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261 episodes listed below

Season 1 (1996-7)

Atlantic Ocean 7/28/96 - divers search the wreckage of TWA Flight 800. #103. 1996
San Diego, CA 2/11/93 - Dr. Michael Grinberg wants to hire a hitman to kill his ex-girlfriend. #105. 1996
Albuquerque, NM - during day 3 of the balloon festival Beautiful Galletia flies by a hotel and Art Minazzoli films it. #106. 1996
Boston, MA - the bomb squad is called out to remove a real bomb placed in front of an Arab embassy. #107. 1996
Santa Monica Mountains, CA - people film on the ground in the middle of wildfires. #108. 1996
Oahu, HI - Brian Kea talks about the waves at the beach. A man filming a surfer who wipes out and he flips over snapping his neck. #110. 1996
Mesquite, TX - Pete Shrum (61) works at a gas station convenience store. He talks to a woman, then a black man comes in looking for a tow truck. Then another black man walks in and sticks Pete with a gun wanting money. #111. 1996
Chester, UK - cops brief and load up with sledgehammers and a ladder for a large heroin bust. Detective Tim Roberts films them undercover as construction workers. #112. 1996
Georgetown, CO - in Leavenworth Creek floodwaters have risen high and are coming up to the top of a foot bridge. Fireman Todd Nieskes gets caught under it trying to rescue someone in the water. #113. 1996
Horsehead, NY - an electrician works on powerlines from a cherry picker. A transformer caught fire and he uses and extinguisher on it. He moves in closer to spray, it explodes and the fireball hits him. #114. 1996
Seattle, WA - Ken Dryden is a hydroplane racer. Chip Panhauer races the Budweiser Miss Elam boat and flies in the air and crashes on the last day to qualify. #115. 1996
Hong Kong - a high rise apartment fire starts in the basement and races up a stairway. The whole building is engulfed in smoke and people are trapped on the top floor. Firemen try to rescue people before putting it out. #116. 1996
Portland, OR - Lee Oman is a windwalker who hangs underneath a biplane flown by Bill Franklin in an airshow. He falls and hangs upside-down and tries to swing back up. #117. 1996
Pomona, CA - at the 1993 Winter Nationals Flash Gordon Minnio drag races and his car catches fire. Houston, TX 1993 - he races again and his car catches fire and engulfs him in thick smoke. #118. 1996
Yuma, AZ - the Golden Knights Army parachute team practice jumps. Jose Agion dies and Dana Bowman do the diamond track at 150mph with smoke trailing behind them. #122. 1996
In Myrtle Beach, SC a Ferris wheel tragedy occurs when a girl falls to her death and a 12 year old gets stuck upside down when the wheel lurches and their safety bar snaps sending them falling and crashing out of their cars. 8 fall out and park workers climb up and grab Scarlet until fire workers can get there. Parents sue the amusement park/A window repairman falls 75 feet in the pouring rain on a Chicago high rise. He is stuck on an 8ft grate above an atrium. His leg is broken and a firefighter is lowered down with a stretcher to rescue him 300 ft above the street./In Cleveland a dancing fool of a convenience store manager, Felis, robs a customer, Barney, of his tools when he comes into the store. He leaves and Felis brags on the phone about robbing Barney at gunpoint. He goes to the cops who come back and they watch the crime on tape and arrest him/Off the coast of Chili a research ship stops and the crew takes a break by swimming in the ocean. Suddenly a great white shark comes after 19 year old Heather Boswell and it bites her leg off filling the water with blood. They pull her back onto the boat, but she is 20 hours from civilization. She loses half her blood, but survives. She and others are interviewed after/Kids trying out for an Oscar Meyer wiener commercial singing the theme song. #1008. 9/18/96
10,000 feet above Brisbane, Australia the New Zealand skydiving team tries to link up 8 members in a straight line. The last diver in the green chute tangles with another member in pink and falls toward the Earth at a high speed. The second chute untangles, but the first plummets until he can cut his chute and open his reserve/In San Diego, CA police set up a fence operation chop shop and people bring in stolen cars to sell them. One guy steals a $60,000 truck from a car wash and brags about it. He sells it to them for only $1,500. The sting lasted 7 months and caught 74 thieves/In Riverside, CA teenagers drag race, drink and smoke pot. It's all fun and games until one kid tries to make a U-turn and crashes into another driver killing him. Police have a drag race unit that goes after them every weekend/Teresa Stokes is a windwalker. She rides on top of bi-planes during an airshow without a parachute/An avalanche is caught on a mountainside in Val D'Aosta, Italy. People are nearby watching as ice breaks off into the water causing a tidal wave that sweeps many people away/Ecoterrorists fight against a Shell Oil Company oil rig. They want to sink it into the ocean and the Greenpeace people fight to stop it by invading the rig and taking it over/22 year old Ken has a public access show called Urban Discipline that shows extreme sports including many crashes/UK commercials that run before movies including a Tilborg beer ad where the woman gets better looking after every beer/In Los Alamitos, CA it is the Wiener Dog Internationals dog races. #1010. 9/20/96
Over Perris, CA 40 skydivers prepare for a hookup record. Jerry Spencer tapes the propellers snapping off which set the engine on fire as the DC3 rolls down the runway and they all survive/A Brooklyn apartment has six alligators inside and police come in to remove them. Five are small enough to go out in trash cans. The last one is too big and causes trouble/Bill and Cindy King go to divorce court in Fontana, CA. In the middle of proceedings they announce they are going to reconcile and the lawyers are shocked, so is the judge/At Sea World, FL Grace and John get married in the main fish tank/In Ryan, OK Jeff Pitrouski the storm chaser tapes a twister only two blocks away/In Tulsa, OK a tornado hits a bunch of cars and trucks and mashes them together/ Quiz - Hal Linden in an old commercial/BBC - a woman teaches a dog to count. #1011. 9/23/96
During the Daytona FL stock car race after five crashes one car spins off the track and crashes into a paramedic/A meteor lands near a football game/Three people fall through the ice in a lake and a dog shows where they went. One man is near dead, but the freezing water saves him until he can be revived/A man steals a tank in San Diego and wrecks havoc by driving trough a neighborhood and squashing cars, then going on the freeway and trying to take down a bridge. Eventually he gets stuck in the median and cops jump on top of it and shoot the man through the hatch/Australian horse racing accident/A kid gets his hand stuck in a drain. #1019. 10/3/96
In Northbrook, IL police set up thieves so they break into a car trunk looking for jewels/A gang of thieves work together to rob an unsuspecting jewelry store/Noriega steals buttons/Guy drives in reverse/Doubletake plane can be landed upside down/Window washers stranded high up a building in Australia/A man goes insane on a Maine state trooper for getting a ticker/Talking dog. #1020. 10/4/96
In Deland, FL Penny Roberts crashes into a runway while sky diving when her chute doesn’t open and survives. She is now in a wheelchair/A seaplane stalls after takeoff and crashes back down into the water/A gang attacks a boy in Phoenix/A man destroys a new washing machine/A woman drives a car over a bridge and dangles in midair/A horse gets stuck in the ice/Kim Fields runs out naked into the middle of a rugby game and tackles the players/Twiggy the water-skiing squirrel. #1021.10/7/96
In Altadena, CA an old woman gets caught in the middle of a convenience store robbery/Two F18s crash into midair and even though they are badly damaged are still able to land/Space Shuttle Columbia flight camera/A killer confesses to a reporter and is arrested/Game wardens capture cheetah and alligators/Arsenio Hall early stand up comedy/Aerobatic German shepherd. #1023. 10/9/96
A Canadian man goes over Niagara Falls in a barrel with a camera inside/A corrupt Brazilian governor runs over a cameraman/Five hikers get lost in the woods for 14 hours and the Coast Guard use an infrared camera on a helicopter to find them/The Sign Man – a 75 year old who takes down illegal signs on poles in LA/On 7/29/67 the USS Forrestal Aircraft Carrier has a missile go off from a plane on deck that ignites two 1000 pound bombs when it strikes another plane and the fire burns for 13 hours and kills over 100. Senator John McCain (Republican AZ) was the unlucky pilot who got hit and he watches the tape for the first time and talks about it/A remote control Hummer/Clips of animals attacking and being silly with jumping sheep/Water-skiing monkey. #1024. 10/10/96
A cop goes undercover in Atlantic City and allows himself to get mugged with sometimes violent results/Teens knocking over garbage cans with their car/Remote control deer used to catch illegal hunters/Goslings giving birth and their first flights/Monster truck goes into the bleachers and kills a man/A kid gets stranded on a rock in a river. Two officers that go to rescue him also get stuck and a third swims out and finally pulls him out/Drew Barrymore in a TV commercial when she was 11 months old/Venice Beach skaters/British somersaulting dog. #1027. 10/15/96
In a Seattle courthouse a divorce leads to a shooting/Hit and run female driver crashes into a building/Minneapolis Police night assault on a drug house/Neil Smith of the Kansas City Chiefs goes bullfighting/Patricia Lathan falls at McDonalds and sues, falls at a bowling alley and sues and a detective follows her and finds she is a fraud/A couple gets caught in the LA River and has to get rescued by helicopter/Toby the surfing, cycling cat. #1029. 10/17/96
Greg Jones parabungies with a friend and the bungee cord knocks him out and he plummets toward the Earth with his head bleeding/In Brazil 200 people in an orchestra hall crash 20 feet through the floor with the stage collapses/Five Florida teens make a tape of what they stole in a burglary/Kids auditioning for a TV show on spiders/British Flying Legends Airshow with a P-38 crash/In Phoenix AZ an Asian woman drives her car into a flooded road and gets trapped/A helicopter pulls her out/Quiz – shaving close up/Cheers bloopers/A diver gets bitten by a stingray. #1031. 10/21/96
In Oahu, HI Hugh Alexander is standing on a cliff posing for pictures and he goes into the water when a wave knocks him off. He is slammed over and over and lifeguard Brian goes in on a jetski with a man on the back to try to pull him out. They finally grab him and he falls off, but go back and pull him out/In Hollywood, CA police chase a red Honda at night at high speeds. He then jumps out and tries to run away/In Van Nuys, CA Tim Dowling films his skating buddies when cops bust them for annoying people. The officer doesn't care that he is being recorded/In Shibushi, Japan La La a king penguin is a pet of the Nishimoto family. It walks to down and gets fish from the grocer in its' backpack/ Las Vegas casinos catch crime - fights, robberies and a man with a fake bomb. One man steals a purse and drop kicks the guard on the way out and then beats him with a stool. He is caught later/In Las Vegas the Sckyscreamer ride opens - Wayne Newton and Don King ride the 225 foot sling shot/Craig T. Nelson on a 60s variety show/Two headed turtle. #1037. 10/29/96
In Asia Victor Wong has a jewelry store and a couple comes in looking for a wedding ring. The man then jumps over the counter and tackles the owner who runs out the back and locks them in. Roy the neighbor comes over and the girl shoots at him and he fires back hitting her purse. The man opens the door and tries to choke Roy who shoots him, but he escapes. The girl is trapped and gets 13 years/In Lafayette, IN and 18 wheeler gets stuck on the train tracks and gets hit by a train/In Dallas, TX Betty has had bees in her walls for 15 years. The Bee Buster has to cart the nest out in a giant bucket/Stacy and Robin get marries on the giant slide at the Wisconsin State Fair and slide down at the end/In Edison, NJ a gas explosion at an apartment complex burns out of control/A student film from 1975 with Denzel Washington/Pumpkin chucking contest at a Delaware farm/A man skydivers on a unicycle and tries to land while riding it three time. #1038. 10/30/96
At the Bargersville, IN fire department Lou Angeli tapes the fires they put out including a house fire at 1200 degrees/The Eshlawan family sets up a camera to catch their neighbor Jim Wilson shooting their dogs/In St. Augustine, FL a plane's landing gear malfunctions and another plane flies next to him to see if he can help. He can't so Jerry Eddins must land on its' belly/In Seoul South Korea a karate man breaks sticks over his body - it is a fake when he accidentally reveals they are precut/During a fishing trip in the Gulf of Mexico the crew catches a seven foot white maco shark and think it is dead. The deck hand goes to pull the hook out and it bites him hard causing him to bleed on deck/Spanky Spangler the stunt man gets in a car and drops 170 feet into a pile of cars/Quiz - Mick Jagger at age 14 in a 1957 rock climbing instructional video/Max the rottweiler swims underwater in a pool/A man jumps into a pool of manure for Ohio State Football tickets and has to dig them out at the bottom. #1040. 11/1/96
In Guatemala a plane overshoots the runway. Jose Martinez is on the plane right after his wedding and tapes from the inside. The plane rolls off the runway and people go crazy. It goes into a residential area and kills people in their houses/In Des Moines, IA a fire at a two story house with two dogs trapped on the roof. The owner is forced to climb up when they won't come to the firemen/In Oxley Creek, Australia a boy gets caught in a sinkhole and it takes a rescue crew more than two hours to pull him out/In Mt. Washington, NH three guys go down a ski slope on a river raft and wipe out hard/In Sao Paulo, Brazil police catch two crack dealers in a slum. They take Nico to his house and his mom beats him, calls him a dog and says she hopes he dies in prison. The second kids' mom beats her son too/In Orlando, FL during a hotel sting a maid steals from a guests purse and a second maid does the same thing so the cops bust them/Quiz - Harrison Ford on a 1970 episode of Dan August/Dick Van Dyke 1953 Atlanta TV Station telling fairy tales/Caesar the 275 pound Saint Bernard is the biggest dog in the USA. #1041. 11/4/96
During a go-kart race Michael David gets clipped and flies out, flips over and over, but hits the sand and was OK/A man loses custody of his infant son in court and then dangles the kid out the window and holds a box cutter to the kid demanding beer. Sgt. Bob brings the beer up to him and when he comes to get it he is arrested/A New York body shop insurance fraud sting catches a mechanic taking a sledgehammer to a car to enhance the damage to a dozen cars so they get more money for repairs/In Brazil fireworks are lunched from hot air balloons. One of them catches fire, falls to earth and ignites fireworks on the ground near the crowd/In Vancouver, BC the Cannucks Hockey Team loses the Stanley Cup and a riot ensues. One man walks across a power line until he is pelted off with garbage. Tear gas clears them out and the riot moves to town/Quiz - 1970 movie Love Story with Tommy Lee Jones/In Dunmore, Ireland during a greyhound race a cat goes on the track and the dogs head for it instead/Arsenio Hall doing stand up on the Solid Gold show/Over Idaho four skydivers stack up, then a dozen do it. #1042. 11/5/96
In the Bronx, NY a man stands on the ledge of an apartment threatening to jump from six floors up. Police go up to talk to him down. The crowd eggs him on to jump. His son goes on the fire escape to talk to him, but the man doesn't care. 2 1/2 hours later cops jump him and he falls out of his jacket and cops grab him by the legs and pull him in the window/At a South Africa boxing match shots are fired and everyone runs or hides. The shots are from robbers who are off camera. More shots are fired, but they get away with nothing/In Sacramento, CA a deer is stuck in a drainage canal and rescuers try to pull her out, but she swims away. State park lifeguards go in and trap her and she is pulled up and out/In Chicago, IL a man dressed as Batman climbs atop a building to protest all the crime shown on the news/In Sao Paulo, Brazil a man catches thieves in his car and pulls them out and kicks them. Another man beats a second thief/In Phoenix, AZ Spanky Spangler tries to set a record by jumping his car into Firebird Lake. He makes it 232 feet, hits the water and sinks upside-down 17 feet to the bottom and is trapped. Divers pull him out after over two minutes and he survives/Quiz - Saturday Night Fever with Fran Drescher 1977/In the UK two dogs pull a woman on a skate board/Harry the Hanging dog/A dog says 'mama' for food/Dart playing parakeet/Vintage - in Germany a daredevil surfs on cars, jumps through windows, rolls in a tire/In Honolulu, HI people play hockey at the bottom of a pool with no air. #1047. 11/12/96
Doc Conable sky dives off the Eiffel Tower from the first level because the top is fully enclosed. He slams into the grass and can't get up because he broke his leg in three places and spends a month in a prison hospital/In Thomasville, NC Gregory Charles takes a bank teller hostage and puts her in his car after a robbery. Cops move in and one of them grabs his arm and gets the gun away/In Albuquerque, MN a brown bear is on loose looking for her cub. She climb up a telephone poll, gets shot with a tranquilizer, falls, gets zapped with 72,000 volts, but is OK in the end/Four guys skydive out of a plane in a rubber raft. The first attempt fails, so they do it again/In Iceland the Loki volcano erupts after 60 years of lying dormant, shooting lava two miles in the air/At a Schenectady, NY county airport air show a Canadian chopper falls to the ground, the blades tear up the dirt and fly off 100s of feet. Two crewmen get out the back and the other three are able to get out after the fire truck waters it down/Quiz - 1976 Zest commercial with Farrah Fawcet in the shower/BBC TV show bloopers/John grows huge vegetables - 31 pound broccoli, 45 red cabbage by vitamins. #1048. 11/13/96
In Chester UK there is a nighttime police drug bust/They smash through a door and grab the dealer, wife and child. The drug sniffing dog is bitten by the dealer's dog and gets off on a technicality/Off the coast of Florida a Trident missile test by a nuclear submarine is interrupted by Greenpeace. Navy boats hit them with hoses to knock them and their engines out. When that doesn't work they ram their boat until the engines finally give//During a movie shoot a stunt scene requires a truck to roll over into the water after a chase. The first two attempts fails and on the third one the truck sinks and Bobby the driver is trapped underwater for over a minute before they can pull him out/Lockland Mills is kayaking and is sucked into the rapids one day after his friend drown. He is pulled out unconscious and is revived in the hospital/Two crocodiles fight in Australia/Quiz - Warren Beatty's TV debut/Gene Catrun spends five hours setting up a billiard on domino trick shot on four pool tables at once/In Australia a white cockatoo suddenly bites a sound mans' nose. #1052. 11/19/96
In an Australian convenience store the manager sees a woman shoplift and confronts her. She accuses the manager of assault and they throw things at each other/A Russian anti-mafia police squad sting is launched to find a kidnapped banker. The kidnappers plead ignorance and the cops beat them until the remember/Two F-15s in a mock dogfight crash/An F-16 goes down and the pilot ejects/F-18s collide/Tinkerbell the pregnant cow fell 200 feet. She is pushed into the water and hooked into a harness and airlifted away/In Portland, OR Robinson got electrocuted on a roof, fell off and landed on a power line, was burned and a cherry picker gets him down/Michael Richards and Jay North on the Dating Game in 1968/Quiz - 1970 episode of Love American Style with Diane Keaton/New Smyrna Beach, FL amateur corvette race. A blue vette crashes after finishing, then a white vette crashes hard and the hood comes off/In Phoenix, AZ a cop goes undercover as a documentary filmmaker to interview taggers and 16 of them are arrested/Dog food commercial tryouts with dogs trying to say the word pasta/Time puts a 12" pool rack down his arm and over his body/Mary Jane teaches her dog to be a cheerleader. #1053. 11/20/96
In Santiago, Chile a fire on the 14th floor of an office building rages out of control and people are trapped. Some go up to the roof and are airlifted out. Miguel Fernandez jumps to an airbag, but misses and lands in a fountain and survives/A NYC rainstorm causes an EMS truck to hit John Bailey as he walks across the street/In an El Monte, CA pool hall, Kicker from the Asian Boys gang is attacked by a rival gang the Wa-King. They say he is bulldogging them and an enforcer grabs him and pulls him down. A melee ensues and China Dog comes back and executes him by shooting him seven times at point blank range/Sacramento, CA a 5 year old kid climbs in a chimney in April looking for Santa. Rescue workers pull him out and he is totally black with soot/During the 1991 Gulf War smart bomb hit Iraqi tanks and airfields/Kevin Scheuerman skydives and starts spinning out of control and smacks into the ground, loses teeth, breaks his pelvis and fractures both legs + arms/Quiz - 1963 episode of The Untouchables with Robert Redford/In Thailand the 60 year old Floating Nun at the Golden Dragon Temple/Trix America's Silliest Kid Contest won by Natalie Stowville/Mike Michigan and Deanna Kent sky dance after jumping from a plane. #1055 11/22/96
Off Hawaii pilot whales are spotted and Lisa Costello jumps overboard to swim with them and one whale grabs her and pulls her down 40 feet, but the whale goes back toward the surface and she survives./Off the South African coast a Spanish supertanker catches fire and breaks in half. 78 million gallons of oil burn on the water and the tanker is intentionally sunk/In Japan at a stress karaoke club you can smash a room full of furniture for 2 hours for a $100/Quiz - Laurence Fishburne in Cornbread, Earl & Me/At the Pittsburgh Three River Ragata Airshow Clancy Speal does his stuntshow, stalls and slams into the water after his wings rip off and dies as he wife announces it/In North Conway, NH the Mudbowl football game for charity/Foreign game shows - Italy, Germany, Japan - Friendly Park & Super Human Coliseum/IN Australia 25th Camel Cup in - Geoff Shorty Smith wins. #1056. 11/25/96
