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From producer Bruce Nash (World's Most Amazing Videos), comes another caught-on-camera show. Featuring the most unbelievable action-packed video of criminal behavior, they bring you more hardcore footage than before and spans the globe to bring you pulse-pounding pursuits, gut-wrenching dramas, and the high-stakes life and death standoffs that real-life heroes must be ready to face every day. This episode guide is complete.

Season 1 (2006-07)

# Description
101 High Speed Pursuits - Fort Bend, TX - Joe Flores runs from cops, jumps out into a field and cops run him over with a truck. A runaway crook leads police on a surprising high-speed chase, a robber fires at police officers in a residential area and a fugitive steals the family RV, but his wild escape goes up in flames. All this plus a cop who has only one chance to successfully bring a crazed high-speed driver down. 10/4/06
102 Criminal Behavior - Tyler, TX Ė Trooper Steven Stone pulls over a pickup truck for speeding at night. The driver gets out and Steve pulls out a large open bottle of booze. Drug suspects pull a gun on an officer and fire at point-blank range, a cop is ambushed by a drunken bar patron and then an armed man threatens a cashier at a grocery store. Will the store's manager attempt to take matters into his own hands? 10/11/06
103 Wild Riots - Los Angeles, CA Ė after the first LA Lakers championship in 12 years outside the Staples Center bonfires are lit and people dance around it. An NBA championship party that threatens to erupt into a full-scale riot, a convicted murderer who goes berserk in court, and a metal band's controversial song dedication that sends audience members into a violent frenzy. 10/18/06
104 Dangerous Drivers - Highlands Co. FL - Deputy Roger St. Laurent pulls over a speeding car going 74mph. He keeps an eye on passing cars, then one comes plowing into him. 10/25/06
105 Robberies & Hold-Ups - Grand Prairie, TX - at a fast food restaurant Wayne Moore is on line when Tony Swiney bashes him on the side of the head knocking him down to the ground. 11/1/06
106 Stopped by the Law - Crisp Co. GA - Deputy Steven Rankin pulls over a Mercury Sable at 2am to tell him to turn his stereo down since it was so loud. 11/8/06
107 Deadly Force - Houston Co. GA - cops chase escaped prisoner Todd Screws in an SUV who holds his girlfriend hostage inside. 11/15/06
108 Undercover Stings - Montgomery, AL - Cpl. Mike Darden & Officer Jim Pace stop a car. The tag comes back not on file so they want to run it. 11/22/06
109 Under Siege - Dallas, TX - Christie Bundren is a truck driver who was kidnapped by Samuel Jones when he put a gun to her head and told her to drive. 11/29/06
110 Criminal Behavior 2 - Oyster Creek, TX - Sgt. Chris Cegielski chases a man in a white pickup who just robbed a grocery store. A gunman enters a gold shop during the day; an assailant with a knife takes a hostage; and a store clerk is attacked by a would-be robber. #110. 12/6/06
111 Wild Riots 2 - San Salvador, El Salvador Ė students vs. riot police outside the National University over rising fuel prices. Riots are captured on film, including one that occurred after a murder suspect had a run-in with a victim's family. Also: gunmen shoot at police officers during a university protest; a youth football player's late hit enrages a coach. 1/3/07
112 High Speed Pursuits 2 - Houston, TX Ė Officer Michael Ruby follows a woman driving a white car with a man in the back that shot at another car. The police pursue a man in a stolen ambulance; a kidnapper fires at police officers. 1/10/07
113 Stopped by the Law 2 - Douglas Co. GA Ė Deputy Lane Thompson pulls over a Lincoln with illegally tinted windows. He walks over, smells pot, backup arrives and he runs. A police officer deals with impaired drivers; and a lawman faces an armed assailant. Also: A suspect is injured while trying to escape from the police. #113. 1/18/07

Season 2 (2007)

201 High Speed Chases - Los Angeles, CA - Ricardo Moore, a convicted felon, drives a white SUV around city streets followed by 5 police cars and a helicopter. A jet-ski thief causes destruction on a roadway. Also: police pursue a driver on drugs. 3/14/07
202 Criminals Out of Control - Fayette Co. OH - Trooper James Cress pulls over Ty Baker, a major drug suspect, for DUI. A shootout occurs after a criminal attacks a cop; a perp goes up against a patrolman; thieves open fire on a clothing-store clerk. 3/21/07
203 Dangerous Drivers 2 - Westchester Co. NY - Trooper Todd Bohmer chases a 20 foot white stretch limousine going 110mph. A chase on snowy roads that ends in a shootout; reporters covering an accident find themselves in another accident. 3/28/07
204 Robberies & Hold-Ups 2 - Fort Lauderdale, FL - Pastor John Wayne Manning's market is about to close with his wife Elizabeth is at the register. 4/4/07
205 Under the Influence - Tipton, GA 4/17/06 Ė a drunk man gets in a boat on a lake to elude police. Cops are on the shore and over his head with a helicopter. A large man causes havoc; a motorcyclist has a bumpy ride; and a naked woman walks through afternoon traffic. #205. 4/11/07
206 Under Siege 2 - Bowling Green, KY - Russell Sublet (43) is wanted for killing seven horses. A gunman enters a mansion, then exchanges gunfire with police officers; and three assailants abduct a woman. Also, police officers face off against a kidnapper. 4/18/07
207 Fights & Wild Riots - Seattle, Mardi Gras Ė two girls start fighting and pounding on each other. More fights break out, cars are smashed. A youth football coach punching a referee, and former military personnel clashing with police officers. 4/25/07
208 Stopped by the Law 3 - Greenwood, SC Ė a cop chases a man in a Camero involved in a shooting. Chief Deputy Mike Frederick of SWAT joins. A trooper helps a stranded motorist but finds himself in the path of an out-of-control car. Officers face gunfire; black ice causes a multicar accident. 6/6/07
209 Dumbest Criminals - Franklin Co. OH - Trooper Brandon Cruz makes a stop for DWI and tries to give a field test. A video-surveillance store is burglarized; inmates attempt an escape; there's a disturbance on the streets of San Francisco. 6/13/07
210 High Speed Chases 2 - Duchesne, UT 2/28/06 - Deputy John Crowley pulls over a truck for stolen plates. The driver says you are kidding. Officers face gunfire after chasing a vehicle through a snowy mountain pass; a motorcyclist races at high speeds; and a person fleeing officers tries to escape on a school bus. 6/20/07
211 Lawless Ladies - Burlington, NC 2/6/02 - Cpl Jay W. Snow goes to a call of a naked woman running down the street. A look at unusual behavior by women, with two incidents involving police cars. 6/20/07
212 Fights & Wild Riots 2 - Springfield, MA - Alfred Gainer killed four women and is on trial. Skateboarders clash with police officers; an outdoor protest in Seattle turns violent; and a defendant in a criminal case is attacked in court. 7/4/07
213 Dangerous Drivers 3 - Ferndale, MI - a guy crosses the road and gets plowed into by a speeding car. A speeding car hits a pedestrian; a woman parks inside the DMV; a man's vehicle becomes stuck under a semi. 7/11/07
214 High Speed Chases 3 - Pasadena, TX - a purse snatcher runs in a white pickup drives down the grass on a freeway the wrong way. A motorcyclist races at high speeds; a bus is hijacked; and a police officer faces an armed man. 7/18/07
