My Video Tape Collection Part 1

Everything I've taped on VHS & DVD. If you are looking to trade email me.
Ahead to Part 2

1. Van Halen Tape #1 - 1978-86 - Cover Story - David Lee Roth Interview 1986, David Lee Roth Music Videos - Just a Gigolo/I Ain't Got Nobody, California Girls, Yankee Rose, Goin' Crazy; Entertainment Tonight - David Lee Roth Interview 2 parts 1984, Panama, Jump, Hear About it Later, So This is Love?, Don Kirschner Rock Concert - Van Halen 1978 with Runnin' with the Devil, You Really Got Me, Dance the Night Away, You're No Good, Van Halen Live in Chicago 1979 - On Fire, Runnin' with the Devil, Dance the Night Away, Ice Cream Man, Jamie's Cryin; Unchained Video, Profile 1983-89 -Sammy Hagar - VOA Long Video w/cartoons, MTV Van Halen Unleashed (1986) - interviews with Eddie & Alex Van Halen Interview, Michael Anthony, Sammy Hagar, Live without a Net Clips - Love Comes Walkin' in, Summer Nights, There's Only One Way to Rock, Behind the Scenes/Before the Show, Best of Both Worlds Good Enough, Winner Takes it All Video; Eddie Van Halen & Sammy Hagar live at Farm Aid 9/22/85 - There's Only One Way to Rock, Three Lock Box, I Can't Drive 55, Rock and Roll; Entertainment Tonight Interview - Eddie Van Halen & Valerie Bertanelli - Seduction of Gina (1984), Entertainment Tonight Interview - David Lee Roth Interview (1984), Dance the Night Away Video, MTV Rockumentary 1989, Van Halen Video Collection w/Jump, Finish What Ya Started, Hot for Teacher, When It's Love, Best of Both Worlds, Feels So Good, Runaround, Backstage with Van Halen w/Poundcake, Finish What Ya Started, When It's Love, Runaround, Best of Both Worlds, Summer Nights, There's Only One Way to Rock; MTV VMA Awards 1991 - Interview, Poundcake

2. Van Halen Tape #2 - US Festival 5/23/83, Live in Joe Louis Arena Detroit 5/86, Live Without a Net, Top of the World, Right Now, MTV Awards 1992 - Best Direction + Best Video, David Lee Roth on Fox's Adventures in Paradise 1994, Just Like Paradise, Frank Sinatra/Dave + Eddie - LA is My Lady, Can't Stop Lovin' You, MTV Awards 1996 - Van Halen Reunion with David Lee Roth

3. Misfits Live - Boston 1983, Misfits - Braineaters Video, Misfits Live - Santa Barbara 2/83, Baton Bunny, The Decline of Western Civilization, Bad Dreams, Metallica - One (WP), Crossroads Part w/Steve Vai, Metallica - One (Short), Metallica on the Grammys 1989, Van Halen - Feels So Good, Metallica - One (Jammin'), Monty Python - How Not to Be Seen, Stephen King's Pet Semetary Ad

4. Faces of Death 2, This is Spinal Tap, Slayer - Live in Berkeley CA 1984, Hirax - Live in Long Beach CA 1986, Slayer - Live in Berkeley CA 1986, Ozzy Osbourne Interview, Jimi Hendrix Penis Cast Story, Lita Ford Interview, W.A.S.P. - The Real Me, Monty Python - A Book at Bedtime, M.O.D. Headbanger's Ball 4/23/89, Black Sabbath - Headless Cross (WP)

5. Faerie Tale Theater - The Pied Piper of Hamelin, Headbanger's Ball - White Lion Interview 1/88, White Lion - Wait, W.A.S.P. - The Manimal (WP), White Lion Live at the Ritz 1988, Guns N' Roses HBB Interview, Welcome to the Jungle, Sweet Child O' Mine, Guns N' Roses Live at the Ritz 2/2/88, Lita Ford Hosting Headbanger's Ball 2/14/88, Kiss Me Deadly, Yngwie J. Malmsteen - I'll See the Light Tonight, Joe Satriani - Satch Boogie, White Lion - Tell Me, Yngwie J. Malmsteen - Heaven Tonight, L.A. Guns - Sex Action, Megadeth - Peace Sells, Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train, Slash Talking, Masi - God Promised a Paradise, Lita Ford - Back to the Cave, Anthrax - Antisocial, Exodus - Toxic Waltz, The Addams Family - Uncle Fester's Toupee, Freddy's 1-900 # Ad, Three Stooges - Smart Saps, Oil's Well that Ends Well, America's Funniest Videos (AFV) 2/11/90, The Simpsons - Moaning Lisa

6. Metallica Live at Nassau Coliseum NY 4/28/86, Kiss eXposed, Iron Maiden 12 Wasted Years, D.O.A., Guns N' Roses - Patience (AMA 1989), Comic Strip Presents - Slags #207. 2/11/84, Publisher's Clearing House Ad - Win a Jaguar (12/88), Chef Boyardee Ad - Granny Go for it! (12/88), Angel Soft Ad - Baby Angels, Happy Holidays (12/88), Acutrim Ad - Women in mall, helps you beat the cheating hours (12/88), Proctor & Gamble Ad - use their coupons and they'll donate to the Special Olympics (12/88), PLUS (Project Literacy US) Ad - give the gift of reading w/Joan Lunden (12/88), One Life to Live End Credits (12/88), Happy Holidays from General Hospital Ad (12/88), ABC News Brief with Sam Donaldson - Eastern Flight 251 had to turn back (12/88), Partnership for a Drug Free America Ad - this is your brain on drugs/frying eggs (12/88), Macy's Semi Annual Foundation Sale Ad - bras (12/88), Norwegian Jarlsberg Cheese Ad - make it special (12/88)

7. MTV Monsters of Rock Special - Van Halen/Metallica 1988, Crystal Heart, Bachelor Party, Van Halen - When It's Love (WP), L.A. Guns - Electric Gypsy, White Lion - When the Children Cry, Sam Kinison - Wild Thing, Rip Magazine Ad w/Guns N' Roses, Testament Interview, Testament - Nobody's Fault

8. Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood, Faces of Death; Silent Night, Deadly Night; S.O.D. Live at the Ritz NYC 1985, Ozzy Osbourne - Miracle Man, Yngwie Malmsteen - You Don't Remember, I'll Never Forget; Hear N' Aid - We're Stars, Death Angel - Bored, Over Kill - Hello from the Gutter, Motorhead - Iron Fist, Motorhead - Ace of Spades, Van Halen Ad, Zodiac Mindwarp - Backseat Education, Black Sabbath - Paranoid, Megadeth - Anarchy in the UK, M.O.D. - Vents, Monsters of Rock Preview, W.A.S.P. - Scream Until You Like It, Black Sabbath - Iron Man, Axl Rose Talking, Armored Saint - Chemical Euphoria

9. Happy Hour, Late Night with David Letterman - Super Dave 1989, Entertainment Tonight Special - Concert Violence 89, Channel 2 News NY - Missing Foundation: Cult of Rage (3 parts) 89, Channel 7 News NY - Skinheads Special 2 parts 1989, Entertainment Tonight - Backwards Messages 89, Testament - Trial By Fire, Guns N'Roses - Paradise City (WP), Poison - Angel of Death, Over Kill - In Union We Stand, Flotsam + Jetsam - Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting, The Diceman Cometh, D.R.I. - Suit and a Tie Guy, L.A. Guns - Bitch is Back, Danzig - Mother, Danzig Interview, Danzig - Twist of Cain, Freddy's Nightmares Intro, Danzig Interview, Queensryche - Gonna Get Close to You, Celtic Frost - Cherry Orchards, Anthrax Ad, Lita Ford - Close My Eyes Forever, M.O.D. - True Colors, Metal Church - Badlands

10. Ginger on the Rocks, Beverly Hills Cox, Lita Ford Live at Wembly Stadium London 1989, Monty Python - School Prizes, Comic Strip Presents - Private Enterprise #302. 1/2/86, Sex Pistols from Punk Rock Movie, Monty Python - The Attila the Hun Show, The Young Ones - Demolition

11. Monty Python - Michael Ellis, Young Ones - Bambi, Monty Python - Scott of the Antarctic, Sex + Violence, Show 5, Young Ones - Nasty, Monty Python - The Ant An Introduction, Young Ones - Time, Monty Python - Untitled, The Royal Philharmonic goes to the Bathroom

12. Blood Sucking Freaks, The Young Ones - Interesting, Comic Strip Presents - Bad News, Beat Generation, Faces of Death 3, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, ET - Freddy Kreuger

13. Return of the Living Dead I + II, Johnny Got His Gun, The Young Ones - Sick, Suicidal Tendencies - How Will I Laugh Tomorrow, Iron Maiden - The Number of the Beast, Agnostic Front - Anthem, L.A. Guns on Headbanger's Ball 4/28/89, Steve Jones on Headbanger's Ball, Steve Jones RAD Ad, Iron Maiden - Wrathchild (Live 81)

14. A Nightmare on Elm Street 1-4

15. A Fish Called Wanda, Poltergeist III, Monty Python - Party Political Broadcast, The Cycling Tour, Mr. Neutron, The Golden Age of Ballooning, The Naked Ant, Anthrax - Who Cares Wins

16. Monty Python - Njorl's Saga, Comic Strip Presents - Summer School, Monty Python - How to Recognize Different Types of Trees from Quite a Long Distance Away, Punk Special, Anthrax Hosting Headbanger's Ball 1989 with I'm the Man, The Young Ones - Boring + Bomb, Neil from the Young Ones as Father Christmas, on MTV, Hole in My Shoe video, Mtv Guest VJ, Cliff Richard/Young Ones - The Living Doll, Monty Python - The Spanish Inquisition, Anthrax Scott Ian Interview + Indians, The Cult - Love Removal Machine, Metal Church - Watch the Children Pray, L.A. Guns - One More Reason, Ozzy Osbourne - Wicked Videos w/Miracle Man, Crazy Babies + Crazy Train, Exodus Talking, Faith No More - From Out of Nowhere, The Dead Milkmen - Punk Rock Girl, Ramones - Psycho Therapy, Ramones - Pet Semetary, Motorhead - Mean Machine, Ramones Interview in Italy, I Wanna Be Sedated + In Italy, Suicidal Tendencies Interview

17. The Young Ones - Oil, Metallica Live at The Brendan Byrne Arena NJ 3/1/89, Metallica Live in Toronto Canada 12/9/86, Monty Python - The Money Programme, Royal Episode 13, Live from the Grillomat; Blood, Devastation, Death, War, and Horror; The All-England Summarize Proust Competition

18. Playboy's Art of Sensual Message, The Best of Stephen King's World of Horror, Monty Python - E. Henry Tripshaw's Disease, MTV Music Awards 1989 with The Cure - Lovesong, The Cult - Fire Woman, The Cure - Just Like Heaven + Andrew Dice Clay performance that got him banned for life, Plan 9 From Outer Space, The Crimson Ghost Episodes 1-10

19. The Crimson Ghost Episodes 11+12, Monty Python - How to Recognize Different Parts of the Body, Jabberwocky, Scorpions - Holiday (Moscow), Mr. Big - Addicted to that Rush, The Cult - Sweet Soul Sister, Monty Python - The Buzz Aldrin Show, Owl-Stretching Time, Full Frontal Nudity, Hamlet, Man's Crisis of Identity in the 20th Century, Archeology Today

20. Monty Python - The Nude Man, Halloween 4, Danzig Live from England 1988, Monty Python - Dennis More, Eat the Rich, Monty Python - The War Against Pornography, Mr. and Mrs. Brian Norris' Ford Popular, Spam

21. The Holy Grail, King Diamond - Sleepless Nights, Camper Van Beethoven - Pictures of Matchstick Men, Monty Python - Dinsdale, The Meaning of Life, Live at the Hollywood Bowl

22. Full Metal Jacket, The Life of Brian, Metallica Live from Troy NY 3/15/89, The Cult - Edie (Ciao Baby), Anthrax - Madhouse, Kreator Talking + Betrayer

23. Monty Python Tape - And Now For Something Completely Different, Fawlty Towers - The Builder, The Wedding Party, The Psychiatrist, Gourmet Night, Waldorf Salad, The Kipper and the Corpse, The Hotel Inspectors, A Touch of Glass, The Germans

24. Lifeforce, Twins, The Dark Crystal, Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer

25. Metallica Live from Connecticut 3/17/89, The Cure Live in Japan 1984, Slayer Live at the Felt Forum NYC 8/31/88, Yngwie Malmsteen - Trial By Fire, D.R.I. Interview 2/24/89

26. Big, Tourist Trap, Pet Semetary, Warner Wolf's Plays of the Decade 1980-89, The Addams Family - Morticia, The Matchmaker; Joe Satriani - Big Bad Moon, Coroner - Masked Jackal

27. The Ultimate Revenge - Thrash Metal: Exodus, Slayer & Venom, Metallica - One (Jammin' Version), Animal House, Progress in the Addams Family, Camper Van Beethoven - (I was Born in a) Laundromat, Jane's Addiction - Mountain Song, The Del Fuegos - Breakaway, Faith No More playing, The Cure - Hot Hot Hot!!!, Psychedelic Furs talking about The Cure, Herr Meets Hare, Flesh for Lulu - Every Little Word, America's Funniest Videos - fat woman caught in a dishwasher and more 1/90

28. Waxwork, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Fatal Attraction, The Addams Family - Morticia's Favorite Charity, Tortoise Beats Hare, D.A.D. - Girl Nation

29. Anguish, The Secret Policeman's Private Parts, Monkey Shines, The Addams Family - Green-Eyed Gomez, Michael Palin on Saturday Night Live, The Addams Family - Lurch Learns to Dance + The Addams Family Splurges

30. Puppet Master, The Addams Family - Morticia the Sculptress, Lethal Weapon 2, Star Trek - What Are Little Girls Made Of?, The Addams Family - Morticia Meets Royalty, Oh-Ee-Oh Part from Wizard of Oz, The Addams Family - My Fair Cousin Itt; Gomez, The Reluctant Lover; Gomez, The People's Choice; Ozzy Osbourne - The Ultimate Sin

