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This Spike TV hour series is just like the World's Wildest Police Videos which is a great thing since that show went off the air in 2002. The weird thing is they hype it as all new, but almost every show starts out with old footage seen on every show like it. Fiery car crashes! High speed chases! Roadside drug busts! You never know what you might see next, but one thing's certain, you've never seen this stuff before. All new outrageous video footage pulled from precincts across the country.

Season 1 (2006-07)

Ep# Episode Details
101 Fort Paul Indian Reservation, ID 10/4/05 - cops are chasing a suspect at 90mph and set up spike strips, but the van plows into the cop car on the side of the road and the cop has to run into a field. He survives, but is badly hurt. OH 5/22/02 - a cop pulls over a red pickup truck, the guy curses him out, and he refuses to get cuffed. He says it's too hard and he takes off. The cop grabs him and they struggle and spin around the cop car. They guy breaks loose and the cop tases him, he goes down, but tries to get to his truck and drive off and he's tased again and again until he stops. Livonia, MI 9/16/05 - two cops chase a man in a stolen truck. He pistol whipped employees and stole $1000s from a meat company. They PIT him and he swerves, but regains control. They do it again and this time he loses control and flips over. They have to lift him out the window and cuff him on the hood of a police car. Tuela, UT 5/12/04 - a 15 year old girl runs away and steals her parents car. She races at 100mph, loses her tires, still goes 90 and then loses it, fishtails off the road and flips over upside down into a river. The two guys in the back climb out and surrender. Then the girl comes out, all are OK. There was also a dog in the car. Officer Oskins pulls over a Ford pickup truck for weaving and not wearing seatbelts. The driver is belligerent, doesn't want to show ID, doesn't want to listen, doesn't want to get out. He says he doesn't care, he'll kick his ass right here. Then he goes to cuff him and he fights him. The passenger gets out and it's two on one. He pulls his baton, then his gun and they still won't stop or listen. They go in the back and grab a shovel. They hail traffic down for help and a truck stops. He calls for backup. Lancaster, OH 8/9/04 - 3am - Officer Marla Moorhouse joins a pursuit. She makes a turn and the teens lose control, swerve and slide down the street almost a block right into her demolishing her car. She's injured for 6 weeks. TX - Officer Barnes finds a car stopped on the side of the road in an area where there is a rash of robberies. The guy doesn't want to talk and goes to leave. They struggle and the man fires point blank and it goes through Barnes' hair. He thinks he's hit. He fires back at him and runs. He didn't know the man just murdered a man right before he arrived. He runs and is caught three hours later and gets life in jail. South Central LA, CA - a group of joyriders show off for the camera. The passenger hangs out the window and waves and spins his shirt and he loses it. They are wanted for a robbery. Cops chase them around and around a neighborhood. Then they stop and let a passenger out, 20 feet later he lets out another. He speeds off, stops for people with cameras, then hits spike strips and loses all his tires. He stops for a camera crew and says hey mom I'm sorry, but I love you. Then the tires start to falls off and he stops for pictures from a crowd, then finally gets out and gives up. Melvin, NC 4/11/99 - a driver flees at 90mph and cops don't know why. He blows through intersections, then suddenly jams the brakes. Soon after he jumps out of the car going 35mph and rolls and tumbles. The car keeps going and blows into a barricade. They cuff him and he still fights them, but he's OK, no broken bones. Pawn shop - a man comes in and wants to see some jewelry including a gold necklace that's $630 and asks if it's expensive. He then asks to try it on and bolts toward the door. An employee pushes a button and locks it. He blows head first into the bottom glass and breaks his way through. He's arrested soon after and also has to pay for the door. Columbus, OH 12/21/04 - a man in a motorcycle helmet ransacks an office trying to get into the safe. He can't get in and goes out and comes back an hour later with a chainsaw and cuts his way through and makes a ton of noise and no one questions him. OH - 7/25/04 - cops chase a truck and the drive throws a case of beer bottles out at them. He then tries to ram a person off the road. They lay spikes, but he avoids them. Truckers ahead are alerted to the chase and two big rigs form a rolling blockade. He tries to pass on the right and they pin him to the guardrail. Cops jump on the back of the truck, but he jumps out the window and is soon caught. Seattle, WA - a man steals two cars after committing 2 residential burglaries with his girlfriend. They catch her, but he still runs. He gets on the freeway, hits a red truck, drives 100mph on the shoulder, makes a u-turn to avoid a motorcycle cop, crashes through traffic, then drives on a golf course, smashes through a fence and civilians start to ram him. He pulls into a driveway and the woman of the house runs for it. Cops grab him right there. A man in a Subaru who was hit tried to sell the car on eBay, but no takers. Burlington, NC 7/15/05 - police try to pull over a robbery suspect and he runs. He gets it up to 80mph and runs down the middle of the road. People swerve out of the way, he takes a turn too fast, loses it, gets turned around and slams into a police car. He gets around him, launches through intersections and sparks fly from underneath. He loses