartoon News Reels, She Was An Acrobat's Daughter, Private Snafu - Going Home (1944), The Mouse On 57th Street, Hare Ribbin', Shop Look & Listen, Rhapsody In Rivets, Wacky Wildlife; Whoa, Be-Gone!, Often An Orphan, Pop 'Im Pop!, Toonheads - Baby Boom Toons, The Stork's Holiday (1943), Stork Naked, Ali Baba Bunny, Along Came Daffy, Ant Pasted, Awful Orphan, Toonheads - The Early Works of Chuck Jones, The Night Watchman, Dog Gone Modern, Toy Trouble, Baby Buggy Bunny, Backwoods Bunny, Bad Ol' Putty Tat, Ballot Box Bunny (1951), Baseball Bugs, Bedevilled Rabbit, Bewitched Bunny, Big House Bunny, The Big Snooze, Birds Anonymous, Birth Of A Notion, Boobs In The Woods, Book Review, Bowery Bugs, Toonheads - Ralph Phillips, From A To Z-Z-Z-Z, A Waggily Tale, Broom-Stick Bunny, Buccaneer Bunny, Buckaroo Bugs, Bugs and Thugs, Bugs' Bonnets, Bugs Bunny And The Three Bears; Bye, Bye Bluebeard; The Cagey Canary, Canary Row

1356. Judge Mathis Tape #4 - David Harper (35) vs. Ashina Hicks (20)/Christine Lill (22) vs. Rafael Frausto (29)/Ben Giaccone (77) Vs. Becky Munoz (48)/Robby Holman (28) vs. Wendy Whitten (38) #6148. 5/25/05, Julie Siwinski vs. Amy Harnew/Carl Piper vs. Melissa Centifonti/Charity Elifritz vs. Jamie Kelly/Curtsie Miller vs. Deidre Lott #6149. 5/25/05, Kathi Magnum & Lauren Magnum (17) vs. Joshua Hewett (18)/Alex Madden vs. Cheris Dirr/Felicia Pettway vs. Robert Johnson, Jr./Mark & Irene Ortega vs. Robert & Chasity Harding #6150. 5/26/05, Natasha Haymon (30) vs. Danny Souri (22)/Tameka Wiley vs. Karim Murray/Tara Lovato (19) & Debbie Lovato vs. Brianna Najar (19) & Arista Boddie (20)/Robert Buchanan vs. Alice Russell #6040. 11/5/04, Deanna Dearwester & Rebecca Davis vs. Melissa Bauer/Robert Jackson (31) & Marcie Makinson vs. Melissa Underwood (25)/Heather Kite (20) vs. Lucas Chappell (19)/Nikkia Anderson vs. Carla Mapp #6044. 11/11/04, Rochelle Duran Vs. Sara Hargis & Jeffrey Durocher/Andrea Campbell-Groves & Katherine Groves Vs. Jeffrey Groves (27)/Geno Parini vs. Dawn Johnson/Sherry Caldwell vs. Margaret Belote #6048. 11/17/04, Jose Ramirez vs. Dona Burns/Brian Ellis (23) vs. Adam Rotella (21)/Tremaine Ellis (23) & Michael Wheless vs. Sandrenna Smith & Raquel Simpson (22)/Irene Desardi (53) vs. Valerie Boope (53) #6050. 11/19/04, Brian Keaton (21) vs. Desmand Chapman (23)/Kevin Satler (22) vs. Amber Stephens (21)/Randall Rehak (R. Dove) vs. Andrew Saenz/Denise Pluckebaum vs. Jerome Harvey #6042. 11/9/04, Jason Robinson vs. Brieahna Lanham/Latoya Jenai Huey vs. Corlisa Oates/Bill Saylor vs. Patricia Saylor & Mykel Saylor/Timothy Wright vs. Kedar Hanna #6046. 11/15/04

1357. Cartoon Tape #6 - Cat Feud, Cat-Tails For Two, Catty Cornered, Toonheads - Hubie & Bertie #66. 8/4/02, The Aristo-Cat, Mouse Wreckers, Cheese Chasers, A Corny Concerto, The Daffy Doc (Color), Daffy Doodles, Daffy Duck Hunt, Daffy Duck In Hollywood, Daffy Duck Slept Here, Box Office Bunny (1990), Toonheads - Cartoons in the Real World #68. 8/18/02, The Adventures of Popeye (1935) B/W, You Ought To Be In Pictures (Color), Boomerang - June Bugs A-Z Promo, The Abominable Snow Rabbit, Acrobatty Bunny, A-Lad-In His Lamp, Apes Of Wrath, Baton Bunny, Beanstalk Bunny, Bill Of Hare, (Blooper) Bunny (1991), Bonanza Bunny, Bugs Bunny Rides Again, Bugsy and Mugsy, Bully For Bugs, Bunker Hill Bunny, Bunny Hugged, Captain Hareblower, Case Of The Missing Hare, COMpressed Hare, Devil May Hare, Duck Amuck, Duck! Rabbit, Duck!, Easter Yeggs, 8 Ball Bunny (1950), The Fair Haired Hare, Falling Hare, Fresh Hare, Forward March Hare, 14 Carrot Rabbit, Foxy By Proxy, Fright Before Christmas (1979), From Hare To Heir, Gorilla My Dreams, The Grey Hounded Hare, Hair-Raising Hare, Half-Fare Hare, The Hare-Brained Hypnotist

1358. Cartoon Tape #7 - Hare-Breadth Hurry, Hare Brush, Hare Conditioned, Haredevil Hare, Hare Do, A Hare Grows In Manhattan, Hare-Less Wolf, Hare Lift, Hare Remover, Hare Splitter, Hare Trigger, Hare Trimmed, Hare-Way To The Stars, Hare We Go, The Hasty Hare, The Heckling Hare, Hillbilly Hare, His Hare Raising Tale; Hold The Lion, Please; Homeless Hare, Hot Cross Bunny, Hurdy-Gurdy Hare, Hyde and Hare, Invasion of the Bunny Snatchers (1991), Jack-Wabbit and The Beanstalk, Knights Must Fall, Long-Haired Hare, Lumber Jack-Rabbit, Mad As a Mars Hare, The Million Hare, Mutiny On The Bunny, My Bunny Lies Over The Sea, Napoleon Bunny-Part, Oily Hare, Operation: Rabbit, Patient Porky (Color), Porky Pig's Feat, Pre-Hysterical Hare, Prince Varmint (AKA Violent), Rabbit Every Monday, Rabbit Fire, Rabbit Of Seville, Rabbit Punch, Rabbit Rampage, Rabbit Seasoning, Rabbit Transit, Rabbit's Kin, Rabbitson Crusoe, Racketeer Rabbit, Rebel Rabbit, Boomerang - Looney Tunes Animated Toy Promos, Roadrunner High Speed Online ad (2005)

1359. 80s Music Videos & Beyond Tape #126 - Brand New Sin - Black and Blue, Red Cord - Antman, Thursday - Cross Out the Eyes, Deftones - Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away), Bishop Paul Morton & Aretha Franklin - Seasons Change, Candi Station - Tears that Mama Cried, Darius Brooks - Your Will (Live), Soul Seekers - I'll Take Jesus (Live), Louisiana Mass Choir - His Name is Jesus (Live), Christopher Lewis - Honest Heart (Live), Jubba - Plenty Good, Tonex - Work on Me (Live), Benita Washington - Thank You (Live), Nicole C. Mullen - Homemade (Live), Nicole C. Mullen - Call on Jesus (Live), Nicole C. Mullen - Shooby (Live), Nicole C. Mullen - Talk About it (Live), Liz Phair - Supernova, Gentle Giant - Thank You, Coldplay - Speed of Sound, Kelly Clarkson - Behind these Hazel Eyes, Beastie Boys - Sabotage, Garbage - Bleed Like Me, Smashing Pumpkins - Tonight Tonight, Motley Crue - Sick Love Song, Sarah McLachlin/Robbie Robertson - World on Fire, Antigone Rising - Don't Look Back, Backstreet Boys - I Complete, T.I. - ASAP (Makes a Video) 5/23/05, T.I. - ASAP, Hot Hot Heat - Middle Of Nowhere, Honorary Title - Everything I Once Had, Lemmy Kilmiester VH1-C Interview 2005, Motorhead - God Save the Queen, Common - Go, Cypress Hill - (Rock) Superstar, White Stripes - Blue Orchid, Muse - Stockholm Syndrome, Rise Against - Swing Life Away, Seether - Remedy, Mike Jones Explains Screwed & Chopped Remixes, Mike Jones/Slim Tug/Paul Wall - Still Tippin' (Screwed & Chopped Remix), Scarface/Makaveli/Johnny P - Smile (Screwed & Chopped Remix), Jermaine Dupri/P. Diddy/Snoop Dogg/Murphy Lee - Welcome to Atlanta (Coast to Coast Remix), Mia-X/Master P/Foxy Brown - The Party Don't Stop, 69 Boyz - Tootsee Roll, Goodie Mob - They Don't Dance No Mo, Pastor Troy/Ms. Jade/Timbaland - Are We Cutting, Ludacris - Southern Hospitality, DJ Magic Mike & MC Madness - Class in Session, Master P/Silkk/Fiend/Mia-X/Mystikal - Make Em Say Uhh!, Chaka Khan - Love of a Lifetime, Elton John - Blessed, Sarah McLachlin - Into the Fire, Transplants - Gangsta's & Thug's (Makes a Video 5/31/05, Transplants - Gangsta's & Thug's, Weezer - Buddy Holly, Roxette - Joyride, James Ingram - I Don't Have the Heart, Mariah Carey - Someday (Concept), Wilson Phillips - Release Me, Color Me Badd - I Adore Mi Amour, Comeback Kid - Wake the Dead, As I Lay Dying - Confined, Fear Before the March of Flames - Should Have Stayed in the Shadows, Obituary - The End Complete, Disturbed - Stupify, Bleed the Dream - Legends Die, Dark New Day - Brother, Vanessa Williams - The Best for Last, Shanice - I Love Your Smile, Gentle Giant - Giant for a Day, Bob Wier & Ratdog - One More Saturday Night (Live VH1C), Weezer - Say it Ain't So, Danger Mouse & Jemini - What You Sittin' On, LeAnn Rimes - Probably Wouldn't Be this Way, Jo Dee Messina - My Give a Damn's Busted, Shania Twain - I Ain't No Quitter, Jamie O'Neal - Somebody's Hero, Sugarland - Something More, Alan Jackson - The Talkin' Song Repair Blues, Keith Urban - Making Memories of Us

1360. Michael Jackson Tape #5 - At Large with Geraldo Rivera Michael Jackson's Last Interview 2/5/05, Primetime Live 5/18/95 - Michael Jackson & Lisa Marie Presley Interview, Music that Matters VH1 Heal the World Special, Ch 7 News 5/18/95 - Michael Jackson's 1 Year Wedding Anniversary and Baby Speculation Story

1361. Cartoon Tape #8 - Roman Legion-Hare, Shishkabugs, Show Biz Bugs, Slick Hare, Southern Fried Rabbit, Stage Door Cartoon, A Star Is Bored, This Is A Life?, French Rarebit, To Hare Is Human, Hare Force, Tortoise Beats Hare, Tortoise Wins By A Hare, Transylvania 6-5000, Hare Tonic, The Unmentionables, Wabbit Twouble, The Wabbit Who Came To Supper, Wackiki Wabbit, The Wacky Wabbit; Water, Water Every Hare; Wet Hare, What's Opera, Doc?, What's Up Doc?, Wideo Wabbit, Wild And Woolly Hare, The Iceman Ducketh, Little Red Riding Rabbit, No Parking Hare, The Wild Hare, The Windblown Hare, A Witch's Tangled Hare, Yankee Doodle Bugs, Design For Leaving, D'Fightin' Ones, Dog Pounded, Dog Tales, Don't Give Up The Sheep, Dough Ray Me-ow, The Dover Boys at Pimento University, Draftee Daffy, Drip-Along Daffy, Duck Soup To Nuts, Early To Bet, Toonheads - Director Arthur Davis, Mouse Menace, Quackodile Tears, The EGGcited Rooster, Fast And Furry-ous, Feed The Kitty, Feline Frame-Up, The Foghorn Leghorn, Fool Coverage

1362. E! True Hollywood Story - LaToya Jackson (1999), I Want a Famous Face - Carmen Electra, Looney Tunes: Back in Action (2003), E! True Hollywood Story - Janet Jackson (2004), House of 1000 Corpses, E! True Hollywood Story - Lisa Marie Presley (2003), A Duck Inside - The Making of Looney Tunes: Back in Action (2003)

1363. Pac-Man Cartoon - Southpaw Packy/Pac-Baby Panic, Pacula/Trick or Chomp, Super Ghosts/The Pac-Man in the Moon, Invasion of the Pac-Pups/Journey to the Center of Pacland, The Day the Forest Disappeared/Sir-Chomp-A-Lot, Neander-Pac-Man/Backpackin' Packy, The Abominable Pac-Man/The Bionic Pac-Woman, Chomp-Out at the O.K. Corral/Once Upon a Chomp, The Pac-Love-Boat/The Great Power-Pellet Robbery, A Bad Case of the Chomps/Goo-Goo at the Zoo, The Pac-Mummy/Nighty Nightmare, Here's Super-Pac/Hey, Hey, Hey... It's P.J., The Super-Pac-Bowl/Journey into the Pac-Past, Public Pac-Enemy No. 1/The Old Pac-Man and the Sea, Presidential Pac-Nappers/Picnic in Pacland, The Genii of Pacdad/P.J. Goes Pac-Hollywood

1364. Gameshow Moments Gone Bananas Hosted by Ben Stein (2005), Mad TV - Michael Jackson's Maintain the Fame Infomercial (1996), Inside the Actors Studio - Alan Alda (200), I Want a Famous Face - Jessica Simpson, Biography - Pamela Anderson 6/3/05, Biography - Life After Baywatch 6/3/05, Michael Jackson's Mind - Court TV Special (2005), Tweety's High Flying Adventure (2003), The View with Sean Hannity 6/7/05

1365. 80s Music Videos & Beyond Tape #127 - Rascal Flatts - Here's to You, Van Zant - Help Somebody, Ryan Adams - Answering Bell, Toby Keith - As Good as I Once Was, Big & Rich - Big Time, Tim McGraw - Drugs or Jesus, Paul Wall/Big Pokey of the S.U.C. - Sittin Sidewayz (Makes a Video0 6/5/05, Paul Wall/Big Pokey of the S.U.C. - Sittin Sidewayz, Alkaline Trio - Time to Waste, Bizarre/Eminem - Rock Star (Makes a Video) 5/23/05, Bizarre/Eminem - Rock Star, Hector "El Bambino" - Dale Castigo, Fey - Barcoa Venus, Nek - No Preguntes Porque, MDO - Otra Vez, Alejandro Fernandez - Canta Lorazon, Feldman/Geulo Star/Machito y Cheka/Lito y Gini - La Pelicula, Belinda - Vivir, Rosario - De Mil Colores, La Onda - Pasita Tun-Tun, Diego Terres - Dejame Estar, Traileros Del norte - Cuando Wadie Te Quiera, Paul McCartney - Hope Of Deliverance, Paul McCartney - C'mon People, Voz Vels - Pedacito de tu Querer, Carlos Vives - Voy a Olvidarme de Mi, Paulina Rubio - Mia, Javier Garcia - La Rumba, Olga Tanon - Bandolero, Kumbla King - Balla Esta Kumbla, Fito Paez - Mariposa Technicolor, Johnny Perez - Tu Pum Pum, La Secta - La Locura Automatica, Andrea Echeverri - Amortiguador, Juanes - La Camisa Negra, Orishas - Nachi Orishas (MtvLA), Franco Devita - Ay Dios, Daddy Yankee - Lo Que Paso Paso, P. Blades - Tu Ves Esa Si, Flakiss - Party y Mas Party, TK - La Juerga Pirata, Carlos Baute - Angelito, Los Tres - Dejate Caer, Alejandro Fernandez - Nadie Implemente Nadie, Mosa - Me Hace Asi/Ten Cuando, Tanio - Comoyo Te Quiero, Molotov - Marciano, Nicky Jam - Chamonea, Caramelos de Clanuro - El Ultimo Polvo, Amaral - El Universo Sobre Mi, Chayanne - Contra Vientos y Mareas, Julianna Hatfield Three - My Sister, Grandaddy Soul/Get Cool - Run it (R Rated), Chub Rock - Treat 'Em Right, VH1 News - Toni Braxton on her new video 'Please' 6/9/05, Destiny's Child - Cater 2 U, Toni Braxton - Please, Babyface - There She Goes, Raheem Devaughn - Guess Who Loves You More, India.Arie - Video (Concept), Joss Stone & John Legend - Tell Me Something Good (VH1 Save the Music Concert), Syleena Johnson/R. Kelly - Hypnotic, Foo Fighters - Times Like These (Concept), Firehouse - Love of a Lifetime, Spin Doctors - Two Princes, Mercyful Fate - The Bell Witch, Obsessed - Streetside, Rodney Bryant - My Liberty (Live), Christopher Lewis - Praise the Name Jesus (Live), Martha Munizzi - Might God (Live), Terri Mitchell - There is No Limit, Shekinah Glory Ministry - Yes (Live), Troy Sneed - In this Place, Smokie Norful - When I Think of Him (Live), Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley - Welcome to Jamrock, Patra - Worker Man, Mashonda - Back of da Club, Ray Cash - Sex Appeal (Pimp in My Own Mind), Dem Franchise Boyz - White Tees, Cam'ron - Down & Out/Get Em Daddy, Eric B. & Rakim - Follow the Leader, Jesus Jones - Real Real Real V2, White Trash - Apple Pie, Beck - Loser, Better than Ezra - A Lifetime, Kings Of Leon - Four Kicks, Bright Eyes - Easy/Lucky/Free, Youth Group - Skeleton Jar

1366. Michael Jackson Trial Tape #7 - 5/23, 5/24, Tonight Show - Day Jay Leno Testified 5/24, 5/25, 5/26, 5/27, 5/28 - Weekend Edition, 5/31, 6/1, 6/2, Fox News Studio B - Jury Gets the Case 6/3, 6/3, 6/4 - Weekend Edition, 6/6, 6/7 - E! News, Fox News - Announcement in the Case 6/8, 6/8 - E! News, 6/9 - E! News with Jail Tour, 6/10 - E! News, Fox News - Verdict Announced/Michael Arrives at Court 6/13, 6/13 - E! Live Verdict Coverage

1367. My Coolest Years - Jocks & Cheerleaders, Bad Girls, My First Time, Summer Vacation, The Metalheads, The Dirty Hippies, B-Boys & B-Girls, Rich Kids, Shock TV 2004 - Too Hot for the Box hosted by Jenna Jameson

1368. Cartoon Tape #9 - For Scent-imental Reasons, Fowl Weather, Toonheads - Before They Were Stars, A Tale Of Two Kitties, A Fractured Leghorn, Gee Whiz-z-z-z-z, Get Rich Quick Porky (Colorized), Going! Going! Gosh!, Gone Batty, Greedy For Tweety, Toonheads - Gangster Toons, I'm A Big Shot Now, Thugs With Dirty Mugs, A Gruesome Twosome, A Ham In A Role, Toonheads - Southern Fried Cartoons, The Dixie Fryer, The Case Of The Stuttering Pig, Henhouse Henery, High Note, Holiday For Shoestrings; Home, Tweet Home; The Honey-Mousers, Hyde and Go Tweet, Duck Dodgers In The 24-1/2th Century, I Taw A Putty Tat, An Itch In Time (Censored Ending), Tweetie Pie, Toonheads - Movie Parodies of Porky & Daffy; Deduce, You Say; The Leghorn Blows At Midnight, Little Beau Pepe, Louvre Come Back To Me!, The Mouse-Merized Cat, Much Ado About Nutting, Nasty Quacks, Naughty Neighbors (Colorized), Now That Summer Is Gone, Big Top Bunny, Toonheads - Speedy Gonzales, Speedy Gonzales, The Pied Piper Of Guadalupe, One Froggy Evening, Past Perfumance, Paying The Piper, Peck Up Your Troubles, A Pest In The House, Pigs In A Polka, Porky In Wackyland (Colorized 1995), Quack Shot, Toonheads - Midnight in the Bookstore, I Like Mountain Music (Colorized), Speaking Of The Weather, Porky's Duck Hunt (Colorized 1990), Rabbit Hood

1369. Race with the Devil, Taxicab Confessions 2001 - All's Fare, Secret Window, Dreamcatcher - Catching the Nightmare, ET - Michael Jackson Not Guilty Special w/Debbie Row and new pictures of his kids 6/14/05, I Want a Famous Face - Gia/Pamela Anderson, HBO Making of Matrix Revolutions, E! True Hollywood Story - Carmen Electra (2004), Man of Steal (2004), To Skin a Cat (2003)

1370. Judge Mathis Tape #5 - Margaret Blaydes vs. Frederick Schmitthammer/Marsha Frabott vs. Richard Frabott & Hillori Sartin/Kathleen Wagner (20) vs. Robert Bozarth Jr. (21) & Kristina Doggett/Damaris & Mike Morris vs. Gary Schuessler #6043. 11/10/04, Christopher Lipe (22) vs. Samantha Burnett (18)/Mary Governale (20) vs. Nathan Woodall (25)/Lakessa Dowdell vs. Nancy Bell-Winn/Viola Churchill vs. Dave Seals #6045. 11/12/04, Danyelle Coleman vs. Margaret Coleman/Lisa & Joseph Folvarcik (28) Vs. Edna Folvarcik/Jane Lourie vs. Stefanie Smith (22)/Asia Ross (21) vs. Janeene Bush #6049. 11/18/04, Kayla Cordaro vs. Mandy Mallory & Rick/Keith West (42) vs. Ben Nielsen (18) & Victoria Nielsen/Connie Haynes vs. Beulah Bryant/Kathie Shelley vs. Thaddeus Peterson & Denise Taylor-Peterson #6058. 12/2/04, Erin Sutton (21) vs. Thomas Conners II (23)/Katrina Rodgers vs. Charles McKee/Donna Green (21) & Thomas Green vs. Karina Cline-Thrasher (30)/Angele Enger (20) Vs. Jasen Liebogtt (23) #6051. 11/22/04, Jackie Haselwander (19) & Galen Cook (24) vs. Melissa Hufford (20) & Jeremy Haarsager (22)/Heather Lewis (23) vs. Jason Classic (26)/MarQuetta Edwards vs. Ebokne Carr/Nichole Londo (23) vs. David Grabowski (21) #6055. 11/29/04, Jeannie Carrion vs. Eugene Ortiz (16) & Iris Lozada/Michelle Barciz (19) vs. Rebecca Thompson (19) & Amanda Dunbar (19)/Rod Duncan vs. Christopher Metzgar/Helen McAnarney vs. Duane Price & Anthony Lewis #6061. 12/9/04, Jenny Hall (22) vs. Amanda Grube (22)/Josh Wesner vs. Steven Christofferson/Steven Smith vs. Steven Budny/Gabe Ortiz, Jenanne Gotto, Lee Payne vs. Leah Ramos #6077. 1/21/05, Age-differences - Toni Hardaway (41) vs. Corleano Gatson (29)/Sarah Way (19) vs. Steven Thompson (29)/Dalpha Staggers vs. James Supa/Catherine Siebe (43) vs. John Schadowsky (26) #6057. 12/1/04

1371. Sanford and Son Tape #6 - Rated X, Lamont is That You?, This Little TV Went to Market, Presenting the Three Degrees, Libra Rising All Over Lamont; Fuentes, Fuentes, Sanford & Chico; Wine, Women and Aunt Esther; The Party Crasher, Lamont Goes Karate; Tyranny, Thy Name is Grady; Bank on This, The Hawaiian Connection 1+2, California Crude, The Piano Movers, Blood is Thicker Than Junk

1372. Howard Stern Tape #121 - E! Show 5/26/05 - 6/18/05

1373. Mail Call Tape #4 - Mortar #6. 9/8/02, The Ballista #66. 3/4/05, NORAD #67. 3/11/05, Afghanistan #68. 3/18/05, SS Lane Victory #70. 4/1/05, The Pentagon #69. 4/29/05, Amphibious Assault Vehicle #24. 3/23/03, 29 Palms #71. 5/13/05, Future Gear #13. 10/28/02, Civil War Special #72. 5/22/05, The Pilum #9. 9/29/02, Deuce & A Half #20. 2/9/03, Iwo Jima Special #73/74. 5/27/05, Gator Navy #75. 6/3/05, B-2 #76. 6/10/05