In Times Square NYC a building is on fire and a man is trapped on the 12th floor. Firefighters go up on the roof, lower down and grab him. They go down to the next floor, break out the window and bring him in. The scene is repeated/In a Las Vegas Casino Deuce from a Los Angeles gang fires and robs the cashier. They jump through the window, grab over $70,000, have a shootout with a guard and escape/In St. Louis John Vincent skydives from the St. Louis arch, runs off and escapes, put police arrest his cameraman. IN Australia there is a Koala Bear Hospital for those caught in a brush fire in New South Wales. Teams rescue them from trees/Quiz - Lea Thompson in an 80s Burger King Commercial/In Russia a businessman refuses a shakedown by mobsters in a sting. Cops wait until the man is nearly dead before they come in/ In Mexico a tunnel is found 65 feet down that is 1500 feet long to CA to run drugs and they also find 7 tons of coke/In Houston, TX Ron Broyles climbs the Texas Commerce Tower 100 feet/In Los Angeles street lugers go 100mph down Mulholland Dr/Joey Kohler sets the stilt record at 42 feet high/David pulls a 200 ton plane. #1058. 11/27/96
Georgia cops pull over a motorcycle and then he runs. Sgt. Jim Robbins gets up to 130mph chasing him. He takes an exit, goes into a city, runs stop signs, hits a dead end, gets rear ended and runs on foot/At a Melbourne, FL airboat race Billy Willard’s boat flips and throws him end over end/Of San Diego, CA a P-38 Lightning on the bottom of the ocean since WWII is found by Dave Miller 130 feet down/In England a man makes a motorized easy chair and drives it down the road/In West Palm Beach, FL a jewelry store robbery turns into a shootout when the thief is locked in. The owner is hit and the thief leaves with nothing/Coast Guard video of a sailboat with a large keel full of 880 pounds of cocaine/1979 NYC comic strip talent show with Sarah Jessica Parker at age 14/Sean Tucker does aerobatic flying in a bi-plane with wing cameras/In Bangkok at Safari World – Dynamite Dan vs. Marvelous Hum chimpanzee boxing. #1062. 12/3/96
During a Minneapolis convenience store robbery the robber fires at the owner and holds him hostage. Dad runs in the back and gets a gun, the son tells him to drop it, but he doesn’t. They exchange gunfire, the robber leaves, the dad runs after him and shoots him and the son is interviewed after/9/18/96 at a Chicago, Lake County chop shop undercover cops infiltrate it and bust them and recover 36 vehicles/Beaver Co. PA - a man steals panties from a woman’s clothes line every Wednesday. He is caught and claims bras make good sling shots/In Australia 8 German shepherd puppies and their mother got trapped in a drainage pipe. Backup is needed to get them out after 3 days/During a Chicago warehouse 5 alarm fire barrels of chemicals explode near firefighters. It takes 80 men 8 hours to put it out/In Dayton, OH 2 people are trapped in a car and firefighters pulling them out are tossed when the airbags deploy/In Brazil a monkey on the loose jumps from roof to roof for 6 blocks. It jumps through a man’s legs until it’s caught/Quiz – 1955 western with Clint Eastwood/In Australia a man stores his camping gear under the hood of his car and it catches fire at a traffic stop and cops put it out/Taxi TV series bloopers/In Leavenworth, KS an outhouse racer wins $50. #1063. 12/4/96
At a Tampa, FL Sears on 10/21/96 a man hid inside the store and after it closes tries to rob it. He can’t get out and lights come on and he tries to kick the door open 7 times, finally breaks it and runs out, but was caught 1 week later/In Girapant, Columbia a 13 year old boy, Christian, skydives and the chute doesn’t open and he smashes into the ground and dies on the way to the hospital/In Cambria, CA a meth lab has 4 days worth of video of 4 guys, toxins killed plants and animals and 9 people are caught/NASA video from 1965 of Gemini III, Ed White’s first space walk/1984 Space Shuttle manned maneuvering unit space walk 200 miles up/In the Mohavi desert 15 men hunt a remote controlled Oldsmobile with handguns, rifles, shotguns and M-16s/In Tel Aviv, Israel – soccer playing dogs/Chicago bicycle messenger Jack Blackfelt’s day in the life with one crash/Al G ties cherry stems in a knot with his tongue and does 900 in 1 hour #1068. 12/11/96
In Laurel, DE three people skydive and do a formation and crash into David the cameraman and knock him out. He breaks his jaw in 2 places, wakes up in time and survives/In Miami, FL a man blows smoke in a convenience store and a big cop gets mad, pounds him and arrests him. The only problem is that it was all a lie and he had to resign/Low rent crime – people break through a convenience store door. A woman smashes her car into the door three times to steal beer. A man grabs a cigarette display, falls, drops it outside, goes back and steals another. Two guys can’t get out and fall over the door/In Fayetteville, GA cops pursue a stolen car driven by a career criminal. He wrecks the SUV and goes through the windshield. One month later he breaks out a window in jail and gets stuck trying to escape. Firefighters pull him out after 3 hours/Off Clearwater, FL a tugboat is sinking and the coast guard comes in to rescue the crew. They send down water pumps to no avail and it sinks anyway/In Spokane, WA during the end of a wedding a 7 alarm fire goes off in the basement. They almost missed their honeymoon because their car was stolen and their house was robbed/In Isuzu Canyon, CA there is yearly mudracing because of flooding/In Fryberg, ME a pig scramble with kids trying to put them in sacks/Horse show jumping crashes. #1072. 12/17/96
On the St. Johns river an ice flow breaks off and heads down the river, takes out a bridge and knocks down houses including Guy & Veronica’s. It caused $16 million in damage/In CA BMX daredevils jump the Grande Gorge for a magazine photo shoot. On the first jump a guy dislocates his shoulder and gets a concussion/In Atlantic City, NJ at the Taj Mahal casino 3 employees push $3 million on a cart. A robber comes over with a gun and shoots a woman in the head and grabs some money. His accomplice is late and is tripped by an off duty cop and loses the money. He is caught in 36 hours and the woman lost an eye/In Los Angeles, CA a girl gets her hand stuck in a gumball machine and rescue workers pull her out/During the Gulf War there are 700 Iraqi oil fires where 5 million gallons burn every day. Texas firefighters cap them fighting 2500 foot flames and 40 mph winds covering them in dirt/In North Palm Beach, FL an alligator is in a sewer and a trapper and firemen flush it out, catch it, tape it up and truck it out/In Chicago, IL inline street skaters ride on banisters and down stairs/In Ontario, Canada Calvin the elephant paints t-shirts for $200. #1073. 12/18/96
In Milwaukee, WI a helicopter carrying an air conditioner to the top of a 25 story apartment building stalls, is forced to drop the load and then crashes near the water. The chopper is wrecked, but the pilot is OK/ In Harvey, IL a man tries to pull down a tree with his car and the car overheats and stalls, then the car is pulled back and the tree falls on the house and the car catches fire/Los Angeles convenience store robbery. Four guys steal beer. The clerk tries to jump the counter and one guy hits him over the head with a bottle and knocks him into a coma for two weeks/Publisher's clearing House winners surprised at home/Snowmobilers on vacation cause an avalanche and are forced to outrun a wall of snow/In Knox, IN kids are on a bus out of control when the driver passed out from a seizure and falls on the gas pedal. The bus hits a bridge and sends kids through the air. A 17 year old gets up and hits the brakes/A French man drives a truck around a track on two wheels during a show/Hamsters running an obstacle course where they have to jump many mini wall in England. #1006R. 12/24/96
In Minden, NV a brush fire gets out of control and a man is in the back of a pickup truck trying to get away as the fire washes over him/In Las Vegas massive rainfall creates flooding a man crashes his jeep over a bridge and is trapped inside, upside-down and underwater for over 30 minutes but is rescued and brought back to life/Sea turtle stuck in NY/Extreme skier falls all the way down a mountain/Street justice in Brazil/Tim Allen on a Kmart training tape. #1014R. 12/26/96
In Memomonee Falls, WI a 21 year old woman skydiver lands on an electrical wire after jumping from 10,000 feet. The line has 300,000 volts, but she isn't touching it. The fire department is called in and the power company comes out to cut the juice first. After two hours they are able to run a rope to her and she cuts the line and climbs down./In Los Angeles a Mexican man climbs down from the roof of an apartment to go to his girlfriend's window who he is forbidden to see. Halfway down gets stuck and the fire company has to rescue him./A high speed police chase in London. Cops are chase bandits from a robbery gone bad. They try to run him off the road and he weaves back and forth until he crashes into a pole./At an Anchorage, AK zoo Kathryn climbs over two fences to pet a polar bear and the bear gets her leg and won't let go and they have to hit the bear to get him off./Cheaters caught in Vegas Casinos. Dustin Marks, a magician, shows how he can beat the casinos by cheating with sleight of hand tricks./Quiz - Richard Dreyfuss in an old commercial./A cow escapes from a calf roping event and runs around Denver. A cop tries to stop her, but she runs with him. It takes four of them to get her down, but she still gets up./Ping pong playing cat./Classic newsreel - surfing elephant. #1002R. 1/1/97
During an Australian car race a crash traps a driver in a flaming wreck. His seat belt is caught and oil burns all over him. He can't get out so a truck pushes his car from behind and traps a crew member under it. They finally get the driver out and 90% of his body is burned/At the Miami airport the American Buffet installs a camera above the cashiers and catches the women stuffing their bras with cash and more/1992 BBC documentary of Margaux Hemingway getting treatment at a bulimic clinic/In St. Augustine, FL Scott Gordon has one wheel of his plane stuck in the wheel well. Jim rides a truck under the plane and is able to pull the stuck wheel out/In Baltimore, MD the Lexington Village housing project implodes five buildings at once with cameras riding the buildings down/10/64 screen test for the Avenger with Burt Reynolds/BBC tape of three dogs drinking from a sprayed seltzer bottle. #1001R. 1/2/97
In Cleveland, OH a funny car drag racer veers into a wall and flips over and over again just missing Killer Brooks. They interview him and he says the driver quit for good/In Wales the RAF helicopter rescue crew loses control during a training mission plummets into a lake and 3 men die/In Bardstown, KY a bourbon and whiskey plant catches fire. Seven buildings with 100,000 galloons burn to the ground/In Fort Smith, AR a dog climbs a chain link fence/In Tampa, FL Sammy the dog climbs a fence by pushing against a tree and climbing with its back paws/In Washington, DC the Potomac River plane crash is revisited 15 years later. Burt Hamilton and Joe Stiley are survivors who are interviewed/Cheers TV show bloopers – Coach, Sam, Woody, Diane, Rebecca/In Venice Beach, CA skaters jump a barrel and wipe out. #1080. 1/10/97
In Jacksonville, FL the Cathedral Tower for Seniors building fire on the 18th floor traps an old woman inside. Connie Mullis calls 911 and firefighters go in and all are brought out/In a PA convenience store a man tries to rob a cashier and she throws hot tea in her face and breaks the mug over his head. He leaves when a customer enters/Workman’s comp frauds – a man races motorcycles and gets 4 months in jail, a man with a bad elbow chops wood, man with a bad arm starts a mower, a man with a bad back is a mover, hurt man out playing baseball/In St. George, UT 8/28/96 Corky the goat jumps on a horses back and scratches it/In San Diego, CA a man tries to kill himself by lying on the train tracks and a man pulls him off at the last second/Classic – a 1940’s x-ray of a snake eating a mouse, people eating, feet and birds/Roger Gustin races a lava car with a jet engine attached that goes from 0 to 250 in 6 seconds/In Tallahassee, FL James dresses like a knight on horseback to propose to Rachel. #1083. 1/15/97
In Pomona, CA at a funny car drag race Dave Uyhara's Insanity car rear ends Ron Correnti's car and shreds to just a skeleton on fire, both drivers are OK/ In the Swannoana River, NC Catherine an 81 year old woman drives into a river after someone removed a roadblock and it fills the car with water up to her chin. Three men on a boat are able to pull her out at the last second/A black woman thinks she is going to pet a cat, but it is a 12 foot python. A fireman tries to grab it with a rubbish hook and then animal control comes in. The go to put the snake in his truck, but the rubbish hook is stuck and the snake has to be soaped to get it off/Publisher's clearing house winners surprised at home including a $10 million winner/In Tennessee Brenda Gibson suspects her dentist Dr. Clifford Beggett of molesting her after waking up from anesthesia to find her pants ripped. She goes back to set up a police sting to catch him in the act/Classic Newsreel Fad's of the 1920s - mud wrestling, dance marathons, flag pole sitters, column climbing/Extreme kayaking/In Australia a kangaroo gets tangled in a backyard pool net/In Tokyo Dylan the dog goes around town with a camera on his head/Ben & Penny - the recycling dogs retrieve aluminum cans #1085. 1/17/97
On the Mississippi River in New Orleans a 775 foot grain boat, the Bright Field, is out of control and crashes into the River Walk Mall. Phil and Mary Becker tape from their 25th floor apartment/During a horse race at the Ascot a drunk student runs out on the track and gets trampled by a horse/A man is caught firebombing an abortion clinic and almost burns himself up/In Bedfordshire England a 72 year old woman wing walks on top of a biplane as it flies/In Chicago a winter freeze causes dozens of cars to crash including one into a cop/In St. Louis a dangerous corner has a dozen cars slide and have one big crash/In Merritt Island, FL an 8 foot alligator is caught in a sewer and Gator Bill pulls it out/Wings TV show bloopers/Making of the Nissan toys car commercial/In China Ching Ching the panda's 20th birthday party. #1089. 1/23/97
Public Service Video of a Conrail train crashing into a car/In Aurora, CO Steve Schmidt's car gets hit by a train and is dragged 5 miles. A rescue team is able to cut him out after a few hours, both lungs collapsed and all his ribs are broken/In San Francisco, CA police want to remove illegally parked boats. A crazy man on his crappy boat pops up and shoots Officer Gerald with a flare gun/Time lapse photography of a pond freezing, icicles forming and a thaw/A Bengal tiger has a broken tooth and must be tranquilized and carried into an operation and given a new metal tooth/In Norway a boat of ecoterrorists, the Sea Shepherds, are out in the North Atlantic to cut fishing nets to free whales. The Norwegian coast guard goes out to stop them. The boat rams, shoots, drops depth charges in front of them/In the Rocky Mountains a man parasails on skis by getting pulled by horses/Quiz - 1960s deodorant commercial with Diane Keaton/A New Mexico government test video ammonium nitrate bomb/Service Merchandise commercial with Lucille Ball, Herman Munster and Dragnet cops/In Loomis, CA Bud the dog vs. Spot the bunny. #1093. 1/29/97
During a Canberra Australia offroad rally Mike Barnett is a cameraman who gets smashed into when a 280-Z crashes into him/A Phoenix warehouse catches fire and quickly spreads because of the 40mph wind. Flaming embers blow everywhere and 4 buildings catch fire and debris starts fires 8 blocks away/In Moscow a mafia sting catches 4 men extorting money from a business and tossing the bag of money around. Cops barge in and kick two of them. In Ontario Canada rescue workers dig 25 feet to rescue a kitten. After 6 hours of cutting a pipe they get it out/Gary Beal – the Human Torch does a show in Utah. He lays in the back seat of a car and blows it up. Then he crashes a car through a flaming car standing on it’s trunk/A Northwest Territory Canada ice cave that has the Gallery of Dead Sheep with bones dating back 10,000 years/Quiz – Penny Marshall in Love American Style 1971/Lake Tahoe tree diving/Classic early flight attempts with the Wright Brothers/In Phoenix AZ Precious the pot bellied pig does tricks. #1102. 2/11/97
Valerie Taylor ties chum to her arms and dives to feed sharks while her husband films her. She wears chain mail armor to prevent bad bites. At one point a shark knocks her air off/In Melbourne Australia a jockey falls off his horse and the 17 year old rider next to him jumps on his horse/Joe Borzelleri flies his plane under a California bridge/Humphrey the bull elephant seal goes on land and wants to mate with cows/In Baton Rouge during the Cajun Nationals a funny car driven by RC Sherman crashes into a wall at 175mph and explodes/He is pinned to the frame but is OK/In Buenos Aries a dog gets it’s head stuck through a tire rim/Quiz – Tom hanks on Family Ties/Gary Shandling early stand up. #1106. 2/17/97
Steve Stratford and his wife charter a plane in New Hampshire to film the mountains. The pilot sees a moose and banks the plane to get closer. As he does he hits a tree and crashes, but all are OK and joke about it./In Yokama, Japan at 2AM illegal street racing called drifting occurs. They drive and pull the emergency brake while turning so they spin out./Lisa Clayton from England sails around the world nonstop alone. She is the first woman to do so and her video diary shows her losing her mind at times./In Zaragosa Spain during a bullfight a bull tosses a matador and goes after the horse in the ring, knocking it down./At Mammoth Mountain, CA extreme bikers go down a mountain/Quiz - James Caan on an episode of the Untouchables 1962/In Milan, Italy the French Spider-man climbs the outside of a 600ft bank building without any assistance. #1107. 2/18/97
In Valarace, Argentina during a car race Mauricio Tucci crashes and is thrown through the air and down the track/A black man orders a dozen donuts at Dunkin' Donuts and then steals $200, the cashier's jewelry and the donuts/Off Scotland Bottlenose Dolphins attack harbor porpoises/A 6 month old waterskies because his dad is a famous skier/In San Diego, CA four quail hunters are helicoptered to their destination and the when the chopper goes to take off a skid hits a rock and it falls over. The pilot is OK, but the hunters don't help him out/At South Lake Tahoe Dan Osmond climbs up a sheer rock cliff without ropes/Quiz - Phil Hartman in a Church's Chicken commercial 1982/On Clearwater River, ID during catarafting Alan flips over and gets back in/At a Jewish Wedding the groom can't break the glass and it flies all over/Bad tasting Champaign/Garter belt gets stuck in a plant/Coney Island Hot Dog eating contest. #1108. 2/19/97
In West Kendall, FL Pesky Critters is called in to remove a monster from a garage cabinet. It turns out to be a giant 8 pound possum/Police Video in Detroit, MI. A cop makes a traffic stop and an accident a car into the driver, the cop and the car/Scott Warner ships himself in a crate to a friends house 155 miles away from Cleveland to Huron/In Speculator, NY three guys stretch a rope across a waterfall and ride across on a pulley. When a woman goes out her hair gets caught in the rope and she is stuck there until a friend comes out and rescues her. Then they talk about it/Quiz - Michael Keaton on Mr. Roger's 1975/Jim grabs poisonous snakes to milk them for venom/Greg skateboards up a 40 foot ramp and through a flaming hoop/Jeff tapes his wife once a month during her pregnancy. #1111. 2/24/97
In Laurel, DE 2 men skydive from 13,000 feet. Eric Johnson forgets to check his altitude and pulls his chute at 1,500 feet and tangles his chutes. He cuts one and spins out, hitting the ground at 50mph, but he survives/In Boston a 7 foot, 1000 pound moose runs loose in Chestnut Hills. He is tranquilized and taken back to the woods/In Perth Australia a kangaroo runs wild/In Los Angeles a car hits a deer/In Estes Park, CO 2 women get trapped in a car in a creek and a rescue crew in a raft comes out to get them and has to pull them out the windows/In Tokyo, Japan at the annual screaming contest the winner hits 116db/At Nellis AFB in Las Vegas radar captures a UFO/A female polar bear awakes from hibernation with 2 cubs and hunts a seal and a cub scares it off/In Mount Bachelor, OR the Skimming Guys Slush cup competition across a frozen lake/In Toyota City, Japan at the Idea Olympics engineers build weird cars/Mazda fantasy day #1126. 3/31/97
In Sandpoint, ID a moose gets stuck in the ice and the baby goes out on the ice with her and the mother drowns. The young bull falls in the ice too and rescuers pull him out and he swims away/In Argentina a cow ranch is doing its chores when a freak storm comes out of nowhere and rips off their roof/Randy Holman tapes the Sundowner, a 70ft yacht as it catches fire in Marina Del Rey during a corporate Christmas party. A fireboat puts it out and fireman look for victims/In London the Amateur Armwrestling Championships/Sydney, Australia hanggliding competition a man sets a speed record until a dust devil comes out of nowhere and lifts a man and his glider off the ground causing injuries/In South Africa a man tests the Shark Pod - sharks get shocked and swim away/World's Super Bike Circuit races and crashes/Dan the Ladder Man water-skis on a ladder and his six year old son does too. #1131. 4/7/97
In Venezuela a sky bucket cable breaks sending two kids to their death and leaves another girl stranded while her father watches helplessly. Another man helps her swing out of the bucket to safety/NC Police video shows a car thief speeding ahead of a cop. He gives chase into a park where the thief crashes into a swing set/Magpies attack people in Australia during mating season/Sea Lions swim with divers in California/A woman steals jewelry from a Las Vegas casino gift shop/Purse snatcher and token thieves in casinos/An Argentina soccer riot erupts after a star player gets ejected. Fireman hose the crowd until the players stop them/28 couples get marries on a rollercoaster at Busch Gardens Tampa/In England, Pepper the pony falls into a cesspool and 20 people work to get him out/Beaver County, PA - Championship Shovel sledding. #1137. 4/15/97
Elk mating season in Canada at a park turns chaotic when the elk go after tourists and each other/A weatherman in a hail storm has his camera operator hit by lightning/Publisher’s Clearing House winners at home with a girl only in a towel/A man assaults a tow driver and ticker taker for towing his Mercedes/Dan climbs up and down a waterfall/A killer whale gives birth to a baby in captivity. #1141. 4/21/97
In Beartooth, MT hunters are camping at night when they see the horizon is on fire. The flames cover the only road out and their campground. They let their horses go and the fire gets close, but the wind blows it away and the horses come back the next day/At the Concrete Coffin Prison in the UK there is an escape. Six men jump the wall and guards catch four outside the wall and the last two are found with a helicopter/A manatee gets stuck in a storm drain in Florida. After an hour rescuers are able to pull it out and take it to Sea World for rehabilitation/The North Hollywood Bank of America shootout with two robbers in body armor and AK-47s. New angles are shown by local people caught in the crossfire/1982 Lavern and Shirley episode with Carrie Fisher/The Crusty Demons of Dirt race BMX bikes in the South African desert/California BMX racing/The Red Barron wheel barrow drill team. #1145. 4/25/97
