If you are looking for any sketches, episodes or specials that never aired again like Bolt 45 or the Superbowl Live show on DVD just email me.
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This episode guide was made because the Official Complete Season DVDs are NOT COMPLETE - they cheaped out on the music rights so all the best stuff like song parodies & musical sketches are not there. Do not email me and say my list is wrong because they don't match your DVDs - your DVDs are wrong. This list is from the original shows. The last great sketch comedy show back when Jim Carrey was only known as the "white guy on In Living Color".

Sketches you won't see on the official DVDs
Crown Heights Story

Michael Jackson - Am I Black or White?

Vanessa Williams - Kiss My Ass


Person Roles
Keenen Ivory Wayans (1990-3) Host, Tom Brothers, Mr. Buttman, Joe Clark, Leonard "Frenchie", Arsenio Hall, Iceman, Jesse Jackson, Rick James, Siamese Les, Milli, Little Richard, Mike Tyson, Marsha Warfield, Billy Dee Williams
James Carrey (1990-4) Johnny Abdul, The Amazing Kreskin, Background Guy, Bad Karate Instructor, Ed Baker, Lionel Baker, Rocky Balboa, Bill Benson, Bill  Bixby, John Wayne Bobbitt, Michael Bolton, Charles Bronson, Fire Marshal Bill Burns, David Carradine, Dick Clark, Bill Clinton, Jerry Cooney, Lorie Daves, Death, Vera DeMilo, Reginald Denny, Environmental Guy, George Hamilton, Pee Wee Herman, Michael Jackson, Juicy Jay Juiceman, Dr. Jack Kevorkian, Admiral Keating, Ted Kennedy, Capt James T. Kirk, Stacy Koon, Krishna Cop, Jim Lange, Jay Leno, Jerry Lewis, Grandpa Jack McGee, My Left Foot, Nick Nolte, Ed Norton, Edward James Olmos, Overly Confident Gay Guy, Parnell, Rev Carl Pathos, Ross Perot, Dickie Peterson, Ricky Ricardo, Geraldo Rivera, Tony Robbins, Kenny Rogers, Bob Sagett, Jerry Seinfeld, William Shatner, Richard Simmons, Snow, Stupid Prop Guy, Jimmy Swaggart, Patrick Swayze, Alan Thicke, Timmy, Ted Turner, Transition Man, Umbilical Barry, Vanilla Ice, Juice Weasel, Chuck Woolery
Kelly Coffield (1990-3) Paula Abdul, Woody Allen, Mrs. Benson, Blue Dot Woman, Barbara Bush, Candy Yam, Andrea Dice Clay, Miss Daisy, Kathie Lee Gifford, Jessica Hahn, Insecure Woman Comic, Nurse Kaiser, Samantha Kinison, Cyndi Lauper, Lizzie, Edna Louise (Little Miss Trouble), Ethel Mertz, Velma Mulholland (Black & White Lady),  Sinead O'Connor, Sheila Peace, Marge Shott, Suzanne Sommers, Clarice Starling, Sally Struthers, Magenta Thompson, Timmy's Mom, Justice Sandi Wapner
Kim Coles (1990) Billy Dee's date, Downtown Julie Brown, Margaret Hedley
Tommy Davidson (1990-4) Annoying Waiter, B-Boy, Huggy Bear, Buttman Jr, Chillin', Sammy Davis Jr., Fakar, Byron Hedley, Hector, Michael Jackson, Sweet Tooth Jones, Spike Lee, Sugar Ray Leonard, Main Man, MC Hammer, Gregory Miller, Percy, Pookie, Scotty J., T.J. Shatner, Snack 'N Shack cook, Howard Tibbs III, Wendell K. Tippleton, Stevie Wonder
David Alan Grier (1990-4) Muhammad Ali, The Amazing Larande, Lonny Anderson, Angry Black Man, Marion Barry, Darnell Bond, Mr. Brooks, Ray Charles, Chuckles the Clown, B.S. Brother Clavell, Deaf Mac, Hector the Hairdresser, Lamont Hightower, Joseph Jackson, Michael Jackson, Rodney King, Leon, Lil' Magic's Mom, Al Macafeey, Mac the Barber, Doug McPherson the Hemorrhoid Guy, Antoine Merriwether, Munson, Colin Powell, Sammy the ventriloquist, Al Sharpton, Silky, Loomis Simmons, Leon Sphinx, Mr. Spock, Justice Clarence Thomas, Tiny, Calhoun Tubbs, Ike Turner, Cephus Mayweather, Michael Winslow
T'Keyah 'Crystal' Keymah  (1990-4) Tenisha Allen, Downtown Julie Brown, Edith Bunker, Mrs. Buttman, Crissy, Crystal, Whoopi Goldberg, Jackée Harry, Shawanda Harvey, Hilda Hedley, Deronda Hightower, Alfreda Hill Miss California, Eartha Kitt, Kitty Litter, Lashawn, Rita, Sally, Salt, Shahrazad Ali, Sugar, Tammy, Why? Host, Cathy Williams
Damon Wayans (1990-3) Oswald A. Bates, Tom Brothers, Rev Ed Cash, Eddie, Blaine Edwards, Louis Farrakhan, Handi Man, Detective Head (Robert Haggerty), Godfrey Hedley, Holke, Homey D. Clown (Herman Simpson), Anton Jackson, Don King, Richard Pryor, Siamese Wes, Skully Model, Smiley, Timbuk, Vanilli, Whiz
Kim Wayans (1990-3) The Benefit Bandit, Mrs. Brooks, Brenda Buttman, Benita Butrell, Tracy Chapman, Corrina, Cousin Elsie, Whitney Houston, Grace Jones, Laquita, Lil' Magic, Mrs. Keegan, Mama from Snack 'N Shack, Miss Illinois, Pepa, Reesie Mayweather, Della Reese, Tina Turner, Uhura, Dionne Warwick, Crystal Waters, Vanessa Williams, Oprah Winfrey
Shawn Wayans (1990-3) DJ SW1, Street Poet, Tony Roam (Thadius), Chris Rock, Jimmie Walker
Jamie Foxx (1991-4) Ace, Bill Cosby, Biological Clock, Wile E. Coyote, Jerome Johnson, Mr. Stereotype Comic, Snoop Doggy Dogg, Arsenio Hall, Barney Hefner, Tito Jackson, Garret Morris, Eddie Murphy, Prince, Lionel Richie, Little Richard, Farmer Smiley, T-Dog, Trail Mix-a-Lot, Cornbread Turner, Wanda Wayne the Ugly Woman, Jaleel White, Carl The Tooth Williams
Steve Park (1991-2) Connie Chung, Korean Grocer, Yoko Ono, Rice Cube, Mr. Sulu
Marlon Wayans (1992-3) Luther - Mr. Ugly Man, Snuff a Luffagus (Alvin)
Alexandra Wentworth (1992-4) Candy Cane, Cher, Hilary Clinton, Cindy Crawford, Amy Fisher, Alice Kramden, Suzanne Powter, Sharon Stone, Snowflake, Super Bimbo
Twist (Leroy Casey) (1991-4) DJ, Dancer
Anne-Marie Johnson (1993-4) Basketball Wife, Gloria Bunker, Honey, Mary Tyler Mo, White Riot Reporter
Jay Leggett (1993-4) Lorie Daves, Elmer Fudd, Ralph Kramden, Rush Limbaugh, John Madden, Rosie O'Donnell, Yosemite Sam, Shamus O'Shanty O'Shane
Reggie McFadden (1993-4) Mr. Armstrong
Carol Rosenthal (1993-4) Sandra Bernhard, Lorena Bobbitt, Tonya Harding, Marlee Matlin, Overprotective mother, Vagimae
Marc Wilmore (1993-4) Maya Angelou, Archie Bunker, Bob Hope, Darius Hope, Jurassic Benny, Randy Rooney, Isabel Sanford
Chris Rock (1993-4) Cheap Pete, NBA Harasser, various
Biz Markie (1993-4) Wanda's Sister, various  
Dwayne Wayans (1990-3) Extra parts no one else wanted
Rosie Perez (1990-4) Choreographer, talent coordinator
Fly Girls Cari French (1990-3), Carla Garrido (1991), Laurie-Ann Gibson (1994), Carrie Ann Inaba (1990-3), Deidre Lang (1990-4), Jennifer Lopez (1991-3), Jossie Harris (1993-4), Lisa Thompson (1993-4), Lisa Marie Todd (1990-3), Michelle Whitney-Morrison (1990-1), Masako Willis (1994)
Debbie Lee Carrington Tiny Avenger

Catch Phrases

Character Line(s)
Mr. and Mrs. Brooks "and we still together!"
Fire Marshal Bill Burns "Let me show you something!"
Benita Butrell "But I ain't one to gossip, so you didn't hear it from me."
Homey D. Clown "I don't think so, Homey don't play that.","Listen up children.", "What have we learned?"
Blaine Edwards "Hated It!", "Two snaps up," "I'm not touching that one."
Frenchie "My name's Leonard, but all my friends call me Frenchie."
Funky Finger Productions "Here's a business card, you know I'm fresh out.", "BAM!" "Is he in town? Because you know he didn't call me." "Homslice" "Home Skillet".
Handi Man "Never underestimate the power of the handicapped."
Godfrey Hedley "How many jobs you have?"
Antoine Merriwether "The show where we look at __ from the male point of view."
Homeboy Shopping  "Yo homeboy! What?", "Mo' Money, mo' Money, mo' Money!"
Snack 'N Shack cook "Pick it up."
Calhoun Tubbs "Wrote a song about it. Like to hear it? Here it goes!"
Wanda Wayne  "I'll rock yo world.", "I'm ret to go.", "I got you."