31. The Missionary, The Running Man, Police Squad - A Substantial Gift, Ring of Fear, Rendezvous at Big Gulch, Daffy Duck + Egghead, A Kid hitting him Mom With A Car from Black Roses, Ministry X-Ray from 120 Minutes 1989 + Stigmata

32. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, The Secret Policeman's Other Ball, Privates on Parade, Time Bandits

33. Robert Smith Interview, Nuclear Assault - Brainwashed, Pet Shop Boys - It's a Sin, The Jesus + Mary Chain - When it Rains, P.I.L. - Seattle, The Pixies - Here Comes Your Man, Tesla - Gettin' Better, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Comic Strip Presents - Dirty Movie + Consuela, B-52s - Channel Z, The Cult - Rain, King Diamond Talking, Nuclear Assault - Critical Mass, Over Kill - Elimination, Mucky Pup - U Stink, Faith No More - Epic, Ramones - Merry Xmas (I Don't Want to Fight Tonight) WP, Houston Thrash Fest 88 w/Vio-Lence, Nuclear Assault, Testament + Over Kill, Suicidal Tendencies - Institutionalized, Laaz Rocket - Leatherface

34. The Toxic Avenger (Unrated), Hellraiser, Cat's Eye, Amazon Women on the Moon, The Addams Family - Mother Lurch

35. Cousin Itt Visits The Addams Family, Bugs + The Three Bears, Bugs Bunny Gets the Boid, Gorilla My Dreams, Hare Ribbin', Tortoise Wins By a Hare, Baseball Bugs, Rabbit Transit, The Addams Family in Court; Silent Night, Deadly Night 2; Eddie Murphy Raw, The Boys Next Door, Husker Du - Don't Wanna Know if You are Lonely, The Jesus + Mary Chain - Just Like Honey/Head On

36. Eric Idle on Saturday Night Live - 3 Shows, Yellowbeard, Easy Money, The Addams Family Meets a Beatnik, Psychedelic Furs - House, Dramarama - Last Cigarette, Love + Rockets - If There's a Heaven Above

37. Raiders of the Lost Ark, Amnesia in The Addams Family, Hair-Raising Hare, The Addams Family - Thing is Missing, Big Top Bunny, Crisis in the Addams Family, Lurch + His Harpsichord, David Letterman's 8th Anniversary Special, The Addams Family - Morticia, The Breadwinner; Falling Hare, Duff + Slash from Guns N' Roses, The Psychedelic Furs X-Ray 1989, America's Funniest Videos 1989, The Simpsons - Bart the General, Blackie Lawless on Headbanger's Ball 4/28/89, George Carlin on Johnny Carson 1989, Terry Gilliam on David Letterman + Dogs Herding Sheep

38. Silent Night, Deadly Night 3; The Shining, Psychedelic Furs, The Mighty Lemon Drops - Into the Heart of Love, Mtv Post Modern: The Smithereens - A Girl Like You, Interview, Blood & Roses V2 - Band Only, Halloween 5 TV Spot, Clive Barker Great & Secret Show Ad, Modern English - I Melt with You, Redneck Zombies, Buckaroo Bugs, The Addams Family and the Spacemen, Psychedelic Furs - The Ghost in You

39. Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park, The Simpsons - The Tell-Tale Head, Wild + Woolly Hare, The Simpsons - There's No Disgrace Like Home, The Addams Family - Morticia, The Writer; Cousin Itt's Problem, 86 Decibel Snore, Super Dave on Letterman 2/20/90, Bad Taste, Feud in the Addams Family, Penn + Teller Go Public, The Addams Family - Morticia's Dilemma

40. 976-EVIL, The Serpent and the Rainbow, Nuclear Assault - Trail of Tears (WP), Testament - Over the Wall, The Simpsons - Bart the Genius, Easter Yeggs, The Addams Family - Portrait of Gomez; Hold the Lion, Please; Racketeer Rabbit, Super-Rabbit, Ozzy Osbourne live at The Moscow Music Festival 1989, The Addams Family - Gomez, The Catburglar; Bugs Bunny Rides Again, A-lad-in His Lamp, Knight-Mare Hare, The Windblown Hare, Rabbitson Carusoe, Rabbit Hood

41. Basket Case, A Witch's Tangled Hare, The Addams Family - The Great Treasure Hunt; Morticia, The Decorator; The Best of Little Lu Lu, Hare Trigger, Bugs Bunny in King Arthur's Court, Hellbound: Hellraiser 2 (Unrated), Meliah Rage - The Beginning of the End, Super Dave's Golf Course, Haredevil Hare, Bugs vs. Daffy: Battle of the Music Video Stars, Powermad - Nice Dreams

42. Cheech & Chong Up In Smoke, The Best of Eddie Murphy on SNL, The Simpsons - Life on the Fast Lane, Looney Looney Looney Bugs Bunny Movie, Oily Hare, The Honeymooners - Suspense, Two Tickets to a Fight, Wabbit Twouble, Cartoons for Big Kids, The Simpsons - Homer's Night Out, Hare Splitter, Daffy - Commando

43. Less Than Zero, David Copperfield's 12th Special: Niagara Falls, Rabbit Every Monday, Totally Hidden Video - Moving Precious Gems/The Wild New Ride/Monitoring Pleasure, Suicidal Tendencies - Waking the Dead, Van Halen Cabo Wabo Ad, Kirk Hammett Ad, Tesla - Little Suzi, Ozzy Osbourne - Shot in the Dark, Testament - Greenhouse Effect, Midnight Oil - Blue Sky Mine; Honey, I Shrunk the Kids; The Simpsons - Family Therapy (Short), In Living Color - 1: Pilot 7H01, Father Guido - Taking Donations, The Honeymooners - Two Tickets to a Play

44. Bugsy + Mugsy, Stand By Me, Barbary Coast Bunny, Cheers w/John Cleese, The Honeymooners - Norton Sleepwalking, Jack Wabbit and The Beanstalk, Stage Door Cartoon, The Honeymooners - Better Living Through TV, The Naughty Stewardesses, Desert Victory, The Simpsons - Crepes of Wrath, Totally Hidden Video 4/15/90 - Losing Clothes & Get Your Boss

45. Planes, Trains + Automobiles; Bugs Bunny Superstar, The Life of Python, Hare Conditioned, Here Is Germany, 20 Years of Python, Neo-Nazi Special, Fat People

46. A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child (Unrated), When Harry Met Sally..., 9 1/2 Weeks, The Winning of Morticia Addams, Cousin Itt + The Vocational Counselor; Lurch, The Teenage Idol; D.R.I. - Beneath the Wheel, AFVideos 1990, Nuclear Assault on Headbanger's Ball 3/14/90

47. The Hare-Brained Hypnotist, The Unruly Hare, Andrew Dice Clay on Arsenio 4/20/90, Night Court - Harry + the Rock Star, Totally Hidden Videos 4/21/90 - Exercise While You Work/Totally Homemade Videos - Fat woman falling/Kitty of the keyboards, Fat kid with plunger on is stomach/Remote control airplanes crashing/Truck rolling down a hill/Quickies - Surprise kisses/Feeling a stranger/Open shirt haircut/Mud wrestling set up, In Living Color - 2: The Wrath of Farrakhan 7H02, Michael Palin + Father Guido on SNL, Operation Barbarossa, B-52s on Saturday Night Live, Hyde and Hare, Father Guido - Pope in the Pizza, Cheers - Carla gets Jealous, The Honeymooners - Every Dog Has It's Day, Joe Satriani - I Believe, Bart Ad, In Living Color - 3: Lean On Me Beautiful 7H03, Mike Muir on Headbanger's Ball, Ozzy Osbourne - Bark at the Moon, The Simpsons - Krusty Gets Busted, Upswept Hare, Baton Bunny, Bowie + Jagger, Super Dave Weightlifting, Totally Hidden Video 4/28/90 - Nailed in the wall/Balloon in the storage bin, In Living Color - 4: Transitions, Billy Dee Williams for Bolt 45 7H04; Water, Water Every Hare; Night Court - Heart of Stone, Midnight Oil - The Forgotten Years, Totally Hidden Video 5/5/90 - Cops bike gets crushed/ Breaking plates/Steve gets a joke played on him, In Living Color - 5: A Date With Grace Jones 7H05, Andrew Dice Clay on Saturday Night Live 5/12/90

48. Dice on SNL Cont., The Simpsons - Some Enchanted Evening, Buccaneer Bunny, Night Court - Jung and the Restless + Russkie Business, The Honeymooners - Opportunity Knocks But, Bugs and Thugs, Channel 2 News NYC on Hate Comedy about Andrew Dice Clay with and Richard Lewis Robin Williams Boozler, Warner Wolf's Most Memorable Plays of the Decade 1980-90, The Honeymooners - Unconventional Behavior, A Hare Grows in Manhattan, The Simpsons - Treehouse of Horror, Night Court - Mental Giant, A Feather in His Hare, Hurdy Gurdy Hare, The Brady Bunch - Good Time Music, Hare-um Scare-um, Cheers - Eddie Dies, Hare Tonic, Night Court - The Trouble is Not in Your Set, The Honeymooners - An Evening at Bert's, Night Court - Billie and the Cat w/John Cleese Schwepps Ad

49. All in the Family - Sammy's Visit, Night Court - The Game Show, Night Court - This Old Man, Rabbit Punch, Night Court - Strange Bedfellows, Night Court - Pen Pals, The Heckling Hare, Hare Do, Night Court - From Soup to Nuts Parts 1+2, Guyana Tragedy: The Life of Jim Jones, Hogan's Heroes - One in Every Crowd

50. Night Court - Wedding Bell Blues (1 Hour), Night Court - Not My Type, Night Court - Yet Another Day in the Life, Hogan's Heroes - Man in a Box, Rabbit Rampage, Acrobatty Bunny, Lighter Than Hare, Saturday Night Live (SNL) 15th Anniversary Special, Damon Wayans on 1/2 Hour Comedy Hour, Steve Vai - National Anthem (Rock N Jock), French Rarebit, The Honeymooners - Ralph Wins $73 at Poker, Totally Hidden Videos Summer Best - Objecting to Marriage set up/Lady in a suitcase/Hair hanger/Dance with a stranger/The Dummies fall from roof during an interview/Ballet football team/Gorilla in the backyard/Revealing reveals, R.E.M. - The One I Love, Robert Smith, Horse Hare, The Simpsons - Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire, The Honeymooners - Goodnight Sweet Prince + Jellybeans, Modern English - I Melt with You (New), Super Dave on Lat Night with David Letterman 9/30/89, D.R.I. - Abduction, Backwoods Bunny

51. Happy Birthday Bugs: 50 Looney Years, Super Dave's Petting Zoo, All in the Family - Archie's Dog Day Afternoon, Night Court - Dan's Parents, The Honeymooners - The Briefcase, Night Court - An Old Flame, In Living Color - 11: Anton In The People's Court 7H11, Steve Vai - The Audience is Listening, The Horror Show

52. WWII Tape #1 - Fraulein Devil, Surf Nazis Must Die, Triumph of the Will/Day of Freedom, Hitler's Master Race: The Mad Dream of the SS, Hitler-Portrait of a Tyrant, Edward R. Murrow Excerpt, Bikers on Geraldo, Marina Oswald, Letters

53. WWII Tape #2 - The Rise and Fall of The Third Reich, Inheritors (Subtitled), The California Reich, Star Trek - Patterns of Force, The Unknown War, Hogan's Heroes - Go Light on the Heavy Water

54. WWII Tape #3 - Battle for Cassino, Tunisian Victory, No Time to Say Goodbye, Bloodsucking Nazi Zombies, Mystic Hitler, Unsolved Mysteries - Rudolf Hess Affair, Today Interviews a Neo Nazi

55. Death Angel - Seemingly Endless Time, Flotsam + Jetsam - Suffer the Masses, Sacred Reich - The American Way, In Living Color - 7: Don King The Early Years 7H07, The Trial of Mr. Wolf, Hare Remover, Magical Mystery Tour, 25 ft Long Python, Cheers - Practical Jokes, Long Haired Hare, Bunny Hugged, The Grey-Hounded Hare, Roman Legion-Hare, Bully for Bugs, Ali Baba Bunny, Duck! Rabbit Duck!, A Pest in the House, Robin Hood Daffy, Bedeviled Rabbit, Bad `Ol Putty Tat, Ballot Box Bunny, Past Perfurmance, Little Boy Boo, Who's Kitten Who?, Twilight Zone The Movie, A Tale of Two Kitties

56. Night Court - The Cop and the Lady, Operation: Rabbit, Totally Hidden Video - Getting hitched - handcuffed to the bride/Maintenance man gets in a ballet/Homemade - cross-eyed/Pants fall off/Kangaroo attacks a man/Donald gets attacked by bees/Big dog knocks over camera during bath/Motorcycle jumper knocks over camera man/Sing for Your Money gameshow scam, Tex Avery: The King of Cartoons, Howard Stern Channel 9 Summer Show #2, Rabbit's Kin, Lita Ford - Hungry, Danzig Ad, Faith No More on the Road in Asbury Park NJ, Rabbit of Seville, Hare Brush, Design for Leaving, Bugs Bonnets; What's Opera, Doc?; Cat Feud; What's Up, Doc?; Rabbit Seasoning, Carnival of Souls, Cheers - Carla Inherits $50,000, Saturday Night Live First Episode 1975, Super Sports Follies

57. Lifestyles of the Ramones, Scatterbrain - Don't Call Me Dude, Ilsa She Wolf of The SS, War Atrocities - The Horrors of War, Shocking Asia II, Falling Hare, The Wabbit Who Came to Supper, A Corny Concerto, Case of the Missing Hare, Fresh Hare, The Wacky Wabbit, Wackiki Wabbit

58. Adult Cartoons Vol. 1, I'm Gonna Git You Sucka, Zombie Lake, Stalag 69, Cupid Gets His Man, A Day at the Zoo, The Big Flame-up

