Go ahead, sing in your car - if you dare!
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Season 1
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Did you ever sing in your car when you thought nobody was listening? Well, Motormouth might catch you. Motormouth is a hidden camera show on VH1 and it's like nothing you've ever seen. They take to the streets, traveling the country two cities at a time, in search of America's worst singers and most outrageous drivers. In Round One, they catch unsuspecting drivers singing alone. In Round Two, these clueless crooners are joined by their friends, who set them up - encouraging their awful singing and ridiculous behavior. In round three, they ambush these dashboard divas and reveal that they have been caught singing on national TV. In each town they choose the number one Motormouth and at the end of each episode, these two local loudmouths square off as they crown that episode's Ultimate Motormouth.

Season 1 (2004)

Ep# Episode Prod# Air Date
1 Jersey City, NJ - Thelma (Sales), Mark (Computer Support), Adam (Shipping), Eddie (Doorman), Wesley (Postal Service Employee), Paul (Real Estate Agent). Finalists - Thelma/Indira (Co-worker), Eddie/Christopher (Friend), Adam/Frank (Uncle). Winner - Thelma
Morristown, NJ - Mike (Student), Stephanie (Landscaper), Christine (Pilot in Training), Allison (Publicist), Lauren (Student), Megan (Student), Courtney (Nanny). Finalists - Lauren/Natalia (Best Friend), Christine/Kasha (Sister), Stephanie/Jackie (Friend). Winner - Christine. Champ - Thelma.
101 10/26/04
2 Las Vegas, NV - Bennie Mae (Customer Service), Mark (Sales), Dave (Sales), Veronica (Business Owner), Marcus (Customer Service), Brian (Unemployed), Charles (Entertainer), Schatar (Fashion Adviser). Finalists - Bennie Mae/Lisa (Friend), Charles/Moody (Friend), Brian/Mike (Brother), Mark/Teraisa (Wife). Winner - Bennie Mae
Staten Island, NY - Renee (Hospital Employee), Jenna (Internet Entrepreneur), Vinny (Family Business), Daniel (Student), Dan (Hospital Employee), Janna (Unemployed), Sean (Camp Counselor). Finalists - Sean/Ben (Co-worker), Jenna/Tom (Best Friend), Vinny/Mary (Sister). Winner - Jenna. Champ - Bennie Mae
102 10/27/04
3 New Brunswick, NJ - Manny (State Worker), Adam (Student), Alicia (Teacher), Chrome (Outreach Coordinator), Leona (Hairdresser). Finalists - Chrome/Duane (Friend), Leona/Lilian (Cousin), Adam/Angela (Friend), Manny/Tammy (Co-worker). Winner - Manny
Lafayette, LA - Jenny (Bartender), Claudene (Mother), Keaunce (Hospital Employee), Tonya (Runner), Parris (Sales), Justin (Football Coach), Michelle (Bail Bondsman). Finalists - Justin/David (Friend), Michelle/Miranda (Daughter), Keaunce/Dorothy (Co-worker). Winner - Justin. Champ - Justin
103 10/28/04
4 Brooklyn, NY - Ernesto, Jodi, Holly (Sales), Diana (Student), Olivia (Student), Melanie (Fitness Trainer), Donna (Secretary). Finalists - Holly/Steven (Friend), Olivia/Laina, Sharon & Kristen (Best Friends), Melanie/Roy (Fiance), Donna/Susan (Friend). Winner - Olivia
Cincinnati, OH - Yaron (Used Car Salesman), Amanda (Securites), Barbara (Homemaker), Rene (Loan Officer), Ankur (Purchasing Engineer), Jerry (Sales), Ronnie (Processing Supervisor), Lucia (Unemployed). Finalists - Jerry/Carrie (Co-worjer), Barbara/Chester (Friend), Rene/Tanela (Friend). Winner - Barbara. Champ - Barbara
104 10/29/04
5 San Marcos, TX - Joy (Interior Designer), Graem (Swim Instructor), Daniel (Drummer), Sheel (DJ), Christian (Banker), Amir (Sales), Patrick (Audio Sales), Elizabeth (Graphic Designer), Elizabeth (Student Development). Finalists - Graem/Laura (Friend), Amir/Ray (Friend), Joy/Shannon (Friend), Christian/Gil (Friend). Winner - Graem
Columbus, OH - Tiffany (Homemaker), Alan (Dentist), Brittany (Student), Chad (Retail Sales), Kara (Manager), Ritchie (Biomedical Tech), Linda (Administrator), Beth (Education Administrator), Celena (Student). Finalists - Kara/Abby (Co-worker), Chad/Nicci (Friend), Beth/Amy (Co-worker). Winner - Kara. Champ - Graem.