control, hits a tree and the car dies with a branch across the hood. He jumps out and runs. Delaware Co, OH 4/9/05 - police chase a stolen car up I71. He knocks another car off the road into a ditch, goes the opposite way and his car dies. He climbs out the window and brandishes a screwdriver. There is a standoff until he charges a cop and they open fire on him. A stray bullet ricochets and hits a female cop in the leg. Hollywood, CA - cops chase two women in a Chevy Impala. A mother/daughter were out buying dope. They hit heavy traffic. There is a movie premiere at the Kodak Theater and a ton of people are on the street watching. The daughter is pulled out at gunpoint. The mom has been knocked out from flying glass from hitting a cop car. Cincinnati, OH 5/8/02 - a car thief runs from cops, gets speed, takes a turn fast, fishtails, goes down a dead end and the driver runs for it leaving his girlfriend. She jumps out and gets run over. Lockford, OH 8/3/00 - cops chase a Cadillac, he takes a fast turn and disappears. Cops don't give up and find him again. He almost hits cars, weaves through traffic, sideswipes a car, keeps going, then hits a curb, goes into a parking lot, over an embankment, through the dirt, over a median, on a sidewalk, off the road and into a ditch. He flies through the air and is thrown out the door. He's not hurt though and runs. Hancock, OH 2/11/05 - a cop pulls over a woman in the snow. The cop talks to the woman and a wild turkey appears. He goes to his car, but the turkey follows him around and around. They laugh, but it won't go away. 2/13/05 - during another traffic stop the same turkey reappears and chases the cop as he gets out. It looks in the windows at him, then it jumps on his hood and won't leave. He doesn't know what to do and calls for a net. 6/3/06
102 Keyhoe Brothers 2/15/97. 6/10/06
103 South Central, LA – a group of black guys are taping themselves. Then an accident happens right in front of them. 6/17/06
104 Oxnard, CA – a man sets up 2 cameras to show a railroad crossing is dangerous at 5th street. A semi truck is caught on the tracks when an Amtrak train barrels right through it. 7/1/06
105 Dallas, TX 5/10/04 – cops stop a juvenile driver and when they discover the car is stolen they take off. They get up 70mph in a residential area, blows through an intersection and gets t-boned by an 18 wheeler. Cops pull up and they are all OK and mad at the cops. 7/8/06
106 Phoenix, AZ – Jared Fitzgerald crashes a Corvette going 180mph. 7/15/06
107 Calla, FL 9/4/01 – Officer G Martin chase a man involved in a disturbance, it gets up to 80mph in a residential area. 7/22/06
108 Los Angeles, CA – a stolen van with two suspects drives down the freeway. A cameraman follows it for 90 minutes. 7/29/06
109 Houston, TX – a white car is stopped for expired registration. He has a suspended license and runs. He goes offroad, through a fence and helicopter follows. 8/5/06
110 Weatherford, TX 10/8/05 – cops chase a car through a gas station for stolen plates, he blasts down the road, reaches for something, gets it up to 103mph and tries to pass a van going head on and slams into it full force and it explodes. 8/19/06
111 Houston, TX – a man causes a disturbance at a bar and runs from the cops. He goes through 3 counties, goes over 100mph, weaves around traffic on the freeway. Cops decide to let him run and catch him when he stops. After 2 hours he his traffic and turns around, goes the wrong way as a helicopter follows. He plows into a car head on with a young mother, her 9 months kid and her grandmother. The mom jumps out, climb on the hood of her car and beats on his window. She checks on her kid and yells at him. Cops swarm him as he climbs out the roof. No one is seriously injured. He has a history of running. 8/26/06
112 Los Angeles, CA – a cameraman catches a car thief running with no headlights. He t-bones an armored car in an intersection, spins out, almost hits the cameraman and fishtails across the road into a tree. The tree falls down on top of him and he’s pinned inside. The door won’t open and the airbag is on top of him, so they break the window and yank him out the passenger side. He survives and is loaded into an ambulance. 9/2/06
113 Houston, TX – a woman is kidnapped by her boyfriend who holds a shotgun to her head and makes her drive with their four year old kid strapped in the back. A black truck gets in their way in traffic and he fires twice at it and it moves. He breaks out the back window and shoots at cops. She opens the window, then plows into a truck going full speed and is thrown out. The car rolls over all mangled and cops open fire and hit the guy. Mother and daughter survive. 9/9/06
114 Oceanside, CA – cops chase a DWI in black Acura during mid afternoon traffic. He gets trapped and a cop approaches him to talk, but he takes off. A helicopter follows and he blows an intersection and gets t-boned by two cars and a red truck. The red car is crushed and a white Jeep spins around and around into a pole almost hitting a man walking. All are OK. 9/16/06
115 Gahanna, OH 2/25/06 – Sgt. Shelia Murphy pulls over a red car. The guy says, “I done met you before” because he escaped from the cops last time. She calls for backup so she won’t have trouble again. He won’t answer questions so she goes to pull him out. He won’t listen so she tases him. He fights with her as a citizen tries to help. He gets the taser away and shoots her with it twice. Cops arrive and struggle with him. The citizen then grabs the guy and slams him against the car. More cops arrive and tell him to back off and take him down. 9/23/06