215 Criminals Out of Control 2 - Nashville, TN Ė two robbers in ski masks come into a convenience store armed with guns. Lee Rayburn was at the counter and had nowhere to go. They make him get down. Sam, the clerk says he doesnít speak English. They fire at him and he goes down. They canít get the drawer open, decide to execute the witnesses and a clerk is shot in the face. Lee was shot in the back and kidney, they go to shoot him in the head but are out of bullets. Lee jumps up and calls 911. Joshua Brown left a fingerprint and is convicted of murder. One of the gang was a girl. Lee endured many surgeries to survive. An adult bookstore is torched; the police chase burglary suspects through a neighborhood; gunshots ring out in a casino. 7/25/07
216 Bedlam and Brawls - West Palm Beach, FL Ė at a dance/hip hop nightclub a woman attacks another who was going after her man. Two big black bouncers have trouble separating the hair pulling women apart. Their friends jump in and one pulls a ponytail and bites an earring off. They are thrown out into the parking lot and they yell at each other. One woman punches another, they pull her hair, Then Jessica jumps in, then a fourth. They start punching each other and pulling shirts and getting muddy on the ground. a race-car driver has an altercation; and soccer fans get into a fight before a game. 8/2/07
217 Stopped by the Law 4 - Dylan, SC 3/19/07 Ė a crack dealing couple is stopped in a sedan on a residential street and after the cop talks to them they take off. As they run the woman goes to bail and the man steers from the passenger seat. The woman jumps out on a turn and the man still steers from the wrong side. The cop rams him off the road, but he keeps going. He jumps out the passenger window as it rolls and the cop runs right over him, but he lives. A driver in a car travels at high speeds; a frightening incident takes place during a traffic stop. 8/9/07

Season 3 (2007-8)

301 Citizens Under Attack - Bardonia, NY Ė Barry Fixler, an ex-marine, owns a jewelry shop that 2 black men enter looking for an engagement ring. He hands an $11,000 one, then he asks for another and puts a gun in Barryís face. He pushes the gun, dives away and goes for his gun. They open fire at each other blowing out the door. The second man gets hit and goes down. The first guy gets out, the second guy is hit again. Det William Fritz arrived and the man was shocked he got shot twice. Matthew Ross got 10 years & Joseph Nippers was paralyzed. Donít mess with the marines. 10/10/07
302 Dangerous Drivers 4 - Danville, WV Ė at the Hatfield McCoy quickstop a pickup truck comes flying across the road, slams through a gas pump, it catches fire, then the truck slams right into the sore. Allen Lardieri was there loading drinks into his truck. He was leaving as it was coming in. Roberta Kidd was at the register and thrown across the store. A steel beam shot over her head and the counters collapsed. She couldnít eat or sleep after. Both people in the truck fell asleep. They woke up in the store thinking they killed someone. A motorcycle rider is struck by a vehicle and a motorist survives a crash but still finds himself in danger. 10/17/07
303 Fights & Wild Riots 3 - Port Wentworth, GA 10/31 Ė a group of people in costumes are outside a bar. James Manca punches the owner in the face hard in front of Capt Matthew Libby. Then another guy punches the man in the face and he goes down. He gets right up and fights so Matt cracks him in the head with his baton. He gets up again, they mace him right in the face to no effect, he gets up to fight and they try to release the K9, but too many people are arrive. They wail him with the baton and he doesnít feel it. Another cop joins and they both grab and beat him throwing him to the ground. Matt never hit someone so hard before and it didnít matter. The dog gets on him, they cuff him and he whines. James Manca got felony assault. A political protest turns violent; bus drivers ram into each other on a street; and soccer fans attack police officers. An accused killer is attacked by a victim's family member. 12/5/07
S1 Best of Most Shocking - High Speed Pursuits 2: Houston, TX Ė Officer Michael Ruby follows a white car that shot at another car. A woman is driving with Jeremy Roberson in the back. They box her in and find Jeremy has a gun to his girlfriendís head. They hit heavy traffic, go on the shoulder and get trapped. Then he starts shooting at the truck in front of him to clear a path. Helicopters follow as he knocks out the back window, she hits the center wall and he starts shooting out buckshot from his shotgun. They learn of a 4 year old girl in the backseat. The woman opens her door and intentionally smashes into the back of a truck and sheís thrown out on the road. The car keeps rolling into the median and sheís able to get up. He continues to unload and cops fire on him repeatedly. Other departments donít know about the kid and Mike tells them to stop shooting. Cops approach the car and he moves so they unload on him. They pull the girl out and he fires at them one last time and is blown away. 12/26/07
304 Dumbest Criminals 2 - Dallas, TX - a group of criminals try to break into a convenience store, but canít get through the door, so they crash their car through the door. One guy grabs a cigarette display, another climbs over the counter and falls head first. He grabs cigarettes cases and shoves them in his pants after dropping them all. His friend tells him to hurry, but he doesnít, he pulls his shirt over his head to suddenly hide from the camera. Instead of walking around the counter he jumps again, falls on his head again and drops everything on the way out. A man sets himself on fire; thieves try to steal from an ATM machine; and a man breaks a window. 12/31/07
305 Bedlam & Brawls 2 - London, Ontario - a fight breaks out at a hamburger stand. A loudmouth keeps bothering people and one guy has enough and starts punching him. The owner comes out to record it in case his property is damaged. They start going in the back door, the owner yells at them to get out and a man tells him to turn the camera off. Then a fat guy starts talking trash. The loudmouth says itís over and wants a hug, but gets punched out. Then he goes after the fat guy who runs away, not so tough now. He punches him to the ground and goes to leave. Then he sees the loudmouth got up and punches him down one more time. He says heís so bad he makes medicine sick. Cops arrive, but no charges are made. Politicians get into a fight; a man attacks two men and a woman; and footage from boxing matches. 1/2/08
306 Criminals Out of Control 3 - Cypress, CA - a robbery suspect flees in a red SUV, blows tires, goes through a red light, gets t-boned, then hits a car on the turn. Officer Kevin Roncevich jumps out, but so does the suspect with a gun. He runs, turns and Kevin opens fire on him and he goes down. His knee is knocked out, but he lives to get 6 years. A person with a butcher knife charges police officers; a man with a gun threatens neighbors; and a man with a knife flees from the police. 1/4/08
307 Chases & Crashes - Statesboro, GA - Lt. Bobby Durden of Bulloch Co chases a couple in a stolen SUV in the pouring rain. She is driving, blows stop signs, almost gets hit, they lose control, go off road, hit a bank of dirt, it explodes, the Jeep goes in the air, flips around, the girl is tossed out and lands face first in the street. Pieces fly around, the guy is pulled out at gunpoint and they both live. a biker with a bad attitude bites the dust with a bone-breaking bang; and an armed man who opens fire on a cop ends up in a deadly crash. 1/9/08
308 Criminals Out of Control 4 - Santa Cruz, CA - a man stole a gun, carjacked a sedan and fills up at a Shell station even with cops all around him with guns drawn. He smiles at them while wearing a red visor and gray shorts. Cops send a K9 at him, he opens fire and they shoot him dead. 1/16/08