1374. Cartoon Tape #10 - Red Riding Hoodwinked, Robin Hood Daffy, Robin Hood Makes Good (Dubbed 1995), Rocket-Bye Baby, The Scarlet Pumpernickel, Scent-imental Over You (Dubbed 1995), Ready - Set - Zoom!, Sheep Ahoy, Toonheads - Private Snafu #77, Coming!! Snafu (1943), Spies (1943), Booby Traps (1944), Snafuperman (1944), Censored (1944), Sniffles Bells The Cat, Snow Business, Sock A Doodle Do, Stop! Look! Hasten!, A Street Cat Named Sylvester, The Stupid Cupid, Stupor Duck, Super-Rabbit, Toonheads - Many Faces of Robin Hood, Robin Hoodwinked (MGM), The Super Snooper , Tick Tock Tuckered (Dubbed 1995), To Duck….Or Not To Duck, To Itch His Own, Tom Turk And Daffy (Dubbed 1995), Toonheads - Red, Red Hot Riding Hood (MGM), Wild and Woolfy (MGM), Little Rural Riding Hood (MGM), Tree For Two, The Trial Of Mr. Wolf (Dubbed 1995), Toonheads - Many Moods of Daffy Duck, The Wise Quacking Duck (Dubbed 1995), Tweet and Sour, Two Gophers From Texas (Dubbed 1995), Unnatural History, Upswept Hare, Elmer's Pet Rabbit, What's Brewin', Bruin?, Wholly Smoke, Who's Who In The Zoo (Colorized 1992), Toonheads - Pepe Le Pew, Odor-Able Kitty, Wild Wild World, Piker's Peak, Sahara Hare, Toonheads - Hollywood Nights, Hollywood Steps Out, Yankee Doodle Daffy, You Were Never Duckier, Zipping Along, A Sheep In The Deep, Ain't She Tweet, All a Bir-r-r-d, All Fowled Up

1375. Baby Looney Tunes Tape #1 - Hair Cut-Ups/Does Your Tongue Hang Low/A Clean Sweep #22. 10/15/02, Wise Quacker/Yours, Mine...and Mine, Mine! #29. 11/19/02, Yoke's on You/Baby Elmer Had a Friend/Baby Gate #32. 11/22/02, The Littlest Tweety/In Bugs We Trust #35. 12/23/02, Tell-a-Photo/Born to Sing/Move It! #38. 12/31/02, A Bully for Bugs/The Wheel Deal #43. 4/6/05, These Little Piggies Went to Market/Now Museum, Now You Don't #41. 4/4/05, Take Us Out to the Ballgame/Clues Encounters of the Tweety Kind #42. 4/5/05, Log Cabin Fever/A Mid-Autumn Night's Scream #46. 4/11/05, Bend it Like Petunia/Cock-A-Doodle-Doo-It! #49. 4/15/05, The Dolly Vanishes/Duck Reflucks #52. 4/19/05, Comfort Zone/Twinkle Baby Looney Star/Like a Duck to Water #2. 9/14/02, Time and Time Again/Does Your Tongue Hang Low/May the Best Taz Win #5. 9/20/02, Takers Keepers/D-A-F-F-Y/To Tell the Tooth #10. 9/27/02, Bruce Bunny/Baby Bunny/Leader of the Pack #13. 10/2/02, The Sandman Is Coming/Ten Loonies in a Bed/Some Assembly Required #16. 10/7/02, Band Together/Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Baby Martian Gone/War of the Weirds #19. 10/10/02

1376. Cartoon Tape #11 - Bartholomew Versus The Wheel, Bear Feat, The Bee-Deviled Bruin, Believe It Or Else! (Dubbed 1995), Toonheads - Travelogue Cartoons, Detouring America, Crazy Cruise (Dubbed 1995), Fresh Fish (Dubbed 1995), The Bird Came C.O.D. (Dubbed 1995), Birds Of A Father, The Blow Out (Colorized 1995), Brother Brat (Dubbed 1995), Busy Bakers, By Word Of Mouse, A Star Is Hatched, Strangled Eggs, Calling Dr. Porky (Colorized 1992), Canned Feud, Catch As Cats Can (Dubbed 1995), Cat's A-Weigh!, Chaser On The Rocks, Cheese It The Cat!, Batty Baseball (MGM), Chili Weather (Dubbed 1997), Cinderella Meets Fella (Dubbed 1995), Claws In The Lease, Clippety Clobbered, Conrad The Sailor (Dubbed 1995), Cool Cat, A Coy Decoy (Colorized 1990), Cracked Ice (Dubbed 1995), Cracked Quack, The Crackpot Quail (Dubbed 1995), Cross Country Detours (Dubbed 1995), The Curious Puppy (Dubbed 1995), Curtain Razor, Daffy Duck and the Dinosaur, Daffy's Southern Exposure, Hamateur Night (Dubbed 1995), The Hardship Of Miles Standish (Dubbed 1995), Heaven Scent, Heir-Conditioned, The Henpecked Duck (Colorized 1992), The Hep Cat, Highway Runnery, Hip Hip - Hurry!, Hippydrome Tiger; Hook, Line and Stinker; Thumb Fun, The Up-Standing Sitter (Dubbed 1995), The Stupor Salesman

1377. Star Wars Tape #3 - The Science of Star Wars - Man and Machines, Space Cowboys; War, Weapons and the Force; Tonight Show - Chelse Handler at the Star Wars E3 Line 5/24/05, Icons - History of LucasArts, X-Play - Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords #5002. 1/18/05, X-Play - A Celebration of Star Wars at Celebration III #5052. 5/23/05, Cingular Ad - Star Wars Ringtones with Chewbacca, Ad - Star Wars, X-Play - Star Wars Galaxies: Jump to Lightspeed #5015. 2/21/05, I Have Embarrassing Parents - Charles King and son go to Star Wars Celebration II (2002), Mtv Movie Awards 2005 Ad with Chewbacca, Scrubs DVD Ad with Star Wars parody scene, Filter - Top 10 Best Star Wars Characters #5013. 5/16/05, Episode III Trailer - Critcs Agree (5/05), Burger King Ad - Chewbacca gets a Job (5/05), X-Play - Star Wars: Republic Commando #5038. 4/20/05, X-Play - Lego Star Wars #5056. 5/31/05, Burger King Ad - May the Fries Be with You/Toys (5/05), Icons - History of Star Wars Video Games #5005. 5/12/05, E! News - George Lucas wins AFI Award (6/1/05), Animal Icons - Star Wars Creatures (5/05), Episode III Trailer - Vader Rising (5/05), Judgment Day - Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of the Sith/Lego Star Wars/Episode III Nintendo DS/Jedi vs. Sith Controllers/Star Wars Hit List #5023. 6/13/05, Plug & Play Game Ad - Episode III - Revenge of the Sith #1, Plug & Play Game Ad - Episode III - Revenge of the Sith #2, Electric Playground - Star Wars Celebration III/Lego Star Wars/Empire at War/Battlefront II/Retrospective/Slideshows Toys/Episode III Nintendo DS. #1404. 5/10/05, Star Wars Galaxies Ad (6/05), AFI 100 Years…100 Quotes with George Lucas/Star Wars/Kubrick (6/05), Just Shoot Me - It's Raining Babies

1378. 80s Music Videos & Beyond Tape #128 - Reckless Kelly - Stick Around, Johnny Lang - Red Light, R. Kelly/The Game - Playa's Club (Makes a Video), R. Kelly/The Game - Playa's Club, Jessica Simpson - These Boots are Made for Walkin' (Making the Video), Jessica Simpson - These Boots are Made for Walkin', Weezer - Undone (The Sweater Song), Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood, Finch - Bitemarks and Bloodstains, Missy Elliott/Ciara/Fat Man Scoop - Lose Control, Fall Out Boy - Sugar, We're Going Down (Makes a Video), Missy Elliott - All in My Grill, Wham! - Young Guns (Go For It), 3 Prong Outlet - Frantic (Live), F.D.A. - Won't Be Bought, Fury of Pez - About You, Crimson Rain - Some How Some Way, Allstars - Do What'cha Do, Do or Die (D.O.D.) - U Already Know, Heather Hunter (Double H) - So Serious, Pen/Nuwine - Shake Yo Sally, California Snow - La Del Tattoo, Alexandre Pires - Cose del Destino, Alex Syntek & Ana Torroja - Duele El Amor, Pastor Troy - Just to Fight, Gary Allan - Right Where I Need to Be, Chely Wright - The River, Ryan Shupe & te Rubberband - Dream Big, Trisha Yearwood - Georgia Dawn, Brooks & Dunn - Play Something Country, Bobby Pinson - Don't Ask Me How I Know, Neal McCoy - Billy's Got His Beer Goggles On, Los Lonely Boys & Ronnie Milsap - More than Love (Crossroads), Faith Hill - Mississippi Girl, Darryl Worley - If Something Should Happen, Sawyer Brown - They Don't Understand, Dwight Yoakam - Intentional Heartache, Trick Pony - It's a Heartache, Jason Aldean - Hicktown, Beck - Girl, Skindred - Pressure, ? - ?, Submersed - Hollow, Starting Line - Bedroom Talk, Fruit Guys - You Can't Over Love, Sinai Beach - Necessary Bloodshed, Static-X - I'm the One, Life Once Lost - Vulture, Meshuggah - Shed, Clannad/Bono - In A Lifetime V2, Spoon - I Turn My Camera On, Sleater-Kinney - Entertain, Brendan Benson - Cold Hands Warm Heart, Bryan Adams - This Side Of Paradise, Big Circo - Rata Inmunda, Myriam - Hasta El Limite, Chum Jr. - Poro Parrandear, Bravery - Fearless, Kanye West - Diamonds (From Sierra Leone), Jermaine Dupri/Johnta Austin - Gotta Getcha, Fabolous/Young Jeezy - Do the Damn Thing, Master P/Lil' Romeo - I Need Dubs/I'm Alright, Tiziano Ferro - No Me Lo Luedo Explicar, Control - La Banda Dominguera, Mariano y Melina - Las Cosas Que Tu Haces, Babasonicos - Irresponsable (Cenurada), Alicia Villareal - La Suegra, Lil Peedy - Poppin N Lockin, YoungLyfe - Bounce with Me, Franz Ferdinand/Star Wars Revenge of the Sith - Take Me Out, Sum 41/Destroy All Humans - Pieces of Me, Good Charlotte /Darkwatch - Predictable, Breaking Benjamin/Half-Life 2 - So Cold, Alanis Morisette - You Learn (, Alanis Morisette - Hand in My Pocket (, Alanis Morisette - You Oughta Know (, Invasores de Nuevo Leon - Mis Brazos, Guardianes del Amor - Bebiendo Lagrimas, Avenged Sevenfold - Burn it Down, Offspring - Can't Repeat, Lunascape - Mindstalking, DevilDriver - Hold Back the Day, Dottie People - I am that I am (Live), Patrice Wilson - Secret Place, Tamara/Wes Lee - There is No Limit, LaRue Steward - Fortress (Live)

1379. Judge Mathis Tape #6 - Jennifer Martin (20) vs. Marlina Lopez (21)/Michelle Adams vs. Carl Abraham/Dale Wiseheart vs. Joseph Torres/Raymond Buonemani vs. Shawn & Diane Michael #6062. 12/13/04, Teens in Court - Jennie & Jackie Doescher (20) vs. John & Samantha Gaffney (18)/Shannon Searcy (18) vs. Tabitha Weaver (18)/Dana Thomas (19) vs. Victor Pritchett (18)/Edward Heady Jr., Randa & Jade Williams vs. Carla, Ron & Tabetha Tabor (16) #6054. 11/26/04, Love Mobile - Melissa Hines vs. Donna Radwani/David Zwicke (18) vs. Jeremy Frischmann (18)/LaDoris Cotton vs. Janice Riggins/Hassel & Barbara Coe vs. Scott Callaway #6063. 12/14/04, Ruby Smith (27) & Janice Smith vs. Jeremy Carter (25)/Beverly Rasmussen (20) vs. Terrah Clark (20)/Eric Ferris (21) vs. Michael McKenna (22) #6053. 11/24/04, Willie Young (23) vs. Stacy Avaloy (19)/Dana Nicole Patton (19) & Amber Harris (20) vs. Jamie Harris (27)/Rachel Tress (22) vs. Scott Thompson (24)/Amy Nacif (18) vs. Aismara Espinoza (21) #6047. 11/16/04, The Larry Elder Show - Judge Greg Mathis #1095. 2/8/05, Eric Loncarich & Katie Kirby vs. Brian & Vanessa Davis (17)/Jamira Yarborough (22) vs. Brian Edwards (18)/Bradley Shean (24) vs. Jennifer Costigan (22)/Donielle Dumais (24) vs. Carly Martin (25) #6052. 11/23/04, Shane DeWerff vs. Shane Price/Patricia Birman vs. Amanda Butcher/Christopher Sherman (26) vs. Kiipp Meminger (24)/Ronnie Quiggins vs. Adrienne & David Hahn #6067. 1/5/05, Kimberly Breen (22) & Erin Blake (22) vs. Paul Pacifici (22) & Ryan Looney (23)/Rolanda Reynolds vs. Angela Drews/Jolanta Madeja vs. James Stricker/Heather Gallardo vs. Marcus Eberhart #6086. 2/3/05

1380. Dreamcatcher, The Nearly Departed (Richard Matheson), A Thousand Words, Taxicab Confessions 6, Tonight Show - Tom Messereau 6/18/05, MAD TV - Michael Jackson is Action Jackson, My Valentine, Unstable Disposition, P. Diddy's Bad Boys of Comedy w/Howie Bell & Rayzor, Taxicab Confessions 2002: A Fare to Remember

1381. Baywatch - Sandcastles, Sounds of Silence, Why Michael Jackson Won, Cinematech - Star Wars Video Games (2005), Best Week Ever 7/3/05 - Tom Cruise Losing it On Oprah and More, Space Ghost - The Justice Hole, The Best of Taxicab Confessions 2: Fare Play, X-Play - Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith GBA, Dr. Phil - The Osbournes talk about their pasts, The Pee Wee Herman Show 1981

1382. Tiny Toon Adventures Tape #1 - Who Bopped Bugs Bunny?, Animaniacs!, You Asked For It - Debutante Devil/Slight of Hare/Duck out of Luck, The Wheel O' Comedy - Devil Doggie/Optical Intrusion/Win, Lose, or Kerplowie, Buster And The Wolverine, The Wide World Of Elmyra - Turtle Hurdle/Drooley Davey/Go Fetch, Looniversity Days - The Learning Principal, Eating Between the Lines, What's Up Nurse?, High Toon, You Asked For It Part II - The Weird Couple, The Return of the Toxic Revenger, Little Cake of Horrors, Brave Tales Of Real Rabbits - And All that Rot, Day for Knight, Prom-ise Her Anything, Here's Hamton - Milk, it Makes a Body Spout/America's Least Wanted/Drawn and Buttered, The Looney Beginning, No Toon Is An Island, Psychic Fun-Omenon Day - Piece of Mind, Class Cut-Up, Rear Window Pain, A Cat's Eye View - Little Dog Lost/Party Crasher Plucky/Homeward Bound, A Ditch In Time, How Sweetie It Is - Egged-On Eagle/Let's Do Lunch/The Raven

1383. Cartoon Tape #12 - Porky's Last Stand (Colorized 1992), Bugged By A Bee, It's Hummer Time, The Lion's Busy, Corn On The Cop, The Rebel Without Claws, Zoom at the Top, Leghorn Swoggled, Porky's Five & Ten (Colorized 1992), Porky's Pastry Pirates (Colorized 1992), Tweet Dreams, Shot and Bothered, Tweet Tweet Tweety, Hopalong Casualty, The Goofy Gophers, The Last Hungry Cat, Muzzle Tough, Gift Wrapped, False Hare, Birdy And The Beast (Dubbed 1995), Streamlined Greta Green (Dubbed 1995), Tweet and Lovely, Tweet Zoo, Room and Bird, There They Go-Go-Go!, Tweety and the Beanstalk, Let's You and Him Fight (Popeye 1934), Trip For Tat, A Bird in a Guilty Cage, Elmer's Pet Rabbit, A Bird in a Bonnet, Trick Or Tweet, A Pizza Tweety-Pie, Lumber Jerks, Hawaiian Aye Aye, Mexican Joyride (Dubbed 1995), Ain't That Ducky (Dubbed 1995), It's Nice To Have a Mouse Around the House, Porky the Wrestler (Colorized 1992), Tree Cornered Tweety, The Jet Cage, Porky's Moving Day (Colorized 1992), Devil's Feud Cake, Tweety's S.O.S., Tom Tom Tomcat, Don't Axe Me, The Night of the Living Duck, My Favorite Duck (Dubbed 1995), Rocket Squad, The Yolks On You, Suppressed Duck, Golden Yeggs, Good Noose, Wild Over You

1384. Judge Mathis Tape #7 - Kevin Kozak vs. Sheryl Walker/Chavon Kelly vs. David Richardson/Bob Oxler vs. Amri Crosby (16)/Jessica Roberts (23) vs. Sally Richards (28) #6089. 2/8/05, Jessica Melton (18) vs. Darwin VonSchirmer (38)/Jessmay Reyes vs. Hilda Reyes/Kia Whitley (21) vs. Donovan Bramlett (27)/Ezra Epwell (22) vs. T.J. Mitsch (22) #6088. 2/7/05, Amy Kolmer vs. Gavin Furino/Erin Catalano (18) vs. Michael Zmuda (20)/Jacqueline Sharif vs. William Nero/James & Kaye Prodan & vs. Jontaz (10) & Theresa Stanford #6091. 2/10/05, Martie Camardella vs. Cherry Johnson/James Lambert vs. Reginald Scott/Jennifer Priefer vs. Clint Gilbert/Suzie Namanny & Clarissa Erickson vs. Crystal Kinser (21) #6093. 2/14/05, Kimberly Carrasco vs. Sam Parise/Lonnie England vs. Chris Frias/Stephanie Thomas vs. Kelly Boudreaux/Elizabeth Curtan vs. Brian Shuster #6090. 2/9/05, Susan & Gillian Baros (17) vs. Jay & Laura Meissen/Edward Wood (20) vs. Nick Rogers (18)/Clarence McMorris Jr. vs. Martina Goodman/Wanda Griffin (26) & Joannie Connor (24) vs. Stephanie Fennell (22) #6056. 11/30/04, Larry Allen vs. Misty Shaw/Delaina Holmes (35) & Jerome Holmes III vs. Herbert Gray/Debbie Peterson vs. Jim Yates/Kimberly Petschen vs. Mark Kroeten #6096. 2/17/05, Vanessa Hooks-Elliott vs. Krystal Brewer/Stephan & Clarissa Smith vs. Elizabeth Wilhelm/Sarah Davis (19) vs. Arnell Ewing (24)/Nicole Rutkowski (20) vs. Melanie Esper (23) #6080. 1/26/05, Shenee Carter vs. Anthony Murrell/Ty Durnell (22) vs. Charles Graves (18)/Kevin Owens vs. Monica Sudberry/ James Burk Jr. (21) vs. Valerie Tilley (20) #6087. 2/4/05

1385. 80s Music Videos & Beyond Tape #129 - Dr. Charles Hayes - Work it Out (Remix), Bishop Paul Morton - Let it Rain (Live), Joann Rosario - And We Overcome, Joann Rosario - Cuando Reposo En Ti (Live), Donnie McClurkin/Joann Rosario - Saciame Senor/Yo Se Tu Estas Aqui (Live), Fred Hammond/Joann Rosario/Shea Norman - A Song of Strength (Live), Simply Red - It's Only Love, Eminem - Ass Like That (Making Of), INXS - To Look At You, Shannon - Do You Wanna Get Away, PSC/T.I./Lil Scrappy/Big Kuntry - I'm a King (Access Granted), PSC/T.I./Lil Scrappy/Big Kuntry - I'm a King, Webbie/Trinia - Bad Chick (Makes a Video), Webbie/Trinia - Bad Chick, R. Kelly - Trapped in the Closet Chapters 2-5 (Access Granted), R. Kelly - Trapped in the Closet Chapter 2, R. Kelly - Trapped in the Closet Chapter 3, R. Kelly - Trapped in the Closet Chapter 4, R. Kelly - Trapped in the Closet Chapter 5, R. Kelly - Trapped in the Closet (VH1 Special), Cherrelle - Affair, Labtekwon - King Very Vicious, U2 - City of Blinding Lights, Papa Roach - Last Resort, Monster Magnet - Monolithic, Papa Roach - She Loves Me Not (Live at Starland), Haste the Day - When Everything Falls, Hate Eternal - I Monarch, Godsmack - Voodoo, Raging Speedhorn - How Much Can a Man Take, Jethro Tull - My Sunday Feeking (Isle of Wight), Bee Gees - Jive Talkin' (Live One Night Only), Elvis Costello - Radio Radio (Live in Memphis), Levellers - One Way, Saul Williams - Black Stacey, Cloud Room - Hey Now Now, M83 - Teen Angst, Chemcial Brothers - The Boxer, Loggins & Messina - Your Mama Don't Dance - (Live Acoustic VH1C 05), Erasure - Don't Say You Love Me, Audioslave - Your Time Has Come, Killers - All These Things That I've Done, Nine Inch Nails - Only, Joung Jeezy - And Then What, Mars Volta - L'Via L'Viaquez, Raspberries - Go All The Way (Live), Cherrelle - I Didn't Mean To Turn You On, Elton John - Nikita, Hustle Mania - Bend Over, Rudye/Savage - She a Poppa, Jay-Z/Memphis Bleek/Amil - Hey Papi, Snoop Dogg - Dogg Named Snoop, Ying Yang Twins - Badd, David Banner - Play, Bobby Valentino - Tell Me, Trey Songz/Twista - Gotta Make It, Jim Jones - Baby Girl/Gee's Up, Kurupt - We Can Freak It, Rihanna - Pon De Replay, Slim Thugs/Bun B - I Ain't Heard of That, E-40/Sugat - Sprinkle Me, 3LW - Playas Gon' Play, Cassidy - B-Boy Stance, Webbie - Bad Chick (Remix), Luther Vandross - She Won't Talk To Me, Nas/Jadakiss/Ludacris - Made You Look (Remix), Jagged Edge/J.D./Da Brat/Lil' Bow Wow/R.O.C./Tigah - Where the Party At? (Remix), R. Kelly/Jay-Z/Boo/Gotti - Fiesta (Remix), Jadakiss/Styles/Eve - We Gonna Make it (Remix), Chingy/JD/Trinia - Right Thurr (Remix), M.O.P./Busta Rhymes/Remi Martin/Tephlon - Ante Up (Remix), Depeche Mode - Strangelove 88, Pras Michel - Haven't Found, Common & Sadat X/Talib Kweli - One-Nine-Nine-Nine, Leela James - Music, Ali Shaheed Muhammad - Banga, Kem - I Can't Stop Loving You, Kelly Price - You Should've Told Me

1386. Entourage Tape #1 - Pilot, The Review, Talk Show, Date Night, The Script and the Sherpa, Busey and the Beast, The Scene, New York, The Boys are Back in Town, Season 2 - On Location, My Maserati Does 185, Aquamansion, An Offer Refused, Neighbors, Chinatown, A Conversation with the Cast, Buzz - Season 2 Red Carpet Special

1387. Cartoon Tape #12 - The Cats Bah, Bulldozing the Bull, Señor Droopy, Hare-Abian Nights, Really Scent, Who Scent You?, Touche and Go, Porky's Badtime Story (Colorized 1992), Porky's Poultry Plant (Colorized 1995), Prehistoric Porky (Colorized 1995), Little Boy Boo, Porky and Teabiscuit (Colorized 1992), I Haven't Got A Hat (Dubbed 1995), Banty Raids, Porky's Garden (Colorized 1992), Picador Porky (Colorized 1992), Little Orphan Airedale, Of Rice and Hen, Kitty Kornered (Dubbed 1995), Weasel Stop, Lights Fantastic (Dubbed 1995), Riff Raffy Daffy, Muscle Tussle, My Little Duckaroo, Dime to Retire (Dubbed 1998), The High and the Flighty, The Peachy Cobbler, Hush My Mouse (Dubbed 1995), Little Brother Rat, Well Worn Daffy, Assault and Peppered, Chili Corn Corny, Go Go Amigo, Mucho Locos, Mexican Mousepiece, A Squeak In The Deep, Feather Finger, Swing Ding Amigo, A Taste of Catnip, Sniffles and the Bookworm, Porky's Bear Facts, Bedtime for Sniffles (Dubbed 1995), Porky's Naughty Nephew (Colorized 1992), Naughty But Mice (Dubbed 1995), Lost and Foundling, Porky's Hotel (Colorized 1992), The Unbearable Bear (Dubbed 1995), One Meat Brawl (Dubbed 1995), The Brave Little Bat (Dubbed 1995), Old Glory (Dubbed 1995), The Slick Chick