116 Tyler, TX 6/2/01 – cops chase a white couple on a motorcycle with no helmets going 100mph down residential roads. He has long hair and tattoos. Cops tried to make a traffic stop and they took off. He gets up to 120mph on dirt roads, goes through Cumberland, then tries to take a turn too fast and wipes out hard. The woman is badly hurt, but the guy gets up and tries to get back on his bike. The cop runs out and cuffs him to the bike and calls for an ambulance as the woman screams, “It hurts please help me!” Her fingers hurt. He says she is scraped up, but doesn’t see any bones. An off duty cop arrives to assist. She doesn’t know why he ran. It was because of an unlicensed bike and a suspended license. 9/25/06
117 Sugarcreek, OH 11/10/01 – a cop pulls over a DWI and gives him a field test. In the middle of the test the suspect suddenly punches the cop in the face. The cop goes down, grabs his gun and points it at him. The suspect gets right in the cops face anyway, then gets back in his truck and leaves. He calls for back up and the man keeps going. He signals, then stops in the middle of road, gets out, walks over to the cop, mouths off and tells him to pull the trigger. He gets back in his truck and takes off. The cop loses it and goes into a field so the other cop has to catch him. 10/16/06
118 Houston, TX – cops chase a truck for hitting a line of cars and a helicopter follows. The 39 year old driver has warrants and driving infractions. He dodges 2 spike strips, but the third hits him. He loses it, goes off the freeway, down he grass to the road below, flips over, is ejected and trash spills out everywhere. He only has back injuries when airlifted away. 10/23/06
119 Stewart, FL 11/21/02 – a purse snatching suspect runs in a blue pickup truck. They setup spike strips and he swerves to miss it and they hit a back tire. He whacks a parked car goes off the road to the right, hits a parked car, goes across the road to the left, almost hits another car and keeps going, The whole tire comes off and he grinds the rim into the ground raining sparks. Cops on the side of the road shoot his other tire. He eventually jumps out and acts like he has a gun and points it at them. 14 cops shoot at him, but he survives to spend time in jail. He was high on drugs and spends months in a hospital. 10/30/06
120 Palmdale, CA – a disgruntled man hires a guy to destroy his landlord’s truck. He breaks the window and throws a molotov cocktail inside, but it sprays back on him, he catches himself on fire and runs away screaming. He burned 80% of his body and was in a coma. Only the front of the truck was burned, the owner was able to put it out in time. They both got 5 years in jail. 11/6/06
121 Los Angeles, CA – a helicopter follows a blue car with a man who just stabbed a check cashing clerk and cops are nowhere in sight. He leaves the freeway for an exit that isn’t there and launches into the road below. The news crew can’t believe it and are cursing about it. The man climbs out and runs. He then walks down a drainage ditch and looks at the chopper. Police finally arrive and corner him. 11/20/06
122 Weberville, MI 5/22/06 - on I96, Deputy Potts follows a car going to a Pearl Jam concert. A car coming from the on ramp causes a car to swerve in front of an SUV, they skid off the road, swerve and flip over 8 times into the median. Thinking they are dead she runs out, but they are OK. No cars involved stopped. 11/27/06
123 Tyler, TX 3/22/06 –Steven Stone pulls over a truck for speeding. The driver gets out and he finds an open bottle of hard liquor. He asks if the guy if he has any weapons and he says a pocket knife and pulls it out. He checks his black trench coat and finds a bundle. He drops it to the ground and he kicks it away. He admits it’s weed and he checks it. He makes him take his coat off and he does. He goes to cuff him and the passenger gets out. He tells him to get back in the car and he pulls a gun and so does the driver. They open fire on him and he goes down into a ditch and calls for help. He’s hit twice in the neck and 20 shots were fired. He’s hit 6 times, but lives. A grandmother is attacked by a man in a liquor store; a woman is run over by her estranged husband; a police-helicopter crash is examined. 12/11/06
124 Los Angeles, CA - a man on a motorcycle tried to hit a cop in a trailer park then runs on the freeway at 120mph as a helicopter follows. He blows through traffic, gets off, weaves through lights, intersections and almost his a traffic cop. Then he tries to go through another intersection and plows into a bus. He’s knocked down and fights with the cops when they go to cuff him. A hotel clerk is beaten by a man with a tire iron; a driver has an altercation with an Ohio trooper; an unmarked police vehicle is stolen; a man attempts to intervene in a mother-daughter domestic dispute. 12/18/06
125 Salt Lake City, UT 8/12/01 – a 17 year old in a domestic takes off in a truck on the cops. A cop throws spikes 3 lanes over, but he swerves to miss them. Trooper White follows, he takes a wild turn to make the exit, but they keep up, then he rams into an overpass concrete pylon on purpose taking out a sign in front. He’s airlifted out and survives. A convenience store is robbed in Texas; a hotel robbery in Florida is caught on tape; a teenager has an accident with a pickup truck after fleeing from the police. 1/6/07
126 GA 2/4/06 – Deputy Steven Rankin pulls over a car for speeding and puts his hand on the trunk to leave prints like he was taught. Then the black male driver shoots him in the face. A drugstore robbery ends in a confrontation between a woman and a clerk; a driver shoots a police officer in the face; an SUV driver hits a trooper during a traffic stop. 1/13/07

Season 2 (2008)

