My Video Tape Collection Part 2

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301. Cops In Las Vegas NV #311, Ren + Stimpy - Road Apples, Duckman - TV or Not to Be, The X Files - Eve, Snake Fuckers/Wild About Horses/Chicken Lover, Cops In Las Vegas NV 5, NIN - Wish, Needful Things, Cops In Memphis TN 2, Cops In Los Angeles CA 6, Cops In Broward Co. FL 7, The Simpsons - Homer Loves Flanders, Cops Miami FL #433

302. Animation Tape #4 - Area 88 Act 1-Blue Skies of Betrayal, Dirty Pair's Affair on Nolandia, The Guyver: Bio Booster Armor 1+2, Dominion Tank Police Pt 1 Act 2, Pt 2 Acts 3+4, Grave of the Fireflies

303. Animation Tape #5 - Allegro Non Troppo, Battle Angel, Macron 1 Vol II, The Laughing Target, Devil Hunter Yohko 1, MTV Howard Stern Runs for Governor, Ads - News 4 - Who's Watching the Police?, Toyota Corolla March 94 Sales Event, Lilco Service w/Matt Gerber, Cops In Las Vegas #316

304. Animation Tape #6 - Beyond the Mind's Eye, Hey Good Lookin', Harmagedon, Fist of the North Star

305. Scavenger Hunt, Cops In El Paso TX 4, Duckman - Gripes of Wrath, Duel, 4444 Ad, Phantom of the Rue Morgue, Cops In Houston TX 1, Cops In Portland OR 7

306. Animation Tape #7 - Robotech II: The Sentinels, Street Fight, Twilight of the Cockroaches, Mermaid's Scar, Tex Avery 4 - What Price Fleadom, The Counterfeit Cat, Blitz Wolf, The Cuckoo Clock, What's Buzzin' Buzzard, Ren + Stimpy Videos - Firedogs + Ren's Pecs

307. Animation Tape #8 - Rock & Rule, Ren & Stimpy Veediots!, Plague Dogs, Animal Farm (1954), Watership Down, Family Dog - The Original, Family Dog - Enemy Dog

308. Autopsy, It Came from Outer Space, Horror F/X, Urotsukidoji II: Legend of the Demon Womb, Cops In Los Angeles CA 7, The X Files - Fire, Cops In Sacramento CA 6, Cops In Pittsburgh 4

309. All in the Family Tape #8 - Too Good Edith, Meet the Bunkers, Archie's Aching Back, Judging Books By Covers, Gloria Has a Bellyful; Now You Know the Way, Let's Be Strangers; Archie is Worried About his Job, Women's Lib, Edith's Accident, The Blockbuster, Archie and the FBI, Mike's Appendix, Flashback - Mike and Gloria's Wedding Parts 1+2

310. The War of the Gargantuas, Frankenstein Conquers the World, The X Files - The UFO Cover-up, Amazing Stories - Go to the Head of the Class, Jackie Martling Live in Concert, Cops In Los Angeles CA 8, Bullshit Live, Andrew Dice Clay on Late Night with Joan Rivers 1986, The Edge w/Madonna's Neurotica

311. Tales from the Crypt Tape - Dead Right, The Switch, The Man who was Death, And All Through the House, Dig that Cat...He's Real Gone, What's Cookin'?, Werewolf Concerto, Dead Wait, Abra Cadaver, Undertaking Parlor, Fitting Punishment, Oil's Well that Ends Well, Split Second, Mournin' Paper, Deadline, Yellow

312. Romper Stomper (Unrated), The X Files - Shapes, Inside Edition 1994 Little Elvis - Marco Myers the Presley Impersonator Con Artist, Cops In El Paso TX 6, Cops NYC Subway Special, Ren + Stimpy - Ren's Retirement, Heart of Darkness, Bugs + Daffy Great Adventure Ad 86, 60 Minutes - Holohoax, Gwar - Jack the World, Henry Rollins - Recording w/Liar (WP), Nirvana - Sliver, Dead Can Dance - The Carnival is Over, Cops In Portland OR 8, Cops In Houston TX 2

313. Malcolm McDowell Tape #6 - Bopha!, Cross Creek, Cops In San Diego 3, Kalifornia (Unrated)

314. Animation Tape #9 - Family Dog - Show Dog, The Simpsons - Bart Gets an Elephant, Bebe's Kids, Yellow Submarine, RG Veda Pt 2, Hades Project Zeormyer Vol. 1, Outlanders, Liquid Television

315. Robocop Movie Tape - 1+2, TV Movie, Officer Missing, Cops In Nashville TN 8

316. Cops In Las Vegas NV 7, Cops In Kansas City 5, Little Richard Ad, Stun Gun Robbery, King's X on Headbanger's Ball, The X Files - Beyond the Sea, Fox News - Cobain, Weird Al - The Alapalooza Videos: Jurrassic Park, Bedrock Anthem, UHF, You Don't Love Me Anymore V2 - Concept, Ren + Stimpy - Jerry the Bellybutton Elf, Highway of Blood, Death Scenes 3, Kurt Cobain Candlelight Vigil 4/94, MTV Kurt Cobain Tribute, Rampart Guillotine, Cops In Los Angeles CA 9

317. Chain of Desire, Repo Man, Refer Madness, Traces of Death, Cops In San Diego CA 4

318. Cops In Tampa FL 2, The X Files - Darkness Falls, Cops In Little Rock AR 2, King's X Live on Headbanger's Ball - Dogman + Complain, Brazil, Friday the 13th Part VIII - Jason Takes Manhattan, Cops In Houston TX 3, Cops In Pittsburgh PA 5

319. Animation Tape #10 - The Heroic Legend of Prince Arislan Pt 1, Vampire Princess Miyu Vol. 1 Eps 1+2, Robotech: The Southern Cross Vol. 1 Eps 1-3, The Simpsons - Burns' Heir, Secrets Revealed, Duckman - Ride the High School, Liquid TV, Academy Award Winners Animated Films, Duckman - A Civil War

320. Communion, The Mosquito Coast, Henry Rollins Q+A, Europa Europa, Nirvana - Live + Loud 12/31/93, Barn in the USA, Howard Stern for Governor Pt1

321. Tales from the Darkside Tape - My Ghostwriter-The Vampire, The Moth, The Old Soft Shoe, Strange Love, The Odds, The Circus, Mookie + Pookie, The Deal; Djinn, No Chaser; The Yattering and Jack, The Milkman Cometh, Monsters in My Room, Comet Watch, Printer's Devil, The Devil's Advocate, Ring Around the Redhead, The Trouble with Mary Jane, The Satanic Piano

322. Leprechaun, Lethal Weapon 3, The Last Boy Scout, Tales from the Darkside - A Choice of Dreams, Seasons of Belief, Everybody Need a Little Love

323. Forbidden Planet, Regarding Henry, 48 Hours - Are We Alone?, Cops In Houston TX 4, Ch 2 News Howard Stern for Governor, The X Files - Tooms, Nirvana on Saturday Night Live 1993 - Heart Shaped Box + Rape Me, Converse Ad, Stuttering John on Inside Edition

324. Howard Stern's New Year's Rotten Eve 1994, Hitler: A Career, Cops In Pittsburgh PA 6, The X Files - Born Again, The State - Slash + Fleas

325. Tales from the Darkside - Do Not Open this Box, Distant Signals, Two Evil Eyes, Sleazemania, Cops In Indianapolis IN 1, Cops In Cleveland OH 9, The Last Rebel, Cops Boston MA 3

326. Cops In Memphis TN 3, Tales from the Crypt - The Reluctant Vampire, Cops Homicide Special, The Fugitive, Cops In Denver CO 6, Body Bags, The X Files - Roland, Cops In Indianapolis IN 2

327. Stephen King's The Stand

328. Primetime Live - The Last Refuge, Return of the Living Dead 3, Tale of a Vampire, Cops In Little Rock AR 3, Stuttering John - I'll Talk My Way Out of it, Cops In Boston MA 4, A Current Affair - Brandon Lee's Last Interview, Cops In Memphis TN 4, A Current Affair - John Wayne Gacy's Final Words, The X Files - The Erlenmeyer Flask, Gwar on Metalhead Video, Cops In Los Angeles CA 10, Brandon Lee MTV Interview

329. Cops In Fort Worth TX 9, Cops In San Bernardino CA 1, David Copperfield 15 Years of Magic, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - A Family Portrait, Showdown in Little Tokyo, 3:15, Nirvana on Hangin' with MTV- Smells Like Teen Spirit + Territorial Pissings

330. Night of the Living Dead (1990), Cops In Fort Worth TX 2, Shades of Intolerance, Ripping Yarns - Tomkinson's Schooldays, Escape from Luft Stalag 112B, Golden Gordon, The Testing of Eric Olthwaite, Winfrey's Last Case, Curse of the Claw, Howard Stern Takes Over Tonight Show 5/20/94