309 Under the Influence 2 - Florence Co. SC - cops pull over a possible drunk. He rolls, then stops. Cpl Heath Weaver asks for his papers and he says he doesnít speak much English. Heís driving from FL to NJ and heís tired after driving 7 hours. He gives him a warning then they spot huge bags that look like drugs. They ask him to step out to stretch and start asking him about guns and drugs in the van. They call in a K9 who hits on 2 big bags, then he says they arenít for him and he tries to fight and get away. It is 55 pounds of high quality pot worth half a million. A bride is arrested on her wedding day; and police face off against alleged smugglers. 1/16/08
310 Dangerous Drivers 5 - Dooly Co, GA Ė Deputy Darby Colvin pulls over a drunk at 4:40am for not having tag lights. He stops, then takes off down a dirt road through a grove. He gets back onto the road then his tailgate falls off and swings around by one screw scraping on the ground. A piece flies off, then almost hits a car. Darby races to try to knock it off and he swerves to miss and goes into a ditch. They jump out and Jones starts shooting when he tries to run them over. They both start shooting and they race back and forth in the dirt, but are stuck. They break the window out and get the passenger. The driver jumps out and hides underneath. They have no idea why they ran. An armed man allegedly threatens people; a car collides with another vehicle at an intersection; and a car swerves in and out of traffic. 1/23/08
311 Lawless Ladies 2 - Los Angeles, CA Ė cops chase a car into a cul de sac and she turns, goes head on with police, they pin her to a curb so she rams a cop in front and behind. Four cars box her in, smash her windows and yank her out. An uprising at a women's prison; a woman assaults a police officer. 1/23/08
312 Robberies and Hold-Ups 3 - Pritchard, AL - the Commonwealth National Bank opens and 2 men come in firing AK-47 assault rifles. Major Whitfield fires at them and is hit in the leg. Sidney King is the president and says they cased the place. One man jumps the counter, takes money and runs around the corner. It took 30 seconds, but all they got was $500 for drug money. The gunman got 25 years, the accomplice got 99 months. 1/30/08
313 Bedlam & Brawls 3 - Chicago, IL - after a driveby police and EMS arrive. Rival gangs start taunting each other, then go after each other with bats and boards. Three men have a guy surrounded, then a car comes along and slams into one of them carrying him away on their hood. They chase the guy, but cops intervene. 2/6/08
314 Mindless Mayhem - Orlando. FL - a man walks in a mini mart wearing a large afro wig and holding a pistol. He asks for money and the cashier is sweeping and doesnít care. He walks around the counter and asks for money. She hits an alarm and stalls until cops can arrive. A man comes up to the counter to buy something, he asks another guy where heís going. To the bathroom, so he lets him. He gets mad at her for moving so slow and fires into the ceiling. He tells them he treats them nice, like a person. He asks the guy at the counter for $5 and tells him he treated him nice. The man says no, but he pleads and relents. Heís caught 3 days later. 2/13/08
315 Civilian Justice - Hardeeville, SC - Herb & Florence Tolar own a liquor store and are closing up. They were robbed once before and now are armed. A man walks in wearing a mask, hooded sweatshirt and holding a gun. He spots his daughter Stacie and goes after her. Herb was enraged, but had a gun in his waist. He backs up and knocks the man into a display, the thief runs out and Herb chases him firing. He gets 3 shots off and then it jams. They decided to close the store down for good after that. 2/20/08
316 Deadly Force 2 - Long Beach, CA - a helicopter follows a police pursuit for an hour after a home invasion. He drives on a curb and people dive and run out of the way. He pulls into a restaurant and jumps out with a gun and cops open fire. Shots go through his window and knock him down. He grabs for something in his pocket and they open fire and finish him off. Buenos Aires, Argentina - 1000s protest against the government because of the bad economy. Cops come by and people throw rocks at them. They charge the government and start throwing garbage cans at police. They are trapped and open fire on them. One man is hit, others run and are left with fires on the streets. 2/27/08
317 Lawless Ladies 3 - Knoxville, TN - Officer Christopher Wallace gives a school bus driver a FST. She was driving kids around drunk, fails, laughs, dances and he says this is serious. She says she likes his finger, itís cute, itís all right, you know Iím drunk, but Iím not a bad girl, I promise. Sheís arrested. Carrollton, GA - Deputy Chad Sheriff goes after an SUV tailgating a truck in the rain going 90mph. Sgt. Cliff Meyer joins the chase and sees her holding a religious shirt up to him and screaming at 100mph. They box her in and try to open her door. She takes off and they say sheís crazy. They pin her behind an 18 wheeler and PIT her. She spins out twice into the median and gives up. 3/5/08
318 Fights & Wild Riots 4 - Georgetown, KY - Peter Hafer is in court for burglary. He doesnít like his lawyer Doug. Daryl Blevins the bailiff says he wanted a new lawyer, but it was too late because of the trail date. He says he doesnít like him, doesnít trust him and wonít listen. The judge wonít hear it. The lawyer says he doesnít get to pick and choose his lawyers. Then Peter lunges and punches him hard in the face knocking his glasses off and he hits him again knocking him out. The police jump in and start pulling him off. Doug wakes up howling, but heís uninjured. Daryl knew it was coming and moved in close to stop it fast. Hollywood, CA - a club brawl spills onto the streets where men use their belts as weapons. The other side says you want to use belts and hits a woman. Both side start whipping. One shirtless man pulls a knife and screams to do something, then the cops arrive. 3/12/08
319 Drunk & Disorderly - Parker Co. TX - Trooper Colby Langford stops Terry Wayne Patterson and gives him a BAC. He wants to see the score first, then gives a weak blow, then another weak one. The third time he blows the straw falls off the machine. He tells him not to blow spit. Then he blows over a .24. He says how can you get me for DWI when I wasnít in the vehicle, a lawyer will tell you that, they didnít catch me in the vehicle, I was in the store. Fók you, I got you, prove it. Itís his third DWI. London, England - a man is passed out in the street next to a keg. He wakes up, then starts kicking the keg down the street. He tries to get into a closed store, knocks over a bike and litters. He runs and cops grab him. 3/19/08
320 Chases & Crashes 2 - Twinsburg, OH - Ofc Ken Klein drops spike strips in front of a chase. The car slams into another car and spins out right where he was as he jumps out of the way. A second camera shows a van slowing down for the spikes and the suspect goes between it and the police and clips the van. He was DWI. Ken was just on the phone with his kid and thought he almost didnít go home. Pasadena, CA - cops chase a stolen car driven by David George (33) that runs an intersection, t-bones a car and hits the side of a building. Cops run over and arrest them, then the car catches fire and explodes. The fire department puts it out. He broke ribs. Dallas, TX - Deputy Brett Miller goes to pull over a black SUV and it takes off. Helicopter films it with ground units. He takes a exit, then races through parking lots, around cars, over medians, almost hits a car, they toss spikes and he hits them. Heís an old guy and says he was trying to get to the vet with his cat and had no time to tell the police. His head is bloody. They find a cat in his car, but it was dead for days. They go to his house and find out he was a hoarder, there were live and dead animals all over, in the freezer and the yard. 4/2/08