59. Hitler's Children, Hard N Heavy - Thrash Metal Speed Special, The Rocky Porno Video Show, Class of Nuke `Em High

60. Mein Kampf, Stephen King's Night Shift Collection - The Woman in the Room, The Boogeyman, Disciples of the Crow, The Night Waiter, The Mouse-Merized Cat, My Bunny Lies Over the Sea, One Froggy Evening, Lance Link + The Evolution Revolution - Yummy Love, Hillbilly Hare, Fresh Airedale, Mouse Mazuka, Kitty Kornered, A Feud There Was, The Weakly Reporter, Draftee Daffy, Super-Rabbit, The Fifth-Column Mouse, Falling Hare, Daffy-The Commando, Swooner Crooner, Little Red Riding Rabbit, Plane Daffy, Herr Meets Hare, Russian Rhapsody, Men on Film

61. Night Court - The Modest Proposal, Cheers - Sam Finally Sleeps with Rebecca, Night Court - A Day in the Life, All in the Family - Joey's Baptism, 21 Jump Street - Mean Streets & Pastel Houses, Lovelorn Leghorn, The Foghorn Leghorn, Plop Goes the Weasel, The Leghorn Blows at Midnight, The Hypo-chondri-cat, Leghorn Swoggled, Feather Dusted, A Fractured Leghorn, A Little Preacher, Morris Cerullo January 1988 Anaheim Convention, Crowing Pains, Duck Amuck, The Daffy Doc, Beanstalk Bunny, Deduce You Say, Rabbit Fire, Dripalong Daffy, The Scarlet Pumpernickel, Porky's Duck Hunt, Frigid Hare, Kiss Me Cat, Dog Collared, Odor-able Kitty, Super Dave on Carson, Cheers - Carla + Eddie Get Married, Stooge for a Mouse, The Stupid Cupid, Lance Link Secret Chimp - The Greatest Chase in the World, Bugs + Daffy's Carnival of the Animals, Golden Yeggs, Tyson Looney Toons Meals Ad, Scaredy Cat, Birdy and the Beast

62. Hitler's Daughter, Stephen King Library Ad, Motorhead on Week in Rock, In Living Color - 15: Anton At The Recruiter 7U02, Night Court - Here's to You, Mrs. Robinson; The Red Skull, Night Court - Paternity, Transylvania 6-5000, Inside the Fourth Reich, Bear Feat, To Duck or Not to Duck, Birds Anonymous, A Mouse Divided, Bunker Hill Bunny, Show Biz Bugs, Greedy for Tweety, Night Court - No Hard Feelings, Night Court - Mac's Dilemma, Tales from the Crypt - For Cryin' Out Loud, All in the Family - Archie is Branded, Steve Vai - I Would Love to, Megadeth - Holy Wars...The Punishment is Due

63. Faith No More - Epic (MTV Music Awards 1990), Queensryche - Empire, King's X - Over My Head, Danzig - Killer Wolf, Primus - John the Fisherman, In Living Color - 16: Spike's Joint 7U03, After Midnight, The Cure - Never Enough (WP), Faith No More - Falling to Pieces, The Best of Stephen King's World of Horror, Elmer's Pet Rabbit, Night Court - Ladies Night, Court - Dad's First Date, Wild Wild World, The Foxy Duckling, Conrad the Sailor, Feline Frame-Up, His Hare Raising Tale, Slightly Daffy, Horton Hatches the Egg, Broomstick Bunny, Screwball Football, My Favorite Duck, The Simpsons - Bart Gets an F, Of Fox and Hounds, All this + Rabbit Stew, Bars and Stripes Forever, The Flesh Eaters - Wedding Dice, Meat Puppets - Get on Down, Black Flag - TV Party, Bl'ast - Surf + Destroy, D.R.I. - Nursing Home Blues

64. Lance Link - The Sour Taste of Success, Night Court - Dan, the Walking Time Bomb; The Bugs Bunny Road Runner Movie, Rawhead Rex, The Simpsons - Simpson + Delilah, Monty Python - Intermission, The Lair of the White Worm, Hardcore Music Special on Good Day NY 10/19/90

65. Stephen King's World of Horror Volume 1, Motorhead, In Living Color - 17: Hour Of Power 7U04, Stephen King Volume 2, Iron Maiden - Holy Smoke, Hare Force, A Feather in His Hare, Greetings Bait, Lonesome Lenny, The Hep Cat, Fox Pop, In Living Color - 18: Miss Black Person USA 7U05, Unknown Powers, The Smithereens - A Girl Like You (Unplugged), Nasty Quacks, Father Guido Goes to College

66. Hitler: The Whole Story, Blood Feast, Peck Up Your Troubles, Mouse Menace, Daffy Duck Slept Here, I Taw a Putty Tat, Birdie + The Beast, Inki and The Circus, Inki and The Lion, A Gruesome Twosome, Tweetie Pie, Little Lion Hunter, Stephen King's World of Horror Volume 3, Primus X-Ray, In Living Color - 19: The Black Man's Guide To Understanding The Black Woman 7U06, Night Court - Death Takes a Halloween, McDonald's Training Tape - Dealing with the Disabled

67. Night Court - Danny Got His Gun (3 Parts), The Rutles, Which is Witch?, Night Court - Halloween, Too; Nightbreed, Hiawatha's Rabbit Hunt, Life with Feathers, Night Court - Halloween II: The Return of Leon, Tom Tom Tomcat, Hasty Hare, Along Came Daffy, Hush My Mouse, The Goofy Gophers, Night Court - Safe, Bewitched Bunny, One Meat Brawl

68. Basket Case 2, Battle Line - The Invasion of Norway, Our Century - The Fall of Berlin, Night Court - Educating Rhoda, The Simpsons - 2 Cars in Every Garage, 3 Eyes in Every Fish; Night Court - Crossroads (1 Hour), Night Court - Giving Thanks, Night Court - The Former Harry Stone, Faith No More - Epic (Live), Super Dave Osborne Ad, In Living Color, The Super Snooper, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Bunny, Goo Goo Goliath; Hop, Look and Listen; Battle Line - Tobruk, Little Red Rodent Hood

69. 120 Minutes with The Cure 12/23/90, Night Court of the Living Dead, Nuns on the Run, Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III, Air Power - Luftwaffe, The Simpsons - Dancin' Homer, Night Court - Rock-a-Bye Baby, The House of Tomorrow, Fresh Fish

70. Night Court - Clip Show Parts 1+2, Cheers - 200th Episode, Battle Line - Fall of Crete, Night Court - Day Court, Daffy Doodles, A-lad-in-Bagdad, Social Distortion - Story of My Life, Jane's Addiction - Been Caught Stealing, A Wild Hare, Slick Hare, The Heckling Hare, The Big Snooze, Hair-Raising Hare, Hare Trigger, Little Red Riding Rabbit, Gorilla My Dreams, Thugs with Dirty Mugs, Fin'n Catty, Northwest Hounded Police, Two Gophers from Texas, Gopher Broke, Little Blabbermouse, Nothing but the Tooth, Cinemagic, Chow Hound

71. A&E Biography - Rommel, Ding Dong Daddy, Battle Line - Malta, Bill of Hare, Porky's Duck Hunt, Hobo Bobo, The Simpsons - Dead Putting Society, Cheers - Sam's New Neighbor, Look Who's Talking, Fair and Worm-er, Sniffles Takes a Trip, CNN News - Pinball, Battle Line - Ploesti, A Night Court at the Opera, All in the Family - Gloria + Mike's House Guest, Night Court - Wonder Drugs, Judas Priest - A Touch of Evil, King's X - It's Love, Stupid Dogs, Droopy Leprechaun, My Green Fedora

72. Daffy Duck and The Dinosaur, Detouring America, The Buck Pets - Pearls, The Cure - Close to Me (Closer Mix), Bonanza Bunny, Cats-a-weigh, KKK Women, Three Stooges - Three Troubledoers, Circus Today, What's Brewin' Bruin, Aviation Vacation, Hogan's Heroes - No Names Please, The Early Bird Dood it, Lights Fantastic, Deputy Droopy, Devil May Hare, Birds of a Father, The Ducksters, Room and Bird, Ant Pasted, Total Recall, Pop `Im Pop, Bugged by a Bee, Wise Quacking Duck, Early to Bet, Booby Hatched, Porky's Bear Facts, A Hound for Trouble, Count Me Out, John Cleese Schweppes Ad, The Bashful Buzzard

73. IT, Tom Turk and Daffy, Jerky Turkey, Assault + Peppered, Wild Wife, The Simpsons - Bart vs. Thanksgiving, Dumb-Hounded, Ceiling Hero, Field and Scream, Cheers - Woody Does a Commercial, Jeremy Varney Stand Up, Night of the Blood Beast Preview, The Eggcited Rooster, Wagon Heels, Iron Maiden - Run to the Hills, Loud + Fast: Inside Heavy Metal (1986), Mexican Cat Dance, Daffy's Southern Exposure, Thumb Fun, Battle Line - Sicily

74. Geraldo - Youthful Hate Mongers: A Second Look (with footage of Geraldo's nose getting broken), Hell Gate, Wartime - The Whole Truth, Sleepy Time Possum, Daffy Duck in Hollywood, The Eager Beaver, Old Glory, Working Tra$h, Big Man from the North, Porky the Giant Killer, Night Court - The Hostage, Night Court - The Computer Kid, Battle Line - Invasion of Southern France, Cheers - Basketball Game, Mexicali Shmoes

75. The Art of the Third Reich, Night Court - Best of Friends, Battle Line - Monte Cassino, Hobby Horse Laffs, Fish Tales, Faith No More on Saturday night Live 12/1/90, Sink the Bismarck!, The Search for Battleship Bismarck, Night Court - Some Like it Hot, Battle Line - Invasion of Normandy, Night Court - Quadrangle of Love, Dog Tired

76. Tick Tock Tuckered, A Tale of Two Mice, Slayer on Headbanger's Ball 12/90 w/War Ensemble, Queensryche - The Best I Can, Suicidal Tendencies - Send Me Your Money, Night Court - All You Need is Love, Cheers - The Seance, Roughly Squeaking; Shop, Look and Listen; The Shell-Shocked Egg, The Simpsons - Bart the Daredevil; Do the Bartman Video, Levi's Ad - Hairus Perfectus w/John Cleese, Mouse-Warning, Dog Daze, The Up-Standing Sitter, Love and Curses, Meatless Flyday, The Rebel Without Claws, Woolen Under Where, Night Court - Pick a Number, Battle Line - Bridgehead on the Rhine, Hare-Abian Nights, To Itch His Own; Bye, Bye Bluebeard; Snowman's Land, All in the Family - Mike's Friend, Night Court - The Computer Kid, Elvis is Dead, Levi's Ad - Hoopis Alleyoopis w/John Cleese, Big-Hearted Bosko, Good Noose, Porky and Teabiscuit, Pre-Hysterical Hare, Bosko's Dog Race, Plane Dippy, The Cat's Tale, Night Court - Bull Gets a Kid

77. The Twilight Zone - The Chaser, Hogan's Heroes - I Look Better in Basic Black, The Assassin, Cupid Comes to Stalag 13, The Twilight Zone - A Passage for Trumpet + A World of his Own, The Case of the Stuttering Pig, Buddy's Trolley Troubles, Sacrifice at Pearl Harbor, Night Court - The Nun, Heroes - Pearl Harbor, David Letterman on The Tonight Show 12/90, Tesla - Signs, On the Road with Suicidal Tendencies, Cheers - The Toga Party, A&E Biography - George Patton & Erwin Rommel, The Dixie Fryer, Prince Varmint

78. Battle Line - The Bombing of Japan, Hold Anything, Pancho's Hideaway, Tweet and Sour, Hen House Henery, The Good Egg, Busy Bakers, The Woods are Full of Cuckoos, Sweet Sioux, Bacall to Arms, Battle Line - Battle of Okinawa, World in Action - The New Nazis in Russia, Night Court - Harry on Trial, Battle Line - Iwo Jima, A Matter of Conscience, Night Court -The Birthday Visitor, Swing Shift Cinderella, Night Court - When Harry met Margaret, Cheers - Coach's Best Friend Dies, The Night Court Before Christmas, Lenny + Squiggy's Xmas Song, Cheers - Rebecca Comes Back, Porky's Preview, Cheese Chasers, The Henpecked Duck, Joan Rivers Phone Call to Mrs. Fletcher, Night Court - New Year's Leave

79. Happy-Go-Nutty, The Brady Bunch Variety Hour Show, Cheers - Carla's Family Tradition, War Chronicles - The Battle of the Bulge, Fire Power - The Leopard, Robin Hood Makes Good, Meliah Rage - The Witching, The Pied Piper of Guadalupe, Buddy's Bearcats, Rabbit Stew and Rabbit's Too!, Dog Tales, Gallagher the Maddest, Bosko's Party, Viva Buddy, Swing Ding Amigo, Porky's Hotel, Speedy Ghost to Town, Pied Piper Porky, Stuttering Ad, Cheers - Sam Dates the Landlord's Daughter, Cheers Energizer Ad, The Simpsons - Bart Gets Hit by a Car, Cheers - Sam + The Nympho, Madonna's Satanic Verses, All in the Family - Edith's Night Out, Bosko + Honey, Feather Finger, Unnatural History, Highway Runnery, Rabbit Romeo, An Itch in Time (Suicide Ending), Porky Pig's Feat, Association for Retarded Citizens (ARC) Ad - Lily Wants to Learn

80. Night Court Tape #1 - Married Alive, Mac and Quon Le: Together Again; Take My Wife, Please; Mac + Quon Le: No Reservations, Wheels of Justice Parts 1+2; Walk Away, Renee; Dan's Escort, The Next Voice You Hear..., Harry + Leon, Leon We Hardly Knew Ye, Hurricane Parts 1+2, Baby Talk; Author, Author; Presumed Insolvent