1388. Cops Tape #8 - Coast to Coast #1727. 4/30/05, Coast to Coast #1728. 4/30/05, Grand Theft Auto 3 #1722. 5/14/05, Armed & Dangerous 2 Special Edition #1714. 5/21/05, Bizarre Calls Special Edition #1734. 5/21/05, Dallas #819. 5/11/96, Miami #440. 6/27/92, Coast to Coast #1729. 7/2/05, Coast to Coast #1731. 7/9/05, Coast to Coast #1732. 7/16/05, Las Vegas #721. 7/8/95, Indianapolis #1201. 9/11/99, Indianapolis #1202. 1/15/00, Boston #420. 12/14/91, Boston #417. 11/23/91, Fort Myers #933. 6/21/97, Miami #429. 2/22/92

1389. Cheaters Tape #12 - Undercover Lovers, Dirty Deeds, Kimberly Woodward (Luis Valdez/Vanessa Airey), Tracey Kiltner (Thomas Harris/Barbara Stockton), Adam Greene (E67-1) #518. 4/23/05

1390. The Three Stooges Tape #9 - Scotched in Scotland, Three Arabian Nuts, Three Loan Wolves, No Dough Boys, Stone Age Romeos, Celebrity Deathmatch - Three Stooges vs. the Three Tenors. #211. 7/15/99, Blunder Boys, Commotion on the Ocean, The Tooth Will Out, Self-Made Maids, Wham-Bam-Slam!, Fifi Blow Her Top, Back From the Front, Goof on the Roof, Three Troubledoers, Muscle Up a Little Closer, Rhythm and Weep, Rockin' Through the Rockies, Tricky Dicks, Monkey Businessmen, Outer Space Jitters, Higher Than a Kite; Rip, Sew, and Stitch

1391. 80s Music Videos & Beyond Tape #130 - Fantasia - Free Yourself, 112 - What If, Charlie Wilson - Charlie Last Name Wilson, Dru Hill - I Should Be, Amerie/T.I. - Touch, U.N.V. - Something's Gon' On, Common - The 6th Sense, TLC - Unpretty, Foxy Brown/Spragga Benz - Oh Yeah, Joss Stone - Don't Cha Wanna Ride, K-os - The Man I Used to Be, Ebony Eyez - In Ya Face, Keane - Everybody's Changing, Velvet Revolver - Come On Come In, Gwen Stefani - Cool, Joker the Bailbondsman/Bizzy Bone - Uh Huh!, Rob Thomas - This is How a Heart Breaks, Jason Mraz - Word Play, Natasha Bedingfield - These Words, Embrace - Ashes, Ben Moody/Anastacia - Everything Burns, Offspring - Can't Repeat, Black Dahlia Murder - A Vulgar Picture, Senses Fail - Rum is for Drinkin Not for Burning, Rob Zombie - Deamonoid Phenomenon, Dark Tranquility - The New Build, Soilwork - Nerve, Darkest Hour - Convalescence, Strength in Numbers - Time's Not Wasted, Gloria Estefan - Don't Wanna Lose You, Judas Priest - Diamonds & Rust (Live Acoustic), Judas Priest - Worth Fighting For (Live Acoustic), Dorinda Clark-Cole - Great is the Lord (Live), Mary Mary - Shackles (Praise You), Mary Mary - Heaven, Autolux - Turnstile Blues, Sights - Circus, Matt Pond PA - Closest (Look Out), Arcade Fire - Neighborhood #3 (Power Out), Maximo Park - Graffiti, Billy Idol - Rebel Yell V2, U2 - I Will Follow V2 (Live at Red Rocks), Tin Machine - Under the God, Brian Wilson - Heroes & Villains (Live), Incubus - Make a Move, Yellowcard/Metal of Honor European Assault - Only One, All American Rejects - Dirty Little Secret (Makes a Video) 7/22/05, All American Rejects - Dirty Little Secret, Incubus - Stellar, Killers - Somebody Told Me (, Faith Evans - Again (, Tori Amos - Sleeps with Butterflies (, Bowling for Soup - Almost (, Montgomery Gentry - Something to Be Proud Of, Alison Krauss & Union Station - Goodbye is All We Have, Brooks & Dunn - My Heart is Lost to You, Miranda Lambert - Bring Me Down, Josh Gracin - Stay with Me (Brass Bed), Pat Green - Baby Doll, Willie Nelson/Toots Hibbert - I am a Worried Man, Sara Evans - A Real Fine Place to Start, Brad Paisley - Alcohol, Billy Dean - I'm in Love with You (Live), Brooks & Dunn - Red Dirt Road, Jace Everett - That's the Kind of Love I'm in, Trace Adkins - Chrome, Atlantic Starr - Masterpiece, D.R.S. - Gangsta Lean, Ann Claire - Rubber Hits the Road (Making the Video), Ann Claire - Rubber Hits the Road, U2 - God Part II (Live), Natural Selection/Niki Harris - Do Anything, Beastie Boys/NBA Street 3 - Oh Word, Blink 182/Spongebob Sqaurepants - All the Small Things, My Chemical Romance/Death Jr. - I'm Not Okay (I Promise), Michael McDonald - I Keep Forgettin', W.A.S.P. - Blind in Texas, John P. Kee/VIP Adult Choir - Worthy, John P. Kee/VIP Adult Choir - Send Your Power, John P. Kee/New Life Community Choir - Stand, Throwdown - Burn, Unearth - Endless, Static-X - I'm the One, 50 Cent/Mobb - Outta Control (Remix) (Deep Makes a Video) 7/24/05, 50 Cent/Mobb Deep - Outta Control (Remix), Catherine Wheel - Crank, Mates of State - Goods (All In Your Head), Morningwood - Jetsetter, Audioslave - Like a Stone, Stone Temple Pilots - Interstate Love Song

1392. American Music Awards 1/30/89 - Michael Jackson Tribute with Eddie Murphy, News - Michael Jackson Visits a Stockton CA school after a shooting, Entertainment Tonight - Michael Jackson fires his manager Frank Dileo 1988, California Raisins Commercial with Michael Jackson rasin, Entertainment Tonight - Diana Ross Call Me Miss Ross biography reveals secrets of Michael Jackson 10/89, 40 Most Shocking Celebrity Mugshots, Gleason (2002), Space Ghost - Flipmode, Awesomely Wacky Celebrity Baby Names 7/18/05, Inside the Actors Studio - Harrison Ford (2000), Ask Dr. Baden - An Autopsy Special, Space Ghost - Sweet For Brak

1393. Family Guy/American Dad! Tape #1 - AD - Pilot, FG - North by North Quahog, AD - Threat Levels, FG - Fast Times at Buddy Cianci High, AD - Stan Knows Best, FG - Blind Ambition, AD - Francine's Flashback, FG - Don't Make Me Over, AD - Rodger Codger, FG - The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire, AD - Homeland Insecurity, FG - Petarded, AD - Deacon Stan, Jesus Man; FG - 8 Simple Rules for Buying My Teenage Daughter, FG - Breaking Out Is Hard to Do, FG - Brian the Bachelor, FG - Model Misbehavior

1394. Baby Looney Tunes Tape #2 - Cool for Cats/Time Out! #36. 12/26/02, The Brave Little Tweety/Foghorn's Talkin' in the Barnyard/The Puddle Olympics #8. 9/25/02, A Lot Like Lola/Baby Elmer Had a Friend/Mother's Day Madness #9. 9/26/02, Spinout/Taz's Fridge/Snow Day #11. 9/30/02, Shadow of a Doubt/John Jacob Jongle Elmer Fudd/Christmas in July #12. 10/1/02, Flower Power/Looney Tunes Zoo/Lightning Bugs Sylvester #14. 10/3/02, Mind Your Manners/Petunia the Piggy Bank #27. 10/29/02, Flush Hour/Paws and Feathers/I Strain #15. 10/4/02, Loose Change/Act Your Age #30. 11/20/02, Never Say Try/Pair O' Dice Lost #33. 12/9/02, All Washed Up/My Bunny Lies Over the Ocean/Did Not! Did Too! #17. 10/8/02, Tea & Basketball/Down by the Cage/Taz You Like It #18. 10/9/02, The Harder They Fall/Business as Usual #20. 10/11/02, Mr. McStuffles/Picture This! #21. 10/14/02, Lights! Camera! Tweety!/ Backstage Bugs #46. 4/13/05, Wrong!/Win, Lose or Daffy #48. 4/15/05, Who's Your Granny?/Tattletale #31. 11/21/02

1395. Judge Mathis Tape #8 - Gisele Miller vs. Stacy Mangan & Amy-Sue Nance/Krystal Rodney vs. Falana Cole/James Siebens (20) vs. Jesse Greer (20), Brittany Hartsfield (21) vs. Latoya Daniel (19) #6097. 2/18/05, Sean Flanagen vs. Melanie Lawson/Charles Winokur vs. Steven Weisberg/Dominque Pippens (19) vs. Jana Hopson (19)/Phillip Brandon Hurst (19) & Sean Lawson vs. Christopher Morgan (20) & Stacie Lawson #6098. 2/21/05, Angela Karina vs. Louis Roque/Sally Light vs. Maria Karl/Vincent Bell vs. Theresa Dean/Jason Kiesau vs. Deon Oden #6100. 2/23/05, Ashley Owens (19) vs. Jeremey Marshall (23)/Pamela Jenkins vs. Titania Martin/Daisy Berrios vs. Luis Laboy/Evelyn Stewart vs. Chanda Owens #6073. 1/17/05, Shaun Dickey (24) vs. Amanda Scott (18)/Art & Andrea Gumm vs. Dwayne & Dwayne Oros Jr. (20)/C.R. Toliver vs. Diane Womack-Foreman & Andrea Smith/Alonzo Bray vs. Randall Bray (22) #6092. 2/11/05, Joy Maybin vs. Lisa Berry & Derrick McGowan Jr. (18)/Joleen Collins vs. Jaclyn Wagoner/Deborah Scales vs. Joyce Jorgensen/Audrey Scott vs. Serita Scott #6095. 2/16/05, Shannon & Charles Stephens vs. Tina Greenawalt/Alisia Ogans (19) vs. Markesha Turner (22)/Paul Schiff vs. Troy Huff/Patrina Like vs. Crystal Esters #6094. 2/15/05, Kristen Ostendorf (19) vs. Seth Brazina (27)/Debbie & Ashley Jade Spriggs vs. Tammara Dunn (16) & Willie Ann Simmons/Rachel Millspaugh (19) vs. Maria Keith (18)/Adam Labov vs. Carlos Lozano #6102. 2/25/05, Pauline Locke & Willard Steger vs. Larry Converse & Sue Gustafson/Kenneth Martin vs. Jeannine Todd/Darryl White vs. Mark Addison/Christean Conners vs. Connie Clark #6101. 2/24/05

1396. Cops Tape #9 - Houston TX #332. 5/91, Coast to Coast #1428. 3/9/02, Coast to Coast #1433. 9/21/02, Indianapolis IN #644. 5/7/94, Coast to Coast #1528. 7/19/03, Albuquerque, NM #835. 6/29/96, Coast to Coast #1736. 7/23/05, 600th Milestone Episode #1720. 4/30/05, Boston MA #418. 3/21/92, Broward Co. FL #113. 6/89, Mardi Gras 1995 Pt 2 #802. 2/17/96, Los Angeles CA #226. 4/90, Portland OR #210. 11/89, Coast to Coast #1512. 3/8/03, Mesa AZ #1133. 5/1/99, Mesa AZ #1134. 5/15/99, Albuquerque NM #1233. 5/20/00, Kansas City MO #405. 9/13/91

1397. Whose Line is it Anyway? #7025 - Final Show, City Cops - Off the Vegas Strip #301. 2/12/04, San Francisco Blue - The Southern District 1/3/03, San Francisco Blue - The Tenderloin District - 1/10/03, San Francisco Blue - The Mission District 10/18/02, Vegas Law and Order 5/13/04, Back Streets of Vegas 5/27/04, Casino Cops - Vegas 2001, Whose Line is it Anyway? #7016, Hannity & Colmes - Ann Coulter, Michael Reagan, John Walsh 7/27/05

1398. Tiny Toon Adventures Tape #2 - Weirdest Story Ever Told - Robin Hare/To Babs or not to Babs/Elmyra's Round the World #54. 2/8/91, Gang Busters #21. 10/12/90, Career Opportunities - Buster's Guide to Part Time Jobs/Working Pig/Falling to Pizzas #37. 11/13/90, Furrball Follies - K-9 Kitty/Aroma Amore/Cross Country Kitty #13. 10/2/90; Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow #18. 10/9/90, Her Wacky Highness #6. 9/21/90, Rock 'N Roar #16. 10/5/90, Son On Looniversity Daze - Plucky's Dastardly Deed/Open and Shut Case/C Flat or B Sharp? #47. 12/7/90, Sawdust and Toonsil #31. 11/5/90, The Wacko World of Sports - Tennis the Menace/Bleacher Bummer/ Miniature Goof #28. 10/30/90, Hollywood Plucky #26. 10/23/90, Life in the 1990's - Whining Out/Paper Trained/Butt Out #15. 10/4/90, Whale's Tales #45. 11/26/90, You Asked for It Again - Buster's Guide to Goofing Off/Elmyra at the Mall/Hold the Sugar #58. 2/15/91, Inside Plucky Duck - Bat's All Folks/Wild Takes Class #39. 11/15/90, Son of the Wacko World of Sports - Buster at the Bat/Buster's New Bike/Acme Acres' Summer Olympics #56. 2/12/91, Wake Up Call of the Wild - Migrant Mallard/It's a Jungle out There/Kitty Cat-Astrophe #23. 10/17/90

1399. Cops Tape #10 - Bad Girls! 1 Special Edition #1527. 11/23/02, Coast to Coast #1529. 7/26/03, El Paso TX #623. 3/5/94, San Bernardino CA #545. 7/31/93, Coast to Coast #1513. 3/15/03, Stun Gun Special Edition #1531. 2/22/03, Coast to Coast #1530. 8/2/03, Los Angeles CA #711. 1/7/95, Broward Co. FL #111. 5/26/89, Jacksonville FL #1308. 12/16/00, Jacksonville FL #1309. 1/6/01, Tampa FL #325. 3/91, Tampa FL #326. 4/91, Nashville TN #616. 9/25/93, Pierce Co. WA #1326. 5/12/01, Coast to Coast #1504. 12/14/02, Coast to Coast #1506. 1/18/03, Coast to Coast #1514. 3/22/03

1400. The Golden Voyage of Sinbad (1974), The New Kids (1985), New York Minute (2004), MSNBC Investigates: Captured - Cops Caught on Tape (2001), Top 10 TV Stars that Became Movie Stars

1401. 80s Music Videos & Beyond Tape #131 - Aqualung - Brighter than Sunshine, Ben Folds - Landed, Jimmy Eat World - The Middle, Coldplay - Clocks (Storyteller), Alanis Morissette - Hand in My Pocket (Acoustic), Rob Thomas - Lonely no More (, Josh Kelly - Only You, Iggy Pop - Search And Destroy (Live At The Avenue B), Elton John - Recover Your Soul, GTR - Steve Howe's Sketches In The Sun, Bryan Adams - Straight from the Heart (Live Acoustic VH1-C 05), Brian McKnight - The Way Love Goes V2, Maino - Rumors, Frayser Boy/Mike Jones & Paul Wall - I Got that Drank, Luke/Jiggy & Kid Capri - Party Don't Stop, Kim Wilde - Four Letter Word, Glenn Medeiros/Bobby Brown - She Ain't Worth It, Trina/Tweet - No Panties, Hangin' with Blackie Lawless of W.A.S.P. Interview 7/05, Steve Winwood - Don't You Know What The Night Can Do, Device - Who Says, Smithereens - House We Used To Live In , Exies - Ugly, Queen V - America (Live), Llewellyn Mitchell - Every Little Step, Christianaires - Bridge Over Troubled Water (Live), Vickie Winans/Tim Bowman - Shake Yourself Loose, Johnny Mo - A Great Man, Lazet Michaels - Press, Mississippi Mass Choir - God is Keeping Me (Live), Dorothy Norwood - Praise in the Temple (Live), Bishop T.D. Jakes & the Potter's House Choir - The Storm is Over (Live), Marvin Sapp - Grace and Mercy (Live), Madball - Heaven - Hell, E-Town Concrete - What Can I Do, Alice in Chains - We Die Young, Obituary - Insane, Joan Armatrading - Drop the Pilot, Men at Work - Dr. Heckyll and Mr. Jive, OXO - Whirly Girl, Mando Diao - You Can't Steal My Love, Golden Republic - You Almost Had It, Sun - My Girlfriend's Best Friend, Mike Doughty - Looking at the World From the Bottom Of a Well, Paul Weller - From The Floorboards Up, Walter Egan - Magnet & Steel, Chingy/Ludacris/Snoop Dogg - Holidae In, Cold Play - Fix You, Bloodhound Gang - Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo (Makes a Video) 7/26/05, Bloodhound Gang - Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo, Bruce Springsteen - Fire (Bridge School Benefit), U2 - Please, Tommy Page - I'll Be Your Everything, Club Nouveau - Why You Treat Me So Bad, Cherelle - Everything I Miss At Home, Anna Nalick - Breathe (2AM) -, Jason Mraz - The Remedy (, John Legend - Ordinary People (, Collective Soul - Better Now (, Cuban Link/Don Omar - Scandalous, Mighty Casey - White Girls, Chingy - Right Thurr (Dirrty Version), Mariah Carey - Shake It Off (Access Granted) 7/27/05, Mariah Carey - Shake It Off , Keyshia Cole - I Should Have Cheated (Access Granted) 8/3/05, Keyshia Cole - I Should Have Cheated System of a Down - Questions, Haunted - No Compromise, Dope - Bitch, Clutch - Burning Beard, Nevermore - Final Product, Avenged Sevenfold - Bat Country, Cold - Happens all the Time, Dorinda Clark-Cole - Gospel Goes Classical (Live), Bauhaus - Bela Lugosi's Dead (Hunger Version), Sons and Daughters - Dance Me In, Of Montreal - Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games, Single Frame - Exact Copy of This in the Basement, Vendetta Red - Silhouette Serenade, Marjorie Fair - Empty Room, Deana Carter - We Danced Anyway, Warren Brothers - Change, Erika Jo - I Break Things

1402. Baby Looney Tunes Tape #3 - Daffy Did It!/Foghorn's Talkin' in the Barnyard/Pig Who Cried Wolf #23. 10/16/02, A Turtle Named Mrytle/There's Nothing Like A Good Book #49. 4/18/05, New Cat in Town/Baby Bunny/Magic of Spring #24. 10/17/02, Taz in Toyland/Born to Sing/A Secret Tweet. #1. 9/7/02, For Whom the Toll Calls/Cereal Boxing #26. 10/28/02, The Creature from the Chocolate Chip/The Looney Riddle/Card Bored Box #4. 9/19/02, Who Said That?/Paws and Feathers/Let Them Make Cake #25. 10/18/02, Pastime for Petunia/Looney Tunes Zoo/Pouting Match #28. 11/18/02, Eggs-Traordinary Adventure Special (2002), Mine!/Over the Burrow/ Sylvester the Pester #6. 9/23/02, Cat-Taz-Trophy/If You're Looney/Duck! Monster! Duck! #7. 9/24/02, Oh Brother, Warehouse Art Thou?/Flu the Coop #42. 4/7/05, Blast Off Bugs/Baby Brouhaha #43. 4/8/05, Are We There Yet/Save Our Cinnamon #45. 4/12/05, Stop and Smell Up The Flowers/Firehouse Frolics #51. 4/20/05, Melissa the Hero/Trouble with Larry #34. 12/16/02

1403. Cops Tape #11 - Cleveland OH #632. 12/4/93, Coast to Coast #1412. 9/15/01, Albuquerque NM #834. 6/22/96, Kansas City MO #406. 10/19/91, Kids in Peril Special Edition #1521. 9/28/02, Coast to Coast #1432. 4/27/02, Los Angeles CA #731. 5/20/95, Mardi Gras 1995 Pt 1 #801. 2/17/96, Kansas City MO #403. 8/24/91, Las Vegas NV #314. 12/90, New Jersey NJ #317. 1/91, Kansas City KS #402. 8/17/91, Little Rock AR #639. 2/7/94, Orange County CA #838. 7/13/96, Los Angeles CA #219. 2/90, Broward Co. FL #101. 3/18/89, Fort Worth TX #534. 4/24/93, Miami FL #905. 10/5/96

1404. Pac-Man - Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Pac-Man/Around the World in 80 Chomps, Super-Pac vs. Pac-Ape/Computer Packy, Pac Van Winkle/Happy Pacs-Giving, The Great Pac-Quake/Hocus-Pocus Pac-Man, Ill-Ustrated - Sly Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger play together/Tupac & Biggie Romantic Moods/Washingotn Squars, Brody Kis & Howard Dean/Yogi Bush & Boo Boo Cheney/Band Members Reunited - Rick Allen's arm/WB Shirtless Tuesday/Samuel Jackson PSA/TKX - Ted Kennedy Experiment/Rush Limbaugh & Bill O'Reilly/Bush's robot monster, Ill-Ustrated - The Time Pervs visit the future/The Home Shopping Channel: The U.S. Constitution/Axl Rose gets a new job at McDougals 2/Tom and Rummy's Right Wing Icecream commercial/The Shield's Vic Mackey visits The Andy Griffith Show/The Home Shopping Channel: Innocent Blood/American Chopper/The Home Shopping Channel: A Dirty Bomb/Willie Nelson and The Strokes/Help reivigerate your sex life with John and Teresa Kerry's instructional DVD/R. Kelly's Parallel Universe, Ill-Ustrated - The Time Pervs go back to 1995 to prevent Bill Clinton from making a huge mistake/Dick Cheney is The Six Bazillion Dollar Vice President/Ad for the 2005 Dudge Environmental-Holocaust SU/John Kerry shreds up the slopes snowboarding in his new video game John Kerry Pro Snowboarder/Donald Rumsfeld's new fragrance Balls cologne/VH1's 87 Greatest Celebrity Butt Cracks/Tom Brokaw reports on a violent hockey attack/Samuel L. Jackson PSA smoking pot is for f**kheads!/The founding fathers discuss the thought of electronic mail/Ron Jeremy: Living/The founding fathers discuss the thought of internet dating., Inside Out - Lisa Marie Presley, P. Diddy's Bad Boys of Comedy - Ronnie Jordan, Mike Brooks, Big Jay, Will-E-Robot, AFI Salutes George Lucas (2005), Electric Playground - Star Wars: Republic Commando. #1309. 1/30/05, Tony Danza Show w/Kelly Osbourne 7/14/05, Animaniacs - Soccer Coach Slappy (2001 ASO Parody), Behind the Music - New Edition, Robot Chicken - Badunkadunk - The Hulk/Michael Jackson confronts his alter ego. #13. 4/24/05

1405. A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell, 40 Most Awesomely Bad Breakup Songs…Ever 6/3/05, Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger, Babyface Live - Grown & Sexy, Brak Show - Goldfish, Space Ghost - Baffler Meal, Grace Under Fire - Vega$ w/Drew #419. 2/26/97

1406. Cops Tape #12 - Miami FL #906. 10/12/96, Fresno CA #928. 4/12/97, Fresno CA #930. 7/26/97, Portland OR #209. 11/89, San Diego CA #217. 1/90, New Jersey NJ #319. 2/91, Albuquerque NM #833. 5/18/96, Coast to Coast #1523. 4/26/03, Sacramento CA #607. 3/26/94, Coast to Coast #1516. 4/12/03, El Paso TX #624. 3/19/94, Boston MA #415. 11/16/91, Alaska #307. 10/90, Coast to Coast #1526. 5/3/03, Cleveland OH #633. 12/18/93, Fort Myers FL #935. 7/12/97, Fort Myers FL #936. 7/12/97, Alaska #308. 11/90

1407. Cartoon Tape #13 - Sniffles Takes A Trip (Dubbed 1995), Porky the Rain Maker (Colorized 1992), Jerky Turkey (MGM 1945), I Wanna Play House (Dubbed 1995), Little Red Rodent Hood, What Price Fleadom (MGM 1948), Mouse Mazurka (Dubbed 1998), Hoppy Daze, Hoppy-Go-Lucky, Feather Dusted, The Ducksters, The Chocolate Chase, Skyscraper Caper, See Ya Later Gladiator, The Spy Swatter, Barbary-Coast Bunny, War and Pieces, Hot-Rod and Reel, The Fighting 69 1/2th (Dubbed 1995), The Gay Anties (Dubbed 1995), Cats and Bruises, Mexicali Shmoes, To Beep Or Not To Beep, Mexican Boarders, The Cat That Hated People (MGM 1948), Tabasco Road, Mexican Cat Dance, A Broken Leghorn, Porky's Poor Fish (Colorized 1995), Porky Pig Show Closing Theme (1964), Boulder Wham!, The Squawkin' Hawk (Dubbed 1995), Kiddin' The Kitten, Tugboat Granny, Porky Pig Show Opening Theme (1964), Tired and Feathered, Bell Hoppy, Too Hop To Handle, Wild About Hurry, Sugar and Spies, Sandy Claws, Lighthouse Mouse, Hippety Hopper, I'd Love To Take Orders From You (Dubbed 1995), Katnip Kollege (Dubbed 1995), Gonzales' Tamales, Feather Bluster, Sleepy Time Possum, Porky's Hired Hand (Colorized 1992), Fastest With The Mostest, Porky the Giant Killer (Colorized 1992), Beep Prepared, Rover's Rival (Colorized 1995), Porky's Romance, Porky's Road Race (Colorized 1995)

