Michael Jackson VHS/DVD Collection

I am someone who is absolutely fascinated with his early music, what he has done to himself, his legal troubles and now his death. I have been taping things going back to the early 80s. 688 listed. If you are looking for anything to buy or to trade just email me.
TV Specials
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TV Specials
10 Ways to Survive a Scandal with Michael Jackson (2/06)
100 Greatest Kid Stars Hosted by Christopher Knight w/Jackson 5 (2005)
106th and Park Episode #218 - Live as the news of Michael Jackson's death comes in - Ginuwine - Last Chance/Announces he is sick and on the way to the hospital/Keri Hilson - Knock You Down/Announces MJ has died/LeToya Luckett - Not Anymore/They read Twitter notes from people about MJ/Flashback - Kanye West - Jesus Walks V1 - Religious/Talking about MJ videos/Michael Jackson - You are Not Alone/More MJ Twitter posts/Michael Jackson - Stranger in Moscow/Crowd gathers in Los Angeles outside hospital/Michael Jackson - In the Closet/More MJ Twitter posts/Michael Jackson - Thriller V2 - Short (6/25/09)
20/20 - Michael Jackson: The Life Behind the Music (6/28/09)
20/20 Corey Feldman Michael Jackson Interview (2/11/05)
40 Dumbest Celebrity Quotes Ever #12-Michael Jackson (2006)
50 Shocking Celebrity Confessions - #22 Michael Jackson (2006)
60 Minutes with Michael Jackson (12/28/03)
Abrams Report - Gavin’s Mother Janet Testifies (4/18/05)
Access Hollywood - Cher on Michael Jackson, expose show and Neverland today (2/11/08)
Access Hollywood - Custody - Dr. Klein denied/Katherine got money for 6 months/John Blanca & John McClain were there/Katherine defends Joe's behavior (8/3/09)
Access Hollywood - Dr. Murray arrested before/Debbie wants the 3 kids to stay together/Kai Chase interview- same stuff except MJ's flirts and was checking out her butt once (7/31/09)
Access Hollywood - Dr. Murray's Las Vegas house & office raid/Debbie Rowe with Dr. Klein/Michael Jackson's home movies from 1999 birthday party/Paris's 2002 birthday and love speech for daddy (7/28/09)
Access Hollywood - Joe & Janet at BET Awards/CPR/Custody/Lisa Marie Presley (6/29/09)
Access Hollywood - Joe Jackson in New York talking of an MJ museum/Dr. Murray CPR witness/Klien overprescribed/Joan Rivers attacks Michael for being a loser and a drug addict. (7/24/09)
Access Hollywood - Joe Jackson interview - now says Omer is Michael's 4th son/Chef Kai Chase - Dr. Murray didn't get breakfast the day MJ died - then 12:20pm he ran around panicking while she stayed with the kids/19 aliases found for MJ's pills/Murray admits giving propofol/CNN demos propofol in surgery/Michael Jackson's home movie Part 2 - Paris 4th birthday - she wanted to be like dad and sing & dance/Cherilyn Lee interview - MJ didn't act like an addict/She stayed with him to watch (7/29/09)
Access Hollywood - Kai Chase speaks of MJ's last day/Dr. Murray had her get Prince - security and they all prayed/Custody - Debbie gets no money and shrink has to help kids realize that's their mom/Kai says MJ was a great father and liked to talk pop culture/Kids says he was strong/She left in May over salary - 3 weeks later she was brought back/Kids gave her cards about the food their liked/This time Michael didn't look at good as before and needed help/She was going to London with the tour/Mark Shafeel said sleep and they had to put him down. He's friend's with Debbie. He's suing the police for stealing video tapes that ended up online (7/30/09)
Access Hollywood - Lonnell McMillian Custody lawyer says it's not over money/Hoefflin says MJ was murdered and was dead 3 hours before 911 was called/Dr. Murray put drugs in his car from storage/Tito Jackson a Reggae Festival and accepts an award for Michael/Ricky Harlow was scared of Michael at first because of how he looked. He's firend's with Omer and he isn't Michael's son (7/27/09)
Access Hollywood - Miko Brando & Don Donestar 1984 Pepsi Fire clip/Bob Giradi on the ad 2003/Jay Coleman/Janet Jackson & Jermaine Dupri split/Lost song/Cyndi Lauper/Hyberbaric chamber picture w/Michael (7/18/09)
Access Hollywood - Murdered?/On drugs?/Dr. Murray hired for London concerts/Custody/Azja Pryor (7/09)
Access Hollywood - Vanity Fair Article - MJ was not dating or gay/He was offered a part in Roots/He thought the original Thriller listening party sucked/Nickname was nose in 1977 (8/4/09)
Accused - The Michael Jackson Trial E! News Special (2/28/05)
American Idol - The top 13 finalists perform the songs of Michael Jackson: Lil Rounds - The Way You Make Me Feel, Scott MacIntyre - Keep the Faith, Danny Gokey - PYT, Michael Sarver - You Are Not Alone, Jasmine Murray - I'll Be There, Kris Allen - Remember the Time, Allison Iraheta - Give in to Me, Anoop Desai - Beat it, Jorge Nunez - Never Gonna Say Goodbye, Megan Joy Corkrey - Rockin' Robin, Adam Lambert - Black or White, Matt Giraud - Human Nature, Alexis Grace - Dirty Diana (3/10/09)
American Music Awards - Michael Jackson Tribute with Eddie Murphy (1/30/89)
Art Fennell Reports - The Legacy of Michael Jackson - How Michael Jackson will be remembered and where his legacy ranks among the all time greats like Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra w/Jonathan Takiff/Tyana Williams & Larry Kane (7/16/09)
At Large with Geraldo Rivera Michael Jackson’s Last Interview (2/5/05)
Awesomely Bad Celeb Fashion w/with Michael Jackson's Trial (10/3/05)
Banzai - Michael Jackson Reverse Race Rendezvous #102. (7/20/03)
Barbara Walters Presents the 10 Most Fascinating People of 2005 - Tom Mesereau (Michael's Lawyer) (11/29/05)
Behind the Music - 1984 w/Michael Jackson (10/00)
Behind the Music - Studio 54 w/pics Michael Jackson of there (1998)
Behind the Scenes of the European Dangerous Tour with Cary Grant Interview (1991)
BET Awards 2009 - Michael Jackson Tribute 3 1/2 hours w/Joe & Janet Jackson. Hosted by Jamie Foxx, Michael Jackson & James Brown Awards clip, Jackson 5 Medley, Jamie Foxx - Beat it, Ne-Yo tribute, Wanda the Ugly Woman, Jamie Foxx/Ne-Yo – I’ll Be there (6/28/09)
BET Top 25 Dancers of All Time Hosted by Chris Brown w/Michael & Janet Jackson (9/10/07)
BET Walk of Fame Ceremony & Tribute (1995)
BET.com Countdown - Best of Michael Jackson #439 (12/8/05)
Biography: The Michael Jackson Story with Katherine Jackson; Jermaine Jackson; La Toya Jackson; Gladys Knight; Smokey Robinson; Liza Minnelli; and Suzanne De Passe. AKA Notorious (8/5/06)
Black in the 80’s - Def Jams w/Michael Jackson (2005)
Black to the Future - The 70s - Jackson 5/Janet Jackson/The Wiz (2/09)
Black to the Future - The 80s - Michael Jackson (2/09)
Brits: BPI Awards - Best British Video - Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal (1989)
California Raisins Commercial with Michael Jackson raisin (1980s)
Captain EO - Widescreen (1986)
Celebrity Expose - 25th anniversary of Thriller with John Landis, new MJ interview in Ireland, Neverland today (2/11/08)
Celebrity Justice - Michael Jackson (11/8/04)
Celebrity Justice - Michael Jackson Hostage Story (2/8/05)
Celebrity Justice - Michael Jackson Trial Boys Porno Books Admitted (4/30/05)
Celebrity Justice - Michael Jackson Trial Ex-Housekeepers Son the Minister Testifies (4/4/05)
Ch 7 News - Michael Jackson’s 1 Year Wedding Anniversary & Baby Speculation Story (5/18/95)
Current Affair - Video of Jordy Chandler Today (4/4/05)
Dancing with the Stars - Omarion's Thriller Medley (5/16/08)
Dangerous Tour Live in Bucharest - HBO Special (10/1/92)