Season 1 (1990)

1 - Keenan's intro, Love Connection - Robin Givens & Mike Tyson, Great Moments in Black History - Slick Johnson: First Black Man on the Moon, Homeboy Shopping Network - Truck Sale, Dance: Jamie's Morgan - Walk on the Wild Side, Redd Foxx's 1990 Tax Tips, Equity Express - Helping People is What They're About, Dance: Troy Johnson - Change Side, Men on Films - Do the Right Thing, Karate Kid III, Great Balls of Fire, Black Widow & Dangerous Liaisons, Keenan's Thanks. 7H01. 4/15/90
2 - Keenan's intro, Milli Vanilli Do it Yourself Kit, The Arsenio Hall Show with Marion Barry, Detroit Homeboy Choir, Dance: Rich Nice - I Wanna Be Rich, Larry Interviews Sugar Ray Leonard on the show so far, Star Trek - The Wrath of Farrakhan, Dance:, Ridin' Miss Daisy. 7H02. 4/21/90
3 - Keenan's intro - taking Sean's clothes, Lean on Me Beautiful - The Joe Clark Story Part 2, Mitzvah Train Dating Service, Go on Girl with Keanna & Livonia, Oswald Bates for the United Negro College Fund, Too-Too Ethnic, Dance: Digital Underground - Humpty Dance, Lassie '90, Richard Pryor is Scared for No Reason, Dance: Queen Latifah - Dance for Me, Vortex II Super Absorbent Tampons, T'Keyah's outro 7H03. 4/28/90
4 - Sean takes over the show, The Oprah Winfrey Show - Men that can't commit to marriage, Billy Dee Williams for Bolt 45 (Banned, now replaced with The Exxon Family), Great Moments in Black History - Calhoun Thompson Inventor of Self Service Gas, Dance: Queen Latifah, Transition Man, Downtown Julie Brown, Whitney Houston - Rhythmless Nation, Anton Entertains on the Subway, Dance:, Men on Art, Keenan's goodbye 7H04 5/5/90
5 - Keenan's intro with DJ Barry XL, Three Champs and a Baby, New Republic of Nagana Wanawa with Ambassador Margaret L. Hall & her Interpreter, Harvey Bennett's Blind Date with Grace Jones, Dance: 3rd Bass - Brooklyn Queens, Hefty World Condominium Estates, Homeboy Shopping Network - Used Car Sale, Dance: Public Enemy - Can't Do Nothin' for Your Man, Crissy Pretends about a Black World, Fly Girl Outro 7H05. 5/12/90
6 - Keenan's intro, Complete Self Defense for Women Bad Karate Class, Greshon Formula, Jheri's Kids Telethon, Dance: Public Enemy - Welcome to the Terrordome, The Making of a Tracy Chapman's Song - "I write a fast song", Oppression Cologne, Dance: Newkirk - Sweat You, Snack 'N Shack gets new customers. 7H06. 5/19/90
7 - Keenan's intro, Don King - The Early Years with Jerry Cooney & Leon Spinx, Salt "N Pepa - Cook It, Hey Mon at Home, Dance: , Ted Turners Very Colorized Classics - Casablanca with Billy Dee Williams & Stevie Wonder, The Old Bathroom Attendant, Dance: Kid N Play, Men on Books 7H07. 5/27/90
8 - Keenan's intro, President Jesse Jackson’s Last press conference 12/22/00, Cephus & Reesie - The Mayweather’s Greatest Hits, Alan Thicke subbing for Johnny Carson - Endangered Species: The B-Boy, Casa de Hair with Hector, Dance: Doc Boy & B. Fresh - Time to Get Smart, This 'Ol Box. 7H08. 6/3/90
9 - Keenan's intro, Homeboy Seminar, America’s Funniest Security Camera Videos, Andrea Dice Clay stand-up, Dance: Queen Latifah - Ladies First, Hey Mon Airlines, Dance: Doc Boy & B. Fresh - Doc Says Dance, Introducing...Homey D. Clown 7H09. 6/17/90
10 - Michael Jackson Potato Head 7H10 6/24/90
11 - The Brothers Brothers Comedy Hour, MC Hammer - Can’t Touch These Pants, Cine-Globe Theaters Presents No Volume, Calhoun Tubbs 75th Anniversary, Ted Turner’s Very Colorized Classics - The Kid, Dance: Def Jef - Black to the Future, Anton in The People's Court 7H11. 7/15/90
12 - Keenan Fly Girl Intro, The Vortex of Fear - The Hypnotist, Ray Charles in Charge, Lil’ Richard’s Playhouse - Cinderella, Dance: Salt ‘N Pepa - Expression, Della Reese’s Pieces, The White Conspiracy, Dance: Redhead Kingpin & the FBI - Pump it Hottie, I Love Laquita - The Cable Man 7H12. 9/2/90
13 - Keenan's intro - last show of the first season intro with the Orange Drive kids, Homey D Clown’s One Stop Carnival, This ain’t Oprah?, Benita Butrell - New neighbor gossip, Dance: LL Cool J - Jingling Baby, Michael Winslow A One Man Show, Samantha Kinison on HBO, Dance: Public Enemy - 911 is a Joke, The Buttmans - Gas Leak 7H13. 9/9/90

Season 2 (1990-1)

