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The Howard Stern Show - Channel 9 Episode Guide 1990-92
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The Howard Stern Show - Channel 9 (1990-92)

AKA Summer Show, 11pm Saturday Night. I included the original commercials in () that usually have nothing to do with Howard. Theme by Fifth Angel - Midnight Fantasy

Season 1 (1990-91)

1. Howard says Robin is showing cleavage, introduces the cast and says Joe Franklin called to welcome him to Ch9, Jessica Hahn on hidden camera, Howard reads from Larry King's Playboy interview and compares their looks, Richard Simmons told Howard not to get a nose job, Stuttering John at the Emerson Radio Awards with Walter Mondale & Allison Steele, Howard brings out David to mess with Jessica Hahn and says to tell her the men who said they slept with her in the Penthouse interview are here - Rocko Riccobono & Barry Hawkins and a DJ, she asks if it's Mark and goes to leave and Howard runs to the green room to stop her, she doesn't want to leave and says it's 3 on 1, Howard says he'll back her up, she says she has to do it and he looks the best he's ever looked and Howard makes out with her then says there's a hidden camera, Howard runs back with lipstick on his mouth for a Brother FAX 200 International Live commercial and writes Brother on Monty's head and it runs, Jessica Hahn comes out and she's so embarrassed, Howard denies using tongue, she shows her outfit off, Howard says they have her old lovers and brings out Ted the Janitor - he says he met her at church and they did it in his van 4-5 times, the next is Fred the Elephant Boy - says they did it when he was 14 and she barked like a dog, Howard says she would've had sex with him, she asks what was she supposed to do, Live Newmark & Lewis Commercial with Dick Lewis cutout & Jessica, News with Richard Belzer, Howard shows a tape of his wife Harlee McBride in Young Lady Chatterley (1977), Gay Pride week - lavender Empire State Building, Ruth Messinger, Gay Pride Parade & confrontation, Live Diet Snapple commercial with Jessica & Belzer, Howard interviews The Zodiac Killer (Billy West) and mocks how cheap their effects are, Zodiac looks like Al Roker, Arsenio Hall & Fred Berry, Live Hackensack Ford Mazda Commercial with photos of Andy, Letter from Kenneth Keith Kallenbach who wants to blows smokes through his eye, he gets nervous and can't do it and spits on himself and cries thinking he did it, he keeps trying again and again, Christian woman on the street says Howard needs to repent. 7/14/90
Howard talks about his bad TV reviews – NY Post, Daily Post & Crowns himself King, Sam Kinison interview, Howard walks out on Adventures of Ford Fairlane (900-640-8555 Live line/A Man for All Season w/Charlton Heston/Joe Namath for Nobody Beats the Wiz – family integrity) Kinison war with Arsenio, kicked off Carson, People magazine rape controversy, David Brenner talks to Sara Nelson who gave him a bad review for his book ‘If God Wanted Us to Travel’ (Aqueduct Run for the Sun Vacation Vouchers/Amedola’s Fence Centers) Kinison & Brenner cont, Frank Sinatra – I Remember What’s Her Name, Snapple Live Commercial with an organ grinder and a monkey who drinks it (Die Hard II, Young Guns II, Ford Fairlane used at Blockbuster/Phillies vs. Mets/The Natural on UPN 9) Howard on the reviews for the first show, Gary with Stuttering John interviews Roy Scheider at the Women on Film and is accosted by a publicist & Joey Ramone at the Hard Rock (Out for Justice TV spot/Upper Deck 1991 Set Collector’s Showcase/900-386-6900 Ladies Only Line/Bonfire of the Vanities on VHS) The Afros rap group interview & music video clip (Annie Sez – not just a store/Love & Curses – eclipse) News - Mrs. Salaam attacks a cameraman at the Central Park Jogger Rape trial and her press conference after, black people protesting outside the trial, Lucy & Desi Before the Laughter NYC try-outs (The Psychic Hotline 900-535-LIVE/Hair Club) Joe Walsh interview, Joe Walsh & Sam Kinison – Desperado (Live) (900-500-5900 Get the Number/900-999-WILD party line/Terms of Endearment ad) 9/21/90
3. Roseanne Barr National Anthem Parody/Sternac (New Adam 12/Arsenio Weekend - Christopher Reeve/Tommy Chong & MC Hammer/Mitsubishi Montero/Nobody Beats the Wiz - Home Entertainment Expo 90) Richard Simmons and Michael Hebranko/Snapple Snap Up Live Commercial (Advantage Dodge Spirit1-800 OK Cable) Ed McMad's Teenage Spokesmodel Search/Young MC & Amy Lynn Baxter (New Dragnet show/Brother is Word Processing/The Money Store with Phil Rizzuto 30 Days/Air America Trailer) Amy Lynn & Howard go to Frank's Chicken House/Hackensack Ford Live Commercial (101 Number One Hits 4LP Set) News - Roseanne screams the national anthem and her press conference where Tom Arnold yells at tabloid reporters/President Bush Disabled Bill Signing/Brother Fax Live Commercial (All About the Opposite Sex Show/Hold Everything! Show) Stuttering John interviews Paul Harvey & Candace Bergen's mother (1991 Ford Escort - Drive into Summer/FDIC Credit Card/Cosby Show Cooking Episode/Expos vs. Mets) Felix Cavaliere of The Young Rascals - I've Been Lonely Too Long & Good Lovin' (Miller Lite/K9 Cop/They Came from Outer Space Show) 7/28/90
4. George Steinbrenner (Billy West) with Hank Steinbrenner puppet, Women wrestle because Wrestling beat them in the rating last week, Saddam Hussein (Billy West) Interview with Sukhreet Gabel as his prisoner (One on One 900-370-1221) Pat Cooper in the studio, The Leona Helmsley Palace (Billy West), Pat Cooper on Iraq, Tony Bennett, Lola Falana, Roseanne Barr, Johnny Carson (Airplane the Movie/900-740-4744 Make a Friend/900-535-1ON-1 – Michael & Laurie are friends) Howard gets mail about wearing sunglasses all the time so he takes them off, Pat Cooper on David Letterman, Jackie Mason, Frank Sinatra, Geraldo Rivera (900-660-8000 Fantasies/900-USA-GIRL) Howard prays for higher ratings, News with Pat Cooper - Tawana Brawley & Al Sharpton at the Jogger Trial, a man saves a gorilla drowning at the zoo, Golf Ball licking causes tongue cancer (900-896-0600 Confession Line/Joe Weider Muscle Builder with Lou Ferrigno – Shirts & Skins/900-505-7666 Party Line – Getting Married) Stuttering John & Doctor Joyce Brothers in the studio, Stuttering John interviews Dick Clark at the Emerson Radio Awards & John Amos at a charity baseball game (900 Singles Club) Moody Blues - Tuesday Afternoon & Lovely to See You (Live) with Sukhreet Gabel go-go dancing (900-820-2828 Women’s secret line/Toyota 4x4 Total Recall/900-847-2100 Call Me) Howard oil wrestles the women. 8/4/90
5. General Larry Fine (Billy West) on Iraq, Howard tells what's coming on the show, Penthouse Pet Kimberly Taylor on hidden camera, Howard asks the cast if they think he can seduce her, Live Nutri/System commercial with food & panflute, old footage of Howard & Robin, Howard goes in to see Kimberly and says he's under pressure his wife won't give him sex and he wants to kiss her but she won't do it on the mouth, he hugs her and worships her feet and makes her sign a waiver promising not to tell on him, Gary enters to see if she tell on him and at first she doesn't and then says he wanted to fool around, then Howard comes in and says you told and she denies it, then he says she's on camera, he brings Kim out to prove it to her, Howard's before and after nosejob photos, Kenneth Keith Kallenbach returns and farts into the microphone, drinks a funnel of water, tries to blow smoke out his eye and throws up, then water comes out his eye, third time he chokes, Live Snapple commercial with Kenneth & General Larry Fine, Father Bruce Ritter's (Billy West) Songs from the Bathhouse CD on K-Y Records, News - why is David Dinkins sweating so much - 9 times in 9 minutes, Dartman court case, Dartman comes in for an interview (black dwarf) - he shoots them because their stinky butts are in his face, Live Brother P-Touch Fax commercial with Sandi Corn & Kimberly Taylor, Letter complains about Gary's teeth so Howard gives him a wedding veil, Stuttering John popped a zit and says Robin finishes his sentences like his mom, John interviews Tom Landry at his autobiography booksigning and asks questions about his hat, Live Nutri/System commercial with Larry Fine and Mrs. Hussein the sheep - they stuff their faces to the panflute, Bill Young inhales a necklace through his nose and out his mouth, Glenn Notice drinks soda and sucks up popcorn with his drool, he fails so they show a tape of him doing it, David Brenner complained about the cast behind him so Howard brings them out to explain what they do, Gary brings in his animation art of Bugs Bunny & Gossamer, Fred imitates Brenner. 8/11/90
6. Howard & Robin in bed making fun of Maury Povich & Connie Chung not being able to work since they want to have a kid/An Internal Affair – Maury Povich (Fred Norris) is interrupted by Connie under the desk/Howard says he loses rating because of Gary and shows tapes of Gary’s reaction shots, Gary has to wear an Arab veil over his face (What turns women on line/900-896-0600 Confessions Line) Lisa Sliwa – guarding angels, claims she’s an actor, won’t take off her beret, complains about the car that picked her up, attacks pictures of Andrew Dice Clay & Bob Goldthwait, rips on Howard, hates men, Frank Sinatra (Billy West) New album I Remember What’s Her Name with Alzheimer's (Sixteen Candles Ad/900-999-7979 Party Line) Elliot Gould promoting The Lemon Sisters, Charles Brett from La Cage au Faux, a male Barbra Streisand impersonator is brought in (Ontario Auto Center/900-USA-GIRL/900-535-1on1) Bob & Carol, Ted & Alice – Howard, Robin, Elliott & Lisa act out a scene in bed (Best of the West Week w/The Wild Bunch, The Outlaw Josey Wales, Desperado, Shane & Silverado all uncut/900-230-1313 Secrets Line) JFK Jr, (Fred Norris) Babes & Books VHS/Elliott Gould stays for the news – Iraqi conflict, a white & a black guy argue outside the Jogger Trial, Drug Alert Spray tested on Jackie & Elliott, Curtis Mayfield gets hit on the head (976-7666 Line/Stuttering Resource Foundation) Stuttering John interviews Ted Williams at a baseball card convention, Margot Kidder & Phil Donahue at the Women in Film softball game, Howard wants you letters (900-646-7900 Love Line/900-660-8000 Fantasy Phone) Ronnie Spector sings “Poor Connie Chung, She Can’t Have a Baby” & “Be My Baby” (900-999-5372 Line) 8/18/90
7. George HW Bush (Billy West) on Howard/Howard holds Neilson families hostage for ratings/Baba Booey wears a beekeeper's hat to hide his scary face (Party Machine with Nia Peeples/Loveline/Stuttering Resource Foundation/Adult Literary Program) Gilbert "Dice" Gottfried (Secret Admirer Trailer/Barabra Bush Child Abuse Help/CA Uninspected Fruit Warning) David Dinkins School of Speech w/Ted the Janitor/Gay Jaffe Cohen - Comic (They Came from Outer Space with Elvis Presley/behind Closed Doors 900 #/Don't throw stuff at school buses/ George HW Bush plays golf with Joey & Marky Ramone/Ramones Interview - Johnny, CJ (Heat Up the Night 900#/LA City Council Phone/LA City) News - Saddam and George Bush on vacation/Man on the street interviews Washington DC citizens if they will vote for Marion Barry again (Town Hall of CA/NOW/Unicef - Cards) Stuttering John interviews Melanie Griffith at the NYC Boat Race/Richie Sambora at the Les Paul Birthday Bash (Real Confessions 900#/Red Cloud Indian Society/City of LA Pet Adoption) The Cowsills reunion - Shine & Hair (Hidden Desires 900#/Mitsubishi won 31 awards/Diet Coke w/Steve Guttenberg at the Grand Canyon/They Came from Outer Space - making a commercial) 8/25/90
8. Leona Helmsley (Billy West) sings 'Stern's Entertainment', Howard tells what's coming up, Gary wears a metal knight helmet, Howard on the Jerry Lewis Telethon, Stuttering John interviews ZZ Top at their CD press conference, Howard's poofy hair, Kitty Dukakis (Billy West) for Sober Hills treatment facility dial 1-800-MT GLASS, Lolly the listener wants to give Howard a makeover, she puts him in ski goggles and a snow suit, Live Brother P-Touch III commercial accompanied by an accordion, News - the Arab community on Iraq, Leona Helmsley at an Empire State Building press conference sings "God Bless America" and doesn't know the words, a phone rings, Paula Abdul footage from Junior High School (1978) shows she had a nose job, Sinead O'Connor sings and has hair, Live Snapple commercial with accordion and Gary drinking in his helmet, Penn Jillette takes the accordion, eats a bean and makes it come out his eye into Robin's hand, Howard asks how he did it, Live Nutri/System commercial with Penn on accordion, Tattoo Fashion Show by Shotzy - Hans with back covered, Carmen Hernandez with Bob Marley on her leg, Michelle with tiger on her leg, fat woman covered, Morty Ghandi (Mort) India's Greatest comedian in Atlantic City, Stuttering John interviews anchorwoman Sue Simmons at the Grace Jones Party, Marc Christian who sued Rock Hudson, Judy Carne from Laugh-In, Kim who works there & Michael Musto from the Village Voice then a guy calls him a fagbasher, Kid 'N Play & DJ Whiz - Rollin' with Kid 'N Play for Club Howard 9/1/90
9. David Dinkens (Billy West) has to replace Boris Becker/Larry King (Howard Stern) writing his USA Today column – fantasies about Roddy McDowall as Caligula/Howard puts a diving helmet on Gary to hide his face (Real Confessions 900 number/1-900-USA GIRL/The 7000 Party Line) Gary takes the helmet off/Bob Hope (Billy West) in Iraq - Don't Shoot Me I'm 86 and I’ll Be Dead in Two Weeks!!/Howard makes fun of Bob Hope/Robin’s News - Jay Leno to entertain the troops in the Persian Gulf on Thanksgiving, Des Moines – paintball to relieve stress by shooting Saddam (Better off Dead/Sure Card – no interest/Mountain High Express & 7UP) MTV awards highlights hosted by Arsenio Hall with Motley Crue/Howard dress like Arsenio/Mtv - Sinead O'Connor, Bel Biv Devoe, Susan Day & David Cassidy, MC Hammer, Janet Jackson, Madonna – Vogue/JFK Jr’s (Fred Norris) Video Books and Babes Study Tips (1-900-535-1-ON-1/Call the Love Line/Be Happy call 976-0690) Iggy Pop Interview – talks about being adopted, Angie Bowie was supposed to be on, plays I Wanna be Your Dog live and explains the meaning of the song ($100 Challenge/900-786-9025 Beautiful Women Line) Angie Bowie, Mai Pang & her husband Tony Visconti interview about sleeping with John Lennon, implants, finding David Bowie & Mick Jagger in bed (Paternity ad/1 on 1 line/900-820-3111 National Singles Club Line/Confessions Lines) Mai cont. with pictures of John from 1974, Angie’s sex life, David keeping her son from her (Clear Body Clear Mind by L. Ron Hubbard/900-736-292 Dream Girl Line/Girl’s Talk 900-230-1700/900-660-6666 What Turns Women On) Stuttering John tries to interview Eddie Murphy and goes to Rockefeller Center, Paramount Theatre, Eddie’s House at Bubble Hill, Howard says to admit you watch the show to keep it on the air  9/8/90
10. Howard Stern channels Elvis Presley (CH9 News Gulf Peace/Center for the Media Arts) Howard pleads for ratings, Gary wears a Bazooka Joe turtleneck over his face, Goofing on Robin’s earring, Stuttering John interviews Morton Downey at Club Reins in NYC, Brother P-Touch III Electronic Labeling System Live commercial w/flute player, Howard plays the flute (Castrol GTX Motor Oil/The Party Machine – Jasmine Guy) Morton argues with John, Lori Krebs blocks John, Snapple Live commercial w/flute player (Men’s hair) Morton grabs John’s questions and pushes him down, John wants his tape recorder after they destroyed it (IKEA – old couple/Tele Friend 900-446-2002/15th Annual Northeast Truck Show NY) Howard promotes 1-800-52-Stern for Crucified by the FCC, Stuttering John interviews Judy Carne, Judy Carne in studio to talk about the interview and immigration troubles (Joe Namath for Nobody Beats the Wiz – Tracie Spencer) News - Robin's earring picks up signals, Interviews with angry black people about people moving out of New York by the Port Authority, two women start fighting, Larry King calls Marla Wynne - Miss Pennsylvania a pig on the Joan Rivers Show (Meadowlands – whole new package/Coors – where the legend began/Love & Curses – new ep/Cosby Show/Perfect Strangers) Marla Wynne vs. Miss America, Darryl Strawberry different haircuts, Morton fight, black fight. 9/15/90
11. Casey Kasem (Howard) and Jeanne Kasem (Fred) defend list their favorite Arabs - 10-Paula Abdul, 9-Danny Thomas, 8-Paul Anka, 7-Jamie Farr, 6-Sam the Sham, 5-Bob Denver, 4-Sylvester Stallone, 3-Princess Diana, 2-Gary Dell'Abate, 1-Mary Hart, Howard introduces the cast, Howard says Gary's teeth can be fixed by his dentist Dr. Matty Kaufman, Gary wears a paper bag over his head, Howard on young starlets turning out not hot, News - Saddam Hussein target after Bush's bounty, Mohawk Indians vs. Canadian Army over building condos on their burial ground, Gary & Howard fire bows, Live Brother P-Touch III commercial with a guy playing a hacksaw, News - Leona Helmsley's open letter to Saddam about calling US hostages 'guests', the government takes over the Mustang Ranch in Nevada, Howard interviews the hacksaw guy and takes his saw away, Live Snapple commercial with Howard singing badly & bongoing Monty's head, Joe Piscapo comes out alone, says Dead Heat was the worst film ever, says everyone in NJ wants to see Kim, he met her when she was 11, Live Nutri/System commercial with Joe & the saw, Howard hits the saw guy, Eddie Murphy as a child - a vintage tape of a kid who pops his eyes out, Joe unveils Kimberly Driscol, Kim says they were best friends who lived across the street from each other, Howard wants them to kiss, Kim's mic, jealousy, marriage, Howard hates Joe, America's Most Wanted Home Videos - clips from Joe's HBO Special on 11/3, modeling, money, Eye popping kid, Larry Holmes - got no respect because of Ali, people stealing his money, buying real estate, having 5 kids, white women, beating Michael Sphinx and taking his title, raps - Can't Keep a Good Man Down 9/22/90
12. Cindy Adams on 9BP badmouthing Howard, Howard on Robin’s breasts, Howard on Sally Kirkland, Gary wears a lampshade & can’t see, Howard gets mad at the crawling cameraman, Howard tapes a promo for show #13 for other markets goofing on Universal 9 and Bob Woodruff gets mad at him (Gay & Lesbian Community Services Center) Sally Kirkland – comforts Howard, addictions, no underwear (Monty Python and the Holy Grail premiere/1992 Toyota Paseo) Sally Kirkland met Gadaffi, Kadeem Hardison on Cosby, Death by Temptation, bonding with Sally, love scenes (900-933-2266 Personal Astrologer) Howard prays for ratings, Stuttering John on his lawsuit with Morton Downey Jr., Stuttering John interviews the Dalai Lama & Richard Gere at the Year of Tibet conference (Al & Bobby Unser for Better Hearing Institute) Security tells John he can’t come back in, John with Connie Chung (Great Expectations Dating Service/Toyota 100,000 miles challenge) News – Our Lady of the Tree is stolen, St. Joseph statues for ratings, Canadian Good Samaritans are accused of mugging a lady, Blacks protest in front of a Korean Deli (Choose Me Line) Papa John Phillips interview and sings California Dreamin' & The Elegant Jew (Six Flags Magic Mountain savings from Ralphs) 9/29/90