Barry MacGuigan races in a road rally and crashes with a camera on the dashboard that shows him flipping over and over. Two weeks later he crashes again/In Phoenix AZ a stolen pickup truck races through town at 10AM. The driver then hits a truck and bounces into a parked car, flips over and shreds into pieces/Miss Shelby County beauty pageant winner Mindy has to ride a horse in a harness race and going around the track the horse stumbles and she is thrown and the horse is cast/A vacationing couple, Lynn and her husband Brett are in Mexico. Brett is parachuting and while hot-dogging he crashes into the beach and fractures his pelvis/Quiz - 1973 Love American Style episode with Victoria Principal/In Olympia WA a seagull will a crossbow bolt through his head gets an operation to remove it/In New Zealand a cat steals golf balls right off a course/A French motorcycle racers uses spiked tires to races down ski slopes. #1146. 4/28/97
In British Columbia, Canada a woman parasailing is caught in the wind and they can't get her down. 150 strangers rush off the beach to help pull her down so she won't hit a powerline/A security camera at 2AM in a convenience store catches a teenager stealing cash as another employee runs out to catch him, but he escapes/A Denver department store camera follows a man trying to steal clothes and he runs while guards follow him. A truck blocks his car and he rams them and takes off, but his license plate falls off at the scene/A squirrel steals 150 Christmas lightbulbs and then gets trapped/Mountain climbers in Las Vegas compete in 10 events until a woman climbing gets her hair stuck in her cord and has to be rescued/Hunters search for a wild boar in Georgia and they catch one. While tying him up the trapper gets bit/Skydivers hang from the back of a cargo plane before they jump onto a Caribbean beach/Oprah Winfrey on a Boston show called People are Talking before she was famous/People tossing TV's off a roof in Tennessee. #1157. 5/13/97
At a UK airshow two Mig-29s collide in mid air. Both pilots eject in time as the planes crash into the ground and cause huge fireballs with 20 ft flames/During a Chicago hail storm a tree gets hit by lightning right across the street from the man taping/In New Zealand a teenager steals a car and leads police on a long pursuit. He is followed by a chopper, runs a roadblock, gets hit multiple times and drags a cop that has opened his door and he almost gets run over by other cops/Frog the cat climbs a 50ft electric pole and sits there for three days. A power crewman prods him off and he falls the whole way down, but is OK/In Hawaii Mount Kilauea volcano erupts, destroys a neighborhood and starts to create a new island/In New Zealand a man invents a 12ft plane that flies on a wire/Quiz - Sylvester Stallone in 1972 a shaving cream commercial/Joe Regalbuto on Mork and Mindy 1978/Polar bear cubs at the Denver Zoo raised in an incubator/A pet ostrich in Texas bites the camera. #1163. 5/21/97
In Boston, MA a girl is trapped in an apartment fire, the mother comes out screaming and Tim McGillicudy pulls her out, falls on the ice outside and gives Rebecca mouth to mouth in the freezing cold until she starts breathing again and paramedics arrive as the mom passes out/In England a double decker bus crashed into a bridge with camera inside as a safety demonstration/In Brazil Antonio is on a rooftop threatening to jump down 100 feet. He swings a metal bar and cops jump him from behind and lower him by wire/In Richmond, TX Cory takes his girlfriend Jenny for a helicopter ride and has written “will you marry me Jenny?” on the runway and she says yes/In Joplin, MO during a cattle rustle a covered wagon driven by horses is spooked by dogs and they run wild. The wagon flips throwing a man and 2 boys/In Manchester, England Laura goes into labor in a newspaper store and starts giving birth in her pants/At the North Pole 2 skydivers jump in tandem/At the Atlantic City, NJ Harrah’s casino the world’s largest shrimp cocktail – a 10 foot inflatable shrimp is dropped in a 30 foot long red pool/In Lake Eerie a VQ Bug was dropped in the water to see how many muscles would attach to it. Four months later they pull it out with nearly 500,000 muscles attached. #1076R. 6/18/97
Rochester, NY - Frank Puff does the Trial By Fire magic trick and wants it real. He ties Sheila Mills and Mickie Keller to a gasoline soaked board, with a gunpowder fuse. #119. 1997
Auckland, New Zealand - at a sprint car race two cars collide and one flips over and over and shreds. Bill McGlynn’s engine is launched over the fence into the crowd hitting 5 people. #120. 1997
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 1987 - a man holds his baby son hostage at gunpoint after breaking into his ex-mother in law’s house where she was hiding the kid from him. #121. 1997
New Zealand - a cyclone causes large waves. Mary Mollard films a blowhole where waves crash up high when a teen boy goes to the edge and is swept away by a wave. #123. 1997
Brainerd International Raceway, MN - John Force races in the NHRA. Halfway down the track his car shakes, then catches fire and his chutes are melted. #124. 1997
Milwaukee, OR - Stuart Vick, a treetrimmer, cuts off a big branch from Jessica Nelson’s 80 foot elm. He’s tied down, but loses his balance after he chainsaws it, is thrown, bounced and hangs upside-down. #125. 1997
Yosemite National Park, CA - In July Wayne Taylor films his family camping when a huge rock slide starts at Glacier Point and smoke starts to cover the area. #126. 1997
Gainesville, FL - on the nitro funny car race track Norman Wilding from England is in an all black car. The car starts smoking, he loses it, hits a wall, the top rips of, he’s knocked out, goes across the track, hits that wall, goes back across and hits the other wall and what’s left catches fire. #127. 1997
Dinwiddie Co. VA - VA police join a chase across the border from NC with a state trooper behind the suspect going 125mph. The NC cop loses control and wipes out. #128. 1997
New Zealand - Owen Evans races a Porsche 911 on a highway to set a NZ speed record and gets to 220 mph to break it. They rework the car and an hour later try to go even faster. #129. 1997
Lancaster, CA - fire burns a garage apartment where Linda and her baby live. The cameraman and a neighbor scream for Linda to get out because they think she’s in there. #130. 1997
Taiwan - rival taxicab companies mainlanders vs. the natives fight each other in the streets. A car accident caused a riot. Dr. Stanley Rosen from USC says the roads are tight and polluted. The riot goes all night, people light fires, one man tries to run another over with his cab. Police try to pull out the beaten man and they are attacked and firebombed. 20 were injured and 100 cars were ruined. #131. 1997
Greg Sadler makes his first skydive and is recorded by Jay Cantrell. He jumps tandem with Ken Stone, they do a bunch of spins, Greg passes out and Ken has to land with him limp. Then they all goof on him. Jay says that was the first one out of 1700 he saw pass out. #132. 1997
Bangkok, Thailand - a high rise building catches fire and construction workers go to the roof and grab ropes from helicopters to be airlifted away. Some climb on balconies. A man on the 7th floor heard an explosion and he caught fire. Every fire fighter in town is there, but they can only go 8 stories up. Some jump from 8 stories. It takes 6 hours to airlift 80 people. #133. 1997
Wellington, Australia - firemen go to a house fire and Brian Smart has a helmet cam. He goes in the house as flames and embers fly around, a piece of the roof comes down around him and he thinks the camera went out. 10 men run out, the house is a loss. After he says it’s good to rewatch for training. It gives new crew a chance to see what it’s like inside. #134. 1997
Milwaukee, WI - a father & son bank robber team have a hostage in their van, hit a police barricade and a gun battle ensues. They let the woman go, get around the blockade, floor it, a cop in the street shoots at them, they crash hard into a tree and get pinned by multiple trees. Cops yell at them to get out and toss the guns. They say they are injured, but cops don’t buy it since one cop has already died. SWAT uses a large snowplow as cover to get closer. EMS has to work on them before they can get out. They got 2 life sentences and 565 years. #135. 1997
San Antonio, TX - Billy Burnett (13) stuck his foot in a whirlpool and it got stuck between a pipe and a rock. Fireman Kevin Boyce drills him out as a big storm approaches. He could drown if they can’t get him out. After more than 5 hours they are able to get him out. He was able to walk with crutches the next day in a cast. #136. 1997
Minneapolis, MN - firemen go to rescue boaters trapped on a spillway. John Fish and another were stuck on the boat. One went over the falls. One is pulled up, then John is grabbed and the boat falls over. Robert Greenan in the news chopper then flies in to help rescue him. He was 300 pounds and couldn’t be lifted. Then they go back for the woman and come back to rescue the injured fireman. The boat owner died. #137. 1997
Villeurbanne, France - a 100 year flood in the wine valley carries cars and RVs down the road. #141. 1997
Los Angeles, CA - at Griffith Park Erik Galvez tapes his kids on the rides when a shooting occurs #142. 1997
Buenos Aires, Argentina - police raid a tenement complex named Fort Apache looking for young criminals. #143. 1997
CA - jewelry store owner David Fredborg waits on a woman as three men enter. #144. 1997
Fort Lauderdale, FL - people rent a 35 foot bayliner boat and it starts to sink after a hard wake from another boat hits it. #145. 1997

Season 2 - 1997-8

Utica, NY - on Bleeker St there’s a large fire at a three story apartment building. #146. 1997
A man in a mask walks in a convenience store to rob Dawn Lester with a gun. #147. 1997
Elko Speedway, MN - car #17 bumps red car #25 and it goes up on 2 wheels against the wall. #148. 1997
Miami, FL - Tom Bigelow hears his son Mike’s plane had a landing gear malfunction. #149. 1997
Salt Lake City, UT - a helicopter with a FLAIR camera follows a rape suspect driving a truck at night. #150. 1997
Australia - Ron & Valerie Taylor film great white sharks from a shark cage. #151. 1997
St. Louis, MO - at the county fair Marty Hatch is making his first bungee jump. #152. 1997
IL I74 - an 18 wheeler crashes into 3 big rigs and bursts into flames near the Spoon River rest stop. #153. 1997
Sprint race boats - on the Formula 1 racing circuit Guido ‘Crash’ Cappellini vs. Jim McKay. #154. 1997
Nauvoo to Salt Lake City 96/97 - A Wagon Train is driven for the 150th anniversary of the Mormon trek west. #155. 1997
Sao Paulo, Brazil - a robber holds a 14 year old girl hostage at gunpoint in the street. #156. 1997
TX - Kevin Westerfield tapes his family in the backyard when a train goes by. #157. 1997
AR - Springdale Bulldogs vs. Fayetteville high school football game. #158. 1997
Zambia, Africa - a group of businessmen from New Zealand is on vacation and tapes the trip. #159. 1997
In Denali National Park Alaska a woman is tracking bears. A male comes to eat a caribou carcass in a river bed near three cubs. A mother nearby attacks the male to protect the cubs/A stalled car gets hit and makes a five car pileup/Donna and Mark's wedding was a $3,000 April Fool's joke on their family/Speed Skier Henry Iddon falls going 100mps falls and gets ice burns plus 6 months in a hospital/The Wolverine Hotel implosion/A plane tips over after landing/Gaddy goat escapes from a zoo and runs down a road/Greentown, IN lightning storm and the man taping it's house is hit by lightning/Mike benchpresses 270 pounds, but drops it on his chest/Oregon convict poker gets crazy/Quiz - 1976 Kabuki play at Brooklyn College with Jimmy Smits. #2001. 9/8/97
At River Gorge Bridge in Australia a group of seven people bungee jump at the same time in a basket. It starts out all wrong when one man's skin gets caught in the rope, then goes off without a hitch/Jay Zier tapes a brush fire in Holiday FL that gets close to homes/A baby black bear goes through the trash in New York and a tracking crew is brought in to remove him/BOB the underwater scooter/Pastors of Peace leave San Diego to bring food to Cuba and Alpha 66, an anti-Castro group, tries to stop them/A family reunion BBQ at an airport witnesses a small plane crash where six people died and only one was able to bail out/Colorado's first drive-in is torn down/A dozen dyed poodles for Halloween/Houston's Bizarre Car Parade/Cindy Margolis goes parasailing/Quiz - 1991 Diet Coke commercial with Dean Cain. #2002. 9/9/97
In Indianapolis, IN Bill Shirk gets buried alive in a Plexiglas coffin that gets covered with dirt and cement. The coffin collapses and his crew uses a backhoe to dig him out/In Los Angeles a 7-11 security camera catches a car crash through the entire store/A rave party in the Mohave desert with 10,000 kids and drugs/Classic BBC - Stanley the counting horse/Long Beach CA emergency Sea Plane landing. The wing hits the water and it flips over/Mequon WA shotgun bowling/Seattle WA ejection seat - two person bungee chair/Brutus the skydiving dachshund. #2005. 9/12/97
A 25 year old crocodile named Monty is getting married in an Australian Zoo, but isn't happy about being moved by Steve Irwin/In Modesto, CA a cop goes to serve a warrant, but the guy runs off. He goes back to his car and gives chase. The cop crashes through a security chain and beats the suspect, causing charges to be dropped/In San Bernardino, CA a dust devil that is 200 feet tall lasts for five minutes/At the San Diego Zoo a panda mating attempt takes place/In the Ukraine buildings are swallowed by a sink hole that leaves 300 people homeless/A Long Island NY airshow has a midair crash with an interview with pilot Dick Goodlet who died in the crash/Going over Niagara falls simulator/An Argentinean truck driver takes out a bridge/A Caribbean diver gets surrounded by barracuda until a dolphin chases them away/A cat gives milk to puppies/Paraskiing on a California Mountain/Quiz - Cuba Gooding Jr. in a 1987 AIDS PSA with the audition. #2006. 9/15/97
A couple gets lost on the streets of Toronto and tapes an accident while a pedestrian is crossing the street. He has to jump out of the way of the speeding truck to get to safety/An Illinois church burns down during Easter service when a fire broke out on stage because of faulty lights. Four months later they reopened/At the San Diego Zoo a baby gorilla is born weighing only two pounds and is abandoned by its mother and gets nursed by the staff/The English toe wrestling championships/At Lake Tahoe Lee Taylor races the US Discovery II rocket boat in hopes of setting a speed record of 500mph. He pushes past 400 when the boat hits a wave and disintegrates. His body sinks to the bottom and they don't find it for ten days/At the Australian Rodeo Championships Mike gets his hand caught on a horses saddle and is dragged around the arena/A woman has an oak tree fall onto of her while she is sleeping in her trailer/Firemen poke a cat out of a tree/The Ringling Brothers Circus sets up and performs in time lapse/A squirrel climbs a phone line/Quiz - Wesley Snipes in a 1987 Maryland State Lottery commercial. #2007. 9/16/97
In Louisville, KY a group watches an airshow from the roof of a building. Matt tapes a skydiver, Paul Robards, in trouble whose foot is tangled in the chute as he falls. His reserve chute opens and he lands in a scrap yard/In Michigan a cop pulls over a van for expired plates. He takes off and then rams into his girlfriends house on purpose/A Chicago apartment building fire has firefighters battle it until a backdraft blows out the back windows raining glass on a fireman/A baby rottweiler gets stuck 8 feet down a pipe and the rescue takes 3 hours/In Lacrosse, WI during a canoe race festival bars close and people spill out into the streets in the 100s and riot, attacking police and flipping a police car. One guy lights a fire to blow up the car and sets himself on fire/Dave's land rover flips in a UK race/Worm Grunting in Florida makes worms come out of the ground/In Alberta, Canada Camalla the elephant paints canvases/A Delta Clipper simulator capsule takes 8 passengers in a simulated space flight/In New Zealand the Hands on the Glass contest runs 64 hours to win a new car/In New Mexico 16 year old Michael Swings glowchucks - lighted nunchucks/Quiz - 1969 episode of I Dream of Jeanie with Farrah Fawcet. #2010. 9/19/97
In Joshua, TX Joel Hartless chases storms to tape lightning strikes/IN Seattle, WA Miliama's 6&7 year old sons were hit by a car. 7 year old Calvin died and 19 year old Valdez who killed him only gets 9 months in jail. Calvin's cousin Gil goes insane and starts a riot in the court/IN Dallas, TX police chase a white buick who wouldn't stop for a ticker. because he had no license and warrants. His pregnant wife is in the car when he crashes it/In Japan a bar has a plate smashing for $100 to rent it for 2 hours/In the South Pacific a woman dives to feed sharks. She panics and kicks a shark and it bites her. It comes back again and she puts the camera in his mouth/In Yorkfield, IL a tractor trailer jackknifes with a horse trapped inside upside-down. Tow trucks pull it over, but the horse is still trapped for 3 hours. It suddenly turns itself over on the way to the garage/Cliff Walker rides a mountain bike down a 100ft vertical rock face on a harness/Stanford vs. University of California fleeflicker play with a dozen laterals for a last second win. #2012. 9/23/97
Becky Cupp films a tornado that hits her house in January and the aftermath/A police chase leads to four suspects fleeing into a river and officers go through the water looking for them/At a Sacramento raceway rocket car race Dennis Geisher wins the a race, but his parachute fails and hits a wall at 220 mps and explodes. He was in a coma for three months/A squirrel on a corn cob/A pig suckles on a cow/A cat drinks from a sink/At a Chile triathalon Christian is biking and is run over by the camera truck/In Tacoma, WA a skydiver gets stuck in a tree 100 feet up. A rock climber uses a 50ft ladder and climb the rest of the way to help her down/Tom Walter, an Ontario camper, gets chased by a bear and screams at him then hides into a river/In Las Vegas Super Dave paraflies into a hotel front glass window - it is a stunt/Classic - In Russia loggers sail timber down a river for miles/Quiz - Morgan Freeman & Donnie Most in a McDonalds commercial. #2014. 9/25/97
In Ohio Glen Mazzone films an American Motorcycle pro hill motorcycle climb. A rider crashes right into his head and gets 300 stitches/In Brazil a man tries to rob a bank and fails to he holds a knife to a female teller. An uncover cop is inside and karate kicks him/Gary the ice climber goes up Blade Runner and at the top he falls back down 25ft/Japanese mud bath clinic for animals/Owl and a cat/Insurance fraud with a chiropractor caught giving a fake diagnosis and advice by an undercover cop in Operation Backbone/An elderly couple in a van crash on a highway and the van catches fire trapping them inside. People stop and help them out. Kevin Fitzgerald helps the woman and the man is pulled out just in time, but is badly burned/A fire at an Illinois farm with 20 cows/Silly Putty factory/During a Christmas pageant at a church the smoke machine fogs up the place/A Colorado snake eats slugs/Quiz - Julia Louis-Dreyfus on Family Ties 1986. #2016. 9/29/97
Four security cameras in a convenience store catch a belligerent drunk as he punches someone in the face, rips out the credit card machine, phone and tosses items on the counter. The owner runs out and punches him 50 times finally getting him to stop/In North Dakota a flood destroys grand forks completely. The Air Force sails in and finds two old men who were left behind/BMW test driving in Germany/Bluebelle the 900 pound pig eats donuts and Pepsi/The LAPS surround a man barricading himself in a warehouse after shooting three cops who tried to serve him a warrant. A SWAT team starts a diversion on the roof and rescue an officer down, but he doesn't make it/At The National Superbike Championship in Monterey, CA a bike is thrown over a fence and explodes/During an LA warehouse fire a giant wall collapses/In London the world juggling record occurs when 900 people juggle at the same time/A chicken with four legs/An ice hotel on the Arctic Circle with an Absolute Vodka model shoot/Quiz - Kathy Bates on St. Elsewhere 1982. #2018. 10/1/97
In New Zealand during the Spring Car Grudge Match Kevin Clive smacks into a wall, flips over and rips the gas tank off and it explodes. His legs are pinned, but they are able to pull him out with only first degree burns/In Breckenridge, CO during the World Freestyle Invitational Classic Jean Mark does a triple flip while skiing and lands on his head/A Boise, ID shopping mall parking lot camera catches a thief fake a problem with his car so he can break into a similar car next to him and then the cops grab him/In Russia a couple, Serge & Natasha, spends their honeymoon in a department store window for two weeks to win a prize/On July 4th at Dorney Park, PA the Steel Force rollercoaster gets stuck 200ft up and must be evacuated/Tiny the pig goes in the cows' trough/A cat goes to the bathroom sitting on the toilet/A cat takes a shower/The animal regulation department in Florida catches a 4ft monitor lizard/Janet Leigh's home movies with Tony Curtis and Jamie Lee/Quiz - A 1989 clothing commercial with Adam Wylie. #2020. 10/3/97
At Sea World San Diego during the Shamu killer whale show trainer John is riding a whale and another whale jumps up and lands on him/In San Antonio TX a motorcycle pursuit over 100mph through traffic at night with Trooper Rafael Hernandez. He goes the wrong way on the freeway then runs/Darrell Cubine tapes himself driving his truck across a flooded road and gets stuck and is forced to call his wife/Students tracking bears in Utah. They find one with three cubs and tranquilize it/A man threatens to jump from an overpass in FL. An 18 wheeler goes under him and he falls on it and fights cops on top of the truck/A movie burns in PA/An Indiana wedding cake made of 280 hostess cupcakes/Bird mating rituals/At the Fernborough Airshow in the UK Bill Loverseed flies a Canadian plane and smashes into the runway and explodes/Classic newsreel - African prince eating nuts and bolts/A Las Vegas man has ducks in his pool and captures them. #2023. 10/8/97
In Baltimore, MD 125 firefighters battle a chemical fire for 12 hours as barrels inside a warehouse explode and create a fire tornado/A security camera at a dry cleaners catches a black man robbing the store. The old female employee refuses to open the register until he threatens a customer saying he'll shoot her/In Ohio Cindy and Wayne Wilson's house floats away during a flood/In Minneapolis a pet owner has a cat and ferret who wrestle/A man is thrown through a window during a fight and cops arrive. Then drunk college kids show up causing trouble. They fight, mouth off and get arrested/At an Ontario, Canada charity event people jump in 8 degree water/A 71 year old woman swims 71 laps in a pool for her birthday/A couple gets married underwater at the Florida Mermaid Theater/At the Rendezvous Airshow in Indiana a biplane dual goes wrong when one plane goes too low and shears his landing gear off and has to land without it/Alan Smith gives lobster eating secrets/Quiz - Tiger Woods on the Mike Douglas Show at age 2. #2024. 10/9/97