201 Melbourne, FL 11/14/06 – two men rob a fast food restaurant and cops chase them. They run through an alley, t-bone a car at an intersection and keeps going. They go offroad through a park and get back on the road, go on the freeway and huge chunks of tire flies off, then he rams the cop next to him hard. Cops want permission to take him out. They get in front of him, he floors it, spins out and goes offroad into a lightpost. The car is mangled, but they come out OK. A hostage crisis is depicted; undercover officers monitor suspected pedophiles on the Internet; a clerk has a standoff with an armed man; police chase suspects who allegedly stole food from a restaurant. 2/15/08
202 Cleveland, OH 7/22/03 - Officer Jim Samoni sees a gun on the floor of a traffic stop on the Pearl Bridge and asks the guy to get out at gunpoint. He calls for backup and the man says the gun is a toy. He says he’ll shoot him in the head if he moves, but doesn’t. When backup arrives the man jumps in the car and the cop grabs him, but he gets away. The passengers jump out and he’s chased and crashes into a pole. He was on parole and had 20 felonies. He got another 4 years. Marshall, TX 11/9/06 - Officer Larry Smith chases a truck that makes a u-turn and goes headon into traffic. Then he turns and goes head on the other way going 90mph. He leaves the freeway, keeps going fast, then the truck throws it in reverse and rams the cop hard. Smith fires at him because his car is dead. The stolen truck was found later with a shotgun inside. The man was caught 2 days later. Two kids go on a road trip from South Carolina to Georgia in a stolen vehicle; a speeding trucker kicks off a police chase; a road-rage suspect is pursued by police. 2/22/08
203 South Carolina - Trooper James L. Sinkler stops a car and walks over. He’s shot point blank and runs back to his car and calls for backup. The suspect gets out and fires at the police car, gets back in, gets out and fires again looking for James. Trooper Darren Wilson races over and finds James in the street. He yells to shoot him down and Darren fires 7 times. James is hit in the vest and hand. The suspect is still alive and has to be cuffed. He survived to get 20 years. EMS arrives to take James to the hospital and he’s back to work several months later. Glenview, IL - a helicopter follows a police pursuit. A man drives all over in the early morning. He has hazard lights on, weaves around cars, hits a curb, has his arm out the window, slams the brakes, then goes on the curb, bumps and bounces losing a front tire. Then he gets on the road, then back in the grass and gets stuck. He jumps out barefoot and goes crazy twisting all around. He’s on drugs so they tase him and he flails around. He gets multiple changes. A convenience-store robbery is depicted; an armed murder suspect is pursued by police; an imbalanced man causes a disturbance from the roof of a restaurant; a DUI suspect is pulled over. 2/29/08
204 Laurens, SC 8/15/06 - Officer Scott Slatterfield joins the pursuit of a red Corvette on three tires after hits spikes. He races by him and he almost loses it on a turn. Lt. Knapp then joins. He gets out in an intersection, carjacks a minivan, throws a woman out and goes head on into Scott. He gets in front of him and fires into the windshield twice. The van hits him, then gives up. He gets charged with carjacking and assault. Northlake, TX 8/6/05 - a trooper goes to pull over a reckless car on 35. He pulls over, then takes off, weaves around cars, takes an exit too fast and crashes, but keeps going. He jumps a median and makes a u-turn right into the cop on purpose. He goes into reverse and takes off into a residential area with no outlet. He hits a cul de sac and crashes into the cop again. He loses a tire, the engine smokes, he pulls into a driveway and then casually gives up. He refuses to get down and is tased and falls over. He ran for a suspended license. A man survives a four-story fall; a traffic stop results in gunfire; a woman with a suspended license puts up a fight. 3/7/08
205 Miami, FL 6/5/98 - a man with Alzheimer’s took car keys from his nurse and now is driving the wrong way on the highway doing 60mph thinking he’s going to the grocery store. He hits a van head-on and goes across all lanes. His license is revoked and the car is ruined. GA 8/10/00 - Officer Shannon Mitchell has a DWI in the back of his car when a car cuts him off and he pulls him over. A huge black boxer gets out and starts attacking him. He pepper sprays him to no avail. The man chases and pounds him. The DWI guy is all happy and yells to kill his ass. The man goes for the gun and it goes off, then the suspect gets hit in the leg and still fights. The gun jams and he empties the clip. The suspect gets the gun and beats him with it. He radios for backup and the man comes back for more and beats him off camera. Backup arrives and they finally take him down. Shannon got 22 stitches in the head. The suspect stopped taking his medication. Two weeks earlier he broke a cops nose. A driver goes the wrong way on a Florida highway; a suspect throws cleanser at the police escorting him from the jail to the courthouse; a driver runs a red light and kicks off a pursuit. 3/14/08
206 Kingsland, GA 11/15/05 - a car stops to tell Deputy Coffel he saw a guy in a red pickup waving a gun on I95. He catches up the truck and he floors it, weaving all over the road. He threatens to PIT him, he pulls over, then floors it again and drives on the dirt. Then he gets out with a 30-30 rifle pointed at the deputy and his truck rolls away down the interstate. He fires at the cop and the deputy shoots him 3 times in the chest. Springfield, FL 1/14/99 - cops chase a blue car in the rain, he makes illegal passes on crowded streets, goes head on with cops, then runs a red light, t-bones a car, takes off through a field, through mud, at cars, then crashes into a tree and is arrested. He pukes in the police car. 3/21/08