13. Dan Forman talks through a picture of himself with the mouth cut out & screws up, Howard wants more sex on the show and goes in the control room, Kimberly Taylor, Sandi Korn, & Amy Lynn Penthouse Pets jump on trampolines & a pogo stick, Gary wears a wrestling helmet & mouth guard (91 Chrysler Labaron) Howard wants the guys to yell more, Jackie shows his bellybutton & John says it’s umbilical cancer, Stuttering John’s love mail – girls come in to meet him: Sandy, Gena & Kathy McGowan (Clue/900-999-DUCK) News - Channel J/35 Sex Channel in NY w/Al Goldstein & The Robin Byrd Show, The Harlem Walk of Fame w/Freddie Jackson, Vegetarian protest at McDonald’s (900#) Grandpa Al Lewis interview, FCC Rally w/Al Lewis (900-740-8855 Live Line/900-535-0600 Ultimate Romance Line) #), Out of the Closet Munsters - Sperman Munster (Howard), Lily (Fred), Edgie (Gary), Marilyn (Jackie) & Grandpa Al (900-896-060 New Confessions) Fred mocks Stuttering John, John interviews Anthony Quinn, at UNICEF 50th Anniversary (900-FOXX) John with Cindy & Joey Adams, Robin gives a breast exam to Jackie Martling, Howard jumps with the girls. 10/6/90
14. Howard talks about Linda Blair, Howard says the Channel 9 news that ends before them Jennifer Valoppi won’t mention his name and Reginald Wells will and plays tapes of them ending their show (Betsy Palmer for Visiting Nurse Foundation of LA) Letters - a listener sends Gary a 125 degree helmet, love letter for Dan, Howard screws up the tape, Escape From New York – an Open Letter from David Dinkins (Billy West), (Confessions Line) Howard hates the theme music, Howard yells at the new stage manager, Linda Blair – discuss their sketch, Repossessed clip, Exorcist, roommate is Murray Langston the unknown comic, dating Rick Springfield (900-HOT 1ON1 - select the girl) The Sexorcist w/psychiatrist (Fred), Father Ritter (Billy West) & Linda Blair (900-370-1221 talk it out/Goodwill Industries Job Training - handicapped) Linda Blair talks about life at home, Howard touches her stomach (Showtime at the Apollo Contest/900-535-1ON1 I Call all the time) Stuttering John has no microphone, John gets thrown out of John Lennon’s 50th Birthday press conference with Yoko Ono by Ted Utz, John debates with people on the street, News - Gary following Yoko (900-820-2828 – What women want) Gary at Strawberry Fields w/David Peel & scary fans, Howard says Robin’s earring is Spartacus’s shield, More David Peel (Quilted Northern – Sunnydale School Bus/Acutrim II/Late Day/Night – one is right for you) 10/13/90
15. Howard wants to strangle his floor manager and tells him to back off, Howard mispronounces deluged with mail, write to become a spokesmodel, a man sends in $10 a week to spank Robin, Willie M the mechanic builds an irrigation helmet for Gary that will wet his teeth, Live Snapple commercial with Ice Tea in Gary's helmet, Judy Tenuta - Howard takes off her clothes and says she has a good body under her stupid outfits, they kiss, Howard says she has an HBO special because that's what it says on the card, it's really Showtime, Howard says Ton & Roseanne badmouthed him in the Enquirer, Rich - Judy's Asian designer comes out, Live Brother Fax 2000 commercial with Topsy Curvy & Judy cat fight, Grossanne at Home (Judy) and Glom Arnold (Howard), Howard yells at Kevin and tests Gary's helmet, News - Mariette Hartley wrote a book and says she ate Purina Cat Chow so Howard eats cat food and it tastes bad, 2 Live Crew perform and Luther wants to make a black and white version of the album, Howard say Luther looks like a criminal and draws bars on him, Gary demonstrates how Dinkins sweats with his helmet, David Dinkins pushes away a cameraman over the headboard incident, Live Brother Fax 200 commercial take 2, Howard makes Robin stand up, News - Madonna's Mtv Get out and Vote PSA, Rev Al Sharpton's new hairdos - Buckwheat, Farrah Fawcett, Elvis, Larry Fine, Howard Stern, Dan Forman; Nadia Comaneci on 9BP today - doesn't look good, Gary gets sprayed, Nadia revisited, John wants more money, Howard feels bad about Liz for adding Dice Clay's fat cow question, Stuttering John interviews Liz Smith at Ronald McDonald House, John wears Gary's helmet, John says hello to Al Roker. 10/20/90
16. Kids Trick or Treat at Dan Forman's house where he's wearing a female Viking outfit and scars the kids away, he tells what's coming up and they pelt him with eggs, all the guys are dressed like Vikings, Shantay Fernandez locked her kid in a car trunk to keep him safe and people feel sorry for her, Shantay Fernandez Day Care Center - all you need is a flashlight, a stale donut, a coloring book and a trunk, Howard leads Gary out to the WWOR garage and puts him in an Oldsmobile trunk, Gary says he's claustrophobic and the crew pounds on the hood, Gary wants out and Howard says he doesn't have the key, but he really does, Gary says it's not cool and can't stay there, they open it up, then close it again, they walk back studio and Sir Bob Geldolf arrives, King Jani Tor (Ted the Janitor) from Ethiopia arrives to thank Bob with a necklace he made out of his son, Bob Geldolf sings Needles & Pins as they go to visit Gary who was taking a nap, Bob gets in the car trunk & sings 'The End of the World' and they leave him there, Live Snapple commercial, Howard goofs on Gary about being scared and he says they wouldn't know what it's like unless they were scared of it because he was put in a locker in junior high, Bob escapes, News - St. Irene Greek Orthodox painting cries, Bob talks about Irish nodding statues, Live Brother P-Touch III Commercial with Bob on guitar, Dan Forman crying picture, Evander Hollyfield beats Buster Douglas and Howard plays a tape of a homeless guy instead of Buster, Cincinnati Reds sweep the World Series - Chris Sabo & Rob Dibble speak, Bob is tired of Ethiopian jokes, Live Nutri/System Commercial, Celestine & her fiance Roy talking about dating, Celestine eats soup with a spoon, cuts and eats steak, Spokesmodel vote #1. Missy, #2. Shari, #3. Tracy, #4. Donna, #5. I'm gay, Howard hates being on TV and talks about the House Party show, Celestine plays & sings "You'll Never Walk Alone" 10/27/90
17. Howard gets a message preview, Howard tells what's coming up on the show, Howard's mom Rae Stern comes on, Howard plays the tape of his bas mitzvah speech for his niece Sharon, Rae says he could've done better, Howard complains about stage 1 - his bad toilet training, stage 2 - his social upbringing, stage 3 - she never approves of him, Donna won the spokesmodel vote last week, Howard talks about seeing his mom naked and having D cups, Live Snapple Commercial with Donna & Rae, Howard shows what other outfits Donna could wear and yells at the stage manager, Joan Rivers comes out and Rae stays - she reads her plugs, Howard thinks she was avoiding him, Burt Reynolds feud in The Enquirer, Melissa, Geraldo, Live Brother P-Touch III Commercial with Donna - Howard instructs her how to hold it and says she needs to shave more, Howard badmouths Ed McMahon, Howard on The Joan Rivers Show on hidden camera in the dressing room - he asks her out and she runs away, Howard explains how he'd make love to her and Rae berates him, Back to the tape - Joan cracks up and says she's not interested, Howard (Marge Simpson), John (Donald Duck), Fred (Prune Face), Jackie (Homer Simpson), Gary (Yogi Bear) & Ronnie (Leprechaun) go trick or treating in Bayside Long Island - women are scared of them like it's A Clockwork Orange, most people reject them until Susan and her friend Deena recognize him, Live K-Rock 92.3FM commercial with Donna, Fred & Gary, Trick or treat cont. - they go to her new house and Howard picks skimpy outfits for them to wear, they change and the guys get into towels, Jackie rub's Howard's butt, Rae comes back in and berates him to stop the tape, Trick or treat cont. - John gets in and they show Susan's wedding picture with Mark, Jackie gets in, Susan jumps on Howard, they go upstairs into Mark's studio and play Rocky Mountain Way. 11/3/90
18. Cast Yearbook Photos Promo, Howard talks about it being too hot in the studio, being on Letterman two nights ago and the ratings, thanks Howard Rosenberg critic from the LA Times and builds him a shrine (Star Trek TNG Sarek causes violence/900-860-3214 Confidentially Yours) It’s a Baba Booey, Seth Poppel Celebrity Yearbook Author – guess the stars w/cast photos (900-976-6000 One on One) Howard hates the show, Plotting with the cast how to handle the Vanna White interview, Snapple Spokesmodel Sandra (Western Union – when you need money fast) Vanna White satellite interview with Kristy McNichol (Robin), Bruce Willis (Fred) – Pat Sajak show, Venus, Vanna Doll, LA Law, National Enquirer stories (National Stuttering Project) Howard on the trick or treating fiasco, News – Amazing Joe gets buried alive on Halloween in Fresno CA and dies, Howard’s Prom promo (900 #s) Mario Cuomo’s 3rd term victory speech interrupted by Act Up, JFK Jr. passes the bar exam, Roseanne Barr Vanity Fair pictures (Terminator 2 ad) Making fun of Stuttering, Stuttering John interviews Justine Bateman at Rack N Roll #18. 11/10/90
19. Lesbian Night - Joe Piscopo surprise announcement - he's engagement to his former babysitter Kimberly (Sure Card - Get Credit/1-On-1 900#) Bob Hope in Iraq - Don't Shoot Me I'm 86 and I'll be Dead in 2 Weeks/Lesbian Dating Game #1 w/Becky Wreck of The Lunachicks (Street Legal Show/Real Confessions 900#/Mtn High - Learn to Ski for $25/Waterbed Gallery Sale) Dating Game (Anaheim Motorcross) Dating Game (What Turns Women on 900#) Dating Game Finale - she picks girl #1/Spokesmodel Liz in bed with the lesbians (When Time Ran Out Trailer/$100 Credit Card Challenge/Models Secret Lives 900#) Stuttering John's Celebrities on Parade/Reverend Al Sharpton (New Nordic Power/The New 1-On-1 900#) Al Continued (Corrola Value Package/ They Came from Outer Space - Jail) 11/17/90
20. 11/24/90
21. Howard shows his belly, says last week was the highest ratings, he promises to show the new Madonna video uncensored, Howard shows his shaved belly with hairy nipples, Spokesmodel Ronnie shows off her breast implants 11 days after surgery, Howard plays with a silicone implant (Toy Soldiers ad/Hello Disaster – The Young and the Useless CD/One on One 900-370-1221/900-660-6666 What Turns Women on?) Howard compares a silicone and water implant, Howard interviews Ted & Joan Kennedy in their car and Howard plays them both (The Last Starfighter ad) Howard discusses Madonna, plays with the implants some more, George HW Bush plays golf with Joey & Marky Ramone - Bush wants them to write an Iraqi fight song (900-Choose-Me/900-468-FOXX – love to play/GNC Victory Body Supplement) Madonna – Justify My Love music video with Howard’s commentary, Ronnie comes out in a yellow aerobic bathing suit and Howard yells at Kevin for choosing it (Women for You 900-535-0600) Lesbian Love Connection follow up – Shelly Hannah & Jackie (Sportmart – wheels & deals/Stuttering Resource Foundation – man on phone) LLC cont. – describing the date where a third girl Joan joins them and they go to a strip club (900-896-0600 Confessions Line) Marla Wynne Miss Pennsylvania the ventriloquist with Oscar the bird – sings “Together” & Howard with his black puppet. 12/1/90
22. Howard says they are #1 in the ratings, mocks on John for whining to get on and tells what's coming up for ratings, The Milli Vanilli Story - Fab (Howard), Rob (Fred) Frank the Producer (Billy West) - they started out as janitors, lip synched, got white women, wanted to really sing and were ruined, then Dan Forman is the new Milli, Snapple Live commercial with spokesmodel Cheryl Baker from CA - Howard kisses her butt and mispronounces words (Star Trek VI 900-463-TREK Game) Censorship - Senator Jessie Helms, Sheriff Nick Navarro & Ann Stommel, Dick Cavett interview where Howard sleeps (Merv Griffin Atlantic City New Year's/900-288-8888 Talk to Me/Gloria Gooding for CWLA) Decency Debate - Dick Cavett moderates between Howard & Ann Stommel who wrote to her congressman about Howard - Give an example of what you consider obscene: Ann explains what she did and what the FCC stands for, Howard says he doesn't want government controlling his show, if you don't like it, don't watch. Who is hurt by what Howard says? She wants him to operate according to the law and wants the government to regulate what you see. Howard shows a bra & a leather bondage mask and asks if that's offensive, Ann says she wants a serious debate with no rollicking laughter and wants to leave, Howard says he needs his props to make his point, Ann says she doesn't want the camera showing the audience, Howard says they aren't doing what she said and flips (900-737-LIVE Perfect Girls) Debate cont. - Ann says she didn't decide what is wrong, it's up to the FCC, Howard says if you let 7 people decide what you can say they'll ban everything. What do you decide to say or not? Howard says Ann is offended by sex, Ann says she didn't complain about sex, she asked what the law was, Howard says she supplied the FCC with a tape and did more than complain, She says they've been debating this for 2 years, Howard says he'll never pay a fine to the government. Does it bother you that most people don't complain? She says they discriminate by catering to 24-35 year old man, Howard asks if Penthouse and a vibrator will get him banned, Dick wants to take control of the debate and asks is Howard's show the most offensive? She says Howard claims all the other shows steal from him. She admits listening to the show and calls it monitoring, Dick asks for a vote - 9 vote for Howard, 1 for Ann (The People's Court - Judge Wapner/900-884-4444 Psychic Advisors) Howard is mad at John moping around and bothering Robin before the show, Cheryl comes out and John says she fat, Howard smells her navel and asks her pelvic waxing secrets, Howard yells at Monty the cameraman (Montel Williams - Big Breasted Women/Girl Scouts - the girl comes first) Gary smells Howard's fingers and shows Cheryl's poster, Stuttering John at the Lost in Space Convention with June Lockhart (Those Funky '70s CD Collection) John with Billy Mumy, Howard says John was brutal 12/8/90
23. Celebrity Bowling Christmas Show – Live at New Bowl-Rite Union City, NJ - Frank Stallone sings “Howard the Big Nose DJ” (to the tune of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer) Howard demonstrates how to bowl and gets a strike (900/Coors/Red Cloud American Indian Society) Christmas Tree with Dan Forman on top, Marvin ‘Young M.C’. & Pat Cooper – Young MC opened for Milli Vanilli and knew they were lip synching, Pat says he should’ve told the truth, Young MC says it wasn’t his place (Mace – Corbin Bernson/900 #s) Cheryl Baker with Young MC, Howard thinks Young MC whimped out, Outtakes - Howard does a commercial with Cheryl and Sandy Korn in a tub and Cheryl’s top comes off, Grandpa Al Lewis calls MC a mandingo, Young M.C. & Pat Cooper bowl, MC throws 2 gutter balls, Pat gets 1 pin, British Knights Live Commercial from Pee Wee’s Playhouse (900 #s) Howard introduces Tyrone Frazier, Kenneth Keith Kallenbach who still can’t blow smoke through his eye, lights a firecracker in his pants & smears food on his face, Marilyn Michaels promotes her LP, Analyzing Kenneth’s performance while Dan gets rid of him, Frank Stallone vs. Jessica Hahn – she’s mad he badmouths her show, Lloyd Lindsay & George Young, Marky & Joey Ramone (T2/Waterbed Gallery Suite Savings) Howard instigates Frank Stallone, Father Bruce Ritter (Billy West) & Pete, Young MC bowls 7, Pat gets a strike, Gary gives bowling commentary, MC bowls a 1, Pat bowls an 8, MC gets a 3 and loses – 9 total (Oh God! Ad/Ultimate Romance Line) Pat likes Marvin, Grandpa Al hits on spokesmodel Lisa, Frank Stallone & Jessica Hahn trade barbs and then bowl, Frank gets 6, Jessica gets a 4, Sinatra Alzheimer’s skit (Fantasies 900-468-0200) Lloyd Lindsay bowls, Howard introduces all the couples, Howard sings his Christmas song “Christmas Show is over for another Year”, Centerfold Models sing “We wish they could all be naked” 12/15/90
24. A Night at the Movies with Howard Stern & Run-D.M.C. (Girls Talk 900#) Run-D.M.C. Interview (Anaheim Camel Super Motorcross Ad) Salute to New York Newsday TV critic Marvin Kitman with a statue for giving them a positive review/New Spokesmodel Pamela Rains with her video from 7/17/90 (L Ron Hubbard Dianetics – are you using your mind to the fullest?/999 Wild Line/7000 Party Line)/David Dinkins State of the Mayor’s Sweating 1990 vs. 1991/AIDS PSA – a couple is about to have sex, but have no rubber – Howard says use a boot (990 1 on 1 line)/Frank & Jackie Stallone and her boyfriend Jack – on her sons’ girlfriends, her book Starpower, Frank’s crabs, meeting Gorbachev (Animal House Ad/Love Line/900-535-4800/Party line 999-Duck)/No show next week because of CP telethon/Stuttering John at the Joey Adams Birthday bash interviewing Tony Bennett, Tiny Tim, Leona Helmsley, Helen Gurley Brown, Jackie Mason ($100 Credit Card challenge/Confessions Line 896-0600) Howard on Robin’s one sexual time with him/Imelda Marcos twice, Joan Rivers, Neil Sedaka, Bess Myerson, Sydney Biddle-Barrows, Liz Smith, Regis Philbin, Donald Trump & Marla Maples/Howard's 37th Birthday sculptured cake. 1/5/91
25. Special Report The Gulf War Update with Howard the anchorman and Fred the Elephant Boy in Tel Aviv/Howard on the CP telethon/Howard and Robin report on the Gulf War news in a sandbox with army men, toys, camels & Crayola markers as missiles (Arsenio - Bo Jackson, Julio Iglesias & Steven Bauer/Mano a Mano Soho Clearance/Mitsubishi – 10 best list 3 years in a row/Center for the Media Arts NYC) The cast puts on gas masks/Barbara Bush takes up horseback riding, skiing, bobsledding, auto racing, wrestling & tobogganing/Howard introduces spokesmodel Pamela Rains and her fiancé Ferg who looks like her dad. They met working for the government (Ski it to Believe it: 1800-362-SKI/1-900-230 LIVE/Coors Light Super Score Challenge/Brother P-Touch at the psychiatrist) Howard’s Super Bowl tips/Howard, Robin, Fred & Gary visits Al Sharpton at the hospital and Howard speaks to Mary Murphy at Channel 2 news after. Then he makes a speech. (If you want Boar’s Head you have to ask for it/Connecticut School of Broadcasting/Air America on VHS Feb 21/The Great Gorge Resort) Hidden camera footage Howard and Al Sharpton (Ted the Janitor Green) in the hospital – they pray and get into bed together and Howard shoots a KKK man/Howard greeting fans outside the hospital (Lucille Roberts Wild, Wild Weekend Sale/Jessica Hahn tells all 900 number/Mazda 626/RKO Warner Video Store sale – K9, Parenthood & Field of Dreams $17.99/Aqueduct Race Track) Super Bowl Party Hotel room replica – guys in towels, Howard judges their feet, a crowd of men show up with Fat Sal, Frank from Pig Vomit, Little Mike from WXRK, Wayne Seigel, Neil Drake, Town Car Jack, Ronnie the Limo Driver, Dave & Paul from Pig Vomit, Scott the Engineer, Rocky Cleaver from NY Jets, Howard & Pamela Rains live commercial for Brother Fax 250 (Singles Connection 900 number/Aqueduct/1991 Dodge Caravan low as $13,311) Party Cont – Tony who was fingered by Jackie, the massage girls & strippers arrive with Lisa, Loni, Howard & Pamela Rains live commercial for Snapple Sports Drink & Iced Tea (The Meadowlands –a whole new package/CT/Mitsubishi Galant – top 5 for 2 years in a row/Coors Super Bowl Contest) Party Cont – Jack & Ronnie get messages, girl from Centerfold Strippers demonstrates, more girls, Scott didn’t tip last year, stripper from Washington, new girl. Howard predicts the Bills by 17. 1/19/91