A Miami jewelry store is robbed by four black men. One guy pulls a gun and then the robbers take off when the owner pulls his gun on them. Shots are fired on both sides, but no one is hit/In 1985 a search camera is used to scan the rubble of a building that collapsed during an earthquake in Mexico City. A woman is found four days later and given cotton soaked in water until they can get her out/In Columbia, SC a police chase begins when a woman in a blue pickup truck takes off. She jumps a curb and goes down a dirt road and rams police, crashes into a Mustang, runs some more and police finally ram her/Penelope the pot bellied pig escapes and police escort her home/For a radio station contest people must find the craziest way to display a bumper sticker. Tim Smith puts one on his helmet and jumps out of a plane with a rattlesnake/Dog with a fake leg/At the Alaska Zoo Anabelle the elephant paints pictures/At the LA Zoo Ruby the elephant paints her trainer not the canvas/In Massachusetts a demolition derby with buses at the Agawa Speedway/Quiz - 1962 episode of the Lloyd Bridges Show with Beau Bridges. #2025. 10/10/97
In a Taiwan hotel a dozen thugs with baseball bats attack guests in the lobby. Then they round up people to rob them. A clerk sprays them with a fire extinguisher, which confuses them until cops arrive. Turns out they were hired by a rival hotel/A powerboat race in Australia ends in disaster when Sleepyhead flips over and sinks. A frogman jumps from a helicopter and rescues the owner. The other two crew are able to get out on their own. The owner is airlifted out/Two men shoplift over $200 worth of meat from a produce store in under a minute/Crab vs. Octopus - crab loses/A high speed chase through the Arizona desert ends in disaster when the Corvette going 150mps fish tails into an 18 wheeler and explodes/Mud bogging in Central Florida/At the Oklahoma Rattlesnake Roundup Tony Felder lays on the floor covered with diamond backs. He demonstrates snake coiling when the snake bites him/Chainsaw juggling/Bonnie the 16 year old contortionist/Ann Ward skydives at age 92/Quiz - Steve Martin on Doc in 1975. #2026. 10/13/97
In the Southside of Chicago an out of control warehouse began when the wood inside starts to burn wildly. It is so hot the electrical wires catch fire/In Russia a girl has been kidnapped and cops break into the wrong apartment and rough the people up and then go to another apartment and find her/In Los Angeles a man crashes into a woman's car after a high speed chase. Her car explodes and they pull her out and shoot his truck with beanbags to get him to come out/In Pembroke, FL at the Puppy Palace a man walks in and grabs a bulldog and runs out. The owner gives chase and loses him. A citizen tracks him down and rewards them for catching the thief/In Venice, CA at Muscle Beach a woman climbs a rock wall and is recorded by a thermograph which shows body heat and can find hot spots in industrial complexes/ In Queensland Australia a puppy is rescued from a fire/A C-130 drops tanks/Tiger, the cat that washes her food before she eats it/In Owens Valley, CA Will Gadd sets a paragliding long distance record by going 138 miles in 7 hours/Lunar eclipse in time lapse/On the Oregon Coast a flamingo escapes from an exotic animal farm and gets captured/Quiz - 1962 Untouchables episode with Cloris Leachman. #2027. 10/14/97
Brazilian pick pockets prey on tourists by brazenly grabbing wallets and purses from people in broad daylight. One man fights back and goes into a bookstore and they throw rocks at him/In Northern CA Darrell Hammond #8 is sprint car racing and he clips another car which launches him out of the arena, over a fence and into a tree/In Ohio the Jackson Fire Dept goes up a tree to rescue a raccoon that has a glass jar stuck on its snout/Motorcycle rodeo at Daytona Beach FL/In Venetia, CA a grass fire started because of three girls in a neighborhood/Tae Kwon Do nuns in New York/The Bassett Hound Olympics in Lebanon, OR/ Laughter therapy in New Delhi India/In the Texas panhandle two tornados rip up a truck/The Bikini Island graveyard of ships from 1946 atomic bomb testing/Speed the tree climbing dog in Houston, TX/Quiz - 1982 toothpaste commercial with Meg Ryan. #2028. 10/15/97
Over Central FL three friends are trying to link up with six other skydivers. Mike Goodin is to be on top of a diamond formation. Winds send Bill's parachute through Dave's lines and they are tangled and the three stay together until Dave cuts his chute and deploys his reserve chute. Bill cuts his main chute deploys his reserve chute and lands in time to catch his primary chute when it falls/Near the Bahamas divers sit 55 feet down on the ocean floor to photograph sharks as a guide feeds them/Mark Wellman is a rock climber who paralyzed both legs on a fall 15 years earlier. He still is able to climb a 3000 foot mountain in California/Nick races cars with a camera on the dash. We see accidents including Nick fishtailing into a wall after Tim Elliott his him and spins him around the wrong way/Bailey the two year old talking dog says mama/A man mounts a camera on model airplane over Bakersfield, CA/A Brazilian priest, Father Pedro rides a bull and wipes out/Edwin Rose tastes pet food for a living in the UK/In China a car jumps 138 feet over the Yellow River/Katrina is only 12 years old and flies a Russian Mig-29 to be the youngest person to break the sound barrier/Quiz - 1990 Night club video of a 22 year old Jamie Foxx. #2029. 10/16/97
Ron Cook races a motorcycle in the California desert up to 175mph and he falls off trying to break the speed record. His leg gets stuck to the side and drags him for a while and the bike doesn't fall over. Two weeks later he tries again and crashes again, this time breaking his arm, leg and the bike/In England a helicopter uses night vision to track criminals who stole a car and ran through a rugby match as undercover cops try to catch them/Ballet dancers do their moves on top of a flying plane/Joel performs at the Rooster Cluckoff Championship and wins for the 8th year in a row/An Arizona State Trooper is looking for DUI's. After a crash Tim Mason gives the driver a sobriety test and he fails/Shoppers at an Australian department store mass outside the door and when it opens and storm through the place like a herd of fleeing animals/A garbage fire in an Ohio trailer park is started by two men with a truck full of garbage. One guy tosses a bag that explodes the second it touches the fire/People who bury themselves in volcanic ash on the beach for $5/Dakota the dog sings the Law & Order theme/Quiz - Tia Carrere in a Star Search Soap Opera skit. #3026. 10/19/98
In Los Angeles three teens cling to the side of a cliff. A fireman is lowered from a helicopter to rescue them. While hooking the second guy the rocks give way and they both fall, but the ropes hold/In Los Angeles five cops chase a white van and he stops in a parking lot, but won't come out. Cops break the window and pull him out/In Buffalo Tara Rush has a weeping willow fall on her car/In Pennsylvania an ostrich escapes from a farm and runs seven miles away and needs to be rescued from a ravine/During a Taiwan jewelry store robbery one robber wields a machete and the owner hits him with a stool knocking the machete out of his hand, but a gun also falls from his belt. They scramble for the gun and it goes off, but misses as they get away with $50,000 in gold/A child trapped in an escalator is sawed out/The Firejector removes smoke from a building/Greg trains bass to jump/In Catalina Marty races a 62 mile waterski race at 120mph and hits a wave, wipes out and gets back in the race/In New Zealand tigers shred a dummy at a zoo demonstration/In England a man builds a nine ton catapult in his back yard and tosses a car 300ft and a piano 600ft/Quiz - Val Kilmer in 'Top Secret'. #2032. 10/21/97
At the Missouri State Fair a woman bungee jumps, but instead of putting her arms out she tries to keep her shirt from lifting and it causes her to get tangled in the line which breaks her elbow/Police chase a DUI suspect and he slides down a curb, rips his bumper off and drags it until he crashes again/In New Zealand jetskiiers race and Carl Anderson bumps into another racer, spins around, gets hit head on, knocked unconscious, gets a broken leg and collarbone/A 22 month old boy can read and point out car models/In Zimbabwe hunters are after a cattle killing leopard. Dogs corner it in the rocks and hunters fire shots to scare it out which doesn't work. So Roy goes in and shoots it. He thinks it is dead, but it jumps out and bites his shoulder to the bone twice before they can finish it off/Cave explorers in the desert go inside lava tubes and holes so small they can barely fit/The Green Mamba jet dragster burns cars with 6000 pounds of exhaust/Classic Barkey Ads with Edward Bergin, Al Molinari and Todd Bridges/Quiz - 1982 episode of St. Elsewhere with Brandon Call. #2039. 10/30/97
In Visalia, CA Javier Gonzalez, a 3 year old boy, is stuck in a well pipe. A waterwell camera is used to find him. He is 25ft down and they tell the kid to grab the strap of the camera and they pull him up after 2hrs/In Seattle, WA at the Bumpershoot Arts Festival people dance in the center fountain. One of the jets shoots a guy up a in the air and flips him over/In Barcelona, Spain Snowflake the albino gorilla is 33 years old. but no offspring come out albino/In East Lansing, MI a college block party of 400 MSU students start a bonfire with sofas and trees. Girls then ride on mens' shoulders and take their tops off. After more damage including a guy who takes out a street light the police and fire departments move in from 5 counties/Janice Fadal Young shares 1958 home movies of Elvis Presley visiting while in the army with his girlfriend Anita Wood in Waco TX/At a Bradenton, FL dragstrip Richard Holcomb's dragster flips over and disintegrates/At a Malaysia snake charming contest a man puts a King Cobra in his mouth/Quiz - Vintage Invention - the air conditioned suit. #2044. 11/6/97
Off Adelade, Australia a single hull sailboat race the Diet Coke boat hits another boat then gets stuck on a dock. When they try to get unstuck Skip gets crushed between the boat and dock/In Los Angeles a propane explosion sets fire to two lunch trucks. When the Mexican truck owners show up they want to move their trucks against firemen's orders. One group moves their truck anyway which stops the water when they run over the hose. The driver even smokes a cigarette. When they try to move a second truck the firemen force them to stop/Joe the cop pulls over his girlfriend Casey so he can propose to her. She says yes and the crowd that gathered cheers/In Rio De Janero teens drag race and police fire shots so they disperse. They return later to race and one car hits two people/At the Houston Zoo a giraffe gives birth/An Asian elephant at Ringling Brothers circus/Quan the baby gorilla/Joe Esposito shows home movies of Elvis Presley dancing and singing 'Little Darling' at age 23/In New Zealand bike riders go through the forest and then swimming/Quiz - Scrooged from 1988 with Kathy Kinney. #2045. 11/7/97
A dentist is suspected of molesting female patients so a female cop goes undercover to bust him using a hidden camera. She is having her teeth pulled and he puts her under. After she is out he feels her breasts three times before taking her tooth out. He then picks her up, feels her up and hugs her for five minutes before the police come in and bust him/In Texas a natural gas explosion shoots flames 200ft in the air. When a fireman's leg catches fire he goes down and it ignites a whole new gas fire that burns 75 acres/In Osaka, Japan a lab creates glow in the dark mice in an attempt to cure cancer/In Hawaii Mt Kilauea erupts and the lava spills into the water/In Wyoming during elk breeding season elk attack cars and people/In Kansas a Cadillac stalls at a railroad crossing and a train comes and smashes it, but the family was able to escape/In Manchester England a plane lands with one wheel up/In Florida a cop pretends to be a homeless beggar to catch speeders/Rare white hummingbird/Bodmer the show dog gets a tissue, counts, climbs and rides a barrel/Quiz - 1990 Wings episode with Matthew Fox. #2046. 11/10/97
At the Santiago Chile Zoo an amorous elephant named Jumbo pushes his girlfriend into a hole. It takes over four hours to get the three-ton girl out. The zoo officials want to separate them so they put up an electrified wire and she hits it and is knocked out/In Clyde, TX a high speed chase on an interstate catches the suspect come over from the frontage road over the median, crashes into the center wall, flips, launches, demolishes the car and throws the passenger/In Sao Paulo Brazil ATM thieves gum up the slot so peoples' cards get stuck and they come, pull it out and empty their account/During an adopt a pet commercial a man shows Pinky the cat for adoption and after he says how great the cat is the cat goes insane flailing about, scratching, then bites the guy on the leg and escapes/A hostage situation in Mexico City when robbers at a bank hold the manager at gun point for six hours. He says he will exchange her for a getaway car. He then takes another hostage and get in the backseat in between them. Cops grab each hostage while an office shoots him in the head from behind/1976 student film with Nicolas Cage as Superman/April Fools river race with a sinking Flintstone car/Universal Studios slime tanker unloading and dumping/Dad rents a Barney costume for his kids party and winds up falling over/Quiz - Pioneer Girl - 1973 movie with Helen Hunt at age 10. #2048. 11/12/97
In Tallahassee FL an older female law student wants to hire a hitman to kill the school secretary who accused her of cheating. She will only pay $250 or else it'll look suspicious. She also wants her husband killed too so he won't get a piece of her degree/In Columbus, OH a lightning bolt sets a storage facility on fire. Then a power line explodes and nothing can be done until the electric company turns the power off/At a circus in Brazil Erica is part of a highwire act. She is hanging from a rope around her partners neck and slips and falls 10ft to the floor/A couple gets married on the wings of a biplane over England/Nick Paine the culinary archeologist for his show 'Exotic Kitchen' goes down the Amazon and eats turtle, larvae, sloth, water rat for 4 months/Net Gun demonstrations/Lever singing in the shower contest/Robert Stemmins the championship whistler/Opera karaoke in a British pub/George Hamilton on Hullabaloo 1965/Quiz - 1991 episode of the New WKRP with French Stewart. #2049. 11/13/97
In Loxley, AL police officer Rex Bishop gets pounded into the ground by a drunk driver. He hits him over 30 times with his kids in the car watching. A truck driver comes along and saves the cop/Texas workers comp insurance fraud - people who are supposed to be disasbled are caught in the act/At an Illinois sky diving convention a man dives out of the cockpit of a plane/At a Texas Gus Ward’s speed boat races and disintegrates/Killer whales eating sea lions off Patagonia South America/Hawaiian surfing film crew gets capsized/A cowboy is rolled over by a bucking bronco/Shadow the skiing dog/Brett Butler gets hit in the nuts while teaching his son to play baseball/Quiz – Bob Newhart early film role. #2052. 11/18/97
A gas tanker smashes into a dump truck in Boston and sets a building on fire leaving a man trapped inside. He jumps out of the window and crashes into a roof and firemen are able to rescue him/In LA police chase a motorcycle for 30 mins until civilians run out and stop him/Kevin jumps a car 245 feet but it flips and crushes the roof/Hairless chimp at the St. Louis Zoo/Jim Leonard shows Hurricane Hugo as it hits Puerto Rico in 1989/Scott Pettis makes 3 putts in a row in a contest to win $25,000/A family on a boat in Canada gets surrounded by killer whales/Quiz – Chris Rock 1986 stand up. #2054. 11/20/97
A chartered fishing boat from Pt. Pleasant NJ gets caught in a storm and films another boat that sinks nearby and the people on it swim over to them/Jack Lawson records a tornado coming right at his house in Ohio/A kitten gets trapped in a storm drain in Miami for 3 days. Firemen have to cut a pipe and flush it out/Evel Knieval’s 1975 Wembley stadium jump where he crashes trying to jump 13 buses/Dog stuck on the ice of the Niagara River/Dog in a bear den/Dog that can turn on lights/Quiz – 14 year old Matthew Perry on Charles in Charge. #2055. 11/21/97
In Chamonix France daredevil basejumpers go off a 1000tft cliff. One man who jumps tangles his chute, cuts the cord and chutes down/At a Florida gas station at 12AM two carjackers are ID'ed and approached and take off. Cops pursue at high speeds and they fishtail and wipe out into a ditch. They run into the water, but are caught/In Ohio a house is on fire and people are trapped inside and the door is double locked and firefighters can't get into without breaking the windows. They finally get in and pull the heavy woman and her daughter out/In Spokane a cougar in a tree alarms a neighborhood and animal control shoots it with a tranquilizer/At Chicago O'Hare airport a painter gets trapped in a cherry picker after his truck falls over. He is covered in pain and scared, but is able to climb out on a ladder lowered down to him/In California 14 year old Kristi is racing in a go kart race and she goes over a car and flips/A hovercraft that goes over snow and ice/In NYC Delta Airlines set up a living billboard of an open fuselage/In Sun City South Africa Pat Lees is powerboat racing in a formula 1 when his boat is broadsided and the boat rips up and sinks. In the UK he crashes into a brick wall. In a third race he rolls over another boat and lands right side up and keeps going/In California an automated highway system that lets cars driver themselves by computerized magnets/Quiz - 1978 B/W comedy project with Richard Belzer
A bartender brings his boa constrictor to his bar and lets all the customers get their pictures taken with it around them. Suddenly he makes eye contact with it and it bites him so hard on the face it leaves its’ teeth in his mouth/Protestors in Brazil attack a car and break all the windows. While trying to escape they back over one man and a second gets caught on the hood and throw down the street/Hurricane Danny hit NC and takes out a train bridge. A 150 ton locomotive gets trapped on it and eventually falls into the river/Luke McNeil films hummingbirds in his yard with a high speed camera/Speedboat racing in Reno NV leads to disaster when Dick’s boat goes out of control and hits the beach at 200 mph and disintegrates/A circus bear on a Polish TV show attacks the female producer and when they stop him he attacks the ringmaster/A woman goes up to a bear cage to pet a bear and gets attacked in Alaska/A bear trainer gets attacked and plays dead to fool the bear/Theft buster attaches to car tires/Hang upside-down device/Quiz – Della Reese on Ed Sullivan. #2057. 11/25/97
Daredevils Special with commentary by Donna Evans/In Indianapolis, IN Bill Shirk gets buried alive in a Plexiglas coffin that gets covered with dirt and cement. The coffin collapses and his crew uses a backhoe to dig him out/Mark Banini skydives for his 27th birthday. He jumps with two instructors and pulls his chute and loses them. He is forced to cut his chute and crashes into the tree/Animals attacking TV reporters - llama, cheetah and jumping sheep/Joe Hutchinson plans on setting three records by riding a motorcycle over the Ohio river and landing by parachute. Everything fails and he slams into the water and has to be fished out/During a movie shoot a stunt scene requires a truck to roll over into the water after a chase. The first two attempts fails and on the third one the truck sinks and Bobby the driver is trapped underwater for over a minute before they can pull him out/Wings TV series bloopers/College gymnastic spills. #2064. 12/4/97
On the Indian Ocean Albert Adams and a crew of two sail their yacht 'Endurance'. The motor breaks and they have to go by sail power for five days. On the sixth day gale winds snap the mast. An Australian tanker pulls up to rescue them, but the yacht crashes into the hull repeatedly and the yacht sinks. All abandon ship, but survive/At the Chesapeake Airshow in Florida an F-117A Stealth demo goes wrong when the tail rips off and the plane crashes and explodes. The pilot was able to safely eject/In Chile a four day storm causes flash floods/In Ft Worth cops go door to door looking for the owner of a lost pot bellied pig/Claude Brooks from the TV show 'Hitz' brings in a blooper reel showing Andrew Dice Clay/A high speed chase through Southern California a man taunts cops into chasing him in his yellow Cadillac for 60 miles/In Quincy, IL during a car race on a dirt track one car flips on its side. As the driver is rescued the car is hit again and almost crushes the rescuers/Wesley the Brazilian stunt biker/UK Carriage Chair races and crashes/Singing Christmas employees/Quiz - US Mint coin making machines. #2067. 12/9/97
In Chamonix France daredevil basejumpers go off a 1000tft cliff. One man who jumps tangles his chute, cuts the cord and chutes down/At a Florida gas station at 12AM two carjackers are ID'ed and approached and take off. Cops pursue at high speeds and they fishtail and wipe out into a ditch. They run into the water, but are caught/In Ohio a house is on fire and people are trapped inside and the door is double locked and firefighters can't get into without breaking the windows. They finally get in and pull the heavy woman and her daughter out/In Spokane a cougar in a tree alarms a neighborhood and animal control shoots it with a tranquilizer/At Chicago O'Hare airport a painter gets trapped in a cherry picker after his truck falls over. He is covered in pain and scared, but is able to climb out on a ladder lowered down to him/In California 14 year old Kristi is racing in a go kart race and she goes over a car and flips/A hovercraft that goes over snow and ice/In NYC Delta Airlines set up a living billboard of an open fuselage/In Sun City South Africa Pat Lees is powerboat racing in a formula 1 when his boat is broadsided and the boat rips up and sinks. In the UK he crashes into a brick wall. In a third race he rolls over another boat and lands right side up and keeps going/In California an automated highway system that lets cars driver themselves by computerized magnets/Quiz - 1978 B/W comedy project with Richard Belzer. #2075. 12/19/97
Los Angeles, CA - on a freeway an oil tanker flips over and explodes. #160. 1997
New Zealand - Jody Hooker is a professional stuntman who invites 300 people to his 26th birthday. #161. 1997
GA - a man kidnaps his ex wife, is chased by the cops and flips his green truck. #162. 1997
Off Cape Cod - Jimmy D'ambra and his 5 friends from Boston are fishing for sharks. #163. 1997
Lithuania - 4 skydivers practice, split up, then the one filming gets his chute tangled. #164. 1997
Marie Beardley & Joan Engle get trapped while swimming above a low rise damn. #165. 1997
Pattani, Thailand - a fire at the Royal Jomtien hotel kills 81. #166. 1997
Kenya, Africa - Guy Nickerson films Elephants migrating. #167. 1997