207 Port Wentworth, GA 1/29/97 - a deputy chases a stolen BMW that spins out into the dirt, goes the wrong way to get away, then blows through the rain around cars at over 100mph. Another cop blocks the way and he swerves around a car to get away from the cop, spins out, goes across the median into oncoming traffic. An 18 wheeler cab plows into him and wrecks him into a ditch. He got 5 years. OH - a bank robber in a maroon van has a flat tire and can’t make a turn, plows into 2 parked cars in a crowded town and throws a person through a window. The driver runs on foot and is caught a few blocks away. It was his fourth robbery. 3/28/08
208 Greenwood, SC 4/1/06 - a man shoots another man, runs in his car and cops chase him. He stops his car and when SWAT arrives he opens fire turning it into a huge gun battle. Cars are all around and finally take off as bullets fly. Lt. Dale Kittles gets on the other side, makes a shot at the driver and hits him twice. He lives to go to prison. Dallas, TX 1/1/01 - Trooper Duran stop a man walking on an overpass. He says he broke up with his girl, she threw him out of the car and left him there. They run him thinking he has warrants and he does. Duran tells him to turn around and the man jumps over the wall and Duran follows, then holds on when he realizes it’s a 25 foot drop. Trooper Joel Smith runs over, grabs him and pulls him back. They drive down to find the man with 2 broken ankles. Police confront a naked man; a New Year's Eve wanderer is profiled; two clerks receive gunshot wounds on their legs during a convenience-store robbery; a man is shot by his brother. 7/11/08
209 Burbank, CA - three men run in a stolen car, blow an intersection, then crash into the only car on the road, goes offroad toward two people at the bus stop and into a fence over the river where they are caught. Port Wentworth, GA 8/10/04 - Ofc Sherrod pulls over a guy who says he was born in 80, the cop knows it’s a lie, then he says 75 and takes off. The chase starts, he spins out and the cop rams him hard. He keeps going, heads the wrong way, turns around and Cpl James Ryan joins him and tries for a PIT, he gets out of the way and then hits him. He spins out in the median and keeps going. He PITs him again and pushes him off the road going the wrong way. They yell for him to get out and he’s arrested. A suspect flees from an officer's routine traffic stop; a car stalls on railroad tracks; a suspect takes refuge in a lake following a home robbery; a man tries to break into coin boxes at a car wash. 7/18/08
210 Grand Rapids, MI 7/13/06 - a trooper goes to pull over an SUV with an expired plate. The 19 year old teen is a wanted felon so he blows past 100mph on Hwy 131. The cop tries to get around him, gets cut off, does it again, PITs him and the kid holds on out the window as the SUV rolls into a ditch. Craig Co. TX 5/7/05 - Trooper Joseph Hough pulls over a guy towing a cattle trailer. He has expired tags, tinted windows and no ID. He says it’s in his dad’s name. He’s worried, he might have a blue warrant - parole violation. He paces, then runs for it. He races onto the shoulder to get around spikes at 70mph, goes through town, cuts through a gas station and goes on the wrong side of the road. Three dashcams cover it. Hough fires at his tires and he keeps going, he almost hits a guy on a bike, then cops shoot at the tires with a shotgun and a hubcap flies off. He passes on the right in the dirt almost hitting a car. He goes offroad with a flat tire, wipes out and runs on foot. He’s caught and bites a cop on the finger. He goes back to prison. St. Paul, MN 1/21/07 - Officer Jonathan Farris goes to an accident in the snow. He talks to the two drivers and then a car loses it and slams into the accident scene hitting the parked car and Jon and a man are thrown into the ditch. He broke his arm, but the other guys weren’t badly hurt. 8/1/08
211 Ferndale, MI 10/8/06 - cops spot a stolen motorcycle and he runs for it. The 30 year old blows a red light, just misses car, hits the brakes and almost gets rear ended. Cops ram him twice and he signals to slow down then takes off. So the cop rams him again when he brakes and he flies off the bike and the bike rides off. He runs for it, the cop races after him, jumps a fence and gives up with the cop on his tail. He tells him he’ll shoot his ass. North Platt, NE 2/10/07 - a truck wipes out on a snowy road. Cops block traffic, then a truck coming the opposite way loses it, goes across the median and slams head on into an 18 wheeler. Bonnaville Co. ID 4/23/03 - cops chase a domestic suspect. He races down long winding roads that dead end at a reservoir. He tries to make a u-turn and a cop goes in reverse to block him. He rams the car, his truck dies, he gets out with a knife, comes right at them and they shoot him, but save his life after. Baltimore, MD - cops make a traffic stop for a suspended license and the car takes off. Two helicopters film it. He PITs a cop, slams into another and starts spitting out a huge smoke cloud. He gets off the highway and goes around busy morning traffic. He goes on the sidewalk, cops ram him and his hood goes up. His car sparks and the he gives up. 8/15/08