26. This is a Life? Howard Stern – Host Art Fleming finds Howard in the bathroom/Neighbors who barely knew him, his house in Roosevelt, his schools. Guests - Johnny Mendola (childhood next door neighbor)/ Mr. Chestnut (Roosevelt Jr. High Gym teacher)/Rae Stern on Howard getting beat up (mother) (Jackie Martling hosts Spotlight Café/Perry Mason Universal Studios Contest/Boar’s Head ham – in the park/The Meadowlands/Exorcist III on VHS) Jerry Dickowitz & Margie Sickle (Electric Comic Book)/Ben Stern on athletics (father) (P-Touch/900-230-LIVE/Carvel Ice Cream Valentine’s Cake $9.99/CT School) Rita Karasack (Girlfriend of Dr. Lou) Ellen Dunn on dancing naked (sister)/(Perry Mason/Mitsubishi 3000GT import car of the year/Coors Light won’t fill you up after sports/Jessica Hahn), Ann Whitehead (Boston University girlfriend for 2 weeks) Snapple Live commercial with spokesmodels (La Rue Des Reves Soho winter clearance/900-646-3030 Real Girls/Nobody Beats the Wiz Presidential Sale/Nothing But Trouble) Hank Senate (Boston University Radio Boss) Brother Fax-250 Live commercial (Perry/Lucille Roberts 2 for 1 Presidents Sale) Saddam Hussein in Electric Chair, Dee Snider (Twisted Sister), Howard yells at Ralph Cirrela, NY Giants Superbowl XXV Coin Live commercial (UpJohn Hair Loss $10 Coupon/CT) Allison Stern with footage of Howard’s college film & sex test (wife), Ben & Rae outtakes 2/2/91
27. David Dinkins is The Mayor with X-Ray Eye/Special Report - Gulf War Update with General Howard Yankoff with Bikini Open girls press conference (Case of the Curious Clues/Back to the Future III, Bird on a Wire on VHS/Izusu Rodeo at a campground) Tape of Howard on The Joan Rivers Show where he grabs her ass and talks about Melissa, the FCC, Joan cuts his chest hair (Geo Trio/USHR Monster Truck races at Nassau Coliseum) The crew wears Joan Rivers jewelry, Joan Rivers cont – psychic Norine R predicts Howard’s future – the FCC, TV show, Brother P-Touch Live commercial with Bikini Open Spokesmodels (Uncle Buck, K-9 & Twins on VHS for $19.95/Spotlight Café) Howard bets the Bills against NY Giant Leonard Marshall in the Superbowl and loses. He has to go on Madison Ave and Gary picks his nose/ Snapple Live commercial with Spokesmodels (900-230-3800 Line/Coors Light – Spanish Club) Close up of Gary picking his nose/Howard shine Leonard’s shoes & literally kisses his ass/ NY Giants Superbowl Coin Live commercial with Spokesmodels and Howard tries to bounce one off a girls’ butt (Mazda 626 sale/Roma Furniture Presidents Sale/Dodge Presidents Week Sale) Don with Tourette's Stuttering John’s potential replacement/John interviews Bernadette Peters at the Jacob’s Ladder premiere (Scenes from a Mall trailer/Jackie Martling on Comedy/Arsenio w/Johnny Depp) Don interviews a porno producer, Scott Baker, Henny Youngman, Lou Jacobi & Sandi Korn, Vote for John or Don 201-480-VOTE, Live Commercial for the 5th Bikini Open 2/9/91
28. Howard loves ratings, Howard marvels at Robin’s low cut top, Bernadette Peters breasts at the Grammys, Spokesmodel Angela opening theme outtakes/Interview with Angela (Singles Line) Howard debates Dan Forman about visiting 9 Broadcast Plaza the Channel 9 morning show/Howard goes on 9BP and interrupts guest Kevin talking about his book on taxes and looks for swinging couples and talks to the new host Janet Langhorn (900-468-0200 Fantasies Line) Howard looks like an Indian, Bernadette Peters breasts analyzed, Sinead O'Connor’s employment opportunity – fast food clerk, carnival barker, Hari Krishna, Nun, Squeegie Girl/Howard yells at Kevin Cronin who produced the piece/The Beatles Coin Live commercial (900-535-0600 Women for You Line/Dianetics – spaceship repairman/900-999-5372 Happy party line) The Swinging Couples Game w/Howard Lang Jr. – Bob & Joyce from Sayreville NJ, John & Valerie from Pompton Lakes NJ, Danny & Simone from Newark NJ & contestant Goldie (Private Dreams Line/900-820-282 Line) Lloyd Lindsay Young, Swinging continues - #1 choose a name for your penis – King Kong, Killer or Pee Wee (Sunday March 3rd – 6th annual Los Angeles Marathon/900-999-DUCK/660-6666) Swinging continues – how did they start swinging (Jack Patten of Business Week on ads & subscription) Swinging continues – Goldie picks #3, couples dance. 2/23/91
29. Special Report - Gulf War Update with General Howard Yankoff – Howard beats SNL, Howard sings to Robin’s breasts, Howard promotes 1-800-52-Stern for Crucified by the FCC, 2/8/91 Garden State Horse race in Philadelphia with horse #5 Howard Stern, 18 year old black Spokesmodel Chelsea in the Snapple twister Live commercial (Geo/Brother is… word processing) Bob complains about Crucified by the FCC, Robin’s breasts, Gary explains the horse race badly, Howard Stern horse ends with Howard in 4th, Brother P-Touch Live commercial w/Chelsea (The Hard Way trailer/Pontiac Grand Am for $199 a month) Howard invades 9BP again during a cross dressing band segment. He puts scantily clad sandwich boards over Janet and makes out with her, Crash and Burn Rock VHS Live commercial (Patrick Ewing for Nobody Beats the Wiz – Why Go Out?/Mazda 626LX Value Pack/USHR) Howard says it’s the last show because of Bob Woodruff, Robin’s breasts part 3, Chrissie Hynde comes out all mad, promotes Tame Yourself CD for PETA. She talks to Zsa Zsa Gabor (Marilyn Michaels). Howard tries to kiss Chrissie and yells at Kevin on camera. The Beatles Help! Coin live commercial w/Chelsea in Beatles wig (Tim Paulson - Hair Club for Men/Geo) Swingers Hook-up – Goldie, Simone & Richie (Arsenio Show – Debbie Gibson) Hook-up continues – footage from the hotel of kissing and eating. Mike from the show hooks up (Spotlight Café/Love & Curses TV show/Shades of L.A.) Howard mentions an upcoming show on making dreams coming true, Howard Yankoff outtakes. 3/2/91
30. Howard sings “Please Don't Call Me Ba Ba Booey” (to the tune of Zombies – Time of the Season), The Barbie-Booey doll, Snapple Live commercial w/midget leprechaun & spokesmodel (IKEA chairs for Patrick’s head) Ebert & Siskel at the Cinema - ‘A Waking Up’ (Howard’s Awakenings Parody) (Marked for Death on VHS/Predator 2) Siskel & Ebert’s review (Mets Spring Training/Love & Curses – B/W movie/Castrol at Shop Rite/Joe Piscopo for Jack LaLanne/NBO Menswear) Roger Ebert’s interracial love life, Brother P-Touch Live commercial w/Siskel & Ebert (Tyson vs. Ruddock March 18/Coors – Born to Be Wild) Out of the Closet Stern – Whatever happened to Meat Loaf w/Blackswell at Meat’s house (The Brooklyn Marketeer) Meat Loaf – Paradise By the Dashboard Light, Dennis Adams You Auto Swap & Auction Live commercial as Out of the Closet (NBO) Live commercial Crucified By the FCC ad, Don with Tourette's vs. Stuttering John results - John 66%, Don 34%, Stuttering John interviews George Foster and tries to get Pete Rose, but gets kicked out of the baseball card convention. A Waking Up outtakes. 3/16/91
31. Howard gets a massage and says it's the first new show in 5 weeks, N.B.T. & A Basketball Championship at the Nassau Coliseum – Howard vs. Nils Lofgren, Russ Salzberg & Robin host, Curly Neil is coach, Walt Frazier is the ref, Cheerleaders (Stone Cold – Boz/John Madden for Crysler-Plymouth Sell a thon/900-786-GIRL – Choose who you want) Game predictions - Jerry Seinfield, Al Sharpton, Judy Tenuda, Joe Franklin, Nils Biography, Howard prepares with the Harlem Globetrotters & Scott the Midget (Blood Money – Andy Garcia/97.1 KLSX Classic Rock/900-999-7000 – Of all things I could do tonight/900-999-WILD – The wildest time you’ll have on your phone) Baba Booey as the Metaluna Alien from This Island Earth, Lloyd & George Lindsay Young, Kenneth Keith Kallenbach, Columbia University Marching Band, Porn Star Asia sings the national anthem burlesque style, Howard wins the coin toss (Toyota 4x4 – do you prefer the view from her couch) Game Predictions - Geraldo Rivera, Gilbert Gottfried, Curtis & Lisa Sliwa and Sandi Korn, 1st half - Nils scores first, then Howard, Nils twice, Howard calls time out, Nils, Nils, Howard, Nils gets the rest, Nils 12 Howard 4 (900 #s) Half-time – Howard puts on a Merv Griffin shirt, Russ interviews them, Howard gets mad at everyone, Charles Sportell writes a letter saying he wants to get paddled by 10 bikini girls while crawling through their legs and Howard has him on, Robin interviews Lloyd & George (900 #’s) 2nd half – Nils, Howard hits, but fowls, Nils, Howard grabs his arm and tries to trip him, Nils scores the rest of the points, Howard picks him up, Nils 34 Howard 4, Postgame wrap-up – Howard says he hurt his ankle and says Nils owes everything to Bruce Springsteen, Crucified by the FCC Live commercial (BK British Knights – Choose Change/900-884-6655 True Dating Stories/900-370-0000 Psychic Friends) Nils Lofgren - Sticks & Stones (Live), Band plays Sweet Georgia Brown (Young Sherlock Holmes) #31. 4/27/91
32. Female Feud intro, Ted Kennedy’s (Howard) William Kennedy Smith Rape Press conference – balances glasses on his butt, looks for women, then tanks is makeup off (First Blood & Terminator ad/Dice Rules trailer starts 5/17/900-884-6655 – Roommates Line) Howard shows his eyes, Basketball Game Outtakes – massage rehearsal, cheerleaders, fat cheerleader comes onto Robin, Jackie rehearses the Nils cheerleaders, Howard misses layups, Lloyd & George miss baskets, Gary picks his ear, dancing during Nils’s song, Love Spit Love – Nude art: people having sex, Howard humps Ralph, Gay couple (The Great Escape/The Wherehouse CD Sale – Tainted Angel) / Stuttering John goes on the street to pick up hookers for the show – he wears an NYPD hat and they run, offers them $150 to come on (GNC) The Female Feud - Hookers (Mickey, Blondie, Jen & Erica the transsexual) vs. Call girls (Honey Dew, Ebony, Suzi & Pamela the transsexuals) (Choose Me #900) Feud cont. – Places you shave/wax – privates - the girl pulls the wrong answer for legs and Howard yells at Kevin, the girl can’t says arm pits and pits aren’t the same and ruins it, Call Girls win round 1 (Cross training Toyota style) Feud cont. – Blondi gets beeped, #2 Horniest Ethnic Group – Puerto Ricans, Italians, Blacks, Japanese, Call Girls win, Fred reads the prizes, Next week fantasy makeover (Dice) Crucified by the FCC Live commercial, Imitating transsexuals, Howard is mad they don’t have commercials after his show and it goes right into Jackie’s show, Clip from Spotlight Café of Jackie telling an outhouse joke that Howard doesn’t get (900-505-0690 Party Line/Jack in the Box – old fashion patty melt & cheesecake/Dr. Pepper – just what the doctor ordered on Venice Beach. Escape from Alcatraz/First Blood) 5/4/91
33. Stuttering John tries to interview Madonna, Howard as Madonna - Justify My Love parody - trying to outrage America by being wild - gay boys, lighting farts, breastfeeding her dad, Dan Foreman on a leash, pulling out his own guts, Howard introduces the cast (900-505-8881 - Guys playing pool party line/The Wherehouse - Guy & Black Box) Howard takes off his costume, Stuttering John interviews Tommy Lasorda at a Slim Fast expo, Snapple Live commercial with porn girl/singer Heather Hunter (Trading Place/48 Hrs/900-896-0600 New Secrets Line) Howard dances, Heather Hunter interview, British Knights Live commercial goes wrong, Sandi Korn & Suzi the transsexual female comparison, Suzi dominates Kevin, Brother Printer Live commercial (900-820-3111 Julie the aerobic instructor wants you) Dreams Really DO Come True - Lisa the Union NJ newspaper editor wants a Rock n Roll Fantasy makeover, they take her to The Whipp a RNR clothing store, Lisa comes back all normal (900-820-2828 Women's secret line) Crucified by the FCC Live commercial, Howard yells at Dan for making Lisa give her fantasy clothes back (900-500-8000 Girls are waiting/900-505-7666 Fun party line) Live at The Club Spit on Long Island with the Stuttering John band - Lisa & Howard sing "Close my Eyes Forever" (900 #s/GNC) Howard on next weeks show, Enuff Z Nuff/Howard & Robin - Wild Thing (Music Plus Break into Summer Sale/Citibank Visa - 3 girlfriends on vacation in Jamaica lose their credit card/The Last Innocent Man) 5/11/91
34. Howard Stern Salutes the Heroes of Desert Storm – Howard’s intro, Bob Hopeless (Howard) with girls singing Yankee Doodle Dandy & The Barry Herman Orchestra for an McGuire Air Force Base crowd, Bob introduces Robin & Gary as the Statue of Liberty, Cutting the yellow ribbons with Penthouse Pets - Giselle & Brandy (Roommates line) Howard & Robin tour McGuire AFB with Penthouse Pets Amy Lynn Baxter & Susan, Howard licks boots, interviews the Pets on the bus, meets the 435th Airlift wing, tours a C-130 (Neighbours TV premiere) Joe Piscopo & Kimberly Driscoll, Howard chases Kim (900-820-3111 National Singles Club) Bob talks 2 female soldiers - Debbie Winger, General Larry Fine (Billy West) & Miss Iraq the sheep, Larry attacks Gary, Bob yells at Fred, Larry starts over, Snapple Live commercial with – Giselle, Brandy & Airman Mike (900 #s) Judy Tenuta, Bob tries to take her pants off and she rides his back & is too tired to perform (Burglar premiere – Whoopi) Crucified by the FCC Live commercial, MAFB Open House & Air Show Live commercial (900-741-KISS w/Holly) Bob & Robin sing “Lets See Robin's Mammaries”, Yankee Doodle Dance (Waterbed Gallery Memorial Day Sale/900-786-GIRL) 5/18/91
35. Stuttering John interviews Roy Scheider again, Howard goofs on John and previews the show (900 #s), Howard does a Bob Hopeless monologue for Bob at the Garden City Hotel, takes off his makeup, Howard interviews Bob Hope, Bob teaches Howard how to play golf (900-500-8000 I Dare You to call/ACS – Technical Literacy) Bob Hope on Lucille Ball, Howard gives him a shirt (Double Impact – Van Damme) Howard & Robin interview Dr. Ruth Westheimer – about Pepsi commercial, Bo Jackson, meeting Robin at a restaurant, penis, her book “Guide to Erotic & Sensuous Pleasures”, sex breaks (900-500-5000 Hot Summer Nights/Bacardi Breezer/Morgan Freeman for Will Rogers Institute & arthritis) Sex Talk with Dr Ruth - Howard & Allison Stern, Howard wants to plead his case and can’t be quiet, Howard shows his sex toys, Howard wants more sex and Allison says he gets plenty, Ruth wants people to use condoms and Howard says he doesn’t (Punchline – Tom Hanks) What's My Secret? with Arlene Francis, Kitty Carlisle Hart & Robin Quivers – guest Heather Miss New York, Candy for Crucified by the FCC commercial (900-903-LOVE The Network) Secret cont. – no one guesses she is a lesbian, Sonny her ex comes out 7/13/91
36. Defending Your Show (Clips Show) - Howard dies during plastic surgery on his nose. He must defend his show to a panel of judges including Chief Justice Robin, Clips of Howard as Larry King, Elvis, Casey Kasem, Gay Munsters, The Sexorcist, Tom & Roseanne, Joan & Ted, Milli Vanilli, A Waking Up, Out of the Closet Stern, Bob Hope, Ted Kennedy, Madonna (900-97-MISTY/V.I. Warshawski trailer/Doan’s relieves back pain/900-773-SELECT) Howard’s evidence - Richard Simmons, Michael Hebranko & Rosemary, Rae Stern, Snapple Live commercial with court stenographer Chesty Love (The Best of L.A. with celebrity quotes/GNC Amino 1000/976-4475 it’s daring) Howard shows his underwear, Billy West sings It’s Entertainment to celebrity clips, Siskel & Ebert, Chesty sits with the judges, Spokesmodels - Howard sticks his finger in a models navel, bounces a quarter on a model’s butt, wants to tongue a Snapple girl, in the hot tub with girls, pours Snapple on a girl, Asia at the basketball game, drinking Snapple off a girls butt (Hair Club for Men Sy outdoors/900-773-SINS Intimate Secrets) Stuttering John with Ted Williams, Phil Donahue, Imelda Marcos, Liz Smith, Anthony Quinn, ZZ Top, Dalai Lama, Richard Gere, John Amos, Morton Downey Jr., Brother P Touch 3 Live commercial (Club Paradise/900-288-CHIC/976-4475 Join the Fun/900-288-5888 Perfect Girls) Game Shows – The Lesbian Dating Game, The Female Feud – Hookers vs. Call Girls (The Best of L.A. w/Sinbad/Quilted Northern – piano playing girl) Howard goofs on the judges for wanting to leave, Howard goofs on Monty the cameraman and he puts his head between Chesty’s breasts, Regular people – Kenneth Keith Kallenbach attempt #1 to bloke smoke out his eye 7/90, Floss guy, Jackie’s navel, picking up popcorn with drool, Kenneth attempt #2 he throws up, Gary’s water pick helmet, Kenneth attempt #3 (GNC) Crucified by the FCC live commercial where Gary forgot to bring the set; Howard wins his case, wakes up and decides surgery won’t help (900-346 Lines $15 each/Tucks Medicated Pads/Benadryl Cream & Spray/Sixteen Candles) 7/20/91
37. Jackie Martling parody of Demi Moore’s pregnant Vanity Fair cover, An interview with Clarence Thomas (Howard) by Robin, mocks his makeup by Ralph, smokes a joint, a bong, his wife Fresca (Audrey Landers) arrives (900 #s) Howard has trouble taking his makeup off, Howard interviews Audrey Landers – California Casanova, Howard kisses her feet (Dangerous Women TV ad) Judd Nelson & Bill Paxton – Dark Backward, Judd’s Playboy girlfriend, Rob Lowe (900-786-GIRL – always there/GNC Victory Mass Kit) Judd & Bill cont. – Terminator, Arnold’s penis, Molly Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall, Ally Sheedy, Demi Moore (BK Diamond Sole shoes/900-226-1223 when you need to talk) Playboy, Robin’s bra, Crucified by the FCC Live commercial with spokesmodel Valerie Martin, Deney Terrio interview about John Travolta, Dance Fever, Merv Griffin (Deal of the Century – Chevy Chase) Deney Terrio’s Karaoke – Steve Winger & Dave Marichuck – You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feelin, Howard dances with Deney, Terry Romanello – Respect (Best of L.A. Video Guide) Stuttering John interviews Marsha Mason, Keith Hernandez, Jim Bouton & Pia Lindstrom at AGFA Women in Film Celebrity Softball Game. 7/27/91
38. Sexual Deviant Show - Oh, Pee Wee! XXX Newspaper, Carol Alt, Howard makes her take off her jacket, Fred’s Supermodel Debate, Howard dances with Carol (Coors Labor Day 1970 – Pure Water 2000) Carol’s CD signing debut – You Know You Want it, British Knights Live commercial with Busty Dusty (Shirley Jones for the Lukemia Society Televent) Howard kisses Carol, Howard in a Dorf costume that looks bad so he yells at Kevin, Hervé Villechaize interview, Forbidden Zone clip, dwarf vs. midget, Fantasy Island residuals, finding out his marriage ending in divorce in a newspaper, Ricardo Montalban, his biography (900-246-8433 Home Alone Holly) Pee-wee's Play With Yourself Playhouse with Pee Wee (Howard), Toothy (Gary), Globy (Jackie), Danby (Dan Foreman), King of Pornoland (Ted the Janitor), Throbbing Hood, Play With Yourself is the magic words, Snapple Live commercial with Busty Dusty (Terminator 2 Crew Jacket/900-500-5000 – Girls of Summer/Showdown in Little Tokyo trailer) Pee Wee cont. Cowboy Spike & Joey do S&M (Dangerous Women – secret rendezvous/900-680-6333 One on One) Pee Wee cont. Baby Kevin in disguise who’s into infantilism, Rosemary and James the Human rug – she walks on him in high heels to Depeche Mode’s Policy of Truth (900-860-DUCK) Crucified by the FCC Live commercial with Robin, Mistress Ava Purrel her assistant Colette and her slave David in a rubber suit (Tommy Lasorda for new Ultra Slim Fast ice cream/Mobil 1 oil heat test/Coors Dry – feel the chill/Dangerous Women – 2 episodes every Monday/Montell Williams – Phone Sex Lines) 8/3/91