Dateline - a farewell to Michael Jackson w/Al Sharpton/Dennis/Akon 1 hour (7/7/09)
Don't Stop Til You Get Enough: The Michael Jackson Marathon on BET (2/05)
E! Memorial Service for Michael Jackson Staples Center Los Angeles, CA 1958 - 2009 - Pre-service: Nelly, Smokey Robinson reads letters from Diana Ross & Nelson Mandela, Service: Michael Jackson’s coffin brought in, Andrae Crouch choir - We are going to see the King, Pastor Lucious Smith pays tribute, Mariah Carey/Troy Lorenz - I'll Be there, Queen Latifah pays tribute with a poem written by Maya Angelou, Lionel Ritchie - Jesus Is Love, Berry Gordy pays tribute, Pastor Lucious Smith, Michael Jackson Song Montage, Stevie Wonder - Never Dreamed You’d Leave In Summer, Kobe Bryant and Magic Johnson pay tribute, Jennifer Hudson - Will You Be There, Al Sharpton, John Mayer - Human Nature (Instrumental), Brooke Shields, Jermaine Jackson - Smile, Bernice A. King and Martin Luther King III pay tribute, Sheila Jackson Lee proposes an award from Congress, Usher - Gone Too Soon, Ed Sullivan - Who’s Loving You (1969), Smokey Robinson, Shaheen Jafargholi - Who’s Loving You, Kenny Ortega, Judith Hill - We Are The World/Heal the World, Marlon Jackson, Jermaine Jackson, Paris Jackson, Pastor Lucious Smith (7/7/09)
E! News - Michael Jackson’s Kids Unmasked (2/4/07)
E! News - Michael Jackson memorial (7/7/09)
E! News - Joe Jackson/Pills/Still no body/Marlon Jackson Jr. & Brittany J - nephews in 2004 (7/10/09)
E! News - Miko Brando on being at the Pepsi ad fire in 1984 (7/16/09)
E! News - Custody Settled - Katherine gets full custody/Debbie Rowe has to see & pay for a psychiatrist before meeting them/Kai Chase - MJ's last day/Dr. Murray's license expired & went bankrupt in 1992/Dr. Lawrence Kaplan is being probed/Drugs - had a pill problem/Katherine wins it all in court (8/3/09)
E! The Michael Jackson Story 1hr w/Jermaine/LaToya/Katherine Jackson/Steve Barron/Liza Minelli/Michael Boddicker/Gladys Knight/Smokey Robinson (7/15/09)
E! True Hollywood Story - Michael Jackson (6/8/03)
E!’s 101 Even Bigger Celebrity Oops! #4-Michael Jackson Trial (2006)
E!'s 100 Greatest Red Carpet Moments #22 Michael Jackson at Liz Taylor's wedding (2004)
E!'s 101 Best Kept Hollywood Secrets (2004) #100 - Janet Jackson's blindness, #51 - Michael Jackson's surrender flight taped, #5 - Michael's kids, #1 Janet's wardrobe malfunction
E!'s 101 Most Shocking Moments in Entertainment - #99, 71 - hair on fire, 59 - his kids, 29 - Lisa Marie & 3 - trial - Michael Jackson, #5 - Janet Jackson's nipple (3/1/07)
E!'s 101 Most Starlicious Makeovers w/Janet, Latoya & Michael Jackson (2004)
E!'s Wildest Court Show Moments - E!'s Michael Jackson Trial reenactment (8/10/07)
Entertainment Tonight - 9/11 Benefit Song (10/01)
Entertainment Tonight - autopsy/weight down to 112 pounds/firemen on scene speak/Jermaine Jackson/Dr. Drew/Overmedication/Top 10 TV (6/30/09)
Entertainment Tonight - DEA Seizure - 21 papers/hard drive/receipts/storage boxes/19 doctors investigated/Dr; Klein/Toxicology/Cherilyn Lee/Allowance for kids/Jermaine on Omer/Rebbie wants Michael's Kids
Entertainment Tonight - Diana Ross Call Me Miss Ross biography reveals secrets of Michael Jackson (10/89)
Entertainment Tonight - Dr. Murray has officer in Houston TX/Custody/Debbie Rowe defamation suit/New photos from the Pepsi Fire/ET 1984 report on the fire/New song clip/Katherine starts grieving/Brooke Shields early photos/Emmanuel Lewis (7/17/09)
Entertainment Tonight - Dr. Murray's Las Vegas house & office raid/Debbie Row goes to see Dr. Klein/Drug gifts/Tito Jackson exclusive interview/1998 home video of Prince age 2 and Paris a 9 months (7/28/09)
Entertainment Tonight - Joe Jackson doesn't know where Michael's body is/Denies separation/Jermaine wants him buried at Neverland/Jamie Lee Curtis is an ex-druggie (7/21/09)
Entertainment Tonight - Kai Chase denies Prince was forced to watch Dr. Murray give CPR. She though MJ was tired/moved slow/ate well/didn't see him too thin and he at night. Toxicology report says there are lots of tract marks and lot drugs in his system/Custody - need psychologist for kids to meet Debbie Rowe/Joe says Omer is MJ's son/Rebbie will take care of the kids/Donnie & Marie talk about custody/Michael sings a Doobie Brothers song to Liz Taylor filmed by Stoller/Wade Robson footage from today - now he's a choreographer/Inside the Jackson compound/Joe not involved with grandkids/Kids will be homeschooled/Debbie gets no money in the custody/Cherilynn Lee denies MJ was a drug addict/He wanted an anesthesiologist to stay with him/He felt good in the hospital/He bought her a computer for her birthday and she was so happy & it was a lesson for his kids (7/30/09)
Entertainment Tonight - Marcia Clark on the death bed photo/Drugs & aliases/Klein has no say/No heart monitors in death photo/Cloris Leachman/Kids under a news blanket/Rebbie to raise MJ's kids (8/4/09)
Entertainment Tonight - Michael Jackson at Uri Gellar's wedding on crutches/Tomei turns in $5.5 million down payment for Wonderland/Michael Jackson was dead for hours when EMS arrived but Dr. Murray wanted him to go to the hospital/Had his medical records in a tube/Dr. Hoffman 1992-93 records/Tron Legacy treasure hunt/Michael's sketches/Jermaine & Stacy Brown tried to write a tell all book on Michael in 2003 and 2006/No custody battle/Nurse Grace was sent away but now is back/Kids like her better than Katherine (7/27/09)
Entertainment Tonight - Michael Jackson fires his manager Frank Dileo (1988)
Entertainment Tonight - Michael Jackson in Japan (3/5/07)
Entertainment Tonight - Michael Jackson Not Guilty Special w/Debbie Rowe and new pictures of his kids (6/14/05)
Entertainment Tonight - Michael Jackson secretly buried?/ Clips of the children/Judith Hill was the mystery singer at the memorial who was to join him in London (7/9/09)
Entertainment Tonight - Michael Jackson’s Memorial/Michael’s Chef Speaks (7/6/09)
Entertainment Tonight - Michael Jackson's final hours/Chef Kai Chase - Dr. Murray breaks the normal timeline/hours later he was screaming for Prince/he called Houston first to get 2 girls to remove items from storage/Dr. Murray's nurse filed a paternity suit on him/Drugs found for Michael in over a dozen names/Tito Jackson Interview Part 3 - Janet told him Michael died/still not buried/Prince's birthday party w/Disney Characters at home Mickey & Pluto (7/29/09)
Entertainment Tonight - Michael was murdered for publishing rights/Still no location for burial/Custody/CPS/ Dr. Murray supplied drugs/Michael Jackson on The Dating Game (7/13/09)
Entertainment Tonight - New Deathbed photo/Katherine gets full custody - kids in Santa Monica/Katherine says Joe is allowed around/Vanity Fair Magazine says Michael is not gay/He's asexual - no time for sex/Janet protected him/Dissecting the deathbed photo - has a phone/1984 video of Michael in the yard & water interview (8/3/09)
Entertainment Tonight - Pepsi 1984 Accident video/Missing camera footage/Klein investigation/Tito & family 2 interrogations/Kids pictures/Debbie Rowe wants the kids/Liz Taylor 1993 rehab speech for Michael/Tooth pain video/Pepsi Commercial 1984 accident footage (7/15/09)
Entertainment Tonight - Pepsi Fire/Josh Grobin/Rob Lowe & Jeremy Piven on Michael/Propofol can't be given by 1 person/Virginia Watson/Rebecca Reddin/Naomi Naughton 1984 Pepsi fire witnesses/Paul McCartney on his feud Michael Jackson/Cybill Shepherd on Elvis & Michael Jackson/Kathy Griffin was an extra at the 1984 Pepsi fire/Flo Anthony & Jon Lovitz were also there (7/16/09)