1408. The Dead Zone Tape #6 - Tipping Point, Broken Circle #401. 6/12/05, The Collector #402. 6/19/05, Double Vision #403. 6/26/05, Still Life #404. 7/10/05, Heroes & Demons #405. 7/17/05, The Last Goodbye #406. 7/24/05, Grains of Sand #407. 7/31/05, Vanguard #408. 8/7/05

1409. Punk'd Tape #2 - Jessica Biel, Nick Lachey; Frankie Muniz, Justin Timberlake; Mya, Katie Holmes, Tracy Morgan; Jack Osbourne, Wee Man, Pink, Stephen Dorff; Salma Hayek (Penelope Cruz), Eva Longoria, Mario; Jesse Metcalfe, Kirsten Dunst, Michelle Rodriguez; Spartacus Pepsi Ad; Zoe Saldana, Serena Williams, Zach Braff ; Jadakiss, Rachel Bilson, Dirk Nowitzki; Jamie-Lynn DiScala, Andy Roddick, Marques Houston; Chingy, Jon Heder, Joss Stone; Vanessa Carlton, Ciara, Nicole Richie; Bizarre, Ashlee Simpson, Stone Cold Steve Austin; The Game, Simon Cowell, Raven Symone; Allen Iverson, Jermaine O'Neal, George Lopez, Tyrese; Tony Hawk, Jesse McCartney, Brittany Snow; Thora Birch, T.I., Sofia Vergara; Benjamin Mckenzie, Jason Bateman, Akon; Adrien Brody, Mila Kunis, Lisa Leslie; Ja Rule, Ryan Cabrera, Laura Prepon; Shaq, Avril Lavigne, Triple H

1410. Judge Mathis Tape #9 - Melissa Thomas vs. Jeremy Levine/Michelle Musilli vs. Rachel & Meghan Musilli (19)/Audrey Davis (21) vs. Willis Harris (24)/Robert Buchanan vs. Albert Cherry #6083. 1/31/05, Patrick Stephenson vs. Alan Megard/Paul McAdams (58) vs. Angela Bryant/Roger Cones vs. April Wier & Eric Reuther/Mary Love vs. Elaine & Xavier Moody (13) #6103. 2/28/05, Alexis Glover vs. Damon Bruce/Nancy Hays vs. Donald Hays (25)/Andrew White & Laurie Barron vs. Joel Roth/Debra Perillo (21) vs. Robert Keegan (22) #6076. 1/20/05, Nicole Jewell (21) vs. Terry & Katherine Guesford/Tessa Johnson vs. Stacia Torkelson/Allen Schooler, Jr. (63) Vs. Aaren Campbell (27)/Shauna Kirk vs. Kimberly Sanseri #6084. 2/1/05, Meredith Richards vs. Elizabeth St. Clair/Charlotte Taylor vs. Anita Howard/Donald Williams Vs. Twyla Williams/Holly Rutkowski (19) vs. Mark West #6075. 1/19/05, Christopher Harding (21) & Colleen Magee (18) vs. Annemarie Ross/Norphesa Jones-Draper vs. Joseph Draper/Cynthia Bettis vs. Elizabeth Cotton/Cheryl Trice vs. Geraldene Coyne #6071. 1/12/05, Jeff Bruce vs. Laura Hoffman & Abigail Bruce/Shonta Pipes (19) vs. Nina Flowers (19)/Michael Algate vs. Robert Beggs/Christine Mead vs. Miranda Fesler #6079. 1/25/05, Wendy Schultz vs. Edward Patterson/Angela Guerra (25) vs. Kelly Thiebaud (22)/S.J. & Vicki Johnson vs. Valerie Wells/Ryan Reeves vs. Gregg Lilienfield #6065. 1/3/05, Keli Sada vs. David Garcia/Timothy Daniels & Laurence Jahn vs. Theresa Culhane/Ronita Phillips & vs. Michael Meador/Lashanna Eastes vs. Tanya Dyson #6117. 4/11/05

1411. Animal Cops Tape #1 - Detroit/Reptile Raid 9/17/03, Detroit/Fowl Play 9/16/03, Detroit/Heat Wave 9/5/03, Detroit/House of Cats 9/4/03, Detroit/Rush Hour Rescue 8/17/03, Houston/Mini Horse Power 2/22/05, Miami Animal Police - Massacre Mystery 8/8/05, Skin and Bones 8/9/05, Mad Gator Momma 8/10/05

1412. Cops Tape #13 - Nashville TN #617. 6/4/94, Pittsburgh PA #324. 3/91, Pittsburgh PA #323. 3/91, Cops Promo - High Speed Sequence to 1812 Overture, Coast to Coast #1711. 8/6/05, Mardi Gras 2002 Pt 2 #1503. 5/18/02, Mardi Gras 2002 Pt 1 #1502. 5/18/02, San Bernardino CA #544. 7/24/93, Las Vegas NV 350th Episode. #1008. 11/1/97, Las Vegas NV #1009. 11/15/97, Riverside Co. CA #330. 5/91, Indianapolis IN #645. 9/24/94, Kansas City/New York #1015. 11/8/97, Kansas City #1018. 1/17/98, Buffalo NY #826. 1/27/96, Las Vegas NV #312. 12/90, Memphis TN #422. 1/11/92, Pierce Co. WA #505. 12/19/92, Coast to Coast #1524. 5/3/03

1413. Real TV Tape #8 - The World's Dumbest Foul Ups Caught on Tape #3155. 5/14/99, Georgia cops pull over a motorcycle and then he runs. Sgt. Jim Robbins gets up to 130mph chasing him. #1062. 12/3/96, During a Minneapolis convenience store robbery the robber fires at the owner and holds him hostage #1063. 12/4/96, At a Tampa, FL Sears on 10/21/96 a man hid inside the store and after it closes tries to rob it. #1068. 12/11/96, In Laurel, DE three people skydive and do a formation and crash into David the cameraman and knock him out. #1072. 12/17/96, On the St. Johns river an ice flow breaks off and heads down the river. #1073. 12/18/96, In Boston, MA a girl is trapped in an apartment fire. #1076R. 6/18/97, In Cleveland, OH a funny car drag racer veers into a wall and flips over and over again just missing Killer Brooks. #1080. 1/10/97, In Jacksonville, FL the Cathedral Tower for Seniors building fire on the 18th floor traps an old woman inside. #1083. 1/15/97, In North Queensland, Australia Tom & Dwaine Hummet base jump from a waterfall, In Uruguay, while giving birth a baby giraffe gets stuck halfway out #3122. 3/30/99, World Extreme Skiing Championship. Brigette Mead tumbles down the slope in Valdez, AK. #2146. 4/27/98, The Village, OK - Officer Chuck Lucas try to pull over a woman who won't stop. #5113. 5/23/01, Animal Icons - It Came from Japan (Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, Ghidrah, Gamra), Discover Magazine - The Future of Law Enforcement (High Tech Hot Pursuit/Fingerprinting), Cornerstone Festival 2002 Live - LUG & Unfisted, Smoking Gun TV - Diana Ross/Liza Minelli/Sharon Stone/Richard Simmons/James Brown

1414. Cops Tape #14 - Sacramento, CA #604. 10/23/93; Coast to Coast #1418. 11/31/01, Shots Fired Special Edition #1520. 11/2/02, U.S. Marshall Special #414. 2/7/92; Cleveland, OH #636. 2/26/94; Nashville, TN #1025. 4/4/98; Nashville, TN #1026. 6/20/98; Fort Worth, TX #536. 5/22/93; Fort Worth, TX #535. 5/15/93; Corpus Christi, TX #1033. 4/25/98; Corpus Christi, TX #1034. 5/9/98; Portland, OR #211. 12/89; El Paso, TX #625. 4/2/94; Kansas City #401. 8/10/91; Cops Blue Danube Promo, Kansas City #408. 10/5/91; New Jersey #320. 2/91; Coast to Coast #1509. 11/16/02; Fort Worth, TX #537. 5/16/93

1415. Animal Cops Tape #2 - Miami Animal Police - Midnight Walker 8/11/05, Houston - Exotic Cat House 2/23/05, Miami Animal Police - Battle to Live 8/12/05, Animal Precinct - Lost and Found 1/21/04, Houston - Cruel Neglect #8. 12/2/03, Houston - The Most Unwanted #9. 12/3/03, Houston - Guarding Angel 11/9/03, Houston - Courtroom Drama 12/1/03, Houston - Center of Chaos 6/18/04

1416. Cops Tape #15 - Pierce Co. WA #502. 9/19/92, Atlanta, GA #1103. 10/3/98, Best Of, Miami, FL #437. 6/13/92, Palm Beach Co. FL #1120. 1/30/99, Palm Beach Co. FL #1121. 2/6/99, Coast to Coast #1419. 1/19/02, Los Angeles, CA #223. 3/90, Los Angeles, CA #229. 4/90, Los Angeles, CA #712. 10/29/94, Boston, MA #421. 4/4/92, #419. Boston, MA 12/7/91, Coco the Clown #1501. 5/4/02, Pierce Co. WA #1314. 11/11/00, Sacramento, CA #609. 4/23/94, Mesa, AZ #1135. 5/22/99, Mesa, AZ #1136. 9/18/99, Orange County, CA #837. 7/6/96

1417. 80s Music Videos & Beyond Tape #132 - George Michael - Calling You (Live), U2 - Stay (Faraway, So Close), George Michael - Too Funky, U.F.O. - Back Into My Life, Gorillaz - Dare, Little Barrie - Free Salute, Augustana - Stars and Boulevards, West Indian Girl - What Are You Afraid Of?, Bret Michaels - Every Rose Has its Thorn (Live Acoustic VH1C 05), Rev Run - Mind On The Road, U2 - Sweetest Thing, Elton John - The One, Simple Plan - Addicted, Nikki Costa - Push and Pull, Proclaimers - I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) V2 - Benny and Joon, Swirl Three Sixty - Candy in the Sky, Jon Brion - Here We Go, Hot Chocolate - You Sexy Thing (Full Monty Version), Counting Crows - Big Yellow Taxi, Fuel - Won't Be Back, Chantel Kreviazuk - Leaving on a Jetplane, Wayne Wonder - Hold Me Now, Telepopmusik - Breathe, Moby - Extreme Ways, Preacha - Shake That, Kanye West/Jamie Foxx - Gold Digger, Busta Rhymes/Pharrel - Light Your Ass on Fire, S.O.S. Band - Borrowed Love, Jim Jones/Diddy/Jha Jha/Paul Wall - What You Been (Makes a Video) 8/21/05, Jim Jones/Diddy/Jha Jha/Paul Wall - What You Been, Arch Enemy - Nemesis, It Dies Today - Severed Ties Yield Severed Heads, Perfect Murder - Body and Blood, Pantera - This Love, Every Time I Die - Kill the Music, Black Label Society - In This River, Nile - Sacrifice Unto Sebek, In Flames - My Sweet Shadow, Pastor R.D. Jordan/The Inspiring Temple of Praise Church Singers - Be Inspired (Live), Junior Fountain & God's Generation - No Boundaries (Live), Yes (Gospel) - Yes (Live), Byron Cage - Lord Take Me Higher, Dandy Warhols - Smoke It, Caesars - It's Not The Fall That Hurts, Dungen - Panda, Architecture In Helsinki - Do The Whirlwind, Sean Paul - We Be Burnin' (Access Granted) 8/24/05, Sean Paul - We Be Burnin', Raspberries - I Wanna Be With You (Live Acoustic VH1C 05), Bon Jovi - Have A Nice Day, Taylor Dayne - With Every Beat Of My Heart (Remix), Franz Ferdinand - Do You Want To, Hootie and the Blowfish - One Love (, Natasha Bedingfield - These Words (, Aqualung - Brighter than Sunshine (, Faith Evans - Mesmerized (, Howie Day - Collide (, Giuffria - Call to the Heart, Buddy Guy/Jeff Beck - Mustang Sally, Crooked I - Boom Boom Clap, Three 6 Mafia/Young Buck/Eightball & MJG - Stay Fly, Surface - You Are My Everything, Bad Religion - Stranger than Fiction, Rolling Stones - Love Is Strong, Journey - Any Way You Want It (Concept), Used/SWAT 4 - Take it Away, Taking Back Sunday/Silent Hill - This Photograph is Proof (I Know You Know), Killers/Lineage II - Mr. Brightside, Queens of the Stone Age/Indigo Prophecy - Little Sister, Young Jeezy/Akon - Soul Survivor (Access Granted) 8/24/05, Young Jeezy/Akon - Soul Survivor, Green Day - Wake Me Up When September Ends, Sheryl Crow - Good is Good, Dave Matthews Band - Dreamgirl, Coldplay - Yellow, White Stripes - My Doorbell, Staind - Right Here, Tommy Lee/Butch Walker - Good Times, Body Count - There Goes The Neighborhood, Death By Stereo - Entombed We Collide, Dillinger Escape Plan - Unretrofied, Dope - Survive

1418. Cops Tape #16 - 911 Calls #S906. 2/6/96, Too Hot for Fox Special Edition #1435. 4/27/02, San Diego, CA #214. 12/89, Domestic Disturbance Special Edition #1515. 2/15/03, Los Angeles, CA #713. 12/3/94; Portland, OR #202. 9/89; Portland, OR #203. 10/89; Indianapolis, IN #1203. 9/25/99; Indianapolis, IN #1204. 10/9/99, San Diego, CA #216. 1/90; San Diego, CA #218. 1/90; Las Vegas, NV #722. 7/22/95; Fort Worth, TX #1214. 12/4/99, Albuquerque, NM #1225. 2/5/00, Albuquerque, NM #1226. 2/12/00, Boston, MA #416. 11/9/91, Los Angeles, CA #714. 12/10/94, Coast to Coast #1522. 4/19/03, Court TV Promo - The Beat Goes On

1419. Sanford and Son Tape #7 - Fred, the Reluctant Fingerman; This Land is Whose Land?, Pot Luck; Happy Birthday, Pop; We Were Robbed, The Return of the Barracuda, The Light Housekeeper, Chips Ahoy Softbaked Chunky Ad - Monolith/Thus Spake 2001 Parody, Whiplash; Have Gun, Will Sell; The Dowry, Jealousy, The Shootout, The Big Party, The Kid, Lamont as Othello, A House is Not a Poolroom, The Blind Mellow Jelly Collection (a.k.a.) The Chameleon

1420. Animal Cops Tape #3 - Houston - Deep Wounds #10. 1/26/04, Animal Precinct - Neglected Beauty 8/7/03, Animal Precinct - Expect the Unexpected #217. 2/10/03, Animal Precinct - Cases of the Heart 8/8/03, Animal Precinct - Bound by Betrayal 8/6/03, Animal Precinct - Out in the Cold 8/5/03, Houston - Intentionally Vicious 2/25/05, Animal Precinct - Saved from the Darkness, San Francisco - Ugly Ring Around the Collar 6/9/05

1421. Improper Conduct (Unrated), AutoManiac - Cop Cars 7/27/05, Biography - David Hasselhoff 8/5/05, Anatomy of Crime - Hot Pursuit, Headliners & Legends - Rush Limbaugh (2004), The Brak Show - Time Machine, Space Ghost - Eat a Peach, Celebrity Justice - Chris Tucker's High Speed Chase 4/17/05, Banzai - Michael Jackson Reverse Race Rendezvous #102. 7/20/03

1422. It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (1963), Techno Cops - Hi Tech Surveillance/Shot Spotters, People Magazine's 50 Crimes that Captivated America, 101 Juiciest Hollywood Hookups #40-20 w/Ozzy and Sharon, Cornerstone Festival 2002 - Room 33, Pillar, Strange Occurrence, Incurable Collector - Star Wars/High Noon Auction/Junkyard Gems/Walt Disney's Barn/Lionel Trains (7/1/01)

1423. Cops Tape #17 - Jacksonville: Cops/AMW Crossover #1301. 5/20/00, Portland, OR #205. 10/89, Portland, OR #204. 10/89, Indianapolis, IN #1210. 11/6/99, Coast to Coast #1505. 12/7/02, Fort Worth: Chases Special Edition #1215. 11/13/99, FX Labor Day 2005 Marathon Promo, Fort Worth, TX #1216. 1/8/00, Coast to Coast #1519. 11/9/02, Atlanta, GA #1110. 1/9/99, Coast to Coast #1508. 1/25/03, Bad Girls! 3 Mardi Gras Special Edition #1601. 5/10/03, Mardi Gras 2003 1 #1602. 4/26/03, Kansas City #723. 11/19/94, Pierce Co. WA #445. 1992, Pierce Co. WA #501. 10/3/92, Homicide USA Special #507. 11/7/92, Miami, FL #913. 11/30/96, Miami, FL #914. 12/7/96

1424. Cops Tape #18 - Minneapolis, MN - Women Cops #303. 9/90, Minneapolis, MN #305. 10/90, Las Vegas, NV #1011. 12/13/97, North Las Vegas, NV #1012. 1/24/98, Tampa, FL #812. 9/16/95, Kansas City #1019. 1/31/98, Kansas City #1020. 2/28/98, Pierce Co. WA #1316. 11/25/00, Pierce Co. WA #1317. 3/3/01, Las Vegas, NV #1002. 9/13/97, Las Vegas, NV #1003. 11/4/97, Las Vegas, NV #1004. 9/27/97, Las Vegas, NV #1001. 10/25/97, San Bernardino, CA #518. 9/4/93, Texas #1029. 4/18/98, Texas #1030. 7/25/98, Jacksonville, FL #1307. 12/2/00, Palm Beach Co. FL #1404. 3/6/02

1425. Cartoon Tape #14 - I'd Love To Take Orders From You (Dubbed 1995), Daffy's Diner, The Egg Collector (Dubbed 1995), Ceiling Hero (Dubbed 1995); Hop, Look and Listen (Dubbed 1995), Porky's Party (Colorized 1992), Porky's Building (Colorized 1995), Porky In The North Woods (Colorized 1995), Porky Chops, Porky's Pooch (Colorized 1990), Porky's Baseball Broadcast (B/W), Dough For The Do-Do, Animal Icons - Animated Animals w/Looney Tunes (2005), A Hound For Trouble, Toonheads - Future Shock (Dog Gone Modern - Dubbed 1995, House Hunting Mice, The House of Tomorrow) #24. 1/8/99, The Sour Puss (Colorized 1995), Notes To You (Colorized 1992), Crockett-Doodle-Do, Dog Collared, Double Or Mutton, Steal Wool, Save America's Wetlands Commercial w/Daffy Duck (1991), Out and Out Rout, Rushing Roulette, An Egg Scramble, Scrambled Aches, Weasel While You Work, There Auto Be a Law, Dog Gone Cats (Dubbed 1995); Beep, Beep; Guided Muscle, Zoom and Bored, Zip 'N Snort, Lickety-Splat, The Wild Chase, Hairied and Hurried, No Barking, Screwball Football (Dubbed 1995), Dr. Jerkyl's Hide, Booby Hatched (Dubbed 1995), Hiss and Make Up, Wild Wife, Woolen Under Where, Porky's Snooze Reel (Colorized 1995), Pests For Guests, My Little Buckeroo

1426. B-Movie Monsters - The Killer Shrews/The Giant Gila Monster, CMT's 20 Greatest City Songs & Music Videos, Mtv Video Music Awards 2005, Taxicab Confessions: New York, New York 2/5/05, Conerstone Festival Live 2002 - Combat Junkies, The Deal, One-21, Strange Occurance, Room 33, Pillar, The Man Commercial w/Samuel L. Jackson's Been a Jedi Knight, Hannity & Colmes - Ann Coulter 9/8/05

1427. 80s Music Videos & Beyond Tape #133 - Cephalic Carnage - Dying Will Be the Death of Me, Scary Kids Scaring Kids - The Only Medicine, Five.Bolt.Main - Pathetic, Neville Peters - Tis So Sweet, Rev Al & Pashion Lewis - It Ain't About Us, 1NC/Kirk Franklin - Nobody, Longwave - There's A Fire, Kasabian - L.S.F., Death Cab For Cutie - Soul Meets Body, Smoosh - La Pump, CKY - Familiar Realm (Makes a Video) 8/29/05, CKY - Familiar Realm, Jon Randall - Baby Won't You Come Home, Kathleen Edwards - In State, Charlie Robison - Photograph, Heavy Trash - Dark Hair'd Rider, Laurie Berkner - This Hat, Laurie Berkner - We are the Dinosaurs, Laurie Berkner - Pig on Her Head, Laurie Berkner - Victor Vito, Laurie Berkner - Song in My Tummy, Laurie Berkner - Bumblebee (Buzz Buzz), Laurie Berkner - I Know a Chicken, Joe Dee Messina - Delicious Surprise (I Believe it), Soul Asylum - Cartoon, 10,000 Maniacs - Trouble Me, Jeffrey Osborne - Stay With Me Tonight, Foo Fighters - DOA, Big Boi & the Purple Ribbon All-Stars - I'm on It (Make a Video) 8/29/05, Big Boi & the Purple Ribbon All-Stars - I'm on It, Pretty Ricky - Your Body, Chris Brown/Juelz Santana - Run It, Marques Houston - Naked, Billy Joel - When You Wish Upon A Star, Pink Floyd - Signs of Life, Boyz in Da Hood - Felonies (Makes a Video) 8/14/05, Boyz in Da Hood - Felonies, Paul McCartney - Young Boy, Eric Carmen - Make Me Lose Control, I Wayne - Can't Satisfy Her, Jumps - Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride, Joker the Bailbondsman - Club Hoppin', Firemen - Azz Dance, Holy Hip Hop Videos, Stacie Orrico - (There's Got to Be) More to Life, Underoath - It's Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door, Suicidal Tendencies - You Can't Bring Me Down, Opeth - The Grand Conjuration, Chimaira - Nothing Remains, From Autumn to Ashes - Where Do You Draw the Line, Aborted - Dead Wreckoning, Pastor Rudolph McKissic/Inspiring Temple of Praise - Right Place (Live), Michael W. Smith - Healing Rain, Kim Burrell - Anything (Live), Kim Burrell - If You Never… (Live), Kim Burrell - Keep Holding On (Live), Kim Burrell - I Love You So (Live), Journey Motorcycle Interview, Journey - Every Generation (Live Sturgis 05), Queensryche - Empire (Live Sturgis 05), Twisted Sister - We're Not Gonna Take It (Live Sturgis 05), Queensryche - Take Hold Of The Flame (Live Sturgis 05), Journey - Faith In The Heartland (Live Sturgis 05), Twisted Sister - I Wanna Rock (Live Sturgis 05), Madness - Shame And Scandal, My Chemical Romance - Ghost of You, Jason Mraz - Wordplay (, Leela James - Music (, Crossfade - Cold (, Dave Matthews - Stay or Leave (, Smitty - Diamonds on My Neck, T-Pain - I'm Sprung, Faith Evans - Mesmerized (Concept), Ciara - And I, Tony Yayo/Joe - Curios Pimpin', Lil' Mo - Dem Boyz, Marques, Bow Wow/Ciara - Like You, T.O.K. - Footprints, Youngbloodz - Presidential, John Legend - So High (Concept), Teairra Mari - Make Her Feel Good, Chris Brown, Beanie Sigel/Rell/Melissa Jay - Change

1428. 9/11 Tape #1 - Inside 9/11: War on America & Zero Hour, Seconds From Disaster - Pentagon 9/11 - 9/14/04, Anatomy of September 11th 9/4/04, Through a Child's Eyes: September 11, 2001

1429. Animal Cops Tape #4 - San Francisco - Fire Escape #11. 6/10/05, Not-So-Abandoned House #1. 1/31/05, The Snake Collector #2. 2/1/05, Houston - Brutal Beating 3/28/05, San Francisco - The Hunt for a Dog-Fight Kingpin #3. 2/2/05, Animal Precinct - A Better Destiny 1/20/04, Detroit - A Cause for Outrage 8/3/03, Seeking Justice 9/18/03, Backyard Battle 8/2/03