331. Bruce Lee Tape #4 - Bruce Lee Fights, The Last Day of Bruce Lee, The Warrior Within, Bruce Lee The Man the Myth; Fist of Fear, Touch of Death

332. Highway to Hell, The Seven Brothers Meet Dracula, Cops DEA Special, Geraldo Kurt Cobain Special, Kentucky Fried Movie, Cops In Portland OR 9

333. Cops In Boston MA 5, Grim Prairie Tales, Pumpkinhead, Rapid Fire, Cops In Los Angeles CA 11, The X Files - Conduit, Liquid TV, For Love Not Lisa - Slip Slide Melting, Code 3 - Avon River Race

334. Highlander, Highlander II: The Quickening, Robocop 3, Cops Los Angeles CA #227, Cops South Florida #431 & #432, I Witness Video - Hang Glide Shocker, Liquid TV

335. Animation Tape #11 - The Tune, The Simpsons - Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song, Duckman - Not So Easy Rider, The Simpsons - The Boy Who Knew Too Much, Duckman - It's the Thing of the Principal, Liquid TV, The Simpsons - Lady Bouvier's Lover + Secrets of a Successful Marriage, Duckman - Cellar Beware, The Simpsons - $pringfield, Homer's Triple Bypass, Ren + Stimpy - Eat My Cookies, Ren's Bitter Half, Duckman - About Face, The Critic -
Marathon Mensch

336. Casual Sex? Working Girl, Cops In Minneapolis MN 4, The X Files - Lazarus, Cops In Nashville TN 9, Cops In Cleveland 10, Cops In Portland OR 7, Cops In Las Vegas NV 8, MTV Awards w/Backbeat Band, Howard Stern in Cleveland, Henry Rollins, Award Winning Ads, KKK Cleanup

337. Halloween I + III: The Season of the Witch, V: The Revenge of Michael Myers, Gate II, Cops In Pierce Co. WA 3, Dead at 21 - The Premiere, The State, Cops In Denver CO 7, Cops Hong Kong Special, Type O Negative - Black No. 1, NIN - Closer, Alice in Chains - I Stay Away, The Offspring - Come Out and Play

338. The Three Stooges Tape #1 - A Bird in the Head, Dizzy Pilots, Three Sappy People, Uncivil Warriers, The Three Missing Links, Micro-Phonies, An Ache in Every Stake, Calling All Curs, Pop Goes the Easel, Women Haters, Three Little Beers, Tassels in the Air, Pardon My Scotch, Disorder in the Court; Healthy, Wealthy, and Dumb; Violent is the Word for Curly, Punch Drunks, A Plumbing We Will Go, Dutiful But Dumb, Movie Maniacs; Oily to Bed, Oily to Rise

339. The Three Stooges Tape #2 - The Curly Shuffle, Cash and Carry; No Census, No Feeling; Some More of Samoa, We Want Our Mummy, Restless Knights; Yes, We Have No Bonanza, Spook Louder, Men In Black, If a Body Meets a Body, Ants in the Pantry, Cookoo Cavaliers, Booby Dupes, Busy Buddies, A Ducking They Will Go, Mutts to You, Crash Goes the Hash, From Nurse to Worse, G.I. Wanna Go Home, Half-Wits Holiday, Horses' Collars, How High is Up?, Three Little Twirps, Matri-Phony, I Can Hardly Wait, Idiots Deluxe, Idle Roomers, The Sitter Downers, Nutty But Nice

340. The Three Stooges Tape #3 - Slippery Silks, Phony Express, In the Sweet Pie and Pie, Boobs in Arms, What's the Matador?, Loco Boy Makes Good, Saved By the Belle, Three Little Pigskins, Dizzy Detectives, Sock-a-bye Baby, Hollywood on Parade, Brideless Groom, Malice in the Palace, Sing a Song of Six Pants, The Stoogephile Trivia Movie, The Lost Stooges

341. The Three Stooges Tape #4 - The Making of the Three Stooges, The Three Stooges Medium Rare, Stoogemania, Demolition Man, Duckman - Gland of Opportunity, Dramarama - Anything, Anything; Dead at 21 - Love Minus Zero, Encounters - Cattle Mutilation

342. All in the Family Tape #9 - The Battle of the Month, Edith Finds an Old Man, Archie and the Computer, Henry's Farewell, Archie Feels Left Out, Archie Eats and Runs, Gloria Sings the Blues, Pay the Twenty Dollars, Archie and the Miracle, Everybody Does It, Edith's Friend, Mike Makes His Move, Grandpa Blues, Gloria is Nervous, Archie the Babysitter, Archie Finds a Friend, The Draft Dodger

343. Wayne's World 2, Cops In Pittsburgh PA 7, The X Files - Squeeze, Altered States, Duckman - Joking the Chicken, Pin, Cops Miami FL #435, Dead at 21 - Brain Salad, The Critic - L.A. Jay, Cops Fort Worth TX #526, Cops Nashville TN #613

344. The Wicked Lady, Final Judgment, The Abyss, The X Files - Deep Throat

345. Gothic, Megadeth Live at L'Amour Brooklyn 1986, The Age of Innocence, Scream Greats Vol. 1 - Tom Savini, Cops In Denver CO 8, The Critic - Dr. Jay

346. Shocker, The X Files - Miracle Man, Thunderbirds - Trapped in the Sky, The Making of Cops, Rushing Roulette, The Twilight Zone - Uncle Simon, A Kind of Stopwatch, The Trouble with Templeton, The Critic - A Day at the Races and a Night at the Opera, The Twilight Zone - The Grave, Dead at 21 - Shock the Monkey, The Twilight Zone - What's in the Box?, Little Girl Best, Helmet - Biscuits for Smut

347. Howard Stern Tape #1 - E! Show 6/20-7/12/94 + Howard on David Letterman 6/24

348. The Twilight Zone - Cavender is Coming, The X Files - E.B.E., Cops In Little Rock AR 4, The Philadelphia Experiment 2, Cops In Kansas City KS/MO 6, Brainsmasher...A Love Story, Cops In redone, The Critic - Uneasy Rider, Dead at 21 - Gone Daddy Gone, Suppressed Duck, Billy West on Tonight Show Leno 7/26/94

349. Dangerous Liaisons, The Crow Bootleg, Cops In Boston MA 6, Ace Ventura Pet Detective, Dead at 21 - Live for Today

350. The Making of True Lies, Arnold Schwarzenegger on Jay Leno 7/14/94, The True Lies Premiere, Arnold on Ch. 2 7/15/94, Cops In King Co. WA 1, Cops U.S. Marshal Special, Slaughterhouse Rock, The Critic - A Pig-Boy and His Dog, Dead at 21 - Use Your Illusion, The X Files - The Jersey Devil, Cops In Bethel AK, Cops In Houston. TX 5, Cops In Boston MA 7

351. Howard Stern Tape #2 - E! Show 7/13-8/5 + Stuttering John on Headbanger's Ball 7/23, Howard on Donahue 10/15/93

352. The Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games, Sliver, Ren + Stimpy - To Salve + Salve Not

353. Predator 2, The First Power, Westworld, Dead at 21 - Tie Your Mother Down, Ren + Stimpy - Lair of the Lummox, The Simpsons - Call of the Simpsons

354. The Amityville Horror, Future World, TRON, Cops In San Bernardino CA 4, Dead at 21 - Cry Baby Cry

355. Clash of the Titans, Indiana Jones + The Temple of Doom + The Last Crusade

356. The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly; Cops In Los Angeles CA 13, Arnold Schwarzenegger at Planet Hollywood 1994, The Brothers Grunt Premiere, Cops In Memphis TN 5, Dead at 21 - Life During Wartime, Hogan's Heroes - Klink's Escape, Rollins Band - Disconnect, The X Files - Space, Cops In Houston TX 6, Gilby Clarke - Cure Me...Or Kill Me...