Entertainment Tonight - Prince saw Michael die/Katherine Jackson is broke without Michael's income/Moonwalker book reprint for quick cash/Uri Gellar private footage/Omer is not Michael Jackson's son (7/24/09)
Entertainment Tonight - Secret son?/DEA Raid/Omer & Blanket brothers?/Kate Jackson denies Dr. Klien is a setup/Michael Jackson Tribute fake noise/Ghosts music video (7/22/09)
Entertainment Tonight - The final goodbye memorial service (7/7/09)
Entertainment Tonight - The Jacksons: Exposed! with Janet Jackson Superbowl coverage/83+ 90 Interviews/Jackson 5 clips from the 70s including Dinah Shore (2004)
Entertainment Tonight - Toxicology report & Dr. Klein/Last days/Anorexia & Bulimia/Drug addictions/Dr. Murray/Debbie Rowe Custody/Mark Lester/Reality Show/Marie Osmond/MJ Gay (7/14/09)
Entertainment Tonight - Was he murdered/Family had open casket viewing/Pictures of drugs at Neverland 1993 raid/Debbie Rowe's Plastic Surgery/Judith Hill - We are the World (Live)
Entertainment Tonight - Where's Michael Jackson's body?/Death Certificate blank cause/Dr. Klein - Debbie Rowe's Boss for decades/Carrie Fisher was over for Christmas (7/8/09)
Entertainment Tonight - Who died first Michael Jackson (8:30am - hidden for 5 hours) or Farrrah Fawcett (9:30am)? Michael/MJ slept in Dr. Murray's room that night/Video of man cleaning out MJ's house of drugs/Murray slept while Michael died/Dr. Murray is charged with treating a known addict/Autopsy delayed again/Kai Chase said only Dr. Murray came down from upstairs/Herb Nasy says MJ's will be followed/Mo'nique - is mad about the scrutiny - she met MJ at a party/APLA - LaToya dos AIDS PSA/Who is John Branca - his lawyer from the 80s to 06 - he got The Beatles catalog & making of Thriller for MJ/John McClaine controlled Frank Dileo AKA Uncle Tooki manager was fired in 1989 and only hired back recently/Rehearsal 5/4/84 of Michael singing For the Good Times for Katherine/Vanity Fair has double cover Michael Jackson & Farrah Fawcett (7/31/09)
Extra - Cherilyn Lee says Michael is not an addict/He bought her a computer for a birthday she loved/Paris Hilton admits Paris Jackson is named after her (8/3/09)
Extra - Custody/Jermaine Jackson/Dr. Murray says he's innocent/Rehearsal footage to be sold as a movie for $60 million (7/20/09)
Extra - Dr. Murray also killed Danny Ganz too/Dr. Murray has lost his license to practice/Laurance Kiplin also raided/No heart monitor found with MJ/Debbie vs. Rebbie/Katherine looking for Michael Jackson's cash/Michael Jackson's addiction (7/29/09)
Extra - Dr. Murray's Las Vegas house & office raid/Murray could get a murder charge/MJ listed as a drug addict on warrant/Debbie Rowe with Dr. Klein/At the time of death Michael's bedroom was a mess and a female porcelain doll was on the bed and over20 post it noted were on the walls about children being wonderful/Paris Hilton reveals her mom went to school with Michael Jackson and he loved the name Paris and asked if he could use the name for his daughter (7/28/09)
Extra - Family photos/Custody deal close to complete/Uri Gellar/Tomei turns in $5.5 million/Omer not MJ's son (7/27/09)
Extra - Kai Chase interview and answer callers Q's (7/31/09)
Extra - MJ Murdered?/Custody deal delayed/Drugs found in Neverland drug bust footage (7/13/09)
Extra - Nanny Grace - loves the kids & used to be the secretary and was fired and rehired/Didn't know he was with Debbie Row (8/4/09)
Extra - New pictures/Katherine gets full custody/Deathbed photo/Geraldo tape/2 storage raids on Dr. Murray/Vanity Fair Magazine - photos by Annie Leibovitz (8/3/09)
Extreme Celebrity Debt w/Michael Jackson (2/19/07)
Extreme Celebrity Surgery w/Michael Jackson (2/07)
Fabulous Life of Michael Jackson (8/20/03)
Flip Wilson Show - Jackson 5 - ice cream man sketch/Song - Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing #041. (1/72)
Fox News - Announcement in the Case (6/8/05)
Fox News - Live Coverage of Michael not showing up to court on time (3/10/05)
Fox News - Verdict Announced/Michael Arrives at Court (6/13/05)
Fox News Studio B - Jury Gets the Case (6/3/05)
Geico Ad - Basketball player (Michael Jackson's Somebody's watching me) (2009)
Geico Ad - Black man goes for a donut (Michael Jackson's Somebody's watching me) (2009)
Geico Ad - Black woman sits outside & text says look down (Michael Jackson's Somebody's watching me) 7/09
Geico Ad - man in yard catches a pile of money wih a trap (Michael Jackson's Somebody's watching me) 7/09
Geico Ad - man vacuuming at car wash (Michael Jackson's Somebody's watching me part from Rockwell song) 7/09
Geico Ad - staring you right in the face (Michael Jackson's Somebody's watching me) 7/09
Geico Ad - woman in library (Michael Jackson's Somebody's watching me) 7/09
Good Morning America - Michael Jackson’s Glove (10/25/06)
Good Morning America - a celebration of the 25th anniversary of Michael Jackson's Thriller (11/30/07)
Good Morning America
(GMA) - Exclusive Michael Jackson Home Footage from 2003 (6/28/09)
Headline Crime - Michael Jackson Case (12/03)
Headliners & Legends - Michael Jackson (10/22/05)
Heal the World Promo
Hollywood Heat - Michael Jackson in Vegas? (6/19/08)
Hollywood Snappers - Michael Jackson at the spreading of Barry White's Ashes #106 (12/12/05)
InfoMania - Michael Jackson news overload agreed after 2 weeks then they interview anyone/The ghost of Michael Jackson appears on Larry King Live/Gretchen Carlson of Fox says there's too much Michael Jackson coverage (7/27/09)
Inside Edition - MJ’s Bodyguard Busted (3/24/05)
Inside Edition - A look at Michael Jackson's life over the past two years. #04032007 (5/10/07)
Inside Edition - Darryl Mays fireman who was at the Pepsi 1984 fire/Kathie McGraff/Dr. Drew/Janet wants custody/Dr. Klien is the father of Price and Paris/Paul McCartney/Dr. Murray ripped off a friend for $20,000/Candy Spelling (7/17/09)
Inside Edition - DEA Raid/Jealous of Prince and the attention (7/23/09)
Inside Edition - DEA Vegas raid w/Geragos/Dr. Murray's old schoolmate says he'd do anything to make money/Wonderland - tour of the vast Vegas estate Michael wanted to buy for $25 million (7/29/09)
Inside Edition - Debbie Rowe calls 911/Katherine starts grieving/Janet & kids/Michael was taking Puberty Blockers - side affect is insomnia/Don Donestar 1984 Pepsi Fire/Picture of Michael in the hospital room in 1984 with nurses/Hyberbaric chamber/Miss Castaway Outtakes (7/20/09)
Inside Edition - Debbie Rowe Custody delay/Katherine Jackson Interview/Liz Taylor Sick/LaToya Attacked/Clips over the years (7/15/09)
Inside Edition - Debbie Rowe followed at dinner & denies being with Dr. Klein/ Joe Jackson agrees to step back/Katherine files papers (7/21/09)
Inside Edition - Diprivan/propofol demonstration at Trenton hospital/Kai Chase - Prince acted like he was the dad & the kids wanted her hired back/Omer vs. Joe Jackson - he's a friend not a son (8/3/09)
Inside Edition - Dr. James was asked for diprivan and turned him down. Michael said he took it before and wasn't worried/EMT's said he looked like an old mam and didn't recognize him/Debbie Rowe shops and shows pictures of kids to strangers (7/28/09)
Inside Edition - Dr. Klein still wants to be part of the family but won't be/MJ never wanted to marry Debbie but Katherine forced him (8/5/09)