1430. Cops Tape #19 - Palm Beach Co. FL #1405. 3/23/02, Coast to Coast #1415. 10/6/01, Coast to Coast #1416. 11/17/01, Mesa, AZ #1333. 5/12/01, Mesa, AZ #1334. 5/19/01, Atlanta, GA #1112. 1/23/99, Atlanta, GA #1113. 3/6/99, Albuquerque, NM #1231. 5/6/00, Albuquerque, NM #1232. 5/13/00, New Jersey #1329. 2/17/01, New Jersey #1330. 2/24/01, Indianapolis, IN #1207. 12/18/99, Indianapolis, IN #1209. 10/2/99, Fort Worth, TX #1222. 3/25/00, Memphis, TN #424. 1/25/92, In Hot Pursuit #628. 11/6/93, Coast to Coast #1431. 4/27/02

1431. Battlestar Galactica Tape #5 - Sci-Fi Inside: Sci-Fi Friday - Interviews with cast and crew 7/11/05, Scattered #201. 7/15/05, Valley of Darkness #202. 7/22/05, Fragged #203. 7/29/05, Resistance #204. 8/5/05, The Farm #205. 8/12/05, Home - Part 1 #206. 8/19/05, Home - Part 2 #207. 8/26/05, Final Cut #208. 9/9/05

1432. Dwarfs - Not a Fairy Tale (2001), Wonderland (2003), The Life and Death of Peter Sellers (2004), Ashlee Simpson SNL Lip Sync Performance (10/23/04), Tim Burton's Corpse Bride Frame by Frame, Shock Video - 2001: A Sex Odyssey

1433. Animal Cops Tape #5 - Detroit - Abandoned Puppies 10/14/03, Houston - Deer Rescue 8/5/04, Detroit - Cold Calls 10/28/03, Animal Precinct - Neighborhood Justice #2. 9/21/04, NYPD Animal Squad #1. 7/24/04, Animal Precinct - Poodle Problem #14. 1/23/04, Houston - Wild-Eyed Stallion 9/12/05, Houston - From the Horses Mouth 9/13/05

1434. Alien vs. Predator, Tucker - The Man and His Dream (1988), These Old Broads (2001), Roseanne - Arsenic and Old Mom #9622. 5/13/97, When Stand-up Comics Ruled the World (2004)

1435. Cops Tape #20 - Mesa, AZ #1336. 7/7/01, Portland, OR #213. 12/89, Coast to Coast #1511. 11/23/02, Tucson, AZ #327. 4/91, Jacksonville, FL #1302. 9/2/00, Jacksonville, FL #1303. 8/26/00, Miami, FL #433. 4/11/92, Miami, FL #431. 3/14/92, El Paso, TX #622. 2/19/94, New York City, NY #733. 10/20/94, Coast to Coast #1808. 9/10/05, Coast to Coast #1817. 9/10/05, Pierce Co. WA #1313. 11/4/00, Coast to Coast #1429. 3/16/02, Coast to Coast #1517. 4/19/03, Boston, MA #915. 1/4/97, Sturgis Biker Rally 1997 Special Edition #1036. 2/7/98, Philadelphia, PA #522. 9/5/92

1436. Mark Hamill Tape #1 - Adventures From the Book of Virtues - Courage #105. (1996), Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! - Skeleton King #1014 (2/6/05), Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! - Versus Chiro (3/7/05), Buzz Lightyear of Star Command - Planet of the Lost #SC040. 11/16/00, Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! - In the Grip of Evil (2/28/05), Scooby-Doo and the Alien Invaders (11/25/00), Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! - The Sun Riders Return (3/19/05), Time Squad - Dishonest Abe; Blackbeard, Warm Heart #5 (7/6/01), Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! - Shadow Over Shuggazoom (3/13/05), Time Squad - To Hail With Caesar; Robin' and Stealin' With Mr. Hood #6 (6/29/01), Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! - Pit of Doom #1005 (10/16/04), Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! - The Sun Riders #106 (10/16/04), Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! - The Secret of the Sixth Monkey #107 (10/23/04), Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! - Flytor #109 (11/6/04), Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! - Thingy #110 (10/31/04)

1437. 80s Music Videos & Beyond Tape #134 - Trina/Lil' Wayne - Don't Trip, Don Omar/Fat Joe/N.O.R.E./LDA - Reggaeton Latino (Remix), Shaggy/Olivia - Wild 2 Night, Tyra/Penelope - Get No Ooh Wee, Three 6 Mafia/Young Buck/Eightball & MJG - Stay Fly (Screwed & Chopped), Disturbed - Stricken, Norma Jean - Absentimental (Street Clam), Kids in the Sky - Apparitions of Melody, Javen - Count it All Joy (Live), Williams Brothers - Be There (Studio), Da Minister - Don't You Want to Be Saved, Witness (Religious) - Touch Your Promise (Live), John Legend - Ordinary People (Concept) V2 (Normal), Al Jarreau - Garden Rooftop, Veneer - Soliloquy (Live), Halogen - Remember (Live), Halogen - Cherry (Live), Signet - Deicide (Live), Signet - The Chance (Live), Signet - Self Destroy (Live), Lug - 1 (Live), Lug - 2 (Live), Gretchen - Ordinary Girl (Live), Gretchen - Fairy Tale (Live), Flaming Lips - Race For The Prize, Wilco - Heavy Metal Drummer, Cat Power - Cross Bones Style, Basement Jaxx - Where's Your Head At?, Helio Sequence - Don't Look Away, Sleater-Kinney - Get Up, Luther Vandross - Any Love, Sheena Easton - What Comes Naturally, Bob Dylan - It's Unbelievable, Queen & Paul Rodgers - We Are The Champions (Live), Dem Franchize Boyz - I Think They Like Me (Remix), Bloc Party - Helicopter, Jim Jones - Summer Wit Miami, Jodeci - Come and Talk to Me V2, Capone-N-Noreaga - Y'all Don't Wanna, Sheek Louch/Styles P - Kiss Your Ass Goodbye, Alicia Keys - Unbreakable (Unplugged), Grand Puba - I Like It, Chamillionaire/Lil' Flip - Turn it Up, AZ - The Come Up, Gretchen Wilson - All Jacked Up, Mavericks - There Goes My Heart, Nickel Creek - When in Rome, Deana Carter - Count Me In, Missing Persons - Words, All Together Separate - I'll Rise, 38th Parallel - Horizon, Crystal Lewis - Trust Me, Tait - Alters, Super Chick - Barlow Girl, Steven Curtis Chapman - Dive, Dana Dane - This Be The Def Beat, Bad Religion - Struck A Nerve, Dozen Furies - The Cycle, Between the Buried and Me - Alaska, All That Remains - Tattered on My Sleeve, La Rue Steward - Fortress (Live), Sound of Harvest/Co-Pastor Deborah Dukes - Help Somebody, Bangles - Be With You, Faith No More - Easy, Franz Ferdinand - Do You Want To (Makes a Video) 8/23/05, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Ain't No Easy Way, Goldrush - Wait For The Wheels, Eels - Trouble With Dreams, Replacements - When it Began, Coheed and Cambria - The Suffering, Twista/Trey Songz - Girl Tonite, Weezer - We Are All in Love, Bravery - Unconditional, Rod Stewart - Rocks (Live), Hawthorne Heights - Niki FM (Makes a Video) 9/20/05, Hawthorne Heights - Niki FM, Sara Valenzuela - Para Continuar, Angel Lopez - Te Sigo Amando (Live), Tony Touch/Nina Sky/B. Real - Play that Song, Orixa - The American, Angel y Khriz - Fua, JD Natasha - Plastico, David de Maria - Cada Vez Que Estoy Sin Ti, Shakira - No

1438. Judge Mathis Tape #10 - Lauran Presotto vs. Jaimie Douglas/Elmer Dennis vs. Robert & Kinshasa Williams-Weddell/Kathy Makino vs. C Stern & Chad Coleman (19)/Ophelia Keys vs. Alfredo Guerrero Jr. & Lucy Perez #6074. 1/18/05, Colin Mochrie Fig Newton Ad - Clasroom, Connie Cross & Jason Jackson vs. Brenda Wire/Kathleen Medley (18) vs. Nathaniel Graham (32)/Craig Acee (17) & Tammy Lanier vs. Craig Barfield & Brandon (18)/Erikka Love (19) vs. Chris Taylor (21) #6066. 1/4/05, Serafina Bruno vs. Ken Smirz/Janice Bell vs. Jamie Fowler/Deborah Jang vs. Marilou Allen/Darron Webb vs. Robert Clay #6111. 3/31/05, Jerry Geissler vs. Sheana Geissler/Tiffany Atkins vs. Ronald Higgins/Gail Lorey vs. David Lorey/Dionne Simmons & Justin Caver (7) vs. Erica Covington & Shawn #6115. 4/7/05, Kristen Tucker (24) vs. Heather Soncrant (22)/Julie Dotson (31) vs. Sylvester Armstrong/Barbie Clifton vs. Heather Young/Patricia Parkinson vs. Jason Wildschutz #7001. 9/12/05, Mark Harrison vs. Sandra Coleman/Veronica Luevano (24) vs. Marco Matallana Jr. (23)/Karl Krausman vs. Brandon Andrea/Deborah Parker (40) vs. Reggie Far (44) #7002. 9/13/05, Latonya Morgan vs. Erik Morgan/Karen DeRossitt vs. Kristina Edmondson (27)/Blair Romero vs. Suzanne Gaxiola/Jada Johnson (20) vs. Ashley Thomas #7003. 9/14/05, Ronda Eash vs. Liza Garrett/Dwaine Miller vs. Lisa Plata/Linda Tooks vs. Heidi Kirk/Adam Presnell vs. Shauna Kennedy & David Magez #7005. 9/16/05, Amber Golladay (22) vs. Amy O'Kane (21)/Roy Trayhorn vs. Joe Schreiter/Erica Penn (19) vs. Brandon Fuller (20)/Laurie Parrish vs. Peter Azcarate #7006. 9/19/05

1439. Animal Cops Tape #6 - Animal Cops Houston - Bovine Burglary 9/15/05, Animal Precinct - Hurricane Rescues - Katrina. 9/26/05, Animal Cops Houston - Wet and Wild 9/16/05, Animal Precinct - Rooftop Rescue - 7/23/04, Miami Animal Police - Tiger Trouble #11. 4/5/04, Miami Animal Police - Pit Bull Raid #12. 4/6/04, Miami Animal Police - Dog Day Afternoon #13. 4/7/04, Miami Animal Police - Raccoon Attack #15. 4/9/04, Animal Cops Houston - Survivors 2/21/05

1440. Soapdish (1991), Flavor Fest 2002 hosted by Reflex-MC - Come on Down, Sean Slaughter - Roll with It, Freestyle, Rock Solid, Mark J - City of Pain, Freestyle, Upperground, Cat Murkil and the Silks, Resident Evil Apocalypse, TV Land Confidential - Network Notes #1. 9/14/05

1441. 50 Greatest Funny Moments in Music (2005), American Beauty Hostages, The Day of the Cobra, An Evening with Bobcat Goldthwait - Share the Warmth (1987), Ren & Stimpy - Big Flakes/Pen Pals, TV Land Confidential - When Real Life and Screen Life Collide #2. 9/21/05, Attack of the Show! - Steve Sansweet's Star Wars collection #5161. 9/27/05

1442. Ghost Hunters Tape #1 - 11: Myrtle's Plantation, 12: Grafton House & Piraimo's House, 13: Deville's Plantation LA & Brennan's Restaurant, 14: Mordecai House NC & USS Battleship North Carolina, 16: Bradley Playhouse & Harris Co. Firehouse, 17: Ledge's Lighthouse CT & Merchant's House, 18: Tanguay House & Sutcliffe House, 19: Astor's Beechwood Mansion & Roselle Park NJ Affiliate, 20: Worthington House & Asylum

1443. Cops Tape #21 - Pierce Co. WA #925. 5/17/97, Albuquerque, NM #831. 5/4/96, Albuquerque, NM #832. 5/25/96, Coast to Coast #1807. 9/17/05, Las Vegas, NV #1006. 9/6/97, Las Vegas Prostitution Special #1014. 2/14/98, Pierce Co. WA #917. 2/8/97, Pittsburgh, PA #412. 11/2/91, Palm Beach Co. FL #1124. 9/4/99, Palm Beach Co. FL #1125. 2/20/99, Boston/New City #908. 11/2/96, Houston, TX #333. 6/91, Phoenix, AZ #539. 5/8/93, Fort Worth, TX #1217. 1/22/00, Fort Worth, TX #1218. 1/29/00, Indianapolis, IN #1205. 10/30/99, Indianapolis, IN #1206. 12/11/99, New Jersey #1327. 2/3/01

1444. 80s Music Videos & Beyond Tape #135 - Ednita Nazarlo - Vengada, Jorge Moreno - Avion, Vincentico - Despierta, Luis Fonsi - Nada es Para Siempre, Adassa - De Tra, Bacilos - Feliz Conmigo, Soraya - Ciomo Serva, Alejandra Guxman - Ven, Thalia - Amar Sin Ser Am Ada, Noztra - El Maquinon, Juanes - Ffjate Bien, Benny - Cada Paso, Jumbo - Bajo Control, Nek/Laura Pausini - Tan Solo Tu, Ricky Martin/Fat Joe/Amerie - I Don't Care (Mtv LA), Yerba Biena/Celia Cruz/John Leguizano/Ajay Nalbu/Les Nubians - Sugar Daddy, Nicky Jam - Chaboned, Kumbla Kings/Noel - Parte de Mi Corazon, Fito Blanko - By My Side, Instinct - Let Me Down, Andy Andy - Ironia, El Canto del Loco - Puede Ser, Lusi Fonsi - Quien te Dijo Eso En Vivo (Live), Soniko - Game Over, Kiki Dee - I've got the Beat in Me (Beat Club), Bob Marley - One Love, Paul McCartney - Ou Est Le Soleil, Billy Preston - Nothin' from Nothin' (Beat Club), Bob Marley - Three Little Birds, M/A/R/R/S - Pump up the Volume, Sheila E. - The Glamorous Life, New Edition - Cool it Now, Donna Summer - Hot Stuff/Bad Girl (Live VH1 00), Snoop Dogg/Uncle Junebug/RBX/The Twins/E-White/Archbishop Don Magic Juan - Moet, 702 - Get it Together, Jaheim/Jadakiss - Every Time I Think About Her, Kem - Find Your Way Back to Me, Faith Evans - Soon as I Get Home, Kindred the Family Soul - Where Would I Be (The Question), Lyfe Jennings/Fantasia - Hypothetically, Anne Murray - Snow Bird (Beat Club), Andrew Gold - Lonely Boy, Echo & the Bunnymen - Killing Moon, Spandau Ballet - Communication, Robbie Nevil - C'est La Vie, Bruce Springsteen - War, Chopperyoungcity - I See Ya Lil Daddy, Strange Occurrence - Reach, Small Town Poets - Fire Fly, Skillet - Alien Youth, Jump 5 - All I Can Do, Waiting - Unfazed, Stacie Orrico - Everything, Trivium - A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation, Napalm Death - Silence is Deafening, KoRn - Shoots & Ladders, Anthrax - Caught in a Mosh (Alive 2), 10 Years - Wasteland, Hezekiah Walker/The Love Fellowship Crusade Choir - Let the Redeemed Say (Live), Hezekiah Walker - Where My Help Cometh (Live), Hezekiah Walker - I'll Fly Away (Live), Spin Doctors - Little Miss Can't Be Wrong (Live VH1C 05), Beastie Boys - (You've Gotta) Fight for Your Right (to Party), U2 - Sunday Bloody Sunday (Live at Red Rocks 1983), Gary Numan - She's Got Claws, Devo - Peek a Boo, Sinead O'Connor - I Want Your Hands on Me, Hoodoo Gurus - I Want You Back, Wire - Ahead, Alarm - Strength, Bad Religion - 21st Century Digital Boy, Ocean Blue - Drifting and Falling, World Leader Pretend - Bang Theory, Stellastarr* - Sweet Troubled Soul, LCD Soundsystem - Tribulations, Nada Surf - Always Love, Nickelback - Photograph, Switchfoot - Stars, Black Eyed Peas - Don't Lie, Marc Broussard - Home, Hootie and the Blowfish - One Love (Concept), Audioslave - Don't Remind Me, Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez - Keep You Hat On Jenny, Kevin Montgomery - Tennessee Girl, Waylon Jennings - The Wild Ones, Common - Testify, Ciara - 1, 2 Step (Video Mods), U2 - Pride (In the Name of Love) V3 - Rattle & Hum, Neil Young - Hey Hey My My (Live in Berlin), Robert Plant - In the Mood, Blue Oyster Cult - Joan Crawford

1445. 9/11 Tape #2 - World Trade Center: Rise and Fall of an American Icon 9/2/02, Thomas L. Friedman Reporting - Searching for the Roots of 9/11. 3/26/03, Modern Marvels - Inviting Disaster #4. 11/4/03, Nine Innings from Ground Zero 2004, 9/11 Hijackers: Inside the Hamburg Cell. 9/10/05, World Trade Center: Anatomy of the Collapse 2/6/02, Flight 93 Memorial Ad 2005, Religion & Ethics Newsweekly - St. Paul's Bronze Tree & The destruction of Nicholas Greek Church 9/05, American Thunder - 9/11 Patriot Ride #10020. 10/11/05

1446. 9/11 Tape #3 - UPN 9 News Special 9/11 Coverage 9/11/05, W.T.C. 9-11. 9/11/04, Man Who Predicted 9/11. 9/11/05, Grounded on 9/11. 9/11/05

1447. 80s Music Videos & Beyond Tape #136 - Who - Eminence Front, Jimi Hendrix - Dolly Dagger, Pat Benatar - Fire and Ice, Bob Seger - Shakedown, Patty Loveless - Keep Your Distance, Common - Testify (Makes a Video) 9/27/05, U2 - Lemon, Adam and the Ants - Antmusic, Jellyfish - That Is Why, Peter Wolf - Come as You Are, Philip Bailey/Phil Collins - Easy Lover, Tina Turner - The Best, 10,000 Maniacs - Like the Weather, 10,000 Maniacs - Candy Everybody Wants V1, Shalamar - Dancing in the Sheets, Shalamar - Dead Give Away, Lil' Kim - Lighters Up, Missy Elliott - Teary Eyed, Game - Put You on the Game, D.O.C. - It's Funky Enough, Fam Lay - Rock & Roll, Juelz Santana - Her it Go (The Whistle Song), Ne-Yo/Peedi Peedi - Stay, Laura Branigan - Spanish Eddie, Los Lobos - Kiko and the Lavender Moon, Bob Dylan - Blood in My Eyes, Hall & Oates - Out of Touch, Gap Band - Party Train, Yello - Oh Yeah, Waitresses - I Know What Boys Like, Doors - Love Me Two Times (Color), Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band - Old Time Rock and Roll, Commodores - Nightshift, Parliament Funkadelic - Give Up The Funk (Tear the Roof Off the Sucker), Isley/Jasper/Isley - Caravan of Love, Moody Blues - Nights in White Satin (Beat Club), Pretenders - Thin Line Between Love and Hate, Robert Palmer - Simply Irresistible, Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine - Rhythm is Gonna Get You, Pat Benatar - Sex as a Weapon, Kinks - Do it Again, Ying Yang Twins - Whistle While You Twurk, Kylie Minogue - The Loco-Motion, Heart - Never, Beastie Boys - Jimmy James, Pavement - Gold Soundz, Pop Will Eat Itself - Can U Dig It, Mission UK - Wasteland, Ultra Vivid Scene - Staring at the Sun, Love & Rockets - Mirror People, Yaz - Nobody's Diary, Specials - Ghost Town, Village People - In the Navy (Beat Club), Sister Sledge - We are Family, Weather Girls - It's Raining Men, Lou Reed - What's Good, Nick Lowe - I Knew the Bride (When She Used To Rock And Roll), Loverboy - Hot Girls in Love, Ted Nugent - Wango Tango, Molly Hatchet - Satisfied Man, Pink Floyd - Learning to Fly, Grand Funk Railroad - We're an American Band, Billy Squier - In the Dark (Live), Triumph - Lay it on the Line, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Refugee, Luther Vandross - Give Me the Reason, Stevie Wonder - Superstition (Musicladen), Aretha Franklin - Jumpin' Jack Flash, Belle Stars - Iko Iko, Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Hooters - All You Zombies, Eric Clapton - Bad Love, Knack - My Sharona (Reality Bites), Buggles - Video Killed the Radio Star (Concept), Billy Joel - Keeping the Faith, Pretenders - Back on the Chain Gang, Culture Club - Miss Me Blind (Concept), Smiths - This Charming Man, Chaka Khan - Through the Fire, Abba - The Winner Takes It All, Clarence Clemons & Jackson Browne - You're a Friend of Mine, Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up, Randy Newman - I Love LA, Howard Jones - Things Can Only Get Better, R.E.M. - Pop Song '89 (Censored), Lene Lovich - Blue Hotel, Karla Devito - Cool World, Kim Carnes - Bette Davis Eyes (Concept)

1448. Judge Mathis Tape #11 - Michael Copper vs. Marta Ely/Angelica Cisneros vs. Liliana Diaz/Gina Wiesner vs. Jared Wilson & Charee Prescott (18)/John Luft vs. Tammi Engel #7007. 9/20/05, Bonnie Mathey vs. Jennifer McCulloch/Holly Eason (29) vs. Terry Schulte (50)/Larry Hitson vs. Lynda Holman/Valeria Brown vs. Emily Ganz #7008. 9/21/05, Rachel Hutchinson vs. John Jones/Lynne Million vs. Karen Hoffman/Nicole Pogue vs. Brett Jones/Corina Reiche vs. Dawn Samoa #7009. 9/22/05, Kris Kitts vs. Sharon Berney/ Dana & Steven Mathis vs. Michael Kenyon/Nadora Debbie Steele vs. Anita Weiss/James Freeman & Jeremy vs. Deacon Robert Beck (35) #7010. 9/23/05, Aubrey Losee vs. Joseph Perry/Greg Montanero vs. Robert Mitchell/Kristina Zivko vs. Julie Orta & Todd Schultz/Akwasi Asamoah (21) vs. Louis Martin (20) #7011. 9/26/05, Selene Snapp vs. Jennifer Pokrzwyinski/Brenda Hurt vs. Donald Bumpous/Corey Bell (20) vs. Troy Stamps (21)/John Bailey & Diana O'Donnell vs. Bryan Chatelle #7012. 9/27/05, Angela Loughry vs. Pamba McHugh/Marie Davis & Ranee Rock vs. John Evans/Steve McNutt (34) vs. Stefan Misura (18)/Rachel Noble vs. Nathan Cooley #7013. 9/28/05, Kelsi Lang (18) vs. Nicole (21) & Tiffany Speed/Kimberly & David Bator vs. Craig Osika & Paul Barrett/Maryka Napier vs. Travis vs. Brenda Forrest/Laura Hester vs. Cecilia Ann Barns #7004. 9/15/05, Hugh Wozniak vs. Heather Nelson/Andrew Wagner (20), Adam Abell, Michael Stewart (21) & Chad Gutterman vs. Aaron Lysne (21)/Salvatore Piazza vs. Andrea Piazza/Monica Young & Jerome Birditt Sr. vs. Dawn Scott #7014. 9/29/05

1449. Cops Tape #22 - Los Angeles, CA #703. 7/30/94, New Jersey #1328. 2/10/01, Nashville, TN #611. 8/14/93, Coast to Coast #1809. 9/24/05, Albuquerque, NM #827. 2/3/96, Drug Enforcement Special Edition #1535. 5/17/03, Little Rock, AR #640. 4/16/94, Little Rock, AR #641. 7/16/94, San Bernardino, CA #542. 7/10/93, Pierce Co. WA #926. 3/97, Portland, OR #201. 9/89, Portland, OR #206. 10/89, Little Rock, AR #638. 7/9/94, Nashville, TN #1027. 6/27/98, Orange County, CA #836. 4/27/96, Miami, FL #901. 8/31/96, Miami, FL #902. 9/7/96, Fresno, CA #927. 3/29/97

1450. Duck Dodgers Tape #1 - Baby Looney Toons - Present Tense/Neat and the Sloppy #37. 12/30/02, School Daze/Mary Had a Baby Duck/Things That Go Bugs in the Night #3. 9/18/02, Duck Dodgers (2003-5) The Trial of Duck Dodgers/Big Bug Mamas #3. 9/6/03, The Fowl Friend/The Fast and the Feathery #2. 8/30/03, Duck Codgers/Where's Baby Smartypants #4. 9/13/03, Diamond Boogie/Corporate Pigfall #32. 9/16/05, I'm Going to Get You, Fat Sucka/Detained Duck #5. 9/20/03, K-9 Kaddy/Pig of Action #6. 9/27/03, Shiver Me Dodgers #7. 10/4/03, The Wrath of Canasta/They Stole Dodgers' Brain #8. 10/11/03, The Green Loontern #9. 10/18/03, The Six Wazillion Dollar Duck #33. 9/23/05, Quarterback Quack/To Love a Duck #10. 10/25/03, The Queen is Wild/Back to the Academy #12. 11/8/03, Enemy Yours/Duck Departure #13. 11/15/03, Hooray for Hollywood Planet #11. 11/1/03, Too Close for Combat/Fins of War #34. 9/30/05