357. Star Trek Tape #1 - A Taste of Armageddon, Space Seed, This Side of Paradise, The Devil in the Dark, The City on the Edge of Forever, Operation-Annihilate, By Any Other Name, Metamorphosis

358. Witness, Hollywood Heroes, The Chase, The Mantiou, Dead at 21 - Hotel California + In Through the Out Door Part 1

359. Howard Stern Tape #3 - E! Show 8/5-29

360. Halloween II, The Hills Have Eyes Part II, Friday the 13th Part 6, The Lost Boys

361. Star Wars Droids - The White Witch, Escape into Terror, The Lost Prince, The New King, Star Wars Ewoks - The Tree of Light, The Cries of the Trees, The Haunted Village, Blue Harvest, Edward Scissorhands, Cops In Los Angeles 14, Cops In Kansas City KS/MO 7, Hogan's Heroes - Lady Chitterly's Lover Part 1, The Offspring - Self Esteem (P), NIN - Burn (P)

362. All in the Family - Edith's 50th Birthday Parts 1&2 + Edith Gets Fired, Popcorn. The Wicker Man, Marlowe, John Kassir on Star Search 1985, E! Features Natural Born Killers

363. Star Trek Tape #2 - Friday's Child, Who Mourns for Adonais?, The Doomsday Machine, Wolf in the Fold, The Apple; Mirror, Mirror; I, Mudd; The Trouble with Tribbles

364. Servants of Twilight, The Fog, Stephen King on Larry King Live 9/94, Manson, The Simpsons - Bart of Darkness, Guy Running on the Field at a Dallas Cowboy's Game, Hard Copy - on the set of Interview with a Vampire, Hallmark Ad - Star Trek Klingon Bird of Prey Ornament, Tri State Computer Fair Ad - No time for a funeral, Simpsons - Moments We'll Always Remember w/Star Wars, Dead at 21 - In Through the Out Door Part 2, MTV Video Music Awards 1994, Green Day, For Kurt - Kurt Cobain Tribute film, Michael Jackson & Lisa Marie Presley, Talk Soup 9/10/94 - Amateur Stripper, Virtues of Stupidity, Larry Sanders, John Wayne Bobbitt

365. 2000 Maniacs, Hider in the House, Omen, Cops In Indianapolis IN 3, Metallica Binge + Purge Contest on Headbanger's Ball, Gwar - Saddam a Go-Go, Talk Soup

366. Love Crimes, The Stepfather, Amityville 2: The Possession, The Gate, Killing Joke - Millennium, Pumpkins - Cherub Rock, Bad Religion - Stranger than Fiction

367. Stepfather II, Zardoz, Born on the 4th of July, Cops In Indianapolis IN 4, Jesus & Mary Chain - Sometimes Always, Violent Femmes - Machine, Smashing Pumpkins - Rhinoceros

368. Pink Floyd The Wall, Dune, Future-Kill, Courtney Love MTV Interview, The Simpsons - Lisa's Rival, Green Day - Basketcase, Love Spit Love - Am I Wrong, Bongo - Insanity, Women's Problems on SNL

369. Star Trek Tape #3 - Bread and Circuses, A Private Little War, The Gamesters of Triskelion, Obsession, The Immunity Syndrome, A Piece of the Action, The Paradise Syndrome, Turnabout Intruder

370. JFK, Presumed Innocent, The X Files - Little Green Men, Malcolm McDowell on Tank Girl, Alice in Chains - Would?

371. Duckman - Psyche, Cliffhanger, Helter Skelter, Cops In Los Angeles CA 15, Hogan's Heroes - Casanova Klink, Bad Religion - 21st Century (Digital Boy)

372. Grand Canyon, How to Irritate People, Cops In Riverside Co. CA 2, The X Files - The Host, Stepfather III

373. Howard Stern Tape #4 - E! Show 8/30-9/28

374. Cops In Indianapolis IN 5, Witchboard 1+2, The Simpsons - Another Simpsons Clip Show, Cops Broward Co. FL #102, Hogan's Heroes - Kommandant of the Year, Darth Vader Energizer Ad, Cops Miami FL #429, Hogan's Heroes - Hogan's Hoffbrau, Cops In Los Angeles CA 16, TSW 10/1/94

375. Battlestar Galactica, Amityville 3-D, F/X 2, Howard Stern on Donahue 9/30/94 + News

376. Star Trek Tape #4 - The Cage, The Menagerie Parts 1+2, The Return of the Archons, The Tholian Web, Shore Leave, The Squire of Gothos

377. Star Trek Tape #5 - Plato's Stepchildren, Spock's Brain, The Corbomite Maneuver, Mudd's Women, The Enemy Within, The Man Trap, The Naked Time

378. M*A*S*H Tape #1 - Mad Dogs + Servicemen, The Consultant, White Gold, Love + Marriage, Aid Station; Abyssinia, Henry; Welcome to Korea (1 Hour), Change of Command, It Happened One Night, Of Moose + Men, Dear Mildred, The Late Captain Pierce, Smilin' Jack; Hey, Doc; Quo Vadis, Captain Chandler

379. The X Files - Blood, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Ren + Stimpy - Hermit Ren, The Simpsons - Homer's Odyssey, In the Name of the Father, Hogan's Heroes - The Scientist, Shawshank Redemption Preview, Cops In Kansas City KS/MO 3, Stone Temple Pilots - Plush, Slayer - Dittohead, Clive Barker Everville Ad

380. Poltergeist I+II, THX 1138, The X Files - Sleepless, Skeleton Warriors - Trust + Betrayal, C.O.C. - Albatross, Dream Theatre - Lie

381. Star Trek Tape #6 - The Balance of Terror, Dagger of the Mind, Miri, The Conscience of the King, The Galileo Seven, Arena, Catspaw

382. The Simpsons - Sideshow Bob Roberts, Field of Screams, Escape from New York Director's Edition, Hogan's Heroes - Everyone has a Brother-In-Law, Dahmer: Mysteries of the Serial Killer, 20th Century - Manson + the Serial Killer, Skeleton Warriors - Heart + Soul, Cops In Los Angeles CA, The Cult - Coming Down (Drug Tongue), Alice in Chains - What the Hell Have I

383. Howard Stern Tape #5 - E! Show 9/29-10/20

384. Star Trek Tape #7 - Amok Time, The Changeling, Where No Man Has Gone Before, Court Martial, The Alternative Factor, Tomorrow is Yesterday, The Ultimate Computer

385. Headhunter, Ren + Stimpy - Blazing Entrails, Lumber Jerks, The Guyver, Cops In Fort Worth TX 11, The Alliance for the Mentally Ill, Weird Al - Headline News, Cops in Broward Co. FL 1 (Pilot Episode), The Illustrated Man, Dream Theatre on Headbanger's Ball 10/22/94

386. Star Trek Tape #8 - The Omega Glory, Assignment: Earth, The Spectre of the Gun, Elaan of Troyious, The Enterprise Incident, And the Children Shall Lead, Is There in Truth No Beauty?

387. Puppet Master V, The Night of the Far Side, Cops In Broward Co. FL 9, Hogan's Heroes - Killer Klink + Watch as Trains Go By, Movie Magic, Taxi Driver, Cops In Kansas City KS/MO 8, Ozzy Osbourne - Bark at the Moon, Alice in Chains - Them Bones

388. The X Files - Duane Barry, Cops In Broward Co. FL 1, Cops In New York City - 2eps, The X Files - Ascension, Fox News Joseph Parks is apprehended after killing a man on Camera 8/18/94, Cops In Los Angeles CA 18, After the Fall of New York, Gargoyles - Awakening Parts 1-4

389. M*A*S*H Tape #2 - Soldier of the Month, Dear Ma, Deluge, The Gun, Mail Call Again, The Price of Tomato Juice, Hawkeye, Some 38th Parallels, Der Tag, The Novocaine Mutiny, The More I See You, The Interview, Bug-Out (1 Hour), Margaret's Engagement, Hawk's Nightmare, Trick or Treatment

390. Gargoyles - Awakening Part 5, Reservoir Dogs, Cops In Los Angeles CA 19, Duckman - American Dicks, The Simpsons - Treehouse of Horror V, Cops In Broward Co. FL 10, Mother's Boys, Hogan's Heroes - Kommandant Gertrude + Hogan's Double Life, Cops In New York City 2, Mercyful Fate - Nightmare Be Thy Name

391. Star Trek Tape #9 - Charlie X, The Empath, For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky, Day of the Dove, Wink of an Eye, Let that be Your Last Battlefield, That Which Survives

392. Alien Nation, The X Files - 3, Ren + Stimpy - Prehistoric Stimpy, Farm Hands, Force 10 from Navarone, The Simpsons - Bart's Girlfriend, The X Files Premiere, Cops In El Paso TX 5

393. Hanger 18, Mysteries of the Gods w/William Shatner, Cops In New York City 3, Ren + Stimpy - Magic Golden Singing Cheeses + A Hard Days Luck, Batman Mask of the Phantasm, The Simpsons - Lisa on Ice, Clive Barker on Good Morning America 11/15/94, Hogan's Heroes - Hot Money, Malcolm McDowell on The Jon Stewart Show 11/15 + Star Trek Generations Ad

394. Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn, Hogan's Heroes - Drums Along the Dusseldorf, Over the Edge, Hogan's Heroes - Is General Hammerschlag Burning, Dreamscape, The Manson Women: Inside the Murders, Movie Magic - Mattes

395. Howard Stern Tape #6 - E! Show 10/21-11/21 + Power of Howard on Hard Copy 11/15

396. The X Files - Firewalker, Cops In Kansas City KS/MO 9, Cops In Little Rock AR 5, Ren + Stimpy - I Love Chicken, Powdered Toast Man vs. Waffle Woman, Malcolm at the Star Trek: Generations Premiere, Arnold on Schwarzenegger on Good Morning America 11/20/94, MTV Junior Preview, Nirvana Tribute, You So Crazy, Arnold Schwarzenegger on Hollywood Insider, David Letterman 11/21 + GMA 11/23, Ren + Stimpy - A Friend in Your Face, William Shatner on Hollywood Insider