Inside Edition - Eric George Debbie Rowe's lawyer says they got what they wanted/Katherine wants more money/1997 South African Vacation Video with Michael/Katherine denies being separated from Joe and wants MJ's business money too/Dr. Murray was also James Brown's doctor (8/4/09)
Inside Edition - Kai Chase says day the of death nothing was normal/Dr. Murray shirtless on Lifestyle Cover for Pitbull drink he invested in and still owes money/Wonderland Tour 2 (7/30/09),TMZ - They are going after a dozen doctors & pharmacies gave pills with no names (7/30/09)
Inside Edition - LaToya says it was murder/Joe Jackson says it was foul play/Iris Finsilver says Debbie Rowe & Michael had the kids/Jermaine Jackson cries during an interview (7/22/09)
Inside Edition - Londell McMillion on custody - psychologist will meet with the kids and Debbie/Kai Chase on Today Show/All Dr. Murray's mugshots (7/31/09)
Inside Edition - Michael Jackson murdered/Dr. Murray/Janet Jackson back to work with Tyler Perry/Was Michael Jackson gay?/Judge Larry Seidlin/CPS/Excessive Surgery by Dr. Goodstein/Tom Mesereau says Michael was a victim/Body has been moved/Neverland Party (7/14/09)
Inside Edition - Omer secret son? No./Rupert Evertt calls Michael a freak (7/24/09)
Inside Edition - The King is Dead/Inside Neverland Michael Jackson ghostly image (7/6/09)
Inside Edition - the historic sendoff (7/7/09)
Inside Edition - Paris goes to temple/Debbie Rowe sends nasty emails about wanting money/Dr. Klein/Michael Jackson Drug Pictures/Pepsi 1984 Ad uncut/Unmasked Book claims MJ is gay/Kate Hudson dances to Michael Jackson at 8 years old/Michael Jackson sings Perry Como to his mom (7/16/09)
Inside Edition Weekend - Katherine Jackson is broke/Marlon used to manage Avons/Jackie changed tires/Dr. Stephen Hoecclin says 19 doctors will fall (7/26/09)
Inside Edition Weekend - Katherine Jackson is broke/Moonwalker book reprint/DEA Raid on Dr. Murray/Lyons storage manager says they came early the day MJ died/Hoeffman says MJ was on 11 meds and is not gay and the dad of the 2 oldest children/Death certificate hospital scandal - too many employs are accessing it (7/27/09)
Inside Hollywood - Michael Jackson Trial (8/15/04)
Inside Neverland w/Matt Lauer & Jermaine Jackson/Gotham Chopra & Brian Michael Stoeller (6/09)
Insider - Autopsy/Joe hasn't seen autopsy/Denies beating/Omer 4th son?/Kids routine (7/21/09)
Insider - Cherilyn Lee was asked to get diprivan for Michael and never heard of it/Ed Hardy Birthday Party 5/23/08 Michael attends (7/23/09)
Insider - DEA Raids Dr. Murray in Los Angeles and Houston/Michael Jackson suicide interview/Christian Avgigier/Michael wears Prosthetic nose/Ed Hardy had a London test party in 08 to see if people still liked him (7/22/09)
Insider - Death Investigation, 1996 police tape asking Michael sexual questions about Macaulay Culkin (7/6/09)
Insider - Debbie Rowe calls 911 on paparazzi/Debbie wants $4 million for custody/Music royalties/Janet wants custody of the kids/Katherine & Joe Jackson interview from 1980/Michael Jackson on Geraldo 2005/Unmasked book claims Michael Jackson is gay (7/14/09)
Insider - Dr. Murray new raid in Las Vegas at his business and house/Tito Jackson interview - never heard of Murray/Miss Castaway watched by body language expert/Tito wanted to compliment Michael more (7/28/09)
Insider - Dr. Murray out of hiding/Dr. Murray's house is being foreclosed/Dr. Murray went to court for domestic violence in 1994 w/mugshot/Michael Jackson's chef Kai Chase gives death timeline and had to leave at 1:30pm/If diprivan is found in the body it's murder/CNN diprivan surgery demonstration/Michael Jackson Comeback Collection for the concerts by Ed Hardy/Tito Jackson Interview Part 2/Elivs Presley at the end & Dr. George Mcopolous (7/29/09)
Insider - Is Michael Jackson's body in Berry Gordy's crypt?/Joe Jackson says the death was fowl play/More about drugs he was on (7/10/09)
Insider - Joe Jackson won't talk about Omer for fear of getting in trouble/Prince saw Michael die/Dr. Murray Raid - he has quit practice for now/They talk to 2 former patients who liked him/The Shining Shelly Duvall today (7/24/09)
Insider - Kai Chase interview & gifts she got from Paris/Custody - Katherine gets kids & Debbie gets visitation/Dr. Murray 1994 Mugshot photo/Rev Floyd Williams told Murray to take the money/Dr. Koplin plastic surgeon is investigated/Chopra says Michael Jackson was given illegal drugs/MJ's papers said he owed $331 million & had $668 million in cash/Michael Jackson's video Christmas cards 2002 by Bryan Michael Stoller/Katherine Jackson 1980 GMA interview/Religion/Elvis Presley 9/2/74 lashing out about being strung out on heroin/Aloha Hawaii interview/Dr. Nick interview (7/30/09)
Insider - Kai Chase was used as an alias/Warrant lists MJ as 'addict'/Toxicology report & autopsy delayed/DEA raid boxes/New Dr. Murray pics & paternity suit where he didn't pay child support and owes $27,000 in student loans back to 1986/Dwayne Swingler listed as the Neverland drug runner. He say she he just got the prescriptions & Doesn't know what was inside/He was zombie like and there were people he didn't want around calling Joe Jackson The Devil/Michael Sings 'For the Good Times' at Katherine's 1984 birthday filmed by Steve Howell (7/31/09)
Insider - Katherine saw MJ's autopsy/MJ's kids not recognized in public now/LaToya gets mobbed/Martha Quinn interview on Mtv 1983 and all the VJs got Beat it jackets but lost them over the years/She felt bad when he kissed Lisa Marie Presley at he VMA/Michael Jackson and Ronald Reagan at the Whitehouse in 1984 on a drug free life & wins an award/Joe Jackson's secret love child - Joh'Vonnie Jackson - the family knew since 8/30/74 (8/4/09)
Insider - LaToya says he was murdered/Custody battle/CPS called in for Paris/Last interview/Surgeries (7/13/09)
Insider - Liz Taylor today picture/Diprivan charges/ Michael Jackson's secret son/Custody ET - Katherine wants sole custody and files a lawsuit/Tito vs. Dr. Murray/Uri Geller MJ videos/Dr. Klein is the kids biological father/Custody (7/20/09)
Insider - Michael Jackson Death Investigation/Last Photo/Autopsy Report/Deepak Chopra says he’s on drugs/Wears woman’s clothes/Latoya on custody (6/29/09)
Insider - Miko Brando/Karlton Robinson & Daryl Maze and the Pepsi Fire/Jermaine Jackson/Deepak Chopra blames doctors for Michael's death/Michael was unable to have children/1984 surgery took months for recovery (7/16/09)
Insider - Miss Castaway Outtakes/His new Las Vegas house was to be called Wonderland/Brian Michael Stoeller interview (7/27/09)
Insider - OK! Magazine 1999 Neverland MJ Family Shots - Omer & his mom/Frank Dileo told the kids MJ was dead/LaToya raided MJ's house after he died/Michael Jackson's autopsy room - Lt. David Smith was there (8/5/09)
Insider - Omer and Michael's kids out playing/Katherine arrives at court/LaToya - Rebbie & Dr Klein have no standing with the kids/Katherine phones in to the Geraldo show - she's mad at Dr. Murray/Katherine & Joe out/Jermaine at Larry King's/An aide gave demoral which killed him - MJ demanded it after propofol/Katherine Jackson's autobiography said she filed for divorce twice/Joe cheated and had a love child/Joe wouldn't leave her/Has been separated from Joe for 15 years/ Michael Jackson's Weird Home Movies - dancing with Emmanuel Lewis 4 days after he was burned on the Pepsi ad/Louis Michael's pet Llama/Michael Jackson with snow at Neverland (8/3/09)
Insider - Paris & Katherine after the ceremony (7/8/09)