321 Cops Under Attack - Laurens, SC - SWAT gets ready for a raid. Sgt. Don Evans briefs them about the violent, drug dealing suspect. They breech the door and then are fired on. They fire back and an officer is hit. The suspect uses an 8 month child as a human shield and they scream at him to give up or theyíll come and get him. He gives up and the officer who was hit in the back and survives. Constansas Williams & Hunter are arrested. They thought they could shoot them out, they were wrong. Lake Mary, FL - Craig Trevarthan, a bartender, resists police and fights two cops. He is drunk and asks why are they cuffing him. They pepper spray him hard and he doesnít flinch. He then gives up. His brother then shows up and makes trouble, but leaves. Craig wonít walk at the station and goes down and says no one is pressing charges. He got 90 days. 4/9/08
S2 Best of Most Shocking 3: Reckless and Wild - Danville, WV Ė at Hatfield McCoy Quickstop a pickup truck comes flying across the road and slams through a gas pump - Dangerous Drivers 4. Oceanside, CA - a man in a white mask comes in to rob a Big Liquor store. But the just made the night drop and there was no money. Frank Moshi the owner was mad and wanted to get him. A few weeks later the same armed mugger comes in and orders people down. He orders Frank to open the drawer and they wave him down and hand over the money. A customer comes in and the robber turns away. They go for the gun, struggle and get the gun away. Frank pulls a 357 and opens fire on him 5 times. McKenzie Smith was hit once and caught. Frank said his life was in danger and thought of his kids - New. 6/18/08
S3 Best of Most Shocking 2: Maximum Mayhem - Franklin Co. OH - Trooper Brandon Cruz makes a stop for DWI and tries to give a field test - Dumbest Criminals. Seattle - Mardi Gras. A guy punches a girl in the face and pulls her hair, then punches her again. Chris Shirley gets between the two women since felt he should do something about it. The other woman got mad and wanted to fight him. He didnít see it coming, a guy hit on his blind side and another hit him with a skateboard and he was knocked out. Another guy in a yellow coat assaults another. Chris testified against the guy who hit him with a skateboard in a murder trial and he was convicted - Fights & Wild Riots/New. 6/25/08
S4 Best of Busted in the Buff - Hollywood, CA - an attractive young blonde is walking naked down the street - Under the Influence. Mansfield, LA - Dep James Porter finds a naked man on drugs in the middle of the road - Under the Influence 2. Pittsburgh, PA - Ross Guidoti films a man running naked down the road in a snowstorm. He climbs a barb wire fence and gets cut. He walks in front of a diner and cops arrive and they have to fight him to the ground to get him cuffed - New. Denison, TX - cops find a parked convertible with a couple inside who are totally naked - Stopped By the Law. Burlington, NC 2/6/02 - Cpl Jay W. Snow goes to a call of a naked woman running down the street - Lawless Ladies. London, England - 4am at a gas station a naked man wants cigarettes and the cashier sells them to him - Drunk & Disorderly. Spartanburgh, SC - a drunk woman is put in a holding tank. She asks if they want her to piss. No - Lawless Ladies 2. New - Deputy Keith Gibbs says she was disruptive and arguing at first. She was trying to burn the alcohol off with exercise. They arenít allowed to give them liquids because of the test. She said she was in great shape and wanted to show him. Sheís in the custody of the jail then, not cops. Coco, FL - Samuel Watts shoots at a process server - Under Siege 2. New - Sgt. Gordon Teachworth says once he started shooting negotiations stopped. Bullets were flying and they had to use deadly force. Cardiff, Wales - Andrew Rocksbury walks down the street in his underwear smashing windows with a coal shovel - Dumbest Criminals 2. . Omaha, NE - a burglar crawls through a smoke store thinking heís avoiding cameras and lazers - Dumbest Criminals. Shawnee, OK - A man walks around a clothing store naked from the waist down - Dumbest Criminals. Lima, Peru - a catburglar is caught and the people he robbed beat him in the street and rip his clothes off. Police take him away and the people trash his house and set fire to his car. - New. Amherst, VA - Dep Travis Dooms finds an SUV parked on the road - Under the Influence 2. Montebado, Uruguay - a naked man walks up to a cop for directions - Dumbest Criminals 2. Orlando, FL - cops find a naked couple on a boat in a lake - Stopped By the Law. Istanbul, Turkey - a naked man wants a hotel room and they wonít give it to him - Mindless Mayhem. Hemensville, NC - Lt. Chris Smith finds a car parked in a field - Cops Under Attack. . Kansas City, KS - a woman tries to rob a convenience store - Criminal Behavior. Farmington Hills, MI - 2 drunk topless woman are driving around hanging out the window - Lawless Ladies 2. New - Det Garin Anderson says they were asking if he was single, they jumped out in only bottoms, it was all fun and games. 7/10/08
S5 Best of Seniors Gone Wild - Deerfield Beach, FL - at a DMV an 80 year old woman backs out of her parking space, then floors it and plows through the building slamming into people - Dangerous Drivers 3. Beach Island, SC - a convenience store, 3 armed men come in, one covers the door, another puts the customers down and the third one smashes in the officer door - Criminal Behavior. Greensboro, NC - Sgt. Arthur Waddell drives with a TV crew for a safety patrol - Dangerous Drivers 5. New Castle, England - a 71 year old man uses a manure spreader to cover a bank with poo. Tyler, TX - Agent J. Millslagle talks about Cowboy Bob who is Peggy Joe Tallis (60) - Lawless Ladies. Grand Rapids, MI 6/22/07 - a man comes into a convenience store to steal money from an old man on line who starts pounding him - Civilian Justice. Alliance, OH - Off Scott Blake stops a speeding pickup truck - Dumbest Criminals. Titusville, FL - Thom an old man in a convenience store talks to the cashier Lucas. Then a huge black guy comes up to buy a beer, then pretends his finger in a napkin is a gun. New footage of Thom talking about the attack hitting him and getting knocked out, Lucas was his roommate and friend - Civilian Justice. Managua, Nicaragua - a man comes into a car store and starts cutting free a car stereo amp - Lawless Ladies 3. Hampshire, England - an old woman works in a store at night - Civilian Justice. Morrow Bay, CA - Amber Badertscher & Maria Faust work at their deli - Dangerous Drivers 5. South FL 11/28/06 - a fat man is pulled over. The man stands there, he asks for his license - Under the Influence. Coventry, England - two men come into a convenience store with clubs and hunting knife - Deadly Force 2. New Orleans, LA - Brian Gray works in a bar after Katrina. Two masked men come in with guns drawn - Robberies and Hold-ups 2. Solisbury, NC - a robber comes in and attacks the old female clerk with a gun to her head. They fight and he locks her in the back room and grabs a drawer full of cash - New. Hardyville, SC 11/29/07- Herb & Florence Tolar own a liquor store and are closing up. New footage of the mom firing her gun too - Civilian Justice. 7/17/08