105 11/1/04
6 Fort Worth, TX - Ricky (Harp Player), Josh (Student), Joe (Bodyguard), Steve (Vending), Brian (Student), Tony (Record Label Owner). Finalists - Ricky/Roy (Friend), Josh/Jodi (Wants to be More than Friends), Brian/Rob (Friend). Winner - Ricky
Dayton, OH - Kim (Banker), Matt (Sales), Chris (Sales), Karen (Homemaker), Beth (X-ray Technician), David (Retail), Tammi (Bartender). Finalists - Tammi/Shelia (Friend), Kim/Jenny (Friend), Karen/Tory (Husband). Winner - Tammi. Champ - Ricky
106 11/2/04
7 Cleveland, OH - Viren (Computer Programmer), Tom (Entertainer), Gary (Waiter), Jake (Waiter), Craig (Business Owner), Tim (Retail), Jackie (Physical Director). Finalists - Tom/Andy (Friend), Craig/Dan (Friend), Viren/Holly (Girlfriend), Jackie/Charlotte (Mom). Winner - Tom
Indianapolis, IN - Salvatore (Army), Jen (Waitress), Gigi (Sales), Bobby (Student), Jason (Engineer), Tiffany (Photographer), Tifffany (Bio Research), Valerie (Homemaker). Finalists - Valerie/Girard (Son), Gigi/Jennifer (Friend), Bobby/Jamie (Friend). Winner - Valerie. Champ - Tom.
107 11/3/04
8 Austin, TX - Esteban (Student), Carrie (Cocktail Waitress), Marc (Sales), Laura (Bus Driver), Jennifer (Tech Support), Ricky (Waiter), Jen (Student), Andrea (Editor), Jen/Nick (Brother), Laura/Elizabeth (Sister), Carrie/Tasha (Friend). Winner - Jen
Toms River, NJ - Ed (Engineer), Heather (Telecommunications), Kerron (State Employee), Jen (Nurse), Shanyn (Manager), Sherry (Secretary). Finalists - Kerron/Malika (Girlfriend), Heather/Katie (Friend), Jen/Rob (Ex-boyfriend), Ed/Robyn (Friend). Winner - Kerron. Champ - Jen
108 11/7/04
9 Long Island, NY - Brian (Unemployed), Tom (Railroad Employee), Kenya (Unemployed), Kim (Retail), Scott (Sales), Vinny (Security Guard), Brian (Artist), Kenya/Kim (Cousin), Vinny/John, Lenny & Tim (Friends), Brian/Chris (Best Friend). Winner - Kenya
Louisville, KY - Calvin (Personal Shopper), Bill (Professional Square Dance Caller), Sara (Office Worker), Joby (Cook), Christy (Insurance), Chris (Carpet Cleaner), Brain (Unemployed). Finalists - Chris/Kyle (Friend), Joby/Jodi (Friend), Calvin/De'Andrea (Friend). Winner - Chris. Champ - Kenya
109 11/8/04
10 Minneapolis, MN -
Camden, NJ -
110 11/9/04
11 Wichita, KS -
Cherry Hill, NJ -
111 11/10/04
12 Phoenix, AZ - Nathan (Unemployed), Lovee (Quality Insurance Manager), Mazi (Student), Eric (Student), Christine (Sales), Claudia (Accountant), Chad (Student). Finalists - Christine/Beth (Friend), Lovee/LaDonna (Sister), Nathan/Dan (Friend). Winner - Christine
Tulsa, OK - Lewis (Magazine Editor), Christina (Hotel Concierge), Paul (Candle Shop Owner), Brian (Mortgage Broker), Jeff (Grad Student), Keith (Body Shop Owner). Finalists - Lewis/Dave (Friend), Brian/Jayshaun (Friend), Paul/Phil (Friend), Keith/John (Friend). Winner - Paul. Champ - Paul.