Insider - Pepsi 1984 Accident video seen for the first time/First pictures of kids after funeral/Homicide?/Is Dr. Klein gay/MJ home video missing/Autopsy not completed (7/15/09)
Insider - Pepsi Fire with Firemen Don Donester & Jerry Thomas/Dr. Murray on the run/Debbie Rowe calls 911/Autopsy Leak/Firemen cont./Toxicology report (7/17/09)
Insider - the memorial service/cast farewell (7/7/09)
Insider - Where's the body?/Paternity tests for kids? (7/9/09)
It’s Good to be Michael Jackson - VH1 (2003)
Jackson 5 - I Want You Back (Cartoon)
Jacksons: An American Dream (1992)
Joe Jackson heard MJ was dead from the fans (7/09)
Jon Norris at Neverland (1993)
Larry King Live - Dr. Murray's warrant called MJ 'the addict'/Also looking for orders for diprivan - propofol & aliases/Kai Chase interview - she's been a chef for 14 years/was not allowed upstairs at MJ's mansion/she hadn't heard the 911 call and they play it for her/There was no problems with the phones she knew of/She was upset to learn her name was used as a drug alias/Never met the nutritionist/Kids never talked about Debbie Rowe and they never met (7/30/09)
Larry King Live - The Death of an Icon w/Miko Brando/Liza Minelli/Quincy Jones/Usher/Deepak Chopra/Mark Geragos (6/25/09)
Larry King Live - Frank Dileo says a fan told him an ambulance picked Michael up - he told Katherine & the kids at the hospital MJ is gone/No one controlled MJ/He met Dr. Murray 1 time/He knew there were 50 shows in London/Criminal charges could be in a year (8/4/09)
Larry King Live - Joe Jackson says Omer is now Michael Jackson's son/Dr. Murray 2nd raid/Deepak Chopra had a weird tale of death/Propofol demonstration in hospital/Michael Jackson's Morphine "Oh my god he's on demoral"/Marcia Clark says Dr. Murray could be manslaughter for 2nd degree murder/Michael Jackson owed the pharmacy $100,000 (7/29/09)
Larry King Live - Nisha Kataria - lived and recorded at Neverland for 2 months in 2003 though the song was never released/Custody - Professor Charles Sophy/Michelle Golland & Neal Hersh (7/31/09)
Larry King Live - Ted Rowlands - Dr. Murray admitted using the drug that killed Michael/Carlos Diaz says his lawyers won't talk/Murray showed drugs in MJ's house/Robin Sax - Murray facing 2nd Degree or manslaughter/Mark Geragos - Murray talked to cops for hours/rent Copeland - diprivan leaves your system last/Klein denies Michael's nose comes off/Rowe back at Klein's office/Cherilyn Lee didn't know what diprivan was until he asked for it. She did his labwork in January for his kids and Michael's in February and they were all healthy/Dr. Drew/Howard C. Samuels - no addiction to it/Michael said he would be monitored and safe (7/27/09)
Larry King Live - Ted Rowlands says no to Dr. Klein getting and custody or influence/Katherine gets the kids and the money as accepted in the will/Londrell McMillian says they got everything. Joe Jackson is not involved/Even if Klein is the sperm donor he's not the legal father (8/3/09)
Lifewater Thriller Ad (3/08)
Live 95 Clips - Workin’ Day and Night & Beat it
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Michael Jackson Story - Celebrity interviews, film and video clips chronicle Michael's rise from lead singer of the Jackson 5 to solo performer. Gladys Knight, Liza Minelli. Aired on E! & TV One (Possible biography update) 6/09
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Michael Jackson Trial E! News Presentation Week 01 - 3/1, 3/2, 3/3, 3/4/05, 3/5/05 - Weekend Edition
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Michael Jackson Trial E! News Presentation Week 03 - 3/12 Weekend Edition, Access Hollywood 3/14, E! News 3/14, 3/14 - 1 Hour, E! Online Bonus Footage Week1&2, Fox News Report 3/15, 3/15 - 1 hour, E! News 3/16, 3/16 - 1 hour, 3/17 - 1 hour, 3/18 - 1 hour
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Michael Jackson Trial E! News Presentation Week 15 - 6/6, 6/7 - E! News, 6/8 - E! News, 6/9 - E! News with Jail Tour, 6/10 - E! News, 6/13 - Fox News & E! Live Verdict Coverage
Michael Jackson/James Brown & Prince Live (1983)
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Mtv Celebration of Michael Jackson - Megamix, Thriller interview, Kobe Bryant, Fabolous, #JC Chasez, around the world, 91 clip, Madonna, Bad (1988 VMA Clip), Sheryl Crow, Black or White (1992 VMA Clip), Diddy, Liza Minelli, Usher, Lil Mama, 1995 VMA Rehearsal, Billie Jean, Jon Norris & Kurt Oder, Tribute Artists, Chris Brown 2007 VMA Tribute/Vanguard Award Medley (6/26/09)
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Mtv Pre Memorial Special with Sway/King Stolz/Mark Goodman/Sheim Reed/Mtv Original Thriller Promo 1983/Michael Jackson Thriller Interview 1999/Katie Byrne/1996 Mtv Thailand Interview/Inspired by Others/Jon Norris at Neverland 1993/Jim Shearor (7/7/09)
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My Super Sweet 16/18 - Chris Brown - a private party for friends at New York City's 40/40 Club that is inspired by Michael Jackson's album Off the Wall. #43. 7/9/07
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Remembering Michael Jackson Mtv - artists songs that sample MJ's music or videos//Rihanna - Don't Stop the Music/Fall Out Boy - Beat it V2 - Concept/Alien Ant Farm - Smooth Criminal V1 - Original/Mariah Carey - I'll Be There (Unplugged)/Lil Mama/Chris Brown/T-Pain - Shawty Get Loose/Dream & Kanye West - Walking on the Moon/O'Neal McKnight/Greg Nice - Check Your Coat/Justin Timberlake - Like I Love You/Weird Al Yankovic - Fat/ Chris Brown - Wall to Wall V2 - VMA 07 (8/1/09)
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Stars on Thriller - Samuel L. Jackson (7/7/09)
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TMZ - Dr. Murray to be charged with homicide?/Japan sells Michael Jackson masks in black or white colors/Kids at temple (7/16/09)
TMZ - new Michael Jackson song - A place with no name (to Horse with no name) (7/17/09)
TMZ - Dr. Drew on Michael Jackson & pills (7/20/09)
TMZ - Debbie Rowe raw video from 2003 talking about drugs/Messreau says he's the one who put Michael Jackson in pajamas for court/No drugs (7/21/09)
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TMZ - DEA Raid/Michael's Drugs/Priscilla Presley won't comment on MJ (7/23/09)
TMZ - Rebbie to raise Michael's kids (7/24/09)
- Klein sent Michael to gyno for acne medicine and got propofol/Dr. Murray had files removed from storage on 6/25/09 before he called 911 (7/27/09)
- Dr. Murray tells the cops he gave Michael diprivan/DEA in Vegas/New video of Dr. Murray getting the mail (7/29/09)
TMZ - Two sisters Lakanda & Lakweesha admitted removing boxes for Dr. Murray but one says she couldn't go alone the other went they moved a bio box and a chair/they always go there (7/31/09)
TMZ - Dr. Murray was having propofol sent to his office then to Michael Jackson's house (8/3/09)
TMZ - Joan Rivers vs. Brooke Shields. Joan trashes Brooke's speech from the memorial since she hadn't even seen him since 1991 (8/5/09)
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Tony Brown's Journal - The Michael Jackson Insider: Bob Jones, Michael Jackson's public relations chief for 34 years. #2907. 4/21/06
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Topic A with Tina Brown - Michael Jackson Trial (3/6/05)
TV Guide - Elvis Presley & Michael Jackson: A Tale of Two Kings w/Randy Cullers/Dr. Carole Liberman/Roy Trakin/Kevin Bacon (7/20/09)