S6 Best of Liquored Up Ladies - Osirus, OH 5/28/06 - a black Jeep weaves all over the road. Under the Influence. London, England - two drunk women in the street want to fight and they friends get them to stop. Lawless Ladies 3. NEW Rosepine, LA - Chief James Parrott pulls over 2 women for a suspended license and the girl puts her purse on the hood. When he talks to the passenger she takes a bag of weed and tosses it in the grass. She admits to having a pipe and no license. He says itís all on camera pumpkin. She thought she got rid of it and smiles. He watched the tape later, went back and found the pot. Miami, FL - Albert Sarria owns a gas station. Lawless Ladies 2. NEW - Travis Co. TX 12/8/05 - Trooper Belinda Lorenz comments on pulling over a trunk lady, she smelled it and complained about all kinds of ailments, - itís too cold, my boots hurt, the ground isnít right. She canít stand on one leg, she had a bad knee, call my doctor. She says sheíd like her to see herself, it was the longest ride ever. People say that a lot, I donít know who you are, but where you are going. South Windsor, CT - a drunk woman is brought into the station still in her wedding dress. Under The Influence 2. Orlando, FL - cops respond to an angry woman at a gas station. Wild Riots 2. NEW Hollywood, CA - on Hollywood Blvd a mother and daughter on the run blow around people and cars. Sgt. Fred Tredy They were tourists all over and thought it was like a movie He didnít know why she was stopping when they didnít touch her. She was hit in the face and knocked out. People were cheering, applauding and shaking their hands, thatís Hollywood. High Speed Pursuits 2. Taipei, Taiwan - a prostitution sting at a hotel round up many women who arenít happy. Wild Riots. Barling, AR - Deputy Brent Scott takes a drunk woman to the station. Stopped By the Law. Knoxville, TN - Off Christopher Wallace gives a school bus driver a FST. Lawless Ladies 3. Philippines - rival bar maids try to lure customers away from a bar across the street. Wild Riots 2. Upper Arlington, OH - a stoned woman is put in the back of a car after attacking a girl. Lawless Ladies. Little Rock, AR - a woman goes in a convenience store wanting change for a dollar. Lawless Ladies 3. London, England - a fight outside a pub. A drunk woman caught her man with another girl. Lawless Ladies 3. Oberlin, OH - a cop stops a red car wanted for shoplifting. Lawless Ladies 3.  8/27/08
S7 Best of Wild Assaults - La Hoya, CA - a journalist reporting on a real estate scam with a husband and wife - Fights & Wild Riots. Seattle, WA - a black man with a samurai sword swings at people in the street - Deadly Force 2. Fort Worth, TX - 20 year old Lucia Milan works at her fatherís store - Criminal Behavior 2. New - Delan, FL - Goutam Sarkar works in a convenience store and a man comes in whit a shirt over his head holding a palm branch and a flip flop trying to rob the place. They think itís a joke, he ants $50. They tell him to get out. A customer pushes him out with a stool. Gelando Olivieri was caught outside. They thought it was really funny. New - Warwick, RI - Rick Robinson is working in a store and a man comes at him with a crowbar and hits him in the face. He grabs an aluminum bat and swing back breaking his arm. The man runs out, he breaks his windows and is caught and gets 9 years. Ismael, Turkey - in a bazaar rival shopkeepers beat each other with chairs and table legs - Bedlam & Brawls 3. Moscow, Russia 8/20/97 - a man goes to leave a bank and shoots the guard with mace, then 2 men come in and beat him with a club - Robberies and Hold-ups 3. Beach Island, SC - Donna Letbetter works in a convenience store - Dumbest Criminals 2. Sydney, Australia - Kingís Cross sex shop a man enters and starts beating the clerk with a crowbar 6 times - Robberies and Hold-Ups. Hollywood, CA - a club brawl spills onto the streets where men use their belts as weapons - Fights & Wild Riots. Auckland, NZ - Barry Fletcher drives a truck, honks at a guy in the way and the man pulls out a hammer and opens the door and starts hitting him - Citizens Under Attack. Monroe, MI - at a gas station convenience store a man asks Marianne Yoas where the gum is - Criminals Out of Control 3. Auckland, New Zealand - A man walks into a store and puts on a mask and pulls a gun and runs over when the customers leave - Criminal Behavior. New - Los Angeles, CA - a drunk tries to haggle a clerk on the price of beer. The cashier says no. He steals a newspaper and leaves. He comes back with a stick, then tries to steal the bottle. The cashier calls cops, the clerk calls 911. The man leaves, comes back with pepper spray and starts spraying it all over. The get starts grabbing bottles and tossing them at the clerk who catches one. Another employee comes out and breaks it up. The man grabs 2 more beers and leaves. Cops then arrive. Mapayapa, Philippines - an enraged man hold 5 people inside a house - Criminals Out of Control. Memphis, TN - two black men rob a convenience store with guns - Citizens Under Attack. Hamburg, Germany - a man with a samurai sword swings it outside a train station - Under Siege 2. New - Bolton, England - a woman sets off a fireworks bundle in a wine store. The owner comes out and he kicks it out the door. 500 of them blow up. The man gets a stick and pushes it toward the sidewalk. Ton Kenyon says they were going off the walls and ceiling, he went while it was going off scared and desperate to get it out. He had a 15 month old upstairs who got sick from the smoke. They donít know why he did it. 9/23/08
S8 Best of Citizen Justice - Clinton Township, OH - Walford Market - Robberies and Hold-ups 2. . McKinney, TX - Cpl Russel May goes to an assault call at an apartment complex - Fights & Wild Riots. Spring Valley, NY - a man in a black SUV crashes into a Mercedes - Dangerous Drivers 2. New - Grand Bay, AL - in a convenience store a man asks for change and grabs for the money when the cashier opens the register. Chris Necaise runs out the back and comes after him. He punches the thief in the head, they fight, then he gets him in a choke hold. She calls 911 and pulls a gun on him. They go fighting into the aisle and knocking stuff over. He headbutts him and she says sheíll shoot him. He lets him go since itís on tape. Timothy Lamarr Carrey was caught the next day and got 30 months. Grand Rapids, MI - at a grocery store an armed man confronts a cashier and asks for money - Criminal Behavior. San Pedro Dominican Republic - a thief robs a woman and a man chases him down and throws him down - Bedlam & Brawls 2. Quincy, MA 12/31 - at a gas station a man walks in wearing a hood and gloves, then he pulls an 8 inch knife and asks for money - Civilian Justice. New - Columbus, OH - Karen Smith is working in a convenience store is robbed, gives him the money, then she pulls out a gun and fires on him. He goes down screaming, the money goes flying and he begs her. Desmond Thompson got 4 years when cops came. New - Bogota, Columbia - a taxi driver passes close to a man on a bicycle. The biker goes after the cab driver in the street with a pocket knife and cuts him in the back and chest. People come up and kick him. He gets on his bike and leaves and they threw rocks at him and chase him down. They hold him until cops arrive. Atlanta, GA - a man comes into a store for cigarettes holding a gun in his jacket. He robs him, gets $471 and then pulls his finger out, no gun. Gregory Scott Cohen. When he goes to leave the cashier says he has no gun and an employee and customer go after him and tackle him before he gets out. Whitehall, OH - closing time at an ice cream parlor - Civilian Justice. Seattle, WA - a man breaks into a house in the day and grabs a stroller - Dumbest Criminals 2. Bethlehem, PA - at a food mart they have 4 robberies in a month by the same guy - Fights & Wild Riots. Ismir, Turkey - Conack Square - a woman meets with her estranged husband - Citizens Under Attack. Morristown, NJ - a man enters a jewelry store - Civilian Justice. Managua, Nicaragua - 2 thieves are caught breaking into the house, but there is a baby in the house - Civilian Justice. Houston, TX - A plus pawn shop robbery - Criminal Behavior. 10/1/08