Season 2 (1991-92)

39. Radio DJs who failed on TV Rick Dees Dies & Johnnie B on the Noose, Howard complains that it’s season 2, he’s stuck in a contract and everything went wrong over the summer, 2 people were fired. Kevin the coordinating producer vs. Stuttering John – John says he owes him $150 and Kevin wants to give him a check, Howard yells at them, Crucified by the FCC Live commercial by Howard (900-500-8000 Dating Service/The Fisher King critics trailer/Los Angeles Clipper Live/GNC – One Step at a time Cybergenics Phase 1/Visions – The Women’s Expo) Stuttering Loop, Tony Bennett interview, his manager & son Danny rings a ball when Howard gets out of line, Howard tells the rules he was given about interviewing Tony, Howard sculpts Tony, Tony sketches Howard, Howard tries to sing and the lyrics aren’t ready, Howard introduces the new producer John Lollos to organize things, Tony’s 40 Years Box set, Stars who refused to come on the show & why: Sid Caesar, Morey Amsterdam & Traci Lords (Brooks Robinson autographed World of Baseball Books/Dog Day Afternoon/Head & Shoulders Dry Scalp 2-in-1) Spokesmodel Anyssa The Oriental Spanking Girl handcuffs Howard, puts a baby bonnet & bib on him, he licks her boot, panting like a dog, begs, takes his shirt off, puts a leash on him, grabs his belly, makes him drink. Snapple Live Commercial with Anyssa & inflatable bottle (900/Visions) Howard’s Belly Hair, Howard has trouble loading the tape, Stuttering John at the Mtv VMAs - interviews Cher, chasing Arsenio Hall & Sylvester Stallone (The Psychic Hotline/Whore – Ken Russell/Waterbed Gallery 14th Anniversary), Queer Scouts protesting, Out of the Closet Stern Show in the Butt Scouts (The Wraith – Charlie Sheen/Whole Grain Total – a man’s gotta do/GNC Cybergenics Kit) Out of cont. with Todd Bridges – drugs, Howard being cheap, Conrad Bain, Gary Coleman, Dana Plato, Letters, jail, Howard shoots Blackswell (Visions – get a booth/Oatmeal Raisin Crisp – Look ma I’m eating my oatmeal/Mr. Clean – daughter’s first apartment) Viewer Mail – KKK is mad about Young MC kissing a white woman, Mad about Asia singing the national anthem, Patrick M. on Chesty Love’s breasts 10/5/91
40. John Stamos & Lori Loughlin, Howard shows the new boom microphone, Stuttering John calls in from Los Angeles and interviews a drunk Duff McKagan (Guns 'N Roses) outside the Rainbow, Sally Jesse Rafael at Women in Film in Central Park, Live Snapple Snap Up commercial with spokesmodel stripper Kayla Cleavage, Howard and Kayla dance to Samantha Fox (Disco Fever from 70s Preservation Society) The Larry King Show (Howard Stern) with John Stamos - sex, being Greek, Crown Heights, blacks on Full House, Amy Lynn Baxter comes in and Larry proposes (American Gladiators Sports Nutrition System) Larry King cont - Paula Abdul calls in, Clip from Captive - John's new movie playing a rapist, Howard takes of the makeup (Those Fabulous 70s from 70s Preservation Society) Crown Heights Jeopardy - Alex Treblack (Howard) - Rabbi Chaim Goldwasser (Dan Forman), Officer Roger Drewal, Chill (Malcolm Xcrement) & Tyrone (Shoelaces) Frazier - Blacks, Funny Jewish Words, Word Jumble, Blackpourri, Jewpourri (Ricochet - Ice-T) Jeopardy cont - Tyrone calls Chaim Hymie, Schvoogie, Rodney King video (900/GNC) Final Jeopardy - Shaft, Chaim wins, Live Crucified by the FCC commercial, Stars who refused to come on the show: Phyllis Diller, Gabe Kaplan, J.J. Walker (KLSX) Viewer Mail - Donna Dietz didn't like the Madonna sketch, Fred & Jackie pull Howard's guts out, Robert wants an autographed nude photo of Robin and gets one of Dan Forman instead (Revlon - shake that body w/Cindy Crawford/Citibank Visa price protection/Kleenex Ultra/Dangerous Women - guns/LA Clippers) 10/12/91
41. The cast makes their happy & peppy entrance coming out of the back, Jackie Martling shows his toes after having 8 nails removed from fungus, Howard's boom mic interference montage from last episode and he asks the operator why (900-500-5000 - She's Waiting/Psychic Answer Line) Howard thinks Gary forged a James Taylor autograph and shows other historical autographs made to Gary, John Lollos with hair, Spokesmodel Hyapatia Lee dances to C+C Music Factory, The Masseuse clip (American Ninja III/900-860-2GIRLS/Two Evil Eyes trailer) Tina Yothers - breasts, Michael Gross, Jungle Fever, Meredith Baxter, Justine Bateman, Scott Valentine, Michael J. Fox Tiny Tyrant, her brother, gives her the Tony Bennett statue as an award (Wheel of Fortune by Phone with Bob Goen) The Best of Howcho with You Bet Your Ass - Tony Manero (John Lennon wanted to have sex with him) Howard gets mad at Gary for booking someone who didn't have sex with John, but Gary says he changed his story, David Johnson reenacts the end of the Wizard of Oz playing all the characters (Chuck Norris is The Hitman trailer) Howcho cont - play the game, questions - host of Soul Train, Beatles, Marx Brothers, Van Halen, Peter Pan, they win $72 & a case of Snapple, Snapple Live Commercial with Hyapatia Lee & her husband (GNC) Howard stays in makeup, Stuttering John interviews Mary Tyler Moore, Ed Asner in Los Angeles for Diabetes, Crucified by the FCC Live Commercial with Hyapatia Lee, Jackie's Crack (GNC Weight Gain 1200) Viewer Mail - Ray Combs on Female Feud with misspellings, David on how unprofessional the show is with clips. Kathy O'Keefe on how the swinging dating game is disgusting, Jackie & Gary in bed (Side 1 at Lady Foot Locker/1-800-92 Minivan/Baywatch ad). 10/19/91
42. Stuttering John interviews Ed Begley Jr. about Amy Lynn, Peppy entrance, Gary Dell'Abate's MTV VJ screen test from 1986, A woman comes out and cuts Gary’s hair off, No one knows why and he blames Dan, Live Snapple commercial with Gray blowing up a bottle (Disco Fever) Howard puts a bag over Gary’s head, Spokesmodels - The Morell Twins (Carla & Carmen), Howard badgers them about not wearing bikinis & kissing Andrew Dice Clay, Howard shows his chest and gets mad at them and they show cleavage (Police Academy 2/Waterbed Gallery 9 hour sale/Eighth Israel Film Festival Beverly Hills) An Interview with Justice Clarence Thomas (Howard) porn - Behind the Green Teeth, Long Dan Silver, Anita Hill (Billy West), Mrs. Thomas (Al), Led Zeppelin Box Set Live Commercial with Clarence Thomas (1991 Pro Football Fan Pack –Hat, Mug, Keychain & Topps Cards) Clarence Thomas with Robert Vaughn – eye popping black kid, porn, staying thin, working, he wouldn’t vote for Clarence, Man from U.N.C.L.E., Stuttering John interviews Robert Vaughn in the hall (Waterbed Gallery final hours) The Lesbian Dating Game # 2 – Kate (Pat Boone’s cousin) picks from Morgan from Jersey City, Chris from Bellville, Heather Jessica from Seaside, Question 1 – what animal would you be: a cat, Howard badgers them when it doesn’t go well (Star Trek TNG – Spock/KLSX lists bands) Lesbian Dating Game cont. – Morgan & Jessica kiss, naked game, Question 2 – how would you eat spaghetti without utensils, Jessica wins, House Party promo – throw us a party and we’ll put it on TV (Ron the homeless man for Union Rescue Mission) Stars who Refused to come on the Show: Heavy D, Ray Walston, Redd Foxx, Crucified by the FCC Live Commercial with Kate (What makes Benihana, Benihana?/Mitsubishi – Duelin’ Banjos/Take a Home Club Med Vacation/Star Trek TNG Spock 2/KLSX promo) 10/26/91
43. Halloween Show – After Gary shaved off his hair last week - Who does Gary Dell'Abate look like? Horse with a Human face, The cast enters wearing Dan Forman masks, Gary with fans outside trying to get in, Butch Lust French kisses his rat Warlock – gets in, girl removes acetate to reveal a bikini – gets in, a man in a toupee from the Ukraine carves wood – doesn’t get in, King Tut plays the banjo – doesn’t get in, stuttering guy gets in, Elvis sings about Masturbation – doesn’t get in, Live Snapple Commercial with Sandi Korn pop quiz – Howard asks her what party is President Bush in – republican or the other one, what is the capital of New York – gets it right, what does FBI stand for – wrong, what is in ice tea (900 #s) Guy in a Ministry shirt kisses Jackie’s feet, people dressed as Howard, Gary & Robin – get in, girl in green strips down – gets in, Craig Youmans from CT eats a lit cigarette – gets in, Kenneth Keith Kallenbach cuts his hair off and eats it and drops his pants, House Party promo (An Officer and a Gentleman) Kenneth Keith’s dad, Kenneth Keith still can’t bloke smoke out his eye and blows his nose and spits, AJ the angry Jamaican – doesn’t get in, Albino guy, obese woman shows her breasts – gets in, cleft pallet guy, Stuttering John interviews Larry King at the Channel 9 building, Howard’s map of Larry’s progress (Fan Pack) The $20 Pyramid hosted by Dick Stern (Howard), Sandi Korn hostess, fake Hit Man clip/real Hit Man clip, Howard gives Chuck an Oscar, fake Shadoevision clip/real Shadoevision clip - Chuck Norris & Nancy Poznack vs. Shadoe Stevens & Kenneth Keith Kallenbach (Gloria Allred at Visions/Mitsubishi Eclipse 92/Waterbed Gallery earthquake) $20 cont. – Chuck - Sexual Aids, Shadoe – Sweater Meats (Japanese Steakhouse) $20 cont. – final round with Chuck – places you masturbate, things Pee Wee would say to the police, sexual positions, things Clarence Thomas would say, obese black women, Crucified by the FCC Live Commercial, Stuttering John interviews Chuck Norris & Shadoe Stevens in the hall, House Party promo (Visions – job fair?) Stars who Refused to come on the Show: George Burns, Oliver North, Dick Sargent, Howard & Robin outside at night with the crowd – dulcimer player (Sam Winston Signature break service/Ruby Red grapefruit juice/New Tidy Scoop/Dangerous Women/Magnum Force) 11/2/91
44. Stuttering John interviews Oliver North at a booksigning, the cast makes a crazy entrance, Niteline - Robin Quivers interviews David Duke (Howard) – Duke’s Theory of Evolution, Naygros Kill Landon, American Gothic, Money Lisa, Naygro counter, Klu Klux Dan, KFC, kisses a black woman, House Party promo (900-288-1411 The Directory) Ralph takes off Howard’s wig, Fred drops carts, Spokesmodel Tempest dances in the shower to Motley Crue and Howard interviews her about having sex on a billboard (GNC Hot Stuff formula) Stevie Starr from Scotland swallows a lightbulb and brings it back up, swallows lighter fluid, smokes and fills up a bubble with smoke and Gary lights it, swallows a Rubik’s Cube and twists it inside and spits it out, swallows sugar & water and spits out dry sugar, swallows a shark and a goldfish at the same time and Howard says to bring the shark out head first then the goldfish sideways, Live Snapple commercial with Tempest (Led Zeppelin Time Life Remasters plus Interview CD) Stevie goes into the bathroom and throws up in the sink/Howard, Gary, Jackie, Fred, Ronnie & Kevin trick or treat wearing Dan Forman masks, Howard’s mask has no eyes and he curses, they try to get massages from women, they go to Cousin’s Hair Salon with Malina to get a rubdown, Gary gets rubbed down by a man?, Stars who Refused to come on the Show: Chad Lowe, Artie Johnson, Billy Dee Williams (16th Doo Dah parade w/Richard Simmons/IKEA Burbank has 12,000 things/Only Showtime has Misery & Mermaids) Lesbian Connection hosted by Chuck Lunch (Howard) – Kate & Heather return from episode 42, the date didn’t go well after they went to a New York bar and felt tension (Dangerous Women – I don’t plan on being another notch on your belt/Rent or Lease a Jeep Eagle/Pacific Care with Adam Wylie) Lesbian cont. – Heather comes out and was cold to Kate, Kevin comes out and Howard asks if Heather was after him, they went to a restaurant and a dance club that was all men then Becky Wreck from the Lunachicks comes out for a date and Howard offers them money to kiss, Crucified by the FCC Live Commercial with lesbians (Ralph’s – Vicki saves $1,120 on coupons/Dodge Magnum series engines/Stir Crazy/Dangerous Women – this isn’t a game w/Casper Van Dien) 11/9/91
45. The Helen Stern Show – Men who became women show – fake video of Howard as a child doing gay things – playing with Barbies, joining Girls Scout, seducing the mailman, Caroline "Tula" Cossey the transsexual and her mother – the operation, who are they attracted to (Stir Crazy - long) Who does Howard look like as a woman – Sara Lee Kessler, Dr. Kerkorkian "Dr Death" (Billy West) – you have a choice call 1-800 MD Death, Spokesmodel Dixie Dynamite with ZZZ breasts - Brother P (Showtime – we entertain you like no one can) Howard stays in makeup, Stuttering John in a tuxedo doesn’t want to stutter interviews Alley Sheedy at the Women in Film softball game and the paparazzi gets mad at him for getting in the way (Led Zep) Spokesmodel of the Year Pageant Hosted by Howard & Robin, That’s Entertainment Parody, 1-Valerie (36D), 2-Chelsea (33B), 3-Sandy (34D), 4-Donna (36D), 5-Pamela (42D), 6-J.J. (36D), 7-Lisa (34B), 8-Lisa (34C), 9-Anyssa (34A), 10-Veronica (36C), 11-Dina (36C), The Judges - Lloyd Lindsey Young, Tula & Mason Reese, Live Snapple commercial with Amy Lynn & spokesmodels (St. Elmo’s Fire ad) Robin with Lloyd Lindsey Young, Talent portion - #1 reads a romance novel, #2 plays a drum, #3 balances a fruit bowl on her head, #4 does belly rolls, #5 ball & paddle, #6 blows bubbles, #7 does a split, #8 eats cherries with whipped cream, #9 plays the violin, #10 blows a bubble with gum, #11 does jumping jacks, Robin gives statistics on the women (Deer give birth in Aspen: Chevron – People Do/Worthington Ford San Diego) Robin with Tula – would choose Helen Stern, Amy Lynn presents the envelope - 2, 4, 5, 7, 8 & 9 are eliminated, Howard with the judges – Lloyd passes out learning Tula was a man, Spokesmodel photo shoot and personality question – #1 – bends over/would you have sex with another woman to please your man, #3 – eats a banana/what would you do to stop air pollution, #6 – shaves/would you have sex with another woman to please your man, #10 – eats hot dog/what makes the Howard Stern show so special, #11 – shaves armpits/ what would you do to stop air pollution plus both other questions (KLSX ad) Stuttering John interviews #5 Pamela the transsexual, Lisa Costello #8 wins Miss Congeniality 1991, footage of her fooling around with the guys backstage, Crucified by the FCC Live commercial, Gary on horseback with the envelope, #10 Veronica Rudolph removes her top for $500, #10 wins Spokesmodel of the Year, Address to be a spokesmodel (Waterbed Gallery – Strata mattress/Anthony Robbins Personal Power – Hosted by Martin Sheen) 11/16/91
46. House Party 2 - Robin and Howard pull up in a limo with Ronnie and get pelted by toilet paper, Sam Weir & Wendy are the hosts who are losing their house to the bank in Monmouth Beach, NJ, Howard & Robin throw bowling balls at a wrecked car on the beach (Ivan Lendl for Snapple/900-680-2700) The cast comes downstairs, Howard gets mad at yelling guys, Sam shows his bald head, Gregory the freeloader, the lesbians who aren’t lesbians, Wendy the belly dancer, Howard says the house is disgusting, Howard interviews Stuttering John about dating one of his singers and asking when he will make it, his band plays “Heaven's Away" (Stuttering Resource) Body painting with 3 women age 24, 22, & 21 – they pour paint on each other and rub against a wall, a man chainsaws into the house from the floor below, Spokesmodel of the Year Veronica (92 Ford Escort LX for $9,999 – 4 choices) Dr. King hypnotizes a guys to get horny for other guys – Scott thinks Gary is the hottest girl in the room, sticks his hand up Gary’s shirt and thinks he’s a D cup, kisses Gary’s neck and throws him off, Howard talks to a dog, Live Snapple commercial with Veronica, Beth & Danielle – Howard pours 2 Snapple bottles on Veronica (Dangerous Women – win a part on the show/Chevron – Aquarium at Manhattan Beach, CA) Games – Rudy, the son of the mayor of Sea Bright & another guy bob for tampons in a punch bowl and spill it, 3 women put condoms on bananas – Traci wins, 3 women in bikinis play the hot dog game – Gary, Fred & Jackie dangle hot dogs on strings and they have to eat them lying down (Worthington Ford Thanksgiving Sale/Sprite – Tracy no boys) Live Crucified by the FCC commercial with Ronnie’s shaved back, Vinnie DiMico eats earthworms with tomato sauce & cheese, Vinnie Mazzio Jr. does bad stand up (GNC) Howard pays 3 girls $50 to take of their bikini tops in a closet (Shell presents a Charlie Brown Christmas VHS with fill up/Egosite perfume with Caligula theme/Payless caters to women climbing the corporate ladder in LA/Clippers vs. Sonics/Baywatch – a madman terrorizes the beach) 11/23/91
47. An Old Fashioned Howard Stern Christmas - Howard sings White Christmas at the piano & Robin joins him, Howard loses his hat, smokes a pipe, plays with his foot & wishes for cancer; Gary, Fred & Jackie bring presents, Howard can’t stop playing the piano, he plays with his genitals, 7 Girls arrive and sing “Dashing through the Show” a dirty parody, Live Snapple Commercial with the girls (Led Zep) Stuttering John arrives and chokes on snow, Homeless Man makeover – Augustus, John & Gary interview him about begging & shelters, Gary takes him to a hotel for a shower, John asks him about Superman vs. Batman, they take him to a barbershop for a fade, John does Cornelius from Planet of he Apes, they take him to NBO for a suit, Augustus arrives and says he couldn’t pay the rent, still gets sex, was in the Savage Skulls, he plays Let's Make a Bum Deal – he has to pick a garbage can - 1 out of 3 is filled with clothes, food, radio, booze & cigarettes and he wins (Soothers Medicated throat drops – animated/Jordache Basics 101 – dirty dancing couple) Cheech & Chong arrive for Howard’s Story of Christmas – Mary (Howard), Wise Men (Cheech & Chong) & Baby Jesus (Dan Forman) in the manger (900-500-5000 heat up the night/Sports Illustrated Hidden NFL video) Cheech & Chong joint rolling contest, Everyone sings “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire”, Happy Holidays greetings - Stevie Starr, Spokesmodel Veronica, Becky & Heather the lesbians (900-786-5858 - $29.90 a call) Howard under the mistletoe, Mark Berglass show writer arrives with a menorah, Howard says he won’t talk at writing meetings and asks what he wrote, Christmas show meeting where Howard makes Mark run it – he wants to get the ratings out of the way in the first 10 minutes and break the group into 2, wants to do Cheech & Chong Newlywed Game, Howard asks what Mark did before – he copied commercials at an ad agency, Howard interviews a woman who had sex with over 1000 men, Live Crucified by the FCC commercial (Dangerous Women – Christmas Show/New Wisk Power Scoop removes oils/$5 Clothing Stores) Santa (Howard) arrives to bring Fred a bachelor party - 6 girls from Fantasy Showbar rip his clothes off oil wrestle him then his fiance Allison arrives, then they bring out Mark and the girls jump him (Circuit City – Quaser VHS $198/Acura L Coupe – this is how we see it) Howard interviews Allison, The entire cast & crew signs “Oh Come all Ye Faithful”, Augustus got a job at a car wash ($5 Clothing – I get everything I want/900-976-2000 psychic line/Carol S. Koppel & Assoc law firm/KCOP/Clippers vs. Celtics) 12/13/91
48. Howard Stern Roast - Host: Dick, Howard arrives on a throne dressed as a king carried by bikini girls, Highlights - Grandpa Al F--k the FCC rally, Ben & Ray Stern are proud of him and show video of his marionette shows, Clips of Howard at WNBC, Howard in a bathing suit as a kid, Howard swimming, sliding into a pool, Childhood photos, Joan Rivers video toast (GNC - over a million kits sold) Howard says everyone on the dais dyed their hair, Richard Simmons in drag - dressed as a man in wig, glasses, mustache & deep voice, dead guy in audience (Richard Pryor), Doug Bady with Muscular Dystrophy - tribute to Howard's SPS, Doug's Exercise video Climbing into your Wheelchair While Sweating to the Classics & demo, Geraldo Rivera video toast (Mtn. High Express - save at Jack in the Box/Hot Stuff at GNC) Robin introduces Pat Cooper, Live Snapple Commercial with spokesmodel Lesley who has a breast implant leak, Maury Povich video toast (Entertainment Weekly Rock Archives on 3 CDs) Fred the Elephant Boy on Howard getting him laid, Augusto the homeless man from the Christmas Show, Howard wants his wife to get a belly ring, Kenneth Keith Kallenbach - blows up a firecracker in his hand, beats himself with a fish and eats junk, Henny Youngman, Richard Lewis & Jamie Lee Curtis video toast (Coors Light - it's the right beer now in the mountains & on the beach) Jackie Martling bombs, Gary Dell'abate does bad jokes, Stuttering John - runs around, has props and bombs, Larry King video toast (Outland - Sean Connery/Freejack Trailer) Sandra Bernhard - doesn't trash Howard and he stands next to her, she kisses Robin, Howard tries to get Sandra to kiss Alison, Sandra makes out with Richard (Coors Dry/Stephen King - Dark Tower III) Steve Rossi says Scrapple, Marc Berglass gets food thrown at him plus Jello, oatmeal & chocolate dumped on his head and he goes down, Alison Stern - says Howard doesn't shower or shave on weekends and farts so much she got a gas mask and wears it, Howard has nothing to say, Fred Norris sings "Do You Believe this Bozo?" to the tune of Do You Believe in Magic? 1/11/92
49. Robin reads Deney Terrio's (Gary) suit against Merv Griffin (Howard) from the National Enquirer where Merv tried to have sex with him, Deney Terrio explains his claim and his ex-girlfriend Patsy Folkerson comes in to dispute Deney’s claims, Deney says she’s a fake like her breasts, can’t dance and wants to be on camera, she says they lived together 2 years and he beat her up, she wasn’t there when it happened and thinks Deney is gay and he came on to Merv (900-903-7303 – Are you bold enough?) Howard takes off his makeup, he became #1 on NY radio this week, King & Queen of Radio NY Victory Tour – crazy fans, Gary’s teeth on the Times Square jumbotron, press conference with Jill Brooke – NY Post, picks up Geraldo Rivera at a health club, a woman kisses Howard’s butt (The Woman in Red ad - Wilder) The Head Injury Club for Men - Robin & Howard host with Gary Busey, Kenneth Keith Kalenbach, Fred the Elephant Boy & Quentin the Stutterer – Howard’s makeup falls off, Gary’s accident tape – tire rolling down hill, Gary throws food at everyone, Fred ran his head into a wall, Kenneth tried to fly, Dan Forman is the president of the club, Quentin breaks a brick over his head with a sledgehammer, Howard was in a tin man suit and attacked, Ken wears a helmet full of Jello (Star Trek VI ad) Gary, Fred & Quentin sing Peggy Sue, Kenneth pretends to blow out his eye and puts flower on his face, Live Snapple commercial with a girl who picks up dollars with her feet while standing on her head, Howard yells at Ralph, Gary falls (GNC Protein Drink) The Adventures of Fartman - Super Hero School with Prof Adam West, Green Lantern Teeth (Gary), Captain Korea (Fred the Elephant Boy), Aluminum Man (Kenneth Keith), Bellybutton Man (Jackie), King of Mars (Fred Norris), Old Man & Fartman (Howard), Fartman BBQ’s a chicken and Kenneth eats it, Adam tells Fartman he needs to showboat, clip of Lady Chatterly’s lover (Sword Medical Center – Hair Loss/900-407-6446 – we’ll do all the talking) Stuttering John interviews Liz Smith, Barbara Walters, Maury Povich & Connie Chung (GNC) Refused to appear on Howard Stern - Steven Seagal, George Hamilton & Werner Klemperer, Connie Chung cont., Dan Rather & Mike Wallace (Great Expectations Video Dating) 1/18/92
50. Four black women run in, Captain Kirk (Howard who looks like Roger Ebert) auditions women to play Uhura in a Star Trek sketch because Nichelle Nichols cancelled an hour before, Auditions - Chantell St. Flore, Marie Bruno & 1 other, Howard explains the sketch, Live Snapple commercial with spokesmodel Laura Fodor (900-903-9314 - do you need someone to confide in?) Stern Trek - Uhuru's Final Mission - Scotty (Fred), Captain Pike (Elephant Boy), Spock (Gary), Bones (Fred), Sulu (John) Drunken Red Shirt (Jackie) go to the planet Lesbos in the Clitoris Galaxy to rescue Uhura (Marie) from Labiana (Lindsay Wagner for Ford Taurus) Black Folk with White Features - Robin & Howard Washington Stern with Sabrina Le Beauf (Cosby Show), (Bold 900/GNC) Black Folk cont. guess the black celebrity - Jayne Kennedy, Colin Powell, Nick Nolte, Dan Forman, Howard's parents - Ted the Janitor & Jeannie L'Que, Kessler Raymond - Howard's half brother, Sabrina plugs PETA's Guide for Caring Animals, Stars who refused to do the show - Richard Kline, James Doohan, Dana Plato (Ski Mtn. High Express) The Couldn't Get into College Bowl hosted by Marcus Absent (Howard) with Sandi Korn, Jessica Licco (Kid) & Kenneth Keith Kallenbach, tape of Sandi getting quizzed, Sandi gets how many days in a year, name an even number, what's a clarinet, Kenneth knows what's ESP (Arsenio Hall Show - Gonna Be one of those nights) College Bowl cont. - Jessica gets what country did we declare independence from, what's the president's wife's name, Jessica gets what substance do diamonds come from, what does E.T. stand for, who was the first president, Jessica gets who built the pyramids, 6th grader helps Sandi, who was the host of the Twilight Zone - Kenneth says Pete Rose (900-860-2GIRLS/7th Annual LA Marathon/Jackson Hewitt anticipation loan pool game) Stuttering John interview with James Brown couldn't be shown because they were thrown out of the studio. 1/25/92
51. Stuttering John asks Gennifer Flowers questions at a press conference, the cast does a line dance entrance, preview of the show, Howard says last week they were thrown out, Howard yells at Ralph Cirella for his character make up and shows 3 pictures of him as Shatner, Merv Griffin & David Duke all look the same and they think Merv is Ted Kennedy, Live Snapple commercial with spokesmodel Lisa Ann age 19 (Wayne’s World Movie trailer) Dr. Stern's Amazing Sexual Discoveries – Dr. Ricardo Samitier cosmetic surgeon from Miami does penis enlargements by injecting fat inside and has done 152 patients in 27 months on an outpatient basis, but you can’t use it for 2 weeks, a man who had the treatment comes in with his girlfriend in a Hannibal Lector mask (Cybergenics Body Building Kit) Dr. E. Douglas Whitehead urologist is against the treatment and says nothing is fool proof, Stars who Refused to do the show: Jennie Garth, Josh Saviano, Bill Cosby (1-900-884-3700 – 1st 15 seconds free/Amino 1000) Larrey King Live (Howard Stern) Women in Entertainment - Tawny Kitaen, Sally Kirkland, Denise Miller (The Kielbasa Queen) & Father Don – Denise swallows a hot dog, then 4 hot dogs and a 12” kielbasa, stagefright, pleasures of performing (Jackson Hewitt refund in 2 days/900-407-6446/Circuit City Hot Buys/900-860-2Girls) WKRP Phantom of the Opera Clip w/Tawny, In the Heat of Passion clip w/Sally, Denise’s parody clip of In the Heat of Passion, phone calls - John from Vatican City (Fred) wants Denise to come there, Magic from Los Angeles (Fred) wants her to come there, Willie from Palm Beach wants to see JFK with Denise, Larrey tries to swallow things, Howard takes off the makeup (Cobra – Stallone/Pop Secret New Bigger Kernels – Annie Potts/GNC Sculpting a Rock Hard Chiseled Body/900-740-7979 – Don’t Say a Word) The Tawny Kitaen Dating Game with Fred the Elephant Boy, Quentin the Stutterer & Kessler the midget. Fred sings “You Light Up My Life”, Quentin sings “Love Me Tender”, Kessler sings “Follow the Yellow Brick Road”, they do Tarzan yells, what would you do with a million dollars, what would you tell your mother if you got Tawny pregnant, How would you dress Tawny for your date, what would you do on a date?, she chooses Howard (Wayne’s World Trailer starts Feb 14/Coors Light – Full House), Stuttering John with James Brown at Tower Records (Carl’s Jr. & Star/Coors Dry Double Chilling/7th Annual LA Marathon/Clippers vs. Blazers) 2/1/92
52. Superbowl Party - Howard, Fred, Jackie, Gary & Ronnie the limo driver get massages from girls (900-773-PALS) Girls from the radio - Teresa eats a cherry off Howard, Nicole (18) – oils Gary, Zorina (64FF) – rubs her breasts on Jackie, Carmen – goes on Ronnie, Israeli Girls rubs down Howard (Circuit City’s Presidents Sale) Girls switch, Brian Genesse age 27 of Street Justice, Robin rubs him, he says the show is syndicated so he doesn’t know, Ch 11 on Sunday, Howard convinces Brain to take his shirt and get a rub down, he says he has a girlfriend so he’s screwed, Teresa eats cherries off him, Stars who Refused to so the show - Richard Dawson, Malcolm Jamal Warner & Dolly Parton (900-PALS/BeDazzler $19.95) Howard Stern talks to his audience – Robin talks to people, Gary gives the rules – don’t look him in the eyes, he’s Mr. Stern, no chewing gum, don’t touch your genitals, Howard wants them to get to the point – anything wrong and they are out, Don Rocco hammers a 4” nail into his nose, Spokesmodel Wendy Lewis eats a Red Lobster through the shell, Live Snapple commercial with Wendy (Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot Trailer) Howard continues - Kurt Eckold makes fart noises with his hand, elbow, leg, knees & armpits, Howard makes him put on a clown Mask, Suzanne Muldowney (Underdog Lady) – wants Underdog to be taken seriously and does a dance and Howard wants to understand it, Stuttering John does his Planet of the Apes dance, Black Elvis plays Love Me Tender, Black Tony Bennett (Ted the Janitor) sings I Left My Heart in San Francisco, Howard smashes an egg on his head, Michael Lawrence wants to market a Jeffrey Dahmer action figure & a refrigerator playset plus Jerry Lewis Jerry’s kids (Drixoral 12 hour relief) Underdog Lady is upset they made fun of her and she won’t be able to do it again – it’s serious, Howard says it’s a cartoon – have fun with it, she gets up to dance again, Gary says she pays to go anywhere to dance (Howard is looking for a live audience & acts – Metallica Frayed Ends of Sanity Music Max Headroom style/Circuit City/Coors Light – beach/Weiner Dude 49 cent dogs at Weinerschnitzel) Bruce Lenny homeless stand up comedian, Chip will eat anything – Gary eats a Twinkie and spits it into a bowl and he eats it, Michael Blakeman the Russian comedian in a toupee, Howard cuts him off then lets him come back, A pig activist sings an award song, Howard leaves, Stuttering John interviews Underdog Lady afterwards – she’s upset with his bad taste act, she says Underdog eats human food and doesn’t fart, he sets a good example and she won’t do anything not authentic to the character and dances away (Club Med – a variety of colors/Tropicana Pure Premium/Secret Solid – PH balanced/Pontiac in Compton giving out Clippers tickets/Greystoke Ad) 2/8/92
53. Last Week on Howard (900-773-PALS/60’s Frat Rock 4 Record Set/900-884-3700) The People talk to Stern continues – Mita the park clown dances, Todd Robbins eats a lightbulb & walks barefoot over broken glass (Michael Jordan for Wheaties) Mark Brown’s obsessive compulsive home video he has to count to 4 – 4 sheets of toilet paper, goes in a room 4 times, has to wash with 4 bubbles, can’t workout on a day with 1 or 3, eats 4 pieces of cake, goes out the door 4 times & doesn’t like red, Howard talks to him – he throws papers on the floor and Mark has to pick them up, so Gary handcuffs him so he can’t pick them up so he uses he feet (Miami 900) Ralph Cirella's nasty teeth & berry – famous people with berries – Quasimoto, Robert Deniro, JFK & Jackie Kennedy, the Ralph Berry puppet with awful camerawork, Live Snapple commercial with spokesmodel Melissa the stripper from LA – a guy tried to finger her and she punched him out (Burger King What d’ya say? Big Mac/Clusters Cereal – dog vs. squirrel) Who's Got the Cancer Bags – Judges: Lita Ford (Shot of Poison video – was with Nikki Sixx, Chris Holmes & Tony Iommi), Robin Quivers (didn’t have sex with Penn, Frank Gannon or Fred), Zorina w/64FF breasts, Howard shows the 2 types of implants, 3 girls 36D, 34D, 36D (Misubishi Diamonti – appraisals are in/Pepto-Bismol – the puzzle/Prime Network – the largest for sports) Robin asks how long they were in the hospital, Lita asks do you have to message your tits, Howard says not to say that word, but it airs, he makes Monty come out, Zorina’s number is 908-BUST OUT, she asks how long they were wrapped, Howard asks how much did they cost (Pontiac win a road trip with the Clippers) Howard screws up the rules again and again, the girls jump on a trampoline, Lita says tits again, the women lay down, they press their breasts against glass, all judges say #3, but #2 has the real ones. Howard has $4 prize money for her, Lita puts her breasts on the glass (Coors Light America’s Cup/Ross Springer/Action Jackson) 2/15/92
54. Coming up on the show (Amino 100 at GNC) the guys carry Robin to her seat, Howard says the set cost $12,000 tonight, Enquirer – Elvis & his mom were lovers, Elvis possesses Howard – he brings a pie bracelet, sandwich in a book, food phone, he admits sleeping with his mom, wants Priscilla & Lisa Marie to sleep together, sings “Big Hog” to Hound Dog and “My Momma is Tender”, Elvis' mother (Al Rosenberg) appears, eats mash potatoes off her breasts (Stephen King’s Lawnmower Man trailer) Live Snapple commercial with spokesmodel Nicole – Dean the floor manager hits on her, Howard goofs on Stuttering John’s hair and says he’s 26 and has no future what will he do? He wants a record contract or to be in entertainment and have his own show, Howard screws up the tape multiple times, Stuttering John with Brian Wilson – his publicist cuts him off, Barbara Eden answers a couple and gets pulled away (The Best of Saturday Night Live on VHS from Time Life/Gladiator w/Cuba Gooding Jr. trailer) Valerie Harper – on breast implants, congratulated him on stuttering, Lee Iacocca – running for president, Sharon Gless – Cagney, obsessive fans & jungle fever (Stop or my mom will shoot trailer/American Me trailer) Homeless Howiewood Squares - Daniel Carver KKK Center Square, Underdog Lady (Suzanne), David Peel, Jaye P Morgan, Teresa Glover (from Star Trek Sketch), Vinny D'Mico, Gene Rayburn, Lesbian Square (Jeannet & Keisha) & Mark Harris – John & Michael vs. Mary Helen & Bedal playing for a new shopping kart, Underdog is the secret square, Daniel – what year was MLK killed 1964 – wrong, Gene – (blank) a doodle do (they say pog) – wrong (Survival Insurance) J.P. – Johnny Carson’s first wife’s name – right, Lesbians – what does first base mean – right (My Cousin Vinny trailer) David sings NY Hippie – what gets you high pot seeds or leaves – right, Underdog Lady – she wears her hair like Underdog’s ears, Mighty Mouse was portrayed through opera, making the toilet is a vice, can dogs be homosexuals – right. She gets mad thinking they mean Underdog is gay saying it’s a human vice (900-737-0909/976-WAKE wake up service) 2/22/92
55. 3/7/92
56. 3/14/92
57. 3/21/92
58. 3/28/92
59. 4/4/92
60. 4/18/92
61. Howard Stern's Tribute to Breasts 4/26/92
62. 5/2/92
63. 5/9/92
64. 5/16/92
65. 5/23/92
67. 7/18/92
68. 7/25/92
69. 8/1/92