TV Guide - Michael Jackson: Stars Reflect on The Man in the Mirror 1 - Jeremy Piven, Diddy, Ne-Yo, Daryl Hall, Arsenio Hall, Joe Jackson, New Edition, Bell Biv DeVoe, Ciara, Wyclef, Paul Williams, Smokey Robinson, Alicia Keys, Enrique Iglesias, Akon, Lionel Richie, Corey Feldman, Fabolous & MC Lyte (6/26/09)
TV Guide - Michael Jackson: Stars Reflect on The Man in the Mirror 2 w/new footage (7/17/09)
TV Guide - Stars Remember the Time w/clips dating back to 2001 (7/17/09)
TV Guide Hollywood 411 - Custody - Katherine wins parental right/Ronald Bot family lawyer says she gets 40% of MJ's money/Kai Chases's story/Joe Jackson says Omer is MJ's son/Dr. Murray - Robin Sax & Darren Kavinovsky on the charges he faces/Katie Couric says Michael Jackson asked her out in 2000. (7/30/09)
TV Guide Hollywood 411 - DEA new Vegas raid on Dr. Murray not named yet/Murray owes $435,000/Looking for alias drug names/Kai Chase never carried oxygen & ran for Prince waiting for EMTs/Dr. Jayson Himes explains anesthesiology/Custody battle/Giant clay bust of Michael Jackson (7/29/09)
TV Guide Hollywood 411 - Dr. Murray DEA Seizure/Darren Kavinoky/Jermaine Jackson at Australia Gala for Michael. Michael Rehearsal movie/Moonwalker book reprinted/Diamonds to be made from Michael Jackson hair from Pepsi 1984 fire/Diddy on Letterman says MJ wanted Beyonce/Rolling Stone Michael Jackson Issue w/Eric Bates interview/Thriller Play in the UK (7/24/09)
TV Guide Hollywood 411 - Dr. Murray search warrant for prescribing to an addict/MJ died in Murrray's bed/Kai Chase interview - on 6/25 she didn't see Murray until after 12pm/Murray checked menu every weeks/She never picked up any drugs/Ian Halprin interview - knew he wouldn't make it/Omer - the kid is not his son/Cherilyn Lee the nurse interview - his lab work was OK/He had small veins hence a lot of track marks/She never heard of diprivan - he said it was fine and he used it before/She said no way was she going to give it to him. (7/31/09)
TV Guide Hollywood 411 - Dr. Murray's Las Vegas house & office raid/Murray admits giving diprivan/Michael Jackson's death room was a mess/Cherilyn Lee was told he was a drug addict and never heard of diprivan/Dr. Murray's lawyer gets a lawyer/Dr. Murray waited over 30 minutes before calling 911/Michael Jackson nominated for Nobel Peace Prize (but needs to be alive to win) (7/28/09)
TV Guide Hollywood 411 - LaToya says it was murder/Tito says Dr. Murray waited too long to wake Michael & missed 3 police interview/Custody delayed again/Rehearsal Footage DVD/CD combo/Shaq does Boat (7/20/09)
TV Guide Hollywood 411 - Michael Jackson - Last day of rehearsal/Jermaine at Neverland/Dionne Warwick (6/26/09
TV Guide Hollywood 411 - Michael was DOA at the hospital/Chief Steve Ruda says Murray wanted Michael at the hospital and was in the way the whole time acting weird/Dr. Tomei turned in $5.5 million in cash/Uri Gellar is angry at the drug suppliers/Katherine Jackson's Book on raising kids said Joe went too far beating them/Dr. Murray is gone and 3 states are looking for him. Save the World Awards - We are the World sung with Jermaine Jackson (7/27/09)
TV Guide Michael Jackson: The Life and Times of the King of Pop - Rosie Perez/Akon/Lionel Richie (6/28/09)
TVOne - Is Michael broke?/Roger Friedman says he has no money/lives on sleeping pills/not healthy enough to perform/spent too much on hotels/trail wore him out/private jets. In 2005 MJ got 7 million in Bahrain to write and records then took off with the money. In 2006 Will.i.am came to Ireland to make a CD with MJ that never came out. Akon recorded with him a CD that bombed. He won't record or do anything unless it's perfect. Owns 50% of Sony publishing/but took 300 million from in from it and buys out stores in seconds. Sold Neverland. 12/08
VH1 Ad Michael Jackson All Day Saturday w/Making of This is it promo (1/24/10)
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Michael's usic Videos
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Jacksons - 2300 Jackson St.
Jacksons - Billie Jean (Live Victory Tour w/fan comments) - 84
Jacksons - Blame it on the Boogie V1 - Original - 78
Jacksons - Blame it on the Boogie V2 - In the Snow - 79
Jacksons - Blame it on the Boogie V3 - Musik Laden - 79
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Jacksons - Destiny V1 - TV Special - 79
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Jacksons - Goin' Places - 11/77
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Jacksons - Shake Your Body V2 - TV w/Wolfman Jack - 79
Jacksons - Things I Do for You (TV Special) - 79
Jacksons - Torture V1 - Original - 84
Jacksons - Torture V2 - Pop Up Video - 84
Michael Jackson - Another Part of Me V1 - Concept
Michael Jackson - Another Part of Me V2 - Live
Michael Jackson - Bad V1 - 18 Minutes
Michael Jackson - Bad V2 - Short
Michael Jackson - Bad V3 - Short/Scrolling Video Facts
Michael Jackson - Badder
Michael Jackson - Beat it V1 - Original
Michael Jackson - Beat it V2 - Pop-Up Video
Michael Jackson - Beat it V3 - Scrolling Video Facts
Michael Jackson - Billie Jean V1 - Concept
Michael Jackson - Billie Jean V2 - Motown 25
Michael Jackson - Billie Jean V3 - Pop-Up Video
Michael Jackson - Black or White V1 - The Original
Michael Jackson - Black or White V2 - Short
Michael Jackson - Black or White V3 - Short (Pop Up Video)
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Michael Jackson - Man in the Mirror V1 - Children
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Michael Jackson - Man in the Mirror V4 - Scrolling Video Facts
Michael Jackson - Remember the Time V1 - Long
Michael Jackson - Remember the Time V2 - Short
Michael Jackson - Retrospective of 24 Years of Hits
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Michael Jackson - The Moon is Walking
Michael Jackson - The Way You Make Me Feel V1 - Long
Michael Jackson - The Way You Make Me Feel V2 - Short
Michael Jackson - The Way You Make Me Feel V3 - Short/Scrolling Video Facts
Michael Jackson - They Don't Care About Us
Michael Jackson - Thriller V1 - Long
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Michael Jackson - Who is It
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Michael Jackson - Will You Be There?
Michael Jackson - You Are Not Alone V1 - Original
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Michael Jackson/Diddy - Billie Jean/Last Night (H2O Video Blend)
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Michael Jackson/Slash - Black or White (Mtv10 Anniversary)
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Rockwell - Somebody's Watching Me V1 - Original
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SWV - Right Here/Human Nature
Ying Yang Twins/Michael Jackson - Dangerous/Rock with You (H2O Video Blend)

Janet Jackson Appearances
106 & Park: BET's Top 10 Live - Janet Jackson album release and interview. #1537 (9/26/06)
106th & Park - Janet Jackson promoting Why Did I Get Married? (10/15/07)
A&E Biography - Lisa Marie Presley (2005)
America United: In Support of Our Troops w/Janet Jackson - Rhythm Nation/Luv (9/7/08)
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Best Week Ever - Janet Jackson releases a new album. #903 (9/29/06)
BET Top 25 Countdown - Janet Jackson hosts. #80 (10/7/06)
Billboard Music Awards 17th Annual - Janet Jackson - Pleasure Principal/So Excited Remix (12/4/06)
Blackstreet/Janet Jackson/Ja Rule/Eve - Girlfriend/Boyfriend
Busta Rhymes/Janet Jackson - What's it Gonna Be?