14 - 7U01. 9/23/90
15 - Keenan Introduces Jameel Hassan the radio show winner, Anton at the Recruiter, Training Men the Wodehouse Way, Roseanne Barr Sings America, Luther Campbell writes a charity song, Dance: , When Homey Met Sally… 7U02. 9/30/90
16 - Winning an Emmy is a Team Effort, Flatuscents, The Magenta Thompson Show with Pam Grier, The Mayweathers - Get off the Lord’s Bus if You Ain’t got Correct Change, The Buttmans - Brenda’s First Date, Dance: The Afros - Feel it, Spike's Joint with Rosie Perez, 3rd Bass - Product of the Environment (Live) 7U03. 10/7/90
17 - 7U04. 10/14/90
18 - Funky Finger Productions interrupts Keenan's intro, Black Like You with The Brothers Brothers - Angry Black Man, Dance: The Afros - Feel it, Go on Girl - Man Show: Gregory Miller & Lionel Baker, Oswald Bates for AT&T - Reach Out, Dance: Poor Righteous Teachers - Rock Dis Funky Joint, Miss Black Person U.S.A. hosted by Lamont Hightower with Miss Illinois, Miss North Carolina and winner Alfreda Hill Miss California 7U05. 10/21/90
19 - How to start the Show - Heavy D - In Living Color (Live), Hey Mon in Court, Dance: Diane Brown - Masterplan, Shahrazad Ali's The Black Man's Guide To Understanding the Black Woman, Snack N Shack - The Orthodontists, Frenchie at the Save the Dolphins Party 7U06. 10/28/90
20 - Shawn Wayans's Entourage, Funky Finger Productions in Madonna’s Green Room, Style Minute - Fakar’s Iraqi Fashion Designs, Dance: Public Enemy - Don’t Believe the Hype, Edna & Parnell - The Farmer and the Princess, Buffed Beautiful & Bitchin’ with Vera DeMilo, Hollywood Homeboys Homeboy Shopping Network 7U07. 11/4/90
21 - Keenan Intro, Magenta Thompson’s Acting School, Foundation for Golf Heritage, Dance: Harmony - Poundcake, Insecure Blind Date at the movies, Dance: D-Mob - The Way of the World, I Love Laquita - Sings the Blues with Billy Dee Williams 7U08. 11/11/90
22 - Keenan Introduces Fly Guy Carl Jamal Taylor, Lassie ’90, Rocky VI vs. Grace Jones, Dance: Technotronic - Take it Slow, Dinner With Millie: Corrina Won’t Stop singing, P.M.S. Defense System, Dance: DNA/Suzanne Vega - Tom’s Diner, Men On Vacation, 3rd Bass - No Master Plan No Master Race (Live) 7U09. 11/18/90
23 - 7U10. 11/25/90
24 - Keenan's Intro, Three Champs and a Little Lady, The Newlywed Game, Dance: Monie Love - It’s a Shame, The Good Behavior Show, Dance: Kool G Rap - Talk Like Sex, The Justice Legion of America - The Adventures of Handi Man!, Nikki D - Steam (Live) 7U11. 12/16/90
25 - Afrophone & Blooper Tape Offer, Veracosa - Mistress of Destruction, Cephus & Reesie Mayweather's Christmas Album, Dance: Caron Wheeler - Livin’ in the Light, Edna & Parnell at a Museum, Dance: Guy - Gotta be a Leader, Homey Claus, 25th Episode Party 7U12. 12/23/90
26 - Keenan's Intro, The Brothers Brothers Arizona Hospitality Tourism Commission Spokesmen, Johnny Abdul’s Greatest Hits, George the 35 Year Old Foster Child, B/W Woman & the blind date, Funky Finger Productions in Business fear a foreign takeover, Dance: MC Lyte - Slave 2 the Rhythm, Introducing The Head Detective, Rich Nice - Outstanding (Live) 7U13. 1/13/91
27 - 7U14. 2/3/91
28 - Keenan introduces high grandmother on the boom mic, Benita Butrell Neighborhood Watch Gossip, Vanilla Ice - White White Baby, Al Macafeey at the Midvale High School senior prom, Oswald Bates’ Parole Hearing, Dance: Special Ed - Come on Let’s Move it, My Dark Conscience, Three Champs for Fruit of the Loom Boxers. 7U15. 2/10/91
29 - Keenan’s Intro, The Ejector Bed from Rudeco, Frenchie at a bachelor party, Law Offices of Lonie Parker - 555-Loni: Cash for your crash, Dance: Run-D.M.C. - What’s it All About, Les & Wes Siamese comics, Anton in The Burbs, Leaders of the New School - Case of the PTA (Live) 7U16. 2/17/91
30 - PCN: Prison Cable Network Win, Lose, Or Draw; Milk: Marsha Warfield - it does a body read good, War In The Gulf - Colin Powell & Admiral Keating’s briefing, Dance: Slick Rick - I Shouldn’t have Done it, Calhoun Tubbs sings at Senator Helmsley’s re-election, Woman holds up a Sperm Bank, Dance: EPMD - Golddigger, Love Connection - Andrea Dice Clay & Patrick Swayze. 7U17. 2/24/91
31 - The Brothers Brothers join the all white Dixie Hill Country Club, Oprah Winfrey - this is your brain on drugs, Los Angeles Raiders touchdown dance choreography, Lil Magic's School Play - Please Momma Don’t eat the Govt Cheese, Dance: K-Solo - Your Mom’s in My Business, Classroom Safety: School Fire Safety Week with Fire Marshall Bill, Another Bad Creation - Iesha (Live) 7U18. 3/3/91
32 - David's Singing Tribute to Broadway, Velma Mulholland gets Pulled Over, Rudy's Last Request - Cephus & Reesie, Do You Feel Lucky? With Dirty Harry, Dance: Stetasonic - The Hip Hop Band, Hour of Power - 595 Club First Church of Discount Sin's Blue Light Special, Dance: Main Source - Looking at the Front Door, Pretty Buffed Woman with Vera Demilo, KRS-One - The Bridge is Over (Live) 7U19. 3/17/91
33 - Tommy Davidson sings Keenan’s History, Funky Finger Productions - Rainman Dingo, Summer’s Dawn Douche, Dance: Chubb Rock - Treat ‘em Right, Edna Louise & Parnell on the playground, The Super Fly, Dance: Run-D.M.C. - Peter Piper, Snack ‘N Shack - the new waitress, 2 for 2 Dancers (Live) 7U20. 3/31/91
34 - Keenan’s Best of Intro, Anton at the Army Recruiter, Fashion Tampons by Femco, Spike’s Joint, Oswald Bates for AT&T - Reach out from jail, The Ejector Bed from Rudeco, The Head Detective’s Origin, Men On Film 2. 7U25. 4/14/11
35 - Keenan’s Comedy Wheel of Race, The Head Detective at the Bowling Alley, The Adventures of Handi Man vs. Handi Droid, The Arsenio Hall of Justice, Ice Cube & Public Enemy - Medley: Security of the Firstworld/Black Steel/Buck Whylin/911 is a Joke/Fight the Power (Live) 7U23. 4/28/91
36 - Best of: Three Champs and a Little Lady, The Brothers Brothers - Black Like Me, New Republic of Naganawanaland, Tracy Chapman writes a fast song, Homeboy Seminar, Vanilla Ice - White White Baby, The Afros - This Jam’s For You (Live) 7U22. 5/5/11
37 - The female cast ties up the Fly Girls and takes over, Lil' Magic - The Audition, Oprah’s Restaurant, Dance: Cover Girls - Funky Bout Love, Homey D. Clown Sells Out Part 1, Men On Television - Blaine Goes Straight Part 1, Season 2 wrap party. 7U24. 5/12/91
38 - Dickie Peterson: Secret Service - Cherub of Justice w/Dan Quayle, MX Security Phone Tree, Frenchie at the Opera Benefit, Dance: Leaders of the New School - Case of the PTA, Clear Conscience Fur Farm, Velma Mulholland at the ice cream parlor singing “Double Dip Blues”, Dance: Son of Bazerk - Change the Style, Oswald Bates teaches his son about the birds & bees. 7U21. 8/11/91
39 - Keenan’s Best of Intro, Rocky VI vs. Grace Jones, Veracosa - Mistress of Destruction, Calhoun Tubbs at Mississippi Fatback’s Funeral, Men On Vacation, When Homey Met Sally… 7U26. 9/1/91

Season 3 (1991-2)