397. Star Trek Tape #10 - Whom Gods Destroy, The Mark of Gideon, The Lights of Zetar, The Cloud Minders, The Way to Eden, Requiem for Methuselah, All Our Yesterdays

398. Village of the Damned (1960), Frantic, Joe, Cops In Kansas City KS/MO 10, Cops In Indianapolis IN 6, Duckman - I, Duckman; Sheep Ad, Joe Montana Ad

399. M*A*S*H Tape #3 - Lt. Radar O' Reilly; Out of Sight, Out of Mind; The Abduction of Margaret Houlihan, The Nurses, The Colonel's Horse, Mulcahy's War, Hawkeye get Your Gun, The Korean Surgeon, Exorcism, The Most Unforgettable Characters, Margaret's Marriage, Hanky-Panky, Hepatitis, Movie Tonight, Postop

400. Logan's Run, Godzilla - Island of the Lost Ships + The City in the Clouds, The Simpsons - Homer Bad Man, Arnold Arnold Schwarzenegger on Live with Regis + Kathy Lee 11/28, Arnold on CBS 11/29, Sex in the Comics, Jeffrey Dahmer's Last Words, Alan Alda + Jamie Farr on Live Regis + Kathy Lee 12/1, Hogan's Heroes - Guess who came to Dinner, Cops In Los Angeles CA

401. Ren + Stimpy - It's a Dog's Life + Egg Yolkeo, Ewoks The Battle for Endor, The Simpsons - Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy, Johnny Carson's Favorites - 60's + 70's, The Simpsons - Some Enchanted Evening, Speed, Cops In Broward Co. FL 11, Howard Saves a Life, Hogan's Heroes - Up in Klink's Room

402. Star Trek Tape #11 - The Savage Curtain, Return to Tomorrow, Errand of Mercy, The Deadly Years, Journey to Babel, A Captain's Log, The X Files - Excelsius Dei, Hogan's Heroes - Bombsight

403. Star Trek Tape #12 - 25th Anniversary Special, The Motion Picture, II: The Wrath of Khan, Cops In El Paso TX 7

404. The Ewok Adventure, Cops In Russia (1 Hr Special), Hogan's Heroes - The Kamikazes are Coming, The X Files - Red Museum, Cops In Los Angeles CA 21, A Squeak in the Deep, Star Trek Next Generation - Unification Parts 1+2, Hogan's Heroes - Unfair Exchange

405. Howard Stern Tape #7 - E! Show 11/22-12/20

406. M*A*S*H Tape #4 - Fade Out, Fade In (1 Hr); Last Laugh, Fallen Idol, Images, War of Nerves, The Winchester Tapes, The Light that Failed, Tea and Empathy, The Grim Reaper, The Mash Olympics, Patent 4077, The Smell of Music, Dear Dad, Dear Sis, Death takes a Holiday, `Twas the Day after Christmas

407. Star Trek Tape #13 - III: The Search for Spock, IV: The Voyage Home, V: The Final Frontier, Cheers First Episode, Hogan's Heroes - Heil Klink

408. Museum of TV + Radio: Science Fiction a Journey into the Unknown, The X Files - One Breath, Corvette Summer, The Simpsons - Fear of Flying, MTV Green Day Concert in Chicago, Oddities - The Head, Cops In Fort Worth TX 4 #529, Madness - One Step Beyond, The Clash - Tommy Gun, Love Spit Love - Change in the Weather

409. Rebel without a Cause, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Monsters - The Feverman, One Wolf's Family, My Zombie Lover, All in a Day's Work, Reaper, Desirable Alien, New Bomb Turks - Girl Can't Help It, Dink - Green Mind, Wool - Kill the Crow, Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Kinder Words

410. Phantasm III: Lord of the Dead, American Pop, Trauma, Gargoyles - The Thrill of the Hunt, Monsters - Jar, Farmer's Daughter, Fishbone - Party at Ground Zero, Seed - Doe, Jon Spencer - Dang

411. Strange but True Football Stories, Monsters - Outpost, Far Below, Cellmates, The Demons, The New Twilight Zone - The Call, Shatterday, The World Next Door, Monsters!, Shelter Skelter, The Beacon; Button, Button; The Trunk, A Little Peace and Quiet, 20/20 Vision, There was an Old Woman, Dinosaur Jr. - I Don't Think So, Smashing Pumpkins - Quiet, Catherine Wheel - Crank, Rancid - Salvation

412. Foul ups, Fumbles + Follies; Lurking Fear, Dead Alive, Interceptor, The X Files - Aubrey, Ren + Stimpy - Double Header, Scotsman in Space, Jesus & Mary Chain - Come On

413. Class of 1999 II: The Substitute, V, The Simpsons - Homer the Great, House of Buggin' Premiere, Green Day - When I Come Around, Howard Stern+ Rush Limbaugh Birthday Sharing, Gargoyles - The Edge, Ren + Stimpy Fruit Roll Up Ad, The Best of Headbanger's Ball, Alice in Chains - Man in the Box

414. Superdad, Kung Fu: The Movie, Lone Wolf McQuade, The X Files - Irresistible, Ren + Stimpy - Pixie Kings + Aloha Hoek

415. M*A*S*H Tape #5 - Comrades in Arms (2 Parts), The Merchant of Korea, A War for All Seasons; What's Up, Doc?; Potter's Retirement, Mail Call Three, Dr. Winchester and Mr. Hyde, Major Topper, Your Hit Parade, Temporary Duty, Peace on Us, B.J. Papa San; Baby, It's Cold Outside; The Billfold Syndrome, Lil, Our Finest Hour (1 Hour)

416. The Mission, Return to Peyton Place, Hogan's Heroes - Lady Chitterley's Lover Part 2, Gargoyles - Long Way to Morning, Cops In San Bernardino CA 5, Ren + Stimpy - Insomniac Ren + My Shiny Friend, The Offspring - Gotta Get Away (WP), Sons of Elvis - Formaldehyde, Dead Can Dance - American Dreaming

417. The Ultimate Fighting Championship II, The Mask, Mississippi Burning, The Simpsons - And Maggie Makes Three, Hogan's Heroes - To Russia Without Love, Bad Religion - Infected (WP), Echo + The Bunnymen - Do It Clean, Oasis - Live Forever

418. Howard Stern Tape #8 - E! Show 12/21-1/24/95

419. Backdraft, The Watcher - Niles + Bob, The X Files - Die Hand Die Verletzt, Gargoyles - Her Brother's Keeper, The History of the World Part 1, Cops In Sacramento CA 7, Hogan's Heroes - Hold That Tiger + Kommandant of the Year, Radon Ad - Denial Can Be Deadly with Elvis Impersonator

420. Malice, Cops In Sacramento CA 8, The X Files - Fresh Bones, Cops In Kansas City KS/MO 11, Ren + Stimpy - The House of Next Tuesday, Young Frankenstein, The Simpsons - Bart's Comet, Hogan's Heroes - Top Hat, White Tie + Bombsight; Kiss Interview from 1982

421. Blown Away, Close Encounters of the Third Kind Special Edition, Hogan's Heroes - Oil for the Lamps of Hogan + Reservations are Required, Gargoyles - Temptation, The X Files - Colony, Gillian Anderson, Mike Watt - Big Train, Face to Face - Disconnected, Rollins Band - Tearing, Sugar - Gee Angel

422. M*A*S*H Tape #6 - They Call the Wind Korea, Out of Gas, Major Ego, Dear Comrade, An Eye for a Tooth, Point of View, Preventive Medicine, The Price, Hot Lips is Back in Town, The Young and the Restless, Ain't Love Grand, C*A*V*E, The Party; Rally Around the Flagg, Boys; A Night at Rosie's, Guerrilla My Dreams, Goodbye Radar Part 1

423. Cops In Las Vegas NV 9, Cops In Los Angeles CA 22, Ren + Stimpy - Cheese Rush Days + Wiener Barons, The Simpsons - Homie the Clown, The Final Countdown, The Philadelphia Experiment, Hogan's Heroes - It Takes a Thief...Sometimes, The X Files - Endgame, C.O.C. - Clean My Wounds, Danzig - Cantspeak, Slayer - Serenity, Thompson Twins - We Are Detectives

424. Howard Stern Tape #9 - E! Show 1/25-2/21/95

425. The Witches of Eastwick, Cops In Las Vegas NV 10, The Simpsons - Bart vs. Australia, The X Files - Fearful Symmetry, The Simpsons - Homer vs. Patty + Selma, Cops In Sacramento CA 9, Cops In Mardi Gras 1990 (1 Hour), The X Files - Ice, Vader Energizer Ad, Cops In Las Vegas NV 11, Slayer on Superock 3/4/95, Quiet Riot - Cum on Feel Noise