Anaheim, CA - on the 91 freeway a cop swerves to miss debris, goes off the overpass, falls 30 feet, flips his car and he gets pinned underneath. #168. 1997
South Korea - a ferry boat catches fire on a lake with 133 tourists. #169. 1997
Seville, Spain - Mark Tater of Austin, TX tapes amateur night at the Plaza del Toros bullfights. #170. 1997
Tigard, OR - Officer Mark Smith stops a female DWI. #171. 1997
A cop pulls over a small Asian woman because her kid is standing in the back seat. #172. 1997
Anchorage, AK - a wildfire rages out of control. #173. 1997
New South Wales, Australia - National Motorcycle Sidecar Championship racing on a dirt track. #175. 1997
Shreveport, LA to Tyler, TX - police race to stop an 18 wheeler going 105mph #176. 1997
Dallas, TX - Karen accuses her husband of cheating on her with his secretary and has a PI follow him. #174. 1998
New Zealand - Mount Ruapehu is dormant for 50 years, then suddenly erupts spewing ash 3000 feet up. #177. 1998
Boise, ID - 17th Annual Oldies But Goodies Drag Races. #179. 1998
Bremerton, WA - a fire breaks out in the Kona Villa apartment complex. #180. 1998
In Chandler, AZ during a dragboat race Eddie Hill's boat flips over doing 217mph and disintegrates. He is tossed out and break 7 bones and almost goes blind/Skydivers over Byron Bay Australia try to make a four man high canopy when Archie gets tied together with another man and they must cut their chutes and open their reserves at the last minute/In San Simian, CA a baby elephant seal is found during mating season/Kip Sweeney is a country dance instructor and he proposes to Diana, his girlfriend, in the middle of a country concert/In San Francisco Steve Dinkins records a riot at the Cinco De Mayo Festival. He is the College Challenger winner/In Lubbock, TX Eric Becker catches his roommate Barry stealing from him with a hidden camera. Barry finds the camera and thinks he rewound the tape and was recording over it, but screwed up. Eric sues and wins/Snow skating on the slops/Vintage marathon dancing/Vintage female screaming contest/Vintage pig calling contest/Quiz - 1914 Charlie Chaplin movie with a 6 year old Milton Berle. #2080. 1/9/98
Jim Nagel makes his 1st skydive on his 28th birthday. As soon as he jumps his chute releases and gets tangled. He opens his reserve chute late, but still lands OK/In Yorkshire, UK Alan has had problems with his crop and catches his neighbor destroying his zucchini/A woman tells a cop that several men attacked her and they give chase and catch them/In Orlando, FL at Tiger's Eye Productions a white tiger gives birth to two cubs/In Athens, OH university students riot when bars close an hour early because of daylight savings/A building collapses because of snow/In Cornwall, UK the zoo lets 200 monkeys out/In Brisbaine, AU Biscuit the cat stole 50 pairs of socks/A man in the woods finds a grizzly bears and watches it/Firefighter test - burning materials to monitor heat and gas levels/At Winter Park, CO people ski across a pond at the Rocky Mountain Spring Splash/Quiz - 1991 DJ footage of Shaquille O'Neal at LSU. #2082. 1/13/98
In New Zealand Smokey the horse falls on railroad tracks and gets stuck there. She then freaks out and knocks a cop over trying to help and then gets unstuck. They let her fall off the bridge and into the water. 2 1/2 hours later the finally get her unstuck from the mud/Ricky Ruiz races a nitro burning funny cat at Englishtown, NJ. 600 feet down the track his car explodes and melts everything, but he was OK/In Sao Paulo Brazil a 20 year old man, Flavio, threatens to jump off a bridge because his girlfriend Simone dumped him after he beat her. His mom and dad are there too and get him down/Meagan the model freedives 65 feet down and back to set a record in two minutes/21 year old Gabriel was working construction and got stuck in a 12 foot hole that wasn't shorn up and two tons of dirt could collapse on him. Rescuers dig him out and shore up the trench at the same time and after six hours he is pulled out/California Shark repellant test video. They chum the water and spray sharks with yellow fish toxins which makes them go away/Mark films a giant sea turtle crash into his camera/In NH Bumpy the dog retrieves bricks from the bottom of a river/In Santa Barbara Robert films a pack of seals playing/Looking at Hollywood a cable access show hosted by Skip bloopers/Quiz - 1982 Canada Dry commercial with Michael Dorn. #2085. 1/16/98
Ralph 'Captain Video' Zavodil has his own cable access show. For a stunt he climbs a ladder and goes to jump into the cover on his pool to remove it, but he falls off the ladder 18ft onto his head and into the pool. He was unconscious, but neighbors heard him and pull him out. He couldn't move his neck for 4 months/In Bucharest during the Romano street stunt show a reporter is hit by a flaming car that is out of control/In Las Vegas Pool Sharks pool hall is robbed by three men wearing Halloween masks who enter the locked door when a customer leaves. They try to shoot the owner and get away with $1000/At the 100th annual Oak College MI tug of war it takes 3 hours to declare a winner/In Adelaide Australia a wildfire burns 1000s of acres due to gale force winds that trap reporters and firefighters in a post office. A fire truck crashes into a tree trying to escape it/In Anderson, IN Dan is skydiving for the first time and on takeoff the plane's tire blows and the wing goes into a cornfield and spins out after the engines are cut. A month later they try again and make the jump/AJ Hackett bungee jumps from a 250 ft high sky tram in France/Taro Sanga the 5 year old blues harmonica player/Quiz - 1962 episode of Mr. Ed with Clint Eastwood. #2086. 1/19/98
In Fredericksburg, TX Don Itri makes a homemade helicopter. He flies up a couple of feet and the tail hits the ground and he sticks his head out to look and the rotor flies off and hits him in the face. His daughter Jodi runs over and cuts the engine and holds him until help arrives/An Australian navy patrol boat Gawler is in drydock when suddenly the crane snaps leaving the boat hanging on the edge of the dock. They try to lower it during high tide and it smashes into the dock/Manuel Morano the Portuguese bullfighter has a bull step on his foot and horns him in the butt. Later that day he goes back out and gets flipped. Later on he gets gored in the ass and quits forever/Mullet throwing in Florida and Alabama boarder draws 15,000 people/Off Santa Barbara, CA a gray whale gets tangled in a fishing net. The marine mammal center goes to help him out by cutting it off/In Moscow's Red Square a gunman holds Korean tourists on a bus hostage. He lets the women and children go so he can go to a middle of a bridge. The cops agree to give him a bag of money and shoot him instead/Near Mexico surfers strap cameras to their boards/Chico the pig only has two legs, but grows up without problems/Quiz - 1986 episode of St. Elsewhere with Will Wheaton. #2094. 1/29/98
In Warren, MI police chase another cop in a white pickup truck. He knows all the tricks and goes back and forth from interstate to residential areas. He then gets cornered in a dead end and is rammed, but escapes. Later he is rammed into a fence and his hood opens and is captured/In El Salvador an electric worker grabs a wire trying to reach for a tool, gets electrocuted and falls 30 feet to the ground/In Buenos Aires, Argentina a kindergarten teacher is accused of mistreating students. Outside the court she is attacked by angry parents. Her hair is pulled and she is pushed to the ground/In the heart of the Amazon Mike Rothmiller befriends Rodney the orphan otter/In Paterson NJ a tractor trailer filled with hazardous chemicals explodes and the driver abandons it. Two cops open the door to let air in so the fire burns itself out/In Canada a crew films a freight train crashing into a truck for a safety PSA/In Rosalia, KS at the high school football game the QB performs the wrong ball play. He pretends the coach really has the ball and runs around the defense for a touchdown/A groundhog with a glass stuck on his snout/An ant carries a feather/Todd feeds a chipmunk by putting peanuts on himself/Quiz - 1986 movie Heartburn with Kevin Spacey. #2096. 2/2/98
In the Russian Arctic a polar bear cub is caught in a fox trap and the mother stands by helpless with another cub. RASPA led by Yelena goes there to rescue to the cup. A snow tractor is brought in to scare the mother away so they can get to the cub/In Bastrick, TX police give a man a ticket after midnight when a drunk driver barrels right by them at 70mph. One cop has to jump on the hood of his car to avoid getting hit. They jump in and go pull him over/At an Italian Road Rally cameras inside the cars capture crashes and flips/In Matamoris, PA fire fighters pull Bell the dog out of a fire and Jim Williams has to resuscitate it/In Las Vegas casino surveillance tapes show distract and grab thieves in action/In Miami, FL a lost, blind alligator is in the ocean so it is dehydrating and animal rescue comes in and scoops him up/A girl is chosen at random to pick a winner from a pile and picks herself by chance/At a Russian wedding the groom drinks Champaign from his bride's shoe/In Japan a man is hypnotized into thinking he is a bridge and people walk over him/The Landsdale PA High School football team runs a fleeflicker play for an 85 yard touchdown, but still loses/Quiz - 1941 music short 'The Latin from Staten Island' with Ricardo Mantelbahn. #2097. 2/3/98
In Norfolk, VA an Exxon tanker truck crashes into a garbage truck and ignites 8500 gallons of gas. The fire ignites cars, comes out of the sewers and man holes. Dave climbs onto the trailer to put it out at the source. When the truck rumbles he jumps off into a compartment of burning fuel and suffers 2nd degree burns/In Sydney, Australia a man comes into a convenience store at night to rob it. The clerk opens the register and grabs for the gun with one hand and hits him with the other. The gun fires and misses and the clerk chases him out of the store and the thief fires at him again as he runs away/In Puerto Rico during a horse race a horse goes down and wraps the jockey around a pole/In Northern CA George Hery, Jr. does cliff gymnastics 200 feet in the air/In a 70s student by John Melvin film two villains escape an Alabama chain gang and one man is shot by the other with a shotgun and isn't wearing enough protection and the blank knocks him out/In Thailand snake charmers at a venom farm kiss cobras and grab them/Pentagon footage of Vandal missile tests/John Evans balances huge weights on his head because of his 23 inch neck/Quiz - 1967 appearance of Rodney Dangerfield (Jacob Cohen) on Ed Sullivan. #2104. 2/14/98
In Louisiana security cameras at a convenience store show a clerk stocking the shelves overnight when a pickup truck crashes through the door. A man jumps out and yanks the ATM machine out the door and drives away with it. Police arrive only to find out the truck was stolen and they can't trace it/In France a man flies through the Eiffel Tower base in a plane/A cat sits on top of a street light for three days. Suddenly it falls 30 feet to the ground and lands on her back/In Jackson, MS two men try to train Flicker the wild bronco in one day/In Mississippi police pull over a man for DWI who won't shut up. He says his license was revoked for DUI, but he isn't drunk now/In Indonesia Nicole the Dragon Lady films Komodo Dragons/Three guys juggle rhythm sticks in a garage and knock out a ceiling light/Mike builds a rollercoaster on top of his house/In Brigham City, UT kids jumps bikes over a car and one wipes out/Bill Rockwell has no arms from an accident and still can play golf/Quiz - 1967 episode of Ed Sullivan with the Hello Dolly cast and a young Morgan Freeman. #2103. 2/11/98
In Texas cops pull over three guys in a van for harassing women. The driver fights and so does his attack pit bull that bites both cops. They subdue it and then the owner sicks him on Sgt. Charlie's arm and he shoots it. It bites at is throat and he shoots it again/In Lafayette, LA a tornado hits and a powerline carrying 10,000 volts touches water causing an array of fireworks/In a Jennings, LA courtroom there is a confrontation between plaintiffs on the way out. One woman bitch slaps another and the two families attack each other/Gameshow TV 'Trivia Track' host contest winner announced by Wink Martindale/A police sting catches fraudulent refrigerator repairmen as they come up with lies and fake charges 50% of the time when the problem is only a loose wire/In New Zealand a storm assaults fishing boats trying to return to harbor. The Xanadu crashes into the rocks and the captain stays with the ship into the night for hours and is finally rescued/Emus in California escape from a ranch. A corral is put up to heard them into a trailer/Leeza Gibbons talk show bloopers/Quiz - 1981 Edgewood High School football game with Chris Farley. #2121. 3/23/98
At the South Florida Mikasuka Indian Village Kenny Cypress wrestles a 10 foot alligator. He sticks his head into the gators mouth and it snaps down on his skull because a drop of sweat hit it's tongue/ It takes 5 men to open it again and Kenny dislocated his jaw/In Florida a surveillance camera catches a smash and grab man filling a trash can with cigarettes/Two men rob a liquor store of $1000 after pistol whipping the cashier/Three black people go into a department store and grab $4000 worth of Tommy Hilfiger clothes and run out the door/Three men rob a Kmart safe/On 2/13/98 At the KLCE radio station Jay & Michelle get married on the air. Outside their son Jake releases balloons into a power line which explode and knock out power to 3000 people/In Oklahoma City at the rodeo international finals a bull tosses clowns. Gaylen Culver the cameraman goes into the ring and the bull smashes into him sending his camera flying. Off the coast of Ecuador 2 iguanas fight/In China Master Zao has a 2 ton Chevy Suburban drive over him. The back tire slips off the board and almost crushes his legs. Female competitors wipeout while wakeboarding/In Houston, TX Project Bandaloop has 6 dancers on the side of a skyscraper/Quiz - 1975 film Summer City with Mel Gibson. #2144. 4/23/98
World Extreme Skiing Championship. Brigette Mead tumbles down the slope in Valdez, AK. She goes 1000 feet down the Odyssey, it takes 90 seconds. She is airlifted to the hospital, but survives. Afterwards she talks about what happened. Blacked out until she woke up in the hospital. No broken bones because of her helmet, not giving up the sport/Police Chases - Virginia. A possible suicide call of a female driver. She crashes her car into the side of a bridge a dozen times on purpose. Southern California - car with no headlights and flat tire.Hillsboro OR - a pickup truck speeds off at 10:37pm, he fishtails on a turn and flips up into the air and survives/LA fire at a commercial building. 18 firefighters are on the roof when tanks of propane explode covering the sky with fire/Metal teeth - Bangkok Thailand. A kid climbs up a tree, pulls down coconuts and opens them with his teeth/Sneaky Speed Traps - St Petersburg FL - Officer Mike Jockers goes in a cherry picker to catch speeders. He also pretends to be homeless, a city maintenance man with a broken down truck. Two speeders are interviewed after/Civil War reenactment - Brett Vichrill is the ram man, loads a canon and it explodes early, launching him 18 feet through the air. He burns his arm and loses sight in one eye/Megamouth Shark footage in Dana Point, CA. 16 feet long, first one studied in the wild/Ian Ashbold bungee jumps from a hot air balloon over Gloucester England. He jumps 350 feet then parachutes down/Quiz - 1975 home movie of Gena Lee Nolan iceskating. #2146. 4/27/98
On Lake Michigan the Coast Guard searches for a missing boat. A speedboat races across their path and is honking to friends on another boat and crashes into them going full throttle. They sued the Coast Guard and won/Salt Lake City police chase three parolees in a stolen truck who run until they hit a spike strip/The Campbell County sheriff chases a suspect and keep ramming his car until he stops/Cops shoot the tires out on a truck during a chase/Joey the magician does a kids birthday party and his exploding Mylar stunt at the end hits a powerline and knocks out power to the neighborhood/Jasper the albino wallabee escapes from his home in Florida for two hours until fish and game wardens capture it/Mike Naples' wife Julie goes into labor while they are driving in their van and he calls 911. The operator guides him through the birth while news cameras catch it/Rob Hamill and Phil Stubbs row a boat across the Atlantic Ocean in a race of 30 and complete the race in 41 days/In Taiwan the Linn family has magnetic skin that can hold metal/Rascal the cockatoo uses a peanut shell for a cup/In San Francisco a family feeds wild raccoons in their house/A family raises squirrels/Quiz - 1985 New Zealand Tip Top Ice Cream commercial with Rachel Hunter. #2148. 4/29/98
In Norristown, PA Jim and Steve Barrett are in a speedboat race when they wipe out and go overboard. The boat behind them can't see and goes right over their boat/Bungee Mike goes to Hawaii to be the first to jump from the new H3 bridge/Drunk Italians shoot fireworks on New Year's Eve. Then man lighting them is handed wine and accidentally lights them all at once making a huge explosion/Robot hockey goalie for practice/Foot stand for the shower/Homemade air conditioner for the car/Robot vacuum cleaner/Veggie van runs on grease/At an Australian convenience store a man robs the store with a full syringe, catching employee Melinda Muir off guard/Car crash music video/Dan Osman climbs a huge rock in Joshua, CA while wearing a helmet cam/In Huntington Beach, VA Kevin jetskiis on his flooded street/Lee rides a snowmobile across a lake/In Thompson, PA the Ice Screamer rides across a frozen lake/Quiz - 1990 Second City comedy skit with Chris Farley and Tim Meadows. #2153. 5/6/98
In Redwood City, CA a pair of serial arsonists tape their crimes while providing disturbing commentary and are caught after 27 fires because they tossed their tape out/In Ottawa, CA Officer Mullins pulls over a speeder and puts his license on the roof. After the cop goes back to check him out he goes nuts, ripping off his rearview mirror and throwing papers out of the window. The cop makes him pick it all up. He then starts to wander around and the cop warns him, but only tickets him/Local news reporters screwing up with a bear, monkey attack, falling and putting on makeup/On the North Shore of Oahu, HI Dave Cantrell is surfing because of Il Nino. Tomayo Perry has his board broken in half from a big wave/At the Australian Thunderdome Race Track in Melbourne, Graham O'Brien's car is clipped and he flips, bounces and lands after 10 flips/In Bangkok, Thailand at a snake charming dinner theater the owner picks up a snake with his mouth and does a flip/Lynn and Deb do parabatics/Quiz - 1988 Second City theater skit with Mike Myers. #2154. 5/7/98
In Sydney, Australia a Chinatown jewelry store is robbed by three men wielding machetes. They break open the cases with their weapons and scoop out the jewelry and are gone in a minute and a half with $200,000 worth/In Mt. Pleasant, TX at a rodeo scoop race, Randy Domino ties up a bystander and winds up getting flipped around the ring/In Dodge City, KS a cop pursues a car driving erratically. He drives through an alley, the dirt and crashes into a couch in a field/The cop punches out his window to finally stop him/An Asian man plays music on his face/Off the coast of Massachusetts a white whale gets tangled in a floating net. A rescue goes on for hours and it almost whacks the men in the rescue boat with its' tail/In Indonesia Nicole the Dragon Lady catches an 18 foot king cobra/A Memphis, TN barbershop uses candles to burn hair off instead of cutting it with scissors/Sports accidents music video to Diana Ross "Upside down'/Quiz - 1963 Outer Limits episode with Martin Sheen. #2157. 5/12/98
In West Philadelphia firemen go into a building and find three bodies inside and begin to look for more. Six men are inside when the building suddenly collapses, trapping them. As others go to pull them out the fire restarts and must be put out before the can rescue the men, which they eventually do/In Dallas, TX police pursue a man in a stolen red pickup truck on the highway and surface streets. He jumps a bunch of curbs and blows a tire, then crashes into a fence/China launches a rocket with crashes back town to earth soon after takeoff. An Israeli man secretly records the carnage and smuggles it out of the country. An entire village is burned to the ground and 100s are killed/Dr. Burlson's Aeromobile invention/In Scotland a helicopter airlifts a prematurely born infant. Baby Sam came out 4 months early and stopped breathing 5 miles from the hospital, but pulls through/In Madagascar a locust swarm covers 25 million acres/In Costa Rica a million ant march/In the UK 10,000 garter snakes mate/Classic video of Frank Frakes crashing planes in stunt shows in 1938/Spice Girls audition tapes/Quiz - Old Chicago Theater skit with Dennis Franz and Joe Montanga. #2160. 5/15/98
2am - Theresa Harmon works alone at Mike’s Food Store when a black man walks in, says he doesn’t have any change for a piece of gum. Then he pulls a tire iron, whacks her in the side of the head, runs around to steal money from the register and leaves. #181. 1998
Southlake, GA - At Macy’s Department store around midnight a security camera catches a truck slamming through the front door to drive into the store. Then a group of black guys run in, grab clothes and run out. #182. 1998
Kenai River, AK - A moose gets stuck on the ice when it freezes. Stephanie Green lives there and it was the first moose she ever saw. Doug Green owns a lodge nearby, started filming it and called 911. #183. 1998
Portland Meadows, OR – During horse race 6 on 1/2/98, horse #3 Irish Kreme runs out of gate #2 and races out, spooks Hurricane ridden by Katherine Mayo. Hurricane hits the center rail and goes flying over. #184. 1998
Hillsborough Co, FL - during gator mating season Cpl Bill Nelson is called in to catch a 10 foot gator. He tries to put a towel over it’s eyes with one hand and a lasso around the mouth with the other. He struggles with it for hours and goes to sit on it’s back, it rolls and tosses him. #185. 1998
Moscow, Russia - at a comedy & dance revue a group performs on stage and sets off a fire on the curtain above them. No one seems to notice until flames start pouring down onto the stage. #186. 1998
Colorado - Darren Glick skis in the US Extreme Ski Championships. He gets behind while in the middle of a rocky area, then the snow breaks off, he falls, slams down head first into a tree, is knocked out and rolls down the hill a long way. #187. 1998
Angeles National Forest, CA - Martin Macedo & Roberto were hiking and Roberto lost his footing and almost went over a 300 foot drop. Their friend took off and called for help. Sgt. Harry Jones arrives in a helicopter and lowers 2 men down and they attach Roberto up a harness and he’s pulled up. #188. 1998
Bosnia - Muslims and Serbs are meeting then a crowd protests and starts fighting. A US military chopper is overhead when it suddenly clips a powerline and crashes to the ground. Both pilots were able to walk away. #189. 1998