81. The Battle of the Commandos, Suicidal Tendencies - Lights...Camera...Suicidal, M*A*S*H, Bowery Bugs, Snow Business, Now that Summer is Gone, The Hardship of Miles Standish, Tweet and Lovely, Tweety + The Beanstalk, Tree for Two, The Last Hungry Cat, Mouse-Taken Identity, Tweety's S.O.S., Canned Feud, Hyde and Go Tweet, Hollywood Steps Out, Book Review, Buddy of the Legion, See Ya Later Gladiator

82. Hopalong Casualty, Zipping Along, Buddy's Lost World, Notes to You, Fast and Furry-ous, Gee Whiz-z-z; Hook, Line and Stinker; Zip `N Snort; Ready, Woolen and Able; Beep, Beep; To Beep or Not To Beep, Elves, Hitler: The Last Ten Days; Silent Night, Deadly Night 4: The Initiation, The War Bond Rally Song, Hollywoood Daffy

83. Curtain Razor, Boobs in the Woods, Often an Orphan, You Ought to be in Pictures, The Wearing of the Grin, Mouse Wreckers, Cracked Quack, Dough for the Do-Do, David Lee Roth - A Lil' Ain't Enough, How to Beat a Speeding Ticket, To Be or Not to Be (1942), Motorhead Another Perfect Day, Cheers - Woody, Baby Buggy Bunny, Out and Out Rout, Pappy's Puppy, Cracked Ice, Eatin' on the Cuff, Porky's Hired Hand, A Bear for Punishment, Porky's Pooch, This is a Life?, Scent-imental Over You, The Music Mice-tro, High Note, All in the Family - Super Bowl Sunday, Bell Hoppy, Rocket Squad, Quackodile Tears, Buddy's Adventure, Bartholomew vs. the Wheel

84. Night Court Tape #2 - Dan's Operation Parts 1+2, Contempt of Courting, The New Judge, Earthquake, Murder, Mama was a Rollin' Stone, Life with Buddy, If I were a Rich Man, For Love or Money, Attachments Included, Blue Suede Bull, Attack of the Mac Snacks, Auntie Maim, Can't Buy Me Love; Alone Again, Naturally

85. The Plot to Murder Hitler, Porky's Garden, Tortilla Flaps, Claws in the Lease, 3 Ring Wing Ding, Freeze Frame, Comedian John Joseph, Quack Shot, Captain Hareblower, Naughty but Mice, Funland, Whoa Be-Gone!, Mexican Boarders, Bosko's Picture Show, The Great Carrot Train Robbery, Porky the Fireman, The Prize Pest, The Mouse that Jack Built, The Simpsons - The Way We Was, Lucky Ducky, Magical Maestro, Who Killed Who?, The Cat that Hated People, Symphony in Slang, Little `Tinker, Bad Luck Blackie, Kiddin' the Kitten, A Star is Hatched, Duck Soup to Nuts, The Sheepish Wolf, Pettin' in the Park, A Message to Gracias, Catty Cornered, The Million Hare, Weasel Stop

86. Fawlty Towers - Communication Problems, The Anniversary, Basil the Rat, Erik the Viking, Daffy Duck's Quackbusters, One Ham's Family, Slap Happy Lion, Wild + Wolfy, Ventriloquist Cat, Big Heel-Watha, War Chronicles - North Africa: The Desert War, Shot and Bothered, The Bear's Tale, Trap Happy Porky, Hot Rod and Reel

87. Clownhouse, Cat-Tails for Two, Cannery Woe, Lumber Jerks, Gonzales Tamales; Here Today, Gone Tamale; Tabasco Road, Hare-Less Wolf, For Scent-imental Reasons, Yankee Doodle Bugs, Muzzle Tough, Catch as Cats Can, Soup or Sonic, Buddy the Gee Man, Porky the Rain-Maker, Bosko's Store, The Lone Stranger and Porky, Lars, Scatterbrain - Down with the Ship (Slight Return), Stop! Look! and Hasten!, The Honey Mousers, The Wacky Worm, Trial at Nuremberg, Paying the Piper, Yankee Doodle Daffy, The Bird Came COD, Mexican Mousepiece, Chicken Jitters, An Egg Scramble, Cats + Bruises, All Fowled Up, 14 Carrot Rabbit, The Hole Idea, Two Scents Worth, Who Scent You?, The Miller's Daughter, Fiesta Fiasco, A Peck O' Trouble, To Hare is Human, Go Fly a Kit

88. The Simpsons - Homer vs. Lisa + The 8th Commandment, Ain't Nature Grand, Feud with a Dude, Porky's Party, Bosko's Mechanical Man, The Film Fan, Pests for Guests, Devil's Feud Cake, Hippety Hopper, Heaven Scent, Trip for Tat, Bugs Bunny's Looney Christmas Tales, Faith No More - We Care Alot (Rio), Queensryche - I Don't Believe in Love (Rio) + Silent Lucidity (WP), Southern Fried Rabbit, Double or Mutton, Crockett-Doodle-Do, Sniffles and The Bookworm, China Jones, Box Car Blues, Scrambled Aches, The Brave Little Bat, The Road Warrior, Night Court - Branded Parts 1+2, False Hare, Beep Prepared, Patient Porky, Hogan's Heroes - Klink for the Defense, Big House Bunny, Rocket-Bye Baby, A Coy Decoy

89. Night Court - Billie's Valentine, The Simpsons - Principal Charming, Night of the Fox, KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken Training Tape, Hogan's Heroes - The Witness, Night Court - Passion Plundered, Bugs + Tweety Show Song, Mississippi Hare, My Little Duckeroo, Red Riding Hoodwinked, Heir Conditioned, Tweet Dreams, Night Court - Razing Bull

90. Steve Vai - For the Love of God, Faith No More - The Crab Song (Rio), Speedy Gonzales, Buddy Steps Out, Sugar and Spies, Touche and Go, Daffy Duck's Movie: Fantastic Island, The Simpsons - Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?, Hogan's Heroes - Rockets or Romance, Henry, SS Experiment Camp 2, Hare We Go, Little Beau Pepe, Hare-Breadth Hurry, Night Court - A Closer Look, A Street Cat Named Sylvester

91. WWII Tape #4 - Skinheads: The Second Coming of Hate, Hogan's Heroes - Look at the Pretty Snowflakes, The Fatal Attraction of Adolf Hitler, Hogan's Heroes - The Late Inspector General, The Flight of the Valkyrie, The Informer, Survival! - Blitz Over London, A Painful Reminder, Hogan's Heroes - The Prisoner's Prisoner, The KKKs New Image (3 Parts), Hidden Hate?

92. Night Court - The Blues of the Birth, Yakov's Dad, Iraqi Losers, Night Court - Hey Harry, F'Crying Out Loud - It is a Wonderful Life...Sorta, It's Just a Joke, The Fair Hared Hare, Homeless Hare, Canary Row, Bugs Bunny Constitution Ad, The Cure Unplugged, The Battle of Britain, SS Experiment Love Camp, Night Court - Welcome Back, Momma; The Simpsons - Bart's Dog Gets an F, Gabriel's Fire, Megadeth - Hanger 18, Motorhead - I'm So Bad (Baby I Don't Care) WP, W.A.S.P. - Blind in Texas

93. King's X - We are Finding who We are, Mariah Carey Squealing, Night Court - To Sleep, No More; Hogan's Heroes - Movies are Your Best Escape, Reunion in France, Hitler Speaks to 2 Million on May Day, Night Court - With a Little Help from My Friends, Night Court - Bull's Baby, The Simpsons - Itchy + Scratchy + Marge, Puppet Master II, Night Court - Christine and Mac, Pizzicato Pussycat, Louvre Come Back to Me, John Larroquette on Carson, Comparing Al + Homer Simpson

94. War Years - The Battle of Britain, Flatliners, Night Court - Nuts About Harry, Cartoon All Stars to the Rescue, Bugs Bunny's 3rd Movie: 1001 Rabbit Tales, Halloween with the Addams Family, Lumber Jack-Rabbit, Constitution Ad with Porky, Eight Ball Bunny

95. Night Court - Mac takes a Vocation, Night Court - Inside Harry Stone, Madhouse, Feed the Kitty, Hare Lift, Andrew Dice Clay on Different Strokes 1983, Night Court - Bull gets a Kid, David Lee Roth - Sensible Shoes, The Dictators: The Rise of Fascism, Brain Dead, The Simpsons - Old Money; Letterman's Top 10 Rejected Name List for KFC, A Broken Leghorn, Hot Cross Bunny, The Jet Cage, Tim Curry

96. Blood Salvage, Tesla - Modern Day Cowboy, Enigma - Sadeness Pt 1, Donnie Wahlberg - Arson Boy, Concert Security News Clip with Slayer, Rodney King Beating, The Godfathers - Unreal World, NIN - Head Like a Hole, The Cult - She Sells Sanctuary, Butthole Surfers - Hurdy Gurdy Man, Black Fox - The Rise and Fall of Adolf Hitler, Prelude to War, Night Court - The Gypsy, Night Court - Harry's 15 minutes, Night Court - Battling Bailiff, Johnny Bravo, Night Court - Walk, Don't Wheel; Foxy By Proxy, Hoppy Go Lucky

97. Rock `N' Roll High School, Dumb Patrol, Gift Wrapped, Night Court - World War III, Hogan's Heroes - The Flame Grows Higher, Night Court - Hello, Goodbye, Night Court - A Family Affair Parts 1+2, Hogan's Heroes - Request Permission to Escape, Hogan gives a Birthday Party, The Schultz Brigade, Mother was a Rooster, From Hare to Heir, Hoppy Daze, Bird in a Bonnet, Slayer - Seasons in the Abyss, Hogan's Heroes - Diamonds in the Rough, Night Court - Dad's First Date, Tweet Tweet Tweety

98. Night Court - Up on the Roof, Hogan's Heroes - Operation Briefcase, G.I. Diary - Over Germany 1943 + Ploesti, Night Court - Dan's Boss, Bugs Bunny's Overtures to Disaster, Night Court - Jail Bait, Night Court - Monkey Business, Hogan's Heroes - The Rise + Fall of Sergeant Schultz, Night Court - The Night Off, Sheep Ahoy, Too Hop to Handle, Hogan's Heroes - A Klink, A Bomb + A Short Fuse; Night Court - Could this be Magic?, Hogan's Heroes - Tanks for the Memory, Will the Real Hitler Stand Up?, Night Court - The Mugger, Hogan's Heroes - Don't Forget to Write

99. Gwar Live from Baltimore MD 4/8/88, Cleveland OH, City Gardens Trenton NJ 6/88, Oderus + Beefcake on the Joan Rivers Show, Live 91, Slayer Live 1991, The Simpsons - Lisa's Substitute, Crimes of the Century III, Mad as a Mars Hare

100. The Mortal Storm, Hogan's Heroes - The General Swap, Wild Over You, Sandy Claws, Night Court - Flo's Retirement, All in the Family 20th Anniversary Special, Hogan's Heroes - Information Please, Art for Hogan's Sake, Night Court - The Apartment, KZ Manager Game Ch. 11 News, Nazi Games on Ch.5, Hogan's Heroes - The Great Brinksmeyer Robbery, The Simpsons - War of the Simpsons, Hogan's Heroes - Praise the Fuhrer and Pass the Ammunition

101. Banned Warner Brothers Cartoons - Dr. Devil and Mr. Hare, Home Tweet Home, Sunday Go to Meetin' Time, Confederate Honey, All This and Rabbit Stew, Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips, Russian Rhapsody, Angel Puss, Goldilocks and The Jivin' Bears, Scrap Happy Daffy, The War Bond Rally Song, Coal Black and De Sebben Dwarfs, Pork y - Son of a Bitch, The Ducktators, Type O Negative Live at L'Amour Brooklyn NY 3/90, Lemmy Kilmiester, Metal Church - Date with Poverty, Motorhead - No Voices in the Sky (WP), Three Stooges - Idle Roomors, Sometimes They Come Back, Bugs Bunny's Mother's Day Special, John Larroquette on David Letterman, Hawaiian Aye Aye, Hare Trimmed

102. Night Court - Where there's a Will, There's a Tony Parts 1+2; The Simpsons - Three Men + A Comic Book, By Word of Mouse, The Simpsons - All the Short Films from The Tracy Ullman Show, Night Court - Prince of a Guy, Gwar Live from Washington DC 12/29/89, Sacrifice Your Sister to Gwar Contest, Gwar Invades a TV Studio, Time for Death, Hogan's Heroes - Reverend Kommandant Klink, The Most Escape Proof Prison I've Ever Escaped From, The Tower, Colonel Klink's Secret Weapon, The Simpsons - One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Bluefish; Hogan's Heroes - The Top Secret Top Coat, Wet Hare

103. Metallica Live from Middletown NY 7/14/89, Feather Bluster, Fool Coverage, Shishkabugs, A Mutt in a Rut, D' Fightin' Ones, A Pizza Tweety Pie, Tesla - Hang Tough, King Diamond - Welcome Home, Ralph Bakshi's Wizards, Night Court - Caught Red Handed, Guns N' Roses - Welcome to the Jungle (MTV Music Awards 88), Dog Gone Modern, Birth of a Notion, House Hunting Mice

104. Night Court - Her Honor (4 Parts), Berlin: From Kaiser to Khrushchev, The Three Stooges - All Gummed Up, Hogan's Heroes - Some of their Planes are Missing, D-Day at Stalag 13, Security Camera Killings, Eric Idle on Laverne + Shirley, Guns N' Roses Rockumentary, Child's Play, The Dover Boys, The Addams Family Goes to School, Hogan's Heroes - How to Win Friends and Influence Nazis, Jumpin' Jupiter

105. Child's Play 2, The Willies, The Addams Family - Morticia, The Psychiatrist; Hogan's Heroes - Nights in Shining Armor, The Addams Family - Fester's Punctured Romance, Dog Gone People, Half Fare Hare, Ain't She Tweet, Inhumanities 2, Bart + Homer - Deep, Deep Trouble; Daffy Duck Hunt, You Were Never Duckier, Dime to Retire, A Star is Bored

