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This episode guide stars Sgt. John Bunnell who first appeared on the Fox show Cops in 1989 when they filmed where he worked in Portland Oregon. Nine years later the retired sheriff was brought back to Fox to host a special of police videos called the World's Scariest Police Chases 2. After five of these and more specials he was given a hosting job of his own show "The World's Wildest Police Videos" in 1998. It would air now and again for four seasons until 2001. For the last season the show was renamed to the shorter title of just "Police Videos". I guess this meant they weren't so wild anymore. I don't know why this fun show stopped production as there is no outlet anymore for all these great videos with the end of Real TV as well. During this time Fox produced many specials like this show including "Busted on the Job", "When Good Pets Go Bad", "When Animals Attack", "The World's Most Deadliest Swarms". These once fun, common reality specials also disappeared from the channel forever. The guide below doesn't list the entire episode contents YET, just the first video to make it simple to identify each episode.

Specials (1997-02)

World's Scariest Police Chases 1 - Narrated by Peter Coyote, Hosted by Capt C.W. Jensen. Anaheim, CA - a bank robbery suspect in a blue car has led police on a chase over 90 miles for the last hour going over 100mph. He blows through intersections and police don't follow, he goes over a curb, gets broadsided by an 18 wheeler going through an intersection, but keeps going. His tire stars shredding, gets back on the freeway, sparks fly as the tire disappears and he still floors it as he digs a trench into the pavement and then jumps out, runs across oncoming traffic, jumps a fence and loses his bag of money, stops to pick it up, hides in the woods and is caught. Turns out the car was loaned to him by his sister/Los Angeles, CA - from LAPD Life on the Beat - a man in a stolen car has a friend and her daughter inside. When the cops pull up he takes off. They hit a pole and the trunk goes up. The female is interviewed and thought she was going to die. On MLK they stop and the female driver is busted and her shirt goes up. He told Maria she wasn't going to get away. CW says all pursuits have fear and your heart pounds, can't help it/Garland, TX - police chase a robbery suspect with a shotgun riding a black pickup truck with a bed full of trash and it flies out as he gets it up over 90mph. He weaves through traffic as a helicopter films it. He cuts in front of 18 wheelers, gets clipped, flips over into the median and the garbage spills out everywhere. The driver was knocked out and it takes 45 mins to cut him out and get the traffic moving. There's no way of knowing how it will end - wreck, caught or death/Callahan County, TX - a 16 year old speeds in front of cops, wrecks out and breaks his spine/San Diego, CA 8/30/95 - a red car flies down the freeway toward Mexico going over 90mph losing the helicopter following him. If he gets over the border he can't be chased. He races toward a fence, jumps out and the helicopter tries to cut him off. He gets over the fence and is in the clear, but he leaves behind $150,000 in cocaine, so he might be sorry/Clips of speedy crashes - CW says people expect cops to catch crooks, but they want to get away/Los Angeles, CA - a helicopter follows a motorcycle going over 120mph wanted for ADW. He gets on the freeway and goes between cars like they aren't moving. He takes an exit and hits the back of a bus. Police jump on him and he still struggles. Dr. Geoffrey P. Albert says the chases are the most exciting thing for police - it's contempt of cop/Tampa, FL - a group of teens in a stolen red car go off the road, get a tree stuck on them, go off the road again and stall out. The whole event only took a minute/CW says both cops and crooks are speeding, but only one is trained/Los Angeles, CA - cops chase a gray convertible at a high speed, he fishtails and spins around and around until he hits a wall/Phoenix, AZ - a man steals a brand new black truck from a convenience store. He goes through a gas station, through an intersection, into a residential neighborhood, then he clips a truck and his truck flips over and he is ejected. The truck shreds around him and he tries to run, but it taken down. Both are OK/Minneapolis, MN 8/10/94 - a bank robbery suspect runs. He's fired at cops and a pursuing cop leans out the window and fires a shotgun at their tires. CW says they use deadly force when they must protect someone else's life. The guy keeps going and they ram him off the road/Albuquerque, NM - fleeing crooks have a souped up stolen red car that cops can't catch. Cops call ahead for help from truckers and one of them is an ex-deputy from Alabama who cuts him off. They go into the ditch, swerve all over and can't get past, so they give up/CW says what scares cops is when the bad guy crashes into someone innocent/Atlanta, GA - a blue Chevrolet truck runs down the interstate, takes an exit, floors it and blows through the intersection. He is hit by one car, lifted in the air and hit from both sides by 2 other cars/Denver, CO 2/9/88 - Philip Hutchinson robs a bank then takes off. A helicopter covers his insane pursuit. A cop in the road can't get out of the way and he runs him over killing him. He takes a turn too fast, crashes and runs through yards looking for another car. He finds a woman and her child in a small blue car. She takes off when he opens the door and he fires at her. He then finds John Laurienti and his green truck. He tells him to drive or he'll kill him and if he signals to the police he'll kill him. He drives right by the cops and the pilot Mike Silva flips since he can't notify the police. He then lands the helicopter right in front of the truck. Philip tells John to ram the chopper and he thought he was going to get cut to pieces. Then he goes to fire at the cops and the cops unload on him and pull John out. Phillip was killed. Chief David Bishop, Beaverton, OR says the car is like a 2000 pound bullet/Coronado Beach, CA 5/7/94 - a car runs to avoid getting a ticket. At an intersection he gets clipped and hits a guy at a bus stop/Wayside Prison - a black prisoner says he stole a car for a joyride. He just wanted to get away, injured a cop and it was his third strike so her got a mandatory 50 year sentence/Los Angeles, CA - from LAPD Life on the Beat - cops are having dinner and have to run out to chase after a white pickup truck. The guy floors it and tries to pin the accelerator so he can jump out. He then loses a wheel, spins out on a turn and crashes. He runs on foot and is caught. The suspect says he has a couple DWIs and now he has another/Inglewood, CA 5/2/93 - a cop sees a couple having an argument in their car, then they take off with the door open and he takes a quick u-turn and both people fall out of the car. The guy walks over to the woman, but he won't get down like he's told/Sylmar, CA - a man racing in a blue car thinks he's taking an exit ramp, but there isn't one and he launches off the road and crashes down onto a lower road and runs/Clarkston, MI 3/18/96 - at 4:40am a cop stops a DWI female. She's cuffed and put in the back of the car. She gets her hands in front of her, climbs in the front, steals the police car and runs. She wipes out and they grab her and it's a good thing because there's only 2 cars in the department/Brentwood, CA - a man is turned down for a job at a bus company in San Diego and steals a bus and runs for 4 hours. Officer Lynn Blum was the primary unit. There's nothing they can do to stop it. He runs, fishtails, hits cars, then hits a fence and drags 15-20 feet of chain link fence that sprays sparks and it whips around on turns. He pulls into a dead end and cops get out to fire and he throws it into reverse and smashes into the police cars like they were toys. Lynn jumped back in and the car was smashed and the windshield was knocked out. The driver looked right at her like you are next. He pulls forward, then reverses again. They shoot at him and he backs it right into a house while ducking the bullets. Then he just sat there holding the wheel staring at them. They had to break the windows and he still wouldn't come out. Mary Pringle owned the house, but she wasn't home. Her neighbors filled her in/San Diego, CA10/5/95 - a man steals a 100,000 pound Army tank from a local armory. Officer Paul Paxton was there and thought the call was a joke. A man from a gas station heard a rumbling sound. Officer Rick Piner was at the end of his shift and went out to see what was going on. They heard a crunching sound, it was as people were getting out of work. They want to find out if the tank was loaded, thinking he might fire it. A mullet headed man says he ran out in time to see him run over his truck. He ran over others, then fire hydrants. He takes out light poles, drags a palm tree, then a street light. A woman witness wonders what kind of person would do this. Paul says the guy went to the same tank school he did. He got on the 805 freeway going 60mph and was surrounded by cops. The SWAT team had no firepower to stop it and the armory was too far. It was also impervious to any biological agent so they couldn't tear gas him. He decided to cut off the pursuit by taking out a pedestrian foot bridge. He rams it over and over, but eventually gives up. He then keeps going and tries to get over the wall into head on traffic, but gets stuck. Police pour out and jump on the tank. They cut the hatch with boltcutters. The driver never said anything to them, he looked up, then went back to trying to get off the wall. The shot him once in the shoulder and it went down through his body. The carry him away. After a high speed pursuit a car crashes and bursts into flames and cops rush over and risk their lives to save him. They must protect and serve. 1/97
World's Scariest Police Chases 2 - Bunnell has been involved in pursuits for 26 years and he never saw a good one. Columbia, SC 2:58pm – cops chase a blue pickup truck all over residential streets and catch up to her on a turn after she hits someone. Then she rams the cop, keeps going, hits someone else, rams the cop head on, hits a dirt road, bounces all over, heads for the freeway, goes too fast on a turn, spins out, he hits her and gets out. Sgt. J.D. McCarthy says he never believed it would be a woman and she was smoking crack and out of control. CW talks about saving a hostage. Grand Prairie, TX - a man runs for an hour with a hostage, spots the spike strips, goes off road, then they shoot at his tries. He gets on the freeway, people get out of the way and the cops pull up next to him and shoot out his rear tires so he won’t lose control. He spins and spins and they shoot out he front tires. They get her out and she’s in shock. He still fights after 2 hours. The shirtless man says he wouldn’t hurt anyone, just as Jesus Christ taught him. Newark, NJ – cops pull up on a pack of black thieves hotwiring a car. The drivers leave their buddies behind and a couple thieves have to jump on the car and climb in the sunroof. They take a blind turn at 75mph, lose sight of them and then the car passes right by the cop car with lights on. They end the chase, make an ID and catch them all a week later. Los Angeles, CA – a man on a motorcycle runs and people fill the streets to block him. He spins around and around them, then hits a car in the intersection and goes up on it, then the people grab him as he runs. Cpl Lance D. Briggs says they have high performance cars. Columbia, SC 4/23/93 – a Camero thinks he can outrun the cops, but can’t. He cuts around traffic, then goes across multiple lanes to go for the exit, but goes too fast and flips over. He runs on foot and they catch him. Lance says he ran because he didn’t have a license. CW says there’s no telling how a chase will end. Bogalusa, LA – at night cops chase a pickup truck and shoot out the back tire, then shoot out the other side with multiple shots and he spins out. Cops chase a car at night and he slides out across the curb. CW says there is always fear – you can focus or fail. Whittier, CA – police chase a red van going 90mph through a school zone as a woman gets off the road to get away. He tosses a gun, takes a turn too fast, then on the next turn they PIT them and the van goes over on it’s side, a second cop crashes into it and they yank them out. Largo, FL – Jonathan Stoker is driving and they go to pull him over. He stops, smokes a cigarette calmly, tosses the cigarette out when they tell him to get out and he takes off, but he has no reason to run. He runs a cop off the road, drives wildly, rams a cop, goes to ram him again, then he goes the wrong way down the road, takes side streets, goes over a curb, onto a lawn and hits a dead end. He goes around in a circle, then comes around and hits a cop head on. Cops jump out, he almost hits them and they unload their guns killing him. No one knows why he ran. Los Angeles, CA – a man who owns a delivery truck sees it’s stolen on TV. Officer Jay Hawver pulled up next to it and shot the tries. Officer Jeffrey W. Groener says he didn’t want to stop. The side of the truck is ripped open and the chase goes on for hours. They finally PIT him off the road. They stopped him only for a warning for driving the wrong way. He admits he was high and didn’t want to go back to jail. He wouldn’t have until he ran. Greenville, SC 6/18/92 – cops go to pull over a motorcycle and he runs at a high speed through a residential area. They call out on the speaker that it isn’t worth it, he’s going to go down, it ain’t worth dying for. They pull ahead of him and he plays cat and mouse and they let him go. They pass him again and the guy runs a truck off the road. The call people who run on bikes organ donors. He tried to pass a cop, goes off the road, flips off the bike and off the road. Sgt. Jack Crumpton was chasing him and saw him try to get up and his leg went the other way, it was broken. It wears you down chasing people. Bunnell says people make a choice to run. Pleasant Grove, UT 2/17/97 – a truck runs down a dirt road at 80mph kicking up dust. He opens his door, swerves all over the road, they lay down spike strips, he blows both tires, but doesn't slow down. He shoots up sparks and his tire flies off into the ditch. Then all the tires are gone and he drives on the rims. The sparks shoot everywhere and pieces of the muffler shoot up onto the cop and he finally pulls over. The cop asks him what’s his problem. He replies, “I need a beer.” CW says people aren’t thinking right. Dallas, TX – a white Buick runs at 100mph down a freeway, gets off, blows down a dirt road and they hold back because his wife is inside 8 months pregnant. A deputy comes at him head on. Deputy Brian Wolfe says he wasn’t going to stop, it was frustrating. He runs him off the road, then goes off road, spins around, goes back the way he came, rams a cop, keeps going, fishtails and skids right into a telephone pole. They yank him out and cuff him. Los Angeles, CA – cops chase a wanted sexual predator from Long Beach Harbor to Pasadena for an hour. He swerves and almost wipes out a car, goes the wrong way, blows an intersection, crashes into a white car and is yanked out. CW says it doesn’t matter what they did, they want it to end with them alive. Dallas, TX – a teenage carjacker drives through residential areas going 80mph. Cops back off and he takes a turn too fast, flips and the car slides on it’s roof for a block. The girlfriend is left behind with her arm nearly ripped off. The guy couldn’t care less. They bring them back to show the girl and she’s put in a n ambulance to stand trial. Las Vegas, NV – cops try to stop a man with stolen plates and the guy blows it in reverse at 70mph and keeps going. The helicopter pilot covering it says they’ve never seen anything like it. They surround him, then he goes forward, almost gets away, they hit him again and he jumps out and runs down the middle of the road. Dallas, TX – a man goes to test drive a Bentley and steals it, saying he’s god. He goes at a slow speed in the $200,000 car. Cops ram him and. Sgt Charles Carey says they decided to shoot the tires out. They get in front of him and he rams the cop. After the crook says he was taking his time and only went 30mph. Dallas/Fort Worth, TX – a man in a brown Chevrolet Caprice runs for over an hour. It’s the same car as a police car. He runs around the cops the wrong way on an entrance ramp. He runs many cars off the road and cops don’t follow. He runs into a massive condo complex and they lose him, but he keeps going and they spot him again. He goes toward Northlake, they get him on a turn, ram him, surround him and pull him out through the window. CW says once they start running, it’s hard for them to stop. St. Louis, MO – a man in a blue car is armed and dangerous with a child hostage. He runs off the road, goes through a park, through a parking lot, spins around, gets trapped and then floors it into reverse through a fence. He spins around an intersection, then around and around cars, cops get in front of him, he takes a turn and smashes head on into a car. The car smokes and they get the kid and he’s so crazy it takes a few minutes to get him cuffed. Bunnell says people always think they can outrun the law around the world. Auckland, New Zealand – cops chase a car for 45 minutes. A helicopter follows as he goes through roadblocks and cops throw nightsticks at him. They ram him, he gets pinned and a cop gets the door open and he floors it in reverse, goes along for the ride, then is dumped head first. Another cop is nearly run over, then cops ram him and almost hit 2 other cops. Turns out the driver was a 15 year old kid. CW says you can’t quit on a bigger car. Los Angeles, CA – cops chase an RV for over 5 hours from the night until the day until they go off road into the high desert. They plow along a bumpy dirt road kicking up dust and the 35 foot RV can barely fit on the path. He goes downhill, launches it and kicks up dirt. Officer Miguel Sordia caught them after they got stuck and ran on foot. Campbell County, GA 1/3/97 – Sgt. Gary W. Perkins and Sgt. Randy Baird chase a car through 3 states. It’s 4:45 am as they go down the freeway over 120mph and he makes it between 2 big rigs, goes off the highway, over the grass, then they ram him off the road after 2 hours. CW says in Japan people don’t run and almost no one owns guns. Kyushu, Japan – a man got drunk and ran. He murdered his wife with his hunting rifle and cops block off the road. He leans out the window and starts firing. He leaves his kids in the car and stars to pull the barricades down. He is rushed and floors it down a cliff, through gardens, yards and gets back on the street. He races past traffic on the wrong side of the road while the kids hand on. A police car blocks his way and he hits it head on. He slows down, cops jump out and break out his windows. He runs again, plows into a roadblock and is swarmed. Bunnell says once someone runs, there is no turning back. Hillsboro, OR – a man in a red truck runs and still uses his turn signal. He passes a car, hits a curb, fishtails and then goes into the ditch flipping through the air and the cop runs out and saves him. Bunnell says next time you think it can’t get any worse if you run, think again. 4/97