212 Earlinger, KY 2/13/07 - Trooper Bill Allen goes to an accident on a rainy interstate. A woman hits his car and spins it around. He goes to help the woman who hit him, then an 18 wheeler jackknifes, hits a red car and slams it into the police car and the car spins back around. No one was hurt. Los Angeles, CA - helicopters follow a police pursuit. On a turn cops ram him, but he keeps going. They try to PIT him again and miss, he runs through residential area. They toss spikes and he nails them and loses a tire. They PIT him again and he spins out, hits a cop headon, they PIT him again in an alley and pin him. He won’t get out, they tase him and he still tries to run and is tackled. Odessa, TX 4/28/04 – Ofc Robert Dollison chases a man facing long prison time from an assault trial. He swerves all over the road, goes in the dirt, hits a fence and takes out a sign. A Lt comes around the corner, the suspect hits him head on, he loses a tire, keeps going, kicks up sparks, then hits a mailbox and dies there. Both cops jump out and he won’t leave the car, so they break the window and pepper spray him. He finally gets out and is tased before he stops. Dallas, TX - cops surround an 18 wheeler that’s weaving all over the road. Cops fire into the tires and they come off and smoke. He hits the guardrail, then goes into a ditch. The man is taken down saying the devil was trying to chase him and he was getting away from him. He was on meth. 8/22/08

Season 3 (2009)

301 UT 2/28/06 - Trooper John Crowley pulls over an SUV for stolen plates and they laugh about it. He goes up into the snowy mountains, goes head on with an 18 wheeler, spins out and runs at John shooting, steals the police truck, they open fire on him and he drives across the road into the mountain shot. 60 shots were fired. Minneapolis, MN 4/12/06 - a car fires at cops, run, blows a stop sign, then another and goes head on into a tree destroying the white car and breaking both his legs. Ferndale, MI 6/11/06 - a man walks in front of police car crossing a road and is smashed by a car and his shoes fly 200 feet. The man is knocked down and the car keeps going. Jim goes for the victim. The driver asks what happened, why were they in the road? He had a couple beers. More than that. Really? Glasgow, KY - cops stop a white El camino wanted for arson, but he won’t stop and roots around for something. He’s a 5 time felon, crashes into a car and loses all his tires. He jumps out the window, carjacks a woman and takes off in reverse. Cops catch up to him and he crashes into a mansion where he was fired from. He barricades himself in the basement that is full of guns. They send a robot to see what he is up to. He tells them he’s being nice to him. There are bullet holes all over the walls. On Day 4 - he comes up firing and they unload on him. He yells to do their damn job or he will. He fires some more and then is hit in the shoulder. He’s coming for more until stopped. Lubbock, TX 9/22/03 - Trooper Terry Stephens stops a man wanted for punching a woman in the face. He searches the man and the woman comes over while he’s doing this. He won’t get cuffed and Robin Holbert backs him up with a baton. They fight him to the ground and pepper spray him. They woman calls him a scumbag and they yell for him to move back. Don’t argue next time. He says he can’t breathe. Anyone else want to play? 2/3/09
302 Cincinnati, OH 12/11/06 - a carjacking suspect runs down I75, then he pulls over in the middle of the Spence Bridge, falls out of the car and jumps over the side. It’s a 115 foot drop into 50 degree water. His car keeps going and they chase it down. Spartanburg Co. SC 7/24/04 - Ofc Campobello chases a car in the rain, cops block him, PIT him, spin him out and PIT him over and over and he keeps going. He goes to the next county, gets PITted on a turn into a field and still goes. He slams on the brakes, gets rammed and keeps going. He dodges spikes in the dirt, gets hit again and is finally out. Los Angeles, CA - a helicopter follows the chase of a silver car with damage. He sideswipes a truck and hits the other side, runs red lights with people on foot running. He hits 2 stopped cars at an intersection and gets stuck. He jumps out and runs across streets and jumps a wall, then gives up after an hour. Spartanburg Co. SC 4/13/06 - Deputy JJ Souka stops a car and he runs. He crashes into an Essex Square sign and they shoot him. He backs out, hits cars and goes to the news about it before he's stopped. Whitehall, OH - a man walks around a convenience store, then wants directions and change. The clerk opens the register and he grabs the whole drawer and runs. Dylan, SC 3/19/07 - Sgt. Powers stops a car and they get the papers from the glovebox and there’s a gun. Then pot falls out of the center and they run. The woman switches places and pulls the gun. Then she jumps out and he rams him into a dirt road. The driver jumps out of the passenger window and Powers runs him over. She was caught later. Deerborn, MI 7/19/00 - Brent Ashby spots a stolen van that keeps going, then stops fast. The man won’t keep his hands up, then bends for mace and sprays it. He goes to the passenger side to grab something. He sprays him again, gets a gun and shoots. Brent takes cover and fires back. The man is hit and goes down. He survives to get charged. 2/10/09