106. Re-Animator (Unrated), Really Scent, Odor of the Day, Much Ado About Nutting, The Cat's Bah, The Quacker Tracker, Dastardly + Mutley's High Flying Fun, Hogan's Heroes - Lebeau + the Little Old Lady, Droopy's Double Trouble, Little Orphan Airedale, The Addams Family - Gomez, The Politician; Hogan's Heroes - The Swing Shift, The Gay Anties, Faces of the Enemy, Cheers - Rebecca thinks Robin Really Loves Her (2 Parts)

107. The Naked Gun, Creepshow, The Terminator, The Sneezing Weasel, The Major Lied `Til Dawn, Rhapsody in Rivets, Hogan's Heroes - Get Fit or Go Fight, The Rattled Rooster, A Sunbonnet Blue; Run, Run Sweet Roadrunner

108. WWII Tape #5 - Angel of Death, Adolf Hitler, The Boys from Brazil, Art in the Third Reich: The Propaganda Machine, Hogan's Heroes - Hogan's Trucking Service...We Deliver the Factory to You, Sticky Wicket Newkirk, Duel of Honor

109. Brother Brat, Awful Orphan, The Pest that came to Dinner, Dog Collared, Hogan's Heroes - Two Nazis for the Price of One, Holiday for Shoestrings, The Addams Family - Uncle Fester's Illness, Heil Hitler! Confessions of a Hitler Youth, Hogan's Heroes - Is there a Doctor in the House?, Fright Before Christmas, Steal Wool, Talking with Suicidal Tendencies, Paris the Outraged City, David Letterman in a David Lee Roth Video, Michael Palin on Letterman 6/28/91, Hogan's Heroes - Axis Annie, Jimi Hendrix - Are You Experienced?, Prest-o Change-o, Have you got Any Castles?, Daredevil Droopy, The Three Little Pups, Senor Droopy, The Screwy Truant

110. Jacob's Ladder, Witness to the Holocaust: The Trial of Adolf Eichmann, The Flea Circus, Hound Hunters, Batty Baseball, T.V. of Tomorrow, The Twilight Zone - To Serve Man, Back There, The Mind and the Matter, Mirror Image, The Last Night of a Jockey, The Four of Us are Dying, Compressed Hare

111. Agnostic Front Live at Swindles 1986, Misfits Live from Dearborn Michigan 1983, All Abir-r-rd, The Twilight Zone - Nightmare at 20,000 Feet, Time Enough at Last, Nick of Time, The Invaders, The Bear and the Beavers, Fagin's Freshmen, Caballero Droopy, Hogan's Heroes - Clearance Sale at the Black Market, All in the Family - Lionel Moves in the Neighborhood, Hogan's Heroes - Klink vs. the Gonculator, How to Catch a Papa Bear, On the Road with Slayer, Motorhead - Ramones, Alice Cooper - Hey Stoopid, The Slap-Happy Mouse, Wholly Smoke, Sahara Hare, Danzig: Lucifuge Videos, The Simpsons - Blood Feud, Hogan's Heroes - The Missing Klink

112. Cartoon Tape #1 - Cross Country Detours, A Gander at Mother Goose, The Bug Parade, The Tree Surgeon, Saddle Silly, The Penguin Parade, Forward March Hare, Dr. Jerkyl's Hide, The Abominable Snow Rabbit, Dog Pounded, Lost + Foundling, The Cat's Tale, Dangerous Dan McFoo, Jerky Turkey, Piker's Peak, Fowl Feather, Boulder Wham!, Gone Batty, The Lyin' Mouse, Pigs in a Polka, Goofy Groceries, The Draft Horse, The Unbearable Bear, Bedtime for Sniffles, Mouse Menace, Wild and Woolly Hare, The Mice Will Play, Napoleon Bunny-part,
I Wanna be a Sailor, I'd Love to Take Orders from You, I Got Plenty of Mutton, Pigs is Pigs, Don't Look Now, Cellbound, Sniffles Bells the Cat, The Egg Collector, Country Mouse, The Crackpot Quail, Bunny and Claude, Chili Weather, The Fighting 69 1/2th, Little Rural Riding Hood, Hamateur Night, The Squawkin' Hawk, The Fella with a Fiddle, Streamlined Greta Green, The Bear + The Bean, Dog Gone Cats, Honey's Money, Porky's Naughty Nephew, Tree Cornered Tweety, Lights Fantastic

113. Ministry In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up (Live), Samhain Live, Hogan's Heroes - Will The Blue Baron Strike Again?, Everyone has a Brother-in-Law, Kirk Hammett + Metal Church, Suicidal Tendencies - Alone, Hogan's Heroes - Never Play Cards with Strangers, Creepshow 2, Hogan's Heroes - Who Stole My Copy of Mein Kampf ?, Watch the Trains Go By, 3rd Bass - Pop Goes the Weasel, Hogan's Heroes - To The Gestapo with Love

114. Beetlejuice Tape - Beetlejuice, Critter Sitters, The Big Face Off, Skeletons in the Closet, Worm Welcome, Out of My Mind, A Dandy Handy Man, Pest O' the West, Stage Fright, Spooky Tree, Laugh of the Party, Campfire Ghouls, Prince of the Neitherworld, It's the Pits, Quit While Your A Head, Bad Neighbor Beetlejuice, Ghost to Ghost, Two Heads are Better than None

115. Stephen King's Golden Years (both endings)

116. Escape from New York, Racism Points of View, The Outer Limits - The Galaxy Being, The Architects of Fear; Cold Hands, Warm Heart; The Sixth Finger, Hogan's Heroes - The Purchasing Plan, Foney Fables, Little Red Walking Hood, Millionaire Droopy

117. The Outer Limits - The Man who was Never Born, The Zanti Misfits, Tourist Attraction, The Mutant, The 100 Days of the Dragon, Hogan's Heroes - The Big Dish, Metallica - Enter Sandman, Armored Saint - Reign of Fire, Megadeth - Go to Hell (WP), Guns N'Roses - You Could Be Mine, Hogan's Heroes - Happy Birthday, Dear Hogan; Hogan Goes Hollywood, The Three Stooges - Boobs in Arms, Hogan's Heroes - The Gasoline War

118. Hogan's Heroes - The Kommandant Dies at Dawn, SNL Women's Problems, Hogan's Heroes - The Big Picture, The Big Gamble, The Defector, The Empty Parachute, The Antique, Big Top Pee-Wee, Night Court - The Last Temptation of Mac, R. Bud Dwyer Suicide, Hogan's Heroes - At Last-Schultz Knows Something, The Brady Bunch - Keep on Doin' It, The Peachy Cobbler, The Night Watchman, Cheers - Fraiser + Candi, Hogan's Heroes - How's the Weather?, The Unmentionables, Cheers - Norm Doesn't Get Promoted, Hogan's Heroes - Gowns by Yvette

119. The Sour Puss, Sittin' on a Backyard Fence, Mouse and Garden, The Right Side of My Brain, Cheers - The Opera, Congo Jazz, A Waggily Tale, Going! Going! Gosh!, Lickety Splat, The Howling, Sleeping with the Enemy, Porky's Movie Mystery, Rhythm in the Bow, Naughty Neighbors, Hogan's Heroes - The Sergeant's Analyst, Tweet Zoo, Wideo Wabbit, Don't Give Up the Sheep, Wacky Wildlife, Porky's Romance, The Stupor Salesman, Easy Peckin's

120. Hogan's Heroes - The Merry Widow, Angel Heart (Unrated), The Bee-Deviled Bruin, Grin and Share It, Hollywood Capers, Hogan's Heroes - Crittendon's Commandos, Sock a Doodle Do, A Horsefly Fleas, Hare-Way to the Stars, Powermad - Terminator, Leeway - Kingpin, There Auto be a Law, How Do I Know it's Sunday?, Hogan's Heroes - The Battle of Stalag 13, The Impossible Possum, Fruedy Cat, The Lion's Busy, Hobo Gadget Band, Henpecked Hoboes, Toy Trouble, The Hills Have Eyes

121. The Last House on the Left, Porky in Wackyland, Mixed Master, The Slick Chick, Apes of Wrath, Puss N' Booty, Little Brother Brat, Sioux Me, Porky in Egypt, Rover's Rival, MTV Video Music Awards 1991 - Metallica - Enter Sandman, Guns N' Roses - Live + Let Die, Pee Wee Herman, Malibu Beach Party, Holiday Highlights, Pest in the West, Clippety Clobbered, Evil Dead, A Cartoon's Nightmare; We, the Animals Squeak!, Evil Dead II, Tired and Feathered

122. Hogan's Heroes - The Gestapo Takeover, Night Court - Come Back to the Five And Dime Stephen King, Stephen King; Old Mother Hubbard w/Droopy, The High and The Flighty, Two's A Crowd, Fistic Mystic, An American Werewolf in London, Mexican Joyride, Hogan's Heroes - Happiness is a Warm Sergeant, The Great Impersonation, Beetlejuice - Back to School Ghoul, Metallica Monsters of Rock Footage 1988, Beetlejuice - How Green is My Gallery

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124. I Spit on Your Grave, The First Late Night with David Letterman 2/1/82, Beetlejuice - Poultrygeist, Night Court - A Day in the Life, The Second Letterman 2/2/82, The Third Letterman 2/3/82 with Terry Gilliam, Dough Ray Me-ow, Beetlejuice - Recipe for Disaster, The Simpsons - When Flanders Failed, Weasel While You Work, Beetlejuice - The Unnatural, Farm Frolics, Taz-Mania - Dog the Turtle Story

125. Santa Sangre, Fourth David Letterman 2/4/82 w/First Stupid Pet Tricks, Two Magnavox Ads w/John Cleese, Dinosaur Jr. - Just Like Heaven, Amok Assault Video, The Lords of the New Church - Open Your Eyes, Metallica on Rockline 10/8/91, David Letterman 12/29/82 with Natassjia Kinski, Crazy Cruise, Zoom at the Top, Beetlejuice - Beetle Bones, Richard Moll at the Improv, Association for Retarded Citizens (ARC) Ad - I Sort Glass, Stork Naked, Beetlejuice - Mr. Beetlejuice Goes to Town

126. Mantis in Lace, The Simpsons - Bart the Murderer, David Letterman `84 w/Eddie Murphy, Beetlejuice - Ear's Looking at You, Taz-Mania - A Devil of a Job, David Letterman 1/24/85, A Sheep in the Deep, Jeepers Creepers, Terry Gilliam on The Big Picture, Beetlejuice - Fast Food, Goggle Fishing Bear, Yankee Dood It, Beetlejuice - Caddy Shock, Amos & Andy Volume 11, The Simpsons - Homer Defined, The Iceman Ducketh

127. Friday the 13th, Beetlejuice - Brinkadoom, Of Rice and Hen, Beetlejuice - Raging Skull, Night Court - Death of a Bailiff, Johnny Smith and Poker-Huntas, Discover the World with Bugs Bunny - The Grand Canyon + The Oceans, Guns N'Roses - Don't Cry (Original), The Desert Fox - The Story of Rommel, Strangled Eggs, Riff Raffy Daffy, Beetlejuice - Ghoul of My Dreams, The Simpsons-Like Father, Like Klown; Beetlejuice - Creepy Cookies, Night Court - Santa on the Lamb, Discover the World with Bugs Bunny - Mountain Trivia Game

128. Cross of Iron, Taz-Mania - It's No Picnic + Kee Wee ala King, Hogan's Heroes - Anchors Aweigh, Men of Stalag 13 + The Gold Rush, The Simpsons - Treehouse of Horror II, Beetlejuice - Oh, Brother! + Gold Rush Fever, Hogan's Heroes - Hello, Zolle; Night Court - I'm OK, You're Catatonic/Schizophrenic; Discover the World with Bugs Bunny - New Zealand, Taz-Mania - Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty + Enter the Devil, Night Court - Chrizzi's Honor, Beetlejuice - The Sappiest Place on Earth

129. Meet The Applegates, Hogan's Heroes - The Safecracker Suite, Beetlejuice - Relatively Pesty, Night Court - Another Day in the Life, David Letterman - 9/7/89, The War Years - September 1939, First Flights - Testing Under Fire, The Simpsons - Lisa's Pony, Beetlejuice - Moby Richard, Discover the World with Bugs Bunny - Mesopotamia, Tiger Bugs Bunny Ad, McDonalds Looney Tunes Ad, The Univited Pest

130. Beetlejuice - Generally Hysterical Hospital, Night Court - Top Judge, Beetlejuice - You're History + Substitute Creature, Hogan's Heroes - The Hostage, Late Night with David Letterman 10/7/82, Beetlejuice - Highs-Ghoul Confidential, Our Century - Battle of Britain, Beetlejuice - Don't Beetlejuice and Drive, The Simpsons - Saturdays of Thunder, Curious Puppy, House on Haunted Hill, Beetlejuice - The Sappiest Place on Earth, Two Super Looney Tunes Ads, Hairied and Hurried, West of the Pesos

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132. Caligula (X), Memories of M*A*S*H, M*A*S*H Bloopers, M*A*S*H Favorites Alan Alda - Dear Sigmund, Loretta Swit - Hot Lips and Empty Arms, Jamie Farr-Big Mac, Mike Farrell - War Co-Respondent, The Outer Limits - I, Robot; Tugboat Granny, A Scent of the Matterhorn

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136. Clambake, The Simpsons - Radio Bart, Paradise-Hawaiian Style, Girls! Girls! Girls!, All in the Family - The Hot Watch, Hogan's Heroes - War Takes a Holiday, Discover w/Bugs Bunny - The Continents, Nirvana on Saturday Night Live 1992 - Smells Like Teen Spirit, Ren + Stimpy - The Boy Who Cried Rat!, Terrier Stricken

137. Silence of the Lambs, F/X, One Night with Dice, Hogan's Heroes - How to Escape from a Prison Camp without Really Trying, Beetlejuice - Sore Feet, The Simpsons - Lisa the Greek, In Living Color - Superbowl Halftime Party Live 1/26/92, In Living Color - 33: Super Fly 7U20 w/The Simpsons Last Butterfinger Ad

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139. The Elvis Conspiracy, Fun in Acapulco, Misery, Weird Cartoons Vol. 1, In Living Color, Metallica - Nothing Else Matters