World's Scariest Police Chases 3 - Bunnell has visited many agencies to learn who runs, why and what to do to stop them. Great Britain – two teens run in a stolen Peugeot, they panic, blow an intersection, are t-boned, spin around and around and hit a pole. Cops run over and they are OK. Hawthorne, CA – a carjacker is facing his third strike and has nothing to lose. He hits a dead end, opens the door and cops pull up next to him and he gets pinned between cars. He says his legs are getting crushed so they back up to let him go and he fights, punches and runs as they try to trip him. He takes off through a yard and is taken down. CW says a kid, a car and recklessness equals disaster. San Antonio, TX 4/16/97 6:53am - a kid picks up his girlfriend at school in a stolen car. Sgt. Gary Smith got in front of him and he tried to run him over. He blows through and intersection, launches over a curb, then goes through a field. He blows a stop sign, cuts off a Lincoln and swerves it off he road, takes out a traffic light, blows through an intersection, through rush hour traffic into a construction zone, the guy in the back tries to get out, but can’t. He goes through the dirt, kicks up dust and runs leaving the car running. He was 16 and 5 days earlier was released from JV, now he’ll be tried as an adult. The cops who chased him were on the way to a pursuit training class. San Diego, CA - a bank robber in an old brown car runs for the border. Cops put down a spike strip, he hits it, blows the tries and keeps going. He’s 100 feet from the boarder and goes to get a gun. He’s surrounded, tosses the gun and they let a dog lose and it bites him. Reporters are there and he says it was a conspiracy. He was judged competent to stand trial. Henry County, GA 1/17/96 – a man in a Beretta runs off the freeway, on the exit ramp and takes out a stop sign. They ram him, he fishtails, speeds out, cuts around a truck on the shoulder, takes three lanes toward the exit, then cuts back on the road, races down the shoulder and weaves through thick traffic. They try to box him in, he cuts over two lanes, crashes, hits the cops and debris and smoke are all around. McDonough, GA 1/21/95 – two robbery suspects in a black Chevy run and they block him in, he fakes right, then cuts through them, cuts around a cop, goes on the shoulder, cuts through a field, gets distance, then a police van blocks them and he hits it. They get around it, then cops ram him from behind and he throws his hands up. A second camera shows the PIT and he flies end over end into a ditch, spewing dirt and debris all around. Dallas, TX – a man in a red Cadillac races down the freeway at 100mph and heads toward the tool booth. He weaves through, but crashes into a car on the other side. The cops are waiting for him and he tries suicide by cop. He was a bank robber who had $200,000 on him. He robbed banks for 2 weeks and was a nice white guy from a suburban home who read a book on robbing banks. CW says sometimes you have to use deadly force. Dooly County, GA 9/18/96 – a Cpt chases a car who launches through the air. Another cop rams it, then he’s rammed from behind, he swerves, he’s rammed again and again and again until he spins out into the ditch. Great Britain – a car thief in the snow goes on a shoulder to get around cops, speeds up, loses it and spins out. He kicks his window out and cops grab him. Buckeye County, AZ – a corvette speeds along at 165mph for 30 miles. Cops can’t keep up and he goes around one truck, then another and fishtails into the third, his car is ripped apart as he’s ejected but is OK. He had no seatbelt on, but doesn’t have a scratch. Only the wipers work on the car. Jared Fitzgerald says he’s run from cops before, he never thought about wrecking, just though about getting away and didn’t think about the consequences. Palm Bay, FL 2/15/95 12:22am - cops pull over a white van stolen in a carjacking and he stops in a gas station, then changes his mind and runs. He looks for a place to run, slams the brakes, heads for a roadblock, goes to hit it, then swerves into a ditch and the car spins around and is stuck. CW says in a pursuit it’s scary when nothing works. Warren, MI 11/18/96 10:19am – an armed bank robber who is an off duty cop that knows what he’s doing runs. They ram him hard, he keeps going, blows through stop signs, just misses a car, they try to box him in, he knocks a cop off the road who comes back, then they ram each other, but can’t stop him. He cuts in front a big rig to get to the exit. Cops ram him and his hood comes up and he has to stop. They jump out and grab him. He could spend the rest of his life in jail with men who hate cops. Thames Valley, England – cops chase a stolen $100,000 Ferrari. He runs through traffic and fishtails into the back of a box truck. They open the roof and he’s pinned under the wheel and taken to jail. Clayton County, GA 1/27/95 – two felons run in a stolen blue Iroc-Z, the passenger waves through the sunroof and they ram him. It’s raining now and they slide through traffic. They just had a two week crime spree. CW says you don’t know how it will end. Dallas, TX – a man who robbed a bank runs in an old brown car. He gets out and shoots at a cop and they unload on him. He goes down. Jim Kuboviak says cameras put the jury in the police car. Bronson, FL – Officer Mike Watson spots a drunk going through a stop sign who has 18 prior DWIs. She runs all over the roads at 110mph. Then she goes off road and spins over and over in the dirt. She’s knocked unconscious with a bottle of gin next to her. She had a BAC of .44. and gets 5 years. CW says the strangest chase is - Shelby Township, MI – cops try to stop a man for expired tags. He runs so he can crash into his girlfriends house. Hollywood, CA – a man in a white van runs through thick traffic at 90mph during morning rush hour. He hits one car, keeps going, takes an exit, hits a truck, keeps going through a red light, hits a pick up and pieces of the van are hanging off. He goes offroad, then bails out. Helicopters coordinate the chase and the shirtless black guy is taken down. CW says pursuits are frightening when you are alone. Chattanooga, TN 4/3/94 – Cpl Jackson chases a DWI through no name dirt roads. It is raining, he doesn’t know the roads and doesn’t think backup can find him. They blow through the forest kicking up mud, through thick water and they both get stuck. He jumps out and then there are a ton of shots fired from the passenger. He fires back, the shooter is hit and the passenger runs. Los Angeles, CA – a man in a black van runs, tries to get through a busy intersection and crashes into two cars and hits another. He keeps going, then smokes starts pouring out the back, flames pour out, he loses it and crashes. He had no license for felony evasion and it was his wife’s van. Buffalo, NY – an 18 wheeler runs toward the Canadian boarder and they can’t set up a roadblock. Nicholas Sandor worked at the tool booth and yelled for every car to clear out. They wanted to pay because they thought they might get in trouble. Then he blows through and goes into a lake. Dooly County, GA 5/26/91 – a car blows all over the road, gets surround and tries to ram his way out, then he flips over the median into oncoming traffic, landing upside down and they swarm him. Deadliest Chases – Bunnell says cops will drop everything to help a child in danger. Miami, FL – a crazed man says he has a gun and a bomb and hijacks a bus with 15 mentally retarded kids. He’s upset about the IRS. He calls the cops and uses a kid as a shield. They block the bus on a turn and rescue one girl, but he rams his way though. They start smashing out the back windows to distract him, then shoot him in the front. They yank him out and pull the kids out. Great Britain – a stolen car blows through thick traffic spewing smoke, goes up the sidewalks, back into traffic, gets blocked in, then guns it in reverse into a police car and smashes her windshield. Fort Pierce, FL – a helicopter follows a white car going over 100mph, then he clips a car and he flips over and slides along on his roof upside down for over 1000 feet. Paramedics pull him out and save his life. Chief David Bishop says no cop wants to be involved in a pursuit. Dallas, TX – cops chase an 18 wheeler running at over 80mph, it swerves back and forth and gets off the ground on the back. He almost hits a cop so he starts shooting out the back tires with his shotgun, the tires explode and start raining down on him, but he keeps going. The cop runs out of shotgun shells, so he switches to 9mm. Another car races by and Cpt Stan Clark leans out the window to fire at the wheels going 90mph. The truck starts to lose it and goes off the road and crashes. He thought he devil was chasing him his 13 ton truck. Bunnell says the show was made as a warning, people run 1000s of times a year and they think they can get away, but it’s not worth the risk. 7/29/97 – a teenage boy and girl in a pickup truck run with a stolen lawnmower in the back. They race through traffic, on the shoulder, cops yell at them to stop, they don’t and blow through an intersection and an 18 wheeler plows right into them annihilating them insanity – both are killed. 10/97
World's Scariest Police Chases 4 - Bunnell says the helicopter is a cops’ best friend in a pursuit. You can’t outrun it, but they try. Houston, TX – the entire police department is looking for bank robbery suspects. Two novice house burglars panic and run and cops think it’s them. They crash into a car on a turn, the passenger runs, hangs over the side of a bridge, realizes he has a 30 foot drop, then does it. He runs, is going to get away, until a helicopter lands right in front of him. Charlotte, NC 9/7/92 – a man steals Mercedes Benz 400SE and they need the trooper in the souped up ford Mustang to catch him. He weaves through traffic, cuts past trucks on the shoulder, swerves through a construction zone, cops ram him, but he gets through, goes back on surface streets, cops get in front of him and the guy plays chicken with a van so they back off. He makes a quick turn into a gas station, gets ahead of them so they start ramming him, the car falls apart on the side, he heads back to the freeway, then they start ramming it from behind, after another hit he fishtails on the exit ramp, then spins out and is rammed. The car is destroyed and he gets 20 years. Cherokee County, OK 5/8/94 – Officer James Bassinger chases a truck going over 120mph, but can’t keep up. He takes a blind turn, almost hits a car, then loses it, flies off the road, flips over and over 4 times, ejects the passenger and lands right side up. His friend jumps over him and runs. CW says you wonder why they run, then focus on catching them. Mesa, AZ 6am – cops are looking for car burglars. They go to stop a car, but they keep going, They blow through spike strips, keep going even faster, fly through the air, shower sparks, then the tires fall off. They run on foot and hop a huge fence in an instant and get a good lead, but they are caught. Bunnell says training and experience are the difference between them and us. Minneapolis, MN – two teens broke into a tobacco store and filled their mini van with cigarettes. They blow through an alley, then an intersection and slam into a red Bronco and crash into a building. They get out and run, jump a fence, then go down. They get 7 years in jail. Bunnell on motorcycles. Texas 12/6/91 – a bike runs on surface streets, then goes the wrong way on the highway, then runs on foot and cops hit him. San Diego, CA – a bike won’t stop for reckless driving. He blows through traffic at 100 mph, then goes the wrong way on the freeway, cops back off, then get back in it. He goes off road into a cemetery, but there is only 1 way in or out. He wipes out in the dirt, but is OK. 10/4/89 9pm – a bike pulls over and when the cop gets out, he floors it. He swerves in front of the cop, hits his brakes and is rammed. Dallas, TX – a man steals a red Nissan from a victim who tried to fight back. He blows through an Exxon station, gets on the highway, gets off it, rams a truck, goes in a parking lot, but is boxed in. He weaves around the cops, gets stuck at a light, then runs on foot. He has no shirt and long hair. He goes into an industrial area, jumps a fence, comes out the back, then is caught. Jim Kuboviak says cops have to treat kids just as bad as adults. West Springfield, MA - Officer Matt Murray chases a 14 year old in a stolen red car. It’s his first time driving and thinks if he heads for the state line they’ll break it off. He floors it up over 105mph. Cops back off and he takes an exit ramp at 80mph, fishtails, loses it, flips over, hits a tree and junk falls out. They yank him out and he says he’s not moving. After and hour it’s over. 6/30/93 2:12pm – cops chase a stolen ambulance through 2 states. They try to box him in, but he rams them. A passenger car gets in the mix and the ambulance swerves back and forth, almost falls over and gives up. Reading, England – two suspects flee from a violent home burglary. Cops set up a rolling roadblock so he goes on the shoulder and starts throwing the goods out the window. Two cops get in front, one on the side, then two cops squeeze them together and slow them down from 90mph into the median. Bunnell says every chase must come to end, some try death defying stunts. Atlanta, GA 5/20/92 – cops chase suspects in an SUV with the back window open. A red Mustang in front slows them down, so they take a quick right turn and the black guys start jumping out while it’s still moving and the SUV crashes into cars. Atlanta, GA 1:22am - a car runs, a cop gets out, almost gets hit, cops ram them hard, jump out, they keep going as cops smash their windows/A man in a yellow Cadillac shoots out the passenger window, throws the shotgun out his window, changes his closes, has a drink and gives up waving a white flag. Philadelphia, PA – John Rozelli’s $40,000 sports car is stolen from a Dunkin Doughnuts. His friend Mike Scorlocci helps him to give chase. He goes through a construction zone, gets stuck and crashes into equipment. One guy jumps off the bridge 50 feet into the icy river. Both are caught, but both jump bail. Chicago, IL – cops chase a murderer in a red truck, go to box them in, get in front of them, but they ram their way past. He cuts over 4 lanes, past tons of traffic with 20 cops are behind him. He goes into the grass, jumps out as the truck is still moving, jumps a fence, runs through a lot and gets ahead of the cops. A man walking by jumps on him and holds him until cops from 6 departments jump him. Los Angeles, CA – a punk with red hair drives a junked out truck that has no back, no roof and is full of junk. Cops want to talk to him about a hit and run, but he won’t stop. They lay a spike strip, he swerves away and loses his left front tire. He doesn’t stop, even though the tire is on fire. He goes along slowly, casually drinks water, pulls over, climbs on the hood, jumps out and runs slowly. He climbs a fence, over train tracks, another fence, and just walks along as cops pull up in front of him and tackle him on the street. Smyrna, GA 3/7/91 – a woman is pulled over for speeding. The cop gets out, but didn’t put his car in park. He has to run after his car and jumps in, then goes back to her. San Diego, CA - Officer Kevin Means from air support says they are lower than news choppers. A man on meth carjacks 6 cars in a row at gunpoint. He drives his Blazer into the desert and cops jump out, but he keeps going. He gets stuck in a gully, kicks up smoke, gets out, gets around the cops, then back on the road. He gets back in the city, follows a blue car driven by a woman and cuts her off to carjack her. But cops get there in time to stop him and he runs on foot, but is taken down right away. Karen Custer was the woman and she is shaken how he tried to get in and she locked the door. He says to the judge, “I don’t know what the hell was going on in my head and didn’t know where he was going.” Greenwood, IN 4/6/97 – cops pull over a Chevy pickup. They ask him for ID and he revs the engine and takes off as they try to grab him. He gets up to 80mph, blows stop signs, launches over the railroad, then he hits a pole and wipes out. He was a well-known, well liked football coach who was wearing a wig and women’s clothing. CW says they don’t want people to get hurt or humiliated. Brea, CA – a man doesn’t want to get pulled over because he’s wearing women’s clothes and makeup. He calls 911 and tells them to wait until the makeup is off and he doesn’t want to be on the news. They finally pull him over at gunpoint and he’s wearing a mini skirt. They find a wig and clothes on the seat. Cops laugh that he was too embarrassed to stop. Los Angeles, CA – cops chase a stolen blue pickup truck over 100mph. He’s a felon who is fresh out of prison. He drives by his house, his sister jumps out, tries to get in the back and falls off as he speeds away. He loses a tire, shoots sparks, crashes, then carjacks a man in a van. He gets out the door, but is dragged because of the seatbelt. He keeps running into the night, fishtails, wipes out and runs across traffic, but is too fat to get over the fence. Helena, MT 7/13/92 – cops try to pull over a blue pickup for a license plate falling off. They setup a roadblock, but he crashes through and rams Deputy Carol Schumaker off the road. He keeps going and Carol gets back in it, pulls up, he tries to ram her and she pulls in front. They box him in and he tries to get through, but they wedge him in and shut him down. Chief Dave Bishop says no cop wants to be involved in a shooting. Los Angeles, CA – cops stop a black pickup truck and he takes off down the freeway. He has no warrants, is a family man and it’s a new truck. He takes the Desoto exit, goes through traffic the wrong way, keeps going, crashes into multiple cars, gets pinned, then he floors it squealing tires and kicks up smoke. He gets under an overpass and cops shoot and take him out. Lt. Anthony Alba says he was shot in the neck and died. Bunnell says one of the most dangerous situations is domestic violence spilling out on the street. Campbell County, TN 9/11/97 - Sgt. Randy Baird pulls over a Ryder truck after the driver fought with his girlfriend. He tells him to get out again and again then says he won’t tell him to get out again and he takes off at 70 mph and runs them off the road. They follow and he starts shooting at the cops. They shoot back, then pull up and shoot out his tires. He starts tipping, then gets stuck under a bridge and starts firing at them. Shots are fired back in the dozens and he’s taken down. They find 3 guns, a rifle, pot and coke. One cop was hit, but was OK. Bunnell says a moment of panic can turn to a lifetime of regret. 2/98