112 11/11/04
13 Scottsdale, AZ - Donna (Graphic Designer) , John (Sales), Jeff (Delivery Manager), Shauna (Waitress), Starr (Homemaker). Finalists - Donna/Cynthia, Jeff/Holly, John/Ashley. Winner - John
New Orleans, LA - Erik (Coffee House Manager), Joe (Student), Cuong (Engineer), Micaiah (Government MD), Troy (Owns Janitorial Company), Lindsay (Unemployed), Pablo (Retail). Finalists - Cuong/Jason, Joe/Lori, Micaiah/Tabitha, Lindsay/Mary. Winner - Cuong. Champ - John
113 11/14/04
14 Oklahoma City, OK - Vaughn (Pilot), Begona (Custom Framer), Cindy (Hairstylist), Brian (Salon Employee), Russ (Engineer), Jen (Student), Jordan (Mail Employee), Regan (School Teacher), Dante (Unemployed). Finalists - Jordan/Cory (Friend), Jen/Regan (Friend), Dante/Daniel (Friend), Cindy/Jennifer (Friend). Winner - Jordan
Washington, DC - Thomas (Lobbyist), Paul (Adult Video Store Manager), Shareen (Student), Evvon (Area Pool Supervisor), Autumn (Research Consultant), Sal (Retail). Finalists - Sal/Matt (Friend), Autumn/Valencia & Byron (Friends), Evvon/Tommy (Friend). Winner - Sal. Champ - Sal.
114 11/15/04
15 St. Charles, MO
Dallas, TX
115 11/16/04
16 Queens, NY -
Raleigh, NC -
116 11/24/04
17 Norfolk, VA - Percey (Retired Teacher), Lee (Student), Marea (Massage Therapist), Charde (Unemployed), Lashawna (Student), Karen (Nurse), Arthur (Landscaper), Jason (Resident Director), Tracy (Student), Lee/Anderson (Friend), Charde/Chrome (from New Brunswick ep) & Dwayne (Cousins), Jason/Lenny (Co-worker). Winner - Lee.
Omaha, NE - Cheryl (Finance Business), Dawn (Sales), Francisco (Systems Administrator), Jami (Cashier), Mark (Student), Lisa (Freelance Writer), Patty (Nurse's Assistant), Monique (Telemarketer), Kenny (Construction Worker). Finalists - Cheryl/Angie (Niece), Dawn/Brian (Boyfriend), Patty/Tony (Husband), Jami/Ashley (Friend). Winner - Dawn. Champ - Lee.
117 11/25/04
18 Bethesda, MD - Jerome (Dept of Education), Jeff (Managing Editor), Terry (Sales), Paul (Sales), Ameasha (Waitress), Frank (Homeland Security), Sean (Director of Food & Beverage). Finalists - Frank/PJ & John, Terry/Eric, Jerome/Melissa, Ameasha/Sean,. Winner - Frank
San Antonio, TX - Baldy (Ranch Caretaker), Kiko (Movie Reviewer), Kristina (Administrative), Dennis (Political Activist), Blake (Programmer), Jeff (Client Rep). Finalists - Blake/Eric, Kiko/Lorenzo, Kristina/Danielle. Winner - Kiko. Champ - Frank
118 11/26/04
19 Arlington, VA - Sam (Probation Officer), Yama (Bookkeeper), R.J. (Sales), Keutarah (Cashier), Christian (Mortgage), Rusty (Unemployed), Erica (Dog Walker), Nagmeh (Social Worker). Finalists - R.J./Nisha (Sister), Rusty/Gwen (Sister), Christian/Lane (Brother). Winner - R.J.
St. Paul, MN - Mary (Homemaker), Aaron (Sales), Rachel (Collection Agent), Nick (Drummer), Shay (Artist), Tina (Sales), Liz (Fitness Instructor), Eugene (Sales). Finalists - Aaron/Natalie (Wife), Eugene/Melanie (Friend), Shay/Alicia (Friend). Winner - Aaron. Champ - R.J.