426. The Secret Life of Jeffrey Dahmer, Brainscan, Ren + Stimpy - Galoot Wranglers + Ren Needs Help, Night of the Demons, The Simpsons - A Star is Burns, The Critic - Sherman, Woman and Child; Matthew Sweet - Sick of Myself (WP), Wax - California, PIL - Seattle, Mad Season - River of Deceit, Electrafixion - Zephyr, Catherine - Saint

427. Batman Returns, The Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai, Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult, Adult Toy Catalogue, The Critic - Siskel and Ebert + Jay + Alice, Oasis - Supersonic, Goo Goo Dolls - Only One, NIN - Pinion, Bush - Everything Zen, Cracker - Low

428. M*A*S*H Tape #7 - Goodbye Radar Part 2, Period of Adjustment; Are You Now, Margaret?, Mr. and Mrs. Who, The Yalu Brick Road, Nurse Doctor, Life Time, Dreams, Dear Uncle Abdul, Captain Outrageous, Stars + Stripe, Heal Thyself; Yessir, That's Our Baby; Bottle Fatigue, Morale Victory, No Sweat, The Best of Enemies

429. Milk Money, True Lies, Cops In Minneapolis MN 5, The X Files - Dod Calm, Clive Barker on Tom Snyder 3/15/95, Hogan's Heroes - The Reluctant Target + The Crittendon Plan, Randy Andy - The People (Livin' in the USA), Jean Luc Ponty - Individual Choice, Partnership for a Drug Free America Ad - Girls who smoke pot don't get prom dates

430. Clear and Present Danger, Dave, Loaded Weapon I, Movie Magic - Hellraiser + Other Horror, Cops In Kansas City KS/MO 12, Hole - Violet

431. Natural Born Killers, True Romance (Uncut), The Shadow, Ren + Stimpy - Ol' Blue Nose + Stupid Sidekicks Union, Depeche Mode - Behind the Wheel, Cracker - Get Off This

432. The Guardian, The Ultimate Fighting Championship III, Tonya + Jeff's Wedding Night, John Wayne Bobbit Uncut, Duckman - Married Alive, The Simpsons - Lisa's Wedding, The Critic - Lady Hawke, Hogan's Heroes - Sergeant Schultz Meets Mata Hari

433. Howard Stern Tape #10 - E! Show 2/22-3/20

434. Volere Volare, Romeo is Bleeding, Cheech & Chong's Next Movie, Cops Miami FL #428, Van Halen Spring Break 95, The Buggles - Radio Star, Devo - Whip It, Falco - Amadeus, Genesis - Mama

435. Cheech & Chong's Still Smokin, Deadly Friend, Half Moon Street, Edgar A Poe - Terror of the Soul, Cops In Kansas City KS/MO 13, Faith No More - Digging the Grave, NIN - Hurt (Live), Sick of it All - Step Down, Herbie Hancock - Vibe Alive, X - (More Fun in) The New World, Peter Schilling - Major Tom

436. A Midnight Clear, Transformers: The Movie, Tales from the Crypt: The Movie, The X Files - Humbug, Ren + Stimpy - Superstitious Stimpy + Travelogue, Radiohead - Fake Plastic Trees, Wax - Who's Next, Gas Huffer - Crooked Bird, Better than Ezra - Good, NIN - Hurt (Live), Fossil - Moon, Jerky Boys call Mtv, Romantics - Talking in Your Sleep

437. Krull, Willow, Rampage, The Critic - From Chunk to Hunk, Vapors - Turning Japanese, ABC - Poison Arrow, The Cars - Magic, Blondie - Rapture, Def Leppard - Photograph

438. Wolf, The Lion King, Light of Day, Cops In Portland OR 11, Cops In Kansas City KS/MO 14, Simple Minds Interviw + Don't You (Forget About Me) + All the Things She Said, Once Upon a Time, The Scorpions - No One Like You, George Kranz - Din Daa Daa

439. E.T., Psycho II+III, Duckman - Inherit the Judgment: The Dope's Trial, Cops In San Bernardino CA 6, Golden Earring - Twilight Zone, Taco - Puttin' on the Ritz

440. The Many Faces of Death 1+2, Serial Mom, Cry Baby, Bush - Little Things, Ned's Atomic Dustbin - All I Ask of Myself is That I Hold Together, Replacements - Bastard of Young, Rusty - Wake Me

441. M*A*S*H Tape #8 - Father's Day; Your Retention, Please; Taking the Fifth, Tell it to the Marines, Depressing News, No Laughing Matter; Oh, How We Danced; Bottoms Up, The Red/White Blues, The Life You Save, That's Show Biz Parts 1+2, Blood Brothers, April Fools, The Foresight Saga, Identity Crisis, Wheelers and Dealers, Communication Breakdown, Snap Judgment/Snappier Judgment Parts 1+2, Follies of the Living-Concerns of the Dead, The Birthday Girls, Blood and Guts, A Holy Mess

442. Wes Craven's New Nightmare, Ghostbusters 1+2, The Simpsons - Two Dozen + One Greyhounds, Spaceballs, Hogan's Heroes - Color the Luftwaffe Red, Gargoyles - Deadly Force, Green Day - Longview, Ramones - Blitzkrieg Bop, Fight - Blowout in the Radio Room

443. Stargate, The Shawshank Redemption, Top Secret! The Maxx 1+2, Radiohead - Jest

444. National Lampoon's Vacation, European Vacation + Christmas Vacation, The X Files - The Calusari, The Simpsons - The PTA Disbands, Depeche Mode - Never Let me Down Again, Soul Asylum - Sometime to Return, Our Lady Peace - Starseed, Archers of Loaf - Harnessed in Slums

445. Howard Stern Tape #11 - E! Show 3/21-4/17

446. Beverly Hills Cop 1-3, Duckman - The Germ Truth, The Maxx 3+4, The Simpsons - Whacking Day

447. Ed Wood, Cheech & Chong The Corsican Brothers, Nice Dreams, The Critic - All the Duke's Men, Hogan's Heroes - The Return of Major Bonacelli, Duckman - In the Nam of the Father

448. The Godfather 1902-59 The Complete Epic

449. The Godfather Part III, Radioland Murders, Cops Miami FL #439, The X Files - F. Emasculata, Andrew Dice Clay - No Apologies Video Intro, Quicksand - Thorn in My Side, Danzig - I Don't Mind the Pain, Building Implosions in Philadelphia

450. What's Eating Gilbert Grape?, Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956), Boxing Helena, Cops In Kansas City KS/MO15, More Secrets Revealed

451. M*A*S*H Tape #9 - The Tooth Shall Set You Free, Pressure Points; Where there's a Will, There's a War; Promotion Commotion, Heroes, Picture This, Who Knew?, That Darn Kid, The Moon is Not Blue; Hey, Look Me Over; Settling Debts, The Joker is Wild, Bombshells, Run for the Money, Friends and Enemies; UN, the Night and the Music; Strange Bedfellows

452. Faith No More on Superock 4/29/95, Street Fighter - Duel of the Masters, The Simpsons - `Round Springfield, The Critic - Sherman of Arabia, Inner Space, The Magic of David Copperfield XVI, The Maxx 7+8, The X Files - Soft Light

453. Color of Night (Director's Edition), Terminal Velocity, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Faith No More on Conan O'Brien 5/11/95

454. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978), Leviathan, Puppet Masters, The Critic - Frankie and Ellie Get Lost, Cops in Kansas City KS/MO 16, Stabbing Westward Interview + Nothing V2

455. The Black Hole, Labyrinth, Blankman, The X Files - Our Town, The Simpsons - The Springfield Connection, Faith No More on 120 Minutes 5/14/95, Wilco - Box Full of Letters, Filter - Hey Man, Nice Shot; Stone Roses - Ten Story Love Song

456. Jurassic Park, Saturday Night Fever, Fathers + Sons, The Critic - Dukerella, Pavement - Rattled by the Rush

457. Stephen King on Conan O' Brien 5/5/95, The Langoliers, Scent of a Woman

458. Howard Stern Tape #12 - E! Show 4/17-5/18 + Robin Quivers on Conan O'Brien 5/10/95

459. M*A*S*H Tape #10 - Say No More, Give and Take, As Time Goes By, The Pilot Episode; Henry, Please Come Home; To Market, To Market; Germ Warfare, The Moose; Chief Surgeon, Who?; Requiem for a Lightweight, Cowboy; Bananas, Crackers + Nuts; Edwina, Love Story, Tuttle, The Ringbanger, Dear Dad...Again

460. The Big Red One, David Duchovny on Saturday Night Live 5/13/95, Born in East LA, Highlander The Final Dimension, Cops In Los Angeles CA 23

461. The Professional, Jungle Book, Secrets of the X Files, The X Files - Anasazi, The Simpsons - Who Shot Mr. Burns Part 1, The Critic - I Can't Believe it's a Clip Show, Henry Rollins Hosting 120 Minutes 5/21/95, Sponge - Molly, Bad Brains - God of Love, Sugar Ray - Mean Machine