World's Scariest Police Chases 5 - Bunnell asks what is it about police pursuits that are so compelling? He was cop for 27 years, it's more often deadly than not. Sacramento, CA - a man in a white escort gets up to 110mph in rush hour traffic. It started as a domestic call, a husband brutally beat his wife and ran. He swerves across lanes, over a median, onto a freeway, off the road, back into residential areas, they see an opening and PIT him, the car is knocked over the median and flips upside-down. He still gets out and runs, but they take him down. Boston, MA 4am - Officer Mike Fiore spots a stolen car running 70 mph. He goes faster, tries to run over a cop, then someone blocks him and pulls over. He rams them hard, keeps gong while the engine smokes, but Mike rams him to a stop. Los Angeles, CA - a black Jetta races down the highway for failure to yield. He gets up to 90mph and steers with his knees as he plays with his hair and takes a necklace off. Then he goes even faster, over 100mph, flies past tons of traffic, goes on the shoulder, clips a red car hard, keeps going, does a u-turn into oncoming traffic and runs as the car still is moving. He makes it over a fence and into a yard, but is taken down. Bunnell says he has bracelets to match his necklace - handcuffs. Los Angeles, CA - a bank robber tries to run, but his car smokes. He bails out on foot and runs hard, but falls bad and wipes out. He gets up and punches at cops, but 5 cops jump him and his stolen money falls everywhere. CW says cops don't know what to expect every day. Manchester, NH - Officer Chris Acoin is at an accident where the car is on fire, then a pursuit goes by him and he joins it. The driver flies down the shoulder in a 260-Z to get around traffic. Chris's leg gets tired from pushing the pedal down so long. The guy takes an exit, wipes out, gets back on the road, comes at him head on, clips the police car, then drives down an embankment into a swamp. He is caught hiding in the swamp and stinks. He gets 19 years for assault and dealing. Los Angeles, CA - a black truck speeds through traffic, wipes out, cops ram him and Sgt. Don Dye PITs him. He spins around and they pull him out. It took 4 mins. San Bernardino, CA - a shirtless biker races down the highway, taunts cops, fakes an exit, goes between trucks, then fakes pulling over and takes it offroad. He gets distance, gets back on the road, but is caught soon after. Orlando, FL - a motorcycle runs, then barrels into the side of a taxi cab crushing it. His bike is broken, but the passengers are OK. He was 2 ½ times over the BAC. Los Angeles, CA - a motorcycle blows through traffic, between cars, almost hits a traffic cop, then gets on the freeway, goes well over 100 mph and flies past traffic. Air units can barely keeps up with him as he gets to 120mph. He takes an exit, hits the back of a bus and goes down, but still fights the cops. Bunnell on K-9 units - the two cops are partners. Santa Ana, CA - an enraged man runs after threatening to kill his wife. Six cops chase him through a residential area, toss spike strips, he blows both tries, swerves, loses control, but won't give up. He's supposed to be armed, so the dog is brought in. The dog latches on to him and he fights the dog. He yells he has a broken leg, but is able to walk away fine. Jacksonville, FL - Officer Otto Botean stops a guy for driving with his feet on the dashboard of a stolen car. He goes to pull him out and spray him with pepper spray and drags Otto as he pulls off. They give chase as he drives across the grass, barrels through traffic and rams a police car. He keeps ramming until he gets on an exit. He thinks he's away from them and they back off so the city police can blast him. Officer Andrews blows out his back tire with a shotgun going 70mph. The car thief is caught soon after. Bunnell says the things people do are so hard to understand. Largo, FL - Jonathan Stoker is driving and they go to pull him over. He stops, smokes a cigarette calmly, tosses the cigarette out when they tell him to get out and he takes off, but he has no reason to run. He runs a cop off the road, drives wildly, rams a cop, goes to ram him again, then goes the wrong way down the road, takes side streets, goes over a curb, onto a lawn and hits a dead end. He goes around in a circle, then comes around and hits a cop head on. Cops jump out, he almost hits one so cops unload their guns and kill him. No one knows why he ran. 2/15/91 CA - A man breaks into a purple truck, smashes the window out, the alarm sounds and he heads for the Mexican border to his theft ring - gone in 60 seconds. He gets into heavy traffic, races along, hits a cop, crashes through the border and gets away, but they catch one guy who gives the whole gang up. Buckeye County, AZ - Jared Fitzgerald says he thought if he made it to town he could get away. His corvette speeds along at 165mph for 30 miles. Cops can't keep up as a helicopter covers it and he goes around one truck, then another and fishtails into the third, his car is ripped apart as he's ejected but is OK. He had no seatbelt on, but walks away without a scratch. Only the wipers work on the car. Jared says after he's run from cops before, he never thought about wrecking, he just thought about getting away and didn't think about the consequences. Bunnell on the LA freeway system being scary. Los Angeles, CA - two armed robbers from Bakersfield barrel down the freeway at 110mph, push between two cars, go down the carpool lane, fishtail, lose it, crash into the wall and go across the lane into another wall. They jump over a 12 foot wall, run across traffic, then over another wall 20 feet down. One jumps a fence and loses tons of cash. The two guys split up, one runs into McHenry's garage scaring a woman and the other suspect is caught. Cerritos, CA - three carjackers steal a Mercedes Benz at gunpoint. It has a Lo-Jack so cops know where they are. They race down the highway at over 110mph, they crash into a car and it erupts into a ball of flame. One guy is thrown across the highway. Two guys are caught nearby. The car explodes and they have to drag a man away not knowing if he is a suspect as the car keeps exploding because it's full of explosive fuel. They keep dragging him and yell at the cameraman to get back. The guy they dragged was a victim. CW says you can't gage the danger of the suspect by how goofy he looks. Westfalia, Germany 5/15/95 - a man on a moped leads cops on a slow speed pursuit. He finally pulls over, lights up a cigarette and goes to lean on the bike and it falls over. He can't get up and tosses his cigarette to help him get up, but still can't. Newark, NJ - cops pull up on a pack of black thieves hotwiring a car. They pull off and the thieves jump on the car one has to climb into the sunroof. They take a blind turn at 75mph, lose sight of them and then the car passes right by the cop car with their lights on. Cops end the chase, make an ID and catch them all a week later. CW says cops and crooks will both be scared, but cops are trained. Garland, TX - police chase a robbery suspect with a shotgun riding a black pickup truck with a bed full of trash and it flies out as he gets it up over 90mph. He weaves through traffic as a helicopter films it. He cuts in front of an 18 wheeler, gets clipped, flips over into the median and the garbage spills out everywhere. The driver was knocked out and it takes 45 mins to cut him out and get the traffic moving. Fort Worth, TX - a man in a red pick up with a blown out tire races through traffic, takes the Walnut Hill exit, jumps over a median, bounces all over, takes a turn, spins out, turns into an auto parts junk yard, but misses the open gate and plows into a fence and is caught. Brentwood, CA - Officer Lynn Blum narrates it this time. It's the most scared she's ever been and will never forget it. A man who was turned down for a job at a bus company in San Diego steals a bus and runs for 4 hours. Lynn was the primary unit. There's nothing they can do to stop it. He runs, fishtails, hits cars, hits a fence and drags 15-20 feet of chain link fence that sprays sparks and it whips around on turns. He pulls into a dead end, cops get out to fire and he throws it into reverse and smashes into the police cars. They jump back in and the car gets smashed and the windshield is knocked out. The driver looked right at her like you are next. He pulls forward, then reverses again. They shoot at him and he backs it right into a house while ducking the bullets. Then he just sat there holding the wheel staring at them. They had to break the windows and he still wouldn't come out. Mary Pringle owned the house, but she wasn't home. Her neighbors filled her in after. Calumet City, IL - A man wanted for theft and aggravated assault runs for over an hour at 100mph in a red car. He takes it off the road and drives right into the river. Officer Mark Jackson has to dive off a dock to pull him out as the car sinks. He almost gets caught in the car, but cops are there to protect and serve, even the bad guys. Bunnell on speed and desperate criminals. Oceanside, CA - a news helicopter follows DWI in a black car. He gets up to 120mph, hits a traffic jam, cops jump out and talk to him, but he pulls off. He then heads toward an intersection at 70mph, hits a white jeep from the left, then a red truck from the right, spins around and is wrecked. The newsman is devastated, shocked and can barely speak. The jeep spun around into a pole, but everyone survives. The suspect was on life support for weeks. Bunnell says the chase goes on. 5/98
World's Scariest Police Shootouts - (Announcer: Mark Thompson) Bunnell says tonight you’ll see cops in the most dangerous parts of the job – a shootout. Norie, GA 2:49am – Officer Henry Bo Huff pulls over a car for speeding, walks up to it and is shot. He drops down and shoots back since he was hit in the bulletproof vest. The 15 year old male driver was caught later after driving in his grandmother’s car without her permission. After they show the wound at the top of the vest and two bullet holes in his shirt. It saved his life. Pomona, CA – Bob Tur films a truck from his chopper. Four men did a home invasion and forced the owner, Robert Hoxley, to take his truck and drive them away. Officer Paul Gonsalves says they shot at a cop. He takes three shots at the helicopter. Then he leans out the window and shoots back at the police. He tells him to turn down a dead end street and he’s trapped, but the gunman takes off on foot. He runs past Paul and shoots at him twice just missing. They fire back at him kicking up dirt by his feet. He hops a wall and then gives up. He was shooting to kill. Wilmington, OH 2/15/97 – at a traffic stop a blue suburban has expired tags. They pull the driver Chevie out, talk to him and ask if he has any guns or drugs. He doesn’t want them to go through his stuff. The cop tells him he can be arrested for not having a license. He makes a run for the car, then his brother Shane Keyhoe jumps out and opens fire. They fire back. No cops are hit. They think Shane put on a bulletproof vest while they waited since he was hit three times. Later in the day Shane is pulled over and fired 26 shots at the cop and gets away. They are still wanted. Salt Lake City, UT – a chase ends when the car flips over and lands upside down. Officer Michael Ridel watches the man and his wife get out OK. Then saw he had a gun. He shot her friend Lucy Valdez, he was mad Gloria wanted to leave him. He wanted to kill them all. Trooper Jerry Walters heard the call and went to the scene. Officer Douglas Devenish says he went to shoot at them. They knew it would end there. He suddenly shoots his wife. She screams, runs for it and he keeps shooting at her. Then cops open fire on him and take him out. Minneapolis, MN – police raid the home of a drug dealer. They fire tear gas into the house and the man starts shooting at them. Flashes go off, explosions ring out and car alarms go off. No one is hurt. TX 1/23/91 – Constable Darrel Lunceford pulls over a car and searches the trunk finding pot. The driver goes for his legs and the other man takes him down, a third man gets out of the car and they take his gun and kill him. Sgt. Andy Lopez says the tape saved his life. It made him more alert. 9/21/91 – Andy pulls over a car with three men. The guy in the backseat looked at him apprehensively. He speaks to them in Spanish, asks them were they are coming from and what’s in the trunk. They pop the trunk and it smells like pot. One guy gets out to join them and then the others come out. He sees one pull a gun, he pushes him and runs around in a circle. He pulls his gun and fires back and one guy goes down. The others run into the woods. He takes cover, then goes after them and keeps firing. He is grazed by one shot in the arm. A manhunt ensues and they are caught the next day. Bunnell says when cops are forced back they are hailed as heroes, but they don’t think so. Phoenix, AZ 11/10/93 – a car thief tries to outrun the cops. Sgt. Richard Murie says he would swerve around or at them. They lay spike strips and he hits them going 90mph. He stops the car, gets out in the middle of the road and starts shooting. They shot back and take him out, but he lives to stand trial. Dornwood, NY 1/24/93 – three armed gunmen enter a Shoprite and an employee calls it in. One has a shotgun, the other have pistols. One watches the door while the others force the manager to open the safe. The employee watches them on video and directs the cops. The cops arrive and they take off with the bag of money. Sgt. Glenn Carlson is first on the scene and he fires two shots at them as they aim their guns at him. They ran out the back door and he followed and shot back. One guy hides inside and is caught, the other two are caught outside. Tampa, FL – a TV station gets a call about a bank robbery tip. Steve Cole says SWAT was following them and surrounded the place. Laurie the witness says it was like the OK Corral. John Davis saw them shoot. The suspects shoot and cops open fire with assault rifles. Shots are fired everywhere. Capt Bob Price says it was perfect. They run around back and are caught. Shelby, NC – a man with two guns holds up a social security officer and takes his gun. Chief Vanhoy was there. Capt Shell Byars says he pointed the guns at him and thought he would kill him. He kneels on the ground waving the guns around. They tell him to drop them. After 39 minutes nothing happens and he starts firing and they shoot him to death, but they aren’t happy about it. Sacramento, CA – four gang members hold 41 people hostage in an electronics store. They want bulletproof vests and 4 million dollars. A cop strips down to show he has no weapons and brings his vest over and a hostage grabs it. Later she is let go with her kids. David Siegler was inside and says it was OK at first, then they got unreasonable. After 6 hours night falls. The terrorist says if he doesn’t get another vest he’ll shoot a man and he shoots him in the leg. A man agrees to be shot in the leg if he can go free. He has to relay the demands. He crawls out and runs for it. After 8 hours they toss them another vest. A woman tethered on a cord is sent out to retrieve it. SWAT shoots the gang member the door and misses, blowing out the window. A flash grenade is thrown in and the woman just curls up on the ground. SWAT enters the back door and a massive gun battle ensues. 3 of the 4 gang members are killed. Sgt. Steve Sanders says sometimes you have to use deadly force. Wells Fargo Bank, CA – an armed bank robber enters while Sgt. Paul Wing was there. He went right by him and said he would kill the tellers. He decided to be the best witness and not endanger anyone. He then pulls his gun and fires, hitting him in the chest, but it doesn’t take him down. He shoots in the air and aims his gun at Paul, but it jams as he fires at him, but misses. He lunges, grabs the gun barrel and then he punches him in the head. He shoots again, but Paul isn’t hit. He gets the gun away from him and he runs out. He chases him down and catches him in the parking lot. Knoxville, TN – police trail bank robbery suspects to their house. They surround the place and a woman gives up, then a man. Donnie is inside and starts shooting, hitting a cop. FBI Agent Tom Locke yells to him to come out. They fire tear gas bombs inside. Foster Arnett explains what the cops did. After four hours the gunman comes out and the sharpshooter takes his gun out. Then he tosses the gun away and gives up. Newcastle, IN – Trooper Marc McDougle chases a wanted felon after he robbed a bank. He’s armed and dangerous and in a blue Ford Mustang. Then he hits traffic and jumps out to carjack the blue car next to him driven by Brenda. Trooper Kim Williamson fires on him and he goes down. Brenda locks her door and takes off. He fires at them and they fire back. Charlotte. NC – a barricaded man threatens to kill his dad. He refuses to listen to police and yells at them to get the hell away. After four hours the fat white guy comes out with a gun. He says he won’t put it down. SWAT is around the corner and he walks over to them not knowing they are there. He raises the gun and they unload on him killing him. Bruce Praet says the officers are left no choice. North Hollywood, CA 2/28/97 – Bank of America Shootout. Tracy Fisher is a witness. The two gunmen lock 30 employees in the vault. Armen was a hostage. Jorge was a Spanish reporter, first on the scene, they think the robbers are cops. He ducks down as armor piercing bullets hit the pole behind him and ricochet. He though he was going to get hit. They shoot at the helicopters too. Jorge Montes is a doctor who treats two cops who come running in wounded. Tracy was shot in the foot and taken out. Officer Douglas Jones is on scene and says they’ve been hit many times, but the body armor stops it. Then they realize their legs aren’t protected. The gun is shot out of his hand and he tries to carjack a truck, but it won’t start. Cops pull up and he unloads with his assault rifle. They hit him and he goes down. Tracy says it meant a lot to hear the cops voices. Jorge says they were in danger, but still concerned for people. They believe the cops did a great job, that’s why no one got killed. Bunnell says most cops will never get in a shootout. If a gun gets pulled on them they’ll fight back. 5/15/97