40 - Pee Wee's Adult Playhouse - New & Improved Doll from Sleazo, New Theme Song - Heavy D & the Boyz - 'Cause that's the Way You Live when You're Livin' in Living Color, Keenan introduces the new cast - Jennifer Lopez, Steve Park & Jamie Foxx, Crown Heights Story, Dance: Jodeci - Gotta Love, Misery II with Rick James, Homey The Sellout Part 2, Dance: Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam - Let the Beat Hit ‘em, The Head Detective - The Pulaski Diamond, Keenan introduces his nephew Damian. 8U01. 9/22/91
41 - Kung Fu Master '91, The Al Sharpton Lou Farrakhan Comedy Hour - Jews on First, Velma Mulholland gets Robbed, The Silence Of The Lambs II - The Oswald File, Dance: Take a Chance with Me, Men On Television - Blaine’s Return Part 2. 8U02. 9/29/91
42 - Justice Clarence Thomas's First Day on the Supreme Court, El Mucho Rocketeer, Al Macafeey distributes condoms, Dance: Queen Latifah - Nature of a Sister, Butt Out Jeans by Prince, Benita Butrell’s Carnival Gossip, Anton Jackson’s Play - Romeo & Juliet in the Park, Keenan’s Outro. 8U03. 10/6/91
43 - Jesse Jackson Children's Books - Horton Hears a Ho & Green Eggs and Gubment Cheese, Jimmie Walker as LL Cool J - Mama’s Gonna Kick Me Out, Hey Mon - The Hedley Café vs. The Korean Grocer, Dance: Leaders of the New School - Planes, Trains & Automobiles; Funky Finger Productions, Dance: De La Soul - Saturdays, Fire Marshall Bill Burns on a Cruise Ship Vacation, Leaders of the New School - Teacher’s Don’t Teach Us Nonsense (Live) 8U04. 10/13/91
44 - Justice Clarence Thomas goes to Girlie World, Two Gay Construction Guys, Snack ‘N Shack Goes Pirate, PCN: Prison Cable Network’s Good Behavior - Four New Shows: Chorus Lineup, Late Night with Tiny, Death Row Comic on Tour & Prison Fever, Lizzy's - Know it all waitress, Cephus and Reesie at the Allen Sharpton Bar Mitzvah, Dance: Monie Love - Work it Out, The Adventures of Handi Boy - How He Came to Be, Keenan tries to get kids to do the outro. 8U05. 10/20/91
45 - Sally Struthers for Adopt A TV Child Foundation, Coyote Ugly Escape Kit from Muttco, Black Like You with The Brothers Brothers - Morgan Casey, Dance: EPMD - I'm Mad, Minute Maiden & Minute Man, Silent But Deadly Ninja Home Security System, Vera DeMilo for Steroids - Live Fast: Die Young & Pretty, Dance: Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - The Creator, Home Alone Again with Michael Jackson 8U06. 10/27/91
46 - The Jackson Bunch, Save the Planet with the Environmental Guy, Dance: Cypress Hill - How Could I Just Kill a Man, D.A.R.E. with Arsenio Hall, The Street Poet outside a grocery store, Dance: Eric B. & Rakim - Mahogany, Sam and Samantha Kinison, Sam’s Outro & Dance. 8U07. 11/3/91
47 - Paula Abdul - Promise of a Thin Me, Sheila Peace - Racist Stereotype Realtor, Les & Wes on the Run, Timbuk the Modern Day Slave, Dance: Nikki D - 18 and Loves to Go, Late Night with Mike Tyson w/Carwreck the Magnificent, Big Daddy Kane - Ooh, Aah, Nah-Nah-Nah (Live) 8U08. 11/10/91
48 - The David Duke Show, 48 Hours Again - Oswald Bates, Krishna Cop, Crystal Waters - My Songs are Mindless, Family Few: Bill Benson Game Show Host at Home, The Head Detective - Candy Yam, Queen Latifah - Latifah's Had it Up to Here (Live) 8U09. 11/17/91
49 - The Wilt Chamberlain Wall of Fame, My Left Foot of Fury, Barber Shop with Deaf Mac, Dance: A Tribe Called Quest - Everything is Fair, Frenchie at the AA Meeting, Skully Conditioning Head Creme, Dance: Guy - D-O-G Me Out, Men On Film Festival - Magnificent 9, Deep Sea Men, Kid Fist; Shawn and Steve B-boy outro 8U10. 11/1/91
50 - Jimmy Swaggart and the Angels of Mercy Singers - Heaven or Hell, Benita Butrell goes to Court, Dance: Compton's Most Wanted - I Don't Dance, Calhoun Tubbs teaches a British Rocker the blues, Dance: Public Enemy - Can't Truss It, Anton and the Reporter - Charles Pack interviews him at home, Tommy Davidson does Bruce Lee 8U11. 12/8/91
51 - Cosby Condoms, HBO's Tired Comedy Night with Insecure Woman, Old Guy, Mr. Stereotype & Stupid Prop Guy; Lil Magic as Helen Keller in the Fulton County Film Festival, Tes-T-Shields, Sidekick In Nam!, Dance: A Tribe Called Quest - Check the Rhime, Wanda's Blind Date, Keenan lets Angie say goodnight and Damon vs. Homey cutout 8U12. 12/15/91
52 - Equity Express Card - Blue Dot woman attacked by William Kennedy Smith, Kennedy Cart Blanche Card with Ted Kennedy & William Kennedy Smith, Tommy Wu Seminar - How to inherit your wealth, Homey D Clown on parole in Chuckle's Circus, Dance: Tony! Toni! Tone! - I Don't Know What You Came to do, Great Moments in Black History - Jerome Johnson Inventor of the Jerry Curl, Ebony Jet Essence Right On Showcase - Jamiel Jamal age 7 director of 3 Little Pigs, Dance: MC Lyte - Search 4 the Lyte, Fire Marshall Bill as Santa Claus, Derrick Brown outro and dance. 8U13. 12/22/91
53 - Michael Jackson - Am I Black or White?, Funky Finger Productions at Freddy Saxon's Funeral, Darnel Bond, The Adventures of Handi Man! with the Tiny Avenger vs. The Benefit Bandit Part 1, A Tribe Called Quest - Check the Rhime (Live) 8U14. 1/12/92
54 - Connie Chung - Me Want Maury, Frenchie goes to Lamaze class, Big Apple Airlines - Your Subway in the Sky, Death Takes a Vacation, Dance: Queen Latifah - Latifah's Had it Up to Here, Star Trek VII - The Really Last Voyage, Keenan says next week is the Live Superbowl Show 8U15. 1/19/92
55 - George Bush & Tommy Wu, Solo Dance: Queen Latifah - Give Your Love to Me, The Head Detective Gets Framed, Don Rickles at the UN, Cape Rear II - Arsenio 8U16. 2/2/92
56 - Sally Struthers for Feed the Planet, Hour of Power Preachers - Rev Ed Cash & Carl Pathos in front of the senate, Dance: Nikki D - Another Man's Beatin' My Time, Rice Cube - Down Wit MSG, Dance: Public Enemy - Night Train, Wanda the Massage Therapist, Tommy says to watch him next on Roc Live  8U17. 2/9/92
57 - Valentine’s Show - Cosby Condoms, When Homey Met Sally…, The Ejector Bed from Rudeco, Velma Mulholland & the blind date, Wanda's one night stand. 2/14/92
58 - Fox Bulletin - Bill Bixby nearly catches Elvis Presley, The Fist that Rocks the Cradle with Vera DeMilo, The Sensitive Mens' Wilderness Group, House Party 3 with Ted Kennedy, The Keating 5, Anita Hill & Dan Quayle, Ghost II with Sammy Davis Jr., Eric B. & Rakim - Juice (Live) 8U18. 2/16/92
59 - Kathie Lee Gifford for Club Ozone, Al Macafeey McBurger Security Guard, Richard Simmons for Shed-a-Bed Diet Program, Dance: Big Daddy Kane - Nuff Respect, Benita Butrell's 15th High School Reunion, Dance: Naughty By Nature - Uptown Anthem, Men On Vacation, Shabba Ranks & Maxi Priest - Housecall (Your Body Can't Lie to Me) Live 8U19. 2/23/92
60 - Career-Aid - We Were the World with Cyndi Lauper, Ray Charles, Kenny Rogers, Yoko Ono, Tina Turner, Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder & Diana Ross, Anton and Rita meet the Immigration Officer, Dance: X-Clan - Fire & Earth, Lashawn & Chillin' at Bob's Big Weenie, The Adventures of Handi Man! with the Tiny Avenger vs. The Benefit Bandit Part 2, Damon Outro 8U20. 3/1/92
61 - 8U21 3/15/92
62 - Tester's Choice Fatal Attraction, The $100,000 Pyramid with the Brothers Brothers, Dance: Digital Underground - Kiss You Back, The Last Man On Earth - Wendell K. Tippleton, Men On Film - Favorite Films on VHS, Kriss Kross - Jump (Live) 8U22. 3/29/92
63 - Krazy Poly-dente, Cousin Elsee at the Graduation Party, Sensual Dance: Vinx - While the City Sleeps choreographed by Alexandre Magno, Ghost II with Sammy Davis Jr., Dance: Cypress Hill - Real Estate, Les & Wes in Bucking Broncos Walls, Heavy D & the Boyz/Flavor Flav - You Can't See What I Can See (Live) 8U23. 5/3/92
64 - Sillycone Implants, Benita Butrell Delegate for Miss Jenkins, Crazy Tom's Appliances, Dance: Jeff Red - You Called and Told Me, Lashawn - tour guide for Native American Art Exhibit, Dance: Aaron Hall - Don't Be Afraid, International Space Station 2005 with Fire Marshall Bill, MC Lyte - Poor Georgie (Live) 8U24. 5/10/92
65 - Oswald A. Bates - Attorney at Law, On Head Majesty's Secret Service, Great Moments In Black History - Jerome Johnson Inventor of the Jerry Curl, Pee Wee's Adult Playhouse - New & Improved Doll from Sleazo, Dance: Organized Konfusion - Fudge Pudge, The Dating Game with Wanda Wayne & Paul Nelson, Keenan says goodbye to Damon 8U25. 5/17/92
66 - Hammer - Too Sold Out to Quit, Timbuk - the modern day slave, Dance: Joe Public - Live & Learn, William Shatner - Rescue Whenever in Compton, The One Night Stand Bar, Dance: Little Shawn - I Made Love (4 Da Very First Time), Anton gets rich, David's outro. 8U26. 4/19/92
67 - Music Video Special hosted by Downtown Julie Brown, Michael Bolton - When a Man Needs a Big Hit, Julie Brown with David Alan Grier, MC Hammer - Can’t Touch These Pants, Crystal Waters - My Songs are Mindless, Julie Brown's Letter, Vanilla Ice - White, White Baby; Butt Out Jeans by Prince, Julie Brown's a groupie, Paula Abdul - Promise of a Thin Me, Jimmie Walker as LL Cool J - Mama’s Gonna Kick Me Out, Julie Brown gets tricked, Michael Jackson - Am I Black or White?, Jodeci/K-Ci & JoJo - Xs We Share 8U27. 5/3/92
68 - Blooper Show - Oswald Bates & Barbara Bush, Benita Butrell's 15th High School Reunion, Keenan's Intro - Giggles: Testor's Choice, Admiral Keating's briefing, Crown Heights Story, Keenan,  On Head Majesty's Secret Service, Veracosa - Mistress of Destruction, Sensitive Men Camping, Crystal Waters Video, Timbuk, Star Trek VII - The Really Last Voyage, Keenan & the cast's speech on ignorance, Homey's Reading Lesson, Anton in the Burbs, Anton and the Reporter, Keenan on prop failures: Fire Marshall Bill's Barbie car, David Alan Grier has a wall fall on him, Head Detective in a bar, Animals: Lassie '90, Jokes: David Alan Grier's Tribute to Broadway with chickens, Homey Claus, Tommy's Abuse: When Homey Met Sally, Wanda the Masseuse pulls Tommy's briefs off, Les & Wes on the Run, Star Trek VII, Benita Butrell at the carnival, Introducing the Head Detective, Velma Mulholland at a newsstand, Damon showing his butt crack.  Dedicated to Sam Kinison & Tony White 8U28. 4/26/92
69 - Keenan’s Best of Intro, The Wilt Chamberlain Wall of Fame, The Al Sharpton Lou Farrakhan Comedy Hour - Jews on First, Wanda, Velma Mulholland gets Robbed, Men On Football, Wanda's Blind Date, T'Keyah's outro 8U29. 4/12/92
70 - 8U30. 1/26/92
71 - The Best of Men on Film - Deep Sea Men, Chris Connelly Intro, Men On Television - Blaine Goes Straight Part 1, Critic Intro, Men On Television - Blaine’s Return Part 2, Men On Film 3 Normal, Michael Medved Intro, Men On Sponsors, Chris Connelly Intro, Men On The Snaps, Men On Film Festival w/Magnificent 9. 8/92