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141. Terminator 2, Heavy Petting, Flowers in the Attic, The Addams Family Tree, MTV Wayne's World Special, Hogan's Heroes - Operation Hannibal, In Living Color - 43: Green Eggs and The Guvment Cheese 8U04

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145. Love Me Tender, Beetlejuice - A Star is Bored + To Beetle or Not to Beetle, War in the Sky, The Simpsons - Dog of Death, What About Bob?, Hogan's Heroes - Is there a Traitor in the House?, Hammerman Theme, Trick or Tweet

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150. Eaten Alive, Beetlejuice - Goody Two Shoes, I Witness Video - Man Beats up his gay Neighbor, Beetlejuice - Family Scarerooms, The Simpsons - Black Widower, Hogan's Heroes - Clearance Sale at the Black Market, The Addams Family - Uncle Fester, Tycoon; Code 3, Hogan's Heroes - Eight O' Clock and All is Well, The Big Record, It's Dynamite, Beetlejuice - Rotten Sports, Hogan's Heroes - Operation Tiger

151. Malcolm McDowell Tape #2 - Gulag, Sunset, Merlin and The Sword, Bugs Bunny's Easter Funnies, I Was a Teenage Thumb

152. Christian Movie Tape - Turmoil in the Toybox, Hells Bells, Image of the Beast, King's X on Headbangers Ball 1992

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155. Flaming Star, The People Under the Stairs, The Addams Family - Addams Cum Laude, Jailhouse Rock, Hogan's Heroes - The Prince from the Phone Company, The Addams Family - Ophelia's Career, In Living Color - 64: Wanda On The Dating Game 8U25

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157. The Final Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, The Addams Family 1970s Cartoons - Ghost Town, Addams Go West, Follow that Loaf of Bread, The Fastest Creepy Camper in the West, Left in the Lurch, The Mardi Gras Story, Aloha Hoolamagoola, Suspiria, The Cure on 120 Minutes 1992 w/High + Friday I'm in Love, Spinal Tap - The Majesty of Rock, Buddy's Showboat, Daffy Flies North, What's My Lion?, Each Dawn I Crow, Buddy the Detective

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Soup or Sonic, Those Were Wonderful Days, Lighthouse Mouse, Hip Hip Hurry! Bosko the Drawback

159. Malcolm McDowell Tape #3 - Long Ago Tomorrow, Moon 44, Class of 1999, The Simpsons - Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes?, Ren + Stimpy - In the Army, Motorhead - Hellraiser, Ministry - NWO, Nirvana - Lithium, Pinhead + Andrew Dice Clay on MTV Awards 1992, The Cure - A Letter to Elise, School House Rock - Interjections, Metallica - Sad But True

160. Go Go Amigo, Bosko and Bruno, Zoom and Bored, Mucho Locos, Flying Circus, Don't Axe Me, Elvis Aloha from Hawaii, Elvis 1968 Comeback Special, Mouse-Placed Kitten, Shake Your Powder Puff, It's Nice to Have a Mouse Around the House, Banty Raids, In Living Color - 54: Grim Reaper 8U15, Bosko in Person, A Ham in a Role, Porky's Picnic, Porky's Poor Fish, Swallow the Leader, Porky's Tire Trouble, Pre-Historic Porky, Beetlejuice - Mom's Best Friend, Buddy's Beer Garden, Bosko at the Beach, Daffy's Diner, Polar Pals, The Chocolate Chase, Wild About Hurry, Porky's Poppa, Code 3 - Ferris Wheel, Nirvana - Lithium, Danzig - Dirty Black Summer, Faith No More - Midlife Crisis + Interview Live Hangin' with MTV

161. Cape Fear (1991), Faith No More - A Small Victory + Caffeine Live on MTV, Cool Cat, Naked Lunch, The History of the SS, Crazy about Elvis

162. Elvis The Movie, The Pit and the Pendulum, Tickle Me, The Addams Family 90s - Happyester Fester, Geraldo vs. the KKK, Ren + Stimpy - Nurse Stimpy

163. Basketcase 3, Viva Las Vegas, Psycho IV, Night Court - The Talk Show, In Living Color - 71: Rodney King and Reginald Deny Speak Out 9U01, The Addams Family 90s Cartoon - The Day Gomez Failed, Night Court - Melvin and Harold, Merrie Melodies + Bugs and Tweety Songs, War and Pieces, School House Rock - Counting by Five's, Ren + Stimpy - Ren's Toothache

164. UHF, Kindergarten Cop, Swing Under the Swastika, The Simpsons - Kamp Krusty, In Living Color - 73: Mr. and Mrs. Brooks 9U03

165. Elvis Presley Tape - Speedway, Spinout, Girl Happy, Harum Scarum

166. Mystery Date, Flight of Black Angel, Firefox, Bugs Bunny's Bustin' Out All Over, Ramones on Jay Leno - I Wanna Be Sedated, In Living Color - 74: Black People Awards 9U04 (2)

167. Faces of Death IV, Monty Python - Salad Days, Howard Stern's Negligee and Underwear Party, Monty Python - Oh, You're No Fun Anymore; Whither Canada? The Simpsons - Homer the Heretic, Monty Python - The BBC Entry for The Zinc Stoat of Budapest, Ren + Stimpy - Rubber Nipple Salesmen, The Addams Family 90s - Festerman, Art to Art, School House Rock - I'm Only a Bill

168. Ripping Yarns - Roger of the Raj, Murder at Moorstones Manor, Across the Andes By Frog, The Addams Family 90s - N.J. Addams, The Enemy, Drop Dead Fred, The Simpsons - Lisa the Beauty Queen, The Gilligan's Island Pilot, Howard Stern's Tribute to Breasts, In Living Color - 74: Black People Awards 9U04 (1)

169. The Church, The Hand that Rocks the Cradle, Heavy Metal (1981), The Addams Family 90s - Sir Pugsley, The Simpsons - Treehouse of Horror III, Howard Stern on David Letterman 10/28/92, The Simpsons - Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie, In Living Color - 69: Men On Football 8U29

170. Malcolm McDowell Tape #4 - Britannia Hospital, Look Back in Anger, if...., Wings of the Luftwaffe

171. Elvis Presley Tape #2 - Frankie and Johnny, It Happened at the World's Fair, One Night with You, Follow that Dream

172. Blowout, Heartstoppers, The Simpsons - Marge Gets a Job, Richard Moll, Sightings - Evil, The Addams Family 90s - F.T.V., Exercise Your Choppers Ad, Fish and Slips, School House Rock! - Energy, Ren + Stimpy - Sven Hoek, Big Breasts, The New Wall of Hate, Caligula Reincarnated as Hitler, The Simpsons - New Kid on the Block

173. Howard Stern's Butt Bongo Fiesta, The Addams Family 90s - Itt's Over, School House Rock! - Multiplying By 2's, Touch the Sky, The Simpsons - Mr. Plow, Blazing Saddles, The Addams Family 90s - Hide and Go Lurch; Hook, Line and Stinkers; + A Sword Fighting Thing, Guided Muscle, School House Rock! - The Nervous System, Ren + Stimpy - Haunted House, Mad Dog Hoek, Stephen King on the Whoopi Show

174. The Arctic Warriors, David Duke Speech March 1988, Copycat, Nirvana - In Bloom, NIN - Down in it, Ramones Talking + Strength to Endure, Helmet - Give it, Sleepwalkers, Metallica Concert for Life, Gilligan's Island - The Mosquitoes, The Addams Family 90s - Little Big Thing, Metamorphosister

175. Fly with the Thunderbirds/Naval Aviation and it's Angels, Threshold, The Simpsons - Lisa's First Word, 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Addams Family 90s - Little Bad Riding Hood, School House Rock! - The Shot Heard Round the World, Code 3 - Small Plane Crash, What Stephen King is Doing Right Now, I Witness Video w/Attacking Birds, School House Rock! Grammar + Science, You're a Sap, Mr. Jap; Jasper's in a Jam

176. Paris 1989, Wings of Victory, The World's Aerobatic Teams, Jackie the Jokeman A Safe Distance from Genius, Amos & Andy - Rassling Match, Lion Tamer, Plane Dumb, Jungle Jitters, Japoteurs

177. Starblazers Tape #1 - The Beginning: The Quest for Iscandar 1-18

178. Starblazers Tape #2 - The Beginning 19-26, The Comet Empire 1-10

179. Starblazers Tape #3 - The Comet Empire 11-26, The Bolar Wars 1+2

180. Starblazers Tape #4 - The Bolar Wars 3-19

181. Starblazers Tape #5 - The Bolar Wars 20-25, Robotech - The Macross Saga 1-15

182. Robotech - The Macross Saga 16-36

183. Cut-Throat Kommandos, Horror Hotel, The Definitive Dali-A Lifetime Retrospective, Who Reamed Rosie Rabbit?, A Wish for Wings that Work, The Daffy Doc, Daffy Rents, Calling Dr. Porky, Porky's Pastry Pirates, Porky's Cafe, Porky's Baseball Broadcast, Porky's Building, F Troop Theme

184. Military Aviation Video Report Volume 1: 1-4 + Volume 2: 1+2

185. Transmutations, Mad Monster Party?, Bo Gritz Speech 5/11/90, The Simpsons - A Streetcar Named Marge, The Twilight Zone - Two

186. Bo Gritz - The Healing of America, In Living Color - 35: Arsenio Hall Of Justice 7U23, The Twilight Zone -The Dummy, A Spinal Tap Reunion, The Twilight Zone - The Monsters are Due on Maple Street, Penn + Teller New Years Eve 1992, The Twilight Zone - What You Need, Nervous Man in a Four Dollar Room, Nothing in the Dark, It's a Good Life, Twenty-Two, A Stop at Willoughby

187. King's X Live in San Jose CA 3/14/91, The Twilight Zone -The Last Rights of Jeff Myrtlebank, A Thing About Machines, The Long Morrow, Stopover in a Quiet Town, The Silence, Shadowplay, Night Call, After Hours, The Hitch-hiker, Number Twelve Looks Just Like You, The Lateness of the Hour, Steel, Long Distance Call, The Little People

188. The Twilight Zone - The Living Doll, People are Alike All Over, A Penny for Your Thoughts, The Lonely, Nekromantic 2, Nosferatu, The Twilight Zone - The Odyssey Flight 33, The Outer Limits - ZZZZZ, Elvis USA

189. The Outer Limits Tape - Second Chance, The Invisible Enemy, Keeper of the Purple Twilight, The Invisibles, The Forms of Things Unknown, O.B.I.T., Henry Rollins on Prime Suspects, No Parking Hare, Andrew Dice Clay on Rodney Dangerfield's 7th Annual Young Comedians Special, The Twilight Zone - Dust, Stupor Duck

190. The Exorcist I, II, III, The Simpsons - Marge vs. The Monorail, Twilight Zone - Mr. Beavis

191. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre I+II, Phantasm, The Twilight Zone - I Shot an Arrow in the Air, The Addams Family 90s - A Thing is Born, Choke and Dagger, Fester's Diary, In Living Color- 84: Capital Hillbillies 9U13, The Simpsons In the Dark Butterfinger Ad, You Bet Your Career, The Twilight Zone - Mr. Dingle, The Strong; Metallica - Wherever I May Roam (AMA 93), School House Rock! - Kings, Preamble, FW

192. Jezebel's Kiss, Maximum Overdrive, Gargoyles, Selling Murder, Night Court - Bringing Down Baby, Dan Quaylisms, The Simpsons - Homer's Triple Bypass, School House Rock! - Elbow Room, Mother Necessity, Sufferin' till Suffrage, The Great Melting Pot

193. Children of the Corn, The Prince of Darkness, Ghidrah the Three Headed Monster, Inhumanities, The Addams Family 90s - At Sea

194. A Year and a Half in the Life of Metallica, The Black Sabbath Story Part 1, The Worst of Faces of Death, The Addams Family 90s - At the Kentucky Derby, School House Rock! - Three is a Magic Number, Four Legged Zoo, I've Got Six

195. King Kong vs. Godzilla, Mysteries of the Unknown: Witches, Tales from the Darkside: The Movie, Night of the Living Dead, End Your Dirty Black Summer with Danzig on Headbanger's Ball, Swaggart, School House Rock! - Lucky Seven Sampson + 8, 9, 0

196. Malcolm McDowell Tape #5 - Disturbed, Buy + Cell, Get Crazy, The Addams Family 90s - The Roller Derby Story, Bugs Bunny's Easter Funnies, Daffy Duck's Easter Egg-citement

197. The Caller, I Am Not a Freak, Bride of the Re-Animator, Robotech - Clash of the Bionoids, In Living Color - 78: Homey and Son 9U06, The Twilight Zone - Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up? Kit for Cat, Save the Big Chicken

198. Apocalypse Now, Shadow World, Mondo Violence, The Twilight Zone - Probe 7, Over and Out; A Quality of Mercy, The Face of Hate

199. Stephen King Tape - Tales from the Darkside - The Word Processor of the Gods + Sorry, Right Number; The New Twilight Zone - Gramma, Cujo, Salem's Lot: The Movie

200. Voltus 5, Christine, Firestarter, The Simpsons - Brother from the Same Planet, In Living Color - 9: Introducing...Homey D. Clown 7H09, In Living Color - 85: The Info Group 9U14

201. Alien, Aliens, Alien 3

202. Rosemary's Baby, The Fly, Death Scenes, The Making of Alien 3, The Simpsons - I Love Lisa, Code 3 - Flooding

203. Silver Bullet, Macron 1 Vol. 1+4, Martin w/David Alan Grier, In Living Color - Valentine's Day Show, Jeffrey Dahmer Interview, Code 3 - Hurricanes

204. Pole to Pole with Michael Palin (8 Parts)

205. The Thing, Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster, The Twilight Zone - Four O' Clock, In Living Color - 9U15, Videodrome, The Simpsons - Duffless, Martin + Gina get Back Together, In Living Color - 10: Vera DeMilo 7H10