World's Scariest Police Shootouts 2 - Springhill, FL – a man threatened cops with a gun, barricaded himself in his house and then ran. Cops pursue him and he shoots at them out his window. He turns on Hastings Road and hits a stop sign. Bill Davidson was the owner of the lawn he drove on. They start shooting at each other and gunshots rip apart each car. Stubenville, OH – a deranged man enters a crowded Kroger grocery store and puts a 357 Magnum to a woman’s head. Therisha Elders was there and was let go as cops negotiate with the man inside. A sharpshooter fires and hits the man in the neck, but he survives and drops the gun. St. Anthony, ID – Cpl Ismael Gonzales pulls over a jeep and walks up. He’s shot twice in the chest, but has a vest on. He backs up and returns fire. He gives the play by play after. He shoots out the mirror and the guy fires back and hits the ground. He calls it in that he’s been shot. They chase him all night and capture him in a barn. Sao Paulo, Brazil – a man holds a knife to the throat of a kidnapped 2 year old girl. He botched a robbery and took three girls, but the two older ones get away. He tells cops if he dies, the kid will die too. Gilberto Parra was there. After 4 hours cops had enough. A cop walks up with a gun behind him and then pulls it and shoots the man in the head. The girl was OK. Sao Paulo, Brazil – another botched robbery. A man holds a woman at knifepoint on the street in broad daylight. An undercover cop pretends to be a reporter and gets up close holding a camera and grabs the gun. Other cops run in and take him down. The girl thought she would die not knowing he was a cop. Orlando, FL 5/16/97 – cops pull over a man for tailgating a trailer. He’s told to get out. He says it’s a rental car and the passenger is his brother. The passenger gets out, says they are cousins and the car belongs to Maria, his mother. A drug dog is brought in and smells drugs. They go to cuff the men and the driver runs into the passenger side, jumps over and starts the car. Cops surround and shoot him, but he still runs at a high speed. He throws stuff as he runs and cops go on the median to keep up. A helicopter follows and after 75 miles he clips a bumper of a car, flips over and slides 1000 feet. Limestone Co. AL – a drunk man is wielding a shotgun. They call his two brothers over to talk him down. They try, but it doesn’t work. He continues to drink, shout and hold the gun. He gets pissed off and smashes things for an hour. Then he pulls a gun on the brother and a sharpshooter takes him down. Bruce Praet says he decided to use it, he made his choice. Sheriff Mike Blakely gave the order to shoot. Santa Fe, NM 5/22/97 – Officer Michael Applegate pulls over a car and the driver aims a gun at him. The suspect is suspicious of him and why he pulled him over. He says for speeding, he doesn’t know him. Mike goes for the gun and they go down an embankment as two female passengers wait in the car. The gunman gets up and orders Michael into the car. 12 miles later they are stopped. Kansas City, KS – a man alleged to be a Nazi guard is confronted by reporters. He opens the door and points a gun at them. Neighbors are shocked. He goes back inside, then comes back out and starts firing. They shoot back 12 times and he’s hit in the leg and collapses. He’s taken to the hospital. Sao Paulo, Brazil – a crazed man steps out on his balcony with a gun to his head. He gets enraged when cops arrive on balconies above. He starts breaking windows and they use a flash grenade and take him down. 9/29/93 - Trooper Bryan Barnhart pulls over a car for no headlights. He runs him and he has a warrant. He says he forgot about it and has no license. He talks to the passenger and he says his name is Sylvester and spells it – SEVSTVO. Deputy Jim Langford arrives to assist as Bryan goes to cuff the man. He doesn’t want to go down, doesn’t want to get cuffed, pushes Bryan and gets away. They pull batons out and wail at him, but he still comes at him. He fights and struggles and hits them back in the face and knocks Jim down. Bryan goes to help and goes down too. Jim gets up and the man’s shirt comes off as he gets up. He goes to run and Bryan shoots him. Then Bryan thinks he shot Jim and he freaks out. He asks him again and if he got hit. Later they find the guy was drunk and had a gun in the car. After Bryan cries at how lucky he was. Pooler, GA – two cops pull over a car. The passenger says he’d rather not step out and he’s holding a gun. The cop says if he doesn’t take his hands off it he will kill him. He says if he goes to shoot or aims at him he will shoot him. He tells him over and over to drop the gun or lay it on the dash, he counts and tells him dozens of times to drop it. He curses at him again and again and tells him to get out. He makes a move and they shoot him, but he lives. OH – Chief Conrad Strone goes to auto repair shop. A man attacks his girlfriend and tear gas is thrown in flushing him out. He comes out with a blanket over a shotgun. They tell him to stop and put it down as SWAT follows him. They shoot non lethal bullets at him and he keeps walking across the tracks. They finally shoot him and it turns out to be a piece of pipe under the blanket. Hollywood, CA – a car thief leads cops on a high speed pursuit after taking a luxury car from a dealership. He gets out to dance and taunt the cops. He makes gang signs out the window, stops again, goes to get out and they shoot him with bean bag guns. Albuquerque, NM - Sgt. Ed Sauer goes to a house with a man brandishing a crossbow. He comes out and points it at them. They pummel him with bean bag rounds and he tries to crawl back into the house so a dog is sent in after him. 15 minutes later he comes out. Chief Joe Polisar says that’s what they wanted. Sacramento, CA – grand opening of the public library. A man walks up to the camera and starts shooting. Jeri Dougan was there. The man goes up to the roof as Sgt. Bill Beermann is on scene. Sgt. Greg Twilling tried to talk to him. He said they messed with my old lady, nothing else. He raises the gun at them and they start shooting and take him down. Calhoun, GA 1/22/93 – Trooper Mike Ralston goes to a pickup truck where a man is sleeping inside. He runs it and it comes back missing. He goes for his ID, but says it’s in the back of the pickup. He moves around boxes and junk and tries to hide one taped up box. Mike tells him to open it. He cuts it open with a knife and then goes to stab Mike. Mike backs off and shoots him. The guy keeps struggling and fighting. He asks what his problem is pulling a gun on him. He reminds him he pulled the knife first. The man grabs his radio and throws it. He tells him to behave. He grabs Mike so he throws him down. He still fights and struggles until backup arrives. The box was full of coke. Brooklyn, NY – a man holds a gun out the window and threatens cops. Then a SWAT marksman shoots the gun out of his hand. Honolulu, HI – a man with a gun and a long criminal record holds 5 hostages inside a construction company. Tom McNeil was a hostage who was pulled inside. He was fired 6 months earlier and is back for revenge. He might’ve killed his girlfriend earlier and shot the boss in the leg. Then John calls into a live radio show. He’s calm and they try to tell him to let the hostages go. He drags the boss to the window to show him off and says he’s going out with a bang. The boss jumps out the window and gets away. He flips out and duct tapes the shotgun to Tom’s head. He leads them all outside, then turns around to go back. The other hostages flee and the SWAT team locks the door from the inside. For 6 hours they are stuck there on the stairs. They lower food down to him and then he makes him walk to the street surrounded by cops. John tells him to count down from 60 to 0 and he would kill him. He says no so John counts. When he gets down to 13 Tom swirls around for the gun and he fires. Then the cops start firing at him. Tom is unharmed. He thanks the cops for holding on, he just went to work and ended up with a gun in his face and everything changed. 4/23/98
World's Scariest Police Stings - Bunnell has been catching crooks in stings for 25 years. You need to get inside their heads to catch them. Long Beach, CA 9/9/93 - Perma Jean Pritchett wants her husband Elder Charles E. Pritchett dead and hires a hitman, but he is an undercover cop. Charles thinks she did it for the $100,000 insurance money. He thought how cold blooded she was and had no respect for his life. After she makes the deal she wants to get some doughnuts. 9/14/93 - they go to Charles for him to fake his death. Sgt. Terry Walton says they used dirt and McDonald's ketchup. They take her to the fake crime scene and show her a photo of Charles and she screams and wails. When he goes to get the photo she cries harder. They take her to the station to get his things, but really are questioning her. When told she was under arrest, she says that's a lie, she goes to work and is with her kids, she had nothing to do with it. Then the door opens, Charles is brought in, then leaves. She screams for him and keeps repeating the same lie. He'll never forget it. She was mad that he was alive, she didn't kill him. When he went in he wanted to see her face for the last time. She gets 9 years in jail. Bunnell on what they need to do to catch people in his town. Portland, OR - they use an undercover cop driving a cab with a camera in the meter. Det Sue Lambert & Det Eddie Fisher are in the back seat making drug buys. Sue makes the buy and they jump on the dealer who tries to swallow the evidence. They do it again and pick up a Mexican dealer. He jumps in to make the deal and digs in his pants to get the drugs and the cop moves the cushion and his gun falls out. The dealer asks if that's a gun and he says yes and pulls it on him. Bunnell is there after laughing. Island Park, NY 8/9 through 8/11/95 - a body shop smashes cars with a large wooden mallet to make more damage to get more money from the insurance. Each gets 5 years probation and $20,000 in fines. Bunnell says 1000s of people are wanted for felony warrants, so they need new scams to catch them. Boston, MA - cops set up a fake movie set. Sgt. Det Donald Gosselin says to hide everything that says cop. They pretend to be Crown Casting and send out 500 letters to felons to be extras in a Robert Deniro film. They get 97 people to respond and bus them in. The Sgt. asks them if they have any acting experience and one guy says he did a man on the street and to get out of the bus and line up by height. He says they will like this, they are all under arrest. One guy says this sucks. Bunnell says 1000s of cars are stolen they need some place to sell them. Gwinnett County, GA 12/5/90 - 2/11/91 - Sgt. Buzz Benson runs Elmo's chop shop. Officer William Hughey dresses up like a biker. They always have money to pay. One guy calls that he's got something for him. No matter what they are he gives them $400 a car. They guy says in one night, 30 seconds he made 2 weeks salary. Cars come in one after the other. Then on 2/11 they bust 67 of them with $2 million in property and 357 felonies. Bunnell on subway crimes, it's dropped to 3% of total crime. New York City, NY - Det Adam Rubin is a rookie and it's his first time undercover. He has to give up his gun for the first time. He pretends to be a drunk and leans on a railing and coughs. Then a black man comes up to him and pats him on the back, but then removes his chain. Then he goes to carry him to a dark corner and they run out, bust him and find jewelry from other victims on him. They move to another platform and a man takes his necklace. Bunnell on murder for hire cases. It's tremendous pressure to do it right. La Crosse, WI 1977 - Jim and Susan Schuman are married, 20 years later she wants a divorce and he decides he wants her dead. 2/20/97 - He comes to the hitman who is an undercover cop and asks how much. He doesn't have much. He wants her to disappear, no corpse. His wife says he told her he would spend a million to make sure she didn't get one. She nearly cries describing what he wanted to do to her. Det Kurt Papenfus was on the case. Jim says he has money buried, but can't get it until the frost melts. He says if her dad gets in the way to take him out too. She says that was the worst. He's told $10,000 a hit. She says she thought he would poison her and had a book on how to do it. The cop says it's a go and shakes his hand. Kurt says if they weren't involved she would be dead. He gets 35 years. Phoenix, AZ - cops set up a robotic deer to catch illegal hunters. Fish and game rangers catch two guys for shooting from the road. Portland, OR - back to the taxicab sing. The driver asks for some cola for $20, the dealer says $40 and goes to a guy who spits it out and gives it to him. He asks, "You no cop?" She says no and then they bust them. Bunnell says when the surveillance equipment fails you are big trouble. 5/27/92 - customs do a 4 year sting. They are doing a buy from Nigerian agents for $200,000 in drugs. The camera starts to fail and one of the dealers blocks the camera and has to be moved. The signal is Cujo and he yells it out and no one comes when the audio is down, then he yells it again and they finally show up and bust them. Bunnell on the bait car - the rat trap, a car that locks by remote. Ventura, CA - the crooks sing and laugh as they steal the car. Then the engine cuts out on them. One guy says I told you fool. Then a long-haired guy steals it, the car stops and punches the window 4 times until it breaks. He climbs out and is busted. Bunnell on the secret of the sting, to confuse them. Multnomah County, OR - Det Heidi Hall takes Charlie AKA Det. John Blackman in a wheelchair as he pretends to be an addict. They make a buy in the park for a half a pound of black tar heroin and jump up and catch him. The dealer is surprised. Bunnell says doctors are the hardest to bust. Nassau County, NY - a chiropractor teaches a man how to fake a back injury. He says some doctors are so stupid they don't tell the guys what to do to fake it. One woman comes in and he looks at her for 5 seconds and says she's permanently disabled. One woman billed insurance for 79 visits that didn't happen. Bunnell says the object is to get evidence for court. La Cross, WI - cops put a camera on the dash and cover it with a hat. He picks up Caroline Grimsled who wants to have her husband killed. She doesn't want him on the earth no more. If he's dead she gets rich, $50,000 from insurance. Ron Grimsled says he wanted a divorce and she knew she wouldn't get any more money. She will pay to have him dead, dead as a doorknob, she'll even help bury him. Ron was amazed how wrong he was to get involved with her. Det Michael Weissenberger says they wanted to get some upfront to make it more of a felony. He asks her if she cares if he suffers. She laughs and says no. Then she wants to hug him to make sure he's not wired. He laughs and lets her. She says we all have to be safe and is going to have a wonderful weekend. She got 18 years because of the tape. Ron says eventually she would've gotten it done, but he's not ready to go. New York City, NY - a reporter goes undercover to catch taxicab drivers who prey on foreigners. He makes a $30 fare into $97. She pretends to barely speak English. Then at the hotel she says she can speak English and wants to know why he's ripping her off he drives away. Bunnell says every sting comes down to one cop face to face with the crook. Los Angeles, CA - Det. Eddie Follis DEA is meeting with Sam Essel & Chuck O'Keke, the Nigerian druglord. They have a large shipment of guns and heroin. Jimmy C. is Eddie's boss. He shows him the gun, a modified assault rifle that's a 10 year felony. You have to get him to trust you, it's their life. He rigs a Lear Jet and brings $1 million in flash money. They arrange a meeting in a LA hotel room. 3/20/91 - They pick him up at the airport. They celebrate in s room, drink and Sam says the stuff is coming on a ship called the Ivangrad. They want to raid the boat and bust them. Jimmy wants to stall for 2 days, he thinks he's moving too fast. Eddie doesn't want to wait. Then they get the call that the boat is coming in to port. The DEA moves in to take it down as they unload it. They drill open the packages and it's $17 million worth of drugs. Then they bust Sam and his partner and they go down for 20 years. In a sting on a boat they produce $8,000 and trust is bought. Then cops bust them. 11/20/97