Season 4 (1992-3)

72 - Ross Perot at the NAACP Convention, Dance: In Living Color, Jennifer Lopez intro, Keenan introduces the new cast: Deidre Lang, Jossie Harris, Lisa Thompson, Marlon Wayans, Alexandra Wentworth & L.C. Casey; Fire Marshall Bill, at an LA Supermarket Grand Opening, Rodney King and Reginald Denny PSA - Stay in Your Car, Edward James Olmos helps clean up LA, Dance: Arrested Development - U, Benita Butrell at the LA Riots, Redman - Blow Your Mind (Live) 9U01. 9/1/92
73 - Go on Girl - Barbara Bush & Hilary Clinton, The Amazing Kreskin vs. The Amazing Larande, Snuff & Rome in Jail, Dance: Wreckx-N-Effect - Rump Shaker, Basic Instank, The cast in Wanda shirts.  9U02. 10/4/92
74 - Rock The Vote with Cindy Crawford, Cousin Elsie at Uncle Clarence's Funeral, Dance: MC Serch - Here it Comes, Woody Allen for 1-300 Date the Children, Whitney Houston - Got You Babies Tonight, Dance: Zhigge - Toss it Up, Mr. and Mrs. Brooks 50th Anniversary, Gang Starr/Nice & Smooth - DWTCK (Live) 9U03. 10/11/92
75 - Vanessa Williams - Kiss My Ass, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - Sinead O'Connor, Lorie Daves Beauty System with Cher, George Hamilton Luggage Collection, First Ever Black People's Awards - Best Sassy neighbor/Best Scared Brother/Best Black Actress, A.D.O.R. - Let it All Hang Out. 9U04. 10/18/92
76 - Trail Mix-a-Lot - Baby's Got Snacks, Lonny Anderson's Blind Date, Super Bimbo saves an old lady, Def Jam Comedy Hour, Juicemania with Gordy & Juicy Jay, Grand Puba - 360 (What Goes Around) Live. 9U05. 9/29/92
77 - Bill Clinton - Humpin' Around, The Head Detective - The Dominguez Brothers, The Street Poet at the Airport, Dance: Vaughn Mason - Boune, Rock, Skate, Roll; Sue Goober Auditions for James Bond, Dance: Redman - Time 4 Sum Aksion, Comic Releef - Whoopi Goldberg meets Anton, Kelly's Outro - Get out and vote 9U06. 10/6/92
78 - Mr. Ugly Man - Shabba Ranks, The Dysfunctional Homeshow with Grandpa Jack McGee - Pork & Beans, Snuff & Roam go to a Club, Homey D Clown Meets Homey Jr., Wreckx-N-Effect - Rump Shaker (Live) 9U07. 11/8/92
79 - Chris Rock & Garret Morris for Anonymous Express Card, Wanda & Luther: Mr. Ugly Man, Loomis Simmons - Make Me Rich!, The Adventures of Handi Man - Nurse Kaiser & the Cripplemite, Pete Rock & CL Smooth - Straighten in Out (Live) 9U08. 10/20/92
80 - Prince - Prince of Munchkinland, Mr. and Mrs. Brooks' Thanksgiving, Candy Cane's Puppet Time Theatre with Farmer Smiley, Jennifer Lopez Solo Dance: Niki Howard - Ain't Nobody Like You, Men On Cooking, Mary J. Blige - Reminisce (Live) 9U09. 11/22/92
81 - Madonna - Neurotica, Gays in the Military - all gay platoon, Lil' Magic in a Time Flex Watch commercial, Dance: Showbiz & A.G. - Party Groove, Dionne Warwick's Win with Your Skin - Edwin O'Fay Skin Care System, Dance: SWV - Right Here, Dracula meets Wanda, T'Keyah's outro. 9U10. 11/3/92
82 - Driving Miss Shott, Street Poet's Christmas Song Shakedown, Dance: Eric B. & Rakim - Casualties of War, Benita Butrell - Salvation Army Gossip, Cephus & Reesie Mayweather sing Songs for Tots, Dance: Eric B. & Rakim - Don't Sweat the Technique, Why? - Does the most uniformed black person on the scene end up on TV, Al Macafeey as Santa, The casts' Xmas Wishes, Jamie Foxx sings “This Christmas” (Live) 9U11. 12/92
83 - Vera DeMilo Perfume, The Bodyguard with Grace Jones, Cousin Elsie the New Nurse, Dance: Get off my back, Why? - are black people always dancing or rapping in commercials, The Dysfunctional Home Christmas Show, Mr. & Mrs. Brooks Anniversary, Digible Plants - Rebirth of Slick (Live) 9U12 12/92
84 - The Capitol Hillbillies with Bill Clinton, Benita Butrell's Annual Checkup, Amy Fisher's Bang for Your Bucks Seminar, Lisa Todd Solo Dance: EPMD - Scratch Bring it Back, Tales From The Crib - A Nightmare on 125th Street, Ross Perot is on Every Channel, You Bet Your Career hosted by Bill Cosby - Mr. T, Sinbad & Delta Burke, Father MC - Everything's Gonna Be Alright (Live) 9U13. 1/93
85 - Alive II with Richard Simmons, Loomis Simmons Power Stretch, The Info Group - Jay Juiceman, Dionne Warwick, Jessica Hahn, Cher & Roscoe on Bosnia and Serbia, Dance: Guy - Groove Me, What if Bob Hope were black, Cops - LAPD Edition with Stacy Koon, Dance: Boogie Down Productions - We in There, Men On Fitness 9U14. 2/7/93
86 - Oswald Bates - Booked on Phonics, Forever Silky - The Pimp that Time Forgot, Dance: Apache - Gangster Bitch, Lashawn at the Jefferson's Cleaners w/Sherman Hemsley, PSA - You Can't Sing, Dance: Chic - Good Times, Fire Marshall Bill at a Mongolian BBQ, Arrested Development - Mr. Wendell (Live) 9U15. 2/14/93
87 - Joe Jackson - Lock You in the Closet, Thiegh Master with Suzanne Sommers, Calhoun Tubbs Live in Prison, Little Richard is Dirty Little Dick, Dance: Prime Minister Pete & Daddy Rich - Rap Prime Minister & Daddy Rich, The Geraldo Show with Jaleel White & midget mills, The LAPD pulls over Rodney Dangerfield thinking he's Rodney King, Dance: Double XX Posse - Not Gonna Be Able to Do it, Mr. and Mrs. Brooks' Garage Sale, Chris Rock and Garrett Morris say goodnight. 9U16. 2/21/93
88 - Boys II Wimps - End of the Road, Passenger 227 with Jackée Harry, Fox at the White House with Cathy Williams and the Background Guy, The Dysfunctional Home Show - Home Wedding, Dance: En Vogue - My Love (Never Gonna Get it), Wanda sings with En Vogue, T'Keyah introduces her family. 9U17. 2/28/93
89 - Isabel Sanford for Weezies Cough Drops, A Different Message, Why? Do Reporters get ethnic when talking about Latinos, DJ Super Dave on the Fox Lot, Charles Bronson for Make a Death Wish Foundation, Super Dave's Stunt Jump, 5th Annual BKC Dog show with Duke and Cornbread Turner, Naughty By Nature - Hip Hop Hooray (Live) 9U18. 3/7/93
90 - Reginald Denny - Achy Breaky Head, Great Moments in Black History - Homer Mix: Inventor of Scratching, Al Sharpton's Hunger Strike for Black Animals, Jossie's Solo Dance: Shabba Ranks - Ready, Ready Goody Goody; PSA - No One Thinks You Have Hair, What if Archie Bunker was Black?, Dance: Onyx - Throw Ya Gunz, Mr. Rogers in a Video Store, Heavy D. & The Boyz - Truthful (Live) 9U19. 3/14/93
91 - Best of - Intro by David, Alexandra & Jamie, Rodney King and Reginald Denny PSA - Stay in Your Car, Why? - Does the most uniformed black person on the scene end up on TV, Oswald Bates - Booked on Phonics, Ross Perot is on Every Channel, Driving Miss Shott, Lorie Daves Beauty System with Cher, Trail Mix-a-Lot - Baby's Got Snacks, Dracula meets Wanda, T'Keyah introduces her family. 9U20. 93
92 - What if Barbra Streisand were Black, Al Macafeey and the Detective 2000, Stereotype Lady at the Unemployment Office, Lashawn does a makeover at the Beauty Counter, Black People's Show - Kurt Jackson/Tanya H/Darrel Simmons, Prince Markie Dee & the Soul Convention - Typical Reasons (Swing My Way) Live. 9U21. 93
93 - PSA - You Can't Dance: Blackmoon - Who Got the Props, Lonny Anderson at the doctor, Overly Confident Gay Guy at a party, Dance: Showbiz & A.G. - Silence of the Lambs/Fat Pockets, Snookie with Bert & Linda, Stacy Koon's LAPD Officer Training, Da Youngsta's - Crewz Pop (Live) 9U22. 4/25/93
94 - Jay Leno/Whoopi Goldberg/Arsenio Hall - Undigable Hosts, Loomis Simmons Psychic Line, MTV's Teen Court with Justice Sandi Wapner, Mac the Barber with James Brown, Dance: Brand Nubian - Pass the Gat, Knockout Carl The Tooth Williams and Win a Free Dinner, Showbiz & A.G./Dres - Bounce Ta This (Live) 9U23. 93
95 - First Heterosexual Pride Parade, PSA - You are Not Thin, Calhoun Tubbs at a Chuck E. Cheddar Birthday Party, Thelma & Louise Jefferson, Black Woman on the Phone 24/7, Wanda as Mrs. Kitty Litter, Onyx - Slam (Live), 9U24. 5/9/93
96 - Scruffy McKenzie Commercial Audition with Duke and Cornbread Turner, Vera DeMilo in Breasts of Fury, Snack N Shack - The New Cook and the widow doctor, Bunny & Clive hold up a mini mart, Bordello Dance: Brand Nubian - Love Me or Leave Me Alone, The Dysfunctional Home Show - Funeral Special, The Pharcyde - Passing Me By (Live) 9U25. 93
97 - Joe Jackson & the Jackson Kids Rock Em Sock Em, In Living Color Voice Feedback Line, Lashawn at Mom's Beauty Ship with LaWanda Page, Dance: Brand Nubian - The Travel Jam, Why? In Star Trek the Next Generation does every black alien have a butt/foot or tongue for a head, Funky Finger Productions Big Break - they show up when a movie studio wants a black director, Deidre Lang's Solo Dance: Caron Wheeler - In Our Love, Feedback Line Part 2, Carl The Tooth Williams in the Senate, Feedback Line Part 3, Meet the ILC Staff. 9U26. 93
98 - The Best of Movie Parodies - El Mucho Rocketeer, My Left Foot of Fury, The Silence of the Lambs II - The Oswald File, Passenger 227, Darnell Bond, Ugly Woman: Basic Instank. 2/93
99 - The Best of Commercials - Telly Savalas for Player's Club, Sillycone Breast Implants, Vera DeMilo for Steroids - Live Fast: Die Young & Pretty, Sally Struthers for Feed the Planet, Dance: , Tes-T-Shields, Coyote Ugly Escape Kit from Muttco, George Hamilton Luggage Collection, Amy Fisher's Bang for Your Bucks Seminar, Dance: , Juicemania with Gordy & Juicy Jay, Alex's Outro 9U44. 6/93