Lake Geneva, WI – During pro class motocross races Jeff Blaha takes a jump, loses his grip, slams on the handlebars and falls. Then another rider runs over him and wipes out. #190. 1998
Mexico - During amateur bullriding men grab a rope around the bulls’ midsection and many get tossed. #191. 1997
Sydney, Australia - A fishing trowler breaks up off the coast. Mark Lam is lowered from a helicopter onto the boat, then a huge wave hits and sends him flying over hitting the side of the boat. He get stuck in the anchor line and can’t be lowered back down. #192. 1998
Macon, GA - Sgt. Bill Boney makes a traffic stop. Then a car cuts off a bus on the exit ramp in front of him. Boney stops writing the ticket and goes after him. #193. 1998
Nova Scotia, Canada - An NBC news crew rides on the Cape Beaver for the large fishing boat’s maiden voyage. Fog rolls in and they sound the horn, but they slam right into the middle of the Margaret Jane, a wooden fishing boat. #194. 1998
Bangkok, Thailand – a man holds a meat clever to a 7 year old boys’ neck. He gets in the back of a police pickup truck, gets out, then walks over to a store and sits there. The kid cries, the mom passes out and is carried away. #195. 1998
Burglars, Brawlers & Bad Boys Special Edition. Oklahoma City, OK - At a convenience store a man comes in to rob it. The clerk answers the phone, the man grabs a 6 pack and comes up to the counter. #196. 1998
Auckland, New Zealand - A tidal wave strands two men on a rock and a helicopter lowers Greg Bronson down to rescue them. The second time the man is blown all over on the way down in 80mph winds. #197. 1998
Bass Drop, TX - a cop pulls over a women for speeding. #200. 1998
Los Angeles Coast 70 miles out - Capt Craig Cummings is taping the Ensco-51 oil rig where he works for his family. #201. 1998
Suzanne & Terry Wright have a bird in their bathroom and are scared silly. #202. 1998
Orlando, FL - at Gatorland two big bull gators fight over a female. #203. 1998
China - Chin Shu age 3 fell 90 feet down a well shaft and 100s of people dig him out. #204. 1998
TX - Walter Grimes sets up a camera on his truck dashboard while listening to Duran Duran. He drives down the road and a tree falls in front of him and he hits it going 65mph not slowing down much. #205. 1998
Melbourne, Australia – During a nitro funny car dragrace Keith Agus’s engine blows, his car catches fire, then slams into the other car from behind. The car burns up and disintegrates after the crash after their shells are tossed in the air. #206. 1998
Cedar Point, TX - A tornado appears in the sky and Floyd Zahn tapes it. His neighbor Paul Welschet also tapes it down the street. The family wants to leave, but they stay as it comes down. #207. 1998
Top Ten of the Year - 10. Maine - a man flips out when he gets a speeding ticket. #208. 1998
Xenia, OH - The Legends car race features 1930s & 40s cars. #209. 1998
Atlanta, GA 1am - cops chase a suspect who fled from an accident. #210. 1998
Kansas City, MO - in the middle of the day at a convenience store a woman dressed as a security guard comes in and says she has a work order to remove the ATM. #211. 1998
Chris has a Skateboarding accident in the street and breaks his arm. He now has 12 metal bolts in his arm and doesn’t skateboard anymore. #212. 1998
El Toro, CA Airshow - Jerry Cadick flies an F-18 Hornet and does a loop, but he’s going too fast, slams into the runway and explodes. #213. 1998
Phoenix, AZ - at Out of Africa Elijah a white tiger goes in the pool while his sister Sumera plays with the trainer. #214. 1998
Santa Cruz, CA - a foreign fisherman falls into the ocean near rocky caves and is trapped. #215. 1998
San Francisco, CA - Steve Windwos drives a taxi and records his Saturday night at work. #216. 1998

Season 3 - 1998-9

On an African Lake a 15ft Nile crocodile attacks a camera until he gets it in his mouth/In Colorado police pull over a drunk driver and give him the sobriety test that he fails miserably/In Waikiki, HI surfers wipeout, a sailboarder wipes out and a catamaran is smashed into pieces breaking a mans' arm in three places/In Thailand at an interactive zoo people get to touch and ride the elephants/In Melbourne, Australia during a drag race Romeo's back tires explode and his car flips and burns up/At Miami Fire Station #9 they head to a fire and find two small children trapped inside the burning house. An explosion at a factory launches a firefighter. Then they rescue someone from an accident/Serge the Russian stuntman plays the piano while on fire/At the Thailand Tiger Zoo the Scorpion Ladies cover themselves with live scorpions/Three Stooges in a 1953 Instant Simoniz car wax commercial/Quiz - Footage of the construction of Mt. Rushmore. #3001. 9/14/98
In Japan during the World Super Bike Championship #4 Vanagawa crashes hard on a turn and tumbles over and over and then his bike explodes/In NYC a man threatens to jump from the Manhattan Bridge and cops try to stops him. He jumps 100 feet into the water, survives and fights the rescue/In Tennessee Trooper Jackson chases a blue pickup truck in the rain, down dirt roads and through water. After getting stuck one man opens fire on the cop/The 25th Annual Wild Turkey Calling competition/In San Diego a fugitive surrenders to a TV reporter. The man committed 16 armed robberies in two months. He gives a crocodile tears performance. In court he shows his true angry colors/In Peru a student performance of the play 'The Raven' features a fire in a fake fireplace, which sets the wall on fire and everyone panics. When the set collapses someone finally gets around to putting it out/In Hawaii Manta Rays are shown 28 feet underwater at night/Scorpion Mice vs. a scorpion - the mice win/Quiz - A factory that makes footballs. #3002. 9/15/98
At the San Diego Zoo, CA David Sanmarco is feeding the elephants when a big female named Cindy suddenly attacks, knocking him down. He crawls out of the pen and she smashes the two-ton door into him which throws him 20ft. She then goes out and steps on him, but he escapes/In Los Angeles, CA police chase a man who does a 180 into oncoming traffic and gets caught going off the freeway/In Ecuador a gas station catches fire in a flood and 50,000 gallons of gas burn on top of the water/In Michigan, Moses Lanham can turn his feet around because he is double jointed/Russian army paratrooper basic training and initiation/In Brazil, Eduardo does extreme BMX biking/In Salem, WI at The Lacrosse Speedway car #2 flips over Glen Bass #91 and traps him, but he is OK/A Bangkok, Thailand a dinner theater has viper snake fights/Jim Varney as Earnest commercial bloopers/Quiz - New Zealand helicopter ocean rescue. #3003. 9/16/98
In Ashland, OH a man tries to rob a convenience store with a knife and a customer in the store turns out to be Officer Rick Super who quickly arrests him. He covers him until backup arrives/During midget car racing one car crashes and a man comes out to help and gets run over/In Southern, CA two dogs get stuck on the side of a cliff and are rescued by the fire department/In Colorado the 1998 Pregnant Bikini Contest/IN Van Nuys a helicopter stalls 20 feet above ground and crashes/John Reinke rides his jetski near a waterfall until he wipes out/On the Louisiana Bayou Cyrus Blanchard pulls gators out of the water with his bare hands/In British Columbia water skiers go over dirt and gravel - not water/The Japanese Mud Olympics/Quiz - 1986 episode of Star Search with Jenny Jones. #3009. 9/24/98
Mark McGuire intro/Dean Straton calls a deer with a horn and enters the deer den and a big buck attacks him. He gets away and it makes the madder and it attacks him again because it is mating season/Japanese police stand off with a murder suspect in car for seven hours. They surround the car and toss a tear gas grenade inside. He tries to kill himself with his gun, but survives/A man jumps tandem on his first sky dive and they spin out of control and both chutes get tangled. She cuts both chutes and opens the reserve and that works/In Glendale, AZ a car commercial a daughter crashes her car into her dad's 1957 Thunderbird/The Carnival Cruise ship Ecstasy catches fire and passengers tape it/In Florida the Sand Drag car race between a 9 & 11 year old. The jeep jumps the embankment and runs over Anthony the 9 year old/Atlanta's Fulton County Stadium implosion takes 5 minutes/Tashiki the 600 pound grand champion retires from Hawaii and he cries when they cut his topknot off/Quiz - Long neck turtle in Florida. #3016. 10/5/98
Near Atlanta police chase 4 burglary suspects in a Jeep. They cut in front of cops who ram them and they flip over 4 times throwing 2 people through the air and 1 is able to run away/In Taiwan building jumpers are stuntmen who jump from 2 & 3 stories onto the ground without airbags/At the Toronto Zoo in Ontario Canada an elephant gets her foot stuck in a tire swing and 2 elephants come over to help. Then 4 more come over to help and comfort her and pull her out/In Ohio the Titan Tire Factory strikes. When scabs show up picketers attack. Jamesetta Taylor, a large black woman, comes to pick up her husband. She gets out of her car, screams, fights, and punches 1 guy in the face/In Fairfax, VA police track 2 car vandals by chopper with infrared. When they run on foot they spot a guy hiding behind a dumpster/Classic - an Australian reporter covers John Collin selling live pythons. A 12 footer wraps itself around his neck and leg/Sam Philips the hand drummer/Quiz - Coca-Cola commercial with Cameron Diaz #3038. 11/4/98
In the Utah mountains police pursue a Mazda Miata through a school zone at 80mph. It spins out, hits a parked car, the deputies car and then they shoot him to death/In Osaka, Japan a monkey is on the loose and can't be caught. They corner him and he takes a kitten hostage and runs into a school, then takes off without the cat/In Indianapolis, IN Jim tapes his dog Same secretly raiding the fridge of fast food/In Taiwan a man makes music by blowing on a boat innertube/A white whale was caught in fishing lines for a year until a team goes out on a boat to remove it which takes 3 hours/In Switzerland Dave Barlla base jumps on a snowboard 1500 feet, then parachutes to the ground/Indonesian independence day rite of passage ceremony for boys who must stop a whip from lashing them/In England, Mandy Miller the armless makeup artist/Quiz - 1964 footage of Bruce Lee demonstrating his sticky hand technique. #3040. 11/6/98
In Pakistan Mohammed pets a lion with his family. Then he steps on his paw and it spins around and bites down on his arm. They are able to get him away/In New Orleans thieves rob a convenience store by yanking the doors open with their shirts. Another robbery they crash through the door, but are caught/In a Virginia Beach, VA restaurant a drunk driver crashes through the front window/In Thailand a man called hammer hand puts nails through boards with his hand/Joe Gibson is asleep on Thanksgiving and his relative Earl pops a paper bag and it scares him bad/In San Diego fireman prepare a boat by setting fire to it for a training exercise. Charles Davey is on it when it suddenly blows up, launching him in the air. He was OK and a week before his wife had twins/Rodeo clown Rowdy Barry wears a camera in the ring/In San Diego at the ESPN X-Games wakeboarder Darren Shapiro does a double flip and wipes out, but gets it on the second try/Classic - Bob Jones gets in a 500 pound block of ice and is shipped from Alabama to NYC/Quiz - 1967 Karate World Championships with a 27 year old Chuck Norris. #3041. 11/9/98
In Ontario, Canada a high speed chase of a Chevy Camero that hit 13 cars in 60 miles. He is still running with his hood up and can't see. They set up a roadblock and ram him until his stops. He won't come out and they pound him multiple times/In Brazil a Cayman alligator clan feeding/In Connecticut an apartment is infested with rats. 258 of them are in a pile and it takes an exterminator a week to kill them all/In Thailand Mr. Eat it All eats glass, plates, razors, nuts, a watch and roses/In San Francisco a bike messenger wears a helmet cam/In NYC Dave and Mark wear helmet cams/In Ogden, UT 2 troopers pull over a car for a broken taillight. There are 4 passengers and they pull out the 1 suspicious man. The man in front won't come out and starts shooting, they fire back and hit him 6 times, but he lives/In Brazil 200 monkeys tear up a village and steal food from houses/In Tallahassee, FL basketball games a girl does cartwheels to distract the players so her team can score/Jason barks like a dog during a basketball game to distract the other team and get the winning shot in/Quiz - An old Houston Airline film with Matthew McConaughey. #3047. 11/17/98
Off Australia Ron Taylor films gray reef sharks. He chums the water and a feeding frenzy begins. One shark slams into the camera cracking the lens/In Sydney, Australia during truck racing #53 crashes into a wall in front of cameraman Gary raining glass on him/During a California police chase a man in an Acura flashes his gun and drives around slowly for 90 minutes. Civilians try to stop him, cops pit and ram him until he stops. The driver runs and Gerald jumps out of his car and tackles him/Dale skydives with a samurai sword, then stages a mock battle on his next jump/Survivor commercial for Starbucks/In Troy, NY firefighters are cleaning up after a house fire when the hose explodes under a car launching it up/IN Vancouver a baby seal is lost after it's mother died. A lifeguard tries to feed it, but it is looking for companionship. They bring it in and take it to an animal clinic/Randy Monte races a speedboat and it flips, he falls out, pulls a chute, crashes into the boat and breaks ribs. It's his first crash in 24 years of racing/At a Sacramento, CA fair the Orbitron ride is shown through a helmet cam/Jerry Seinfeld on the Paul Ryan show in 1986/Quiz - 1983 Star Search pilot with co-hostess Sharon Stone at age 25. #3049. 11/19/98
In Fulton Co, GA RC Hayes chases a DWI going 78mph at 12:51am, gets up to 100mph, then goes the wrong way, gets an 18 wheeler to slow him down, spins out, lets the passenger out, u-turns, spins out into the medium and gets stuck in the mud. He swigs from a bottle before they grab him/In Los Angeles a house fire causes family members outside to go crazy thing their relatives are trapped inside. Firefighters go in not knowing the people have gotten out. A cat is trapped on the roof and a man goes up, grabs it and tosses it on the lawn/In Istanbul, Turkey a tornado on a beach lifts up dozens of umbrellas and spins them all over/In the Morrocco desert snake wranglers dig for a cobra nest. They find a 6 foot Egyptian cobra and he catches it and bags it/In Northwest, Canada helicopters are used to move, track and tranquilize bears and put tracking collars on them including a 580 pounder/In Lima, Peru surprise thieves rob cars when they are caught in traffic. One man smashes a window and runs off with a purse/In Thailand Boon Lo lifts things with his hair including a car/Michael the juggling musical triangle player/Quiz - 25 year old Fred Willard in a play. #3050. 11/20/98
In Valdez, AK Anna Kanarowski free skis down a mountain. She wipes out bad and has to be airlifted out since she has a lacerated liver/In Russia a high rise apartment fire strands a cat that hangs over a ledge and falls eight floors and survives/In Mullen, ID four trucks go offroad and up a 500 foot quarry. One jeep rolls over and spills out the four passengers who weren't wearing seatbelts/In Eagle River, AK a woman trains sled dogs by having the dogs pull her car in the Summer/A sailboat built from garbage sails across the Atlantic Ocean with four people and three dogs. Betsy Perlman and her husband spent three years collecting garbage in NYC to build it. Five weeks into their trip a Russian tanker almost hits them and stops to give them food. 62 days later they reach Ireland/In Lexington, NC during a police chase cops ram a car and his bumper comes off and his trunk opens/In Macon, GA cops chase a man on foot and almost run him over when he falls/In Los Angeles cops chase a box truck for two hours and eventually ram it into a building/Divers swim with sharks and catch them by the tail and turn it over which immobilizes it/In Thailand the Kowoyi bat cave is way up a hill. At 6 PM over a million bats begin to fly out of the cave at one and it takes an hour/Quiz - Michael Keaton on the Tony Randall Show in 1978. #3053. 11/25/98
At an Aurora, CO convenience store a man walks in with a gun and jumps over the counter demanding money. When the clerk says he has no wallet the thief kicks him, hops back over and robs the three customers and runs out. The clerk calls 911 and thinks he was shot when the robbers gun went off by accident/In Albany, NY Charles Collins sprays the family courthouse with 55 gallons of chicken crap and turns himself in/In Fontana, CA a paint factory catches fire and fireballs erupt again and again into the sky/In Carbondale, IL a six month old black Labrador gets stuck in a drainage pipe and firemen cut the road and a backhoe digs a huge ditch to get the dog out. At a Southern California bullfighting school cameras are put on the bull and the matador. David Garett goes down in his first attempt/In Zenina, OH four guys go up in a hot air balloon and sky dive from it/At the Thailand Tiger Zoo visitors fish at the crocodile pond/Cheers TV show bloopers - wrong names, flubbed lines, problem props/Quiz - Artillery shell factory. #3056. 11/30/98
In Southern CA a man in a blue car with his 1 year old kid runs for the Mexican border. 30 feet from the line he is caught. Cops smash his windows + he jumps in back + puts a knife to his sons' throat. When he comes out he gets maced. He jumps back in the car and out again and runs for it. He gets maced again, drops the kid which Officer Morales catches and is tackled./In Sao Paulo Brazil an apartment is on fire + a woman on the 2nd floor drops her kid out the window and is caught. She then drops and falls over backwards, but is caught too/In Alaska bears go after the spawning salmon/In Lake Havisue, AZ a grasshopper infestation in the millions blanket the roads/Tony Volpentest is a disabled runner who sets a world record/In Spain female matador Christina Sanchez/1982 film 'Pardon Me for Living' with Christian Slater/In Nashville, TN a duck and her babies try to cross an interstate and police stop traffic to get them across safely/Quiz - Bourbon Whiskey makers mark in Kentucky. #3057. 12/1/98
At 4:26 AM a Georgia State Trooper, Officer Ralston, questions a driver who was sleeping in his truck and he gets out an rummages through the back of the pickup for a box and says he will open it with a knife. Instead he tries to stab the cop and gets himself shot in the stomach, but still fights. There was 300 grams of cocaine in the box/A dirt devil in the Montserrat volcano/In San Juan, PR a jet takes off and its' engine explodes and they turn around for an emergency landing and everyone gets out safely/In Nashville Socks the cat gets its' head stuck through a knothole in a tree and a whole can of Crisco is used by firefighters to get it out/ In California boarder patrol agents use a thermal scope to track illegals at midnight. Twenty are caught and sent back/In the UK a 14th century cottage has a 17 foot spider web inside/At Halfmoon Bay, CA surfers hit Maverick Beach during Il Nino/32 inch bazooka test footage by the Army/In Thailand a baby tiger suckles on a pig/Quiz - the machine that makes 4 billion sweet hearts Valentine's candy a year. #3058. 12/2/98
In Boseman, MT cops pursue a reckless driver in a blue pickup. He is only going 50 mph, but won't stop. He runs one cop off the road, blows through a road block and damages his front end. Two cops squeeze him from each side to stop him/A Mexican lays on top of a train to sneak into the US. More are found and jump off the moving train when they are spotted/At the Philippine Airlines in Manila a woman tries to get a flight out when the terminal is shutdown and flips out when they try to give her another flight/106 year old twins in Japan/In NY at Vernon Downs harness racing a horse goes down and takes four other riders with him including Tim Lampher who went flying/Remote control Rifle Trap T2 hostage demo/At an Owens Valley, CA hang gliding competition a glider launches from the back of a moving truck at 35mph/A red wolf hunts a possum and it gets away until a gator finds it/In Thailand a kung fu master gets pulled in 5 directions by motorcycles for 18 seconds/Quiz - The Explorers 1985 movie with Ethan Hawke and River Phoenix. #3073. 1/6/99
In Mohab, UT Wes Miller rides a quad ATV and tapes Steve Abbott doing a jump off a hill and he wipes out as the bike flips over after hitting a bush and slashes open his armpit/At Cape Canaveral, FL a Titan spy satellite launches and explodes after 41 seconds because of an electrical malfunction/Over San Juan Island, WA Norman Kent skydives with cameras for a film. A falcon attacks him on the way down and grabs onto his line/In Dallas, TX Candy the horse gets stuck in a dry creek bed. A tow truck is brought in to pull her out. The last 15 feet are the toughest because the horse is exhausted after 2 hours of pulling/In an Argentinean cave performance artists don a show at night 176 feet below ground/On Sand Mountain Chuck Patterson and crew surf by hanging onto a dune buggy/IN the UK Lotan Baba the rolling priest goes down the sidewalk/Bold and the Beautiful video diary with Kimberlyn Brown/Quiz - Machines that make dried apples. #3075. 1/8/99
At a Phoenix, AZ race track Fred Brians' dune buggy flips five times goes over a wall and cuts the flag tower in half narrowly missing the two men up there/In Russia a truck driver gets stopped and the men say he can't pass without paying protection money, but he is an undercover cop who busts them/A Wisconsin church gets hit by lightning and burns to the ground after four hours/Pepe the poodle tries to attack windshield wipers/In Huntsville, AL the Channel Cats hockey team gets into a fight/Extreme paragliding with Chris Santacroce/In Florida Lee Cramer the alligator trapper removes gators from people's homes/In Chamonix, France a clothing ad is filmed with basejumpers who jump from a 900 foot up in the air tram/At a Pittsburgh, PA park a 200 pound cow gets loose and goes wild/Quiz - Ostriches doing mating dances. #3079. 1/14/99
Travis Pastrana's freestyle motorcycle championship video diary. On his 11th birthday he takes a 115ft jump on a dirt track and lands hard separating his spine from his pelvis/In Brazil a 33 year old man on a ledge 19 floors up threatens to jump. A fireman on the 20th floor jumps down on him and grabs him/A plane from Turkey has no landing gear and comes in on it's belly and doesn't catch fire after a midair explosion/Secret Las Vegas Files - Thieves pick pockets on an escalator, a pick pocket hides his hand under his coat, airport thefts/A mans' brother is given the death penalty and the brother and mom attack reporters outside of the courthouse/Tour of the Florida everglades above and below water/Young Chinese girl contortionists/Quiz - Highest backward fall by a stuntman - 250 feet. #3081. 1/18/99