Celebrity Deathmatch - Faith Hill vs. Janet Jackson #419 (4/18/02)
Celebrity Expose - Janet Jackson (5/12/08)
Certified - Beyonce vs. Janet Jackson (11/06)
Dance on Sunset - Finally Janet - Janet Jackson adds the finishing move to the Fresh Squeezed Dance and pits her abilities against Tony's. #111 (6/14/08)
Diff'rent Strokes - First Love w/Janet Jackson (12/31/80)
Diff'rent Strokes - Growing Up w/Janet Jackson (10/29/81)
Diff'rent Strokes - Jilted w/Janet Jackson (1/21/82)
Diff'rent Strokes - The Car w/Janet Jackson (2/25/82)
Diff'rent Strokes - The Music Man w/Janet Jackson (5/6/82)
Diff'rent Strokes - Short But Sweet w/Janet Jackson (5/13/82)
Diff'rent Strokes - In the Swim w/Janet Jackson (10/9/82)
Diff'rent Strokes - The Older Woman w/Janet Jackson (11/13/82)
Diff'rent Strokes - The Wedding Part 2 w/Janet Jackson (2/25/84)
Diff'rent Strokes - The Houseguest w/Janet Jackson (5/5/84)
E! Best of the Worst Red Carpet Moments w/Janet Jackson (2006)
E! True Hollywood Story - Janet Jackson interviews with LaToya Jackson, Katherine Jackson, Jimmy Jam, David Ritz & Anthony DeCurtis. #308 (2004)
E! True Hollywood Story - LaToya Jackson (1999)
E! True Hollywood Story - Lisa Marie Presley (2003)
Ellen DeGeneres Show - Janet Jackson interview & performs Nasty & So Excited #4050 (11/10/06)
Ellen DeGeneres Show - Janet Jackson interview & performs Feedback & That's the Way Love Goes (2/29/08)
Ellen DeGeneres Show - Janet Jackson interview & performs Rhythm Nation & Luv (5/19/08)
Extra - Janet Jackson at the Hollywood Style Awards (12/4/06)
Extra - Janet Jackson on saving Britney Spears & new CD interview (2/13/08)
EntertainmentStudios.com - Janet Jackson (10/31/07)
Entertainment Tonight - Stars Summer Vacations: Janet Jackson in the Bahamas (5/28/07)
Fergie/Eminem/Beyonce/Janet Jackson/Jay-Z/Sean Paul - Vmix (Best of 2006)
Good Times - Breaker, Breaker w/Janet Jackson #501 (11/9/77)
Good Times - The Evans Get Involved 1 w/Janet Jackson #502 (9/21/77)
Good Times - The Evans Get Involved 2 w/Janet Jackson #503 (9/21/77)
Good Times - The Evans Get Involved 3 w/Janet Jackson #504 (9/28/77)
Good Times - The Evans Get Involved 4 w/Janet Jackson #505 (10/5/77)
Good Times - Thelma Moves Out w/Janet Jackson #506 (10/12/77)
Good Times - Willona, the Fuzz w/Janet Jackson #507 (10/19/77)
Good Times - Wheels w/Janet Jackson #508 (11/2/77)
Good Times - Bye, Bye, Bookman w/Janet Jackson #509 (11/16/77)
Good Times - Thelma's Brief Encounter w/Janet Jackson #510 (12/7/77)
Good Times - Requiem for a Wino w/Janet Jackson #511 (12/14/77)
Good Times - I Had a Dream w/Janet Jackson #512 (1/30/78)
Good Times - Willona's Mr. Right w/Janet Jackson #513 (1/11/78)
Good Times - No More Mr. Nice Guy w/Janet Jackson #514 (1/4/78)
Good Times - Penny's Christmas w/Janet Jackson #515 (12/21/77)
Good Times - J.J. and the Boss' Daughter w/Janet Jackson #516 (1/18/78)
Good Times - Where There's Smoke w/Janet Jackson #517 (1/25/78)
Good Times - The Boarder w/Janet Jackson #518 (2/6/78)
Good Times - Something Old, Something New w/Janet Jackson #519 (3/13/78)
Good Times - J.J.'s Condition w/Janet Jackson #520 (2/13/78)
Good Times - Willona, the Other Woman w/Janet Jackson #521 (2/27/78)
Good Times - Write On, Thelma w/Janet Jackson #522 (3/27/78)
Good Times - That's Entertainment, Evans Style w/Janet Jackson #524 (4/3/78)
Good Times - Florida's Homecoming 1 w/Janet Jackson #601 ( 9/16/78)
Good Times - Florida's Homecoming: The Wedding w/Janet Jackson #603 (9/23/78)
Good Times - Stomach Mumps w/Janet Jackson #605 (10/14/78)
Good Times - Florida Gets a Job w/Janet Jackson #606 (10/7/78)
Good Times - J.J. the Teacher w/Janet Jackson #607 (10/21/78)
Good Times - The Witness w/Janet Jackson #609 (12/9/78)
Good Times - House Hunting w/Janet Jackson #611 (1/3/79)
Good Times - Florida's Favorite Passenger Pt 1 w/Janet Jackson #612 (5/23/79)
Good Times - Florida's Favorite Passenger Pt 2 w/Janet Jackson #613 (5/30/79)
Good Times - The Snow Storm w/Janet Jackson #614 (12/13/78)
Good Times - The Traveling Christmas w/Janet Jackson #615 (12/20/78)
Good Times - The Physical w/Janet Jackson #619 (7/11/79)
Good Times - A Matter of Mothers w/Janet Jackson #620 (7/18/79)
Good Times - Where Have All the Doctors Gone? w/Janet Jackson #621 (6/13/79)
Good Times - J.J. and T.C. w/Janet Jackson #624 (6/20/79)
Good Times - The End of the Rainbow w/Janet Jackson #623 (8/1/79)
Grammy's 29th Annual - Janet Jackson - What Have You Done for Me Lately (2/24/87)
Insider - An interview with Janet Jackson (8/29/08)
I Want a Famous Face - Janet Jackson (2005)
Janet Jackson: Exposed - she discusses her album 20 Y.O. (10/24/06)

Janet Jackson Music Videos
Access Granted - Janet Jackson - Rock with U (3/5/08)
Access Granted - Janet Jackson - So Excited (9/13/06)
Access Granted - Janet Jackson/Nelly - Call on Me (7/26/06)
Beenie Man/Janet Jackson - Feel it Boy
Blackstreet/Janet Jackson/Ja Rule/Eve - Girlfriend/Boyfriend
Busta Rhymes/Janet Jackson - What's it Gonna Be?
Janet Jackson - Again V1 - Concept
Janet Jackson - Again V2 - Live
Janet Jackson - All for You V1 - Concept
Janet Jackson - All for You V2 - Opening Night Live 01
Janet Jackson - All Nite (Don't Stop)
Janet Jackson - Alright
Janet Jackson - Anytime Anyplace
Janet Jackson - Because of Love
Janet Jackson - Black Cat
Janet Jackson - Come Back to Me
Janet Jackson - Control V1 - Long
Janet Jackson - Control V2 - Short
Janet Jackson - Doesn't Really Matter
Janet Jackson - Escapade
Janet Jackson - Every Time
Janet Jackson - Feedback
Janet Jackson - Go Deep
Janet Jackson - I Get Lonely
Janet Jackson - I Want You
Janet Jackson - If
Janet Jackson - Let's Wait Awhile
Janet Jackson - Love Will Never Do (Without You)
Janet Jackson - Megamix
Janet Jackson - Miss You Much
Janet Jackson - Nasty (Original)
Janet Jackson - Nasty (Pop Up Video)
Janet Jackson - Pleasure Principle
Janet Jackson - Rhythm Nation V1 - Concept
Janet Jackson - Rhythm Nation V2 - Live
Janet Jackson - Rock with U
Janet Jackson - Runaway (Original)
Janet Jackson - Runaway (Pop Up Video)
Janet Jackson - Someone to Call My Lover
Janet Jackson - That's the Way Love Goes V1 - Concept
Janet Jackson - That's the Way Love Goes V2 - Live
Janet Jackson - That's the Way Love Goes/If (VMA 93)
Janet Jackson - Together Again (Original)
Janet Jackson - Together Again (Pop-Up Video)
Janet Jackson - Twenty Foreplay
Janet Jackson - What Have You Done for Me Lately
Janet Jackson - When I Think of You
Janet Jackson/Blackstreet - I Get Lonely (Remix)
Janet Jackson/Jermaine Dupri - Someone to Call My Lover V2 (The So So Def Remix)
Janet Jackson/Khia - So Excited
Janet Jackson/MC Lyte - You Want This V1 - Panty Intro
Janet Jackson/MC Lyte - You Want This V2 - No Intro
Janet Jackson/Missy Elliott/Carly Simon - Son of a Gun (I Bet You Think this Song is About You)
Janet Jackson/Nelly - Call on Me
Janet Jackson/Q-Tip/Joni Mitchell - Got 'Til it's Gone
Jermaine Dupri/Johnta Austin - Gotta Getcha (Janet Jackson Cameo)
Pussycat Dolls/Janet Jackson - Buttons/So Excited (H2O Video Blend)

Other Family
Armed & Famous - I Never Thought I'd Get Handcuffed by a Jackson w/LaToya Jackson #101. 1/10/07
Armed & Famous - The Cats of Muncie, They Have it Out for Me! w/LaToya Jackson #102. 1/11/07
Armed & Famous - If He Starts Pointing the Gun? Do What You Were Trained to Do w/LaToya Jackson #103. 1/17/07
Armed & Famous - I Should Not Have Lost My Cool w/LaToya Jackson #104. 1/24/07