Season 5 (1993-4)

100 - Ike Turner Strikes Back, David introduces the new cast - Anne-Marie Johnson/Jay Leggett/Reggie McFadden & Carol Rosenthal, Russell Simmons Def Strawberry Jam, Jerry Seinfeld meets Ace and Main Man, Dance: Tony Toni Tone - Gansta Groove, Zodiac Comedy Shack presents Sammy & Kim, Dance: Nice & Smooth - Cash in My Hands, Wanda's Baby Part 1, James Carrey outro. 1U01. 9/16/93
101 - Michael Jackson - Little Billy's Not My Lover, The Dirty Dozens Game Show - T-Dog Jenkins, Dance: Yo-Yo - You Better Ask Somebody, Ball Park Breast Implants & Butt Enhancer, 12th Annual African American Revival Competition, Fire Marshall Bill in surgery, Tommy's outro 1U02. 9/23/93
102 - Snow - Imposter, Ike Turner & Hooch, Reginald Denny Verdict creates a White Riot, Honeymooners '93 - Ralph wants to get down, Cheap Pete at an Indian Convenience Store, Runway Dance: Vertical Hold - ASAP, Ace and Main Man as Security Guards at Tupac's show. 1U03. 9/30/93
103 - Loomis Simmons - Knock You Up!, Prison Cable Network - Mr. Cell Block Beauty Pageant, Denny's Ad - The New Black Menu, Dance: Boss - Progress of Elimination, Unpoetic Justice, Carl the Tooth Williams Press Conference for Tommy Hitman Hearns Fight, Funky Finger Productions TV Pitch - Late Night Talk Show 1U04. 10/7/93
104 - L.A. Riot Anniversary Show, Harassing NBA players, Insane Depressed Irish Singer Shamus O'Shanty O'Shane in the Depression Clinic, Dance: Cypress Hill - Lil' Putis, Anorexic World Champion Sumo Wrestling with Percy, Deronda Hightower and Pookie play house & doctor, Dance: Guru - Transit Ride, Wanda's Baby Part 2, Jodeci - Lately (Unplugged) 1U05. 10/14/93
105 - Hag Team - Droop There It Is, Rush Limbaugh & Al Sharpton's Big and Loud Men's Shop, Background Guy gets a girlfriend while Fox interviews the housing secretary, Dance: Freddy Washington - Fire II, Randy Rooney - Myths about Black People, Cheap Pete in a Bar, Dance: Freddy Washington - Johnny's Joint, Ace and Main Man as ushers at a Marsha Warfield premiere, Guru & N'Dea Davenport - Trust Me (Live) 1U06. 10/21/93
106 - 1U07. 10/28/93
107 - Wanda at the door - searching for the father of her baby and using a drill, Sam Kinison Live From Hell!!, AT&T Frequent Caller Plan with Tiny in prison, Wanda with a welder's torch and mask, Solo Dance: Babyface - Lady Lady, Insensitive Therapist in group therapy, De La Soul - Ego Trippin Part 2, The Dirty Dozens II - T-Dog Jenkins, Sonya Winslow & Leonard Dinkins, Wanda with a battering ram, Lords of the Underground - Chief Rocka/Here Comes the Lords 1U08. 11/4/93
108 - Rush and Al's Can't We Just Sweat Along?, All Up in the Family 1, Dance: Ronny Jordan - Bad Brother, The Annoying Waiter, Wanda meets Barry Bonds, East Hollywood Squares with Gary Coleman, Jay's outro. 1U09. 11/11/93
109 - Background Guy at a Crime Scene, Wile E. Coyote on Trial at the senate, Go On Girl - Sandra Bernhart & Rosie O'Donnell on Madonna, Candy Cane Show with Biological Clock, Honeymooners '93 - Dinner with the boss, David's outro - 6 million ways to laugh. 1U10. 11/18/93
110 - Vera DeMilo - Buffneck, Carl The Tooth Williams parachutes into the ring and wins a fight, Sugar & Honey become backup singers for Pavarotti, Dance: Tekneek & Bosko - Pressure, What if the Menendez Brothers were Black?, Lorena Bobbitt for the Deboner 2000, Zodiac Comedy Shack presents Sammy & Patrolman Bill, Overprotective Mom & Umbilical Barry at the Freshman Frat Party, Us3 - Cantaloop (Live) 1U11. 12/2/93
111 - Mary Tyler Mo, Loomis Simmons Custom Built Condoms, Shamus O'Shanty O'Shane at the Homeless Shelter, Geraldo - White Hollywood/Black Children - T.J. Shatner, Tenisha Allen & Darius Hope, Ace and Main Man security at the Johnny Gill premiere, Patra & Lynn Collins - Think (Live) 1U12. 12/16/93
112 - Joe Jackson's Never Neverland Sale, Mr. Armstrong Substitute Teacher, A Few Minutes with Randy Rooney on stereotypes, Deronda Hightower & Pookie play office, Wheel of Dozens Game Show with Vagimae, T-Dog & Scotty J. 1U13. 12/30/93
113 - Sister Act 3: This Ain't Kosher, Background Guy in the forest - Rangers vs. Loggers, The Gangsta Group hosted by Bushwick Bill with Tupac/Snoop Doggy Dogg, Ice-T & Bobo, Annoying Waiter: Flight Attendant, Duke & Cornbread Turner at the Police Dog tryouts, Tommy's education first outro. 1U14. 1/13/94
114 - Marlee Matlin Raps & Sings: Def Deaf Jams, Cheap Pete at a Bar & Restaurant, Dance: Tekneek & Bosco - Fat Joint, AWF Thursday Night's Main Event - Rush Limbaugh & Al Sharpton vs. Howard Stern & Robin Quivers, Dance: Tekneek & Bosco - Nitely Treet, East Hollywood Squares 2 with Fred Berry, Spike Lee, Dr. Dre & Robert Guillome, Anne's Outro. 1U15. 1/27/94
115 - Tonya Harding for the Club, All Up in the Family 2 - Munson & Snowflake, John Wayne Bobbitt is the 6 Million Dollar Man, Doug McPherson the Hemorrhoid Guy at the hospital, Dance: Tekneek & Bosco - Last One, Trapped in a Ski Lodge with Wanda and her sister, Reggie's outro. 1U16. 2/3/94
116 - NBA Show - Tonya Harding beats Mark Jackson, Funky Finger Productions tries to get Patrick Ewing as a Spokesman, Masterpiece Theatre hosted by James Earl Jones - Poetry from the Hood, Dance: KRS-One - I Can't Wake Up, Roy Firestone on The White NBA League, Run-P.M.S. - Wanna Man, Lori Ann Solo Dance: Bel Biv Devoe - Lovely, Ace and Main Man LA Lakers Security, Jamie thanks the NBA players, Fire Marshall Shaq, Shaq - I'm Outstanding (Music Video) 1U17. 2/10/94