462. The Elephant Man, Blade Runner (Director's Cut), Judgment Night, Cheech

463. NIN Broken, Curse of the Dragon, Neitherworld, Demon Keeper, The Man Who Wouldn't Die, God Lives Underwater - No More Love, Psychedelic Furs - Heaven, Bad Religion - Incomplete, Faith No More - Ricochet, Charlatans UK - The Only One I Know

464. A Low Down Dirty Shame, Cops In Fort Worth TX 14, Malcolm McDowell on Greg Kinnear, Killing Zoe, The Ref, Cops In Los Angeles CA 24, The Maxx 5+6, Prodigy - Poison, Bush in Asbury Park NJ

465. M*A*S*H Tape #11 - Sometimes You Hear the Bullet, The Long John Flap, Major Fred C. Dobbs, Sticky Wicket, The Army-Navy Game, Cease-Fire, Showtime, Divided We Stand, Radar's Report, Five O' Clock Charlie, For the Good of the Outfit, Dr. Pierce and Mr. Hyde, L.I.P., Kim, The Sniper; Carry On, Hawkeye; Officer's Only

466. The Sword and the Sorcerer, Robot Carnival, Wacko, Shakes the Clown, Skiploader - N2O, Bush at WHFS Festival, Wax - Who is Next, Ramones WHFS

467. M*A*S*H Tape #12 - Goodbye, Farewell and Amen; Henry in Love, For Want of a Boot..., Operation Nose Lift, The Choson People, Crisis, George, A Smatter of Intelligence, Rainbow Bridge, Life with Father, Springtime, Iron Guts Kelly

468. Frankenstein (1931), Joysticks, The Crazies, Subway, All - Long Distance (Live), Our Lady Peace - Naveer

469. First Blood, Rambo: First Blood Part II, Rambo III, Duckman - Papa Umma M.O.W. M.O.W., The Maxx 9+10, Amos N' Andy - Young Girls' Mother

470. Junior, Rude Awakening, A Million to Juan, The Maxx 11-13, Silverhawks

471. Amadeus, Dracula (1931), Drop Zone, Disclosure, Amos N' Andy - Sapphire

472. Brainstorm, Prime Suspect, Murder in the First, Amos N' Andy - 2 Shows

473. Howard Stern Tape #13 - E! Show 5/19-7/3 + Robin Quivers on Current Affair 5/29

474. Carlito's Way, Fearless, Of Unknown Origin, Thundercats - Exodus Part 1

475. The Spacekateers Vol. 1, Dumb + Dumber, The Getaway, Ren + Stimpy - Hair of the Cat + City Hicks, John Debella on NJN, Tales from the Darkside - All a Clone by the Telephone + Anniversary Dinner, Thundercats - Exodus Part 2

476. Amityville 4: The Evil Escapes, 1992: It's About Time + The New Generation, Tales from the Darkside - It all Comes Out in the Wash, Levitation + The New Man, Thundercats - Exodus Pt 3

477. Ben, Hospital Massacre, Alone in the Dark, Blood Diner, Thundercats - Part 4

478. NIN - Woodstock 8/13/94, The Specialist, Toxic Zombies, Tales from the Darkside - Snip, Snip; Pain Killer, Battle of the Monster Trucks

479. Death and the Maiden, C.H.U.D., Critters 1, Critters 2, Dark August, Indian in the Cupboard Ad, Cops In Los Angeles CA 25, Cops In Las Vegas NV 12

480. Immortal Beloved, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Don't Look in the Basement, Before They Were Stars

481. Dr. Giggles, Shock Video 2, Out of this World, Edge of Sanity, No Place to Hide

482. Rodan, Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla (1993), The Entity, Gargoyles - Enter Macbeth, TV Nation Preview

483. Star Trek Generations, Fright Night 1+2, TV Nation Fox Premiere - We're #1

484. The Funhouse, House 1+2: The Second Story, ffolks

485. Cops In Las Vegas NV #722, Demon Knight, Dolls, Houseguest, TV Nation - Payback Night, Cops In Tampa FL 3

486. Shallow Grave, Matinee, They Came From Within, Let's Scare Jessica to Death

487. The Last Seduction, Higher Learning, Innocent Blood, Movie Magic - John Dykstra

488. Honeymoon, Prom Night, Mixed Nuts, Parents

489. TV Nation - War Re-Enactment Night, The Violent Years, Tremors, My Bloody Valentine, Slayground

490. Howard Stern Tape #14 - E! Show 7/3-8/8 + Robin on Sally Jessie Raphael 7/20

491. The Unholy, Watch Me When I Kill, Waxwork II: Lost in Time, Deathstalker

492. Witchery, Def Con 4, Outbreak, Gorgo, The Awakening, Star Wars VHS Ch 2 News 8/17/95

493. Carrie Fisher Hosting Star Wars + ROTJ, Carrie Fisher The Hollywood Family, Carrie Fisher + Debbie Reynolds An Intimate Portrait, Carrie Fisher on Mike + Maty, MTV Examined, Fire in the Sky, Anatomy of Horror, Clive Barker on Tom Snyder 8/22/95

494. Looker, Tank Girl, Making Contact, The Secret of Nimh

495. King Kong (1976), King Kong Lives, Countdown, Sheep of Alberta

496. Outland, Soylent Green, The Quiet Earth, Alien Autopsy, Bighorn Sheep

497. The Fourth Protocol, Candyman Farewell to the Flesh, TV Nation - Hug the 50 Governors Night, Millennium Premiere

498. Nemesis, The Brady Bunch Movie, My Science Project, Clerks, Gargoyles - Legion + A Lighthouse in the Sea of Time, George Lucas Interview -1995 Trilogy, TV Nation - Love Night

499. Howard Stern Tape #15 - E! Show 8/9-9/18 + Robin Quivers on the Tonight Show

500. The Mangler, Invaders from Mars (1986), Gargoyles - The Silver Falcon, The Mirror + Eye of the Beholder, Brady Bunch Live, The Simpsons - Who Shot Mr. Burns Part 2, The X Files - The Blessing Way, Cops In Dallas TX 1

501. Pulp Fiction, Remote Control, Kiss of Death, The Simpsons - Radioactive Man

502. M*A*S*H Tape #13 - Payday, O.R., Officer of the Day, The General Flipped at Dawn, There's Nothing Like a Nurse, Private Charles Lamb, A Full Rich Day, Alcoholics Unanimous, Adam's Ribs, Bulletin Board, Dear Peggy, The Kids, The Bus, Ping Pong, Souvenirs, None Like it Hot

503. The Ultimate Fighting Championship IV + V, Runaway, Star Tours, Gargoyles - Outfoxed, Cops In Tampa FL 4

504. Troll, Things to Come, American Cyborg Steel Warrior, Time Walker

505. The X Files - Paper Clip, Starship, Nemesis 2: Nebula, The Simpsons - Home Sweet Home-Diddily-Dum-Doodily, Airheads, G Force - Decoys of Doom

506. Strange Invaders, Goodfellas, The Power of One

507. Gargoyles - Reawakening w/Star Wars Apple Jacks Ad, Skeeter, The X Files - D.P.O., Cops In Buffalo NY 1, Darkman II: The Return of Durant, The Three Stooges in Soup to Nuts, The Simpsons - Bart Sells His Soul, Space Ghost - Bobcat, 70's Super Cartoon Explosion - Grape Ape Zorro, Three Stooges, Pat Harrington Jr. Long John Silver Ad, Super Magic Diary Ad, Wonder Wheels & the Race Horse, Karate Fighters Ad, Randy Travis - On the Road Folgers Ad, Cookie Crisp Ad, Inch High Private Eye

508. Wavelength, Voltron Castle of Lions, In the Mouth of Madness, Benny + Joon

509. Howard Stern Tape #16 - E! Show 9/19-10/12/95

510. Blue Velvet, Alive, Awakenings

511. Parker, Village of the Damned (1995), Batman Forever, Alive 20 Years Later

512. Gargoyles - The Price, Plastic Little, Cops In Dallas TX 2, Star Wars on Q2 10/29/95, 55 Star Wars Toy Commercials 1978-83, Star Wars Holiday Special 11/17/78, The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror VI, Pinhead on MTV, The Simpsons - King-Size Homer, Stephen King on Jeopardy, Space Ghost - Punch

513. Don Juan Demarco, The Madness of King George, The Santa Clause, The X Files - The Walk, Cops In Dallas TX 3

514. Howard Stern Tape #17 - E! Show 10/13-11/10

515. G-Force - Zolter Strikes Out, Silent City, Peril at the Pyramids, The Great Brain Robbery, Raid of the Space Octopus, Invasion of the Locusts, Panic of the Peacock, Twice Upon a Time, Rain Man