303 Farmington, MI 8/17/02 - cops chase a mother/son shoplifting team. She cuts across 5 lanes for an exit and blows a tire. Smoke pours out and the 16 year old jumps as they are moving. The car goes left and crashes into a van, then a wall and then mom runs too. The teen is too fat to run fast so both are caught. Tyler, TX - Smith County Courthouse 2/24/05. A woman arrives for her divorce and the husband comes up behind her and opens up with an AK-47. He kills her, a man fires at him and he is killed, the son is wounded and cops pour out as windows explode across the front. Ofc Sherman Dullason, Det Martin Sewell & Det Clay Perrit are hit. The man has body armor and is able to get away. Cops chase his truck as he keeps firing on them. A car knocks him, he gets out and starts shooting, but he is hit and taken down dead. The cops survived. Gaffney, SC 1/22/01 - Ofc RL Quinn stops a car for a broken headlight. They ask the two guys if they have anything illegal. They are searched, given a warning and then check the car. They ask what seeds are in the ashtray and the driver passes out and hits his car face first. EMS arrives and treats him, then they are let go. Daytona Beach, FL 3/28/07 - cops chase a car and a helicopter follows. He blows an intersection, makes a u-turn on a lawn, sideswipes a truck, blows another intersection, goes the wrong way into traffic, runs red lights, keeps going the wrong way, someone swerves to miss him and they hit headon. Cops call for paramedics who fill the scene since 6 are injured. Grand Rapids, MI - a man in a hood goes up to a cashier in a supermarket to rob her. No one knows what’s going on around them. He drops the money all over and kicks it. The manager comes over with a large level and whacks him on the head knocking him out until police arrive. Clay Como, MO 1/18/06 - cops chase a DWI suspect at night. He passes cars, then hits a van and explodes. The whole street is full of fire and wreckage. Both of them walk away. He got felony DWI and years in prison. Spartanburg, SC - a man holds a hostage inside a 7-11. A robot brings him a cell phone. He won’t talk much. The doors are locked and bulletproof. Cops get a man to drive a bulldozer into the back of the store making a hole. SWAT throws in flashbangs and a gunfight ensues. He moves to the other side and the bulldozer takes out that wall too. He comes out with her as a shield and a sniper takes him out and she goes down too, then she runs for it. He’s yanked out bloody after 13 hours. 2/17/09
304 Pickens, SC 7/27/06 - a man kidnaps 3 women in a carjacking. One calls 911 that he’s going to kill them, she has kids, she can’t die. He says he’s sorry. One says unlock the door and they jump out of the Honda. Trooper Musselwhi and Bratcher follow. He goes the wrong way into traffic, then makes a u-turn and smashes into a police car. He gets multiple charges. Canton, OH 3/10/07 - cops try to pull over a red car who slowly keeps going, then floors it and weaves all over traffic, cuts across many lanes to hit the exit and gets t-boned at the intersection. He was DWI. Travers City, MI 3/24/97 - cops chase a red pickup and he cuts through yards, through pine trees, a cherry orchard, through snow that spits up, back on the road and he floors it. Eventually the cop PITs the 4x4 and hits a ditch and flips over. Firemen cut him out. He was DWI. Beaumont, TX 2/15/02 - cops chase a silver Cadillac that tries to blow an intersection and is smashed into. The man runs for it and the cop chases him in his car until he wears himself out. He had drugs. Toronto, Canada 3/13/07 - a skater in the street misses a car, then his friend goes head on into the car and breaks his wrist. Oak Grove, KY 9/6/06 - cops chase a mom wanted for fraud and identity theft. She runs, cuts off a car and hits it, then cops find 5 kids are in the car as she goes 110mph. Cops cut her off, she goes offroad, then rams the cops and goes in reverse and hits a cop. She keeps going, races around traffic, takes a turn too fast, hits a mailbox, then a truck. Cops run over and grab her as kids spill out. Adairsville, GA - Trooper Mike Ralston checks a truck at a rest stop. The owner is in prison, the man says it’s insured in his name. He wants to check the truck bed and he says it’s only clothes. They keep going until there is a box he doesn’t want him to see and pulls a knife and goes after the cop. The cop shoots him in the stomach and he still tries to fight and get away. The cop has to push and keep him away. He says he’s scared of him, he’s afraid since he pulled a gun on him. The cop takes him down and he still fights and tries to get away. He gets him in the car and he says he has to piss. Do it in your pants. He had 300 grams of coke in there. 3/6/09
305 Benton Harbor, MI - 4 cops chase a car speeding from a traffic stop for 3 warrants. One cop makes a u-turn to cut him off and the suspect hits him head on. The suspect goes in reverse and hits the cop behind him as cops run over and fire on him when he pulls in front of them. He turns into a driveway, runs for it into a yard, comes back into the street, falls and is grabbed. He was DUI. West Lake, OH 4/17/07 - cops search for a van that rammed a cop and his bumper is dragging. He turns right in front of him, cops throw spikes, miss and the bumper hits a car and falls off. He goes headon into traffic and runs many red lights. A box truck turns in front of him and he hits it hard enough to turn it over. The van hits a phone pole and breaks it. The man is helped out. The suspect is out cold. Los Angeles, CA - a news chopper films a robbery suspect getting chased. His silver car almost hits a car on a turn, goes through intersections, cuts around cars, gets t-boned by a black minvan and spins out. The van is hit by a white truck. He gets out as the car is rolling and it hits a police car. The people in the van walk away. Armuck, NY 4/14/06 - a white stretch limo runs at over 115mph and blows it's transmission. He can only go in reverse and goes 40mph off an on ramp and keeps going until hits a tree. Cops yank him out at gunpoint. It was only for a suspended license. He got an additional 28 tickets. Las Vegas, NV - 3 guys walk up to a pool hall wearing masks and hoodies. They can’t get in the door, but somebody stupidly lets them in. They run in with guns drawn. The owner gives them money and a gun misfires. One jumps the bar looking for more money and slams the owner, then another man. They only got $1000. Farwell, TX 2/2/606 - Deputy Billy Williams pulls over a driver in a gas station. How many beers you have? 6 in Texas, 2 in New Mexico. He’s Mexican and says he doesn’t speak English. He fails the BAC test and is arrested. He searches the car and the suspect steals the police car. He honks the horn and laughs going over 100mph. He weaves all over, spins out into the median and then goes head on into traffic, goes onto the railroad tracks and blows 2 tires. He goes back onto the freeway, loses it, hits a post and flips over. He tries to run and gets tased twice. Austin, TX 10/16/05 - Officer Richard Stevens stops a woman for speeding. A car loses control and he jumps on the roof as it goes around him into the dirt and almost flips. He fell asleep at the wheel and got 30 days. 3/13/09