117 - Mrs. Ikefire, East Hollywood Squares with Pam Grier, Dance: Tekneek & Bosco - 5 Fly G's, Background Guy on Spring Break in Fort Lauderdale, The Dirty Dozens Home Game with Stu Dunfy, Fire Marshall Bill on Honeymoon in Hawaii, Jim's Outro. 1U18. 2/17/94
118 - Risky Business II with the Menendez Brothers, Carl The Tooth Williams with Judge Evette Siegel & Biz Markie, San Francisco - Straight Man in a Gay World, Dance: Tekneek & Bosko - Funky Tek, The Dirty Dozens Tournament of Champions with Biz Markie and Ed O'Niell, David's outro of love. 1U19. 2/24/94
119 - Dr. Kevorkian's Book of Home Remedies, Great Moments In Black History - the First Def Comedy Jam 1/15/1900, Thugs - get busted by the Cops crew, Overly Confident Gay Guy at a fast food place, Dance: Public Enemy - 1 Million Bottlebags, Hollywood School of Self Defense with Sweet Tooth Jones, Simple E - Play My Funk (Live). 1U20. 3/10/94
120 - Loomis Simmons for Make Him Jealous!, The Best of the 66th Annual Academy Awards hosted by Whoopi Goldberg & Robin Williams, Duke & Cornbread Turner at the Beethoven's 3rd Audition, Cheap Pete at a Wedding Chapel, Overprotective Mom & Umbilical Barry on the subway, Doug the Hemorrhoid Guy goes in for surgery, Eazy-E - Real Compton City G's (Live) 1U21. 3/24/94
121 - Snoop Doggy Dogg - Driving Down the Street, Sweet Tooth Jones teaches a sexual harassment in the workplace class, Dance: Tekneek & Bosco - Twist, Guidance Counselor Ed Baker, Wanda at the Luther Vandross Bachelor Auction, Boss - Progress of Elimination (Live) 1U22. 4/7/94
122 - Masterpiece Theatre hosted by Maya Angelou - Poetry Straight Out of Compton, Candy Canes Last Show with Caramel Corn, Duke & Cornbread find Love in the Park, Dance: Tekneek & Bosco - Freaktify, The Family Dozens - Trailer vs. Jenkins, Alexandra's outro. 1U23. 4/28/94
123 - Vista Commercial - Mustang Ranch: Bring Your Vista, Wile (Willy) E. Coyote at the CJ McDoogle's Mall Grand Opening, The First Annual Infomercial Awards with Juicy Jay & Gordy, All Up in the Family 3 - Barney Hefner is Gay, Deronda & Pookie Play Party, Funky Finger Productions - Gangsta Rappers, Me'shell N'degeocello - If that's Your Boyfriend (Live) 1U24. 5/5/94
124 - Background Guy at the Haunted House, Carl the Tooth Williams goes Back to School, Dance: Tekneek & Bosco - Freeze, Prison Cable Network - Lights Out with Angel, Solo Dance: En Vogue - It Ain't Over Till the Fat Lady Sings, Ace and Main Man at the Salt N Pepa Record Signing, To Be Continued - One on One (Live) 1U25. 5/12/94
125 - 1U26 5/19/94


Superbowl Halftime Party Live - Homeboyz Shopping Network, Fire Marshall Bill, Men on Football, Camera Happy, Color Me Bad 1/26/92
Damon Wayans: The Last Stand? - He says this is his last stand up appearance because of ILC. Too many white people come up to him because of the show and it makes your head swell. He talks about people parodied on the show who got mad - Whitney Houston, MC Hammer and Mike Tyson who he ran into and grabbed him. He also does Handi-Man and Reverend Ed Cash for the first time. 1990
Saturday Night Live - Damon Wayans Hosted and did "Men on Film" with Roger Ebert (Chris Farley) who he turns him gay and Antoine Merriwether (David Alan Grier) shows up at the end and gets mad. During a sketch on the OJ Simpson Trail an airport trash can is a piece of evidence and Anton Jackson is inside and testifies about what he saw. This is the last time there was ever a sketch with an ILC character. #886. 4/8/95
E!'s 101 Most Starlicious Makeovers - features Jennifer Lopez and shows some ILC behind the scenes footage. 2004
BET 19 Hour In Living Color Marathon - Cast members appeared for around 45 seconds at the start of each show. T'Keyah 'Crystal' Keymah on the impact of the show, Kelly Coffield & Steve Park on being together, T'Keyah on her audition for the show, Jamie Foxx gives advice on watching the show, Tommy Davidson is glad it's back on TV, T'Keyah on working with Sherman Hemsley, Kelly on Whitney Houston, Kelly on Homey, Jamie on Wanda pulling off Tommy's underwear as a joke, Kelly says Frenchie at the Opera has her parents in the audience, Tommy knew the show would be a hit, T'Keyah on her roles, Tommy's favorite character is Fire Marshall Bill, Kelly says she knew it was big when she heard there was an ILC porno, Jamie says there'll never be another ILC, Jamie on how he joined the cast, Tommy on Homey, Jamie on the Wayans family, Jamie's favorite character is Wanda, Jamie on life after ILC, Steve was a fan before he got on the show, Kelly & Steve on the Wayans family, Tommy on his first sketch as a B-boy, Rosie Perez on the Fly Girls, Tommy on Spike Lee, T'Keyah's favorite episode, Tommy does his Funky Finger character, Kelly on Jodie Foster liking her impression, Tommy is happy when cast members get big, Rosie on TLC walking off the show. 1/28/06
E!'s 101 Favorite Stars Way Back When - Jennifer Lopez w/ILC behind the scenes footage. 2007
TV's 30 Funniest Moments by The Museum of Television and Radio #10 - Wanda the Massage Therapist w/comments by Wayne Brady hosted by Brad Garrett (6/1/07)
BET Top 25 Dancers of All Time Hosted by Chris Brown w/Rosie Perez & Jennifer Lopez featuring ILC clips (9/10/07)
Biography - Jennifer Lopez - features cast stills from the show and a discussion how she tried out for season 1 and didn't make it. She was called back by Rosie Perez after the first dancer left. (11/15/07)
Biography - Jamie Foxx - features cast stills from the show and a discussion how he started small on season 2 and gained fame from creating Wanda. (3/19/08)
Black to the Future - The 90s - In Living Color w/Tommy Davidson (2/09)