516. Once Bitten, Blackout, Catch 22, Gargoyles - The Cage, Cops In Tampa FL 5

517. Renaissance Man, Casper, Common Bonds, The Simpsons - Mother Simpson, David Bowie - Heart's Filthy Lesson (R), Candlebox - Simple Lessons (R)

518. Germany Vacation 1995 Tape #1

519. Germany Vacation 1995 Tape #2, Carnosaur 1+2, G-Force - Big Robot Gold Grab

520. The X Files - Oubliette, Encounters: Future Fear, Clive Barker's Salome and the Forbidden, Gargoyles - Shadows of the Past, The X Files - Nisei, Alien Autopsy New Footage, Cops In Tampa FL 6, The Simpsons - Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming, Gargoyles - Heritage + Monsters, The X Files - 731 w/Star Wars Corn Pops Ad

521. Dolores Claiborne, M*A*S*H - Give `Em Hell, Hawkeye; Cops In Dallas TX 4, Tobe Hooper's Night Terrors, Mr. Frost

522. Howard Stern Tape #18 - E! Show 11/11-12/6/95

523. Animation Tape #12 - Dragonball Z: The Freezer Saga Episodes 1-6, Dragonball Z Bio Broli Once More, Oni-kiri-maru: Ozuno's Story + Outakemaru's Story, The Wind Ninja Chronicles, Twin Dolls, The Simpsons - Yet Another Simpsons Clip Show (138th Episode), Gargoyles - City of Stone Parts 1,3,4, Super Dave Sheep Mystery

524. All in the Family - Archie's Contract, What's So Funny Premiere, NIN Bullriding, Taxi Cab Confessions 2, Sheep Part from March of the Wooden Soldiers, Congo, C.H.U.D. II, Gargoyles - Golem

525. V The Final Battle, Johnny Mnemonic

526. O.J. Movie Tape - Capricorn One, Firepower, The X Files - Revelations, Ren + Stimpy - A Scooter for Yaksmas, Bush on Saturday Night Live 12/6 - Comedown + Glycerine, Home Video Xmas 12/10/95, The Simpsons - Marge Be Not Proud w/Star Wars Holiday Ad

527. Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, The Fear, Gargoyles - Leader of the Pack + Metamorphis, The Astro-Zombies, Gargoyles - M.I.A., Terror in the Aisles, New Cutey Honey Volume 3

528. Dark Angel The Ascent, Citizen Kane, Cops In Buffalo NY 2, Ren + Stimpy - I Was a Teenage Stimpy + Who's Stupid Now?, Space Ghost - Spanish Translation, G-Force - Island of Fear, Home Vidoes - Full Moon 11/6/95, Police Pullover & Xmas 12/10 NY, Toonapalooza w/Banana Splits, 2 Stupid Dogs - Sheep Dogs, Gargoyles - Grief, New York Giants Football - Snowball Game

529. Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? A Space Ghost Christmas, Mortal Kombat, Space Ghost - Urges, Toonapalooza w/Eep Opp Ork Ah Ah, World Premiere Toons

530. Eerie Midnight Horror Show, The Baby, House of Seven Corpses, Keep My Grave Open, WP Toons, Dance Party with Space Ghost

531. Basketball Diaries, Cheech & Chong Get Out of My Room - I'm Not Home Right Now/Love is Strange, Queen of Outer Space, The Honeymooners - Mama Loves Mambo, Please Leave the Premises + On Stage, Gargoyles - Double Jeopardy

532. The Honeymooners Tape - Opportunity Knocks But, Unconventional Behavior, The Safety Award, Mind Your Own Business, Pardon My Glove, Young Man with a Horn, Head of the House, The Worry Wart, Trapped, The Loudspeaker, Alice and the Blond, The Bensonhearst Bomber, Dial J for Janitor, A Man's Pride

533. Gargoyles - High Noon, The X Files - War of the Coprophages, Space Ghost - Banjo, Things are Tough All Over, Duckman - Noir Gang, Weekly World News, The Man Who Fell to Earth, Home Videos 12/24 dog/12/30 Graveyard, 12/24 Brick/1/7/96 - Blizzard

534. Starcrash, The Simpsons - Team Homer, Rodeo, Shrimp on the Barbie, Chatterbox, The Accident, Space Ghost - Le Livre D'Historie, Tower Records Ludovico Alex Clockwork Orange Ads - Jawbreaker + Rob Zombie

535. Spaced Out, Beyond the Door, No Contest, Duckman - Forbidden Fruit, Penthouse on the Wild Side, America's Fuzziest

536. Species, The Towering Inferno, The Simpsons - Two Bad Neighbors, Space Ghost - The Sandman + 1st Annual World Premiere Toon In, Cartoon Planet, America's Funniest Videos Guide to Parenting

537. Animation Tape #13 - Urotsukidoji: The Perfect Collection OVA 1-5, Street Fighter II Animated Movie, Space Ghost - Girlie Show, Gargoyles - Revelations

538. Slipstream, Journey into the Beyond, The Indian in the Cupboard, America's Funniest Videos 1/21/96, Where do Sheep Live? G-Force - Defector to Spectra, Home Video Death Painting 1/20

539. Howard Stern Tape #19 - E! Show 12/7-1/30/96 + Philadelphia Booksigning 12/9, Howard on Extra 12/13, Miss America Special, Howard on David Letterman 12/20

540. Encounter with the Unknown, Flash Gordon (1980), Flesh Gordon, The X Files - Syzygy, Space Ghost - Sleeper, Cops In Buffalo NY 3, Space Ghost Stuff

541. David Alan Grier Live at Rascals Ocean NJ 1/19/96, Ren + Stimpy - School Mates + Dinner Party, Duckman - Color of Naught, Waterworld, Lord of Illusions (Director's Cut), Space Ghost - Explode

542. The Day the Earth Stood Still, The Strange Case of the End of Civilisation as We Know It, The Outsiders, The Omega Man

543. Gargoyles - Avalon Parts 1-3, The X Files - Grotesque, Armor of God, Cops In Albuquerque NM 1, Cops In Fort Worth TX 15, Ren + Stimpy - Superstitious Stimpy + Travelogue, Gargoyles - Kingdom, The Hound of Ulster + Walkabout, Mina and the Count

544. High Anxiety, Romance with a Double Bass, Space Ghost - Hungry, Gargoyles - Mark of the Panther, World Combat Championship, The X Files - Piper Maru, Space Ghost - $20.01

545. Jade, Cops In Albuquerque NM 2, Duckman - Sperms of Endearment, White Men Can't Jump, Barnyard Animals, The Simpsons - Bart the Fink, 2000 Year Old Man, Gargoyles - Pendragon

546. Serial Killer, Gargoyles - Eye of the Storm, Postcards from the Edge, Rat Boy, Zorak and Brak's Valentine's Special, Space Ghost - Lovesick

547. Desperado, Gargoyles - The New Olympians + The Green, National Lampoon's Senior Trip, The Day Time Ended, The X Files - Apocrypha

548. Howard Stern Tape #20 - E! Show 1/31-2/23/96

549. Cops In Mardi Gras 1994 (1 Hour Special), Duckman - A Room with a Bellevue, The Simpsons - Lisa the Iconoclast, Gargoyles - The Sentinel + Bushido, Clueless, Gargoyles - The Cloud Fathers, The X Files - Pusher, Extreme Bloopers, Space Ghost -Transcript, The Simpsons - Brush with Greatness, Cartoon Planet

550. They Live, Pumpkinhead 2: Blood Wings, The Simpsons - Homer the Smithers, The Ultimate Fighting Championship VI, Space Ghost - Gum, Disease; Home Video Party 2/24/96 Brick

551. The Horse's Mouth, Honeymoon in Vegas, The Hindenburg, Cops In Tampa FL 7, Cops In Tampa FL 8

552. Dead Again, The X Files - Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose, Class of Nuke `Em High 3, Traces of Death III, Space Ghost - Sharrock, Cartoon Planet

553. Many Faces of Death 4, Nostradamus, Witchboard: The Possession, Gargoyles - City of Stone Pt. 2, Space Ghost - Fire Drill, Duckman - The Girls of Route Canal

554. The Late Shift, Dangerous Minds, The Klansman, The X Files - Teso Dos Bichos, Rats, Weird Al - Amish Paradise, Home Videos - AT-AT, Lakehurst Museum 3/10, Star Wars CCG Ad, Space Ghost - Chips, Star Wars X-Ray Fleet Ad

555. Scanners 1, 2: The New Order, 3: The Takeover, Cops Too Hot For TV Volume 1

556. Time Runner, Cops In Tampa FL 9, Duckman - The Mallardian Candidate, Shampoo, The Simpsons - The Day the Violence Died, Gargoyles - Sanctuary, Star Wars POTF Ad, Space Ghost - Batmantis, Star Wars Micro Machines Ad, Home Videos 3/15-19/96, The Simpsons - A Fish Called Selma, Haircut 100 - Love Plus One, WP Toons