S9 Best of Four Wheel Demolition - Danville, WV - Hatfield McCoy quickstop - Dangerous Drivers 4. North Texas - cops chase a teen in a stolen light blue car - Dangerous Drivers. New - Valdez, NC 7/24/98 - a tanker truck hits a highway overpass and explodes. Sgt. Scott Rogers says the heat was intense, they couldnít fight the fire they way they wanted to. The steel bridge was melting from the heat. It collapses and shook the ground. The fireball was twice as hot. It took 100 firemen hours to put it out. Warren, RI - Tom Masse is cashing in a lottery ticket at a convenience store - Dangerous Drivers. Augusta, GA - at a mall at night Steven Lowe was mad at his wife and drunk - Dangerous Drivers 4. Bellflower, CA - at a Chevron station a man fills up his BMW - Dangerous Drivers 2. Peters Township, PA - G&G Fitness Store has a sale - Dangerous Drivers. Dallas, TX - a group of criminals try to break into a convenience store - Dumbest Criminals 2. Bolton, CT - Deborah Hallís liquor store on a Wednesday - Dangerous Drivers. Portland, OR - snow and freezing rain blanket the roads - Dangerous Drivers 2. Gardena, CA - in a 99 cent store - Dangerous Drivers 2. . Bronx, NY - Merv Morgan owns a Laundromat - Dangerous Drivers 3. Forestville, MD - Terrence Brooks runs in a stolen car as a helicopter stays overhead - High Speed Chases 2. Cleveland, OH - at a gas station people are all around - Dangerous Drivers 4. West Alice, WI 2am - a man drives his car right through a liquor store into the back - Robberies and Hold-ups 3. Louisville, OH - a TV & appliance store has a 4 door sedan crash right through the front - Dangerous Drivers 4. North Olmstead, OH - cops are on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck by a car that went over a guardrail - Dangerous Drivers. . Mendoza, Argentina - a city councilman crashes his truck into a TV station on purpose - Dangerous Drivers 4. Bangor, ME - a drunk in a Hummer misses and exit and plows into a sign - Drunk & Disorderly. New - Kenny Kelley says he was face to face with a guy who was out of his mind, grabbed his camera and it was showtime. The noise sounds like a freight train running into someone, all this metal being bashed. They saw the police lights a cop came flying around them. One of the signs he took out was a school crossing sign of a lady and kid that couldíve been played out in front of them. 10/8/08
S10 Best of Young & Dumb - New - Germantown, MD - Kenny Kelley does stunts with his motorcycle, does a wheelie and his tailpipe hits the ground and he wipes out and slams headfirst onto the highway. It gave him a jolt and twisted his neck, he was helpless. His friends tape it and cars move to avoid him. A cop saw him and they were all arrested. He was fined and his bike impounded. West Palm Beach, FL - at a dance hip hop nightclub a woman attacks another who was going after her man - Bedlam & Brawls. Northern Utah near the great salt lake. Trooper Andrew Prescott chases a 15 year old girl who stole her parents car down 93 - Criminal Behavior 2. Washington DC - high school kids do donuts in a Wal*Mart parking lot in a Hummer - Dumbest Criminals 2. San Francisco, CA - a couple ride on a couch pulled by a truck as cars pass them. New interview - Justin Adams says it was complete absurdity and boredom, why to people bungee jump, itís something cool to do. It was not part of the plan to hit pylons, he knew they werenít going to go home. Cops had never been in a situation like this, werenít sure what to do - Dumbest Criminals. Paula, Spain - illegal street bikers gather huge crowds. A car does a skidding turn and a group of bikes slam into him - Dangerous Drivers 2. La Vergne, TN - a car wonít pull over in a neighborhood - Chases & Crashes 2. Melbourne, Australia - at an extreme skateboard competition fans go down on the floor with a banner and guards take it - Fights & Wild Riots 2. . St. George, UT - Sgt. Hoby Metz chases 2 teens who broke out of juvenile and stole pickup - Dangerous Drivers 5. Warren, MO 5/7/06 - a cop passes a car that matches the one they are looking for with 3 teems in a crime spree - Mindless Mayhem. Cleveland, OH - Jazzy Looks store is a hip hop shop run by Mohammad Akbar - Criminals Out of Control. Jefferson, IN - a car thief in a red explorer runs in the rain - High Speed Chases 2. Rio De Janiero, Brazil - soccer fans have a pre game party, then arguments breaks out over a parking space - Fights & Wild Riots 2. Montreal, Canada - the punk bank Total Chaos cancels a show and causes a riot - Wild Riots 2. Huntington Beach, CA - a man canít sell his car so he decides to destroy it in the desert by crashing it - Drunk & Disorderly. Burke Co. NC - Sheriff John McDevitt goes to a backup call when a motorcycle cuts him off - High Speed Chases 2. #S10. 10/20/08

Season 4 (2008-09)

401 Drivers Out of Control - Fort Hall, ID - cops set up in the rain for a pursuit coming. Trooper Matt Manning tosses spikes and the van comes at them full speed and crashes into the parked police cars at 70mph. Matt runs for it as Dennis Dixie spins out, is caught and gets 4 years. Cuming, GA - David Few does student ministry and at his church he rides a motorcycle up to the stage, does a wheelie, loses control and the bike goes into the wall as people run for it, he tears a ligament in his leg. He faked it and was in a lot of pain as he pushed the bike out. His wife asked him what was he thinking. Miami, FL - a helicopter follows a pursuit. Jeremy Johnson does a hit & run and flies around cars at 100mph, cuts left past cars to get to an exit, swerves out of control, goes through the median, kicks up dirt, gets back on the other side, spins out again, then jumps out as cops hit into him. He hops a wall and runs parallel to a cop until he pulls a gun and he gives up. At a road rally and orange and white car goes in the air on a hill, into the crowd and plows into 2 men tossing them and their shoes fly off. Sepulpa, OK - a huffer runs from cops. Sgt Jeff Davis comes up to cut him off and he slams him head on. He goes in reverse and he hits another cop. He spins all over to get away. They had to stop him. He hits another car, gets around, spins out of control, then Jeff plows into the Mustang and rams him off the road. It was nothing they ever did before. Christopher Byford just bought the car, then got 5 years. 11/5/08
402 Busted in the Buff 2 - Twinsburg, OH - a man enters a BP gas station convenience store in his underwear and they call the cops. He goes in the bathroom and comes out naked covered in shaving crŤme. Officer Brian Steele arrived to find him, he set a bell off. Officer Craig Bremner says he was drunk or mental, knew it would be trouble. He lunges at them and they tase him, he gets right back up and fights them both. He grabs Brian by the throat and pushes them outside. He says his car has a bomb and heíll blow it up. They call the bomb squad and he has 2 packages they have to blow up. It was a fake. Fuller, TX - illegal motorcycle racers do tricks. Garrett Johnson does a wheelie on his bike naked on a dare. He stands up, hits the brakes and is thrown over on his head and bounces across the ground. His head, back and butt are scraped off. He bruised his heel and broke his collarbone. Miami, FL - 2 thieves break into a security equipment store. One man steals and his pants fall down and he keeps going with his butt out. Asdel Vazquez says they were really stupid. He kept dropping things because his pants kept falling off. New York City - a fat womanís boyfriend doesnít like her clothes, so she takes off all her clothes. Sean Lalor records it. She puts a traffic cone on her head and prances around. She sits on the sidewalk and walks over to the police and they come out and arrest her. Buenos Aires, Argentina - as street musicians play suddenly a woman gets naked, then more and more get naked as the crowd takes their pictures. The woman says they take pictures of nude people doing every day things to capture peopleís reactions. The police arrive and the woman puts a dress on and takes off. The men are caught and she comes back to say it was for TV. 11/12/08