306 Lakeland, FL 10/12/06 - a man tried to rob a bank and ran for it in a truck with a dirver. A witness called in his truck and cops swarm him. Cops stop traffic and throw spikes. He goes off road and cops chase him on foot and in cars. They ram cops, cops PIT them and the truck flips and is pushed off road. They are brothers. Houston, TX 3/4/00 - a man walks into a convenience store with a brick. He had a fight with the cashier earlier. She says give me a second and calls the police. He threatens her with it, then throws it into her head. People are all over and see it. They run over and call the police. He says he won’t give a damn thing to her. He was caught and got 20 years. Royal Oak, MI 4/25/06 - cops are looking for a blue sedan involved in an armed robbery. Cops find him and toss spikes. He wrecks into a parked car, they ram him, but he still won’t get out and they have to yank him out and pile on him on top of their hood. Van Buren, AR 12/30/03 - cops stop an SUV for weaving, then he takes off. Turns out it was stolen and they want spikes. He heads into town and drives into the police station. He goes over a curb, then keeps going back on I40. Cops go to box him in and he goes around them, then turns into a field swerving all over the mud and drives into a canal. He gets out and goes into the water and is caught. Childress, TX 10/8/04 - in a jail cell two guys are laying around, then suddenly they jump up and start pounding each other. One hits the toilet a few times and after 3 minutes they stop and sit down. Salt Lake City, UT - a 16 year old runs from cops and they spike his tires, box his truck in and he still goes around them, takes an exit, then goes over the median, gets back, almost hits a wall, swerves, gets PITted and they smash his window out, tase him and he falls out. Sulfur Springs, TX 9/8/01 - Sgt. Cleve Williams pulls over a truck going 95mph. He says he’s going to the hospital where his sister is giving birth. He only had 1 or 2 beers, but is OK to drive. He fails the FST test and says he was never good at walking, has to go all the way up to 30? They arrest him and he wants to do it again and insists he’s not drunk. He won’t turn around and get cuffed. His 15 year old sister gets out, then he pushes the cop to the ground and jumps in the truck and takes off. He sprays him as he runs. The truck hits spikes and puts his hazard lights on. Trooper Smith follows as he loses all 4 tires. He goes over the median, into a field and spins out. He runs, cops tackle him and spray him again. 3/20/09
307 Woodstock, GA 2/14/06 - a man runs from a driveby in a Geo Metro with cops behind him. They go to block him in and he goes up an embankment and rams a car. He passes on the right, left, goes on the shoulder and head on at cops, over a median to get around traffic, then he takes a turn too fast and cops ram him hard, then hits him again and the bumper comes off, then he rams him off the road. Waycross, GA - a man climbs a 25 foot tree with a noose around his neck. Cops make a deal to get the noose off and he has a seizure and passes out on the branch. Firemen climb up to get him, but he falls to the ground. He was fine. Kootenai Co. IO 3/14/07 - cops go to a suicidal man in the road, he tries to get away while pulling a truck and it rams into police and the truck he’s pulling comes off. Cops fire on him. He dodges spikes going into the grass pulling the empty trailer. He rams the median getting away from more spikes. He runs out of gas and cops yank him out. Traveler’s Rest SC 3/14/07 - a cop spots a car parked and checks it out. He takes off at 95mph, then rams a parked car and keeps going with his front end smashed and his hood up. He makes a turn, makes another, then jumps out as the car is still moving. He was DWI with crack he dropped. Tifton, GA 5/14/02 - at a credit union a man runs in with a mask, bag and a weapon demanding money. By the time he gets out cops are right there and give chase. He takes a turn too fast, gets stuck and is pinned. They cuff him through the window and he gets 10 years. Cleveland, OH 7/15/06 - Officer Jim Simoni chases a weaving Blazer and he won’t stop. He pulls into a gas station, then takes off, goes on the wrong side of the road, passes cars, takes a turn too fast and plows into a white truck and knocks a stop sign down. The man runs over a fence and Jim falls hard. He tells back up where he went. The girl gets out and walks away. The man is caught a block away. UT 6/15/07 - kids escape from a youth home and steal a truck. They flip cops off, cut off trucks and run through the desert. They just avoid spikes, the second time they hit the spikes and the tries shred, cops go for a PIT and they weave back and forth to miss it. The F-150 wipes out and spins around into a guardrail and goes backwards into the median. Cops pull them out at gunpoint. South Brunswick, NJ 3/16/07 - cops chase a bank robbery suspect in the snow and a car goes head on into the police totaling his car. 3/27/09


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