206. Death Faces, The Changeling, The Howard Stern "Interview" - Bon Jovi + Donald Trump, Amy Fisher: The Musical, In Living Color - The Best of Men on Film, Howard Stern 1-800-MD-Death, Hitler The Lost Chapter, The Howard Stern "Interview" - James Brown, The Inside Word with Robin Quivers, Rodney King Beating, David Koresch Singing, Benny Hinn, Code 3 - Earthquakes

207. Robin Quivers on Scattergories, Candyman, Playboy's Celebrity Centerfold with Jessica Hahn, The Compleat Beatles, Hogan's Heroes - The Pizza Parlor

208. The Howard Stern "Interview" - Patti Smyth + Geraldo, In Living Color - 89: Duke and Cornbread Turner 9U18, The Making of Apocalypse Now, The Simpsons - Last Exit to Springfield, The Howard Stern "Interview" - Zsa Zsa Gabor, In Living Color - IU09, Hogan's Heroes - Happy Birthday, Adolf; Clive Barker on Livin' in the 90s, The Howard Stern "Interview" - Grace Slick, Gary Shandling + Jason Priestley, The Twilight Zone - The Purple Testament, Russ Beeler, Hogan's Heroes - The 43rd, A Moving Story; The Twilight Zone - A Short Drink from a Certain Fountain

209. Around the World in 80 Days with Michael Palin (7 Parts)

210. Hogan's Heroes - The Psychic Kommandant, The Howard Stern "Interview" - Richard Marx, Tom Jones, Howard Stern Impersonator, Joan Rivers, The Twilight Zone - Walking Distance, The Magic of David Copperfield XV, Metropolis, The Simpsons - So it's come to this: A Simpsons Clips Show, Code 3 - Landing Gear Failure, The Howard Stern "Interview" - Dick Cavett, There They Go-Go-Go, The Addams Family 90s - Pugsley by the Numbers, Beware of Thing, The Howard Stern "Interview" - Suzanne Vega, Inside Word with David Alan Grier, Ren + Stimpy - Out West

211. Ren + Stimpy - Big Baby Scam, Dog Show, Son of Stimpy, Howard Stern Impersonator Elon Gold in Alaska Mtv 93, Howard Stern E! Interview promo, Monsters! Mysteries or Myths?, The Simpsons - The Front, Eddie Murphy - Whatzupwithyou, In Living Color - 26: Johnny Abdul 7U13, Degenerate Art, Basic Instinct, Hogan's Heroes - Hogan Springs, Day One - Jeffery Dahmer

212. The Light in the Jungle, The Howard Stern "Interview" - Robin Leach, Memory of the Camps, Crimes of War, Penn + Teller's Cruel Tricks for Dear Friends, Monty Python - Anything Goes-The Light Entertainment War, The Howard Stern "Interview" - Flavor Flav, The Simpsons - Whacking Day, Howard Stern on MTV Awards 9/10/92, World Crisis with Mr. Horse

213. The Longest Hatred, Animal Instincts, Night Court - Looking for Mr. Shannon, Code 3 - High Risk Sports

214. Salem's Lot: The Mini Series, The Simpsons - Marge in Chains, The Great Dictator, The Simpsons - Krusty gets Kancelled

215. In Living Color - Movie Parody Special, Sightings - Epidemic of Evil 2/5/93, The Tommyknockers, Exorcism on 20/20, Strange Stuff, An Inside View of Howard Stern, Ch. 2 Howard Stern Update, Bradymania: A Very Brady Bunch Special, Ren + Stimpy - Monkey See, Monkey Don't; Powdered Toast Man, The Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen

216. Barbarella, Cheers Last Call, Talk Live with Robin Quivers and Jessica Hahn, The Howard Stern "Interview" - Maury Povich, The Tonight Show Live with Jay Leno and the Drunk Cheers Cast, Hogan's Heroes - Funny Thing Happened on the Way to London, Cheers - Harry "The Hat" Anderson, Monstervision

217. Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth, Ren + Stimpy - A Visit to Anthony, Sins of Desire, Hogan's Heroes - An Evening of Generals, Everybody Loves a Snowman + The Hostage, The Twilight Zone - The Jeopardy Room, Ren + Stimpy - Fake Dad, Out West, Outer Limits - Demon with a Glass Hand

218. The Star Wars Trilogy - THX Widescreen

219. The Howard Stern "Interview" - Chuck Norris, Mad Max, Hate Rock, Monty Python - Hamlet, The Twilight Zone - The Fear, Hogan's Heroes - Hogan, Go Home; The Twilight Zone - Escape Clause, Son of Godzilla, The Howard Stern "Interview" - Willie Nelson, Monty Python - The British Royal Awards Program, Ren + Stimpy - Stimpy's Fan Club

220. Billy the Kid vs. Dracula, Honey Bloopers, The Twilight Zone - The Gift, Hogan's Heroes - What Time Does the Balloon Go Up?, The Twilight Zone - The Mighty Casey, Hogan's Heroes - The Collector General, Geraldo intro for Howard, From Star Wars to Jedi: The Making of a Saga, The Howard Stern "Interview" - Moon Unit + Frank Zappa, Ren + Stimpy - The Great Outdoors, The Cat that Laid the Golden Hairball, The Twilight Zone - A Most Unusual Camera, A Nice Place to Visit, Andrew Dice Clay No Apologies Pay Per View Ad w/Dice Boxing, Greg Kinnear on Talk Soup, Simpsons Butterfinger Ad - in the dark

221. Animation Tape #1 - Light Years, Fire and Ice, Vampire Hunter D, The Humanoid, Dog Soldier -Shadows of the Past, Bugs Bunny All American Hero, Family Dog - Dog Gone Girl is Mine

222. Magic, Platoon, The Twilight Zone - The Shelter, Elegy, Kick the Can, Five Characters in Search of an Exit, Death Ship, Howard Stern on the Late Show with David Letterman 1993

223. The Twilight Zone Tape - In His Image, Long Live Walter Jameson, The New Exhibit, Printer's Devil, Caesar and Me, The Fugitive, Execution, I Sing the Body Electric, Ring-a-Ding Girl, The Jungle, Dead Man's Shoes, Person or Persons Unknown, A Piano in the House, The Prime Mover

224. The Twilight Zone - Black Leather Jackets, All in the Family - Success Story, Archie in the Lock-up, Ren + Stimpy - Mr. Horse Returns, Andrew Dice Clay - No Apologies! Ren + Stimpy Uncensored - Big House Blues, Man's Best Friend, Sven Hoek, Powdered Toast Man (PP), Out West, In the Army, Dog Show, Powdered Toast Man, Rubber Nipple Salesmen, Ask Dr. Stupid, Uncensored Morton Downey Jr., The Howard Stern Channel 9 Show Uncensored w/Cheech + Chong Xmas Show

225. The Howard Stern "Interview" - Kiss, The New Twilight Zone - What are Friends For?, John Astin on the Partridge Family, Rob Reiner on the Partridge Family, All in the Family - Flashback-Mike Meets Archie, The Twilight Zone - The Obsolete Man, All in the Family - Archie's Secret Passion, Election Story, Mike's Problem, The Baby Contest, Blushing Bloopers, All in the Family - The Insurance is Canceled, The Howard Stern "Interview" - Don King, Fabio, All in the Family - Archie Gives Blood, The Twilight Zone - Judgment Night, Talk Soup w/G.G. Allin

226. All in the Family Tape #1 - Gloria has a Belly Full, Cousin Maude's Visit, Mike's Mysterious Son, Edith has Jury Duty, Christmas Day at the Bunkers, The Joys of Sex (S), Edith's Problem, The First and Last Supper (S), The Saga of Cousin Oscar, Archie Sees a Mugging, Archie's Grand Opening (S), Edith gets a Mink, Mike and Gloria Meet, Edith the Judge, Maude, Archie and the Editorial, Archie's Fraud, The Four Intros + Outros

227. All in the Family - Elevator Story, Lifeboat, Jason and the Argonauts, The Twilight Zone - The Last Flight, Inside Out, Andrew Dice Clay on the Whoopi Goldberg Talk Show

228. WWII: The Propaganda Battle, The Tin Drum, That Summer of White Roses, Cops In Fort Worth TX 7 #532, Ren + Stimpy - Big House Blues (Cut), King Diamond on Headbanger's Ball, Mercyful Fate - Egypt, Danzig - It's Coming Down

229. Stanley Kubrick Tape #1 - Barry Lyndon + Spartacus

230. Society, Gall Force-Eternal Story, Crystal Triangle, Fantastic Planet, Cops In Minneapolis MN 4 - Home Front, Rocking on Different Strokes, Frontline - Street Racing

231. Dawn of the Dead, Army of Darkness, Dayton Air Show 1993, The Enemy Wind, The Dark Days of August, Cops In Fort Worth TX 8 #532?, Strangled Interview, Leon Askin on Happy Days, The Howard Stern "Interview" - Andrew Dice Clay

232. Stanley Kubrick Tape #2 - Paths of Glory, Lolita, Dr. Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, Cops In Las Vegas NV 1, Cops In New Jersey 317

233. All in the Family Tape #2 - Gloria and the Riddle, The Dinner Guest, Lionel Steps Out, The Stivics Go West, Little Miss Bunker, The Locket, Edith Flips Her Wig, The Man in the Street, Mike Come into Money, Sammy's Visit, Edith's Winning Ticket, Archie's other Wife (S), Archie and the Bowling Team, Archie in the Hospital, Archie is Branded, Archie and the Kiss, Oh Say Can You See, A Night at the P.T.A., Archie goes to Far, Edith Writes a Song, Class Reunion, Lionel the Live-in, Aunt Iola's Visit, Everybody Tells the Truth

234. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Cops In Las Vegas #313, Cops In New Jersey 319, Phantasm 2, Cops In Phoenix AZ 1, The Howard Stern "Interview" - Janice Ian

235. Day of the Dead, Cops In New Jersey 320, Top Secret TV, Cops In Pittsburgh PA 1, The Howard Stern "Interview" - Mario Van Peebles, The Twilight Zone - The Whole Truth, Radio Flyer, Cops In Tampa FL 1, Cops In San Bernardino CA 1

236. Hitler (1962), Mo' Money, Cops In Phoenix AZ 2, Air America, Vasteel Turbo Grafx-16 Ending, The Howard Stern "Interview" - Boy George, Cops In Tucson AZ 1

237. Airplane!, Airplane II: The Sequel, The Adventures of Ford Fairlane, The Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear, Cops In Pierce Co. WA 1

238. Bruce Lee Tape #1 - Fists of Fury, Enter the Dragon, Game of Death, The Real Bruce Lee

239. Well Worn Daffy, Africa Squeaks, Pumping Iron, The Search for Mengele, The Howard Stern "Interview" - Penn + Teller, The Jerk, Cops In Phoenix AZ 3, The Howard Stern "Interview" - Willie Nelson, Melissa Gilbert; Smile, Darn Ya, Smile; Shuffle off to Buffalo, Page Miss Glory, Speaking of the Weather, Katnip Kollege, I Haven't got a Hat, Cinderella Meets Fella

240. The Chinese Connection, Bruce Lee The Legend, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, Bugs Bunny's Mad World of Television, How Bugs Won the West, The Bugs Bunny Mystery Special

241. Arnold Schwarzenegger Tape #1 - Red Heat, Raw Deal, Commando, Bugs Bunny's Wild World of Sports, Cops In Pittsburgh PA 2, Cops In Nashville TN 1, NIN - March of the Pigs (WP), Tripping Daisy - Blown Away, 4NY Ad

242. Arnold Schwarzenegger Tape #2 - Conan Trilogy - The Barbarian, The Destroyer + Red Sonja, The Howard Stern "Interview" - Phil Hartman, Cops In Denver CO 1

243. Arnold Schwarzenegger Tape #3 - Party in Rio, Predator, The Abominable Dr. Phibes, Stay Hungry, Cops In Fort Worth TX 3 #528, Cops In Nashville TN 2

244. Big Trouble in Little China, The Killing, Return of the Dragon, The Snow Creature, Cops In Denver CO 2

245. All in the Family Tape #3 - Archie Learns his Lesson, Archie the Hero, Stephanie's Conversion (S), The Family Next Door, We're Having a Heat Wave, A Girl Like Edith, We're Still Having a Heat Wave, Mike Goes Skiing (S), Archie the Gambler, Archie is Cursed, Reunion on Hauser Street, Edith's Christmas Story, Stephanie and the Crime Wave, Mike and Gloria Mix it Up, The Games Bunkers Play, Edith's Conversion, Archie in the Cellar, Black is the Color of My True Loves Wig; Et Tu, Archie; The First and Last Supper, Gloria's Boyfriend, Gloria Poses in the Nude, The Jeffersons Move Up

246. Godzilla Movie Tape #1 - Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Godzilla vs. Gigan, Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla, Godzilla vs. Megalon, The Howard Stern "Interview" - Belinda Carlisle, Woody Allen Spews, Smashing Pumpkins - Disarm, NIN on Alternative Nation

247. Elvis Presley Tape #3 - Loving You, Kid Galahad, Double Trouble, The Lost Performances, Cops In Portland OR 1

248. Elvis Presley Tape #4 - Kissin' Cousins, Change of Habit, The Echo Will Never Die, Elvis That's the Way it is, Motley Crue - Hooligan's Holiday, Faith No More - We Care Alot, Nirvana - Heart Shaped Box (WP)

249. Godzilla Movie Tape #2 - Godzilla vs. The Smog Monster, Terror of Mechagodzilla, Godzilla 1985, Godzilla vs. Mothra, The Howard Stern "Interview" - Rip Torn

250. Elvis Presley Tape #5 - Live a Little, Love a Little; Easy Come, Easy Go; This is Elvis, Cops in Broward Co. FL 2, Cops In Los Angeles CA 1

251. The Simpsons - Homer's Barbershop Quartet, Hitler's Henchmen, The Jayne Mansfield Story, Death: The Trip of a Lifetime 1-3, The Simpsons - Cape Feare: Not Affiliated with the Film "Cape Fear" + Stolen Butterfinger Ad, Danzig - Mother `93, Cops In Pierce Co. WA 2