403 Bedlam & Brawls 4 - Mexico City, Mexico - Grand Am Rolex Sports Car Series on lap 73 J.C. France in #59 is spun out by Chris Bingham and they both smash into a wall in a huge plume of smoke. Crews pull them out and Chris is mad and JC canít believe it, he was way ahead. They start punching and kicking and JC says it still hurts with a helmet. Firemen try to pull them off and JC tries to get him in the eye. London, England - JK from Jamiroquai is hounded by photographers. Alan Chapman says he was cool, then changed. He says you should be ashamed of yourselves and if you ever mess with him or his mother heíll get you. He then punches Alan for taking his picture and lays into him. His people take him away and they call him a wanker, so he jumps out of the car as they are driving and starts punching anyone. Cops come and arrest him. A hidden camera TV show films a man driving a Lexxus and a clown comes up and paints his car with waterbased paint. The man gets out and yells at the guy, then throws him into the car, his wig comes off and he kicks him in the face, knocks him down and he tells him itís for a TV show and shows him the camera. He still punches him. Milpitas, CA - outside a nightclub two groups yell at each other. Sgt. Raj Maharaj doesnít know how it began, just verbal. It goes into a restaurant and they are told to shut up, the two guys who said that are attacked and beaten with chairs and tables. A group stand and watches. One goes to break it up and they leave. One guy has blood pouring out of his head. After posting it on the internet police could ID the suspects and arrest them. Montiqua Bay, Jamaica - at a reggae block party fat black women bounce into each other and wonít back off. One stands on a box and the fatter one starts pounding on her. She fights back, then one starts using a box on her. 11/19/08
404 Camcorder Chaos - Elie, AK - Mark tries to make a 150 foot jump on his motocross bike. Jordan Wright films it as he hits he ramp short and is thrown hard. He says he should put in fifth next time. He does it again, overshoots the ramp, jumps off and slams at 65mph breaking his leg. They drive him 35 miles to a doctor, then heís airlifted to the hospital for surgery and 3 months in recovery. Stoten, WI - an F3 tornado hits and Jason Tyler goes out to film it. Itís 1.4 miles wide, goes up, then comes down again and heads right for them. Then it rips up a house and barn across from them. Others record from across town. Lebanon, MO - Jason Stewart & Sean try to bring down an old house with tools. Sean hits the chimney and the whole roof collapses around them. He runs for his life and is glad he did it. Aurora, IL - school wrestling tournament. Dan films his son Nick pinning a kid. They the other kidís dad jumps in and throws Nick off and mouths off to the camera. Jackson Hole, WY - world championship hill climb on snowmobiles. A rider goes up, loses it and flips over and the mobile tumbles over and over, tosses a guy trying to stop it, goes over the rider, flips another man who tries to stop it and gets dragged. Itís stuck on full throttle and plows into a net and flips. 11/26/08
405 High Octane Impacts - Calgary, Canada - at the rodeo Zeb Lanham rides a bull named Rockstar with a mean reputation. Heís thrown off, then the bull goes after him and slams him up 23 feet in the air. He felt like he was up there forever. He broke his wrist and ribs. He was scared he would keep going, havenít been on that bull again. Mansfield, OH - Trooper Chris Woods pulls over behind another cop at a traffic stop, then right after a white car plows into the police car in front of him and heís thrown under the guardrail. People run over to help, but he had only minor cuts. Plymouth, England - World Powerboat championship. King of Shaves boat flips over and the camera shows James & Chris inside trying to escape. One gets kicked, but they both make it. Bakersfield, CA - Bill Burch (63) races a hotrod, the blue truck loses it, slams into the wall at 150mph, then flips 11 times, catches fire and flips some more. The parts fly off and almost knock people down. He was knocked out at impact, he didnít know what happened, he was just told he rolled. People thought he was done. Santa Inez, CA - On the Pike motorbike film. Dan Pastor jumps a ramp trying to grab a flag from a helicopter. He takes a jump too fast and overshoots the ramp by 80 feet. His dirt bike hits the dirt and rips apart. Heís thrown far and crumbles. The helicopter is used to fly him to the hospital. He broke his pelvis, teeth and spine. Houston, TX - an ex-con high on coke runs from cops as a helicopter follows. He races down the freeway, then rockets down surface streets. He dodges cops, cars, trucks and people, takes a bump too fast, loses control, turns, goes into yards, flips over 5 times and rips apart hitting a house. 12/3/08
406 Citizens Under Attack 3 - New Haven, CT - neighborhood rap battle filmed by Twan Singleton. It turns into insults and Mike acts like they are cool, puts his arm around him and punches and elbows him in the face, picks him up, throws him down and kicks him. The other guy doesnít fight and holds onto his juice the whole time. He shows thatís he fine, look at my face, come back tomorrow. Then Mike comes back and levels him, knocking him out and says look at his face now. Seminole, TX - Reed Timmer chase storms, gets too close, the storm comes at them, baseball sized hailstones pelt them and start breaking the windows out. They scream as they are hit with glass. They yell to close their eyes and get glass in them. Then it ends. Albuquerque, NM 3/9/08 - at 1am 2 guys enter a convenience store to rob it, one has socks on his hands. The clerk gives him the register, but he wants the safe. She canít open it and he comes around and assaults her, kicking her and knocking her out. He goes for another woman to open the safe and chases her around the store, then they leave with $92. Buenos Aires, Argentina - the manager of the city soccer team has a press conference to say the team is bankrupt. Then someone throws a drum and hits him in the face and breaks his glasses and cuts his face open. Orange Co. CA - a man in a devil mask with a shotgun runs into a convenience store. Lt Dave Bunetta says heís done it before and knows how to get the money fast and leaves. The clerk opens the register and gives him the money and he runs for it. A woman just stands there. He calls 911 as he runs out. Costa Rica vs. Italy soccer game. All the players drop to the ground as bees invade. The referee is attacked, the cameras are covered in bees. They try to help the ref and everyone has to run for it. 12/17/08