119 11/27/04
20 Kansas City, MO
Fairfax, VA -
21 Best of the Worst (1 hour) - Unlikely Rappers - Mike (Morristown, NJ), Gigi (Indianapolis, IN), Margaret (Cherry Hill, NJ), Graem (San Marcos, TX), Beth (Columbus, OH), Dawn (Raleigh, NC), Finalist - Graem. Delusional Divas - Charde' (New Brunswick, NJ), Bobbi (Fort Worth, TX), Melanie (Jersey City, NJ), Thelma (Jersey City, NJ), Renee (Cincinnati, OH), Bennie Mae (Las Vegas, NV), Lovee (Phoenix, AZ), Finalist - Thelma. Bizarre Behavior - Pauleen (Minneapolis, MN), Chris (Louisville, KY), Frank (Washington, DC), Sal (Washington, DC), Chrome (New Brunswick, NJ), Jeff (Scottsdale, AZ), Amir (San Marcos, TX), R.J. (Arlington, VA), Chris (St. Charles, MO), Finalist - Sal, Don't Judge a Book by its Cover - Justin (Lafayette, LA), Mark (Jersey City, NJ), Barbara (Cincinnati, OH), Joe (Fort Worth, TX), Tom (Cleveland, OH), Dwayne (Wichita, KS), Finalist - Barbara, The Auto-Erotic - Erik (New Orleans, LA), Dan (Staten Island, NY), Kim (Dayton, OH), Brian (Las Vegas, NV), Karen (Dayton, OH), Aaron (St. Paul, MN), Finalist - Kim. The Hotties - Olivia (Brooklyn, NY), Lauren (Morristown, NJ), Natalie (Raleigh, NC), Joy (San Marcos, TX), Kara (Columbus, OH), Vinny (Staten Island, NY), Finalist - Lauren. Emotional Overdrive - Jenna (Staten Island, NY), Joe (New Orleans, LA), Lauren (Fairfax, VA), Calvin (Louisville, KY), Finalist - Lauren. Simply Memorable - Lee (Norfolk, VA), John (Phoenix, AZ), Manny (New Brunswick, NJ), Reagan (Oklahoma City, OK), Adam (New Brunswick, NJ), Ernesto (Brooklyn, NY), Eddie (Jersey City, NJ), Ed (Toms River, NJ), Finalist - John, Greatest Reveals - R.J., Tom, Thelma, Manny, Kenya, Lauren, Finalist - Tom. Ultimate Motormouth - Thelma 121 1/17/05

Season 2 (2005)

Ep# Episode Prod# Air Date
22 Henderson, NV - Rochel (Housewife), Cameron (Video Producer), Krystal (Student), Francis (Host), Tiffany (Student), Lindsey (Demo Girl). Finalists - Francis/Jay, Rochel/Shawnita & Kris, Krystal/Laneesa, Cameron/Sean. Winner - Rochel
Austin, TX - Denny (Student), Margaux (Student), Thomas (UPS Driver), Ryan (Bag Boy), Cooper (Student), Rebecca (Doll Artist). Finalists - Margaux/Beck, Thomas/Jodie, Denny/Robin, Rebecca/Rusty. Winner - Thomas. Champ - Rochel
201 5/15/05
23 Bullshead, NY - Bob (Business Owner), Lydia (Student), Timmy (Electrician), Ali (Teacher), Avi - Bartender, Shakima (Data Clerk). Finalists - Bob/Jeana, Shakima/Delores, Ali/Ernie, Lydia/Tina. Winner - Lydia
Rollingwood, TX - Jonathan (Marketer), Rachelle (Accountant), Sonny (Bouncer), Angela (Student), Christian (Unit Assistant), Johnny (Service Industry). Finalists - Sonny/Christopher, Angela/Natalie, Johnny/Ben. Winner - Sonny. Champ - Lydia
202 5/17/05
24 Mesa, AZ - Brandon (Student), Nicolas (Realtor), Katrina (Real Estate Agent), Teddy (Student), Louise (Retired), Final - Teddy/Jesus, Nicholas/Hasan, Katrina/Stephen, Brandon/Juan. Winner - Nicholas
Houston, TX - Michelle (Nurse), Ty (Phone Technician), Dalia (Student), Marjorie (Makeup Artist), Christopher (Salesman), Maria (Student). Finalists - Christopher/Baylea, Michelle/Crystal, Marjorie/Anthony, Ty/Quinton. Winner - Michelle. Champ - Michelle
203 5/19/05
25 Montclair, NJ - Jenna (Student), Carlos (Factory Worker), Diane (Mother), Robert (Student), Jennifer (Student), Tiffany (Bank Teller), Traci (Receptionist). Finalists - Jenna/Chantal, Diane/Brittany, Robert/Kristen. Winner - Robert