Uncensored Sketches & Outtakes w/Howard as Madonna, Cheech + Chong Xmas Show and more - 2 hours

Pay Per View

Negligee and Underwear Party 1988
Crucified by the FCC - Cassettes 1991
Butt Bongo Fiesta
Miss Howard Stern New Year's Eve Pageant 1993
U.S. Open Sores
New Year's Rotten Eve 1994

Misc. Appearances - In Order of Airing

Late Night with David Letterman 6/19/84 – wanted to do a bit where he brings out a dead horse and cuts it open, says WNBC sucks, AM Stereo is a joke, Oui magazine article, getting fired, losing 50 pounds, New York Post article, Kasey Casem and countdown shows, David’s producer pre-show interview, Steve Rossi and getting his own TV show, Jamaican Dial a Date
Ryder P.I. w/Howard Stern Outtakes 1986
Jackie the Jokeman - A Safe Distance from Genius 1986
Headbanger's Ball - Howard Stern & Leslie West 5/2/87
People are Talking - Curtis & Lisa Sliwa with Howard Stern 8/5/88 - Howard hits on Lisa and Curtis flips out.
Late Night with David Letterman 8/1/89 – doing the Arsenio Show, not doing the show in a while, evaluating himself and thinking he’s better than Richard Lewis, Rob Lowe Video guy dial a date, his 970 line sex stories – a man caught masturbating by his grandmother, making the GQ top comedians list, family planning 
Late Night with David Letterman - Howard Stern 4/25/90 – nervous about not being on in a year, Dr. Ruth, Marv Albert, Teri Garr, Letterman stalker, #1 in Philadelphia, Ch 9 show, Fox pilots not airing, he can do My Left Foot and wants to comb Dave's hair
Crucified by the FCC - CDs 1990
Late Night with David Letterman - Howard Stern 7/17/90
Late Night with David Letterman - Howard Stern 1/15/91
Late Night with David Letterman - Howard Stern 10/28/92
News - 1-800-MD-Death Howard Stern Ch9 Show Story 6/92
The Inside Word with Robin Quivers 6/92
Scattergories with Robin Quivers for 1 Week 7/92
MTV Awards with Howard Stern as Fartman 9/10/92
Elon Gold - Howard Stern Impersonator from Mtv from Mtv 12/92
Elon Gold - Howard Stern Impersonator in Alaska from Mtv 1/93
E! "Interview" Show Promo - Howard talking about what you'll see 1/93
An Inside View of Howard Stern 2/93
Ch. 2 NY News - Howard Stern Update 2/93
CNBC Talk Live Hosted by Robin Quivers with Jessica Hahn & Paul Mooney - Howard Stern Calls In 2/93
The Late Show with David Letterman - Howard Stern 3/93
The Larry Sanders Show - L.A. or N.Y.? W/Howard Stern 9/29/93
News NY - Howard Stern Stuff 9/93
Donahue Show - Howard Stern 10/15/93
The Late Show with David Letterman - Howard Stern 10/23/93
News NY - Howard Stern at the First Private Parts Book Signing 10/93
Ch. 4 News NY Live at Five - Howard Stern at the Second Private Parts Book Signing 10/93
The Jon Stewart Show on Mtv - Howard Stern 11/93
Ch. 4 News NY Live at Five - Sue Simmons interviews Howard Stern 11/93
News NY - Howard Stern at the Private Parts Book Party 11/93
VH1 - Howard Stern Interview 11/93
Mtv News - Howard Stern 11/93
The Geraldo Rivera Show - Howard Stern 11/93
Ch. 5 News at 10 - Howard Stern 11/93
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - You've Got to Be a Football Hero w/Robin Quivers 11/29/93
E! Channel Special hosted by Patrick Macnee - Howard Stern on Tour 12/93
Jackie Martling Hoof Hearted?? Ice Melted 199?
Pay Per View Ad - New Year's Rotten Eve 12/93
Rolling Stone '93 the Year in Review Special - Howard Stern 12/93
Ch. 5 NY News - Howard Stern LA Booksigning 12/93
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - Howard Stern + Belinda Carlisle 12/93
NY News - Howard Stern vs. Newark NJ 12/93
In Living Color w/Jim Carey as Howard Stern - Fartman Sketch 1/94
Conan O'Brien - Howard Stern Question 2/94
MTV News - Howard Stern Runs for Governor 3/94
Jackie Martling Live in Concert 94
News - Howard Stern for Governor Pt 1 3/94
News - Howard Stern for Governor Pt 2 3/94
Saturday Night Live - Howard Stern (Michael McKean) Gubernatorial Debate (1994)
Inside Edition - Stuttering John 3/94
Comedy Central - Citizen Stern: The Road to Albany - Citizen Kane parody, Host - Theresa Lynn w/Ed Koch, Libertarian Party convention, Howard gets 287 votes, David Peel 4/94
Stuttering John - I'll Talk My Way Out of it music video 4/94
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in NYC - Howard Stern Takes Over w/Paulina Porizkova + Blue Man Group 5/20/94
The Late Show with David Letterman - Howard Stern 6/24/94
News - Howard Stern in Cleveland 6/94
Headbanger's Ball - Stuttering John 7/23/94
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - Billy West 7/26/94
Donahue Show - Howard Stern 9/30/94
Ch. 5 NY News at 10pm w/Penny Crone - Mr. Stern Goes to Washington 9/30/94
Hard Copy - Power of Howard Stern 11/15/94
Extra - Odd Couple w/John Norris - Howard Stern + Rush Limbaugh Share a Birthday Story 1/12/95
Extra - Howard Stern 2/20/95
Late Night with Conan O'Brien - Robin Quivers 5/10/95
Current Affair - Robin Quivers 5/29/95
NJN - John Debella Live Interview on Howard 6/95
Sally Jessie Raphael - Robin Quivers 7/20/95
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - Robin Quivers 8/95
Ch 7 NY News - Stern Settlement 9/11/95
20/20 - Howard Stern 11/10/95
Current Affair - Howard Stern 11/18/95
Hard Copy - Howard Stern 11/16/95
ET - Howard Stern 11/16/95
News - Howard Stern Philadelphia Booksigning 12/9/95
Extra - Howard Stern 12/13/95
E! Channel - Miss America Special 12/20/95 
The Late Show with David Letterman - Howard Stern in Drag 12/20/95
ET - Howard Stern Goes Hollywood 2/8/96
News - Howard Stern Shocked 4/16/96
ET - Howard Stern 9/12/96
Hard Copy - Howard Stern Shake Up 11/20/96
ET - First Look at Private Parts 12/96
A&E Biography: Howard Stern Radio Rebel 12/96
MTV News - Beck + The Howard Stern Birthday Show 1/97
MTV News - Porno for Pyros + Howard Stern 2/97
Private Parts Super Bowl Ad
Hard Copy - Howard Stern 2/25/97
Porno for Pyros - Hard Charger Music Video World Premiere 2/97
Ch. 4 Live at Five News - Interviews Howard Stern 2/97
Ch. 4 Special - The Making of Private Parts 2/22/97
Ch.4 Live at Five News - Private Parts Premiere Party 2/27/97
MTV Private Party - Before the Private Parts Premiere at MSG Live 2/27/97
E! Behind the Scenes of Private Parts 2/27/97
Private Parts Trailer 2/27/97
E! Live Premiere After Party for Private Parts 2/27/97 - 85 mins
VH1 Flix: Private Parts 3/97
MTV Private Parts Videos 3/97
MTV Movie Profile: Private Parts 3/97
Today Show Live with Katie Couric - Howard Stern 3/4/97
Today Show Live with Matt Lauer - Howard Stern 3/5/97
Larry King Live - Howard Stern 3/18/97
Charles Grodin Loses His Mind about Howard Stern 3/18/97
Private Parts 1997
Jeopardy - Robin Quivers 4/97
Shut Up and Listen! - Documentary 5/97
America’s Most Wanted – Larry Andrews, Jr’s family calls Howard Stern 1/98
MAD TV - Talkin' America with Howard Stern parody 1998
Celebrity Deathmatch - Fandemonium '98 Howard Stern vs. Kathie Lee Gifford 8/28/98
Private Parts the movie TV Edition with New Footage + Howard Hosting 9/99
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - Howard Stern 2/21/00
Son of the Beach Premiere 3/00
Moral Court - You're No Howard Stern: Adam Ostergard vs. George Meyers who dresses up like Howard #1009. 1/30/01
History Bites - Howard Stern Interviews Peter Abelard Parody 2001
Headliners & Legends - Radio talk-show-host Howard Stern. 3/5/01
The Concert for New York City - Howard Stern 10/01
Who Wants to be a Millionaire - Robin Quivers 11/01
Judge Mathis - Beetlejuice 5/13/02
Inside the Playboy Mansion - A&E Special - Howard Stern 2002
Late Show With David Letterman - Howard Stern 11/6/03
101 Biggest Celebrity Oops #66: Celebrity Talk Show Flops w/Howard Stern 2004
Fox News Report - Stern Warning - Clearchannel Firing 2/26/04
Tripping the Rift - 2001 Space Idiocies - John Melendez 4/15/04
Mouthing Off: 51 Greatest Smartasses #12-1 w/Howard Stern 6/18/04
Most Awesome Celebrity Beefs w/Howard Stern 7/19/04
The Late Show With David Letterman - Howard Stern 11/18/04
The Aristocrats - Jackie Martling 2005
I Love the 90's Part Deux - 10 parts 1990-9 - Jackie Martling 1/17/05
I Love the 80's 3D - 10 parts 1980-9 - John Melendez 10/24/05
The Late Show With David Letterman - Howard Stern 11/17/05
60 Minutes - Howard Stern discusses his personal life and his new business venture. 12/4/05
Geraldo at Large - Howard Stern 12/12/05
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - Howard Stern. #10157. 12/13/05
The Best Damn Sports Show Period – Howard Stern 12/14/05
Sirius Satellite Ad – Howard Stern for their 5th Anniversary 12/15/05
Larry King Live – Howard Stern 1/5/06
Hannity & Colmes - Howard Stern Part 1 - 3/7/06
Hannity & Colmes - Howard Stern Part 2 - 3/8/06
The Late Show With David Letterman - Howard Stern 3/13/06
Sean Hannity Radio Show - Howard Stern 3/14/06
Attack of the Show – Howard Stern Film Festival 6/06
I Love the 70s Volume II - 10 parts 1970-9 - John Melendez 7/9/06
40 Freakiest Concert Moments - #20 Howard as Fartman on Mtv 9/06
Awesomely Ridiculous Celeb Moments - Dustin Diamond on Howard's show. 10/2/06
Breaking Bonaduce - El Gringo Loco - Danny goes on Howard's show. #201. 10/22/06
Fashion TV - Beth O. talks about Howard's Style 12/06
Late Show With David Letterman - Howard Stern #12122006. 12/12/06
Conan O'Brien - Howard Stern #12152006. 12/15/06
Jimmy Kimmel Live - Howard Stern #12162006. 12/16/06
Dice Undisputed - The Book Episode w/Howard Stern #106. 4/1/07
Icons - Eli Roth - metinons working on Private Parts #6018. 6/3/07
The Late Show with David Letterman - Howard Stern 1/10/08
The View - Robin Quivers 4/14/08
Late Show with David Letterman - Howard Stern - Dancing, ratings to beat Conan, Howard’s ass vs. Bruno, Jay Leno, Radio Job, Wedding photos, Jessica Hahn, Richard Simmons, Qs for Howard, Rush Limbaugh, Denise Richards, Coppola 6/8/09