World's Worst Drivers Caught on Tape 1 - Announcer: Mark Thompson/Bunnell thought he saw it all, but tonight is the worst of the worst. Chicago, IL - A Dodge pickup being chased crashes head on into a police car even though there is 30 feet of room on either side to pass. He gets out and runs, but is caught instantly/Cops TV Footage - a man dressed as a woman doesn't want to pull over because he's embarrassed and talks to the dispatcher on the phone about it. He pulls over 24 minutes later and gets out, 6 feet tall in a tight black skirt and stockings/An old woman had no idea the police were pursuing for 10 miles. She saw the lights and sirens, but didn't hear them telling her to stop. She says she had no idea what was going on and thought they were escorting her home. She's been driving for he last 100 years and will continue/Orange Co. CA - Two old ladies miss a stop sign, drive without headlights, then pull into a retirement home and refuse to get out. Cops have to break a window to get them. The driver is 65 and is charged/Cops chase a car into a neighborhood, the crook goes through a yard and over a pool, the cop doesn't make it and goes right into a pool. Merilee Ibarra who owns the house came out in the night to find him trying to breathe and curse. It takes tow trucks 5 hours to pull him out and know he's called Aquaman/Bunnell on getting out of the way/A convenience store camera catches a car driving through the front of a store. A witness inside couldn't believe it came at her/A man crashes his truck into a store on purpose and grabs the ATM machine by the cord and takes it with him/Bob Scott, the mayor of Sioux City IO is speaking as a Pontiac crashes into the wall of city hall where's he's giving a press conference and the driver tries to back out but is stuck/A pizza delivery girl hit the gas in the driveway of a customer and crashed right through their house/Bunnell on snowy roads/ Sherman Townsend drives fast on the snow goes up on a curb, takes out a sign, hits a car, then another sign and another car setting the alarm off. He says he didn't know how the tires would take. A woman whose car is for sale is laughing that he hit it. If he totaled it she would get money/A MN video store records a bad intersection as people slide around a turn. A bus, a truck, then a guy slides along, almost hits a man, then plows into another car/Bunnell on distance between cars/At an icy road accident people don't slow down and keep crashing. Six have crashed and police and firemen yell as more and more crash in front of them/Cars trying to make a right hand turn crash into a pole. Officer Tony Caughill is called in and is amazed at what people do. A third one crashes, loses a piece of his car, a fourth crashes, a fifth goes into the snow bank and a sixth skids out/OH 3/6/97 - a car gets stuck on an icy bridge. Cop gets out to help and an 18 wheeler jackknifes into the car, pushing them into the guardrail, but the cop was quick enough to move them/On 5/24/97 a car wipes out in the rain near an accident, almost knocking out a guy at the scene who jumps out of the way, he runs around the police car laughing/Officer Jerry Seil explains hydroplaning/Bunnell on excuses at a traffic stop/On 7/16/92 Trooper Stephen Murray pulls over a man in a red SUV who goes crazy. He wants the ticket so he can get the f-k out of there, but he's not in a hurry. He goes insane when he hears the ticket is $137.50. Says he can't afford it and throws the paper out the window. He makes him pick it up or he'll cite him for littering. He keeps yelling that Steve is crazy. Steve says after the guy went crazy without even knowing why he was stopped, he was irate, like he was ruining his day, like the planets were out of line and the sky was coming down on him. He wanted to laugh, but he couldn't or he would lose control. Everything he was saying was hilarious. He went crazy and the whole truck was rocking from him. If he told people what happened they would think he was exaggerating, but he has hard evidence that people actually say this stuff/Bunnell on DWI - 17,000 are killed every year from it/On 11/15/97 Deputy Sheriff John Lunde of ID pulls over a guy and a truck sideswipes his car and almost hits him. He jumps into his car and gives chase. His main concern was getting him off the road before he hurt someone. He stops him asks what he thought he was doing. He says another car forced him over. John says there was no other cars and the tape proves it. He says he had nothing to drink even though he was weaving and slurring his words. John finds an open beer in his pocket while searching him. John was scared, he never thought that would happen/On 4/21/96 Trooper John Stankas pulls over a car for speeding and as he talks to the driver a truck flies by and the sideview mirror breaks off against his spine. He's in pain, goes off the road, the people try to help him, but he takes off after the truck. A civilian stops him and he arrests him for DWI/On 3/18/96 a cop pulls over a car and arrests the female passenger for warrants. She gets over the front seat of the police car, pulls the cuffs in front of her and steals the police car and runs at over 100mph. She gets evading, fleeing, theft and suspended license/UK police chase a suspect going over 100mph with a missing wheel that showers the road with fiery pieces of the car raining down behind him. He gets up to 110mph but loses speed fast. He's 2 ½ times over the legal limit and gets suspended for 4 years/Midland, TX 11/24/90, Officer Don Williams pulls over a drunk woman, gives her a field sobriety test which she fails. Her ABCs are awful. He arrests her, she asks his name, he tells her, she says she's never been in trouble before and asks "is there anyway we can settle this through sex?" He couldn't believe it, but she wouldn't repeat it/UK 5/5/95 cops pull over a guy on a moped, but he won't stop, only going 15 mph. He eventually stops, tries to smoke and sit on the bike and falls over/Bunnell on angry drivers/A man says how mad he gets when people don't thank him for letting them in/A man steals a parking spot right in front of a waiting car/Officer Rhett Price says people don't leave their problems at home/Two people fight after an accident, one takes out a wrench, another has a pipe and mace/Bunnell on rookie drivers/A cop pulls over an Asian speeder who parks in front of a sprinkler. The woman jumps out and gets wet. The cop tells them to pull up and they can't understand it. The guy jumps out the passenger side too and gets wet. They finally figure out to move the car, but the guy keeps going. They are exchange students, he's supposed to wear glasses and won't stop as the woman chases after him on foot. The guy says he's only been driving 2 months and not very good. They can't believe the ticket is $60/Bunnell on failure to pass/UK - a car with a carpet out his front window/A motorcycle carrying a 10 foot piece of lumber on the back. A tiny Sedan full of people get pulled over and 8 people get out and none have seatbelts/UK - a moving company doesn't have it's load tied town and on a turn crates fly all over the road/Amor Thind is a Muslim backing his Toyota into the garage, he went too fast, went the wrong way and drove over the son's $300,000 Lamborghini and wrecks the house. Manjit is the son who says he'll forgive his dad/A bus goes out of control after he forgets to put on the parking brake. The driver tries to stop it and gets caught in the door and crashes into a tree/A woman drives her car into wet cement and gets stuck/Another car gets stuck in the cement and a news crew finds her. She says she swerved to miss a car and went in it and doesn't want it on TV/Officer James Myers found a pickup truck that was driven by a dog, through a parking lot, hit cars, into a field, through the trees and into a phone pole. The owner Brett went into the store to get flowers and left it running, he was getting a treat for Scraps who took it on him. He thought it was stolen, called 911 and found out his dog took it/UK 12/25/93 - a horse escapes his barn and gets on the freeway and almost gets hit by a car/On 11/7/94 a man is hitchhiking on a freeway and an 18 wheeler almost takes him out/Bunnell on people doing everything but driving/Clips of people eating, drinking, making phone calls, reading and farding/On 1/5/94 a cop spots a couple having sex in a car on the side of the road. The cop on the overpass calls an emergency phone next to the car and the guy gets out and answers it and tells them to mind their own business/UK 1/10/94 - a couple are arguing in their car and he swerved all over the road to get her to shut up, but it didn't work/Bunnell on learning from their mistakes/UK - a man pulls into an intersection and hits a motorcycle/A man drives a white car down a sidewalk, almost this 2 bikes and a car going the wrong way on the sidewalk, then the wrong way on the road and is stopped after ½ a mile/A 13 foot truck tries to drive under a 12 foot bridge and rips the top off/ UK 6/21/91 - a man blows through a farmers field at a high speed and is caught on helicopter/ UK 9/13/95 - a man is going the wrong way on the freeway. He gets out to move the cones so he can cross over to the other side to save time. After 5 minutes he squeezes through, but is pulled over/UK 5/7/95 - a Zippo's Circus 18 wheeler goes down a residential street and gets stuck when he turns and cops have to cut a tree down to get him out/UK 2/1/94 - a man is urinating on the side of the road 100 yards from a bathroom and a female cop catches him/The worst driver - a truck spins out, wipes out into the divider, drives into the divider the wrong way, then drives across the road and crashes into the other rails/Bunnell on defense driving as the best hope of survival and always wear our seat belt. D: Bruce Nash 6/98
World’s Worst Drivers Caught on Tape 2 - Bunnell says you see them wherever you go - bad drivers/Roseville, CA - A woman lost her car keys and tried to start the car with a screwdriver. The gas pedal stuck and the car does doughnuts in the street for 20 minutes as she goes inside without a care. Officer Wayne Neidig says he never saw anything like it. She didn't have a lot to say except it was her car and it had half a tank of gas. Eventually it crashes on the curb as neighbors watch and cops turn it off/UK - A man at a traffic stop has a tools, oily rags and a propane tank under his hood that caught on fire at a traffic stop. Cops are astounded/On 5/20/95 a couple couldn't wait to get to a hotel and were having sex in the car. Deputy Joseph Sendek pulls them over and the driver gets out with his pants unzipped and shirt out. She was giving him oral and he asks her if she was bothering him and she denies it. He gets off with a stiff warning and they need to keep it in the bedroom/Bunnell on the 2 rules to good driving - gas = go, brake = stop, if you can't do that then you have a big problem/A sandwich shop is open for lunch as a truck comes right through the store/A woman going to the DMV takes a wrong turn and crashes into a house owned by Rose Zahran/A man who owns a Stir Fry wok crashes into his own restaurant on the grand opening and destroys it. Jennifer Moody is a witness/Frank Chung couldn't believe it when a man crashed through his restaurant/At a drive up ATM a man goes through the bank wall/A man drives into a fence, through a yard and into a retirement home swimming pool. Old ladies were sitting out there at the time and relate the story/Bunnell on nothing being safe on the street/A man walking through an intersection almost gets hit by a truck that hit a car and sent it skidding. He leaps out of the way and runs from the car/A man walking in NYC is hit by an ambulance while crossing the street. He never thought he would be hit by a car and refuses treatment/Bunnell on taking the bus/A Dallas bus slides down a long icy road and crashes into a curb. The salt truck follows and spins around and around into a parked sports car/Frederick Abernathy - driving instructor says to use chains in the snow/On 12/8/97 on a snowy freeway. A van breaks down and a tow truck driver turns around across oncoming traffic to help him, cars swerve to miss him and an 18 wheeler jackknifes trying to miss him/On 6/8/91 in heavy traffic in the rain, a red card skids across the road, causes traffic to back up and a white truck going too fast slams into one car, that hits another and causes a pileup/A white truck skids into a red car smashing it/Chicago - at an icy intersection cops get out and a blue car skids through the intersection. A white car hits the brown car that was stopped and tries to get away and the cop walks over to him, then a large truck smashes into the white car and a blue car smashes into the police car/Bunnell on bad judgment/A red truck drives across a frozen pond and breaks through the ice/LA - a man in an expensive new car gets trapped inside. He drank all night, fell asleep, lost his keys and couldn't open the door. Deputy Michael Gonzalez tried to help him out and had to break his window. The driver says "don't drunk and drive"/An old woman goes around a police barricade and gets stuck in a river of water. She's mad at the police for not labeling it clearly/A man runs over a fire hydrant causing a water spout/Eddie Kraemer worked at a computer store as a car crashed through it/London, England - crooks steal a range rover and smash it through a warehouse wall to steal electronics/On 2/7/92 a man runs from a cop, swerves all over the road, speeds, hits a curb, then takes out a light pole and spins himself around. Cops can't believe they got it on tape/On 1/4/98 a man left a gas station without paying and a cop saw him and gives chase. The guy won't stop, turns onto a side road and backs up right into the police car. He keeps ramming it until he knocks the car and the camera out/Bunnell on speedy collisions/Melissa & Ronald Miller hydroplaned to miss a stalled car on the freeway. They crashed into a wall, spun out, got out and a truck slams into the car while Melissa's still inside. Ron pulls her out, then another car hits their car destroying it and the fire dept can't get to them with the traffic. They were able to walk away from the accident and are interviewed after about how lucky they are and people don't realize how dangerous driving is/Bunnell on escalating road rage/Miami Beach - a minor accident at an intersection turns into a brawl. The large black guy bodyslams the other driver on the street/Dr. Arnold P. Nernberg - road rage expert explains why it happens. Since 1990 incidents have increased by 50%/Santiago Chile - male drivers punch each other, girls get involved, words are exchanged and it gets uglier/New Zealand -a brawl over a paring space/South America - gridlocked traffic turns into a brawl/A man screams incoherently as he's arrested/Arnold says to avoid eye contact and to continue on your way/A man runs from police after pulling a gun on another guy. He said he would kill the guy. He calls 911 and tells police to back off or he'll crash into a gas station and blow it up. A helicopter follows him as he goes 100mph through traffic, police ram him, he keeps going, gets rammed again, then gets stuck on a median and runs on foot. Gerald Tackett, a civilian jumps out of his truck and takes him out on foot. The Asian driver says police tried to kill him and rammed him left and right/Bunnell on the seriousness of a DWI/ FL - at a field sobriety test after a man got his truck stuck in the mud. He says he can't take the tests because he's drunk. He's got 20 years of education since he graduated the 10th grade twice. The cop laughs at that. He can barely stand up and says he's drunker than a skunk/Detective John Lawson says they'll try anything to get out of trouble/On 11/6/93 - Sgt. Michel St. Paulus does a field test on a guy who can't follow his finger, then claims he two glass eyes/In 1994 Terry doesn't want to do a sobriety test and mouths off. She says to get the BS over with and to just get on with it, just do it if that's what he's going to do. She gives him her AAA card to post bond. He tells her to do the one leg test and she gets mad. He asks her to count and she gets mad and she's not sure she can count that far. The worse she got, the more evidence they got. She wants to go inside and talk to her husband. They arrest her and she's worried about her car door being open/Lake Jackson TX - Officer Carol Galloway talks to an 85 year old man who was weaving all over the police. He's pants were open, he's wearing a hard hat to protect his computer (his brain). He says he's been drinking all day and has plenty of beer at his house and invites them over to drink. The back of his car is filled with empties that spill out. She just throws her hands up/On 9/10/93 a cop pulls over a woman, who gets mad, screams and wails that she doesn't know where her license is. She has to tear her car up if he doesn't mind, screams that she can't believe it and he doesn't believe her. She yells and asks if he knows how furious she is/On 9/3/95 Officer John Mullins pulls over a guy who throws his license on the roof, then smashes his rear view off in a fit of rage and smashes the seat and windows. He throws his wallet out the window and money flies everywhere and he doesn't care. John makes him get out and pick it up and the guy screams at him. He flips John off, gives him another warning and the guy yells Heil Hitler. He would've only gotten a warning if he was nice/Bunnell on helicopters with cameras/On 4/11/97 a woman evades the police, but signals every time. She even signals as she goes up a lawn and gets caught/On 10/7/00 a woman drives in reverse going 40mph as a helicopter is overhead. Deputy James S. Vestal Jr. says it didn't matter what they did, she was going to run. Cops ram her and the passenger gets out. They hit her again and she refuses to get out. They beat on the car and she runs again, almost hitting a cop. She then drives through her own yard and through a fence. James rams her again and disables her car/Bunnell says you ain't seen nothing yet/Russia - a woman gets hit while crossing the street/A woman gets hit while walking and is thrown in the air/Two college kids record a car that looks like it's driving itself. They pull up close only to find a little old lady/Dalton OH 4/6/98 - cops get behind a car who won't pull over then a car swerves right in front of him forcing him onto the wrong side of the road/UK - an engineer on the A19 does a TV interview to say the new road is safer and the accidents are lower than the national average. Then a blue car skids out and goes up the grass, then another crashes and he rolls his eyes/On 7/25/96 a man is pulled over and they go to arrest him. He runs around the car and takes off, but one cop gets in the car with him with a gun drawn/A black garbage truck driver runs into a house and has no comment/UK - a man stole a black Sedan only to find out an angry pit bull was in the back/Bunnell on the best way to protect yourself from bad drives. 11/98