Type Description Year
Book The Authorized Companion to In Living Color by Nelson George  1991
Magazine MAD #317 w/Parody 1993
Plush Homey D. Clown 24 inches 1992
Trading Cards 88 cards, 11 Stickers. 10 stickers make a Fly Girl picture by Topps 1992
T-shirt Original Logo 1990
T-shirt Homeboy Shopping Network - Mo' Money, Mo' Money, Mo' Money 1991
T-shirt Hey Mon Gotta Go to Work! 1992
T-shirt Wanda Wayne - I'll rock your world 1993



Scan of Clinton and Gennifer

    As to was like being on ILC, I have to say it was so much fun, and to this day, very memorable. I was so impressed with everyone from crew to actors, directors, producers, even the casting people. Everyone was extremely efficient, very prepared, focused, helpful and up-tone. It was an amazingly tight ship, but at the same time very relaxed, fun and full of laughs. There was such a high level of intelligence and creativity on the set that day. Maybe I just got lucky and it was a good day, but my hunch is otherwise. They were good.
    The particular sketch I worked on, Capitol Hillbillies, was a spoof on the sex scandal between President Clinton and Gennifer Flowers - and there were political sensitivities being raised from above-the-line and "ratings" people. Nonetheless, everyone kept a great sense of humor. That day the First (or Second ) A.D. told me the directors/producers wanted to be really careful with regard to "what I did with my hands" when I "came up from underneath the President's desk" looking all guilty -- as if I had "been busted" for...well, you know. The conversation from the booth to the floor was mixed with a lot of laughter, but warnings like, "Don't wipe your mouth!" or "Don't put your hands near your mouth," to which Jim replied, "Why!?!" as if it irritated him that they were stifling creative choices. After some discussion, they eventually gave me a feather duster, so I could put my hands near my face, softening the "implication" so it wouldn't be quite so blatant. It was very silly, but it showed how sensitive they were - not just politically, but artistically as well Not to mention, that the use of the feather duster was an excellent solution - great creative problem solving.
    So, that's that, and thanks for asking. I'm pleased to say it was a really positive experience. Rhonda Lord


Star Trek VII: The REALLY Final Voyage
Ext. Space.
The Starship Enterprise (sort of) flies across the screen

Kirk: (OS) Captain's log, stardate... uhh... Kirk stops, sputters, and continues, Hell, I can't remember. Our 5-year mission has now turned into 25.

Int. Bridge, Starship Enterprise (Sort of)

Kirk: (Cont) We've just left the Romulan Galaxy, and we are approaching... senility. We are also being followed by an unidentified vessel which... may be hostile. (Pauses dramatically) This... entity. This thing... has been chasing us for two solar systems. Mr. Sulu!

He gets up, pulls out a walker, and staggers over to the helm.

Kirk: (Cont) Establish warp speed. And turn that blinker off! You've been turning left since Rigus V!

Sulu: Aye, aye, Captain.

Kirk looks up at the viewscreen.

Kirk: (Yelling) *Hey, look out for that asteroid!*


The ship is hit, and Kirk stumbles forward, the top of his toupee flapping forward, over his face.

Kirk: (Glaring at Sulu, placing the toupee back on) *Damn* you, Sulu! Are you... *blind?!*

Sulu: Well, legally, sir, I am. However in this galaxy, I am allowed to drive to work and back. (A light flashes on his helm console) Captain, my sensors tell me there's a deadly gas emanating from the engine room.

Kirk walkers back over to the conn, hits a switch.

Kirk: Scotty?

Scotty: (OS) Aye, Cap'n?

Kirk: (Pausing dramatically) ...What's going on down there?!

Scotty: (OS, panicked) Captain, I've lost complete control of my bowels!

Kirk: You should be wearing your (pats his left hip) Starfleet Depends.

Scotty: (OS, voice straining) Aye, Captain, but I've sprung a leak, an' I can't hold it much longer!

Kirk: Stay where you are, Scotty... please. (Turns to Spock) Spock? (Spock looks around, in a bit of a daze, his ears drooping with age) Spock, stop.. wandering around, and tell us who these people are.

Spock: Actually, Captain, it's several ships. They're honking and yelling profanities.

Kirk: Well, tell them to go around!

Spock: Well, by the way, Jim, I must remind you that as a Vulcan I must mate once every seven years in order to survive. I've only got two days left, and (He looks embarrassed) well, sir, you're starting to look good to me.

Kirk: (pats hip) Careful, Spock, that's how I broke my hip in the first place.

Sulu: Captain, they’re firing on us!

The ship is hit by fire, and Kirk’s toupee flops over his face again.

Kirk: (Puts his toupee back on again) *Damn kids!* (He turns to address Uhura, who’s sitting at the communications console, knitting, wearing her old skimpy outfit, which does *not* work for her) Uhura, try to establish communications with the attackers... (He stops, noticing her skimpy uniform) What did I tell you about wearing those old outfits?

Uhura: (Suggestively) Oooohhhh.... (she stands, and wiggles her hips... seductively, kind of, I guess, maybe) So you wanna be down with O.P.P., huh?

Kirk: Pardon me.. (his mouth opens, and he gags) Agh! Uhura, believe me, at this.. point in your life... *no* man is bold enough to go *there.*

Uhura: (Miffed) You didn't say that five hundred lightyears ago, sucka! (Kirk shushes herm but she looks at her console) Captain, wait as I think they're trying to establish communications.

Kirk steps up to the Conn

Kirk: Screen on. Everybody...

All: Clap on! (CLAP-CLAP!).

Kirk: There's... nothing on the screen.

Spock: Jim, their radar has jammed our frequency. They're about to fire upon us again!

Kirk swings back to the helm.

Kirk: (Yelling) *Mr. Sulu!... Get.. us... out of here!*

Sulu stops, spasms suddenly, and flops back in his chair.

Kirk: God, he's flatlining again! (Walkers over to Sulu, muttering) I told him to take the nitro pills. (He grabs a pair of defibrillator paddles, places them on Sulu's chest) Clear!


Sulu: *Uhyah!* (he spasms then sits back up, back to his console, as if it had never happened) Aye aye, sir.

The ship shudders, Kirk grunts, the crew stumbles, and Spock topples over behind the conn.

Kirk: Spock, my Vulcan friend, where are you?

Spock: (On floor) Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!

Kirk: Spock.. needs.. medical attention! (Walkers over to conn, to intercom) Bones, to the bridge! Bones to the bridge!

Seconds later the turbolift doors open with a whoosh, and ”Bones” McCoy rolls out onto the bridge in a wheelchair. This time, he lives up to his name. Meaning that he’s just a skeleton in a medical uniform)

Kirk: Bones… (Walkers over) Please.. do.. something!

Bones: (Skull’s jaw flapping) Dammit, Jim! I’m a corpse, not a doctor!

During this time, Spock has gotten back up, and is back at his console.

Spock: Captain, sensors indicate that there are intruders on board!

Uhura: (Excited) Ooh, maybe it’s Meals On Wheels!

Kirk: I’m.. taking no chances this time. Establish defensive positions!

Kirk raises his walker in front of himself, Sulu gets into Karate position, the rest of the crew make attempts at defensive postures.

The turbolift doors open, and a blonde nurse with wide eyes enters, followed by two orderlies. One of the orderlies pats Bones on the head as he enters.

Nurse: (Maternally condescendingly) Ohhhkay, people, you’ve had your fun. It’s back to the Sunnyside Retirement Colony. Your children have been very worried about you.

Kirk: (Defiantly walkers over to the nurse) We’re not going anywhere until we get out trip to Baldafor! Right, guys?

All: Right!

Nurse: (Enticingly) We’re having Salisbury Steak tonight.

Kirk groans, but everyone else seems pleased. Sulu walks up to the nurse expectantly.

Sulu: (Grinning) With mashed potatoes?

Nurse: (Smiling, pinching Sulu’s cheek) And Tapioca pudding!

The crew gets up and heads for the lift.

Kirk: You.. dirty.. bastards! (Sees Spock heading for the lift) Spock, not you?!

Spock: Are you kidding, Jim? It’s Bingo Night. Besides, Live Long And Prosper… (Gives Vulcan Salute, but fingers crack) Ahh! Damn Arthritis!

The crew, Orderlies, and Nurse exit, leaving Kirk alone in an empty bridge. He walkers back to his command chair, and sits.

Kirk: Captain’s log… stardate 2057. I guess six sequels was not too bad for a beat TV show that was cancelled lightyears ago. I could stay and fight, but no sense beating a dead dog.

He reaches into his mouth, works around a bit, removes his dentures, and places them in the cup of blue denture solution on the arm of his command chair. He gums toothlessly for a few seconds, then gets back up, grabs his walker, and heads to the lift.

He stops, turns around in the doorway, and claps twice (CLAP-CLAP!) The lights on the bridge turn off, and the background sounds stop.

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