252. Howard on The Larry Sanders Show, Death: The Trip of a Lifetime Pt 4, Dementia 13, Revenge of the Ninja Warrior, Project A-KO, Bugs Bunny's Thanksgiving Diet, The Aristo-Cat, Beavis + Butthead Fire Report

253. Animation Tape #2 - Starchaser: The Legend of Orin, Aladdin, The Venus Wars, The Howard Stern "Interview" - Milton Berle, Howard Stern Stuff, The Simpsons - Homer Goes to College, Ren + Stimpy - Have Yourself a Stinky Little Xmas

254. Mark of the Devil, Death Scenes 2, The Lord of the Rings, Maury Povich Show - Exorcism, The Simpsons - Rosebud

255. Elvis on Tour, Charro!, The Bride of Frankenstein, John Cleese Robot Ad, Howard Stern on David Letterman 1993, Howard at the NYC Book Signing, Cops In Boston MA 1, Howard at the Second Private Parts Booksigning, The Howard Stern "Interview" - Marg Helgenberger, Stephen King on Charlie Rose 1993 about The Stand movie, Behind the Scenes of The Nightmare Before Christmas

256. Howard Stern on The Jon Stewart Show, Psycho, Mephisto, Howard Stern on Live at Five 1993, Cops In Noma AK, The Simpsons - Treehouse of Horror IV, Howard Stern at the Book Party, Cops In Sacramento CA 1, Cops In Philadelphia PA 1, Frontpage - Nazi Cult in Utah

257. The Terror, Infra-Man, Warlock, Cops Best of #001, Cops Washington #441, Howard Stern on VH1, Cops Miami, FL #436, Cops Miami, FL #437

258. The World According to Garp, Vertigo, It's an Ill Wind, Cops In Philadelphia PA 2, Happily Ever After, Picador Porky

259. Elvis Presley Tape #6 - Stay Away, Joe; The Trouble with Girls, The Elvis Files, Elvis 68 Comeback Special Rehearsals, Elvis Memories 81, Cops In Boston MA 2, Cops In Cleveland OH

260. The Brady Bunch - The Honeymoon, Fastest with the Mostest, Porky's Party, Falling Down, Godzilla vs. Biollante, The Speeches of Hitler, The Simpsons - Marge on the Lam, Howard Stern on MTV News, Frontpage - High Speed Chases, Porky's Road Race, Cops In Memphis TN 1

261. Blade Runner, Howard Stern on Geraldo 1993, Inside Edition - Son of Sam Interview w/Bill O'Reilly (3 Parts), Mysteries of the Sphinx w/Charlton Heston, Cops In Philadelphia PA 3, The Simpsons - Bart's Inner Child, Cops Broward Co. FL #112, Ramones on Music Scoop, Cops In Pierce Co. WA #501, Amy + Joey: The Final Chapter w/Dominic Barbara

262. All in the Family Tape #4 - The Bunkers and Inflation, Archie Underfoot, Edith the Job Hunter, Archie's Raise, Mike's Graduation, The Longest Kiss, Archie's Helping Hand, George and Archie Make a Deal, The Best of All in the Family, Archie and the Quiz, The Very Moving Day, Alone at Last? Archie the Donor, Edith Breaks Out, Gloria Suspects Mike, Archie's Civil Rights, Birth of the Baby Pts 1+2, New Year's Wedding, Mike's Move, Archie's Weighty Problem, Love By Appt

263. SS Girls, Cops Best -Florida/Las Vegas NV/Florida, Bad Brady Bunch Reunion, Knightriders, The Three Stooges - You Natzy Spy!, I'll Never Heil Again, They Stooge to Conga, Cops In Philadelphia PA 4, The Simpsons - Boys Scouts N The Hood, Cops In Denver CO 3

264. Ready, Set, Zoom!; Cops In Pierce Co. WA 4, Howard Stern on Ch. 5 News at 10, Hogan's Heroes - Cuisine a la Stalag 13, Pyrotechnics on Stephen King's Needful Things; Gigantis, The Fire Monster; A Few Good Men, Homesteader Droopy, Cops In Cleveland OH 2, Cops In San Bernardino CA 2

265. Rebel Rabbit, Burnt Offerings, Jaws, The Player

266. Cops In Denver CO 4, American Graffiti, Trilogy of Terror, Dead Poets Society, Cops In Philadelphia PA 5, Cops In Cleveland OH 3

267. Cops In London 1 Hour Special, The Hustler, Lethal Weapon, Cops In San Bernardino CA 3, Cops In Fort Worth, TX 5 #530, Robin Quivers on The Fresh Prince of Bel Aire, Stall/Spin: Classic Facts and Myths

268. Dead Ringers, Traci I Love You, Wings - Dogfight/Fight for the Sky, Great Planes - The F-111, The Canadian Snowbirds, Great Planes - The B-29

269. 007 The Moore Classics Tape #1 - The Spy Who Loved Me, Moonraker, Wayne's World, Cops In San Diego CA 1, Love Connection Losers

270. 007 The Moore Classics Tape #2 - A View to a Kill, For Your Eyes Only, Space Shuttle: The Recovery, Howard Stern on Tour, The New Nazis New Image, School House Rock! The Tale of Mr. Morton, The Fugitive Druid, Week In Rock - Manson

271. 007 The Moore Classics Tape #3 - Live and Let Die, The Man with the Golden Gun, Godzilla vs. Monster Zero, The Making of Missing Action 2, LC Laughing

272. Octopussy, Techno Police, Hoof Hearted?? Ice Melted, Sam Kinison Banned, Billy Boy

273. Darkman, Cops In Cleveland OH 4; Silent Night, Deadly Night 5: The Toy Maker; Eraserhead, Cops In Los Angeles CA 3, Wayne's World 2 Special, Cops In San Diego CA 2

274. Friday the 13th Tape - Part 2, 3, 4:The Final Chapter, 5:A New Beginning

275. The Adventures of Ultraman, Ultraman II: The Further Adventure of Ultraman, Salvador Dali: A Soft Self-Portrait, Cops In Tucson AZ 2

276. Cops In Kansas City KS/MO 1, The Simpsons - The Last Temptation of Homer, Cops In Broward Co. FL 3, Cops In Phoenix AZ 4, Cops In Fort Worth, TX 2 #527, Lars Ulrich on Headbanger's Ball, Blood in the Face, Howard Pay Per View Ad, Howard Stern on the Rolling Stone Special, Howard Stern on Ch.5 - LA Booksigning, Nercomantik, Der Todesking, Cops In Portland OR 2, Howard Stern on The Tonight Show w/Jay Leno

277. The Dark Half, Space Warriors: Battle for Earth Station S/1, Vengeance of the Space Pirate, Cops In Riverside Co. CA 1, El Paso, Love Connection

278. All in the Family Tape #5 - The Little Atheist, Beverly Rides Again, Archie's Brief Encounter Pts 1-3, Mike and Gloria's Will, Mr. Edith Bunker, Gloria's False Alarm, The Boarder Patrol, Archie's Chair, Edith's Crisis of Faith Pts 1+2, Mike Goes Skiing, Bunkers Go West

279. Puppet Master III + IV, Cops In Denver CO 5, Ren + Stimpy - Ren's Pecs, An Abe Divided, Cops In Broward Co. FL 4, Cops In Portland OR 3, Cops In Las Vegas NV 3, Guns N' Roses on Headbanger's Ball 10/24/87, Cops In Broward Co. FL 5, Nazi News, Cops Los Angeles CA 4, Howard Stern vs. Newark, The Twilight Zone - Third Stone from the Sun

280. Fritz the Cat, The Lenny Bruce Performance Film, Thunderbirds 2086, The Making of Star Wars, Warlock: The Armageddon, Howard Stern Debate, Cops In Broward Co. FL 6

281. Battle of the Stars, Black Throat, The Simpsons - Homer the Vigilante, Cops In Portland OR 4, Viva Knieval, Cops In Minneapolis MN 2, Stephen King's World of Horror, Cops In Sacramento CA 2

282. All in the Family Tape #6 - California Here We Are Pts 1+2; Stretch Cunningham, Goodbye; The Joys of Sex, Fire, Mike and Gloria Split, Archie Gets the Business Pts 1+2, Archie's Grand Opening, Archie the Liberal, Cousin Liz, Unequal Partners, Archie's Road Back, Archie and the KKK Pts 1+2, The Commercial, Love Comes to the Butcher

283. Cool World, The Return of Spinal Tap, Cops In Nashville TN 3, Ren + Stimpy - Circus Midgets, No Pants Today, Stimpy's Invention - The Game, The George Carlin Show Premiere, Cops In Minneapolis MN 3, Inside Edition - Newark + Howard Stern's Pay Per View, Cops In Pittsburgh PA 3, In Living Color - 102: The Irish Singer IU05

284. Miss Howard Stern New Year's Eve Pageant 1993, Howard's Channel 5 Show Pilots, Hot Shots! Part Deux, Cops New Jersey #321. 2/91, Bono being an idiot, Cops In Cleveland OH 5, Tales from the Crypt - None but the Lonely Heart, Leather + the Suedes from Happy Days

285. Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, Metallica Seattle, MST3K - Alien from L.A., Nirvana Unplugged

286. Arnold Schwarzenegger Tape #4 - The Villain, The Comeback, The Making of the Terminator 1+2, The Fitness Workout, Arnold on Regis + Kathy Lee, Arnold's Tales from the Crypt Ad, The Last Action Hero

287. Cape Fear (1962), Tales from the Crypt - Spoiled, Cops In Portland OR 5, Fertilize the Blaspheming Bombshell, The Critic - Pilot, Cops In Kansas City KS/MO 4, In Living Color - Howard Stern Sketch, Cops In Los Angeles 5, Cops In Sacramento CA 3, Cops In Nashville TN

288. 2010: The Year we Make Contact, George Lucas: Heroes, Myths + Legends, Code 3 - Plane Crash, Cops In Pierce Co. WA 7, Cops In Philadelphia PA 6, The Critic - Marty's First Date, The Simpsons - Bart Gets Famous, Killer's Kiss, Ren + Stimpy - Stimpy's Cartoon Show, King's X - Dogman

289. Bruce Lee Tape #2 - The Green Hornet Episodes 1-14: 1. The Silent Gun 2. Give `Em Enough Rope 3. Programmed for Death 4. Crime Wave 5. The Frog is a Deadly Weapon 6. Eat, Drink and be Dead 7+8. Beautiful Dreamer Parts 1+2 9. The Ray is for Killing 10. The Preying Mantis 11. The Hunters and the Hunted 12. Deadline with Death 13. Secret of the Sally Bell 14. Freeway of Death

290. Bruce Lee Tape #3 - The Green Hornet Episodes 15-28: 15. May the Best Man Lose 16. Seek, Stalk and Destroy 17+18. Corpse of the Year Parts 1+2 19. Bad Bet on 459-Silent 20. Ace in the Hole 21. Trouble for Prince Charming 22. Alias the Scarf 23. Hornet, Save Thyself 24+25. Invasion from Outer Space Parts 1+2 26. The Hornet and the Firefly 27. Batman - A Piece of the Action 28. Batman's Satisfaction

291. Sid and Nancy, The "Weird" Al Yankovic Video Library, Elvis Presley's Graceland, Tool - Sober, Camper Van Beethoven - Eye of Fatima, Ramones - Substitute, Cops In Nashville TN 5, Cops In Sacramento CA 4, Rescue 911 - Bungling Burglar, Cops, The Critic - Dial `M' for Mother, Robocop vs. Terminator, Danzig on the Week in Rock

292. All in the Family Tape #7 - Two's a Crowd, Stalemate, The Brother, Mike's New Job, End in Sight, What'll We Do with Stephanie?, Edith's Final Respects, Archie's Other Wife, Edith versus The Bank, Return of the Waitress, Bogus Bills, The Appendectomy, Barney the Gold Digger, Stephanie's Conversion, The Return of Archie's Brother, The Family Next Door, The Return of Stephanie's Father

293. Howard Stern Question for Conan O'Brien, The Simpsons - Homer and Apu, The Three Stooges - Dopey Dicks, Three Pests in a Mess, Spook Louder, Cops In Philadelphia PA 7, The X Files - Young at Heart, Cops In Cleveland OH 6, Cops In Nashville TN 6, Hitler: Man, Myth, + Legend; Spellbound, Mr. Bill Looks Back

294. Max Headroom The Original Story, The Ripper, Heavy Traffic, Longstreet - The Way of the Intercepting Fist + Wednesday's Child with Bruce Lee, Kato Show Ad, The Simpsons - Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy, Cops In El Paso TX 2

295. Stranger's Kiss, Hardware Wars and Other Film Farces, Down and Dirty Duck, Ren + Stimpy - Jimminy Lummox, Bass Masters, Godzilla's Revenge, Danzig on the Jon Stewart Show, Cops In Pierce Co. WA 10, Encounters: The UFO Conspiracy

296. Porky's, Porky's 2: The Next Day, 3: Porky's Revenge, The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat

297. Whoops Apocalypse, They Call Me Bruce, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Cops In Fort Worth TX 6, The Critic - A Little Deb Will Do You, The Elvis Love Train, Henry Rollins Movie Star, Tool - Prison Sex, Nirvana on Headbanger's Ball 11/2/91

298. The Simpsons - Deep Space Homer, Cops In Fort Worth TX 7, Cops In Cleveland OH 7, Cops In Nashville TN 7, The Blob (1958), Howard Stern's U.S. Open Sores, Gog, Cops In Kansas City 2

299. The Thing from Another World (CZ), Trog, The Critic - Eyes on the Prize, Cops In El Paso TX 3, Cops In Cleveland OH 8, The X Files - Shadows, Cops In Broward Co. FL 7, Cops In Portland OR 6, Dateline - Dahmer, Ren + Stimpy - A Yard Too Far

300. Animation Tape #3 - Akira, Dominion Tank Police Pt 1 Act 1, Mermaid Forest, Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend, Cops In Sacramento CA 5, Cops In Fort Worth TX 8