The Howard Stern "Interview" Show - E! 1993

Bon Jovi
Donald Trump
James Brown
Patti Smyth
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Grace Slick
Gary Shandling
Jason Priestley
Richard Marx
Tom Jones
Joan Rivers
Dick Cavett
Suzanne Vega
Robin Leach
Flavor Flav
Maury Pauvich
Chuck Norris
Willie Nelson
Moon Unit + Frank Zappa
Don King
Andrew Dice Clay
Janice Ian
Mario Van Peebles
Boy George
Penn + Teller
Melissa Gilbert
Phil Hartman
Belinda Carlisle
Rip Torn
Milton Berle
Marg Helgenberger/Howard's Dracula

Howard Stern Radio Show - CBS Saturday Night 1998-01

1 - Bodybuilder Nicole Bass shows her vagina to Robin, O.J. Simpson golf course interview, Howard Stern look alike and lesbian friends, Part 1 of the Frankenstein Make Over contest plus a couple of Jon Benet Ramsey animations
2 - Wesley Snipes 'Blade' interview, Artie Lange and Jimmy Palumbo host HSSN (Howard Stern Sports Network) bumpers for Arthur Fartowski's 400 fart attempt, Charlton Heston cartoon, Gary The Retard Dating Game, Frankenstein Make Over Contest part 2, Mistresses and other women come in to dance during Rob Zombie's performance of ''Dragula''
3 - Cindy Crawford interview, Robin and Fred fight about Cindy Crawford, LL Cool J interview, Kendra Jade the stripper talks about Jerry Springer, Two Penis Knievel's argue about who's the real one
5 - Ralph the fag, Ronnie the limo driver, and King of All Blacks evaluate Alina and Christina for Playboy; Howard and the judges get on Gary's back about being overweight and the way he dresses, Richard Belzer gets caught in the green room with one of the evaluated women on his lap
6 - Howard and the CBS people talk about when they will Broadcast the Gay Dance Party, Janine the Intern interviews Chris Tucker at Planet Hollywood then gets in a fight with the Publicists, Marilyn Manson Interview, Two Fans of Marilyn come into meet him, Another Fan comes into meet Marilyn and shows his ass Marilyn shows his ass then Gary shows his as, Marilyn Manson checks out Howard's Real Doll after the interview, Howard Yells at Stuttering John for using his name in his Album Promotions, Old Stuttering John Interviews
7 - Behind the scenes as everyone prepares for the Gay Dance Party, Goo Goo Dolls Interview; Jon Stewart, Gary, Fred, Jackie show how they are dressed for the Dance; All of the guys come into the studio to get matched up with gay dance partners, Gay Dance Party, Howard talks to the guys after the Dance, Howard talks about how well the Gay Dance Party went, Behind the scenes with Jon Stewart, Howard shows some good scenes of the dance in slow motion, Howard shows some of the behind the scenes video and then picks on Gary, Closing credits with sounds of phone calls from people complaining of the show
8 - Behind the scenes talk about a dying fan, Dying Roy eats marshmallow off of Brittany the stripper, Behind the scenes with Brittany wiping off the marshmallow fluff, Pamela Anderson in a thong
9 - Shaquille O'Neil bench presses Robin, Howard Shaves a twin's private parts, Jamie Lee Curtis interview, Candyass
10 - Orgasm contest, Handicapped Star Search with the Groundhog Brothers
23 - Jennifer the one breasted woman gets implants, Baba Booey Cartoon, NATPE Convention Montage
70 - Brande Roderick, Samuel L. Jackson, Gary's Big Adventure at the Rodeo, Putt Fiction animation, Chicken ''Bababooy'' Dance animation, Beetlejuice, Wack Pack What's Up?, The Man behind the Shtick: Benjy Bronk - Segment Producer, Bill Maher, Greg the Mailman: Male Gigolo, Big Gay John
71 - Heather Locklear, What People Will Do To Meet Heather Locklear, Disabled Comedy Shootout with Vin the Retard and Speech Impediment Man, Pissed off Howard Stern Animated, David Blaine, Filthy 3D Jokeman, Julianna Margulies and Kyra Sedgewick, Hank the dwarf at the David Blaine Ice block, The Name Game, Green Day performs
72 - Erica the Gymnast with her new breasts, F - Emmy Awards, A moment with Crackhead Bob, Crackhead Bob animation, Stuttering John with Ellen Degeneres, Stripper Jeopardy, Mr. Methane's ''Name That Fume'', Hattie the 64 year old Woman that's sleeping with young men, David Hasselhoff, Isaac the production assistant performs, Joe Frazier falls down
73 - Amy Lynn, Filthy 3D Jokeman, FME Awards, Bridget The Midget & High Pitch Eric, Intern Beauty Pageant, Boobie Boy, Baba Booey's Dad Farting animation, Tom Arnold and his girlfriend Shelby, Win Fred's Money, Joe Frazier falls Down
74 - Playboy Evaluations with Snoop Dogg, Al Goldstein and Evan Metropolis, The Lighting of the Teeth with Sal the Stockbroker, The Strange World of Kreskin, Howard Stern's Porn Jeopardy, Filthy 3D Jokeman, Ronnie ''Woo Woo'' Wickers, Howard Stern's Queen For a Day, FME Awards
76 - Rapping Granny, Richard Lewis, Beetlejuice vs. Gary the Retard Battle of Wits, Robin takes a swim Animated, Mike and Bill's Penis Evaluation, Crazy Cabbie vs. the Wassup Guy, John Surowy the Idea Man
77 - Howie's Las Vegas from the Hard Rock Hotel with Reggie Jackson, Rollie Fingers; Kevin Sorbo and his wife, Howard Stern Wack Pack Makeover - John the Stutterer, Howie's Las Vegas with Norm Zadeh, Robbie Knievel, Steve Rossi, Jenna Jameson and David Brenner; Song Parody Contest winner ''Your Mouth Is Horrible'' animated, Howie's Las Vegas with $100,000 bet winner Tracy Whitehead, A Salute to Crackhead Bob, Lenny Kravitz performs live, Encore presentation of Stuttering John at the Shrink animation
78 - Howard In Los Angeles with guests Kelsey Grammer and Wife, Soleil Moon Frye, Carol Alt, Scott the Engineer, Tim Allen, John the Stutterer, Press Conference with Sharon Tae from KTLA & Kristen from E!, Heather Locklear, Q&A with Shayla and Heather Brink, The cast of Son of the Beach, Jay Leno, Aisha Tyler, Tom Arnold, Rachel Hunter, Ben Stiller, Michael Rappoport and The Jesus Twins; Howard at the Playboy Mansion with guests Kylie Bax, Bill Maher, Sandy Taylor, David Spade, Hugh Hefner, Mary McCormack, ''Survivor'' star Kelly, Magic Johnson, Dennis Rodman, Benjy swims naked and Rod Stewart
80 - Kimmi from Survivor, Win Fred's Money, Porn Star Janine Lindemulder, A Salute to King of all Blacks, Beetlejuice's Love message to Robin, Fartman calls the Iranian Embassy animation, Mandi from Temptation Island, Old Guy Virgin
81 - Carmen Electra, Kylie Bax lie detector test, Beetlejuice auditions for Jackie's job, Guess who's the Transsexual, Fred gets hypnotized by Paul McKenna, Heather's Porn Audition, Richard Belzer bangs his Head
83 - Crazy Cabby vs. Angry Black Boxing Match
84 - Survivor 2 losers Alicia, Jerri, and Amber, The Stern Family at a Restaurant Cartoon Morphing animation; Gay Lie Detector Challenge with Ralph, Stuttering John, KC, Scott DePace and Howard; Stuff touched by the Stars, Camille Grammer Irritable Bowel Syndrome discussion, Gilbert Gottfried and Howard goof on Irritable Bowel Syndrome animation ''When the Bowl Breaks''; Gary Garver at the Oscars with Janet Leigh, Cliff Robertson, Sean Young and Gary Busey; Elliott Offen argues with Karen on the phone who claims to be his Daughter, When Beetlejuice attacks
85 - Porn star Alisha Klass and Hank The Dwarf, The Art of Yelling, Gary vs. Howard shoot out animation, Carly and Danielle want to be models, Spaced out Phone Caller animation, Art Appreciation with Howard Stern vs. Jackson Pollack, KC at Home, Jack Gordon's bubble machine, The Nude House Painter, Ben Stern's Testing For Proper Modulation, Kathy Griffin, Beetlejuice and friend get in trouble at Medieval Times theme restaurant
86 - Mr. T fights Cancer, Hank the Dwarf vs. Gary in Rock 'n' Roll Trivia, Butt Cheeks Fever animation, They Almost Made It In, Ronnie & Scott's NASCAR Racing Adventure, Lesbian Sisters Jade and Taylor, Stuttering John's Practical Joke on Scott the Engineer, On the set of ''Bubble Boy'' with Beetlejuice, Encore Presentation of Gary's Teeth Discussion animation