557. The Conversation, Mrs. Doubtfire, Cat People (1942), Nash Bridges - Genesis

558. Howard Stern Tape #21 - E! Show 2/26-3/28/96

559. The Infiltrator, Apollo 13, Passenger 57, The X Files - Hell Money, American Bandstand - Bon Jovi - She Don't Know Me/Runaway 4/28/84

560. Babe, Hackers, The Prophecy, Space Ghost - Gilligan + Self Help, Cops In Dallas TX 5, Big 80s One Hit Wonders with Mark Goodman - T'Pau - Heart and Soul, Rockwell - Somebody's Watching Me, Toni Basil - Mickey, Timbuk 3 - Future's So Bright

561. Keeper of the City, Sudden Impact, George Carlin Live in NY 3/30/96, Miracles and Visions, The Simpsons - Bart On the Road, Gargoyles - Vows

562. Mallrats, Seven, Weapons at War - Airships, The Enforcer

563. Virtuosity, Cool Hand Luke, Silk Desires, Cops In Albuquerque NM 3, Cops In Buffalo NY 4, Bush - Machine Head (Yack Live), Home Videos - 3/24 Bones, 4/6 X Files/Hot Wire

564. Kids, Violent Shit, Gargoyles - Upgrade, Protection, S.F.W., Cops In Albuquerque NM 4, Cops In Buffalo NY 5, Space Ghost - Jerk

565. Crumb, Highlander: The Gathering, Sinbad Son of a Preacher Man, The Simpsons - 22 Short Films About Springfield, One Hit Wonders - Katrina + The Waves, Flock of Seagulls, Romantics, Big Country, Joan Jett, Kajagoogoo, Bow Wow Wow, Human League, American Bandstand: Robert Palmer - Every Kind of People/Chic - Dance, Dance, Dance & Everybody Dance 5/13/78, American Bandstand: Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Want to Have Fun/Time After Time 3/17/84

566. Deadly Web, Strange Days, Evel Knievel, Cops In Tampa FL 10, Duckman - The One with Lisa Kudrow in a Small Role

567. Showgirls, Bad Boys, King of New York, Home Videos 4/12-14/96 Seaside Heights

568. Howard Stern Tape #22 - E! Show 3/29-4/23/96

569. The OJ Simpson Interview, The Simpsons - Lisa the Vegetarian, Enemy Mine, Mr. and Mrs. is the Name, Cops In Fullerton CA, The Simpsons - The Curse of the Flying Hellfish, Gargoyles - Vendettas

570. National Lampoon's Favorite Deadly Sins, Playback, Gargoyles - Future Tense, Repossessed, Gargoyles - The Gathering Parts 1+2, Cops In Broward Co. FL 11

571. Braveheart, The X Files - Avatar, Grim, Cops In Albuquerque NM 5, Duckman - They Craved Duckman's Brain! Space Ghost - Space Spectre

572. Money Train, G-Force - Calamar, The Simpsons - Much Apu About Nothing, When Animals Attack, Gargoyles - The Beckoning, The Good Son, Secret's of the World's Greatest Escape Artists, Home Videos 4/28 Church Geek, 5/11+12 w/Storm (bad video)

573. More Secrets of the X Files, The X Files - Wetwired, 1941, Black Magic Woman, The X Files - Talitha Cumi, X Files News Story, Cops In Albuquerque NM 6

574. Howard Stern Tape #23 - E! Show 4/24-5/21/96

575. The Little Riders, Powder, 5/12 Wool Days, Duckman - Clear and Presidente Danger, The Simpsons - Homerpalooza, Summer of 4'2, Gargoyles - Ill Met By Moonlight, Cops In Albuquerque NM 7

576. Nick of Time, The King of Comedy, Megumi Paradise, Duckman - Exile to Guyville, Space Ghost - Freak Show, Assault on Precinct 13, Space Ghost - City in Space

577. Love and a .45, Luv, Getting Straight, Space Ghost - Elevator, She was an Acrobat's Daughter, Glen Frey - You Belong to the City, Home Videos - J Chero's Ranch 5/18/96, John's Accident Car 5/31/96, Chiller Theatre/Rancor/Crest, Kevin Smith CNN Story, American Bandstand - Gloria Gaynor - Anybody Wanna Party 3/3/79

578. Heroes (1977), The Frisco Kid, Under the Rainbow, Jimi Hendrix on Dick Cavett 9/9/69, Prince - Let's Go Crazy, MTV Cliff Jumping, Wipeout

579. Needful Things Director's Cut (3:15), Megaforce, Space Ghost - Switcheroo, The X Files - 2Shy, Sheep/Donkey Story, Cartoon Planet

580. Citizen X, Sabrina, A Clockwork Orgy, Space Ghost - Surprise + The Antimatter Man, Cops In Albuquerque NM 8, Home Videos - Petting Zoo 6/24

581. Howard Stern Tape #24 - E! Show 5/22-6/24/96

582. Heat, Cops In Buffalo NY 6, To Die For, Cops In Albuquerque NM 9, Duckman - The Amazing Colossal Duckman

583. Coming Soon, Return of the King, Independence Day ID4 Invasion, This Island Earth, The Birds

584. Men at Work - Down Under, It's a Mistake, Overkill, Who Can it Be Now, Men Without Hats - The Safety Dance, Cops In Riverside Co. CA 3, Duckman - Cock Cries Foul, Daddy's Girl, Special Effects The Imax Film, Home Videos 7/7/96 Willy + The Pigs, 12 Monkeys, The Many Faces of Death Part 5, Cartoon Planet

585. The Many Faces of Death Part 6, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Cat Came Back, Trancers 1+2: The Return of Jack Deth

586. Casino, ID4 Bootleg, Tales from the Crypt - The Third Pig, Home Videos 7/13 - rain, 7/16 - Globe Red Bank Jeter & Larry, 7/21 - Hungry Puppy/Police

587. Blarney It Ain't No Picnic, Cops In Los Angeles CA 26, Cops In Tampa FL 11, Strange Brew, Pass the Pig, Cops In Tampa FL12, Fair Game, Cops In Buffalo NY 7, Home Video - Jenkinson's Lazer Light Show 7/21, Olympic Park Bombing Live

588. Howard Stern Tape #25 - E! Show 6/25-7/29

589. Nemesis 3: Time Lapse, Screamers, Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte; 20/20 Convenience Store Robberies, Home Video - 8/18 Holmdel Park Willy + The UFO

590. Mission of the Shark, Rumble in the Bronx, Taxi Cab Confessions 3, Natural Born Killers Director's Cut, Star Wars on QVC 8/7, Homeboys in Space

591. Lords of Discipline, Gargoyles - Hunter's Moon Part 2, Special Bulletin, Cops In Miami FL 11, Space Ghost - Boo, High Speed Chase, Dynamite Dynasty, Home Video - 9/1 Cast sheep/Corn Cup 2

592. Howard Stern Tape #26 - E! Show 7/30-8/29/96

593. Sea of Love, The Price is Right 25th Anniversary Special, Frankenpenis, Cops Caught in the Act, Cops In Miami FL 12, Frida Lynstad - I Know There's Something Going On, Cars - You Might Think, Tommy Tutone - 867-5309 (Jenny), J. Giles Band - Centerfold, Dead or Alive - Brand New Lover, Steve Miller Band - Abracadabra, Night Ranger - Sister Christian, Danzig - How the Gods Kill (R Rated)

594. From Dusk Til Dawn, Oblivion, Lord of the Flies (1990), Barbara Walters - Courtney Love Interview 9/15/96, Clash - Should I Stay or Should I Go, Heart - Where Will You Run, Escape Club - Wild Wild West, Missing Persons - Words, American Bandstand - Madonna - Holiday/Quarterflash - Take Me to Heart 1/14/84, After the Fire - Der Kommisar (E), Swing Out Sister - Breakout, Tubes - She's a Beauty

595. Tommy Boy, Judge Dredd, Jade The Director's Cut, Cops In Miami FL 13, The World's Most Dangerous Stunts

596. Twister, Texas Vacation 9/21-26, The Deer Hunter

597. Howard Stern Tape #27 - E! Show 8/30-10/7/96 + Howard on ET 9/12/96

598. Movie Magic - James + The Giant Peach, Cops In Miami FL 14, James + The Giant Peach, MST3K: The Movie, Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers, Cops In Hot Pursuit, Bananarama - I Heard a Rumor, Powerstation - Some Like it Hot, Janet Jackson - Control, Art of Noise - Close (To the Edit)

599. Fetishes, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, Sleep Stalker, Millennium - Pilot #101. 10/25/96, The Simpsons - Treehouse of Horror VII, American Bandstand - Village People - San Francisco 12/3/77

600. Fear, The Ultimate Fighting Championship VII, UFC: The Ultimate Ultimate, Cops In Boston MA 8, Cops In Homestead FL