1451. 80s Music Videos & Beyond Tape #137 - Little Steven & The Disciples of Soul - Forever, Spencer Davis Group - I'm a Man, Kansas - Point of Know Return (Live), Prince & The Revolution - Kiss, Squeeze - Footprints, Roxy Music - Angel Eyes, Depeche Mode - Shake the Disease, Bruce Springsteen - Born In The U.S.A., Dwight Twilley - Girls, Fleetwood Mac - Silver Springs (Live), Motels - Suddenly Last Summer, Foreigner - Waiting for a Girl Like You (Live), Annie Lennox - Love Song For A Vampire, This Mortal Coil - Songs to the Siren, Bad Religion - Incomplete, Bad Religion - Los Angeles Is Burning, Georgia Satellites - The Hippy Hippy Shake, Lil' Kim - How Many Licks, Icehouse - We Can Get Together, Switchfoot - You Already Take Me There, Earthsuit - One Time, Plus One - Here in My Heart, Kevin Max - Existance, Plankeye - Push Me Down, Him - Wings of a Butterfly, Bled - My Assassin, Melvins - Honey Bucket, Clash - I Fought The Law V1 - On Broadway, Blondie - Hanging on the Telephone, Payola$ - Eyes of a Stranger, Ebn Ozn - AEIOU Sometimes Y, Pet Shop Boys - Domino Dancing, Gang of Four - Is it Love, Damned - Alone Again Or, New Order - Round & Round, Peter Wolf - I Need You Tonight, Moody Blues - Your Wildest Dreams, Pretenders - Don't Get Me Wrong, Michelle Shocked - When I Grow Up, Pebbles - Girlfriend, Musical Youth - Pass the Dutchie, Eric Clapton - It's in the Way that You Use It, Madonna - La Isla Bonita, Judas Priest - Turbo Lover, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts - I Need Someone, B-52's - Song for a Future Generation, Sade - Hang Onto Your Love, Joe Cocker - You Can Leave Your Hat on, Dennis Deyoung - Desert Moon, Nu Shooz - Point of No Return, Billy Joel - Uptown Girl, Sting - An Englishman in New York, Wang Chung - Let's Go, John Waite - Missing You (Concept), Neil Young - Walkin' To New Orleans, Paul McCartney - I Saw Her Standing There V2 (Live), Paul McCartney - Fine Line, Depeche Mode - Strangelove, Depeche Mode - Precious, Duran Duran - Rio, Liz Phair - Everything To Me, Magic Numbers - Forever Lost, Like - What I Say And What I Mean, Supergrass - St. Petersburg, Cantinero - Make Me An Offer, Def Leppard - Foolin', Poison - I Want Action, Anthrax - In My World, Kiss - Thrills in the Night, Dio - Rainbow in the Dark, W.A.S.P. - Wild Child, Manowar - Blow Your Speakers, Ben E. King - Save the Last Dance for Me, ABBA - S.O.S. (Beat Club), Gap Band - Burn Rubber on Me, Bruce Springsteen - Atlantic City, Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Love (Beat Club), Bonnie Tyler - Holding Out for a Hero, Expose - Seasons Change, Information Society - What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy), AC/DC - Back in Black (Live), Honeydrippers - Rockin' at Midnight, Georgia Satellites - Keep Your Hands to Yourself, Rocky Burnette - Tired of Toein' the Line, Billy Preston - Outa Space, Ying Yang Twins/Pitbull - Shake (Makes a Video) 10/4/05, Ying Yang Twins/Pitbull - Shake, R.E.M. - Driver 8, Smiths - How Soon is Now, Smiths - Boy with a Thorn in His Side

1452. Animal Cops Tape #7 - Miami Animal Police - Puppy House of Torture 2/7/05, Animal Precinct - Dog thrown down a flight of stairs. #12. 7/22/05, Animal Precinct - Terrier Rescue 9/8/03, Animal Precinct - A Deprived Life #6. 8/26/03, Animal Precinct - Hard Lessons #5. 8/25/03, Miami Animal Police - Three Not So Little Pigs #5. 1/9/04, San Francisco - Overcrowded and Unwanted #4. 2/3/05, Animal Precinct - Unprotected Guard Dog #1. 9/20/04, San Francisco - Unlawful Shot? 5/12/05

1453. Brady Bunch Tape #8 - Tiger, Tiger; Ellen DeGeneres Show w/Florence Henderson 3/23/05, ET in TV Land - Behind the Bradys (1999), The Un-underground Movie, The Not-So-Ugly Duckling, Will the Real Jan Brady Please Stand Up, The Personality Kid; Jan, the Only Child; Surreal Life 4 Reunion, The Snooperstar, The Treasure of Sierra Avenue, My Fair Brady - A Brady, a Lady, a Kiss and a Flo #101. 9/11/05, Valentine's Day #102. 9/18/05, Guess Who's Coming to Shower #103. 9/25/05, While the Brady's Away #104. 10/2/05, Daddy's Girl #105. 10/9/05

1454. Cops Tape #23 - Las Vegas #1013. 3/14/98, Tampa, FL #804. 9/30/95, New York City Subway Special #637. 1/1/94, Coast to Coast #1801. 10/1/05, Tampa, FL #807. 7/29/95, Tampa, FL #808. 11/18/95, Fort Myers, FL #931. 6/14/97, Fort Myers, FL #932. 4/26/97, Buffalo, NY #822. 12/9/95, Buffalo, NY #823. 12/23/95, Coast to Coast #1417. 11/24/01, Coast to Coast #1420. 2/2/02, Providence, RI #909. 11/9/96, Providence, RI/Boston #911. 9/23/96, Kansas City #1021. 3/7/98, Kansas City #1022. 5/2/98, Philadelphia, PA #525. 10/24/92, Indianapolis, IN #642. 4/30/94

1455. Investigative Reports - Cops or Criminals? 7/13/96, Gunsmoke - Whelan's Men #7220. 2/5/73, TV Land Confidential - Writing, Rehearsing & Recording, Cartoon Planet - My Space Ghost the Car - What Day is it?/I Love You Baby/Something that Rhymes with Bones #4. 9/29/05, Caligula Regin of Madness, Flavor Fest 2003 - Elle R.O.C./Tre 9/Legacy/1-Way, Space Ghost - King Dead, Awesomely Bad Celeb Fashion 10/3/05, TV Land Confidential - Casting and Character Creation #4. 10/5/05, MAD TV - LaToya Jackson 1/10/98, MAD TV - Honeymooners 2003, Snorks - Dr. Strangsnork 10/5/85, Flavor Fest 2003 - Mars Ill/Playdough/Deepspace 5, CBS News Sunday Morning - Stephen King Interview 10/9/05

1456. U2 Zoo TV - TV Special 11/29/92, Saturday Night Live Hosted by Glenn Close w/The Black Crowes 12/12/92

1457. 80s Music Videos & Beyond Tape #138 - Mtv 1991 - Week in Rock - Rolling Stones High Wire Controversy & INXS at the Rock Radio Bash, Divinyls - I Touch Myself, INXS - Bitter Tears, Martha Quinn, Soup Dragons - Mother Universe, INXS on The Hot Seat, INXS - Never Tear Us Apart, R.E.M. - Losing My Religion (exclusive), Sinead O'Connor clip, INXS, INXS - Need You Tonight/Mediate, INXS - Disappear, Aerosmith - Janie's Got a Gun, INXS - Suicide Blonde (Live at Wembley), Jesus Jones - Right Here Right Now, Kurdish Relief Concert - Yes, Paul Simon, Peter Gabriel, Sting, Sinead O'Connor, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Chris DeBurgh, Michael Jackson - Man in the Mirror, R.E.M (not exclusive), Salt 'N Pepa - Do You Want Me, Great White - Once Bitten Twice Shy, Extreme Clip, Extreme - More than Words, Amy Grant - Baby Baby, Billy Idol - Dancing with Myself, Color Me Badd - I Wanna Sex You Up, EMF - Unbelievable, Black Crowes, INXS, Living Colour - Glamour Boys, Black Crowes - She Talks to Angels, Paul Abdul - Rush Rush (Long), LL Cool J - Mama Said Knock You Out, Cure - Just Like Heaven, Simple Minds - See the Lights, Bell Biv Devoe - Do Me (Remix), Firehouse - Don't Treat Me Bad V1 (Streets), Jesus Jones - International Bright Young Thing, Ned's Atomic Dustbin - Happy, R.E.M. - Shiny Happy People, Wire - Eardrum Buzz, 120 Minutes in London Week 3 - Depeche Mode, Depeche Mode - Halo, Sinead O'Connor on the Arsenio Hall Show 1990

1458. Cartoon Tape #15 - Little Red Walking Hood (Dubbed 1995), The Mouse That Jack Built, Farm Frolics (Dubbed 1995), Freudy Cat, Plop Goes The Weasel, The Draft Horse, Pigs Is Pigs (Dubbed 1995), Ready, Woolen and Able (Dubbed 1995), Goo Goo Goliath, A Tale Of Two Mice (Dubbed 1995), Mr. and Mrs. Is The Name (Dubbed 1995), Prest-O Change-O (Dubbed 1995), The Shell-Shocked Egg (Dubbed 1995); Bone, Sweet Bone (Dubbed 1995), Miss Glory, Gopher Broke, Boomerang -Roadrunner Weekend Marathon Ad 9/05, The Hypo-Chondri-Cat, Roughly Squeaking (Dubbed 1995), Fresh Airedale (Dubbed 1995), I Wanna Be A Sailor (Dubbed 1995), A Scent of the Matterhorn, Double Chaser (Dubbed 1995), Polar Pals (Colorized 1992), Boomerang - Fall Promo w/Yosemite Sam, Lovelorn Leghorn, Mother Was a Rooster, Tom Thumb In Trouble (Dubbed 1995), Goofy Groceries (Dubbed 1995), Good Night Elmer, Love and Curses (Dubbed 1995), Fair and Worm-er (Dubbed 1995), It's the Wolf - I Never Met a Lamb I Didn't Like (1960), Red Hot Rangers (1947), Dixieland Droopy (1954), The Shooting of Dan McGoo (1945), The Flying Bear (1941), The Fishing Bear (1940), Lonesome Lenny (1946), Cellbound (1955), Barney's Hungry Cousin (1953), The Hick Chick (1946), Swing Shift Cinderella (1945), The Farm of Tomorrow (1954), Out-Foxed (1949), The Eager Beaver (Dubbed 1995), Drag-a-Long Droopy (1954), One Ham's Family (1943), Deputy Droopy (1955), The Foxy Duckling (Dubbed 1995), Homesteader Droopy (1954), Slap Happy Lion (1947), Doggone Tired (1949)

1459. Judge Mathis Tape #12 - Sarah Petrey vs. Robert Miller/Andrea Stevens vs. Deborah Arrigo/ Melvin Cunningham (25) vs. Diana Howard/Kathy Higdon vs. Shelley Wilson #7015. 9/30/05, Samantha Westfall vs. Christie Beiser/Tracey & Don Bergerson vs. Wendy & Richard Johnson/Kimberly Marie Riley vs. Dominic Washington/Katherine Jamison & Terry Frei vs. Jamato Irby & Isaac Garcia #7016. 10/3/05, Don Thomas vs. Brandy Spangler/Cheryl Short vs. Christine Truver/Veejay Deosaran vs. Thomas Scott/Christopher Grovier vs. Laura Walker (20) #7017. 10/4/05, Lisa Harris vs. James Ashton/Clark Schulte (38) vs. David Swanson (20)/Keah Counsil (24) vs. Antoine Johnson (38)/Denise & Ryan LaPetina vs. Michael Fisher #7018. 10/5/05, Jerry Reed vs. Regena Dixon/Matthew Bossenbroek (24) vs. Matthew Erich (22) & Jason Lewis (25)/Darletta Meyers vs. Estella Shelby/Katie Reykjalin (20) vs. Bianca Castillo (20) #7019. 10/6/05, Lindsay Berger vs. John Dyer/Christine Taylor & Cherisse Parsons vs. Coquette Collette/Lorelei Roll (25) vs. Scott Shuler (40)/Dennis McDavis vs. Yvonne Sabato #7020. 10/7/05, Ethel Lane vs. Leslie McGaha/Joyce Lackey vs. Christopher O'Neal/Kristin Onorato vs. Phil Hammond/Pamela Tonge vs. Valencia Palmer #7021. 10/10/05, Courtney Sanders (18) vs. Nicolas Furtado (22)/Steve Hilyard vs. Paulina Curiel/Keva Anderson (21) vs. Tommie & Clinda Vessell/Gail Greenwell vs. Catherine Sandoval #7022. 10/11/05, Crystal Jafari (20) vs. Adam Sanchez (22)/Nicole Mayer vs. Michael Pennington/Corina Mai vs. Kimberly Clark (19) & Steven Cooper/Darlene McIntee vs. Martie Geyer #7023. 10/12/05

1460. Channel 4 Live coverage of John O'Connor's installation as Archbishop of New York City at St. Patrick's Cathedral 3/19/84

1461. Animal Cops Tape #8 - San Francisco - Unneighborly Behavior #5. 2/4/05, San Francisco - Animal Traffic Cops 6/6/05, K9 Cop Challenge 5/29/05, Animal Precinct #3. 9/22/04, Houston - Super-Sized Seizures 4/1/05, Houston - Down and in Danger #20. 3/30/05, Miami Animal Police - Labrador Life Savers #2. 1/6/04, Detroit - From the Brink 8/18/03

1462. Cops Tape #24 - Atlanta, GA #1105. 9/26/98, Palm Beach Co. FL #1122. 6/12/99, Palm Beach Co. FL #1123. 6/26/99, San Bernardino, CA #543. 7/17/93, Kansas City #1023. 5/16/98, Kansas City #1024. 8/1/98, Kansas City #728. 4/8/95, Fort Worth, TX #1221. 3/18/00, Albuquerque, NM #1227. 2/19/00, Pierce Co. WA #1312. 1/27/01, Albuquerque, NM #1228. 2/26/00, Coast to Coast #1421. 1/12/02, Coast to Coast #1422. 1/26/02, Kansas City #407. 10/12/91, Minneapolis, MN #306. 10/90, Minneapolis, MN - Rookies #302. 9/90, Pittsburgh, PA #409. 9/28/91

1463. 80s Music Videos & Beyond Tape #139 - Beastie Boys - Pass the Mic, Kelis - Millionaire, Wyclef Jean/Refugee Allstars - Guantanamera, Changing Faces - Stroke You Up, Monica - Like This and Like That, Mint Condition - Whoaa, Little Brother/Joe Scudda - Lovin' It, Rihanna - If it's Lovin' That You Want, Stat Quo - Like Dat, D4L - Laffy Taffy, Simple Plan - Untitled (Makes a Video), Donnie Iris & the Cruisers - Love is Like a Rock (Live), Ali & Big Gipp/Murphy Lee - Work Dat Twerk Dat, F.U.P. Mob - Bangin Body, Cream - White Room (Live Royal Albert Hall 5/05), Iron Maiden - Clairvoyant, Anthrax - Black Lodge, Kenny Chesney - Who You'd Be Today (Making Of) 10/8/05, Kenny Chesney - Who You'd Be Today, Jump 5 - Spinning Around, Toby Mac - Irene, Cross Movement - Know Me, Plankeye - Open House, OC Supertones - Little Man, Voltio - Bumper, Anthrax - Hy Pro Glow, Brand New Sin - Days are Numbered, Manntis - Axe of Redemption, Demons & Wizards - Terror Train, Helloween - I Want Out, CeCe Winans - Pray (Live), BeBe & CeCe Winans - I'll Take You There, CeCe Winans - He's Concerned (Live), CeCe Winans - You Will (Live), Beastie Boys - Root Down, Paul Weller - Come On/Let's Go (Live Acoustic VH1C 05), Pinkback - Fortress, Mountain Goats - This Year, Against Me! - Don't Lose Touch, Paul Weller - Come On/Let's Go (Concept), R. Kelly - Burn it Up, Twista/Pitbull/LA Rush - Hit the Floor, Ludacris/Mystikal/I-20 - Move, Sharissa/ R. Kelly - In Love with a Thug, Rolling Stones - Streets of Love, 50 Cent - Player's Ambition (Making the Video) #1811. 10/10/05, 50 Cent - Hustler's Ambition, Daddy Yankee - Corazones, Mike Jones - Flossin', Mtv2 News - KoRn on the set of Twisted Transistor, Fort Minor - Petrified, Motion City Soundtrack - Everything is Alright, Paul McCartney - No Other Baby, Hanna McEven - Ocean, Motorhead - One Track Mind, Bonham - Guilty, Anthrax - Belly of The Beast, Tracy Chapman - Change, Rebecca St. James - Song of Love, Bleach - Super Good, OC Supertones - Chase the Sun, Plankeye - Goodbye, Bloodsimple - What if I Lost it, Ill Nino - What You Deserve, Roadrunner United - The End, Drowning Man - WPAS, Boomtown Rats - I Don't Like Mondays, Ice-T - New Jack Hustler (Nino's Theme), Donnie McClurkin/Kirk Franklin - Ooh Child, 50 Cent - God Gave Me Style, Kirk Franklin - Looking for You, Melvins - Hootch, Bay City Rollers - Money Honey (Musikladen), My Morning Jacket - Off the Record, Emilliana Torrini - Heartstopper, New Pornographers - Use It, Big Tymers - Get Your Roll On, B.G. - Cash Money is an Army, Paul Wall/Mike Jones/Bun B - They Don't Know, Pharrell/Gwen Stefani - Can I Have it Like That, Ray J - One Wish, R. Kelly - Slow Wind, Motley Crue/Chester Bennington - Home Sweet Home, LL Cool J/Boyz II Men - Hey Lover, Floetry - Supastar, Eric Benet - I Wanna Be Loved

1464. 30 Days Tape - Minimum Wage #101. 6/15/05, Muslims and America #103. 6/29/05, Straight Man in a Gay World #104. 7/6/05, Off the Grid #105. 7/13/05, Anti-Aging #102. 6/22/05, Binge Drinking Mom #106. 7/20/05, Night Visions - Shadow Realm - Patterns w/Malcolm McDowell/The Maze/Harmony/Voices, Space Ghost - Curling Flower Space

1465. Cartoon Tape #16 - Droopy Leprechaun, Wee-Willie Wildcat, What's Buzzin' Buzzard?, Caballero Droopy, Billy Boy, Dakota Droopy & The Lost Dutch Boy Mine, The Impossible Possum, Busybody Bear, Half-Pint Palomino, Heir Bear, Droopy Delivers, Super Droop & Drippleboy Meet the Yoker, The Bear and the Beavers, The Unwelcome Guest, Toyland Broadcast, Sheep Wrecked, The Chump Champ, Aerobic Droopy, Cobs and Robbers, Daredevil Droopy, Blackboard Jumble, Robonic Stooges - Star Flaws, Screwball Squirrel, The Wayward Pups, Pipe Dreams, Droopy of the Opera, Sing Along Looney Tunes (1998), Of Thee I Sting (Dubbed 1995), Happy-Go-Nutty, It's the Wolf - Mask Me No Questions, The Calico Dragon, Good Little Monkeys, When the Cat's Away, Droopio and Juliet, Maze Monster Zap Men, Droopy's "Double Trouble", Yo Ho Ho…Bub, The Screwy Truant, Mutts About Racing, One Droopy Knight, The Maltese Poodle, The Three Little Pups, Grin and Share It, Rock-a-Bye Bear, Magical Maestro, Snowman's Land (Dubbed 1995), Droopo: First Bloodhound, Foreign Legion Frenzy, Cock-a-Doodle Dog

1466. LAPD Life on the Beat Tape #1 - World's Most Dramatic Police Chases - Los Angeles, CA - morning rush hour - 2 gang members in a stolen red car run at 122mph #2. 2/10/02, LAPD - Hi Beam GTA #4085. 3/3/99, 211 Runner #4008. 1998, Man with a Gun (10:31 PM) #04995. 11/16/95, The Duel #4083. 2/17/99, World's Most Dramatic Police Chases - Scariest, Dangerous, Bizarre - Sacramento, CA - a man in a white escort dances with death going 110 mph through traffic. #2. 2/10/02, Night Sun Capture #2109. 4/17/97, South Central (8:01 PM) at risk kids #3121. 5/18/98, Dead End #4060. 11/27/98, Explosive Situation #3132. 7/14/98, SWAT Wake Up #4049. 11/12/98, Crying Wolf #3106. 4/27/98, Gang Warfare (5:22 PM) #3122. 5/19/98, Woodland Hills (5:51 PM) phony credit card and ID for a $4000 computer #3123. 5/20/98, Fortress of Terror #2006. 9/16/96, Hollywood 211 #2154. 7/17/97

1467. Cops Tape #25 - Albuquerque, NM #1229. 4/15/00, Pierce Co. WA #1317. 3/3/01, Pierce Co. WA #1318. 3/10/01, Albuquerque, NM #1230. 4/29/00, Coast to Coast #1507. 1/25/03, Washington #442. 12/12/92, Naked Cops 1 Special Edition #1434. 4/27/02, Albuquerque, NM #828. 2/10/96, Fort Worth, TX #817. 12/2/95, Mesa, AZ #1331. 4/28/01, Pierce Co. WA #1319. 3/17/01, Jacksonville, FL #1304. 8/19/00, Jacksonville, FL #1305. 9/9/00, Atlanta, GA #1106. 10/24/98, Palm Beach Co. FL #1126. 6/19/99, Palm Beach Co. FL #1127. 2/13/99, Tampa, FL #811. 3/23/96

1468. Reno 911! Tape #1 - Dangle's Promotion, Wiegel's New Boyfriend, British Law, SARS, Dangle's Ex Visits, Religion in Reno, Firefighters Are Jerks, Not Without My Mustache, Security for Kenny Rogers, More FBI Help, Eddie's Getaway, The Prefect of Wanganui, Raineesha X, ...And the Installation Is Free, The Hot Tub King, Clementine and Garcia are Dating , Undercover Drug Bust, President Bush in Reno

1469. Animal Cops Tape #9 - Houston - A Soldier's Best Friend 6/14/04, Animal Precinct - Starving for Help #4. 9/23/04, Houston - Fighting Camp 6/17/04, Houston - Puppy Mill #11. 1/27/04, Miami Animal Police - Gator Sabotage #3. 1/7/04, Houston - Criminal Acts 6/15/04, Animal Precinct - Behind the Badge 10/24/05, Animal Precinct - Delivered From Danger 9/29/03, K-9 Cops 1/19/01

1470. Judge Mathis Tape #13 - Martha Level & Crystal Hall vs. Michelle Phelps/Philip Voisard vs. Bryce Todd/Kara Argilla vs. Michael Kendall/Natasha Cook vs. Christopher Cope #7024. 10/13/05, Thelma Riegle vs. David Stewart & Morgan Golightly/Jeff DiGregorio vs. Laurel & Nicole Winter/Alexander McMaster vs. Wes Kessler/James Kraus vs. Sandra Smith #7025. 10/14/05, Kristy Cichos (18) vs. Jade Grantham (16) & Carmen Coffman/Michael Wilder (20) vs. Candace Tools/Linda & Ben Tracy vs. Jason Norton (35)/Stephen Powell vs. Anthony Buonicore #7026. 10/17/05, Rina Messina & Tomassa vs. Dennis Swindle/Cheryl Burke vs. Mark Shield (49)/Edwin Felton Sr. vs. Sandra Wiggins & David Gregory/Victor Salinas vs. Christopher Snyder #7027. 10/18/05, Keiana Shannon & Nick Charles vs. Anthony Vasquez/Nan Edwards vs. Jennifer Lapinksy (19) & Michelle Tretteen/Shane Chambers (20) & Aubrey vs. Austin Kellam (19)/Marquitra Dortch (19) vs. Ricco Woods (19) #7028. 10/19/05, Dawn Jager vs. Chelsy Severe/Dawn Hobbs vs. Andrea Roberson/Marcia & Philip Liniewicz vs. Margaret Perron/Cathy Pilman vs. Michael Pilman #7029. 10/20/05, Larry West vs. James Goodfellow/Garrett Worner vs. Dawn Waddell/Daryl Foster (57) vs. Rita Tharp (52)/Keyona Chestnut vs. Shalynn Brown #7030. 10/21/05, Brittani Scott vs. Julie Ludvig (24)/Randall Koch vs. Cynthia Meyer/Stephen Rettner (24) vs. Jacob Harvey (23)/Alesha Judd vs. Lisa Star #7031. 10/24/05, Scott Holbrook vs. Mary Theresa Mathis/Cherise Perry vs. Melanie Rash/David & Laura Greaves vs. Mark Swenson/Vincent Arevalo Jr. vs. Esmeralda Avendano #7032. 10/25/05