E! Show 1994 - 2005

#1 - 6/20 - 7/12/94
Phony OJ Simpson Call to Peter Jennings
Smelling Gary’s Phone/Rosalin Kind
Gary Shandling/Gary Drawings
Farting in Gary’s Face Part 1
Farting in Gary’s Face Part 2
Alec Baldwin
Leaving Your Wife/Scott’s Wig
Howard Stern Dance Party
Carol Shaya
Eric Roberts
Ripping on Ralph/Melrose Larry Green
Mark Hamill
Puerto Ricans
Gay Rich
Andrew Dice Clay
Howard’s Movie
#2 - 7/13-8/5/94
Electric Comic Book Reunion
John Wayne Bobbitt
Gary Puppet Pt 1
Mark Harris
Gary Puppet Pt 2/Scott’s Intern
Fred Norris Bachelor Party Part 1
Fred Norris Bachelor Party Part 2
Spin Doctors
Jim Carrey
Fred the Elephant Boy
OJ Songs/The Tokens
Lisa the Exhibitionist
Howard's Press Conference for Governor
#3 - 8/5-29/94
Allison Stern + Her Friends
Crazy Guy Who Won’t Leave/Nikki Sixx + Tommy Lee of Motley Crue
Vicki the Drunk/Bobcat Goldthwait Part 1
La Toya Jackson
Tom Jones
Bobcat Goldthwait Part 2
Tom Arnold
Baba Booey's 911 Call
Hypnotizing Gay Rich
Tammy the Annoying Girl Who Gets Naked
The Abduction of the Gary Puppet
The OJ Challenge
Sandra Bernhard
Roger Ebert
Dennis the Penile Injector
Gay Jaffe
#4 - 8/30-9/28/94
Kenneth Keith Kallenbach + his Mom
Losing it Over Commercials/Crying
Adam West
Roseanne Part 1
Roseanne Part 2
John at the MTV Awards Part 1
John at the MTV Awards Part 2
Fran Drescher
Suzanne Somers Part 1
Suzanne Somers Part 2
John Claude Van Damme Part 1
John Claude Van Damme Part 2
Yasmine Bleeth of Baywatch
John Wayne Bobbitt Part 1
John Wayne Bobbitt Part 2
Melissa Gilbert
#5 - 9/29-10/20/94
Danny Glover
Lou Diamond Phillips Part 1
Lou Diamond Phillips Part 2
Malika Kinison + Kimberly Taylor
Stuttering Vic Part 1
Stuttering Vic Part 2
Albert Brooks Part 1
Albert Brooks Part 2
Joan Rivers
Pamela Anderson Part 1
Pamela Anderson Part 2
Pamela Anderson Part 3
Tim Allen
Scott Salem’s Lung Test
Electric Comic Book Reunion
Al Michaels Part 1
#6 - 10/21-11/21/94
Al Michaels Part 2
Bon Jovi Part 1
Bon Jovi Part 2
Mark Harris
Ginger Lynn
Halloween Party
The Go-Go's - Belinda Carlisle & Jane Wiedlin play Live
Mocking on Mike Gange
Scott Baio
Scott Salem’s Bald Head
Judy Nelson
Elaina Biesty
New Interns
George Takei - Star Trek
William Shatner Part 1
William Shatner Part 2
Burton Cummings - America
#7 - 11/22-12/20/94
Stuttering John Interviews Part 2 - Burt
Arnold Schwarzenegger + Ivan Reitman Part 1
Arnold Schwarzenegger + Ivan Reitman Part 2
Marc Coppala
Tawny Kitaen Part 1
Tawny Kitaen Part 2
Pat Cooper’s Rampage Part 1
Pat Cooper’s Rampage Part 2
Chuck Norris
Howard Saves a Jumper trying to commit suicide Part 1
Howard Saves a Jumper trying to commit suicide Part 2
Roseanne Arnold Part 1
Roseanne Arnold Part 2
Conan O’ Brien Part 1
Conan O’ Brien Part 2
Carly Simon Part 1
#8 - 12/21/94 -1/24/95
Carly Simon Part 2
Richard Lewis
Xmas Tickle Contest Party Part 1
Xmas Tickle Contest Party Part 2
Howard at Governor Potaki’s Inauguration
Nina The Hot Dog Girl Part 1
Nina The Hot Dog Girl Part 2
Willie Nelson Part 1
Willie Nelson Part 2
Pete Rose
Dr. Ruth Part 1
Dr. Ruth Part 2
Howard’s 41st Birthday Party Part 1
Howard’s 41st Birthday Party Part 4
Howard’s 41st Birthday Party Part 5
Joan Rivers Part 1
Joan Rivers Part 2/Gange, Steve Grillo + Stuttering Landlord
#9 - 1/25-2/21/95
Josie the Howard Hater
Super Bowl Massage Party
Ellen Stol - Playboy Wheelchair Playmate
Mark Harris
Slash from Guns N' Roses Part 1
Slash from Guns N' Roses Part 2
The Laughing Stocks
Bill Mumy
Dee Snider
Corbin Bernsen
Ralph’s Super Bowl Bet
Sophie B. Hawkins
Stuttering John at the ESPYS
Patti Davis Reagan
Nicole Bass
Jan Michael Vincent Pt 1
#10 - 2/22-3/20/95
Jan Michael Vincent Part 2
Heather Locklear
Gary’s Learning Annex Speech
Spraying Scott’s Head
Shaving Grillo’s Head
Susan Olson
Scott Depace’s Gay Fling
Intern Jeopardy
Sally Kirkland
Dracula Gottfried Part 1
Dracula Gottfried Part 2
Ginger Lynn Allen
Chuck Norris
Scott Einziger Pussy Whipped
Big Black
Strippers Play Strip Jeopardy
OJ Mask Worth
#11 - 3/21-4/17/95
Nicole Egert
Sexual Therapist
Adam Ant
Lawrence Taylor Wrestling Press Conference
Richard Lewis
How to Check for Breast Cancer Part 1
How to Check for Breast Cancer Part 2
Stuttering John at Elaine’s Oscar Party
Raquel Bianca
Elephant Boy’s Speech Therapy
Gary Dell'abate Fires John
Stephen Corky Marks
Christopher Cross Part 1
Christopher Cross Part 2
Bill Kinison
Nancy Sinatra
#12 - 4/17-5/18/95
Martin Lawrence
John’s Practical Joke on Jackie Martling
John Debella
Sexual Jeopardy
Jaid Barrymore Part 1
Jaid Barrymore Part 2
Singer from Freckle Strips Part 1
Singer from Freckle Strips Part 2
Grillo’s Singal (Single) Now
Lisa Loring - Addams Family
Chuck Norris
Vinnie Mazzio Jr.
Stephen Bogart
Stuttering John with Billy Crystal
Tiny Tim Part 1
Tiny Tim Part 2
#13 - 5/19-7/3/95
Sarah the Transsexual
Julie Cialini - Playmate of the Year
Ray Combs
Joan Rivers
Lisa Part 1
Lisa Part 2
Gallagher II
Mr. Blackwell Part 1
Mr. Blackwell Part 2
Victoria the Russian Playboy Playmate Part 1
Victoria the Russian Playboy Playmate Part 2
Howard’s Red Cross Donation
Sandra Taylor Part 1
Sandra Taylor Part 2 w/William Shatner
Robin’s Lie Detector Test Part 1
Robin’s Lie Detector Test Part 2
An Ugly Girl Gets Naked + Gange Part 1
An Ugly Girl Gets Naked + Gange Part 2
Stuttering John at Freedom of the Press Awards Part 1
Stuttering John at Freedom of the Press Awards Part 2
Italian Elvis
Heidi the Ivy League Stripper
Gary’s New Teeth Operation
Carol Leifer
#14 - 7/3-8/8/95
Carol Leifer Cont
David Brenner
Senator Arlan Specter
Kenneth Keith Kallenbach
Stanley Cup
Bashing Grillo
Jack La Lane
The Ba Ba Booey T-shirt
Mistress Crimson
Gambling Dan
Howard’s Mail Fiasco with Gary
Radio Wave Victor
Ronda Shear
Gary vs. Scott
John K. vs. Billy West - Ren and Stimpy
Howard vs. Jim Buff
Doug Bady Part 1
Doug Bady Part 2
Elephant Boy
Firm N’ Tan
#15 - 8/9-9/18/95
Tommy Lasorda
Debbie Tae the Space Alien Part 1
Debbie Tae the Space Alien Part 2
Gunga Din Grillo
Garret Morris
Anna Nicole Smith
Mike Judge Part 1
Mike Judge Part 2
John vs. Ralph
Patsy the Guy with No Testicles
Sugar Ray
Two Italian Broadcasters
Joe Piscopo
Black Jeopardy Part 1
Black Jeopardy Part 2
Scott Baio
The Efficiency Expert
Hum Part 1
Hum Part 2
Fred’s Wife
Pam Anderson Wannabe
Shannon Tweed
#16 - 9/19-10/12/95
Fred’s Revenge Part 1
Fred’s Revenge Part 2
David Brenner
Rubber Baby
David Lee Roth
Dennis Rodman Part 1
Dennis Rodman Part 2
Fred’s Wife Alison Part 1
Fred’s Wife Alison Part 2
Grillo’s Spelling Bee
Stuttering John Questions Cindy Crawford
Brown Fingers video
38 Year Old Intern
Debbie Gibson
Bathroom Offenders
#17 - 10/13-11/10/95
Kenneth Keith Porno Star
Boy George
Gary’s Domestic Nightmare
Downtown Julie Brown
Charles Manson’s Ex Pen Pal Part 1
Charles Manson’s Ex Pen Pal Part 2
Gene Siskel + Roger Ebert Part 1
Gene Siskel + Roger Ebert Part 2
Dee Snider + Lisa the Lifeguard
William Shatner
Stuttering John vs. Robin
Pat Cooper Returns Part 1
Pat Cooper Returns Part 2
Retarded Interns
Book Release Hype
MC Hammer Part 1
#18 - 11/11-12/6/95
MC Hammer Part 2
Billy Idol
Name that Asian
Milton Berle
Grillo the Hunter
Jesus Part 1
Jesus Part 2
Chuck Negron
Stuttering John Goes Gay Practical Joke
Jillian’s Date from Hell
Suzanne Somers
Reggie Miller
Melrose Larry Green
Gary Marshall
Robert Downey Jr. Part 1
#19 - 12/7-21, 1/22-30/96
Robert Downey Jr. Part 2
Name that Convict Part 2
Chynna Phillips Part 1
Chynna Phillips Part 2
Robin’s Horse Show
Miss America Special
Anna the Foot Fetish Girl
Laurence Fishburne Stalker
Joe Frazier
Mr. T
Richard Lewis
Kimberly Taylor, Brandy + Wine
Dr. Ruth
Rob Zombie
#20 - 1/31-2/23/96
Tiny Tim
Amy Lynn Baxter
Gina Lee Nolan
John Stewart
Gabrielle Reese Part 1
Gabrielle Reese Part 2
Melrose Larry Green
Elephant Boy at the Billboard Awards
David Carradine Part 2
Dennis Rodman + Robin’s Date Part 1
Dennis Rodman + Robin’s Date Part 2
David Spade
David Peel
Ozzy Osbourne Part 1
Ozzy Osbourne Part 2
Meat Loaf
Bush - the band
#21 - 2/26-3/28/96
Lillian Muller
Stuttering John at the Red Ball Part 1
Gary + The Sega Channel
Joan Rivers
Scores Girls Get Hypnotized Part 1
Scores Girls Get Hypnotized Part 2
Scores Girls Get Hypnotized Part 3
John Stamos Part 1
John Stamos Part 2
Monte Rock III
Jackie’s Scores Birthday
Hooter Girls
Robin in Charge
David Letterman Part 2
Allison’s New Role Part 1
Allison’s New Role Part 2
Cyndi Lauper Part 1
Cyndi Lauper Part 2
Alan Thicke Part 1
Alan Thicke Part 2
#22 - 3/29-4/23/96
Jenna Jameson
John at the ESPYs
Poland Spring Controversy
Name that Jew
Impersonate Jackie Part 1
Impersonate Jackie Part 2
Chris Dardin Part 1
Chris Dardin Part 2
Beth the Intern who Would Never Be
Stuttering John with Don Cornelius
Ralph Cirella - Staff Photographer
Sally the World’s Tallest Woman
Jim Belushi Part 1
Jim Belushi Part 2
The Biggest Deadbeat Dad
Fran Drescher Part 1
#23 - 4/24-5/21/96
Fran Drescher Part 2
Moron Interns
Buster Douglas
Scott Quits
Divine Brown Part 1
Foreign Broadcasters
Tom + Julie Arnold Return
Meet the Staff
A Couple who met at a Booksigning and are Getting Married
Crackhead Bob Part 1
Crackhead Bob Part 2
Grillo the Actor
Fred Quits Part 1
Fred Quits Part 2
Carmen Electra
Stuttering John vs. Gange + Grillo
Smelly James
#24 - 5/22-6/24/96
Richard Belzer
The Ramones
Elephant Boy’s Prank Part 1
Elephant Boy’s Prank Part 2
Grillo’s Lunch Duty
Bret + Steve who Have a Hard On for Stars
Girlie Show
Norm Macdonald Part 1
Norm Macdonald Part 2
Jackie the Moocher
Al Sharpton
Painting O’ Green
Joan Rivers
Goofing on Scott + Richard in LA
Lenny Kravitz
#25 - 6/25-7/29/96
Kelly Le Brock Part 1
Kelly Le Brock Part 2
Andrea from Howard’s College Days
Amy Lynn
John at the Tavern on the Green
Matt La Blanc/Mad Russian
Engelbert Humperdinck
David Letterman Part 1
Howard’s Birthday Show 1996 Part 1
Howard’s Birthday Show 1996 Part 2
Howard’s Birthday Show 1996 Part 3
Howard’s Birthday Show 1996 Part 4
Smelly James vs. Ethan
Ray Boom Boom Mancini
Horse Tooth Jackass
Sue - Thinks She’s Liz Taylor’s Daughter
Gary vs. Marco in Tooth Wars
#26 - 7/30-8/29/96
Howard vs. Gary
Marilyn Michaels
The Presidents of the USA
Gina Lee Nolan
Jackie vs. Dice
Grillo’s Fake Audition Part 1
Grillo’s Fake Audition Part 2
Kevin Bacon Game
Pat Cooper Part 1
Pat Cooper Part 2
Jenna Jameson + Her Dad
Smelly James + His Comedy Doctor
John Wayne Bobbitt
Sarah the Transsexual Returns
Fat Women
Jaid Barrymore
Fred’s Revenge
#27 - 8/30-10/7/96
Fred’s Revenge Cont.
Gump + The Pump
Richard Simmons
Nikki Tyler
Stephen Baldwin
William Shatner
Gang Bang Girls Part 1
Gang Bang Girls Part 2
Duff McKagen + Steve Jones
Riley Martin Part 1
Riley Martin Part 2
John Tesh
Amy Lynn
Gay Doug
Joan Rivers
Special K Part 1
Special K Part 2
Sal the Stockbroker's Swan Song
Gary Fannon
Anya the Au Pair
David Lee Roth Part 1
David Lee Roth Part 2
Paul McKenna Pt 1
#28 - 10/8-11/7/96
Paul McKenna Pt 2
Jason who Slept with His Half Sister
Dennis Rodman Part 1
Dennis Rodman Part 2
To Tell the Poof
John the fan who Scammed Howard
Jay Leno Part 1
Jay Leno Part 2
A Guy who Lost all his Body Hair
Tom Arnold Part 1
Tom Arnold Part 2
Marshmallow Mike Part 1
Marshmallow Mike Part 2
Corey Feldman Part 1
Corey Feldman Part 2
Mackenzie Phillips
Hank the Angry, Drunk Dwarf Part 1
Hank the Angry, Drunk Dwarf Part 2
Tim Allen Part 1
Tim Allen Part 2
#29 - 11/8-12/11/96
Uzo’s Farewell
Japanese Broadcasters
Dr. Ruth
Suzanne Somers Part 1
Suzanne Somers Part 2
Jenna Jameson
Wesley Willis
Fran Drescher
Garbage Bag Girl Part 1
Garbage Bag Girl Part 2
Robert Wuhl
Heather Locklear Part 1
Heather Locklear Part 2
To Tell the Poof II Part 1
To Tell the Poof II Part 2
Tori Spelling
Seth the Urine Drinker
Playboy Playmates
Lars Ulrich - Metallica
Smelly James Stand up Live
Vicki the Obsessed Fan
#30 - 12/12 - 1/17/97
Name that Caucasian
Janine + The Ultimate Ba Ba Booey
Bush Part 2
Mike Judge
Josie the Fat, Annoying, Naked Girl
Nancy Sirianni
Amy Lynn + Tempest Part 1
Amy Lynn + Tempest Part 2
Howard’s Birthday Show 1997 Part 1
Howard’s Birthday Show 1997 Part 2
Howard’s Birthday Show 1997 Part 3
Howard’s Birthday Show 1997 Part 4
Howard’s Birthday Show 1997 Part 5
#31 - 1/18-2/19/97
Ralph’s Gay Polygraph Part 1
Ralph’s Gay Polygraph Part 2
Gretchen Becker Part 1 - Interview
Gretchen Becker Part 2 - Plays Howard in Basketball
Rumple Minze Girls
What’s My Color?
Kato Part 1
Kato Part 2
Micro Matt (X Rated)
Monica the Mexican Girl
Grillo’s IQ Test Part 1
Grillo’s IQ Test Part 2
Retired Detectives Lang + Vannader
Elizabeth Ann Hilden Pt 1
Phil Collins Part 1
Phil Collins Part 2
Playboy Playmates of the Year 95 + 96 Part 1
Playboy Playmates of the Year 95 + 96 Part 2
Jesus Twins Part 1
Jesus Twins Part 2
Wayne Gretzky
#32 - 2/20-28/97
Nico Treasures Part 1
Nico Treasures Part 2
Jimmy Pop
Speech Impediment Man
Stuttering John at the Grammy Nominations
Premiere Show Part 1
#33 - 3/3-17/97
Premiere Show Part 2
Premiere Show Part 3
Premiere Show Part 4
In Hollywood Part 1
In Hollywood Part 2
Albert Brooks
Corey Feldman Part 1
Corey Feldman Part 2
Intern Beauty Pageant Part 1
Intern Beauty Pageant Part 2
Joan Rivers
#34 - 3/18-4/15/97
Wise Intelligent
David Faustino
Matt the World’s Biggest Feet
Cheryl + The Mike Walker Game
Rodney Dangerfield vs. Jackie Part 2
Rap Summit
Carol Shaya Part 1
Carol Shaya Part 2
Yasmine Bleeth (3/95)
Uppity Gange + Grillo’s Rescue
Crackhead + Tommy Chong
Tag Team Interviewing Morons
Mira Segal Part 1
Mira Segal Part 2
Susan-Wants to be in Playboy
John Mellencamp
Richard Lewis
#35 - 4/16-5/7/97
Abe - KROCK Doorman
What’s My Color II
Lauren Holly
Pamela Anderson + Tommy Lee Part 1
Pamela Anderson + Tommy Lee Part 2
The Jesus Twins Live
Sandra Bernhard Part 1
Sandra Bernhard Part 2
JFK Hoax
Michael Buffer
Dani wants to be in Playboy Part 2
William Shatner
Lisa Kudrow
Stuttering John - New Documentary Emmy Awards
Wilt Chamberlin
#36 - 5/8-6/6/97
The Bacon Brothers
Mary Ann, Thinks She’s a Hermaphrodite
Jenna Jameson 1st Appearance
Mia Farrow Part 1
Mia Farrow Part 2
David Spade Part 1
David Spade Part 2
Fiona Apple
Alexa + April
Linda Georgian
Rodman + Hogan
Debbie Mazar
Howard vs. Jackie in Basketball
Stuttering John at the Fashion Awards
Scott’s Lung Test
“Grandpa” Al Lewis
Dominic Barbara vs. Robin in Basketball Part 1
#37 - E! 6/7-22/97
Dominic Barbara vs. Robin in Basketball Part 2
Lucy Arnez
Chris Rock
Marcia Clark
The Singing Psychic
Farrah Fawcet Part 1
Farrah Fawcet Part 2
Crackhead Bob Van Halen Video
Jan-Michael Vincent Part 1
Jan-Michael Vincent Part 2
#38 - 6/23-7/30/97
Zack the Naked Intern
Mike Judge
Howard vs. Stuttering John
Topless Sunbather + Grillo Skydiving
Sophie B. Hawkins Part 2
Justine the Spy
Grandma Anne Gange
Sammy Hagar Part 1
Sammy Hagar Part 2
Brittney Andrews
Ozzy Osbourne + Marilyn Manson - Ozzfest
Sean Young Part 1
Sean Young Part 2
Siskel + Ebert
Two Annoying Strippers who Won’t get Naked
Jason Priestley
Noel Gallagher - Oasis
#39 - 7/31-10/6/97
Stacy Rucker Part 1
Stacy Rucker Part 2
Stacy Rucker Part 3
Motley Crue
Shaving a Homeless Girls’ Head
Randi Steele
Sue, the Etch-a-Sketch Artist
Metr-x Girls + the Virgin Author
Belinda Carlisle & her son
Roy, Had Sex with a Dolphin
Gang Bang Girls Part 3
Tracy Hampton
#40 - 9/2-10/7/97
Eleanor Mondale
Dog Star w/Keanu Reeves Part 1
Dog Star w/Keanu Reeves Part 2
Adam + Nina West plus Jade Part 1
Adam + Nina West plus Jade Part 2
Flip Wilson Part 2
Hank the Angry Dwarf Part 1
Hank the Angry Dwarf Part 2
Donna D’Erico Part 1
Savannah for “The Girls of Scores”
Andrew Dice Clay Bombs Part 1
Andrew Dice Clay Bombs Part 2
2nd Annual Intern Beauty Pageant Part 1
3rd Annual Intern Beauty Pageant Part 1
Marty vs. Captain Janks
Walter Mercado
John at the 1997 Mtv Music Awards
#41 - 10/8-12/6/97
Joan Rivers
Elaina Biesty + Diapering Part 1
Rosie Perez Part 1
Rosie Perez Part 2
Nancy Glass
Donald Trump
Suzanne Somers Promoting Her Book
The Real Doll + William Shatner
Tori Spelling
David Lee Roth Part 1
David Lee Roth Part 2 w/Scott’s Pushup challenge
Billboard Awards Fiasco
Sean Lennon in Bra + Panties
Puerto Rican Vanessa
Perfect 10 Girls + Sandra Bernhard Part 1
Lynn + Uzo
Jaleel White
Paul Rodriguez Part 1
#42 - 2/5-3/5/98
Howard's Birthday Show 98 Part 4
Howard's Birthday Show 98 Part 5
Robin’s Jeopardy Warm-up
Grin Synic/Naked for a song
Veronica Webb
Robert Duvall
Anger Special
Salt N Pepa
Intern Beauty Pageant Fall 97
4 Nipple Lady/BJ Thomas
Pamela Anderson Lee
Elana Biesty + Diapering Part 2
Theresa the Stripper
#43 - 11/98 – 1/99
Lorenzo Lamas
Larry Flynt
Radio Show
Beaten with a Fish
Naked Homeless Game
1st Annual Small Penis Contest
Sex with a Porn Star Contest - Houston
Intern Beauty Pageant 98
Smelling and Farting
Slave for a day + Judging
Girls from V.I.P.
Paige Summers Part 1
Paige Summers Part 2
#44 - 3/8-4/30/99
Fart Contest
Jennifer One Breast
Alina + Playboy Judging
Intern Beauty Pageant
Corey Feldman
Jenny Jones
Rose McGowan
Evaluating Part 1
Juli Ashton
Evaluating Part 2
Miss Naked Universe
Baba Booey Makeover
Devon + Farting
Cris Crap Debut
Hank the Movie Star
Sable - WWF Wrestler
#45 - 7/16-8/8/99
Karin Taylor
Christi Lake Part 1
Alicia Klass, Felicia + Jessica Knight
Christi Lake Part 2
The World’s Biggest Breasts
Yelling at Gary and Scott over the Fist
James King Part 1
Gary’s ‘I want you back tape’
Clint Eastwood’s Daughter
Breast Implant Beauty Pageant Part 1
Houston the Prom Date Part 1
Breast Implant Beauty Pageant Part 2
Houston the Prom Date Part 2
Breast Implant Beauty Pageant Part 3
Knockers the Clown
Sally Kirkland sans Implants
#46 - 8/9 – 9/2/99
Hank the Angry Dwarf in Drag
Freaky Feud Part 1
Carol Alt Part 1
Freaky Feud Part 2
Carol Alt Part 2
Mr. T
Victoria Silvestedt
Miss Nude World Part 1
Miss Nude World Part 2
Montana + Zita Showing Off Breast Implants
Houston's Second Date with Brad
Richie Sambora
Porno Lawyer
Billy Corgan - Smashing Pumpkins Part 1
#47 - 9/3 – 9/14/99
Billy Corgan - Smashing Pumpkins Part 2
Girls who want Implants
Trekkie Convention
Van Halen Part 1
Tori Spelling
Van Halen Part 2
Kendra Jade
Drew Carey
Reno Mero, Formerly Sable
Handicapped Star Search Part 1
Guess Who’s the Virgin
Handicapped Star Search Part 2
Midget vs. Playmate Wrestling Part 1
Midget vs. Playmate Wrestling Part 2
Scratch and Sniff Panties
Homeless Jeopardy Part 2
#48 - 9/15 – 9/28/99
Cheryl the Playboy Lingerie Model
Bridget the Porno Midget
Dahm Triplets Dating Game Part 1
Jenny McCarthy Part 1
Dahm Triplets Dating Game Part 2
Jenny McCarthy Part 2
Hank the Angry Dwarf + Howie Mandel
The Singing Psychic
Intern Beauty Pageant Summer 99 Part 1
Intern Beauty Pageant Summer 99 Part 2
Mtv Music Awards Part 2
Evaluating for Playboy – Guy and Girl Part 1
#49 - 9/28 – 10/17/99
Mtv Music Awards Part 3
Evaluating for Playboy – Guy and Girl Part 2
Mtv Music Awards Part 4
Gary the Retard Dating Game
Howard Refereeing CD Match
Mtv Music Awards Part 5
Kamo/25 year old virgin/Japanese
Laura Cover/Fruity Nut cake
Solitaire the Sex Slave
Jennifer Thinks She has C Cup Breasts
Natasha Henstridge
Insane Clown Posse vs. Sharon Osbourne
Pamela Anderson + VIP cast
Carol Alt vs. Fred
Heather Locklear promoting Spin City
Solitaire Returns w/Implants
#50 - 10/18 – 11/9/99
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Kelsey Grammar Part 1
Candy Apples
Jasmine St. Clair Retires
Belching for Breasts
Roseanne vs. Tom Arnold Part 1
Divine Brown Part 2
Roseanne vs. Tom Arnold Part 2
Sue – Wants to be in Penthouse
Joan Rivers
The Go-Go’s 1999 Reunion
Skylar – Evaluating for Implants
Gay Feud Part 1
Alison Eastwood
Gay Feud Part 2
#51 - 11/9-28/99
Roxanne the Old Bag Evaluation
Celeste – The Naked Singing Group
Donna D’errico Part 2 (1997)
Grandpa and Grandson Bang a Whore
Emilie Wants Labia Reduction
Jason Alexander/Chuck Norris/Naked C
Elephant Boy and Mankind
Bush - the group
Gang Bang Part 3 (1996) Part 2
Cast measures their penises 1st Attempt Part 1
Hank the Dwarf as the Easter Bunny Part 1
Cast measures their penises 1st Attempt Part 2
Hank the Dwarf as the Easter Bunny Part 2
Kendra Jade w/Stepmom and Drunk Friend
ICP Evaluating for Playboy
#52 - 11/28-12/16/99
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Savana/Luke Perry
Sunshine/Paul Rodriguez
Rob Schimmer