In Chester, SC a high speed chase goes through residential area, over railroad tracks and on top of another car. Cops ram the man, cut him off and smash into him until he can't continue and then he gets out and fights/A fire on a sailboat by Catalina Island because of a propane explosion. The dingy breaks off and burns. The boat breaks out into the harbor and a fire boat puts it out after 45 minutes/Bill Gaminski sky dives and his chute tangles with the main chute and he tumbles. He finally gets the main chute open and lands OK/Secret Las Vegas Files - Robbers with uzis rob a Bahamas casino. Door pusher sting in Vegas, A man tosses a coin to distract a woman and steals her bucket of coins/Shawn Briley surfs 50 foot waves in Hawaii at Jaws Beach that came from an Alaskan storm/Volkswagen Car plane by Mathias Klug/At the Cincinnati Zoo at elephant feeding time the baby gets a bath/Quiz - College sophomore USC Trojan Randy Johnson. #3083. 1/20/99
In Shanghai, China at an amusement park the swinger ride collapses while people are riding it. One child is pummeled and a grandmother is killed/In Holyoke, MA a three-alarm fire on a five story apartment goes bad when an entire side collapses and later the front collapses while the chief is being interviewed/In Fayetteville, NC cops stop three suspects who just bought drugs. One man decides to swallow two rocks of coke. Cops pound the guy and shove dirt into his mouth to force him to spit it out. He sneakily spits the second rock out while they aren't looking/In Jacksonville, FL cops stop a driver for an illegal turn and DWI. He is married to the mayor of Atlantic Beach. He is found drunk and a woman he is with starts cursing, fighting, says he's married to the mayor and gets pepper sprayed and then the man flips out/At an Alabama pee wee football game parents start fighting after a penalty. They stop and then start again and the National Guard is brought in/During a Transatlantic windsurfing race for 2,000 miles and David Weiss gets hypothermia and has to be pulled out/Quiz - 1984 Mark McGuire on the USC Trojans. #3087. 1/26/99
In Long Beach, CA a woman thinks she has hired a hitman to kill her husband. They show they tape to the husband and he agrees to play dead to catch her. She falls for it all including photos of him at the murder site and plays the grieving widow to the hilt until she is exposed/In a Bangkok mall a man is drunk in a night club and fights another man over a woman and takes him hostage. After two hours the victim knocks the gun away and the cops grab him because he signaled to them in a language the man didn't understand/In Russia a guy puts firecrackers in his Sega Genesis and PC keyboard and lights them/A police chase in the rain at night on I-75. The man in the truck fishtails, crashes into an 18 wheeler, but keeps going. He takes a turn too fast and wipes out and Sgt. Baird breaks his window and gets help pulling him out/In Bogata, Columbia a man makes a $500,000 bulletproof jacket/Thermo Man fireproof suit/Motorcycle air bag jacket/Deputy Sariff 1959 Marx Brothers TV pilot/Quiz - Dennis Rodman's office. #3091. 2/1/99
In a Thailand jewelry store a woman checks out gold necklaces and suddenly pulls out a knife and tries to stab the owner. Her sister grabs the knife and they struggle and wrench it away and stab back. She thief then runs out/Police chase a man on a motorcycle and a woman on the back. Three cops box them in and they escape twice. On the third try he almost crashes head on. He then wipes out and breaks his legs/In Utah, Ken Luke, a school principal, crawls to work in 12 inches of snow because he bet the students if they read 150,000 pages of books he would. A local radio station covers it and it takes him three hours/In Los Angeles Angus Johnson's snake ate a neighbors Chihuahua, so he moved to Birmingham so he could keep the snake. He goes to feed it a rat and it bites him and he falls in a bath tub trying to bathe it/In California four women skydive only wearing lingerie/A vintage tape of Jerry Springer singing country music is shown to him and he doesn't remember doing it/In Squaw Valley, CA the Rasta Rob ski model shoot/Quiz - Hydro thermal vents underwater. #3096. 2/8/99
Laurie Easystone is on her way to the airport in the rain. She stops by her stepson's school to see if he needs a ride and his husband's ex-wife Alicia is there and goes after Laurie, forcing her way into her van. Laurie's kids are screaming in the back and an old man comes and breaks it up. Alicia then pulls off her windshield wipers. Laurie goes home and Alicia is waiting for her. She is convicted of battery/In the Dominican Republic a man hits an off duty cops' car and gets out, pulling his gun on him. He pulls the man out and he fights, almost getting the gun away from him until backup arrives/In Holland, MI a cop pulls a speeder over. The guy screams he just came out of a store and he couldn't possibly have been going 41 in a 25 zone. He calls the cop a liar and a murderer/In Norway the dozen basejumpers Spiders from Mars jump 2,900 feet off a cliff/A cat fight at a Canadian nightclub/In New York a catfight with six women. One bashes another's head against the ground/Los Angeles snooty ladies cat fight/In Russia Peter does the knife trick on his hand to win motor oil and a toaster/In Thailand Auntie Chat, a 63 year old woman, climb a giant lime tree/Quiz - William Shatner and Tom Posten reading E.E. Cummings poetry in he early 50s. #3097. 2/9/99
In Village, OK a woman won't stop for speeding. She runs lights, stop signs and pulls up on her lawn, jumps out, pretends to be holding a gun. It was a cell phone and cops didn't fire. She wanted to get killed/In a Hong Kong jewelry store two women pull a heist stealing $2000 worth of gold by distraction/In Bangkok a woman uses a coat hanger to grab gold chains from behind the counter of a jewelry store/In Bangkok a dad uses his young daughter to try on a $3000 necklace so he can steal it/In Valdez, AK at the World Extreme Snowboarding Championships they drop 4000 feet/In New Orleans at Mardi Gras and the Superbowl a man in a Yankees hat is assaulted by a group of Boston fans. He comes back looking for a fight and is attacked again/Kickback Ken spits lighter fluid on a grill and starter tool and causes a fireball in his mouth/Skydivers sit in a car and drop out of a plane. The car flies right into cameraman Joe Jennings/16 and 18 pound bunnies/Lopey the donkey has 17" ears/A chicken lays a double egg 10cm long/Willie the giant chicken/Quiz - 1985 episode of Star Search with Jill Goodacre. #3098. 2/10/99
In Sumter County, SC officer Riley chases a man doing 135 mph. He hits a spike strip and wipes out, but gets back on the road. They race into town and ram him into an Exxon gas pump, which catches fire. Then they push his car out of the inferno and are forced to ram him again and yank him out since he is dangerously close to a day care center/In Santiago, Chile workers protest wages and cops hit them with water canons/Cigarette Smoking Man from The X-Files hosts a tape on car vandals where Vince Rubino catches two kids smashing his cars/In Calgary + Edmonton Canada 'Ultimate Street Brawls' tapes street fights outside of bars/Master Khaled lays on broken glass and has 2000 pounds of concrete blocks put on his chest with 1000 pounds of kids on top of that. Then they break the blocks/Spinning dachshund/Motorcycle driving iguana/Nelly the trick pig/Barren jumps on a toy piano/Man vacuums his 17 year old cat/Dan drives his truck with his dog sitting outside the window/Quiz - 1970 National Airlines ad with Cybil Shepherd. #3101. 2/15/99
At a Dothan, AL convenience store an armed man comes in wearing a mask and fires at the clerk. He pulls out the cash drawer and puts the cash in a bag and pulls his own gun and starts shooting. No one is hit/In Lima, Peru outside the Japanese Embassy where hostages have been held for three months. For one hour the terrorists are fought and the hostages are liberated/Cigarette Smoking Man hosts a shoplifter at a California Mervyn's is confronted by security outside as stuff is falling out of his pants and he falls trying to pick up a tennis shoe. He walks around the mall and over a back wall before he is caught/Total Fighting Footage from the UK like the UFC/Mark skydives from a plane riding a bicycle. The bike spins out of control and flies away. Then he jumps out while inside a box/Ke Lin drinks two glasses of beer with no hands, then drinks four glasses at one/In Russia a man eats an entire peach and apple on the Slobbo show/Quiz - Rhubarb, a 1951 movie with Leonard Nimoy. #3104. 2/18/99
At the Utah State Correctional prison two inmates get drunk on brew and start smashing everything in sight. Special Ops are brought in and a flash grenade is tossed in and they are overwhelmed/In Bangkok a cop is brought in to talk a jumper down. He then jumps from one building to the next. They give him cigarettes and a cherry picker is brought in and he pulled down/Cigarette Smoking Man hosts a man that has a methamphetamine lab in his house and wants to send the tape to Butch, his dealer, to show him up/In Northern Bolivia a religious ceremony called Tinku Fighting involves street fighting to bloody the soil/In Maricopa County, AZ the tent city prison with Joe Arpino has K9's with cameras on them to show a bit test on a Sgt's arm/In Anchorage, AK Clint skis down a 50 degree angled mountain and down 100s of feet/Florida stuntman Dave Kramer catapults over a roof for a movie/Quiz - Chuck Norris skydives from an airplane. #3105. 2/19/99
At the Mechanic's Minute Show in PA a white car gets clipped in traffic and flips over, then hits a parked car with a five year old inside/In Juneau, AK because of flooding a man uses a backhoe to get water away from his house when a river of mud comes down on him/In the Florida Keys hurricane George hits and Megan Keeny-Grier and her family ride it out in 100mph wind. Mark even goes out in the water to film it/In Lansing, MI the Toughman Competition with referees wearing camera starring Butterbean/UK transport research lab crash test videos/A Shanghai security guard lifts buckets of water with his eyelids/In Russia Sergei, the big mouth guy, sticks 80 cigarettes in his mouth/Quiz - Alec Baldwin skydives. #3106. 2/22/99
In Bogota, Columbia the Twingo Cup car race is called because of rain. When the cars come back in a cameraman, Edgar, is taking pictures on the track and is run over hard/Los Angeles police chase is broadcast live for over two hours. Two teens are joyriding around and around waving to their friends and one girl who runs out into the street gets arrested. They even do donuts around the cops and finally bail out and are caught/The Fox family buys a horse and the family takes turns riding it. Donna is on when the horse runs and she go head first into a tree/In Lansing, MI the Toughman Competition part 2/Trucks crashing into cars/UK transport research lab front guards for trucks test videos/A baby elephant is attacked by lions in Africa, but they are young and the elephant gets away/Lane Bowers waterskis barefoot and starts his run by jumping out of a helicopter/Quiz - Brian Austin Green skydives. #3108. 2/24/99
In Providence, RI a bank robber holds a policeman, Osualdo Castillo, hostage at gunpoint in a neighborhood. When he tries to move him into a car cops unload on him. The cop was shot in the hand and the robber was killed/David Ferre skydives and his parachute folds at 40 feet and he slams into the ground and breaks eight bones/16 1/2 month old kid waterskis/Cops train Barry, a K9, in the courage test. The dog charges officer Moore and jumps on him, knocking him down and leaving a hole in his chest/At the Taiwan congress parties go up front to hang their flags and start fighting over the placement/An Argentinean courtroom erupts into a brawl/The Taipei congress comes to blows after 20 straight hours of debate/Shelly Anderson's engine explodes during a drag race and crashes into a wall. Her legs and arms are on fire, the car melts around her and the camera shows how it felt/Quiz - LeAnn Rimes sings the National Anthem at a 1993 hockey game. #3111. 3/1/99
Indianapolis, IN February 1977 a man, Tony C., holds his mortgage broker, Richard Hall, hostage. He has a shotgun Richard's neck and says the broker wronged him when he couldn't pay. It is nine degrees outside where he leads him down the street. Tony takes a police car and handcuffs Richard and drives him to his apartment and holds him for 65 hours. He then holds a press conference and is arrested. He goes to jail for 10 years because he won't agree to the charge that he is insane/In Peru a radio talk show host says a political candidates family sells drugs. The family then comes to the station and beats him up on the air/Motorcycle Demolition/Death Wish Dan launches over a car and misses his mark. He then blows himself up/In the UK Lucy the dog goes down a fox hole and gets stuck and a rescue crew has to dig her out/A Baton Rouge tour guide feeds gators/At the Cayman Islands a moray eel comes for divers holding a bucket of squid/A manatee eats food on a rope/Angelle Seeling races motorcycles up to 200 mph with cameras on the bike/Quiz - 1978 Welcome Back Kotter audition with Jonathan Frakes. #3112. 3/2/99
In Uruguay, while giving birth a baby giraffe gets stuck halfway out. The shoot the mother with a tranquilizer and she pulls it out. They tie a rope around the baby’s legs and keep pulling for 4 hours until the boy falls out. In CA Scott Balcom walks a slack line 3000 feet up and falls/Siamese snake eats a mouse/In Phoenix, AZ a woman wants to hire a hitman to kill her husband, but the hitman is Detective Jack Ballantine. She wants him blown up after 28 years of marriage since she found someone else and the family couldn’t handle a divorce/In Donegal, Ireland at a road rally near miss, spinout and crashes plus Kevin Clinton takes out a bridge/In Orlando, FL at the Roller Derby 2000 Roller Jam Janet Abraham the minister of pain, Lyndsay Jammer Francis are shown with action cams/In Hawai Xiu Xiu the 12 year old Chinese acrobat contortionist does a show/Quiz – Arnold Schwarzenegger in Stay Hungry (1979)  #3122. 3/30/99
In Seoul South Korea Buddhist monks take over a rival temple and hold it for 40 days. The monks want their temple back and fight for it. Riot police are brought in and war breaks out. Six cops going up a people mover fall 40 feet onto a roof. Some monks threaten suicide, but then it ends/In Minneapolis a man tries to rob a bus with a shotgun, but the driver slams the door closed on him and takes off/In the Czech Republic men spire jump and monkey jump from rock to rock, plus 1970 footage of the same sport/In Alaska a brown bear in a stream hunts salmon. When he eats one the eggs shoot out in an orange stream/In Rochester, MN Pele the dog falls into a frozen lake while a second dog, Tika, stands by. A firefighter on a boat tries to cut his way out there, but it takes too long. He goes over to a thicker part of the ice and is able to pull Pele out. Tika is saved by strangers/From South Africa comes The Blaster, an anti theft device that launches fire from the sides of a car to stop carjackers/In Hawaii a Polynesian firedancer burns his chest and another wears a camera to show how it looks to him/In Adelaide, Australia a fugitive albino kangaroo runs around/Quiz - Axl Rose dives into the crowd after catching a man videotaping the show. #3124. 4/1/99
In Camden County, GA police chase two stolen cars who ram into police knocking one cop into a ditch, but it causes his car to flip five times and he still tries to escape on foot/Two guys are restoring an old truck and Robert pours gas into the carb and it shoots up on his arm and sticks to him burning his skin off/Perte tries to set a speed record for skiing and wipes out hard, smashing his knees. Two years of rehabilitation later he finally sets the record/In Lima Peru Sebastian Riva sits on a building ledge 150 feet up threatening to jump because he is broke. His wife is brought in to no avail and it goes on all day. At night after ten hours he finally comes down after 3000 people gathered below/Mike Silva flies a helicopter in Denver over tornadoes as they form/In Munich Germany men scad jump. They fall 300 feet without a chute or cord. Then Bernard jumps from a cliff into a net held by a helicopter/Classic - a man smokes and blows smoke out of his ears/Eggs cooked in a giant pan/Quiz - 1955 episode of Highway Patrol with Clint Eastwood. #3128. 4/7/99
At the California Laguna Raceway during a motorcycle race Troy Moturo clips another bike and goes down hard. He tries to get back in the race and collapses. The next day he wipes out again and is thrown/In Gardenia, CA three gunmen rob a bar and police surround it. When they exit a firefight ensues and one robber gets hit/In Redondo Beach, CA a drunk Mexican man climbs up a tree and sings loudly and won't come down. He downs a pint of brandy and then falls to the ground/In Papua New Guinea gangs set up along the main highway and rob any cars that pass. They stop one van and pull a man out. Later Mark Worth the cameraman is stopped by locals for toll money/Todd reels in a giant nine foot alligator who ate a dog and then another one nearby and it scratches at him as it spins/Julie Sandman is a stunt pilot who does loops and rolls with five cameras on the plane/Quiz - 1985 Public Access show in Indiana with Tom Arnold. #3138. 4/21/99
At a Costa Mesa, CA horse show Karen Musick jumps her horse Cloud over a hurdle too early and misses. She lands face first and slides on it. Her face was so swollen they didn't know her nose was broken for 2 weeks/In Avon, OH Officer Gary Krecji follows a guy who runs a red light. He won't pull over and blows an intersection and t-bones a car and disables his own car. Turns out e was in diabetic shock/In Manchester, England a gas line explosion by vandals starts a building fire and rips the place apart. Gwen Harding, a 75 year old woman is trapped in the rubble as the fire rages. They cut concrete as she burns and it takes 2 hours to get her out/In Long Island, NY a female gypsy scam artist tries to convince a widow that evil spirits killed her husband and for $20,000 she can get rid of them. She performs a ritual with a bloody egg, leaves with the 'corrupt; money and is arrested/In Germany Rob Phylis races motorcycle #1 and wipes out spilling over and over on his head/In Northern Ireland in a zoo Pit the chimp smokes cigarettes people through in the cage and hits a camera with dung when he runs out of cigs/At a New England Aquarium 2 Boston radio contest winners get to swim with sharks for 10 minutes/Quiz - 1971 McDonalds commercial with John Amos and Anson Williams. #3141. 4/26/99
World's Scariest Moments Caught on Tape - In San Jose at the Costa Rica pitbull animal shelter Rosanna Escalante lets her daughter play with a pregnant pitbull. The dog clamps down on her arms and she is able to get away, but it bites her again and then it attacks a puppy/On the coast of Oregon a storm surges toward Carol Corbett's house. Suddenly an 8 foot wave slams through her beach house/In Moscow a man holding a shotgun to a car is stopped by another man who gets shot point blank in the stomach, but is OK because it was a blank/In Nicaragua at a Managua bullfight tons of locals get in the ring and some get gored. One bull freaks out, jumps in the air and collapses for 2 minutes/Mike & Kim Mullen's lake vacation. They are on waverunners and Kim crashes into the boat her parents are riding in nearby at 40mph. She was OK, the camera was not/In Trusero, Argentina a military depot explodes, levels a nearby town and covers it with live bombs. News crews come to the area and the bombs explode in the heat all over town/Dennis Chitwood races sprint car #21 and hits a wall at 100 mph shearing the front off and catches fire. He cuts open his head and broke his back in 3 places/On 2/13/98 At the KLCE radio station Jay & Michelle get married on the air. Outside their son Jake releases balloons into a power line which explode and knock out power to 3000 people/Quiz - You Be the Cop - shoot out the tires. #3148. 5/5/99
The World’s Dumbest Foul Ups Caught on Tape – a man is taken to a police station for a DWI. He is sitting down and when he goes to pull his license out he falls over and puts his head into the wall making a hole. Then he gets up and falls out the door and lands on his back/Tampa, FL - During a DWI drunk test the man says to Deputy Rich Nelvin he can’t take the test because he’s drunk and has 20 years of education, he graduated the 10th grade twice/Cops pull over a man with expired plated at 8:43 AM and begins a high speed pursuit through a residential area. He goes offroad to miss a road crew and gets a flat. He took his mom’s car and didn’t have a license/An empty golf cart donuts in reverse and a man tries to stop it , wipes out and spills the luggage everywhere/A man tries to rob a convenience store with his mask up/A man tries to rob a convenience store with a curtain rod/A man goes into a Laundromat and gets in a dryer twice/In Russia a man gets trapped in a garbage chute while drunk and naked/At the University of Michigan after the football team won the streets fill with people and one guy climbs up a tree and falls from the top hitting branches on the way down/Wassau, WA – a man robs a bank and Deano walks out dressed as a clown and they arrest him, but he’s the wrong guy/Los Angeles, CA - KLOS radio stunt – Skylord the air traffic reporter lost a football bet and has to wear a suit of armor and get hit by people driving golf balls into him. #3155. 5/14/99
In Monterey, CA a helicopter picks up 14 reporters from a carrier to take them back to land when the engine catches fire and flames shoot into the passenger compartment and the crew doesn't see it until they are 20 feet up/In Leecock, PA at 6:41 AM a security camera in a computer store catches a truck crashing through the store/In Jasper, TX Officer Malone pulls over a fireman for running red lights when suddenly the cop gets bit by a rat while standing in the nearby grass. He jumps and other cops laugh at him/In East Lansing, MI the MSU Basketball team loses and 5000+ college students riot, get nude, start fires, smash cars, break lights, launch fireworks, break windows, run through a bonfire, pull down signs and assault the news crew/In Oklahoma tornado chasers drive right into an F3/Malcolm Law cuts off his thumb with a circular saw and has his tow grafted onto his hand/In Bend, OR a bobcat caught in a trap is freed in the middle of the night/Quiz - Downey commercial with 10 year old Yasmine Bleeth. #3159. 5/20/99
In Kabul, Afghanistan two journalists are ambushed at a roadblock and their taxi is shot to pieces. The cameraman Jeff Chagrin comes out all bloody after getting shot three times, but his bulletproof vest stopped another two bullets/In the upper West Side of Manhattan a woman on the 8th floor has six week old twins and has to hand them out to firefighters on a 100 story ladder to safety/George gets a key in the mail in hopes of winning a new car, but it is a sting to arrest fugitives who show up a phony dealership/In Birmingham, AL tornado chasers drive at night through a storm. They pull under a bridge for shelter as sirens wail and lightning hits nearby/In Asheville, NC a fight is caught on the cameras at a convenience store/Laundromat. Don says something to a rude man who attacks him with his friends and takes off/In Oregon kids do BMX jumps in a park. Jack misses the jump and tears his esophagus/In Kagua, Japan a dog gets his head stuck in a jar for three weeks until rescuers are able to get it off/Quiz - Ryder PI clip with Howard Stern. #3162. 5/25/99