1471. Mark Hamill Tape #2 - Time Squad - If It's Wright, It's Wrong/Recruitment Ad/Killing Time, Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! - Ape New World, Time Squad - Ludwig van Bone-Crusher/Tea Time for Time Squad, Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! - Hidden Fortress, Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island (1998), Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! - Snowbound, Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! - Antauri's Masters, Super Scary Skeleton King Marathon Ad 10/05, Star Wars Episode III DVD Ad 10/05, X-Play - Star Wars Battlefront 2, Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! - The Savage Lands, Star Wars Lightsaber Battle Game Ad 10/05, Pinocchio 3000 DVD Ad 10/05, Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! - Chiro's Girl, Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! - Planetoid Q, Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! - Magnetic Menace, Star Wars Episode III DVD on Tuesday w/Battlefront 2 Ad 10/05, Star Wars Battlefront 2 Ad 10/05, QVC - Star Wars (10/26/05), Star Wars Episode III DVD Circuit City Ad 10/05, Apprentice Ad - Donald Trump Fires Chewbacca (10/31/05), Attack of the Show! Star Wars TV Series #5185. 11/3/05, Star Wars Battlefront 2 Ad - Buy it Now (11/1/05), Star Wars Episode III DVD Ad - Buy It Tomorrow (10/31/05), Star Wars Episode III DVD Ad - Buy It Today (11/1/05), Star Wars Episode III DVD Ad - SciFi Countdown 2 Hours to Go (10/31/05), Star Wars Battlefront 2 Ad - Guy thinks he can do Jedi Moves (10/31/05), Fox - Star Wars Episode II - Attack of the Clones on Thanksgiving (11/19/05), Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture DVD Game Ad w/Episode III Clip (11/23/05), Zoom Box Ad w/Episode III Movie & Game Clips (11/27/05), Star Wars Galaxies Starter Kit Ad (11/29/05)

1472. Brak Show - The Eye #2108. 12/30/01, Ellen - The Movie Show w/Carrie Fisher 11/22/95, Big Break IV: All Access - Star Wars 10/12/05, TV Land Confidential - Breakout and Disappearing Stars, Attack of the Show! - Star Wars: Chewbacca Becomes a US Citizen sketches, Investigators - L.A. Vice, Jimmy Kimmel Live - Matt Stone & Trey Parker 10/14/05, Flavor Fest 2003 - Rize/The Flavor Alliance/Spec/Petti Dee, Space Ghost - Table Read, Hannity & Colmes - Rush Limbaugh 10/17/05, TV Land Confidential - When Real Life and Screen Life Collide, Investigative Reports - Bad Cops: Cause and Effect 1993, Cartoon Planet - Space Ghost Dearest, Cartoon Planet Band - Crazy Lovesick Fool, Don't Touch Me, Everybody Wants to be Space Ghost, Flavor Fest 2003 - Freddie Bruno/Carriers of the Cross/Corey Red & Precise, Late Night With Conan O'Brien w/Ozzy (3/22/05), TV Land Confidential - Changing Times and Trends

1473. Himalaya with Michael Palin (2004), Third Watch - Two Hundred and Thirty-Three Days 5/6/02, 20th Century With Mike Wallace - Cops Under Fire 8/10/00, Tonight Show with Jay Leno - Ozzy Osbourne 10/31/05, Space Ghost - Sequel

1474. Cops Tape #26 - Pierce Co. WA #921. 1/25/97, Fort Worth, TX #1223. 4/8/00, Fort Worth, TX #1224. 4/22/00, Denver, CO #515. 3/6/93, Mesa, AZ #1335. 5/19/01, Pittsburgh, PA #411. 12/21/91, Jacksonville, FL #1310. 1/13/01, Jacksonville, FL #1311. 1/20/01, Palm Beach Co. FL #1128. 3/27/99, Palm Beach Co. FL #1129. 4/10/99, Kansas City #1035. 7/18/98, Virginia Beach, VA #1114. 10/31/98, Virginia Beach, VA #1115. 11/7/98, Las Vegas, NV #316. 1/91, New York City, NY #736. 11/12/94, Sacramento, CA #602. 11/9/93, Pierce Co. WA #916. 2/1/97

1475. Anatomy of Crime Tape #1 - Bad Girls, Undercover, Behind Bars, Crimes Caught on Tape, Operation Sting, Under Siege, Deadly Predators, Bounty Hunters, Eyewitness to Crime

1476. 80s Music Videos & Beyond Tape #140 - Lil Wayne - Fireman (Makes a Video) 10/18/05, Lil Wayne - Fireman, Brandy - What About Us?, Eric Clapton - Pilgrim, Pink Floyd - When The Tigers Broke Free, Scorpions - Rock You Like A Hurricane (Live Acoustic 01), Whitesnake - Here I Go Again (Live Acoustic), Tesla - Heaven's Trail (No Way Out) (Live Acoustic 99), KMFDM - Vogue, Black Jesus - What that Thing Smell Like, Audio Adrenaline - Ocean Floor, Pax 217 - AM, Cheri Keaggy - Let's Fly, Sevendust - Ugly, Mudvayne - Forget to Remember, Children of Bodom - In Your Face, Cannibal Corpse - Staring through the Eyes of the Dead, Six Feet Under - Deathklaat, Ramaliah - The Horror and the Gag, Revelation Theory - Slow Burn, Yolanda Adams - Victory, Black Keys - 10:00 AM Automatic, Sleater-Kinney - Jumpers, Sun - Lost at Home, Living Things - Bom Bom Bom, Styx - Love at First Sight, Lindsay Lohan - Confessions of a Broken Heart (Making the Video) #1812. 10/24/05, Lindsay Lohan - Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father), R. Kelly - Trapped in the Closet Chapter 6&7 (Makes a Video) 10/23/05, R. Kelly - Trapped in the Closet Chapter 6, R. Kelly - Trapped in the Closet Chapter 7, Ludacris & Field Mob/Jamie Foxx - Georgia (Make a Video) 10/28/05, Ludacris & Field Mob/Jamie Foxx - Georgia, Foo Fighters/Star Wars Battlefront II - DOA, Jane's Addiction/Gettup Up: Contents Under Pressure - Mountain Song, All American Rejects/Sid Meier's Pirates - Dirty Little Secret, Ghoti Hook - Walking on Sunshine, Grits - All Fall Down, Point of Grace - Begin with Me, Zoe Girl - Dismissed, It Dies Today - Enjoy the Silence, SlipKnot - The Nameless, Buckethead/Serj Tankian - We Are One, Gwar - Gor-Gor, Soulfly - Frontlines, Behemoth - Slaves Shall Serve, As I Lay Dying - Through Struggle, New Praise Choir - Suddenly (Live), Smokie Norful - God is Able (Live), Bishop William Albney Jr./Marvin Sapp & Jennifer Holiday - Jesus is the Sweetest Name Born Again (Live), Dewayne Harvey & Unrestrained Praise - I Can See My Storm (Live), William Murphy III/Jessie Gonzalez - Let it Rise (Live), Soul Seekers - I'd Rather Have Jesus (Live), Sweet Sensation - If Wishes Came True, dios (milos) - I Want It All, Sigur Ros - Glosoli, Dresden Dolls - Good Day, Billy Idol - Rat Race (Live Acoustic VH1-C 05), Billy Idol - Eyes Without a Face (Live Acoustic VH1-C 05), Billy Idol - White Wedding (Live Acoustic VH1-C 05), Billy Idol - Rebel Yell (Live Acoustic VH1-C 05), Billy Idol - Scream (Live Acoustic VH1-C 05), Relient K - Who I am Hates Who I've Been, System of a Down - Hypnotize, KoRn - Twisted Transistor, 50 Cent - Window Shopper, Depeche Mode - One Caress, KMFDM - Money, Lisa Loeb - Pretty White Kids With Problems (MAD TV), Britney Spears - Lick My Baby Back Behind (Making the Video) MAD TV #501. 9/25/99, R. Kelly - Trapped in the Closet Chapters 6-8 (Access Granted) 11/3/05, R. Kelly - Trapped in the Closet Chapter 8, Sway & King Tech/Chino XL - Trouble, Smile & Southstar - Good Luck, Bun B - Drapped Up

1477. Animal Cops Tape #10 - Animal Precinct - Searching for John Doe 1/19/04, Miami Animal Police - Snakes on the Loose #8. 3/10/04, Animal Precinct - Family Feuds #9. 10/13/03, Animal Precinct - Too Late #5. 9/24/04, Miami Animal Police - Crocs on Course 11/1/05, Miami Animal Police - Exotic City 11/2/05, Miami Animal Police - Crime and Punishment 11/3/05, Miami Animal Police - Serial Killer Python #9. 3/11/04, Miami Animal Police - Toughest Cruelty Cases 11/4/05

1478. Tiny Toon Adventures Tape #3 - Journey to the Center of Acme Acres #7. 9/24/90, Cinemaniacs - Superbabs/Duck Trek/Pasadena Jones #19. 10/10/90, Toons From The Crypt - Wait 'Til Your Father Gets Even/Night of the Living Pets #86. 9/22/92, Rainy Daze - Rent A Friend/Bunny Daze/Fur-Gone Conclusion #29. 11/1/90, Stuff That Goes Bump in the Night - Home Wrecker/Fang you Very Much/Easy Biter #8. 9/25/90, Fields of Honey #30. 11/2/90, Pollution Solution - No Deposit No Return of the Trash Bag Dispenser/Jungle Bungle/Waste Deep in Wackyland #57. 2/14/91, A Quack in the Quarks #2. 9/17/90, The Buster Bunny Bunch - Buffed Bunny/Squish/Born to be Riled #5. 9/20/90, Ask Mr. Popular - Dapper Diz/A Pigment of his Imagination #46. 12/5/90, Test Stress - Never Too Late to Loon/Lil' Sneezer/To Bleep or not to Bleep #4. 9/19/90, Strange Tales of Weird Science - Scentimental Pig/Pit Bullied/Duck in the Muck #38. 11/14/90, Loonatics Unleashed - Loonatics on Ice #1. 9/17/05, Attack of the Fuzz Balls #2. 9/24/05, The Cloak of Black Velvet #3. 10/1/05, Weathering Heights #4. 10/8/05, Going Underground #5. 10/29/05, The Comet Cometh #6. 11/5/05

1479. Smallville - Thirst (10/27/05), Steelroots 2002 GMA Showcase - The 7 Method/East West/Pillar/ Strange Occurrence, Gunsmoke - The Sodbusters #7211 (11/20/72), Will & Grace - Heart Like a Wheelchair, The District - New World, The Movies that Shook the World - The Exorcist, Inside TV Land - TV's Top 40 Theme Songs, Jimmy Kimmel Live w/Ozzy (11/2/05), Incurable Collector - Roy Rogers & Dale Evans/Taxi/Limoges/Bogart/Gus Lopez Star Wars Collection (8/12/01), Will & Grace - The Accidental Tsuris w/Cleese, Conerstone Festival Live 2002 - The Combat Junkies & One-21

1480. Simpsons/King of the Hill Tape #6 - King of the Hill - Smoking and the Bandit, The Simpsons - Future-Drama, King of the Hill - Gone With the Windstorm, The Simpsons - Don't Fear the Roofer, The Simpsons - The Heartbroke Kid, King of the Hill - Bobby On Track, The Simpsons - A Star Is Torn, The Simpsons - Thank God, It's Doomsday; King of the Hill - It Ain't Over Till The Fat Neighbor Sings, The Simpsons - Home Away From Homer, The Simpsons - The Father, The Son, & The Holy Guest Star; The Simpsons - Bonfire of the Manatees, King of the Hill - Hank's On Board, The Simpsons - The Girl Who Slept Too Little, King of the Hill - Bystand Me, The Simpsons - Millhouse of Sand and Fog, King of the Hill - Bill's House

1481. The Three Stooges Tape #10 - Scheming Schemers, Scrambled Brains, Three Hams on Rye; So Long, Mr. Chumps; Bubble Trouble, Hot Stuff, Three Smart Saps, Back to the Woods, 3 Dumb Clucks, Hula-La-La, Oil's Well That Ends Well; Whoops, I'm an Indian!, Loose Loot, Income Tax Sappy, Vagabond Loafers, Booty and the Beast, Flagpole Jitters, Pals and Gals, Sweet and Hot, Musty Musketeers, Gypped in the Penthouse, Shot in the Frontier, Hot Ice

1482. Judge Mathis Tape #14 - Jennifer Green vs. Thomas Robinson/Melody Burnham vs. Sean Shepherd & Katrina Spirz/Timothy Holmes & Tamara Villarreal vs. Christopher & Amber McGregor/Brian Rutledge vs. Robert Underkoffler #7033. 10/26/05, Tyler Barnes vs. Christopher Walters/Stacy Finkle (31) vs. Joseph Rowe (25)/Matthew Huppert vs. Kristen Allie (28)/Patricia Gonzales vs. Frank Jaramillo/Lori Eggleston vs. Joseph Gyarmati III #7034. 10/27/05, Jamie Podrazo (18) vs. Heather Lee (19)/Cory Robinson vs. Javon Chisholm/Janet Skunza vs. Shannon Jones/Detrick Rowser vs. Alexia Arnold #7036. 10/31/05, Dawn Short vs. Sarah Minor/Laramie Smith vs. Shawn Geter/Gary Payton vs. Dax Shepherd/Roy & Nick Hansen (17) vs. Emily Rasmussen (18) #7037. 11/1/05, Louis Smith vs. Christopher Bates/Kathleen Williams vs. James Hill III/Debbie Terrace (24) vs. Amanda McCreary (26)/Peter Walsh vs. Nancy Chanthavong #7038. 11/2/05, Leah Mallory vs. Jason Hoey/Nathan Price vs. Tanya Schafer/John Coleman Jr. vs. Jayne Baker/Claude Wright vs. Beverly Behm #7039. 11/3/05, Leah Taylor (18) vs. Adam Yeoman (20)/Chris O'Hara vs. Mark Panozzo/Neshaun Lockett vs. Emma Lockett/Ethel Lackey vs. Brenda Lackey #7040. 11/4/05, Shanda Young vs. Valerie Bradley/Bill Rawle vs. Karen Dickens/Terricka Crystal Patrice Rogers vs. Big Bad D/Woj Podwysocki, Steve Killingsworth & Erik Stehmer vs. Jonathan Vanderveen #7041. 11/7/05, John Alderson vs. Meghann Alderson/Rene Guiang vs. Dominic Monarti/Tomisha Allen vs. Aisha Allen/Brian Saffron vs. Grant Tygett #7042. 11/8/05

1483. Cops Tape #27 - Bad Girls! 2 Special Edition #1536. 2/1/03, Nashville, TN #613. 8/28/93, Tampa, FL #809. 3/2/96, Tampa, FL #810. 3/16/96, Best of Cops 1 #001. 7/91, Best of Cops 2 #002. 7/91, Miami, FL #903. 9/21/96, Miami, FL #904. 9/28/96, Extreme Cops #1436. 9/14/02, Houston, TX #331. 5/91, Cleveland, OH #631. 11/27/93, Buffalo, NY #824. 1/6/96, Buffalo, NY #825. 1/13/96, Providence, RI #912. 12/21/96, Grand Theft Auto 1 Special Edition #1518. 9/14/02, Coast to Coast #1804. 11/5/05, Kansas City #1017. 1/10/98

1484. Ghost Hunters Tape #2 - 21. Eastern State Pen 2 & Ogden House, 22. Winchester House & Queen Mary, 23. Shawshank Prison - Mansfield OH & Lizzie Borden House, 24. Crescent House - Ghostly Soldier & Dr. Ellis - Medium House, 25. Halloween Special 1 - Savannah GA, 4. Race Rock Lighthouse, 5. Eastern State Pen, 6. Church Residence, 7. New Bedford Armory

1485. Animal Cops Tape #11 - San Francisco - Apartment Search 6/8/05, Animal Precinct - New Recruit #8. 2/16/05, Miami Animal Police - Gators Galore 5/13/05, Miami Animal Police - Super Snake Princess 2/11/05, Houston - Trailer Park Tears 8/6/04, Houston - Caught on Tape 5/11/05, Detroit - Most Unforgettable Cases 4/29/05, Detroit - Deserted Dogs #8. 4/27/05, Animal Precinct - Hospital Special 1. 7/16/05

1486. Cheaters Tape #12 - Best of - Jerry Vielma (19-1), Howard Smith (75-2) #CHS109. 5/12/05, Best of - Maricela Montes (19-2), Fernando Estrada E32-1) #CHS110. 5/13/05, Shelby Baker (Richard Baker/Melissa Delaplane), Sarah Salich (Ernest "Grimey" Laine/Patrice Jensen), Dede Sampson (81-1) #521. 5/14/05, Best of - Stephanie Gutierrez (21-1), Johnny Navarez (6-2) #CHS111. 5/16/05, Best of - James "J.B." Travis (E21-2), Kandis Young (E67-1) #CHS112. 5/17/05, Best of - Bill Ladd (22-1), Mistress Tanina Jones (68-1) #CHS113. 5/18/05, Best of - Shay Conwell (22-2), Karla Nunn (75-2) #CHS114. 5/19/05, Best of - Sylvia McKenzie (24-1), Leonel Robles (34-1) #CHS115. 5/20/05, Iliana Sanchez (Withheld/Rosie Castillo), Dan Newburry (Josie Newburry/Steven Hoffner), Johnny Burkhalter (86-2) #522. 5/21/05, Best of - Corbin Perkins (24-2), Gregg Scannel (20-2) #CHS116. 5/23/05, Best of - Robert Andrew (28-1), Suzanne Ravazos (77-1) #CHS117. 5/24/05, Best of - Sara Hays (33-2), Withheld (73-2) #CHS118. 5/25/05, Best of - Alfredo "Freddy" Ramirez (26-1), Eric Osborn (62-1) #CHS119. 5/26/05, Best of - Fernando Estrada (32-1), Eva Shay Fletcher (62-2) #CHS120. 5/27/05, Maury Povich - Joey Greco on Explosive moments caught on tape. #030105. 3/1/05, Maury Povich - Caught in the Act with Joey Greco #112105. 11/21/05, Maury Povich - Crimes and cheaters caught on tape with Joey Greco #020905. 2/9/05

1487. Mtv 1989 Tape #1 - Mtv Top 100 of 1988 (12/31/88) Kevin Seal Hosts - 64. Belinda Carlisle - I Get Weak, 63. George Michael - Monkey. 62. John Cougar, Coca Coca Classic - Surprise Party, January Man ad, Bon Jovi New Jersey Tour Ad, Easy Glider Ad, Mtv changing head man promo, 61. Heart - There's the Girl, 60. Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal, 59. Huey Lewis and the News - Perfect World, Julie Brown Club Mtv Promo, License to Drive VHS ad, Coca Cola Classic - Automatic Sensation, Gillette Aftra Plus - The Best a Man can Get, The Presidio on VHS, Mtv ad - around the world, Paul Carrack live in studio clip, 58. Paul Carrack - Don't Shed a Tear, 57. Bobby Brown - My Prerogative, Now Heart This Adam Curry promo, Mtv - These are Words ad, Freedom Rock Ad, MTV All Bands were New promo, Bret Michaels Interview Clip, 56. Poison - Fallen Angel, Bruce Springsteen Interview Clip, 55. Bruce Springsteen - One Step Up, Big Bang '89 New Year's Eve promo, What Dry Is - Michelob Dry Ad, Mtv Favorite Music - Big John Promo, 54. Whitesnake - Give Me All Your Love, 53. Chicago - Look Away, 52. INXS - Never Tear Us Apart, The Conductor Battery - Taxicab Ad, Bud Bowl I Ad, Rain Man Ad, Psycho Skate Video Ad, 51. Bobby McFerrin Interview clip, Bobby McFerrin - Don't Worry Be Happy, 50. Sting - Be Still My Beating Heart, 49. Bangles - Hazy Shade of Winter, 48. Foreigner - Say You Will, 29. George Michael - One More Try, 28. Joan Jett - I Hate Myself for Loving You, 27. Big Bang '89: Los Angeles - Robert Plant - Tall Cool One (Live), Sam Kinison, Escape Club - Wild Wild West, Shake, SNL - Sugarcubes, Sam Kinison stand up, Vixen - Cryin' (Live), Year in Rock 88 ad, The Conductor Batteries - School's Out Ad, Robert Plant - Ship of Fools, Heaven Knows, Michael Jackson Leave Me Alone premiere promo, Furs by Vaukus Ad, Genesee Light Beer Ad - College, Poison - Every Rose has it's Thorn, Sam Kinison & Friends - Wild Thing, Budweiser Ad - For , the Hustle, Sandra Bernhart in Times Square, Lisa Hartman interview, 5. MJ - Man in the Mirror, Kevin Seal as Father Time, Top 100 of 88 promo, Kurt Thomas international gymnastics school ad, 4. Aerosmith - Rag Doll, Lou Diamond Phillips interview, Gilbert Gottfried & Kip Winger, 3. INXS - Need You Tonight/Mediate, Richard Grieco interview, Coca Cola - Earth Wind & Fire Ad, 2. Def Leppard - Pour Some Sugar on Me, Peter interview, Karen & Eric Club Mtv promo, Genesee Light - ingredients Ad, College Hill Medical Center - stop wasting time on drugs ad, Sandra cursing, 1. Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child O'Mine, Robin Bird interview, Club Mtv countdown 13. Erasure - Chains of Love, Maxi Priest - Wild World, Mtv promo - kid throwing food, Time Life - Mysteries of the Unknown ad, Levi's 501 Blues gospel chorus, Mtv promo - garden of delights, Annie Lennox & Al Green - Put a Little Love in Your Heart, Traveling Wilburys, Belinda Carlise interview clip, 84, Belinda Carlise - Circle in the Sand, 83. Pet Shop Boys/Dusty Springfield - What Have I Done to Deserve This?, Icehouse interview clip, 82. Icehouse - Electric Blue, Year in Rock - George Michael, U2, Atlantic 40th Anniversary Party with Led Zeppelin Reunion, Van Halen Monsters of Rock, Summer Tours, U2 - Pride (Live), Eddie Money - The Love in Your Eyes, Kevin Seal goes snowboarding, Superbowl Weekend - Duran Duran - Hungry Like the Wolf, George Michael - Faith, Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers - Tomorrow People, Mtv New Improved Promo, Bon Jovi - Bad Medicine, Rock Blocks INXS - What You Need (Australian Made Live), Never Tear Us Apart, Devil Inside, Paula Abdul - Straight Up, FYC - She Drives Me Crazy, Now Hear This promo, What Makes a Magazine Cover Sell - Sports Illustrated 25th Anniversary - Kathy Ireland/Carol Wallace US Magazine/Richard M. Smith Newsweek/Matty Simmons National Lampoon, Maury Povich 25th Anniversary Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Special w/C'est la Vie, Mtv News - Elvis Costello, Tone Loc - Wild Thing, The Brits: 1989 BPI Awards hosted by Adam Curry from the Royal Albert Hall, Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine - Rhythm is Going to Get You, Look back at the 1988 Awards w/Rick Astley, U2, Terence Trent D'arby, Bangles, Pet Shop Boys & Dusty Springfield, George Michael, Michael Jackson, Bananarama, Co-Hosts - Samantha Fox & Mick Fleetwood, Phil Collins & Julian Lennon present the Ward for Best British single to Fairground Attraction - Perfect., Week in Rock ad, Kawasaki Jetski new tandem sporty ad, Diet Coke ad - Don Johnson & Wayne Gretzky, Silkience Ad - chicks just hatched, Boy George presents the award for Best British Group - Erasure, Fairground Attraction - Perfect, Yo! Mtv Raps - Stop the Violence ad, Kawasaki Ninja - let the good times roll, Army - Get an edge on life, Rubik's Clock from Matchbox ad, Betrayed on VHS ad, Poltergeist II on VHS ad, SI 25th Swimsuit Issue VHS ad, Mtv Your favorite Music ad, Four Tops present the award for Best International Male - Michael Jackson, MJ Live in England montage - Another Part of Me, fans talk, presentation of the Excalibur Award, Billie Jean, MJ's Message to the UK, INXS present the award for Best International Female - Tracy Chapman, Mtv Rockumentary David Lee Roth Ad, Bold Hold ad, Soft & Dri Sports Style formula - women at the beach, Heinz Ketchup - best things come to those who wait/kid in diner. The Presidio on VHS ad, Carol Decker & Mike Rutherford present the award for Best British Album - Fairground Attraction, Yaz - Got to Share, Robbie Robertson - Somewhere Down the Crazy River, Cowboy Junkies - Sweet Jane, Just Say Julie - Julie Brown promo, Daily Cleanser from Bu-Puf ad, 21 Jumpstreet Flashback episode ad, Levi's 501 Blues - black singing group, Presidio, Mtv Stars ad w/Joe Franklin, Adam Curry/Kevin Seal Grammy's preview, Robert Palmer, William Shatner rides at the Devon Horse Show & Interview 1989