World’s Worst Drivers Caught on Tape 3 - at a crosswalk an Asian girl is hit by motorcycle/Shelby Co NC – cops go to a bank robbery and a detective crashes his car into the bank/Cops leave HQ on motorcycles and a rookie wipes out/Firemen race to a car fire and park too close and the fire truck catches fire/An ambulance races around a turn, fishtails and hits a parked car/Belfast Northern Island Road Rally - car 21 hits a fence and a post goes right through the windshield into one driver’s head – he pushes it back out the windshield and continues racing/ Hollis Hills CA 12/13 - Mike Richards goes off-roading up a steep truck hill and ¾ of the way up the back axle snaps and the truck rolls backwards, then tumbles over 3 ½ times. Stuff falls out, breaks and he’s thrown out/Brazil – cars spin out on the street on purpose as crowds watch, one car flips and another smashes into a food cart, one plays chicken with a bus in reverse/Rio – kids bus surf on public buses/On a German driving course a test driver is demonstrating a new car. He does a skid and the car rolls over in front of buyers/Long Island NY - a jeep goes driving in the sand and mud and the guy taping it gets hit by the Jeep/Guys riding double on a scooter wipeout and are tossed/A new Jeep is driven on the beach and gets stuck in the sand. A group tries to push it back on shore but fail. The ocean claims it and takes it out to sea/Worst Parking – a car is parked on an incline and the owner has to try to stop it from rolling over him/A car is driven into the side of an 18 wheeler. Sgt. Mike Lawrence is on scene/Russia 6/16 – a man builds a car in his 6th floor apartment room and they have to crane it down to the street/IL 11/16/99 – a car is stuck on the railroad tracks and as police go to help a train smashes into the car/On 11/23 a 6 ton dump truck goes in reverse and drives over a car/New Zealand – Homer the 4500 pound elephant seal smashes parked cars/Alberta, Canada – a black car drives in circles with no driver. A dad left the car running and went inside and his kids in the backseat put it in drive. After 90 minutes the tire blows and the car crashes into Kathy’s porch/Inverness Scotland – a car breaks down and the man gets out and pounds on his hood, then kicks the grill, curses and kicks the hood/London – a man curses out a cop for being pulled over 2 times in 2 weeks, he then yells at the cameraman and says he’ll shove the camera up his ring piece. The cop tells him to get in his car and go away/A cop pulls over a driver and looks in the trunk and finds 15 pounds of pot. They cuff the driver and in the back of the squad car he screams “I can’t believe it, oh, no! Oh my god, help me, help me god…aaaaaaaah…no, please, no god almighty, please no, oh god, oh god.” Then the cop checks on him and he says he’s just freaking out and can’t believe it/DWI – Farmington Hills, MI 9/11 Officer Garin Anderson chases him for 2 counties and the passenger flashes him out of the window. The driver says she wants him and thinks he’s pretty hot. He’s been married for 10 years so it blew his mind. They come out the windows in their underwear and no tops and run around in the sprinklers. Backup arrives and cuffs them. One says she’s never been to jail before, they’re normal girls. They were in an amateur stripping contest and were supposed to win. One says she’s in the criminal justice program and do you think it’s hurt her chances of being a cop. He never imagined it/Georgia – 7/21 Deputy Keith Fitzgerald chases a drunk man driving a riding lawnmower down the road. The old guy leans over and eventually falls off/Car soccer – Volkswagons try to push a large ball and fall over/Hurricane 1998 – a bus in Moscow drives while half underwater/Chicago IL – a cop tries to help a stranded car on an icy road and the car, cop and driver slide down the road/Cobb Co GA – lightning hits a telephone pole and rains down fire on a police car/Toronto, Canada – Hwy 401 freezes and cars slide into each other, one makes it through the pile and then more keep crashing/Russia – a man jumps his car into reverse and runs after it, jumps in and crashes into a snow bank/Segine, TX 5/5 - On I10 a cop pulls a woman over and tells her to get on the grass so she doesn’t get hit by a car. Seconds later a van comes by and annihilates her car/CA Hwy 2 – Ken drives a motorcycle with a group and has a camera on his. Bikes are parked and one biker in the pack crashes into Makato Sullivan and he goes flying/Scottish Highlands 6/8 – cops assists a broken down trailer and a car crashes into the police car and rams it into the trailer/A guy on a motorcycle off road hits a barb wire fence across his neck/Glendale, AZ – a man is filming a car commercial with his vintage T-bird he bought from Don Sanderson Ford 30 years ago. His daughter is supposed to back up and she drives right into his classic car/England – meter maid attacks. Nigel Monford is the most abused maid in London as people curse him out. Dr. Nurnberg says it’s easier to talk to an unarmed man. One guy curses him out and wants his badge number. A Rasta man curses him out too. Emmanuel Smith arrives after a woman is given a ticket and goes to give her a ticket too. She flips out and rips it out of his hand. His supervisor arrives to calm her down and she curses them both out for barging in. He goes to walk away and she follows, then smacks him in the eyes/On 1/26 a man on parole steals his mom’s car he takes off and knocks over trash cans with the car door, then goes home and says he doesn’t like his neighbors because they are looking at what he’s doing, so he’s giving them something to look at/New South Wales – a man steals an 18 wheeler and runs for 240 miles. He rips the side off and all the items inside start flying out the side. He gives up the next day and the truck is destroyed/On 10/19 a man running crashes into the back of a semi/ UK 8/21 - a Range Rover pulls over then rams the police car in reverse, then runs and rams again/Lima Peru taxi drivers. Paolo opens his door and it falls off, connects wires to start it, the trunk won’t close, there’s a hole in the floor, a coolant leak, the headlight is burned off and there’s no knob on gearshift, then he has to push it/Thanksgiving – Darryl drives the golf course road home during a flood and talks to his wife on the phone as the water starts filling up his truck and he gets stuck/Lancashire UK 3/5 – a car fleeing from Constable P.C. Allen gets over 100mph dodging traffic. A man climbs into the backseat, opens the truck and throws out a stolen TV, fax machine and VCR at the cop/Castle Morpeth, UK - David drives his muck thrower to city hall filled with cow manure and covers the brick building with it. He says they were rushing to close the windows. He missed a spot and went back and sprayed some more. He gets arrested and fined $1,400/Bunnell’s advice for staying safe on the road. 2001
Tickets in America - North Charleston, SC 1/23/99 - Officer Brian Miller stops a car for a license plate infraction. The black man says he has no license, it's suspended for reckless driving and has no ID. He gets out, runs, Brian grabs him, he spins around, gets back in the car and takes off. He quickly takes the exit 203, squeezes past a white truck at the intersection and gets up to 70mph. Then Brian gets a flat tire from debris on the exit and calls for backup. He can't wait that long, so he PITs the car, spins him out into phone pole and a sign at the same time crushing him. The guy still runs and is caught. He gets 13 charges and 4 years in prison/Atlanta, GA 12/23 - 3am - a cop pulls over a woman who reaches under seat and he's suspicious. He gives her a breath test on scene, but comes up clean. The driver says she's Miss Black Georgia and coming back from a beauty pageant, but her name is Kevin Eugene. The cop thought he was a she. He's a female impersonator, is flattered and asks the cop out if he's not married. He is married and cuts him lose/Las Vegas, NV 10/12/98 - a cop chases a Ford truck on the freeway. He won't stop, runs, then stops and won't get out of the truck. Then he throws it into reverse, so the cop does too. Then the guy rams into the cop, goads the cop to get him, gets out of his truck and comes after the cop. He tells him to go back to his truck, gets out and hits him with his baton. Then he grabs the baton and the fight is on. He pins the suspect against the truck, but he keeps fighting him. Then a car driven by a retired cop comes across the highway over the median to assist. Then a fat man pulls over and just sits on the guy so they can cuff him/From arrogant punk to ignorant drunks over their heads/Atlanta, GA 6/24 1:15am - Officer Carrato pulls over man going 78mph, the law is he takes his license, he gets a ticket until he pays for it. The black man gets out and says he needs his license, he doesn't know who he's talking too, he has diplomatic immunity, but he won't show his card. He says he'll get burned by him personally, that's why cops like him end up dead. The cop tells him it's all on tape. He doesn't care. He says he's from the Cayman Islands, his country will take him out, if his license goes down the drain so does he. He calls his supervisor just in case. The man says he's a foreigner, he doesn't have a card. Just being a foreigner doesn't mean he has immunity/FL state line 4/19/99 - cops stop a woman for speeding. The woman says she knows she was going fast. He writes her a ticket and she grabs it, he tells her to be careful and she speeds off. He pulls her over right down the block and gives her another ticket/Jackson, TN 2/6/94 12am - Officer Griff spots a drunk driver. His windshield is smashed ands he said something to him a while ago in his driveway. He's driving with 3 flats tires, but doesn't believe they are flat. He gets out, looks and doesn't believe it. He makes him do the alphabet and he says, "abcdefg…goge." He then says he only had 2 beers. He has beer in the car, the paint is scraped, a mirror is broken and the windshield is smashed. He's charged with DUI/From holiday cheer to a couple of beers - a little goes a long way/Avon, OH 12/23/96 - a cop pulls over a man for speeding. He says he didn't see a speed limit. The cop tells him he's in the Christmas spirit and will only give him a warning. He acts suspicious though and pulls him out. He tells him to keep him hands up, he doesn't and finds nothing on him. He tries to get back in the car and struggles with the cop. He takes him down in the middle of the street and the guy says he's sorry, can he get up now? He's getting cold, can he get up. He holds him until backup arrives. They find pot in car, no big deal, but he gets obstruction, resisting and assault - $1000s in fines/Blue Danube montage to drunks falling over/Bismarck, ND 1am - a cop pulls over a guy for DWI. The man has a beer in one hand and his license in the other, but he can't find it. He pulls the guy out for a field sobriety test. The man lights his cigarette on the wrong end and he says it's hers. Whose? He says, "The woman in the car." But there is no one else in the car. He makes him walk a straight line, but he can barely stand up and is arrested/Hearne, TX 2/15 - a woman is pulled over for speeding. He's stopped her before, she looks familiar. She says the place is a jinx and tells her dog Olivia to shut up. She has so many tickets that she has a warrant. She says they are lying, she paid all her tickets. She yells she's not going and goes to drive away. He takes her keys and she says why are you doing this to me. She tells him to straighten it out. He says he can't, so she says to shoot her. She tries to lock him out, but he has the keys. She grabs her dog and yells for help. A civilian stops and helps the cop. She jumps, yells and screams about her dog/Walton County, GA 1/3/97 2am - Deputy Bo Huff stops a kid speeding at 88mph. He tells him he was speeding and the driver shoots him twice in the chest point blank. He goes down and unloads his weapon into the back of the car. He was wearing a vest and stopped the bullets. He's caught down the road, he's only 15 years old and didn't want to get caught in his grandmother's car/Before the stop, during the stop and after the stop - when these drivers get wild there's no holding them back/Columbia, SC - police chase a woman driving erratically. She pulls into a Hess station to stop, then moves forward a little at a time. The cop comes over and she locks the door. Then she floors it and crashes into a car, reverses into the police car, drives wildly out of the lot, swerves across the 4 lanes all over the road. He tries to box her in and goes over the center island. Now cops appear from all sides. She goes across lanes, over the shoulder and makes a u-turn over the median. She races forward and he PITs the red car off the road. They jump out and grab her to find out she ran because she had a bad day/Post Falls, ID - cops pulls over a red Volkswagen Rabbit for not signaling. There is an APB for him. Officer Gunderson asks Robert about his insurance is to find out if he's wanted. The guy doesn't want to, asks for his badge, won't tell show him the insurance, says he told him once. Write him a ticket and he'll prove it in court. He says he hopes he finds the red car he's looking for and is a damn liar. He refuses to sign it and then starts cursing them out. He says he's looking for a damn reason to pull him over and yells there's a car over there that looks like him. He screams he's a damn liar, liars go to hell. He's lucky he has that badge and gun, as crazy as he is, that's why he takes pills. He tells him to move along or he'll get charged with obstruction. He says he doesn't have to move/Pinellas County, FL 1:45am - Cpl Richard Nalven is driving when a black Mustang blows by him at over 100mph. The female passenger told him he passed a cop, but he didn't believe him. He gets up to 120mph and almost hits a stalled car. He finally slows down and he pulls him out and arrests him for reckless endangerment/Dooly County, GA 8/5/99 - women argue as part of an elaborate police prank in front of the MTV Food store for lunch. It's a set up for a rookie cop. They act like they are going there to eat. The one guy says he sold a car to a man 2 hours ago and the old guy says it's a lemon and wants his money back. He says he paid $1,700 for it and it won't drive. The young guy breaks he mirror off. The rookie tells them to not to touch him or they'll go to jail. The door comes off, the bumper falls off and he kicks it and the engine smokes. The rookie doesn't know what to do, then they finally tell him it's a set up. He asks "why and for what?" He knew it was a bad car, not a prank. AKA Getting a Ticket in America 1/6/00
World’s Craziest Police Chases -  Dallas, TX – a man steals a semi-truck carrying lumber and people turn out on the streets to support him. 2002
World's Fastest Police Chases - Azusa, CA – a helicopter follows a silver SUV racing around tight traffic with 2 men who robbed a hotel and tied 2 people up. 2002
World’s Most Dangerous Chases - Phoenix, AZ – a man steals a dump truck and a helicopter follows. He goes around cars, through traffic, through intersections, down the center lane, goes head on with the police, hits a car and blows through red light. Then he goes through an intersection, gets t-boned by a sedan with 5 people inside, hits a light post, flips the truck and it slides down the road. 2002

Season 1 (1998-9)

1. Sheriff John Bunnell (Ret) on cameras in law enforcement with many quick clips. Houston TX, A maroon sedan just robbed a bank, so the cops think. Turns out they are different burglars. They crash and the driver drops 30 feet from an overpass and takes off. He's all alone until a helicopter flies right next to him and he gives up.
2. Los Angeles, CA - A man in a blue pickup truck runs, then goes home and his sister runs out in the road to stop him. She tries to get in his truck, but he pulls away and she falls off the back. He then carjacks a van and tosses the guy out while they are moving. He heads for the airport at 100mph, fishtails and crashes
3. San Antonio, TX - At 6:53 AM a 16 year old driving a stolen car with three passengers goes offroad, almost hits a car, runs a red light, takes out a traffic light, cuts through a field and jumps out of the car while it is still rolling/Jacksonville, FL - teens destroy a house that isn't finished with bats and hammers and cause over $100,000 in damage/Westwood Village, CA - 1000s of UCLA students riot, trash a radio station van, try to take down a street light and cops come in shooting tear gas/Lakewood, CA - Two teens in a stolen car run through rush hour traffic
4. Missoula, MT - A young couple steals two vehicles. The man crashes his car and gets out and jumps into the stolen car his pregnant girlfriend is driving behind him. They ram her and she takes a turn too wide and they ram her again and again and then it is all over.
5. Dallas, TX - A man in a black pickup truck takes off and almost hits a man walking in the street and then hits a pregnant woman's car as he gets on the freeway, gets off, jumps a median, gets back on hits a white truck and then goes into a residential neighborhood, loses a tire and stops.