407 Competitions Gone Bad - San Jose, CA - at a wrestling tournament during a match the losers brother comes running and tackles him, then more jump in. Coach Dan Lloyd films it. In the commotion the attacker tries to leave until they can grab him and escort him out. Buenos Aires, Argentina - in a stock car race it starts to rain. Gaulter Salas is boxed in and hit from behind, spins out, flies in the air after hitting a curb, then slams, rips apart and goes over a fence and falls 20 feet. All thatís left is a roll cage and he survives with only a limp. Serbia - at a soccer game a riot breaks out and people light flares and start throwing them. One man beats a cop with a flare and jams it in his face. He got 10 years for it. Sara Cruise, Mexico - at a soccer game fights break out and people throw chairs and one hits a cop with a bass drum and he falls 50 feet. Then a man comes back for his drum. Baltimore, MD - Dance Hall Queen competition with black ladies shaking their butts. Jason Smith films it. Kahdijah Gass AKA Mad Danca does a Jamaican dance - the wine. She goes to do a handstand and falls off stage into a crack with her butt sticking out. They pull her out and she keeps going and wins. Tacoma, WA - BJ Kramps rides a bull named coyote, a big young one. The bull gets all 4 feet in the air and heís thrown off, but is stuck in the line. Heís swung around and around, the men in the ring grab on and all are thrown. BJ is thrown around front and slammed away. His glasses are smashed into his face and he is bloody. He broke his wrist. Tahiti - Ray Manna is surfing huge waves, does a jump, then in a huge barrel he falls and 20 feet of water slams down on him and rips his heel up. 12/24/08
408 Party Pandemonium - Bakersfield, CA - at Rich Escalanteís birthday party, he gets a cake, then his nephew sprays him with silly string, but his wife also bought hair paint spray by mistake. The cake explodes, his hair catches fir, he goes down and his wife beats his head. Milwaukee, WI - at Americaís Great Circus Parade 4 klydesdale horses break free and run into the crowd knocking a few over. High Point, NC - school Christmas pageant. Marseddez Lopez films her 7 year old singing. One parents says her kid was pushed and a brawl ensued. Women were biting, hitting, kicking, throwing chairs. A man goes to pull them apart and gets hit. Police arrived and the tape got them caught. At a wedding a bridesmaid collapses into a wall, is picked up and falls again. An a wedding afterparty people dance around the bride and fall. Rochester, NY - Dan & Alicia Sehn cut their wedding cake and the whole table collapses and the cake goes on the floor. Warsaw, Poland - a couple on their honeymoon after the wedding pull over for pictures and cut off a motorcycle that crashes into them. NJ - guys punch each other at a party and drink Everclear, then they set it on fire. Paul Morse drink a shot, his mouth catches on fire and he spits out fire. He runs around in pain and his friends sit there as the counter burns. It wasnít a shot glass, it was a candlestick holder. He says it was bad decisions. Otaballo, Ecuador - Summer Solstace Toro Del Peublo celebration. The city center is turned into a bullfighting ring. Amateurs fight the bull, one is thrown onto the back of the bull, knocked down, stepped over, then heís rammed, spins in the air, slams to the ground and is knocked out. 1/7/09
409 Lawless Ladies 4 - Mount Carmel, TN - in a convenience store three people are in line as a drunk woman buys something, backs into a sign, floors it and crashes into the front of the store. The man at the counter is slammed by a display. The manager is covered in glass. The woman gets out, then takes off. Lt Kevin Ewing says she didnít use the brakes at all. 45 minutes later she called 911 and admitted it. She was charged with DWI. Jacksonville, FL 8/22/04 - a woman drives into a ditch with no pants. Cops arrive and when she gets out she falls. He asks where her pants her. In the car, no idea why they arenít on. She struggles to get them on, then puts them on backwards. OH - a mom gets on a school bus furious they forgot her kid. Teacherís aide Dala Clark gets in the middle to stop her. She tells her to get off the bus and she yells to call the police, she wonít get off. Then the big black lady pushes her and she goes down. She got a disorderly conduct charge. Czech Republic - cops pull over a blue sedan for speeding. She wonít open up, then jumps out when he writes the plate down, floors it and hits him. Backup is right there and forces her off the road and swing her around. Toledo, OH - a women & man run into a convenience store with guns. Adel Khechen thought it was a joke until he saw the bullets inside. The man holds him up, then the woman joins. He gives her the money and the man fires at his head. He didnít think he was getting out alive. She takes the money and runs. It was the first time he was robbed. New York City, NY - in a diner a woman hits on anotherís man and a brawl breaks out. A woman in a low top throws a table and falls out of her top to kick and beat on a woman. They kick her and a man steps in to remove her. Then one gets a chair to the head so she starts throwing plates, saltshakers and everything she can at them. 1/14/09
410 Criminals Out of Control 5 - Arkansas City, KS - police bring in Sydney Carns for violating probation. Sgt. Anthony Rider has his paperwork and puts it down and the man runs out the door, then Anthony jumps on him as he gets to the door and they both crash into it. Then he back slams him and 2 cops run out to help cuff Sydney and take him to jail. Yakusha, Russia - outside a Japanese auto factory in a lot covered with water gangsters attack a man, one takes him down from behind, then people spill out from everywhere and start pounding and kicking each other. One worker takes down the manager and they kick and beat him. He keeps getting up all bloody until police arrive. The manager still comes after one as he tries to drive away. Seguine, TX - Rosemary & Alex Luna work the nightshift at a convenience store. Two guys run in with their faces covered and a rifle. Alex laughs at them and they punch him with brass knuckles and he drops. She gives them a back of money and they run out. Philippines - a burglar gets trapped on a roof and goes out on a poll and almost falls. Cops put out a ladder and he stands on it, then they put a board out to him and he jumps on it until it breaks, falls to a ledge and jumps down a story, hits the side and is knocked out. A group runs over and tosses him down to the crowd. Istanbul, Turkey - people protest conditions in the street and it explodes into a riot. They start smashing windows and cars. Cops beat on them, then riot police arrive and start shooting. New Port Richie, FL - two armed robbers hit a bunch of convenience stores and cops put the word out. Deputy Michael Tocy stakes out one and sees a car pull up backwards with a driver waiting at 3am. He films it as the man goes in with a gun and robs them. He runs out and cops race over. They run for it, blow all the signs, take a turn at 70mph and wipeout. Cops surround them and they give up. They got 10 years. 1/21/09

Maury Povich

11/22/06 Doug Bruckner shows clips from the show - cop shot at traffic stop by 2 men/drunk belligerent woman at police station/cop shot in the face at traffic stop/Flores and his girlfriend shoot at cops from his truck/teens in pursuit t-boned by 18 wheeler. #112206.
12/20/06 Doug Bruckner shows clips from the show - Australia - cops hit an armed suspect with their car, man with child in his car gets a K-9 on his arm, Officer Gonzalez is shot in the vest at a traffic stop #122006
2/4/08 Doug Bruckner from Most Shocking/Most Daring - Bulls 

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