In Newport, MN Ron Loveland and family play softball at a family reunion. Ron swings at the ball and his knee pops out of its' joint/At a Buenos Aires exhibition soccer game fans beat a rival fan senseless/At Ft. Morgan, CO Jimbo test drives a three wheel ATV up a dirt path and it rolls over on him and he falls 25 feet/Drew makes a half court basket at his high school for $100/In Tampa, FL Shannon says a monster lives under her house. It is a four foot monitor lizard that was there for two months until they trap it/A sting operation catches janitors changing the time clock to get 100s of hours of overtime/A man is caught stealing drugs from a neighbor/A man at a car wash scams quarters from a change machine/Cody Lloyd is a boy with - he can't got into the sun because he has 70 year old skin and has had seven cancer surgeries. Kids in his school raise $2000 to buy him a special suit so he can go outside with them at playtime/Quiz - 1975 movie 'Report to the Commissioner' with Richard Gere. #3164. 5/27/99
At a NC drunk driving checkpoint a driver pulls up and makes a u-turn. A cop chases him and loses sight of the driver when he reaches 130mph. He makes many turns and eventually blows his engine and gets surrounded. They find knives and a loaded gun/In Riverside, CA Danny Thompson is offroad racing and crashes his truck and the camera inside shows him rolling and the roof rips off/On a Russian TV show a presidential candidate throws a drink in a reporters face and it almost comes to blows/In Philadelphia Kara a four year old dog gets stuck in a well. A firefighter is lowered in and pulls it out/In Bristol UK a Guido hits a wall at full speed during a powerboat race and it disintegrates launching the fuselage over the crowd/Colorado skateboarders include an asphalt head butt and crashes/In Peru an illegal fireworks factory catches fire and incinerates many fireworks. Cops round up the remaining fireworks and light them off in a desert/A Las Vegas slot machine tournament for $1,000,000/Vintage newsreel of a talking poodle/Singing dog/A dog is a best man at a wedding/Quiz - The government first printed paper money during the Civil War. #3169. 6/3/99
At a sideways motorcycle race in California where the riders have no brakes, Pat Linn crashes into a wall and gets his leg stuck in the bike and it drags him/In Hilliard, OH a Radio Shack security camera catches robberies on two straight nights/In Ft Lauderdale a man robs a convenience store with a trash bag on his head/An Italian supermarket robbery/A California travel agency robbery leads to a car chase covered by a helicopter. Three suspects jump out of the car and run in different directions. One guy is followed and caught in the sewer and lamely tries to change his look/In Fresno, CA a garbage truck driver fell asleep and his truck went off a bridge 15 feet upside-down into a creek. He gets trapped and they have to cut his boot off to get him out/Flare bartenders championships in Vegas/In Ecuador Angel has a pet alligator Saddam/A South Carolina family owns a cougar/Quiz - 1962 Al Lewis' first movie role. #3172. 6/8/99
In North Queensland, Australia Tom & Dwaine Hummet base jump from a waterfall. Gary Cunningham tapes as Dwaine waits to long to open his parachute and crashes into the water at 60mph/The Michigan State police chase a Mitsubishi at 120mph. The guy takes a turn too fast, totals his car, then gets out and runs/In Boston the Kenwood Square apartments catch fire with college students trapped inside and on the roof. 130 firefighters put it out after it burns all night/Gorn Krop rides a bike from Stockholm Sweden 6,800 miles to Mt. Everest to climb it. 300 feet from the summit he has to turn around to escape a storm and go back down. He cries and 2 days later he goes back up to the top, back down and bikes 6,800 miles home/In Lancaster Co SC cops shoot each other in the face with pepper spray for a demonstration and it’s painful/In park City, UT Matt wins first place in water ramp dry skiing/Stanford Wood plays music with a rubber band/Quiz – butterfly wings. #3179. 7/8/99
Skydiver Jerry Rich tangles in another mans chute and they plummet toward earth together and hit the ground. They survive even though both chutes failed/In Greenfield, IN police chase a suspect at night. The truck stops and rams into the police car in reverse hoping to deploy the airbag of the cop. A cop jumps out and shoots the truck nine times. He stops a few minutes later because he was shot twice/Molly the mare fell in the mud and can't get up. Nine people can't get the 1800 pound horse lifted so they hook her to a tractor and after three falls she gets up an hour later/In the Arizona Desert cops go 150 feet down a cavern mineshaft in Hells Gate. It is a dumping ground for stolen cars and they find four cars blocking the way/In Harvey Cedars, NJ a fireworks show from a barge catches fire launching all the fireworks at once. They set fire to a dock trapping people there/In South Africa a pack of zebras during mating season fight for dominance between father and son/A 27 year old Thai weightlifter has ropes around his arms attached to two motorcycles and keeps them from driving away for 28 seconds/Quiz - Lainie Kazan 1978 talk show. #3182. 7/13/99
In Arizona James Ellis gets his van stuck in a river and is rescued. He then goes back to the van with two friends and all three get stuck and have to be rescued again, now in 8ft of freezing water. The final man's legs are paralyzed and he is useless/In Melbourne, Australia two guys have trouble getting the door of an elevator closed and decide to destroy the phone, get stuck and have to pry the door open/In Zaire tourists take a bus through a dried out river and the driver has them all get off so he can do some dangerous driving/In Watsonville, CA a union dispute at a strawberry field leads to violence when Mexicans try to join the union. A woman gets hit in the face with a tray and when the owners arrive a mob attacks their truck. At Six Flags Illinois 23 people get stuck upside-down on the Demon Rollercoaster for almost three hours/Fighting porcupines during mating season get stuck with quills/Tokyo BMX daredevil racing/Quiz - Giant anteater carrying a baby. #3176. 7/5/99
At the Big Diamond Raceway, PA Tom Mayberry Crashes and four other cars hit him causing his race car to catch fire. The Frame melts on him and they are putting the fire out. They pull him out with 3rd degree burns/In San Diego, CA Eugene has his first solo flight in an ultralight plane. 150 feet after takeoff his engine goes out and he crashes and flips over/Nolan West is a plumber at the new Seattle Mariners stadium. He sneaks on the field to be the first one to run around the bases and gets fired because of it/A 6 year old girl named Shrutika roller skates under 22 consecutive cars/In Escando, CA a high speed chance ensues after cops stop a car with expired plates leaving a drug house. He wipes out in a tunnel and rushes officers with a knife and they shoot him dead/Oregon Spring Break at a seaside turns into a riot. Ryan Medford gets naked, students rip out sinks and toilets to start a bonfire on the beach before cops stop them/Dianna Elliott films her son Corey bullriding as he gets thrown and kicked/In Okinawa, Japan US Marines sumo wrestle with Japanese wrestlers/Quiz - 1982 Pepto Bismal commercial with Jeff Daniels. #3191. 7/26/99
The Ohio Police pursue Timothy Thomas a sexual offender. He is pulled over and jumps out with a gun and gets shot nine times. Turns out the gun wasn't loaded/Newark police training/In the Ukraine the funeral for a priest turns into chaos when the police refuse to allow him to be buried in their soil and a riot ensues and they are forced to bury him elsewhere/In Northern Italy after 15 days of rain massive flooding fills the streets with six feet of water and people and animals are forced to rescued/In Ontario, Canada Dennis catches a 10 pound pike and then spots two large pike that tried to eat each other and one has it's head in the other's mouth/In Northwest Canada a forest fire is taped with cameras in the middle of the fire in heat protected shells as a test for fire shelter tents/Security cameras catch shoplifters/Milligan vs. Covenant college basketball - a guy makes a 70 foot shot at the buzzer to win/Publishers Clearing House surprises winners at home and work/Quiz - 1975 movie 'Barbary Coast' with William Shatner in multiple roles. #3195. 7/30/99

Season 4 (1999-00)

An F-14 Tomcat enters into a flat spin and goes around and around trying to recover. The pilot gives up, ejects and the plane goes into the water/Wild Chase - In London, England cops chase a juvenile with a suspended license. He crashes onto a lawn, jumps out, a helicopter tracks him, he climbs fences and hides in bushes, but they soon find him/ Utah - A woman steals a $10,000 wedding dress in a stroller with her kids used as decoys. A police sting catches her on numerous occasions though she doesn't get caught by the stores. Officer Scott MacGregor goes to her house and it's stacked from floor to ceiling with stolen merchandise in every room including dozens of the same Disney videos. All the stuff still has tags on it. She goes to jail/Tuff Shed commercial. Brent is a stunt rider who rides a motorcross bike on wooden sheds, then crashes into the metal one and gets stuck, but he recreates the stunt on live TV afterwards with no problems/PI Anthony Dilorenzo of infidelity.com says a man was supposed to play in a basketball league for a year, but went to a hotel with a woman every time and would put the uniform on and come home. They set him up with a basketball on the hotel room door that reads, "The game is over, the ball's in my court." He looks at it, flips and the cheating woman cries because she's married. Pelican Bay Prison, CA - out in the yard a gang fight erupts, then more footage shows a man working out who gets attacked with a shiv. Officer Lance Cocorcan says they are there for a reason. Another tape shows a fight that turns into a full-scale riot. Cops run out with pepper spray and hit them, then another group of inmates runs out and ignites it, a fourth tape shows cops using tear gas on a fight in the yard, but it doesn't stop them and they keep fighting. The fifth tape shows a man is sitting down and another man comes over and stabs him over and over. He runs away and still gets stabbed. A sixth one shows a fight and cops using batons on them. There are over 400 fights a year that end in violence at the prison so cops release these tapes to show they don't use excessive violence/Wild Weather - In Tuscon, AZ Nicholas Budge records a massive hail storm that damages roofs. Buffalo, TX - Storm chaser Jim Leonard records a hail storm the size of golf balls. Then baseball size hail starts pummeling the trees and the pool smashing it for 15 minutes. TX - Miranda Westerfield is taped by her dad Kevin. Then he sees an 18 wheeler stuck on the tracks behind them and a train comes along and plows into it shattering it to pieces. It broke the windows out on the engine and they had to crawl out/Checkered Flag - In the Southern CA Desert Randy Norman races and is in the lead, the flagman waves the flag madly in front of him and he raises his hand on the finish line as the flag waves in his face and he wipes out and breaks his collarbone/TX - a man records a skunk with his snout caught in a yogurt container, the man uses his foot to pull it off/Sacramento, CA - a dog runs wild with a milk carton on his head. A man chases it and pulls it off when it gets stuck in the fence/Australia - Bob Baker finds a king brown snake with it's head caught in a Victoria Beer can in front of his house. He takes it to a snake doctor who removes it and puts it back in the wild, but it still attacks, it's the most poisonous snake in the country. Pamplona, Spain - a bull gores a matador. Then a French team goes out and flips and dances around the bull so they don't get hit/Misc. road rally crash footage. #4169. 7/13/00
In Boseman, MT cops pursue a reckless driver in a blue pickup truck after getting a cell phone call about him. He is only going 55 mph, but won't stop. He goes around one cop as his license plate swings in the breeze. He runs one cop off the road, blows through a road block by going in the grass and damages his front end. Going down main street two cops squeeze him from each side to stop him. He gets felony assault and criminal mischief/Wild Weather – Venezuela – weeks of torrential rain cause flash floods and mud slides that destroy 16 miles of coast. Streets turn into rivers with cars floating away. A large wall collapses from the water and everything is buried in mud. A woman says she’ll never forget it. Rescue workers pull people from the water/Sri Lanka – Chandrika Kumaratunga is the current president running for re-election. She gets down from the podium, talks to reporters outside and a suicide bomber detonates nearby wounding her and killing 20. She lives and wins the election. Under the Sea – off Kona, Hawaii at a dive site they spot over a dozen manta rays migrating. The lights show the algae and the rays feast on it/Pittsburgh, PA – Brandon Sassman and friends inline skate on the streets and railings. He jumps a metal railing, does a 180, crashes on the street and smacks his head against a metal pole. He’s able to skate away. After he says that’s the price you pay/UK - A woman goes to a detective agency because she thinks her husband is cheating. The PI says he’s supposed to be working late. After hours of waiting he comes out and he follows him to a restaurant where he meets a woman. He goes inside and eats. After they leave together, are followed and caught kissing. Back at the office the husband calls that he wants a copy of the tape. The wife told on him. Then the man comes in, he yells he doesn’t want trouble, he wants the tape, he owns it. The PI says no, he needs the wife’s permission. He gets on the phone and yells at her to give him to the damn tape and they’ll straighten it out when he gets home. So he gives him a copy/At a Mexican pharmacy a kid dances after buying candy. A man comes up behind him, then pulls out a gun from his waist and robs the cashier of $300/Extreme – Northern Ireland annual motorcycle race. Paul Dedman has a camera on the bike to catch the action. On the 9 mile course he takes a turn too fast, hits the curb, spins in the air, hits 2 marshals at the fence who were sitting there. His helmet cam catches it all as does 2 other cameras. He tore his knee ligaments, split his pelvis/Wichita, KS – Buff the collie went on the ice and fell through. After 2 hours the Sedgewick Co Fire department breaks him a trail, but he won’t swim out of there. They bring in a boat, go out to him and pull him out. Bernadine Wells the owner was concerned he wouldn’t make it/Bangkok, Thailand – a 71 year old grandmother threatens to jump from a high rise building. She wants to go home from the hospital, but they say she isn’t fit from surgery. She wants her papers and they show them to her. A doctor talks to her as she stands on top of a bench. Then a plain clothes cop pulls the bench out from under her and she falls bruising her hip/Sand Lake, NY – a strange zoo with a Shetland pony playing with a pug dog. Three bear cubs are waken up by Buddy the beagle. They are too tired to fight back/Mexico – amateur bullriders come out of the audience to ride in rings or the street. One bull kicks a guy, one falls on another and goes after him, one jumps over the wall taking the rider with him, another knocks down a fence and gets out. 2-wheel wonder – red car driven by Jacqueline. #4173. 7/18/00

Season 5 (2000-01)

Mobile, AL – Cochrane-African Bridge. A man hangs 170 feet up over the side of the bridge wanting to jump. Lt. Eddie Burrow was talking to him and he said no call the FD or he’ll jump. He slips off his rope and hangs by his fingers, they tell him to fall feet first, then he falls into the water and survives when a rescue boat pulls him out. Mexico City, Mexico – Javier does a martial arts exhibition. He sets his hand on fire, then punches a board and a stack of bricks. He misses the bricks and it starts a large fire on the floor. People start screaming and try to escape from the stands. It won’t go out as the floor burns. Manning, SC – a man runs from Chief Randy Garrett. The drunk finally pulls over, they search him and then he starts fighting. He had drugs in his pocket, they go down into the car and his partner doesn’t do anything at first, then they pull him out and go on the ground. They show the tape to rookies to warn them about routine stops. Seoul, South Korea – a powerful storm causes flooding. Rescuers lower down from helicopters to pull people from boats. At a camping area the water cuts the people off from the road. They have to put lines across the water and pull the people across to safety, some in harnesses. Not all are saved, 20 die as cars are washed away. Taipei, Taiwan – a 7 story apartment fire with over 100 firemen. They lower down 2 girls and her mom, but they can’t find each other for a while. London, England – a bus crashes through a store pinning Michelle Robinson (26). Steve Oakey works rescue to free her. They back the bus out and have to carry her out as she screams. She’s then airlifted to the hospital with a fractured pelvis and broken bones. A few days later she’s on oxygen, will be 6 weeks before she’s out. Sea of Cortez, Mexico – David Beezer films a whale shark weighing 20 tons won’t bother people. Jerusalem, Israel – Honeymoon Nightmare – a couple are filming when a terrorist attack hits a cafe. Windows are blown out by a nail studded bomb, blood is high up on the walls and injured are everywhere. 30 minutes earlier they were at the same café filming and decided to leave. The man said he had a bad feeling about it and wanted to leave. 5 people die, 150 are injured, 3 bombers die. Guatemala – the Pinada family has 500 pet iguanas on a farm and feed them. They’ve been breeding them 50 years. Lake Havisou – vertical ramp skateboard competition spills. #5020. 10/00
Salt Lake City, UT – 2am – cops come upon a naked woman in a parking lot and she goes to shoot her bra at them. Three cops surround her, she runs, comes back, swings her bra, they throw a blanket on her and she gets up and does jumping jacks, 2 EMS arrive and they back off so it will be on camera and they crack up. She’s only wearing black socks as she jumps. More and more cops arrive and carry her away/Over Portsunai, Lithuania – skydivers practice, then one diver gets his chute tangled. He tries to get it undone because it’s tied up to his reserve chute so he can’t cut them. He crashes to the ground, and the problem was the helmet cam that went over his eyes so he couldn’t see. He had no injuries/Los Angeles, CA - Aaron Fitzgerald is in a helicopter over a black car speeding around traffic, going down the freeway on the shoulder as he clips 2 car. The LAPD air unit is over him too. His car is ruined, so he jumps out and runs into a large Holiday Inn, but is caught/Los Angeles, CA – a flood gets as high as traffic lights. Even police and fire trucks are trapped. A helicopter flies over and finds a man hanging onto a pole. A rescuer jumps out of the chopper to save him. More people are found in the water and firefighters go down to get them. 48 people are rescued/Seattle, WA – Bumpershoot Arts Festival. A massive bonfire burns and the Seattle Center has a large fountain that shoots water 50 feet up with colored lights. Men climb on top of the fountain and one guy is launched 10 feet in the air, spins and is dropped on his face. It is caught from 2 angles. He gets up and walks away/Lake Avansua, AZ – a guy skateboards down a rail and fails 3 times getting hurt/Topeka, KS – Todd B. inline skates down a railing fine, then does it again and lands hard into the concrete and his head slams down. Vancouver, BC – skating expo. Lisa A. slips off her board and goes down face first into the ramp breaking open her chin leaving blood on the wood. She keeps going and falls 3 more times then quits/Athens, Greece – a hijacker holds a knife to the throat of a pregnant female flight attendant. He wants to talk to the media and give his demands. They agree, but some of the media crew are cops. A woman holds a mic to him, then the cops move in when he moves the knife away. Frank Bolz explains what happened. 114 passengers were freed. She had the knife to her throat for 2 hours/Melbourne, Australia – Romeo Capatania drag races in the Santos Crantes – his back tire blows, the car swerves and then flips over on fire. He’s able to walk away/Sydney, Australia – a man enters a convenience store with a blood filled syringe trying to rob the store. The female cashier takes him seriously, opens up the register and gives him the money. He leaves, she puts up a screen and calls for help. She calls to customers, cops arrive, they see the tape and arrest him in hours/Southern Atlantic Ocean – a yacht race around the world non stop. Tony & Terry Bullimore hit a storm and their boat was turned over. They are stuck there for 5 days in 16 foot swells and 40 mile an hour winds. A rescue helicopter finds them and pulls them out alive/Mesa, AZ – a bear cub climbs up a tree in a neighborhood. A tranquilizer dart is used and it falls into a blanket/Bay Islands, Honduras – a moray eel comes out of a cave. A diver reaches out his hand and gets bitten/Rushford, MN – a cat plays with a mouse in a living room and jumps high in the air to get away/Skimboarders & surfers in a wave pool with wipeouts. #5107. 5/15/01
The Village, OK - Officer Chuck Lucas tries to pull over a woman who won't stop. She pulls into her lawn and jumps out holding a cell phone like it was a gun. She wanted suicide by cop, but they don't shoot. She just broke up with her boyfriends and wanted to die/Lakeport Speedway CA - 00 Blair Aiken crashes into 14 and flips, skids, while on fire. He is OK and walks over to the car that hit him, but they drove off/Milwaukee, WI - a convenience store is robbed by black guys in masks. He shoots the first guy in the leg, then at the second guy opening the register, hitting him in the chest. They also robbed a second store/Vancouver, BC Canada - skateboarders doing street tricks wipeout/Miami, FL - a prairie dog gets trapped in the wall behind a toilet in a couple's wall/Launceston, Australia - a greyhound race - the dog fall over a hurdle and still wins/Denver, CO - a bull gets loose on the highway. The catch it and then go to load it up and it freaks out knocking everyone down/Australia - Steve March rides his bike on cliffs, high above the ocean/Vietnam, Persian Gulf, Somalia attack helicopters in action/Paris, France - a French TV show host is strapped on the hood of a car driven through a fire and the wall of flames falls on him and he burns/Dallas, TX - cops chase a van and it crashes into a guard rail. The man jumps out and gets stuck in muddy quicksand, so does an officer who goes after him. Helicopters pull them out. Officer Mike Freeman couldn't breather from the mud pressing down on him/Florence, SC - reporter Clay Williams at the humane society keeps screwing up and says 3, 2, 1 over and over each time he starts/South Africa airboat race #5113. 5/23/01

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