6. Vinton, LA - A man was doing 120mph on the highway when a cop spots him. A civilian helps box him in and the cop shoots out his tire. Soon after he spins out because of the rain
7. Los Angeles, CA - during morning rush hour two gang members in a stolen red car run at 122mph. They hit traffic, go on a shoulder, in a car pool lane, into the hills then into spike strips at 90mph. They keep running as tires shred off in the front and then the passenger jumps out and is arrested. The car slows to a crawl, sparks rain down, catches on fire, the back wheels lock, the  front axle snaps, the car smokes and then he gets out and surrenders. Then the wheels burst into flames/Los Angeles, CA - a powerful red sports car runs on the 405 freeway starting in Torrance. They go 90 mph in the light rain, go in the car pool lane and then cops PIT him into other cars. The car is still rolling when he jumps out and the police car rear ends him, then hits him running and is tackled by police/Lancaster, CA - a silver truck is chased into a residential area, with a stolen air compressor in the back. They hit a car with a pregnant woman, get PITed, fishtail and get away. Then the front tire flies off, they get stuck in the dirt and the passenger jumps out. The driver gets free, then the passenger runs back, jumps into the bed of the truck and climbs back inside the cab at 65 mph. They get back on paved roads, get PITed again, rammed, then passenger jumps out, climbs over a wall, over another wall, then a third, a fence, falls and gives up after 2 hours only 3 blocks from where they started/Los Angeles, CA - a stolen car runs at night with two ruthless gang members who have run before. He does doughnuts in the road with 3 cops going around and around behind him and does it 2 more times. After 2 hours crowds begin to form and cheer them on, but a woman throws a trash can at them. He turns off the lights and helicopters light him up with the midnight sun. They hit a dead end and then bail out. The passenger is caught on a foot bridge/Los Angeles, CA - a man runs in a black SUV. Agents tried to serve him with a warrant and he ran, tried to run them over and got shot in the arm and his window is blown out. He goes through rush hour traffic, up on a side walk, in a parking lot, over a concrete divider, into a dead end, then goes through a security gate when someone leaves, makes a u-turn and gets through all the cops, back out the gate, into another dead end, then crashes through a security gate, through a tight alley, rams through another gate and right into a police car, but the fence traps him. An ambulance has to pick him up/Kennadale, TX 3/27/98 - a drunk driver is on the run in a Cadillac. He jumps onto a freeway, hits a van, the van hits a big rig and all three crash into the median, onto the wall and knocks down a light pole/Sumter County, SC 11/19/96 - Cpl Pat Reilly is interviewed about a mentally unstable man who went head on against three cars. Stops sticks are placed, he swerves into the dirt, spins around three times, but gets back on the road. The second sticks get a tire, then he pulls into a gas station and cops ram him into a gas pump and it bursts into flame, a day care center nearby is evacuated. The suspect won't get out of the fiery car, so he pushes him out of the fireball with his car, then he tries to get away so they surround him, bash the windows in and yank him out, but he fights, pulls Pat in and 6 men pull him out. After the driver doesn't remember it/Cincinnati, OH - a white sedan runs after cops try to arrest him. He shoots at police, takes off and a news chopper covers him. He weaves on the freeway, takes the downtown exit, drives through town at 60 mph, blows intersections and gets t-boned, slammed into two parked cars and is stuck there. Cops jump on the car and yank him out. The SUV that hit him is saved by airbags/Los Angeles, CA - a stolen 7up truck runs down the freeway and can't be stopped. He goes down the shoulder, takes the Van Nuys exit, goes onto a sidewalk and cases of cans fly off and shower pedestrians with soda. He goes through an intersection, a brown sedan runs into him, but he keeps going. He almost hits a person, hits a dead end, then crashes into a gate. The guy runs and hides in a tree, gets surrounded, falls out and is arrested/Beaumont, TX - 3/31/99. A man steals an empty school bus and runs down the freeway in the rain. He takes an exit ramp too fast,  wipes out and flips onto his side/San Bernardino County, CA - a man in a blue car threatened people with a gun, weaves down the freeway, gets caught in traffic, goes off the freeway and into a residential area. After an hour it's on live TV so a woman comes out and hits the car, a red compact shadows him and cuts him off, a flatbed truck blocks his way, he goes around, gets PITed up on the sidewalk, gets away, but is PITed again and a again. He still runs is forced off the road, PITed again, sandwiched between two cop cars, bounces off a parked car, rammed into the median, then on foot. A civilian chases and tackles him into someone’s back porch. The owner of the house comes out with a gun. Reporters interview him and he says the gun was on the floor of his car and didn't point it at anyone/Ottawa Hills, OH (from Cops)- brothers Mark and Bob chase a car at 8:48am for expired tags. A road crew blocks him, so he goes onto a lawn, blows stops signs in a neighborhood, takes a turn too fast, goes through the grass, gets on two wheels, back on the median, shreds a tire, then dies on the median. The guy says the car is in his mom's name and he doesn't have a license. He cries since he's going to jail. Mark says he smells hoochie/Los Angeles, CA - police try to stop a car for a traffic violation and he runs through a residential area, bottoms out over an intersection, cuts through another intersection, so units back off. A Saab hits him, he tires to run, then bails out on foot, cops hit him, he keeps going, they cut him off, he cuts around them, then cops hit him again and he goes down for the count/Sacramento, CA - a 19 year old in a stolen Lexxus takes the freeway at 100mph, he can't make a hairpin turn, slips, flips, goes over a guardrail, down a hill and into a fence, but he was tossed out in the middle of it. 1999
8. Scariest, Dangerous, Bizarre - Sacramento, CA - a man in a white escort dances with death going 110 mph through traffic. He brutally beat his wife and ran, goes the wrong way in traffic, over a median, onto the grass of a freeway. Then he gets PITed and the car flips and he still gets out and runs, but is grabbed/Boston, MA - Officer Mike Fiore chases a car that tried to run over a cop, he has an open lane, but crashes right into the back of a car, still runs and then gets grinded down by Mike/Los Angeles, CA - a man in black Jetta runs at over 90mps just from a failure to yield. He adjusts his hair and removes a necklace, only steering with his knees. He gets it over 100mph, switching the 3-4 lanes at a time, crashes into a red car, makes a u-turn into oncoming traffic and jumps out while the car is moving. He makes it off the road, but gets jumped by 5 cops. Now he has a set of bracelets to match his necklace - a set of handcuffs/Contempt of cop discussion/ Tampa, FL - teens steal a car, hit a tree and it gets stuck on the hood, then they go up onto the grass and spin out. The whole ride lasts under a minute/C.W. Jensen speaks/Manchester, NH - Officer Chris Aucoin helps a car on fire, then a pursuit goes by him and he joins going 100 mph. The 260-Z goes on the shoulder and passes them all. Chris' leg gets tired from pressing down on the gas. The guy switches 3 lanes to take an off ramp, fishtails and comes at Chris head on and hits him. He then drives into a ditch and runs into a swamp where he's pulled out and reeks. He gets 19 years/Los Angeles, CA - a black truck speeds through a neighborhood, u-turns through a parking lot, then u-turns on the street, gets PITed and boxed in which takes 4 minutes/Officers getting shot at discussion/Albuquerque, NM - armed suspects flee in a souped up car. Cops call the truckers ahead to set up a rolling blockade including an ex-deputy. The truck swerves and the car goes off the road going head on against the cops, then he just gives up/Los Angeles, CA (from the TV show LAPD) A white truck flees and the suspect tries to wedge the gas pedal and jump while he's moving. He takes a turn too fast and crashes into a parked car. He runs on foot and is caught, he admits he's been drinking and has a couple DUIs/Bunnell on K-9s/Santa Ana, CA - an enraged man runs after threatening to kill his wife. He swerves across the road and soon hits spike strip, loses both front tires and a headlight. He refuses to get out, a K-9 is brought in and bites him. Then he hits the dog, claims he has a broken leg, but can walk fine/Jacksonville, FL - Officer Otto stops a guy for driving with his feet on the dashboard. He won't get out and Otto hits him with pepper spray and drags Doug as he takes off. He runs through a field, then through bumper to bumper traffic, hitting a cop, spins off the exit into the grass and hits another cop. They herd him toward a city cop who shoots out a tire with a shotgun going 70mph. He still runs up onto the freeway and then gets PITted. He gets 10 years to put his feet up/Dallas, TX - a white Buick flees down a freeway, then on a dirt road kicking up dust, takes turns at a high speed and has his 8 months pregnant wife with him . He plays chicken with Deputy Brian Wolfe and doesn't slow down, he has to swerve. Then he goes on and off the road, hits a cop, takes out a sign, fishtails, wipes out into a telephone pole and then surrenders/San Diego, CA 2/15/91 - a man breaks into a blue SUV, the alarm goes off, but he's gone in 60 seconds and heads for the Mexican border.  They spot the stolen SUV and the guy crashes his way through the border, pushing a car through, but they catch his friends/Buckeye Co, AZ - Jared Fitzgerald speeds through the desert in a black corvette at 180 mph for 30 miles. He then fishtails into the back of an 18 wheeler, gets ejected and the car shreds. He is OK, not a scratch on him. He is interviewed after and says he ran from cops before, didn't think about wrecking, just thought about getting away/Bunnell on LA freeways/Los Angeles, CA - two armed robbers from Bakersfield run at 110mph for 90 minutes. They cuts through cars, go on the median, then the carpool lane, fishtails into the guard rail, spins across lanes into a wall, then jumps down a 12 foot wall, across the road, then over a 20 foot wall. He jumps a fence into a yard spilling out pockets full of cash. He runs into McHenry's garage scaring a woman. Then both are caught/Cerritos, CA - a Mercedes Benz is stolen, but has a Lo-Jack inside, so they know where he is. He crashes into a car which bursts into flames. Two guys run and the third guy is tossed on the road. They have to drag him away as the car explodes. The car explodes again, the guy is dragged further away, then there's a third explosion/C.W. on goofy pursuits/Westphalia, Germany - a drunk man on a bike leads cops on a slow speed pursuit. He drives back on forth then pulls over and tries to lean on his bike and falls over, knocking the bike down and he can't get up/Newark, NJ 6/21/93 - cops spot a group of thieves in three cars hotwiring a car and they take off, 2 guys have to jump on a car and crawl into the sunroof while going 75mph. They lose sight of them and then they pass right by the cops after getting lost. A week later they were all arrested/C.W. on being scared in a pursuit/Garland, TX - a man with a shotgun in a truck full of junk flees at 90mph. He pulls into the median, u-turns, speeds off, weaves through traffic, gets clipped by an 18 wheeler and flips into the median spilling out all the junk. He is upside-down, unconscious and trapped inside for 45 minutes/Fort Worth, TX - a man in a red pickup with a flat tire speeds off, switches lanes, goes over the median into oncoming traffic, off an exit, over a curb, through a median, bounces all over, passes a rig on a shoulder, goes off road and then plows into a fence smashing his windshield/Denver, CO 2/9/88 - Hutchinson robs a bank and speeds off through residential areas as a helicopter tracks him.  He plays chicken, then runs over a cop at full speed killing him. He takes a turn going too fast and hits a tree. He jumps out with his money and a gun, spots a woman with a baby and tries to take her car. She speeds off and he shoots at her. After she says he got the door open and went for her child. He finds 73 year old John, hijacks his green truck and forces him to drive as he lays down next to him. He passes right by the police who have no communications with the chopper pilot. The pilot gets frustrated and lands the helicopter in front of the truck. He tells John to ram the chopper, but the police opened up on the suspect, shooting him to death/ Calumet City, IL - a man in a red car runs down the freeway, off the exit, down a dirt road and then drives full speed into a river. The car sinks and a cop jumps in and grabs the suspect. Mark Jackson pulls him out, almost drowning/Bunnell on innocent lives in the balance/Oceanside, CA - CHP chases a drunk driver in a black car going 120mph. A news chopper pursues him as he gets stuck in traffic, a cop jumps out on foot, tells him to stop and he takes off. He runs through an intersection and hits two cars, spins around and the chopper pilot is horrified and speechless. Three cars are damaged and a horn is stuck, his car is stuck against a red truck, and a white jeep is spun around into a pole. He is on life support for weeks.

Season 2 (1999-0)

10. Lancaster, CA - Two suspected house thieves in a stolen blue pickup with an air compressor in the back run through residential areas, off road, hit a car with a pregnant woman, get pitted, their tire is damaged and they go offroad again. The truck gets stuck and the passenger jumps out. When the truck starts moving again he jumps into the back of the truck and climbs into the cab at 65mph while the tire shreds. The cops push the truck until it stops. The passenger runs and hops four walls before giving up.
11. Los Angeles, CA - A 1988 black Mercedes sedan runs from the police with a rap star inside who wants to lose the cops. In a residential area they toss a metal briefcase out. The rapper jumps out and runs away while the driver takes off and speeds down the freeway in the breakdown lane. He crashes into a truck and when he turns the wrong way after three more crashes the car dies and he runs into a Holiday Inn.
12. Boulder, CO - On 8/5/92 a gang of teen thieves steal a bicycle and stick it in the back of a car and run. The driver takes a turn too fast and wipes out some trees. They break out the back window and throw the bike out and it breaks in two. The 4x4 car goes into a field and they run away, but are caught the next day.
13. La Paz, AZ - Police pull over a pickup truck, possible DWI and he runs after the cop gets out. The truck has three gang members who have been out drinking. They throw beer cans and a case of beer at cops.
14. Cincinnati, OH - Police chase a man in a white sedan wanted for domestic violence and shooting a cop. He drives wild on the freeway then goes downtown and blows an intersection, gets broadsided and crashes into three parked cars.
15. West Los Angeles, CA - A stolen car is followed by helicopter as cops are in pursuit. He races through traffic at 60mph. She blows an intersection, makes an illegal turn, hits a car, almost gets boxed in. Cops jump out and pull her out through the window. She is 35 years old and didn't want to go to jail.
16. Scariest Chases I - Los Angeles, CA - A man stole a 7up delivery truck and went for a joyride on the freeway. The truck is too big for police to stop.
17. Scariest Chases II  - Denver, CO - A man in a stolen silver truck flies down the interstate. He has a criminal record and a news chopper following him. Because of traffic they have to back off, but the chopper leads them. He gets over 100mph speeding past bikes, buses and more. They set up a roadblock and he slams into an unmarked police car. He speeds off as cops unload bullets into his tires, but miss. He blows through many red lights and then plows into a car.
18. Scariest Chases III - Smithfield, NC - A 12 year old stole a car and can barely see what he is doing, but is speeding along in the Sedan at over 90 mph. He almost hits a truck head on, goes into oncoming traffic. Cops turn off their lights and he speeds up and takes a turn too fast and wipes out and turns over into a ditch.
19. St. Ann, MO - A man is wanted for the theft of government checks on 6/3/97. He runs in his blue car and races through traffic and heads for a freeway, but blows a tire. Cops ram him into a lightpost which stops him cold
20. Manning, SC - A Lt. makes a traffic stop and it turns out the driver is only 14 so he speeds away in his white van over 100 mph. The kid even plays chicken with 18 wheelers until he hits a van head on and causes an 18 wheeler to jackknife as his van catches he flames. He is unharmed and runs for it.
21. Shawne County, KA - A stolen BMW rockets down the freeway at 125mph. The driver is only 15 and the cops lay down stopsticks, but he misses them, gets up to 150mph, goes over the median and off an exit, then back on. One cop pulls up to the car and the officer spins out and fishtails into the guardrail. Fifteen minutes later the kids car breaks down
22. Thailand - A suicidal man holding a rake and a meat cleaver holds police at bay. The police are armed only with long sticks and rush the guy. He attacks wildly and causes them to back off and he lays down on the train tracks. An officer shoots him with an arrow filled with a sedative that takes a while to kick in.
23. Most Bizarre and Unusual Chases - Phoenix, AZ - A black man in a white car claims to be the messenger of the apocalypse. He robbed a man at a Kmart for $4 dollars and pistol whipped him. He pit pitted and rammed and has to crawl out the window onto a hood of a police car
24. Chases and Riots - Lexington, SC - 10/27/95 A trooper chases a red Ford Mustang through country roads, dirt roads and across lawns. The Ford spins out on a lawn then goes back on the road. The cop spins out doing a 360, but recovers. Over the next hill the Mustang ran a stop sign and crashed into a white mini van.
25. Chases and Shootouts - Manning, SC - A high speed chase on 5/12/94. During the chase he throws a bag of dope out the window. He is a convicted child molester with his 4 year old nephew in the back seat. The cop tries to get in position for a pit, but the driver tries to cause a head on collision. He almost hits a school bus, jumps a median, blows through a construction area and then gets pitted. The car flips over in a ditch and lands upside down. The kid is ejected with a broken arm and the driver still fights when they pull him out.
26. Phoenix, AZ - A man attempts to outrun cops in a stolen 300 hp Cadillac. He drives over medians as a helicopter captures it all. Cops back off and follow. He drives on sidewalks and into incoming traffic, hits a curb and then loses a tire, crashes into a pickup and then bails out, but he is surrounded and caught.
27. Manning, SC - Chief Garrett uses spike sticks to stop fleeing burglars, but they avoid them. They are chased for a while longer until they are caught.
28. Amarillo, TX - An 82 year old man with Alzheimer's in flying along the freeway. He drives into the wrong side of traffic into oncoming traffic and tries to switch lanes, but doesn't know how to get out of it. Cops try to stop him from both directions with no luck until he hits a red mini van with children head on.
29. Brisbane, Australia - A gray sedan with fake plates and a 19 year old driver leads a fast pursuit. He gets is around 110 mph and an officer on a motorcycle tries to keep up, but wipes out at 125 mph. The driver veers off the highway and gets clips at an intersection and makes him fish tail.
30. Shocking Chases & Crashes - Miami, FL - A 15 year old runs with his 12 year old brother and 13 year old friends down the freeway in an SUV. They go into their home neighborhood and almost hit a woman walking. Cops cut them off and they spin out on a turn. As cops go to pull them out they speed off. A civilian truck rams them to get them to stop to no avail. When they U turn in traffic the cops ram them, but they go back into the opposite lane. A truck and a garbage bin are put in the way, but they go to their apartments and run. Two are caught, but the driver escapes for a couple of weeks. They are all taken to jail later.
31. The Worst Drivers & Stupidest Criminals - Palmdale, CA - Two juveniles steal a white van from a halfway house as a chopper follows. They head on the freeway and the police back off. They drive erratically almost hitting many cars. After they hit two cars they cops move in. The exit the freeway, then go right back on. They crash into a truck and fish tail, then exit to head for Disneyland. The don't make it instead hiding in a hotel until K9s find them.

Season 3 (2000-01)

32. Scariest Chases, Crashes & Busts - Ottawa Hills, OH - A blue car with a busted taillight runs on the freeway 12/24/97. He exits, goes through a lawn, blows stop signs, goes in a dead end and tries to ran the cop. After they pull him out he compliments them and has more crack in his system than anyone in history.
33. Glacier County, MT - A drunk Indian is speeding home to his reservation. They try to box him in and then he spins out and collides head on with the police. A cop jumps out to shoot him and the Indian tries to run him over, but another cop rams him. They pull the screaming passenger out and cuff the driver
34. Florala, AL - Officer Greg Jackson. Two cars chase a drunk driver at night 5/22/99. One is a rookie so the lead coaches him. They try to pass him, but he weaves. On a turn they hit him. He signals the wrong way and they hit him again. One passes him and they box him in and hit the brakes, but he escapes. He goes through an 18 wheeler parking lot and then back onto the freeway. Once again he is rammed and the guy goes onto dirt roads. The cop knows the roads and is able to pit him on the first turn.
35. Most Dangerous Chases - Kalispekk, MT - A deputy is trying to pull over an SUV towing a boat 10/14/98. The driver is a wanted rapist and runs at night. He blows stop signs and red lights. Cops aim at him head on so he heads out of town toward the freeway. After getting cut off he goes down the wrong side and fires his gun at them. He then decides to commit suicide by crashing into a light pole at top speed and the truck and boat fly into pieces.