1488. Mtv 1989 Tape #2 - The Brits: 1989 BPI Awards continued - Godley & Crème present the award for Best International Group - U2, Def Leppard - Pour Some Sugar on Me, Eddie Reader interview, Andy Bell interview, Mtv - These are Words promo, 1988 review - Acid House, Women - Enya, Chapman, Michael Jackson, Erasure, Pet Shop, Bill Wyman & Ronnie Wood present the award for Best New British Newcomer - Bros, Dave Stewart & Annie Lennox present the award for Best International Newcomer - Tracy Chapman, Mtv Grammy Sunday promo, Kawasaki - I'll take water with mine, Coors Light - Silver Bullet - bar & Laundromat, Crocodile Dundee II on VHS, Belinda Carlisle presents the Award for Best Soundtrack - Buster/Phil Collins & The Four Tops, Tanita Tikaram - It's Good Tradition (live), Jules Holland & Ken Russell present the award for Best British Video - Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal, Joan Armatrading & Joe Elliott present the award for Best British Male Artist - Phil Collins, Tina Turner presents the award for Best British Female - Annie Lennox, Bros - Nothing at All (Live), Week in Rock - Margo Timmons/Cowboy Junkies - Live & Interview w/Lou Reed, Mtv Grammy Awards Spotlight Show 1989 Hosted by Kevin Seal - Bono, Dentyne - time to walk the dog ad, Levi 501 Blues - Cajun, Time Life Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons collection ad, Michael J. Fox - Cocaine the big lie ad, Best Rock Group or Duo - Little Feat - Let it Roll clip, Bono interview, U2 - Desire, Midnight Oil clip, Joan Jett - I Hate Myself for Loving You, Yo! Club Mtv Raps promo, Coors Light - I'm an American Original, Leviathan trailer, INXS Interview, INXS - New Sensation, Best Pop Vocal - Gloria Estefan clip, Manhattan Transfer - Brasil clip, Beach Boys - Kokimo clip, Brenda Russell & Joe Esposito - Piano in the Dark, Escape Club - Wild Wild West, Mtv - gas station promo, Head & Shoulders - ski trip ad, Wrigley's Spearmint Gum - mind experiment ad, Wiseguy on CBS ad, Silver Eagle Michael Jackson - The Motown Years Greatest Hits album, Best Pop Vocal/Male - Sting - Be Still My Beating Heart clip, Steve Winwood - Roll with It clip, George Michael - Father Figure clip, Bobby McFerrin - Don't Worry, Be Happy clip, Phil Collins Interview, Phil Collins - A Groovy Kind of Love, Best Pop Vocal/Female - Tracy Chapman - Fast Car clip, Brenda Russell - Get Here clip, Joni Mitchell - Chalk Mark in a Rain Storm clip, Whitney Houston - One Moment in Time clip, Whitney Houston Interview, Taylor Dayne - Tell it to My Heart, Toni Childs interview clip, Mtv - new music first promo, Levi 501 - on their own ad, Dream a Little Dream trailer, Call Corey Haim 900 # ad, Best New Artist - Vanessa Williams, Tracy Chapman, Toni Childs, Take 6, Rick Astley Interview clip, Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up, Will Smith clip, Best Rap Recording - Salt-N-Pepa - Push It clip, Kool Moe Dee - Wild Wild West clip, JJ Fad - Supersonic clip, LL Cool J - Going Back to Cali clip, DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince - Parents Just Don't Understand, Tracy Chapman interview clip, Club Mtv - Camille speaks promo, Stridex - wipe out pimples ad, Steak-umm - after the party ad, Life Magazine subscription w/Ultronic alarm clock phone, Tracy Chapman interview, Tracy Chapman - Fast Car, Bobby McFerrin clip, Bobby McFerrin - Don't Worry Be Happy, Mtv Now Here This - Cheap Trick promo, Nintendo Ice Hockey ad, NES RC Pro Am ad, Levi 501 - gonna look good in blues, NBA Dazzling Dunks & Basketball Bloopers VHS w/Sports Illustrated subscription, Michael Jackson - Man in the Mirror, Steve Winwood - Roll with It, George Michael Interview clip, Wrigley's Doublemint Gum - ice skaters, Coors Light - rock bands tour bus breaks down in the country, Playboy subscription - you can't throw them away/start your collection, George Michael Clip, George Michael - Faith, Sting interview clip, Sting - We'll Be Together, Grammy Awards 89 Hosted by Billy Crystal - Sinead O'Connor - Mandika, Pepsi Ad - Robert Palmer Simply Irresistible, Scorpio by Lincoln Mercury, Smothers Brothers Magnavox CD Player ad, Dallas - Sue Allen crashes JR's wedding ad, Best Catches/38th Annual Miss USA Ad, Steve Winwood & Randy Travis present the award for best new artist, Olivia Newton-John presents award for song of the year - Bobby McFerrin, Toni Childs - Don't Walk Away (Live), Jody Watley & Michael Hutchinse present the award for best female performance - Tina Turner, Michael Greene speech, Gloria Estefan presents - Album of the Year - George Michael, Metallica - One (Live), Lita Ford & Alice Cooper present the award for best hard rock album - Jethro Tull, Mtv Grammy Awards Wrap Up - Little Richard, Sinead O'Connor, Bobby McFerrin, Linda Ronstadt, the year the grammys exploded, Van Halen - Feels So Good, R.E.M. - Stand, Police - Don't Stand So Close, Yo! Mtv Raps - grammys promo, Bill & Ted's Excellent adventure ad, Time Life Mysteries of the Unknown ad, Mtv - there's stereo and then there's stereo promo, Adam Curry, Dead Milkmen - Punk Rock Girl, Glamour Camp - She Did It, Grammy Award Winners Spotlight Show hosted by Adam Curry, Robert Palmer - Simply Irresistible, Ziggy Marley - Tomorrow People, Mtv rooster promo, Oxy Clean - Clean Sweep Gameshow ad, Pepsi presents Madonna Like a Prayer on 3/2/89, Weird Al wins an award for Fat, Terence Trent D'Arby - Wishing Well, U2 - Desire, Mtv Buzz 3/7/89 promo, Big Red - long lasting fresh breath, 10 Second Film - Buck and the F Word, Grammy rap fiasco, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Sting - Be Still My Beating Heart, Doug All - abstract painter - Jim Morrison & Orson Wells with fish, Marlon Brando with bees, Club Mtv - Martika - More than You Know (Live) and Interview, Greenpeace in Russia - Annie Lennox, The Edge, Chrissie Hynde, Evening Magazine - Madonna clip, Van Halen - When It's Love, Kevin Seal interviews Ken Ober on Daytona beach spring break, Rock Blocks - Phil Collins - Can't Hurry Love, Sussudio, Groovy Kind of Love, Mtv Daytona Bike Week 89, Kevin Seal at 701 South Club - College Crowd Q&A, Tobi Ratloff the genuine nerd in Cleveland for Spring Break, Sam Kinison live at Spring Break, Downtown Julie Brown at the Texan hotel live, Escape Club - Walking Through Walls (Spring Break 89 Live), Amanda Peterson live with Julie and 8 drunk guys, The Fixx Live at Spring Break Blowout concert, Mtv Half Hour Comedy Hour promo with Emo Phillips, Budweiser - let it roll ad/3 girls, Dead Bang trailer, 3 Musketeers - Bigger on Chocolate, K Mart Music Center - Bobby Brown My Prerogative, Alyssa Milano Teen Steam Video ad, Club Mtv Spring Break - Fine Young Cannibals - She Drives Me Crazy (Live) and Interview, Bobby Brown - My Prerogative, Simple Minds, Martika - More than You Know, Bon Jovi, Robert Plant - Little by Little, Chicago - Look Away, Powerstation, Tears for Fears 1985 interview, Martha Quinn hosts Classic Mtv, Tears for Fears - Everybody want to Rule the World, Tommy Tutone

1489. MXC Tape #3 - 39. Oil Industry vs. Make-Over Industry, 40. Film Industry vs. Phobias, 41. Romance Industry vs. Firearm Industry, 42. The Footwear Industry vs. The Electronic Gaming Industry, 43. Advertising vs. Waste Management , 44. Malcontents vs. Baked Goods, 45. Phone Workers vs. Mail Workers, 46. Art World vs. Insurance Industry, 47. Seafood Industry vs. High Society, 48. Lumber Industry vs. Broadcast News, 49. Postal Industry vs. Motor Sports, 50. Courtroom vs. Rodeo Industry, 51. Sports Women vs. Business Women, 52. Career Day - White Collar vs. Blue Collar, 53. Comic Book Industry vs. Personal Hygiene, Desperate Housewives vs. Ultimate Fighting Champs #401. 10/20/05, Real Mafia vs. Video Game Industry #402. 11/10/05, Most Best of MXC #603. 11/17/05

1490. Cartoon Tape #17 - Millionaire Droopy, A Gander At Mother Goose (Dubbed 1995), The Bear's Tale (Dubbed 1995), Little Blabbermouse, Tres Sheik Poodles, Droopyland, It's the Wolf - Sheep Scene Stealer, Northwest Hounded Police, Stage Fright, Dumb-Hounded, Broadway Droopy, Meatless Flyday, Scourge of the Sky, The Cat's Tale (Dubbed 1995), Greetings Bait (Dubbed 1995), The Alley Cat, The Hungry Wolf, The Mad Maestro, The Uninvited Pest, Tom and Jerry Kids Theme Song #1, Muscle Beach Droopy, Of Fox and Hounds (Dubbed 1995), Haunted Droopy, Good Knight Droopy, The Counterfeit Cat, Ventriloquist Cat, Goggle Fishing Bear, The Little Wise Quacker, McWolfenstein, The Bear and the Bean, The Bear that Couldn't Sleep, Deep Sleep Droopy, The Prospecting Bear, The Rookie Bear, Rap Rat is Where it's at, The Sneezing Weasel, Hobo Gadget Band, The Bear and the Hare, Barney Bear's Polar Pest, Return of the Chubby Man, Eradicator Droopy, The Penguin Parade (Dubbed 1995), Sleepy-Time Squirrel, Bird-Brain Bird Dog, McWolfula, Bear Raid Warden, Double 'O' Droopy, Fear of Flying, Pony Express Droopy, Car of Tomorrow, Tarmut of the Apes, Deep Space Droopy

1491. Cops Tape #28 - Providence, RI #910. 11/16/96, Coast to Coast #1414. 9/29/01, FX - Frisky Thursday Cops & That 70's Show All Night, Coast to Coast #1423. 2/9/02, Pierce Co. WA #1321. 3/24/01, Pierce Co. WA #1322. 4/7/01, Texas #1028. 2/7/98, Texas #1031. 3/21/98, Minneapolis, MN - On the Home Front #304. 10/90, Bad Girls! 8 Special Edition #1823. 11/12/05, Kansas City #725. 2/4/95, Virginia Beach, VA #1116. 3/13/99, Virginia Beach, VA #1117. 11/14/98, Dallas, TX #818. 3/30/96, Pierce Co. WA #919. 2/22/97, Jacksonville, FL #1306. 10/14/00, Sacramento, CA #605. 10/30/93, Atlanta, GA #1108. 12/5/98

1492. Duck Dodgers Tape #2 - Duck Deception/The Spy Who Didn't Love Me #1. 8/23/03, Good Duck Hunting/Consumption Overruled #35. 10/7/05, Pig Planet #14. 8/14/04, A Lame Duck Mind #36. 10/14/05, Invictus Interruptus/Pet Peeved #15. 8/14/04, The Menace of Maninsuit/K-9 Quarry #16. 8/14/04, Talent Show A Go-Go/The Love of a Father #17. 8/14/04, The New Cadet/The Love Duck #18. 8/14/04, The Fudd #19. 8/14/04, Master & Disaster/All in the Crime Family #37. 10/21/05, Deathmatch Duck/Deconstructing Dodgers #21. 1/14/05, MMORPD/Old McDodgers #22. 1/21/05, Diva Delivery/Castle High #23. 1/28/05, Surf the Stars/Samurai Quack #24. 2/4/05, In Space, No One Can Hear You Rock/Ridealong Calamity #38. 11/4/05, Bonafide Heroes #39. 11/4/05, The Best of Captains, the Worst of Captains/That's Lifomatica #31. 4/22/05

1493. Judge Mathis Tape #15 - Mothers in Court - Christopher Cady (19) vs. Debra Cady/Earl Green Jr. (19) & Rachel Eckert (19) vs. Lorraine Brown (53) & Justin/Sheri Lenk vs. Danielle (17) & Ricky Johnson/Jimeca Rodgers vs. Shirley Brown #7043. 11/9/05, Jamie Schaar vs. Shara Davis/David Earwood vs. Jeanne Dover/Sherita Harris (23) vs. Kequiana White/Leonard Burst Jr. vs. Johann Matejski #7044. 11/10/05, Lori Eggleston vs. Joseph Gyarmati III/Cindy Rose vs. Felicia Green/Precious Thomas vs. Anna Juarez/Dave Van Horn & Kim Currier vs. Dominc Vitalone #7035. 10/28/05, Joshua Burk (20) vs. Brittany Kitzmiller (19)/Jose Hinojosa vs. Zabrina Tatum (27)/Sarah Jackson vs. Cathy Desent/Debra McMillian vs. Benjamin Keller #7045. 11/11/05, Cougar Show - Kim Plummer (37) vs. Jeffrey Alexander (22)/Olivia Stafford (56) vs. David Stafford (37)/Badeh Dixon-Cruz (41) vs. Robert Anderson (33)/Patricia Beel (70) vs. Michael Schramm (54) #7046. 11/14/05, Caryon Watson vs. Demitrie Williams/Daniel Vershay vs. Mark Krahenbuhl/Laura Panciera vs. Tracie Criscitelli/Tim Tugg vs. Chris Boivin #7047. 11/15/05, Katherine Craft vs. Dirk Chatagnier/Matthew Ritter (21) vs. Rushdi Shakeel (21)/Genetta Lane vs. Ericka Green/Gloria Buell (58) vs. Michael St. Paul (54) #7048. 11/16/05, Phoebe Kemp (20) vs. Alex Smith (21)/Jamie Hoaglen vs. Nancy Pinkowski/Tina Boulware vs. Tiffany Morse/Jeremy White vs. Demond Hill #7049. 11/17/05, Jamie & Gayle Dilla vs. Tara Frastak/Jennifer Salinas (23) vs. Bryan & Toresa Blakely/Brandi Charity vs. Michael Richmond (37)/Shirley Reh & James Zar Hall vs. Joseph Wood #7050. 11/18/05

1494. 80s Music Videos & Beyond Tape #141 - Marques Houston - Sex with You (Access Granted) 11/2/05, Marques Houston - Sex with You, Trina/Kelly Rowland - Here We Go, Mary J. Blige - Real Love, Ja Rule - Clapback, Katinas - It's Real, Benjamin Gate - All Over Me, Newsboys - Million Pieces, Steven Curtis Chapman - When Love Takes You in, Zion - He was There, Dr. Charles Hayes - Work it Out (Hurricane Katrina Version), Cece Winans - Mama's Kitchen, Byron Cage - He Reigns (Live), Byron Cage - I Will Not Be Afraid (Live), God Forbid - The End of the World, Flotsam & Jetsam - Wading Through the Darkness, At All Cost - Death to Distraction, With Honor - Like Trumpets, Nodes of Ranvier - Glass Half Nothing, Infectious Grooves - Therapy, Soilent Green - Leaves of Three, Surface - Shower Me with Your Love, Spoon - Sister Jack, Tom Vek - I Ain't Saying My Goodbyes, Green Day - St. Jimmy (Live), Yellowcard - Lights and Sounds (Makes a Video) 7/5/04, Yellowcard - Lights and Sounds, Grateful Dead - One More Saturday Night (Beat Club), Madonna - Hung Up, KoRn - Twisted Transistor (Makes a Video) 11/8/05, Moody Blues - Running Out Of Love, Depeche Mode - I Feel You, Tina Turner - Better Be Good To Me (Live), Kansascali - If I, Sheek Louch/Styles P - Kiss Yourself Goodbye, Black Rob - Star in Da Hood/Ready, Tango Redd/Lloyd - Let's Cheat, Saxon - Rock and Roll Gypsy, UFO - Let It Rain, Ambassador - Honor and Glory, John Reuben - Doin, Delirious - Gravity, Watch them Die - Bastard Son, Damien Marley/Nas - Road to Zion (Makes a Video) 11/13/05, Damien Marley/Nas - Road to Zion, Duran Duran - Wild Boys (Live in London 2004), Sun - Valentine, Go! Team - Ladyflash, Morningwood - Nth Degree, Sun - Carry It All, Carly Simon - I Only Have Eyes for You, Weezer - Perfect Situation, Nelly/Paul Wall/Ali & Gipp - Grillz, Beck - Hell Yes, Madonna - Hung Up (Makes a Video) 10/27/05, Chris Brown - Yo!/Gimme That (Access Granted) 11/16/05, Chris Brown - Yo!/Gimme That, Pavement - Cut Your Hair, Parachute Band - Amazing, Audio Adrenaline - Rejoice, Alicia Keys - Proactiv Solution Ad, Elms - Speaking in Tongues, Killswitch Engage - A Bid Farewell, Cradle of Filth - Cradle to Enslave, Machine Head - Seasons Wither, Into the Moat - Empty Shell, Anthrax - Only, Walter Hawkins - Agree (Live), Walter Hawkins - A Prayer Away (Live), Walter Hawkins - Battle (Live), Avant/Lil Wayne & Jermaine Dupri - You Know What, Adriana Evans - 7Days, Eric Benet - Let's Stay Together, Donell Jones/Jermaine Dupri - Better Start Talking, En Vogue - You Don't Have to Worry

1495. I Love the 80's - 3D - 1980-88

1496. I Love the 80's - 3D - 1989, Awesomely Wack Hip Hop 2/9/04, NOPD: After Katrina 11/1/05, House - Daddy's Boy #205. 11/8/05, Brak Show - We Ski in Peace, Nero Wolfe - The Mother Hunt Part One (5/12/02), Last Call With Carson Daly w/Ozzy Osbourne 11/11/05, Cornerstone Festival - The Culprits & The Deal, Headline Crime - Michael Jackson Case (12/03), Awesomely Bad Freakouts 11/14/05, Earth to America Concert - Eric Idle sings & Triumph the Insult Dog

1497. Motormouth Tape #2 - Mesa, AZ/Houston, TX #203. 5/19/05, Montclair, NJ/Memphis, TN #204. 5/16/05, Tempe, AZ/Camden, NJ #206. 5/24/05, Las Vegas, NV/Washington, DC #205. 5/23/05, Phoenix, AZ/Aldine, TX #208. 5/25/05, Denver, CO/Staten Island, NY #209. 5/30/05, Lakewood, CO/Dallas, TX #210. 5/31/05, Norman's Awesome Experience, GMA Cornerstone Festival 2002 - The 7-Method, I Love the Holidays (11/05), Hot Pursuit: A Deadly Game 3/7/99

1498. Night Court Tape #3 - The Eye of the Beholder, Santa Goes Downtown, Who Was That Mashed Man?, Russkie Business, My Three Dads, Opportunity Knock Knocks Part 1&2, A Guy Named Phantom Part 1&2, Death Threat, Once in Love With Harry; Hi Honey, I'm Home; Let It Snow, The Law Club, Futureman

1499. Cheaters Tape #13 - Alicia Smith (Luis Hernandez/Withheld), Kamisha King (Michael Tristan/Connie Gadsen), Rosie Castillo (E99-1) #601. 10/1/05, Heather Lynski (Carlo Corelli/Jamie Buckles), Sandra Ruiz (Felix Ruiz/Withheld), Serita Bronwyn (E84-2) #602. 10/8/05, Bob Hamil (Lacy Delfino/Rob English), Iris Hernandez (Withheld/Vianey Araiza), Curtis Jackson (E92-2) #603. 10/15/05, Best of - Amy O'Neal (E27-1), Dede Sampson (E98) 10/18/05, Marvin Keel (E31-2), Jonathan Shaw (E83-1) 10/18/05, Trisha Ludall (Steven Brians/Denise Pennington), Jackie Woudsky (Jermaine Washington/Wanda Cooper), Cameron Spaulding #604. 10/22/05, Crystal Laird (E31-1), Curtis Jackson (E102) 10/25/05

1500. 80s Music Videos & Beyond Tape #142 - Missy Elliott/Lil' Mo/Eve - Hoy Boyz, Raphael Saadiq - Still Ray, Trey Songz - Gotta Go, Mariah Carey - Don't Forget About Is, Silver Jews - How Can I Love You If You Won't Lie Down, Feist - Mushaboom, Bob Marley - Slogans, Avenged Sevenfold/Everquest II - Bat Country, Weezer/The Sims 2: Nightlife - Beverly Hills, T.I./PSC/Young Dro/Need for Speed: Most Wanted - Doya Thang, Sum 41/Guitar Hero - Fat Lip, Fat Joe/True Crime - Get it Poppin', Thrice - Image of the Invisible, Ludacris & Field Mob/Jamie Foxx - Georgia, Fall Out Boy - Dance Dance, Drag-On - Put Your Drinks Down, Joe Budden/Busta Rhymes - Fire, David Banner - Cadillacs on 22's, Big Tymers - This is How We Do, Untouchables/Benzino - Untouchables, Black Eyed Peas - My Humps, Pussycat Dolls - Stickwitu, Kelly Clarkson - Because of You, Anna Nalick - In the Rough, Goo Goo Dolls - Better Days, Alanis Morissette - Crazy, Eurythmics - I've Got a Life, INXS - Pretty Vegas, Shakira - Don't Bother, Lisa Marie Presley - Idiot, Gwen Stefani - Luxurious, James Blunt - You're Beautiful, Howie Day - She Says, Tony Yayo/50 Cent/Young Buck/Lloyd Banks - I Know You Don't Love Me (Access Granted), Tony Yayo/50 Cent/Young Buck/Lloyd Banks - I Know You Don't Love Me, Michael McDonald - I Keep Forgettin', Doobie Brothers - Takin' It To the Streets (Live), Doobie Brothers - Black Water (Live), Michael McDonald - Sweet Freedom, Doobie Brothers - China Grove (Live), Doobie Brothers - Long Train Runnin' (Live), Morrisson Poe - Glitter Girl, Ray Davies - Thanksgiving Day (Live VH1-C 11/05), M.R.P. - Hola Madem, Locos Por Juana - La Noche, Television Kamikaze - Superstar, Wisin y Yandel - Rakata, Voltio - Se Van Se Van, La Secta Allstar con Wisin y Yandel - Ilora Mi Corazon, Olga Taon - Vete, Vete, Chayanne - No Te Procupes, Luis Fonsi - Estoy Perdido, Coral - Abril, Nicky Jam - I'm Not Your Husband/Tu Marido, Coti con Julieta Venegas y Paulina Rubio - Nada Fue Un Error, Enrique Iglesias - Solo Me Importas Tu, Laura Pausini - Como Si No Nos Humbleramos, Circo - Un Accidente, Ricky Martin/Debbie Nova & Fat Joe - Que Mas Da, Hombres G - Porque No Ser Amigos, Voltio - Bumper Re-Edited Version, Ivy Queen - Chika Ideal, Liza Quin con El General - Make Your Move, Natalia y La Forquentina - Ser Humano, Ricky Martin - La Copa de la Vida (Football Version), Monterosa - Me La Robo, Adassa/Pitbull - Kamasutra, Moderatto/Belinda - Muriendo Lento, Voltio/Tego Calderon & Fat Joe - Julito Mara, Ricky Martin - Maria (Spanish Version), Speedy/Lumidee - Sientio, Selena - Bidi Bidi Bom Bom, Vivanativa - Puro Amor, Luis Fonsi - Quien te Dijo Eso (Concept), Plastilina Mosh - Mr. P Mosh, Vivanativa - Sale Directo, Jo-L - Keep it in Step, Pernomotora - Mantra (Otro Aliento), Cicon - Pegalto, Chayanne - Dejaria Todo, RBD - Rebelde, Calle 13 - Se Vale To-To, Ghostown DJ's - My Boo, Crime Mob - Stilettos, Ginuwine - When We Make Love, Kanye West - Heard 'em Say, Beanie Sigel - The Truth, Tru - Hoody Hoo, Sara Groves - Less Like Scars, Hot Apple Pies - We're Making Up, Keith Urban - Better Life, Toby Keith - Big Blue Note, Lee Roy Parnell - I'm Holding My Own, Trace Adkins - Honky Tonk Badonkadonk

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