Howard Stern Radio Show - Jack Gordon's (LaToya Jackson's husband) bubble machine #85 (2001)
Howard Stern E! Show - Jack Gordon (LaToya Jackson's husband) and his New Acts/Singing Psychic (2000)
Howard Stern E! Show - Jack Gordon's (LaToya Jackson's husband) Shiny Bubbles/John the Stutterer Hypnotized (2001)
Jackie Jackson - Stay
Jacksons - Body
Jacksons - Nothin' Compares 2 You
Jermaine Jackson - Do What You Do
Jermaine Jackson - Don't Take it Personal
Jermaine Jackson - Dynamite (Original)
Jermaine Jackson - Dynamite (Pop Up Video)
Jermaine Jackson - I Think it's Love
Jermaine Jackson & Pia Zadora - When the Rain Begins to Fall
Latoya Jackson - Heart Don't Lie (Original)
Latoya Jackson - Heart Don't Lie (Pop Up Video)
MAD TV - LaToya Jackson (1/10/98)
Marlon Jackson - Baby Tonight
Rebbie Jackson - Centipede
Rebbie Jackson & Robin Zander - You Send the Rain Away

The Jacksons (Jack5ons): A Family Dynasty
The Jackson Family - The Jackson 5's plans for a reunion tour and 40th anniversary album are put on hold due to the death of brother Michael. #101. 12/13/09
The Aftermath - The Jackson family is still mourning the death of Michael when their attorney informs them that they are still obligated to a previously agreed upon performance; Marlon, Tito and Jackie confront Jermaine and question his commitment to the group. #102. 12/13/09
The Jacksons Abroad - The brothers head to different corners of the globe to pursue their own personal projects. #103. 12/20/09
Come Together - The Jacksons agonize over whether to attend the premiere of brother Michael's concert documentary film, This Is It, because they anticipate criticism no matter what they decide; Tito makes an unexpected decision; Jermaine holds a grudge. #104. 1/3/09
Lockdown - The Jacksons prepare for their upcoming concert while working in seclusion in Santa Barbara, Calif.; Jermaine confronts his brothers about their lack of support for his delayed Michael tribute concert; an argument erupts between Jermaine and Marlon. #105. 1/10/09
Now, What? - brothers remain split in 2 camps after having made the difficult decision to cancel the concert; a visit to a juvenile detention center provides inspiration. #106. 1/17/09

Lisa Marie Presley
A&E Biography - Lisa Marie Presley (4/8/05)
E! True Hollywood Story - Lisa Marie Presley #281 (2003)
E!'s 101 Most Shocking Moments in Entertainment - #29 - Michael Jackson & Lisa Marie (3/1/07)
I Love the 70s - 10 parts 1970-79 guest comments (8/18/03)
Inside Out Lisa Marie Presley (2005)
Johnny Cash - God's Gonna Cut You Down (2006)
Lisa Marie Presley - Dirty Laundry (4/05)
Lisa Marie Presley - Idiot (Tonight Show 5/24/05)
Lisa Marie Presley - Lights Out (4/03)
Look-a-Like - Blaire Michaels becomes Lisa Marie Presley (10/4/06)
Most Awesome Makeout Moments w/Michael & Lisa Marie on Mtv (1/12/04)
Oprah - Priscilla & Lisa Marie Presley’s First Interview Together (3/29/05)
Primetime Live - Michael Jackson & Lisa Marie Presley Interview (5/18/95)
TV Guide Close up - Lisa Marie Presley (2005)
VH1 News - Lisa Marie Presley (4/1/05)

Orianthi - According to You 1/10
Orianthi/Steve Vai - Highly Strung 3/10

Parody & Other
Alien Ant Farm - Smooth Criminal V1 - Concept
Alien Ant Farm - Smooth Criminal V2 - Scrolling MJ Facts
America's Got Talent - Smooth Criminal is used for an act #413. 8/4/09
America's Got Talent - V4ari Dance Crew samples Michael Jackson. 2hrs #417. 8/17/09
Beyonce - Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it) V2 - Scrolling MJ Facts
Blind Date - Cutting Room Floor - Jeremy carries on in a drunken ramble/has to go to the bathroom and does PYT from MJ #316. 2004
Blind Date - Jeremy & Myisha - she likes white guys - Roger says maybe MJ is available #132. 2002
Celebrity Deathmatch - Faith Hill vs. Janet Jackson #419 (4/18/02)
Chris Brown - Wall to Wall V1 - Concept/MJ tribute dance
Chris Brown - Wall to Wall V2 - VMA 07
Chris Brown - Wall to Wall V3 - VMA 07 w/Scrolling MJ Facts
Code Monkeys - The Kid is Mine - Michael Jackson video game parody (6/29/08)
Eminem - Just Lose it (Dresses as MJ - hair catches fire & nose falls off) (2005)
Esso - Don’t Stop (Samples Don't Stop til You get enough and imitates the video intro) (10/09)
Fall Out Boy - Beat it V1 - Live in Phoenix
Fall Out Boy - Beat it V2 - Concept
Fall Out Boy - Beat it V3 - Scrolling MJ Facts
Foul-Ups, Bleeps & Blunders - Michael Jackson Pepsi Commercial Parody - soda sprays in his face (1985)
Genesis - I Can't Dance V1 - Concept (End is a parody of Black or White with Phil and his car keys)
Ill-ustrated - Alien Parody - the Nostromo crew encounters Michael Jackson #208 (6/11/04)
Ill-ustrated - Michael Jackson makes new friends in space. #207 (6/4/04)
Ill-ustrated - Michael Jackson’s Indestructible music video #102 (10/17/03)
Ill-ustrated - Michael Jackson's Cancer Kids #204 (5/19/04)
Ill-ustrated - Michael Jackson's Taxicab Confessions with Robert Blake #103 (10/17/03)
Ill-ustrated - The stars of Ill-ustrated have fun with Michael Jackson #210 (6/25/04)
In Living Color - Hollywood Homeboys with Michael Jackson kidnapped (11/4/90)
In Living Color - Home Alone Again with Michael Jackson (10/27/91)
In Living Color - Joe Jackson - Lock You in the Closet (2/21/93)
In Living Color - Joe Jackson & the Jackson Kids Rock Em Sock Em (1993)
In Living Color - Joe Jackson's Never Neverland Sale (12/30/93)
In Living Color - Michael Jackson - Am I Black or White? (1/12/92)
In Living Color - Michael Jackson - Little Billy's Not My Lover (9/23/93)
In Living Color - Michael Jackson Potato Head (6/24/90)
In Living Color - Music Video Special w/Michael Jackson - Am I Black or White? (5/3/92)
In Living Color - The Jackson Bunch (11/3/91)
Jay-Z/Alicia Keys - Empire State of Mind (VMA09) - has in memory of Michael Jackson tribute sign in the NY footage (9/13/09)
Justin Timberlake - Rock Your Body V2 - Scrolling MJ Facts
Lights Resolve - The Hills & Michael Jackson (Fearless Music) 7/09
MAD TV - Honey I Touched the Kids w/Michael Jackson
MAD TV - Michael Jackson - I Do Like Girls - Rock My World music video parody with Todd Bridges. #706 (11/17/01)
MAD TV - Michael Jackson in Action Jackson #201 (9/21/96)
MAD TV - Michael Jackson Maintain the Fame Infomercial #114 (2/17/96)
MAD TV - Michael Jackson Queer Eye for the Strange Guy makeover #904 (10/4/03)
MAD TV - Michael Jackson's Plan to Take over the World #220 (5/3/97)
Mariah Carey - I'll Be There (Unplugged)
Ne-Yo - Closer V3 - Scrolling MJ Facts
Operation Repo - The guy does a Michael Jackson move and kicks Matt in the rectum and it hurts. #316. 7/13/09
Real World DC Playlist Mtv Hits - Ty talks about Josh influenced by Michael Jackson (12/09)
Robot Chicken - Badunkadunk - The real black Michael Jackson returns after being abducted by aliens in 1984 to battle with the fake white Michael. #13. (4/24/05)
Starveillance - Liza Minelli's & David Guest's wedding w/Michael Jackson #106 (2/2/07)
Starveillance - Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch yard sale 2006. #103. (1/19/07)
Usher - Caught Up V3 - Short/Scrolling MJ Facts
Where My Dogs at? - The War on Tara goofs on Janet Jackson #106 (7/8/06)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll V2 - Scrolling MJ Facts

Things Didn't Need to Record
Michael Jackson: Remember His Time (played the usual music videos - no special guests) 6hrs Fuse 8/29/09 - 5 hrs 10/10
The Michael Jackson Takeover on Fuse - 19 hours with 4 minutes of new stuff 12/28/09

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