36. Bizarre and Unusual Crashes - MV 9/25/96. A slow speed chase of a drunk driving prison guard sees the driver hitting mailboxes and then bushes and a lawn of a house. He goes through the woods, hits a tree and then goes into a gully and gets stuck.
37. Los Angeles, CA - Gang members did a drive by in a green van and police chases them. One guy throws out weapons and the others bail out as another member takes the wheel. Another jumps out on the next block and plays chicken. Night falls and the van goes up on a curb to avoid traffic, over the medians as helicopters capture it all. They lay stop sticks and the van hits them and he almost hits a car, then loses a tire and the van is down to the rims as the sparks fly and the van dies.
38. Crazy Chase Special - Los Angeles, CA - A brown pick up truck is chased on live TV so people come out to cheer him and try to stop him. He gets caught in traffic, but the cops let him go so no one gets hurt. They back off to let him run safely. They helicopter tracks him and he goes on the freeway. He goes along and gets off. In traffic a man jumps out of his truck and tries to pull him out and then jumps in the back while the guy speeds off. He jumps out and the cops have to get back in on it. He eventually bails out and cops jump him.
39. Los Angeles, CA - a brown Geo Prism was carjacked and there aren't many cars because most are covering the DNC. The guy is 40 years old and this would be his third strike. He spins around a cop and almost hits a light post. With the helicopters chasing him he heads into the Los Angeles airport to lose them. When he hits traffic he speeds over a curb and back out on the highway where he blows a tire and goes into a spin and wrecks. Then he runs on foot.
40. Midland County, TX - A corporal joins a high speed pursuit. The driver fled when he was caught buying crack. He is down to two tires and he jumps the curb, median, grass and more. He goes down for his crack so he can smoke it and he then drives across a field. He then goes back to the interstate on the wrong side of the road. He almost hits an 18 wheeler head on and goes into the grass. He goes back into a field and then the cops shoot out his two other tires. This causes him to set fire to the grass as he rides over it.
41. National City, CA - A fugitive heads through suburban streets because he has outstanding warrants. He almost hits a truck at an intersection so he goes out on the freeway. On the ramp he crashes into a car and then goes onto an on ramp going the wrong way. He races down the freeway awhile and then exits. He then goes and does it again going the wrong way on the freeway. After a near collision he exits and then goes back on the wrong way for the third time. Then a fourth time. People then start throwing rocks and curses at him. He tires it a fifth time and then blows a tire. He gets out and runs.
42. Los Angeles, CA - Police pursue 3 gang members at night going 80mph going the wrong way on the freeway. A helicopter captures it all until they crash head on into a car. After all that everyone survives with only minor injuries. The driver is trapped and is begging for help.
43. Denver, CO - A stolen black Chevy Blazer rushes through mid day traffic. They miss the spike strips and head out on to the freeway. When he gets off the cops pit him and he spins out into a curb where he almost flips over. The woman passenger has 2 warrants.
44. War on Crime - Pickens County, SC - An officer joins a pursuit in progress on 9/6/95. One cops cuts in front of him forcing him to slow down and box him in. The second cop pits him and he goes into a sign and off the road, but somehow he gets away even with a tire shot out. He gets rammed into a ditch soon after.
45. Warren, MI - Three brutal muggers prey on shoppers at a mall 1/4/00. They beat and robbed a dozen elderly women. Cops arrive as they are leaving. Cops try to box them in, but they come up on a bunch of stalled traffic and they get through. They get through another box in and when the cop gets in front of them on the third time the thieves clip the car and the airbag goes off. They continue and go up and embankment and back down. A rolling roadblock slows them down, but Officer Marcy spins out and gets back in the chase. They ram them again and their hood goes up. Then a pit makes him spin out.
46. Romeo, MI 10/12/00 - Officer Greg Paduch tries to stop a pick up truck for erratic driving. It his first chase in 11 years of duty. The chase goes down dirt roads and brings in other officers who lay down spikes, but he avoids them. He goes back onto main roads and floors it. A new deputy joins and almost hits Greg. The truck goes onto the median and then again forcing the cop to follow and when he gets back on the road he fish tails and almost wipes out. The pick up then hits the second set of stop sticks which makes the tires smoke. An SUV unit hits the truck and Greg hits him and his air bags go off. The truck goes into the snow and is caught a minute later.

Season 4 (2001-02)

47. Fastest Chases - Shawnee County, KS - A stolen BMW rockets down the freeway at 125mph on 2/11/98. The driver is only 15 and the cops lay down stopsticks, but he misses them, gets up to 150mph, goes over the median and off an exit, then back on. One cop pulls up to the car and the officer spins out and fishtails into the guardrail. Fifteen minutes later the kids car breaks down
48. Woodland Hills, CA - Three punks stole some jewelry and a chopper tracks them. They do 95mph on the freeway, then exit into a residential area, fly over speed bumps and one guy bails. When they hit a dead end the last two guys bail out. One guy tosses a bag into a storm drain. He tries to change he look, but is caught when the chopper tells the cops where to look
49. Phoenix, AZ - A pair of armed robbers held up a dry cleaners and fled in a green mini van. They drive all around, hit a car and the passenger switch places with the driver as a news chopper follows because no cops are near. They jump out and run into an apartment and are caught
50. Denver, CO – A man hits the road in a red turbo charged 4x4. He’s armed and dangerous and runs through downtown. Cops race up and PIT him and he spins out into a building and still fights the cops when they grab him
51. Robbers on the Run Special Edition – Harrisburg, PA – At rush hour on a clogged freeway cops set up a blockade. Two thieves in two stolen Mercedes come along and cops put up spike strips. One thief doesn’t make it and the other one swerves away and almost takes out a cop. A second strip is put down and he almost takes out another cop. He then calls his girlfriend on his cell phone, hits tollbooth traffic and has to run on foot. He is still on the phone while running until a plain clothes cop sneaks up on him
52. Miami, FL – Two car thieves tear through a residential neighborhood in a white Toyota. They almost hit two cars then slam into a woman driving a brown car and crash into a house and run. The driver is ambulanced off
53. Gardena, CA – A community is in turmoil a suspect is chased through his own neighborhood. His mother runs out and faints when she sees him. The teen driver keeps running and cops ram him. He goes around a hotel and over a lawn and mocks them. As night falls cops back off. A civilian truck comes up and rams him again and again when enrages him so cops restart the chase. He runs back home and is blocked in by firetrucks and the neighbors riot/Orlando, FL jumper/Austin, TX/Orange CO/Des Moines/
54. Montgomery County, AL – A drug addict desperately tries to distance himself from police. He does crack while driving and hits stop sticks, punctures his tires, crosses a median and races into oncoming traffic until he crashes into a car. He gets out and runs, but is caught and says he didn’t know what was going on and got 10 years in jail.
55. Chilton County, AL – Cops track a suspect doing 120mph in a stolen turbo charged all wheel drive car. He has a buddy along for the ride and shows off by slowing down and gunning it to 140mph. He tries to cause a wreck as a 500 cruiser keeps up with him. He skids off the road, down a dirt road, gets back on the main road, gets rammed twice and is caught
56. Los Angeles, CA – A stolen SUV blasts through the city streets driven by a 15 year old girl with a 14 year old passenger. Choppers follow as they head to the airport at over 100mph, hits a bump, bottoms out and T-bones a car in an intersection with a baby inside. He driver has to be pulled out through a window
57. Atlanta, GA – The owner of a red car went shopping and left her keys in the car. Two thieves take it and jump on the freeway. A trooper tries to box them in and he gets off on memorial and runs over a curb, over another and through a gas station. Trooper Garry Shelton PITs him and he spins out and is trapped. They pull him out through the window
58. Lauderdale County, MS - A man driving a Buick just tried to hold up a store at gun. 10/11/99. He heads onto the freeway and gets stuck in the muddy median, but gets out. A cop tries to get him with stop sticks, but is too late. Trucks try to block him, but he avoids them. They try a rolling roadblock, but he escapes on the median. They block both lanes and slow him down. He tries the median and he spins out of control and then hits a cop car and gets away. Another attempt at stops sticks fails when he guns it towards the officer. Truckers block him in until he hits a cop and goes back on the median. Then they get him with a pit and he crashes into the forest. He tries to lock himself in and force the cops to break him out.
59. Chases & Crashes - Los Angeles, CA - Three men in a stolen car lead a pursuit crash into the only car on the road. It is red with two women inside who are ambulanced off. Then they almost hit two people on bicycles as the go onto the sidewalk where they are captured.
60. Keego Harbor, MI - On 6/11/97 cops try to pull over a motorcycle with expired tags. He has had run ins with the law before. He takes off and gets the bike over 100mph on the freeway and the tries to sneak off, but hits traffic. He gets back on the freeway, then off again. A cop bumps him twice while he stops to turn through an intersection and knocks him off his bike. Tyler, TX - A car is pulled over and the passenger is an escaped convict. When he won't produce ID he produces a gun instead and shoot at the officer. The cop unloads his gun on him as he runs off.
61. Harriman, TN - After nearly being run off the road by a brown Oldsmobile a driver calls 911 to report the female driver of the olds. She speeds drunk through a town before noon and crashes hard into a truck doing 80mph and sends it flipping. It is the officer's 1st chase.
62. Fallon, NV - 5/7/97 A man in a red pickup truck runs a stop sign in front of Officer Johnson. He goes to pull him over, but he takes off. He speeds out on a desert road and when another police car cuts in front of him he takes a dirt road and flips the truck, destroying it in the process and he gets thrown from the wreck. Six months later he runs from the police again.
63. Laurel, MS - Officer Jason Strickland pulls over a Buick with no license plates 5/2/97. Damon is fidgety so he checks him for weapons. They pull the passenger out and Damon gets back in the car and drives off. He speeds on the freeway and his trunk pops open, his back tire shreds and he keeps going. He later hits a van and two trucks in front of a school and bails out. He is caught. He had a suspended license, 11 tickets, drug charges and a CCW charge.


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World’s Most Shocking Moments Caught on Tape 2

World’s Most Shocking Moments Caught on Tape 3 - Bunnell's warning: You never know what's waiting for you around the corner. Out of Control - King's Speedway, CA - during a sprint car race Donny Oliver is clipped by another car and flips over. Gas pours out all around him, ignites and sets him on fire. A crew comes out and hoses him and the fire. He is pulled out with only first-degree burns. Brazil 1/15/91 - a fireworks display from a hot air balloon. It falls to the ground and ignites fireworks all around like a war zone as people run for their lives. Surrey, England - a pitbull bit a child and the man goes to sell his story. When a cameraman shows up to tape it he thinks he'll lose his deal and flips out. He puts a blanket around the dog and head butts the camera cracking it. It'll cost more to fix the camera than his pay for the story. Lima, Peru - terrorists start a fire in a paint factory and firemen go to put it out, but there are bombs hidden inside and they blow up showering them with smoke. Tyler, TX 10/26/98 - at a traffic stop a female deputy talks to the driver. Another talks to the passenger who goes for the cops' gun and then they open fire on them as they run. TX 9/24/92 - Ruby is an old woman who gets pulled over. She gets out and forgets to put the car in park, gets dragged and then run over as the cop chases after her and puts it in park. He doesn't give her a ticket. She had to have an operation to repair her shoulder. Jefferson Co. TX 10/29/98 - cops chase dealers at night and they lay spike strips and they plow into them. Smoke pours from the tire as they go 90mph. Then the rim starts to spark, the front tire is lost and the car catches fire. Then they lose control and skid out into the ditch. Cops pour out and they struggle to pull them out. The car blows up and they are engulfed with flames, but are pulled away and get only minor injuries. Lake Jackson, FL 4/18/99 - at police HQ a cop brings in a drunk for a breath test who refuses to cooperate. Then the man attacks the cop, punches him in the face and he goes down. They fight on the floor, he gets his pepper spray out and blasts him with it, but it doesn't stop the man from pummeling him. The station is empty and the beating continues for a minute until backup arrives and he stops. In the Line of Fire - Kabul, Afghanistan - Jeff Chagrin is a TV reporter in a taxi driving around. He goes through a checkpoint and a man walks up with a gun and starts shooting. The taxi driver stops and runs away. Then people behind him open up with AK-47s on the car hitting it over 30 times. He has a bulletproof vest on and only gets hit 3 times. He's hit in the face, bloodied, locked in the back and has to roll over the front seat and out the front door. He interviews himself right after. Seoul, South Korea - during a movie about auto racing, the actor loses control of the car in the rain, slides on the grass, can't stop, plows into a cameraman who goes up on the hood and is thrown. Stage Fright - Mt. Clemens, MI - Jason Magic is strapped in a straight jacket and hung upside down from a platform that is set on fire 80 feet above a river. He gets out of the jacket and has to get to a second line which takes too long and the burning wood falls on him setting him on fire. No one is sure what to do. He is dropped into the water and put out. Wanganui, New Zealand - two stuntman in a car drive through a wall of fire igniting an explosion, then the car blows up. The two men get out engulfed in flames. They are put out and the firemen go to put the car out not knowing there is a container inside that hasn't blown up and when it does they are put set on fire and have to be put out. Car Crashes - Port of Monaco Ferrari rally. A half million dollar car is being test driven on a course and a judge tells them to move and gets hit and they drive down stairs into a store. Paraparaumu, New Zealand - a race car goes off course and into a crowd of people hitting two. A man goes crazy and attacks the car. Majorca, Spain - illegal motorcycle racing in the street. A man driving down the street, swerves to miss them and 2 bikes plow into him and are thrown. Noble, OK 9/29/96 - motorcycle racing championship. Mike Bowers & James Cannard race. James hits him in the back and rolls right over him like it was a ramp. He knocks James off, but he breaks his neck. Water - Aurora, IL - Irv Julian is racing a speedboat and it goes in the air, flips at 200mph, hits hard and lands upside down. Marble Falls, TX 1998 - hydroboat championship. Mark loses his rudder at 200mph, spins through the air, slams down into the water and breaks into pieces. His capsule saves him. Snake River - Bonnie Johnston and her husband hit a boat and are tossed out like toys. She loses the use of an arm, but they still race. Life or Death - Belo Horizonte, Brazil - during a raging flood a boy with his bike are trapped. A rescue worker agrees to pull him and the bike up. Halfway up the cable snaps and they plummet into the water. The bike is lost and the rescue worker is hurt. Shawboro, NC - Jim Lee shoots weather footage and lightning hits a passing car. Chicago, IL 7/92 - Cortez tapes storms trying to catch lighting and then lighting hits a nearby tree ripping it in half. Bad Sports - Coupeville, WA 1/18/96 - during a wrestling match a guy gouges his opponents eyes and the man still beats him. He then gets mad at the ref, head butts him right to the mat and knocks him out. The man never fully recovers and the guy only gets 30 days in jail. El Toro, CA - Col. Jerry Caddock flies an F-18 at an airshow too low and hits the ground at 300 mph smashing the jet and breaking most of his bones making him unrecognizable. Free Fall - Corowa, Australia - 4 jumpers perform a link up. The top man loses it, then all 4 are entangled. Three of them cut lose and the fourth man has a reserve chute caught into his main chute. He cuts it away, then cuts his main chute at 400 feet and pulls his reserve. Hastings, New Zealand - a man in a parasail goes up, then is hit by a downdraft and slammed into the ground . He's knocked out and breaks his pelvis. Wales - Ken Wallace a stuntman who was in 'You Only Live Twice' demonstrates an autogyro. The rear propeller goes out, then he's slammed into the ground and flipped over. Animals out of Control - Las Vegas, NV - at the national finals champion bullrider Tuff Hedeman rides Copenhagen Stinger AKA The Eliminator and after a couple of seconds he gets thrown off but his hand is caught between the ropes and he gets spun around and around and the rodeo clowns trying to save him get tossed as well. He thought he would never get out, was tired, sprained, but won the next night. Correa, Spain - people run with the bulls. A woman is knocked to the ground by one and her shirt is ripped off. Southern France 1988/89 - bull raiders are men who have to pull an emblem off a bulls horns and run for the wall and jump out. Bulls gore men, rip up the fence and one man is carried over the wall with the horns up his butt. Most Shocking - USS Theodore Roosevelt 2/20/91 - John Bridges gets sucked into jet engine. Pakistan - a kid owns a lion and 3 of his friends pet it and it is docile. Then the lion turns and latches onto a boy's arm clamping down. The boy had fallen on its front paw and set it off. 5/25/99

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