Memphis, TN - Viara (Waitress), Jennifer (Sales Associate), Marie (Nurse), Jeff (Fluffy) Student, Thomas (Student), Tammany (Broadcast Eng). Finalists - Viara/Kasha, Jeff (Fluffy)/Annie, Marie/Regina & Tom, Thomas/Dave. Winner - Viara. Champ - Robert
204 5/16/05
26 Las Vegas, NV - Aster (Musician), Brandon (Musician), Bob (Sales), Caroline (Student), Allison (Student), Thad (Car Detailer), Yesenia (Sales). Finalists - Bob/Kayti, Caroline/Ace, Thad/Nick, Brandon/Zack. Winner - Brandon
Washington, DC - Mark (Programmer), Reese (Assistant), Erica (Assistant), Sean (Public Relations), Tom (Unemployed), Tae (Radio Producer), Rachael (Bartender). Finalists - Rachael/Jessica, Reese/Joi, Sean/Ahmed. Winner - Reese. Champ - Brandon
205 5/23/05
27 Tempe, AZ - Marc (Banker), Erica (Student), Jen (Radio), Jordan (Unemployed), Ramon (Site Supervisor), Michelle (Student), Larry (Waiter), Tricia (House Manager). Finalists - Jordan/Tahira, Erica/Bryan, Jen/Rosanna. Winner - Jen
Camden, NJ - Lena (Global Recruiter), Erin (Lifeguard), Catie (Student), Jomarr (Student), Mick (Business Owner), Aditi (Student), Jodi (Server), Tommy (General Manager). Finalists - Lena/Peter & Summer, Catie/Kelly, Mick/Melissa, Jomarr/Kelly,. Winner - Mick. Champ - Jen
206 5/24/05
28 Cherry Hill, NJ - John (Fireman), Caitlin (Student), Kandace (Teacher), Willie (Engineer), Victor (Unemployed), Jessica (Cosmetologist). Finalists - Victor/Tim, Kandace/Katrina, Caitlin/Brittany. Winner - Caitlin
Tucson, AZ - Rachel (Student), Mike (Maintenance), Nicole (Secretary), Josh (Sales), Anthony (Sales), Alma (Unemployed), Brenda (Sales Manager), Ajia (Hairdresser). Finalists - Alma/Cindy & Rosemary, Nicole/Jamie, Mike/Mike, Josh/John. Winner - Alma. Champ - Alma
207 5/18/05
29 Phoenix, AZ - Wendell (Football Player), Tim (Sales Associate), William (Assistant VP), Hillary (Student), Kyle (Bank Teller). Finalists - Wendell/Latoya, William/Brittany & Mark, Tim/Olga & April. Winner - Tim
Aldine, TX - Cynithia (Student), Seanay (Waitress), David (Engineer), Mookie (Party Promoter), Eric (Musician), Stacie (Student). Finalists - David/Natasha, Mookie/Chris, Cynithia/Vicki & Kara. Winner - Mookie. Champ - Tim
208 5/25/05
30 Denver, CO - Jennifer (Records Clerk), Lorraine (Marketing), Cody (Student), Justin (Architect), Susan (Teacher), John (Student). Finalists - Lorraine/David, Cody/Ty, Jennifer/Danielle & Christine. Winner - Lorraine
Staten Island, NY - Stephanie (Student), Frank (Security), Nikka (Student), Elizabeth (Student), Aaron (Student). Finalists - Nikka/Tonisha, Frank/Jarrett, Elizabeth/Frank. Winner - Frank. Champ - Frank
209 5/30/05
31 Lakewood, CO - Mike (Unemployed), Scott (Civil Engineer), Jen (Teacher), Steffany (Merchandiser), Corrine (Retail Sales), Danielle (Tech Support). Finalists - Jen/Jeff & Jaden, Scott/Amanda, Mike/Jen. Winner - Scott.
Dallas, TX - Dawn (Nurse), Chris (Consultant), Geoffrey (Kitchen Staff), Darius (Manager), Jason (Programmer). Finalists - Jason/Roy, Darius/Cheryl, Dawn/Jeanine. Winner - Darius. Champ - Darius
210 5/31/05
32 Jersey City, NJ/Newark, NJ 211 ?
33 Montclair, NJ/Memphis, TN 212 ?
34 Aurora, CO/Nashville, TN 213 ?
35 Raleigh, NC/Yonkers, NY 214 ?
36 Hartford, CT/Knoxville, TN 215 ?
37 Albany, NY/Durham, NC 216 ?
38 Charlotte, NC/Columbia 217 ?
39 Syracuse, NY/Rochester, NY 218 ?
40 Atlanta, GA/Buffalo, NY 219 ?
41 Buckhead/Marietta, GA 220 ?

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