Penthouse Pets Get Naked Game Part 1 (1996)
Crazy KC + Firing Stuttering John
Penthouse Pets Get Naked Game Part 2 (1996)
Jason the virgin won a Porno Vacation w/Barrett Moore
Rodney Dangerfield vs. Jackie Part 1
Amanda Fakes Liking Benjy
Rodney Dangerfield vs. Jackie Part 2
Alexis + Head Injury Bob play Who Wants to be a Turkish Millionaire? Part 1
Alexis + Head Injury Bob play Who Wants to be a Turkish Millionaire? Part 2
Wack Pack Politically Incorrect Part 1
Wack Pack Politically Incorrect Part 2
Badgering Bridy the Letter Opener Woman to Get Naked Part 1
#53 - 12/17/99 – 1/14/00
Badgering Bridy the Letter Opener Woman to Get Naked Part 2
Darting for Airfare
Jamene – Hemp/Penthouse Spokesperson
Naked Shakespeare
Spontaneous Xtasy
Nia + Amanda Pro Boxers
Nicole Bass DNA Test
Mo the $700 million Movie Maker Scam
Jackie Stallone
Paul Rodriguez - What’s up with my Secret? Part 2
Niki Tyler/Jena Jameson Dating Game Part 1
Niki Tyler/Jena Jameson Dating Game Part 2
Samantha Nude Housekeeper - / Battle of the Jesuses
Jack Gordon / Singing Psychic
Michel who has star quality plays Who’s Gonna get Naked?
Mark Harris
Danielle Brisboise - New CD (1995)
#54 - 1/15/00 – 1/30/00
Maria – Forced into an Evaluation
Juliet Cariaga Pet of the Year 2000 Part 1 / Son of the Beach Part 2
Debbie Matenopolus
Erika Elaniak & her quadriplegic Ex
Jessica Darlin’ Anal Queen
Betty + Julie Playboy Evaluation & Shoot Part 1 Betty + Julie Playboy Evaluation & Shoot Part 2
KC Armstrong plays Turkish Millionaire
Kim Lesbian Sister / Amy Lynn
Sonya vs. Kathy – Sad story for Breasts
Courtney Love Part 1
Bacon Brothers and Lisa
Courtney Love Part 2
Intern Beauty Pageant for Implants Part 1
Intern Beauty Pageant for Implants Part 2
Guess Who’s the Bulimic?
Victoria / Tatiana
Angie Everhart Part 1
#55 - 1/31/00 – 2/13/00
Tabitha / Dr. Bombay
Angie Everhart Part 2
Lisa – Had 4 Nose Jobs
Beetlejuice at AVN Awards
Tickle Panties
Janine + Penis Measuring Part 1
Howard’s 46th Birthday Show Part 1
Julia Schultz
Howard’s 46th Birthday Show Part 2
Howard and Dee Snider vs. John and Gary Gameshow
Howard’s 46th Birthday Show Part 3
Smell the Armpit Game
Howard’s 46th Birthday Show Part 4
Porn of the Month Club #1 with Janine Lindemulder
Scott in Bra and Panties
Earl from Penthouse Evaluating
Jason Alexander
#56 - 2/14/00 – 2/28/00
Girls who want to be on the Birthday Show Part 1
Blockbuster Awards 1998 Part 1
Girls who want to be on the Birthday Show Part 2
Blockbuster Awards 1998 Part 2
Robin Givens Part 1
Blockbuster Awards 1998 Part 3
Robin Givens Part 2
Blockbuster Awards 1998 Part 4
Queen for a day wins Implants
Blockbuster Awards 1998 Part 5
Gina / AJ Benza
Perfect 10 Girls Part 2 (1997)
Houston Dial a Date Part 1
Houston Dial a Date Part 2
#57 - 2/29/00 – 3/12/00
1st Annual Scores Talent Search
Kelsey Grammar Part 1
Kelsey Grammar Part 2
Erica the Gymnast Wants Implants Part 1
Erica the Gymnast Wants Implants Part 2
Annie Ander Sinn Part 1
Annie Ander Sinn Part 2
Frankenstein Makeover Part 1
Snoop Dogg and Posse Evaluating Part 2
Frankenstein Makeover Part 2
Jenny McCarthy – Black Hair
Tara the Burping Trainer
#58 - 3/13/00 – 3/28/00
Mr. Methane
Snoop Dogg
Who Wants to be a Butt Billionaire? Part 1
Shelley Michelle – Body Double
Who Wants to be a Butt Billionaire? Part 2
Rachel Hunter - First Appearance
Crystal White - Balloon Fetish Girl/Naked Cowboy
Are they Hot? / Trashing Gary
Larry Mudd Mudman the Talent Man vs. Fred
Showing off New Implants - Stephany
Lexus Wants to be in Playboy
Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire Contestants
71 Year Old Stripper
Cindy Margolis - Most Downloaded Woman (1998)
Who Wants to be a Butt Billionaire? 2nd Attempt Part 1
Joleen – Shot in the Head and Wants Implants Part 1
Who Wants to be a Butt Billionaire? 2nd Attempt Part 2
#59 - 3/28/00 – 4/11/00
Joleen – Shot in the Head and Wants Implants Part 2
Penthouse Pets / Pauly Shore Valentine’s
Angelica Bridges Part 1
Dawn Radenbaugh Part 1
Dawn Radenbaugh Part 2
Jamie Bergman
Crazy Alice
Brande Roderick
Houston’s Massage Part 1
Lisa Kudrow
Houston’s Massage Part 2
Painting O’ Green 2000 Part 1
Live in New Orleans 1999 Part 1
Painting O’ Green 2000 Part 2
Live in New Orleans 1999 Part 2
Painting O’ Green 2000 Part 3
Live in New Orleans 1999 Part 3
#60 - 4/11/00 – 5/8/00
Painting O’ Green 2000 Part 4
Live in New Orleans 1999 Part 4
Strip Sports Trivia w/Heather Tindell
Live in New Orleans 1999 Part 5
Hollyweird Squares
Fran Drescher
Butt Billionaire Losers vs. 11 Year Olds
Stacy Sanchez vs. Smelly James
Croix gets Naked
Cindy Crawford Part 2 (1998)
Swedish Bikini Team
Howard’s Reality Check and Roast
Audrey Quock
Alexandra / Dan the Farter / Bobo
Playing for Implants / Garbage Girl
#61 - 5/9/00 – 5/26/00
Mtv Music Awards 1999 Part 1
David Duchovny
Melissa Want to be a Hawaiian Tropic Girl
Baywatch Jeopardy Part 1
Kyra Sedgewick
Baywatch Jeopardy Part 2
Homeless Jeopardy Part 1
JT Money
Homeless Jeopardy Part 2
Drunk Strippers Q+A
John the Stutterer Porn Star
Extreme Fan Challenge
Hi-Pitch Eric Birthday Show
Playboy Lingerie Models Turkish Millionaire
Talent Man vs. Zumadog
Brad Pitt Stalker
Masa - The Greatest Ass / David Spade
#62 - 5/27/00 – 7/4/00
Menage-a-trois plays Guess Who’s the Jew
Carol Alt vs. Fred 1998
Donald + Brittney Andrews Part 2
Brandy Thinks She is a Singer
Savanna from Scores / Miranda
Kid Rock
Quentin Tarantino
Crissy Will Blow a Dog for Breast Implants
Dynamite Gangbang Part 2
Peaches wants to Replace Kathie Lee Gifford Part 1
Peaches wants to Replace Kathie Lee Gifford Part 2
Shannon Elizabeth
Evaluating Kelly + Kathy for Playboy w/Black Midget Part 1
Evaluating Kelly + Kathy for Playboy w/Black Midget Part 2
The Black Pamela Anderson
Strip Enspiring Playboy Playmate Game w/Cindy Margolis Part 1
Sinead O’ Conner
#63 - 7/4/00 – 7/20/00
Strip Enspiring Playboy Playmate Game w/Cindy Margolis Part 2
Hosing Benjy’s Ass
Sad Story for Implants
Kylie Bax
Penthouse Pet Jeopardy Part 1
Finding the G Spot
Penthouse Pet Jeopardy Part 2
Howard vs. David – Beauty Pageant
Drink Urine for a Plug?
Crazy Alice and Hi-pitch Eric Date
The Burp or Fart Game Part 2
Wack Pack Gang Bang Part 1
Wack Pack Gang Bang Part 2
Darva Conger
Who Wants to Marry a Porn Star? Part 1
#64 - 7/21/00 – 8/22/00
Who Wants to Marry a Porn Star? Part 2
Enrique Iglesias
Carmen Electra
Lil’ Kim
Talent Man 3 vs. Tony the Stripper
B-Real + Colt 40 Fineberg Evaluating
Who Wants to Shag a Millionaire?
Ted Nugent + his Wife
Steve Austin - Just Divorced
Susan + Star – Young Whores
Hank’s Makeover
Jenna Jameson w/new chin and breasts
Sean from Survivor
VIP Lesbians - Pamela Anderson and Co. Part 1
Nude York/Guess Who’s the Virgin?
#65 - 8/23/00 – 9/18/00
VIP Lesbians - Pamela Anderson and Co. Part 2
Extreme Fan Challenge 2
Beetlejuice for Senator
Alexis/Wayans Bros.
Veronica Webb
Implants/Mr. T
Hypnotizing Interns
Girls Who Want Howard/Berating Gary
Cindy Margolis - Pink Dress/Wants to Have Sex with Howard but doesn't
Candy Apples - Porn Star/Elliot Offen's first appearance
Guess Who had the Reduction?
George Clooney – Mystery Guest Part 1
Breast Inspection Special
George Clooney – Mystery Guest Part 2
Danny the Fart Analyzer
#66 - 9/18/00 – 10/6/00
Mtv Drunken Music Awards Part 1
Mtv Drunken Music Awards Part 2
Mtv Drunken Music Awards Part 3
Mtv Drunken Music Awards Part 4
Mtv Drunken Music Awards Part 5
Breast Evaluation/Gallagher
Male Staff Beauty Pageant Part 1
Topless Golf Team
Houston – Labia for Sale
Mila and the Bunny Ranch
Blind Guy Evaluation for Playgirl
Stacy Rucker Returns
Breast Exam Show w/Kim
David Schwimmer
Paulina Porizkova
Griffin/Chris Rock/David Spade
Gay Rich from Survivor
#67 - 10/7/00 – 10/30/00
George Clooney - Perfect Storm
Becky + Becky/Dwarf Tossing
Tammy the Annoying Stripper 1994
Gina Lee Nolan - Sheena
Sandi Taylor + Elizabeth Guber Part 2
Black Girl, White Pussy/Make Me Gag
Gilbert Gottfried + Magic Johnson
Sandi Taylor + Elizabeth Guber Part 1
Pamela Anderson/VIP Cast Gets Tickled Part 1
Pamela Anderson/VIP Cast Gets Tickled Part 2
Summer Altice/Death Psychic
Alan Thicke – Oral Billionaire
Beetlejuice/Melrose Larry/Baba Bozo
John Popper Got Thin
Little Hercules
Win Fred’s Money w/Kevin Sorbo
Brande Roderick – Tickled Part 1
Kyra Sedgewick + Juliana Margolese
David Blaine Part 1
Roseanne the Germ Phobe
Dorky Guy kisses Gay Ramone to meet Heather Locklear Part 1
Dorky Guy kisses Gay Ramone to meet Heather Locklear Part 2
#68 - 10/31/00 – 11/21/00
Halloween Special Part 1 (1997)
Halloween Special Part 2 (1997)
The Miracle house
Traci Lords Pt 1
Lonte Wants to be a Model
Who wants to Marry a Porn Star Gone Bad
Leanna Hart Part 1
Leanna Hart Part 2
Rock and Roll Trivia Part 1
AVN Awards Live
Gay bath to meet Carmen Electra
Fake Preserved Daughter
Elliot Offen Returns and fights with Jackie
Internet Soulmates Author/Mike 43 w/Jessica 19
#70 - 12/21-24/01
Angelica Bridges Part 2
Black Women vs. White Women
Completely Bare
DL Linda Eats Cake out of Fred’s Butt
#71 - 12/24/01 – 1/9/02
Kira Reed – Playboy’s Sexy Urban Legends Part 1
Queen for a Day w/Dixie Cupps Part 1
Kira Reed – Playboy’s Sexy Urban Legends Part 2
Queen for a Day w/Dixie Cupps Part 2
Jonathan 26 yr Old Looks like He’s 11 Part 1
Jonathan 26 yr Old Looks like He’s 11 Part 2
Jonathan 26 yr Old Looks like He’s 11 Part 3
Megan Mason Spins the Wheel of Sex Part 1
Megan Mason Spins the Wheel of Sex Part 2
Kendra Jade’s 1st Appearance
Black Israelites
Intern Beauty Pageant w/a male intern Part 1
Intern Beauty Pageant w/a male intern Part 2
Janine Penis Measurement Part 2
Elephant Boy Paints Hi-Pitch’s Penis Green
Evaluating Kendra for Playboy
Mr. Methane on Broadway
#72 – 1/10/02 – 1/24/02
Gary the Retard Q&A for Lap Dances
Mary Carey w/her Mom who Dates Gary the Retard
Lindsay Vuolo + the Jewish Wheel of Sex
Criss Angel + Wolfpac
Breast Exams w/Gilbert Gottfried
Bianca + Lucy - Mother/Daughter Whores
Slow Adam + Marina
Small Penis Contest
Strippers from VIP
Heidi Fleiss + Tom Sizemore
Buff in the Buff Girls/Naked Car Wash
Who Wants to be a Porn Star Part 1
Who Wants to be a Porn Star Part 2
$1 Million Dollar Contest from
Elephant Boy gets Marshmallows thrown at his Nuts for an X-Box
Stripper Jeopardy Part 1
Paige Summers Part 1
#73 - 1/25/02 - 2/12/02
Andrea - World's Dumbest Stripper
Stripper Jeopardy Part 2
Myah Evaluation for Playboy Part 1
Myah Evaluation for Playboy Part 2
Yaqi's World Part 1
Yaqi's World Part 2
World's Best Fellatio Contest
Mr. T Wimps Out
Kid Rock - Smell My Fingers
Queen for a Day - Bianca Scams
Remote Control Dildo and Booger Eating
Zita Sex Slave for Implants
Teresa gets Smacked with a Fish in the Ass to Meet Marilyn Manson
Celebrity Win Fred's Money
Tabitha Stevens Part 1
Queen Laqueefka/Phantom of the Colon
Tabitha Stevens Part 2
#74 - 2/12/02 - 3/1/02
Las Vegas 2002 Part 1
Buttwalk/Daniel Carver/Persuasion
Las Vegas 2002 Part 2
Las Vegas 2002 Part 3
Las Vegas 2002 Part 4
Las Vegas 2002 Part 5
Barbi Twins
Las Vegas 2002 Part 6
Las Vegas 2002 Part 7
Las Vegas 2002 Part 8
Las Vegas 2002 Part 9
Las Vegas 2002 Part 10
Danni Ashe vs. Vinnie
Pam Anderson 2002 Part 2
Beetlejuice's Bachelor Party
Rollerwhore 1st Appearance
Steve O Pukes up Goldfish
#75 - 3/2/02 - 3/20/02
Death Psychic predicts the crew's fate - animated/Elliot Offen kisses his fake girlfriend
Singing Evaluation/28 Year Old Looks 12
Bernie Mac
Leah Remini vs. Artie
Tiffany - Playboy
Toni Wilson/Chyna/Triple H/Booker T
Laura and Stacey - Playboy Evaluation Part 2
Debbie Schlussel
Jamie Pressley/Ananda Lewis
Dana Reeve - Christopher Reeve's wife
Lita + Trish WWF/Burping Beauty Queen
Rollerwhore Returns
Mitts on a Misfit Contest
Rappin' Granny Video
Win Fred's Money w/Cal the Sore Loser
Junior the Fart King
Shuge Knight/Don Magic Wand
Nikki Ziering
#76 - 3/21/02 - 4/15/02
William Shatner Butt Billionaire Part 1
William Shatner Butt Billionaire Part 2
Beetlejuice the prisoner with his Manager
Penis Measurement with Houston Part 2
Dr. Crystal/Rollerwhore
Simon + David - Penis Puppeteers
PETA Girls
Wesley Snipes - Blade 2
Meghan wants to be Howard's Girlfriend
Jenna Jameson w/AJ Benza
Maria Passes out during Win Fred's Money
Jade + Taylor - Twisted Lesbian Sisters Part 1
Jade + Taylor - Twisted Lesbian Sisters Part 2
Most Beautiful Penis Contest Part 1
Most Beautiful Penis Contest Part 2
Pam Anderson Part 1 (2002)
Paul McCartney Part 2
The Weakest Dink Part 1
#77 - 4/16/02 - 5/5/02
The Weakest Dink Part 2
John the Stutter + Dixie Cupps
The Osbournes 2002
Gina from Survivor
Linn Thomas
Andy Dick
Rose McGowan Part 2 (2001)
Beetlejuice's House/Neil the Dog Crap Sniffer
Deme wants to marry Howard/Gary's Flower Fight
Uzo/Al Goldstein
One Numb Thumb/Otto + George Self Destruct
Leann Tweeden
Ozzy + Jack Osbourne (1997)
Ozzy, Aimee + Kelly Osbourne Part 1 (1998)
Ozzy, Aimee + Kelly Osbourne Part 2 (1998)
Ozzy, Jack + Sharon Osbourne (2000)
Ozzy + Sharon Osbourne (2001)
#78 - 5/6/02 - 5/23/02
Tobey Maguire - Spider-man
The Rock/Kelly Hu - Scorpion King
Stern Crew Bally's Fitness Challenge
Savanna Samson Part 1
Savanna Samson Part 2/Rhonda the Boston Flasher
Snoop Dogg & his Posse Evaluating for Playboy Part 1
Greg the Bunny
Corey Feldman
Sharon + Shannon - fat wannabe strippers
Melanie Good - Perfect 10/ICP/Henry Thomas Part 1
Cabbie + Stuttering John Boxing Match Press conference
Playboy Evaluations with Slow Adam, Mr. Met-rex + Doug Keller
Osbournes - Sharon, Jack + Kelly Part 1
Osbournes - Sharon, Jack + Kelly Part 2
Sarah Made out with Beetlejuice for Implants returns/Jesus Twins
#79 - 5/24 - 6/12/02
Scott Salem Behind the Bowling/Henry Hill
Groundhog Bros/Hi-Pitch Fish Fist
Croy/Howard's Brother Goblin
Andrea - Miss Howard Stern vs. 11 Year Old
Jolene Blalock
The Flunky vs. The Junkie Fight (Stuttering John vs. Crazy Cabbie)
David Lee Roth + Sammy Hagar/DLR promos
Dave Chapelle and the Ugly Vagina Contest Gone Bad w/Jennifer & Kaelyn
Kristen gets farted on for fight tickets
Steve-O w/Mandi Part 1
Steve-O w/Mandi Part 2
Ugly Pageant - Howard vs. Chaunce
Gary Busey - wrestles Howard and Robin
Playboy Evaluations - Dacia + Jelena
Chris Rock and Nicholas Cage
AJ Benza vs. Stuttering John
#80 - 6/13/02 – 7/10/02
Amber the Lesbian Queefer
Katia - Mystique Magazine
Katie Lohmann
Porno Star Weakest Dink Part 1
Porno Star Weakest Dink Part 2
David Blaine Part 2 - In Ice
Butt Billionaire with Kylee + Jeff the Drunk
Crazy Blind Lisa the Playmate
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Playmate Battle of Wits
Lindsay the Rich Girl who Likes Artie
Penthouse Pets - Melissa Ann, Alexus + Victoria
Russian Miss Universe
Simon Cowell from American Idol
Amy Nueber/Ugly Elliot Offen
Kenneth Keith Dates Maureen
Scott's Push-ups Part 2
#81 - 7/12/02 - 7/30/02
Mark Wahlberg
Cindy Crawford 1998 Part 1
Playboy Evaluation w/Machelle + Returns with Implants
Summer Eats Dog Food for a Plug
Kathy Griffen 1999
Kendra Jade and the Old Judge JJ
Butt Billionaire with Chaka, Jeff + John the Stutterer
Breast Exams - Rhonda, Nikki and Sally
Night of 100 Stars w/Stuttering John
Naked News Girls
Leila Arlieri
Jon Davis/Elijah Blue
Catherine Bell
Ray Liotta
Caroline gets her Breasts Measured Part 1
Caroline gets her Breasts Measured Part 2
Tina Jordan - Playboy Playmate Part 1
Tina Jordan - Playboy Playmate Part 2
#82 - 7/31/02 - 8/21/02
Anna Nicole Smith Part 1
Jenna Jameson with New Breasts
Anna Nicole Smith Part 2
Elegant Elliott Offen's Daughter Karen Confronts Him
Playboy Evaluations - Ralph, Chin and the Napier Brothers - Melissa/Krista/Andrea/Ka/Ya - Part 1
Playboy Evaluations - Ralph, Chin and the Napier Brothers - Melissa/Krista/Andrea/Ka/Ya - Part 2
Beat the Geeks
Corey Feldman vs. The Losers
Stuttering John at the Shaft Premiere
Carnie Wilson now thin
Michelle Ruben Dial a Date Part 1
Azael Reverse Gang Bang
Playboy Evaluations - Jordanna + Angela
Mark Harris Gay Turkish Millionaire
Ryan Starr - American Idol
#83 - 8/22/02 – 9/4/02
Weakest Dink with Barry Williams
Beetlejuice Uncensored
Ted Nugent
Shelia - Turkish Millionaire for Implants
Howard in LA 2001 Part 1
Intern Beauty Pageant 1998 Part 1
Howard in LA 2001 Part 2
Intern Beauty Pageant 1998 Part 2
Howard in LA 2001 Part 3
Howard in LA 2001 Part 4
Howard in LA 2001 Part 5
Howard in LA 2001 Part 6
Anastasia has Sex with Grandpa + Scott Part 1
Nicole + Jennifer Playboy Golf & Jeff the Drunk
Norm McDonald + Artie Lang
Howard at the Playboy Mansion Part 1
Mark Harris + Boris vs. Otto and George
#84 - 9/4/02 - 9/19/02
Howard at the Playboy Mansion Part 2
Katrina Chester plays Janis Joplin
Howard at the Playboy Mansion Part 3
Playboy Reality Show - Shallow + Christina
Intern Beauty Pageant Summer 2002 Part 1
Sister gets Naked to Promote her Brothers Band
Intern Beauty Pageant Summer 2002 Part 2
Ione Skye
Vin the Retard vs. Sal the Stockbroker
Janice Dickinson
Nancy Erminia - Model
Who Wants to Shag a Millionaire?
Mandy Wants to Get Spanked/Sandra Bernhardt/Susan Somers
Sammy Hagar and David Lee Roth
Tori Spelling Part 2 (1999 )
Jenna Jameson + Dennis Rodman
Hollyweird Squares Part 2
#85 - 9/20/02 - 10/7/02
Anna Nicole Smith Returns Part 1
Anna Nicole Smith Returns Part 2
Summer Altice Part 1
Summer Altice Part 2
Frankenstein Makeover Winner Returns (1998)
It's Just Wrong
Son of the Beach Cast Meets Hank the Dwarf
Houston and Courtney Love Part 1
Houston and Courtney Love Part 2
Howie Mandel
Jack Gordon and his New Acts/Singing Psychic
Devin Devasquez Part 1
Devin Devasquez Part 2
Drew Carey
Jimmy Fallon
Azael Reverse Gang Bang Goes Bust
James Woods
#86 - 10/8/02 - 10/16/02
The Newlyweird Game Part 1
Pam Anderson debuting her thong Part 1
Courtney Love 1st Appearance Part 1 (1998)
The Newlyweird Game Pt 2
Pam Anderson debuting her thong Part 2
Courtney Love 1st Appearance Part 2 (1998)
It's Just Wrong 2 - Siblings Part 1 - John & Melissa/Pete
It's Just Wrong 2 - Siblings Part 2 - John & Melissa/Pete
Nikie St. Gilles - Penthouse Pet from Holland
Kristy Swanson
Sara + Jen can't walk down the street/The Lost Tapes
Elizabeth Ann Hilden Part 2
Gary + John at Webster Hall
Tabitha Stevens after Surgery w/Jeff the Drunk
Flo + Rick/Samira Married Virgin/Tarri the she male
F-Emmy Awards 2001 Part 1
Darren with wife Robin and girlfriend Kim
#87 - 10/16/02 - 10/31/02
Cindy, Chris + Kendall from Completely Bare
F-Emmy Awards 2001 Part 2
Queen for a Day - Olivia/Ben in Wheelchair/Christina
Elephant Boy's Gay Porno
Jenna the nitwit wants to be on the Show/Kim sings National Anthem/Howard's Lucky Rabbit
Gange vs. Kendra Jade
Win Fred's Money w/Richard
Hi-Pitch Eric's Porno
Kat Kleevage/Japanese
Stephanie McMahon
It's Just Wrong - Fathers + Daughters Part 1
It's Just Wrong - Fathers + Daughters Part 2
Benjy's Bally Fitness Challenge/Robin vs. Gary
Flip Wilson Part 1
Stephanie the Queefer/Ryan + Cecilia/Colin Quinn
Aria Giovanni/Andy Dick
Jasmin St. Clair wrestles Benjy
Johnny Knoxville/Steve O
#88 - 11/1/02 - 11/14/02
Marilyn Manson + Virgin
Mo w/wife Kim + Mom Ellen
Laurie Wallace Part 1
Carnie Wilson + Rob
William Shatner + Rated R
Laurie Wallace Part 2
Halloween Wack Pack/Johnny Knoxville
Intern Beauty Pageant - KOAB/BJ/Gay Ralph 2000 Part 1
Tim Allen
Intern Beauty Pageant - KOAB/BJ/Gay Ralph 2000 Part 2
Gia + Alley Evaluating for Playboy
David Blaine + Josie Maran Part 1
Ringo Starr
Zana + Hi-Pitch w/o strap on
George and Tracy Porno Nurses
John Shaw, Jessica + Michelle - Freaks
Hollyweird Squares 2002 Part 1
#89 - 11/15/02 - 12/6/02
Hollyweird Squares 2002 Part 2
ICP's New Look
Nicole Narain/Lauren Anderson - Playmates
Queen for a Day wins a car w/Marcy + Angela
Bethany plays Win Fred's Money
Beetlejuice + Camille
Dr. Orgasm
Dominique Simone/Steve Austin Remarries
Cheyenne Silver
Mr. T Returns Shaved
Beetlejuice's DVD Billboard
Hank vs. Mark McGrath in Rock N Roll Trivia
Anastasia the Whore sings/Hi-Pitch vs. Artie Tread Mill Challenge
Gene Simmons meets Gene Simmons (Craig Gass)
Wigger Challenge
Sean + Dan the Farter
Brooke Burke
Heather Kozar
#90 - 12/10/02 - 1/24/03
Jaime Pressly
Freaky Feud - Bunny Ranch Whores (Caressa Kisses, Sunset Thomas & Air Force Amy) vs. New York Whores (Gina, Kaitlyn & Baby)
Suzanne Sommers w/cancer
P. Diddy Part 2
Mary Carey gets Flushed Again/Intern Beauty Pageant Fall 2002 Pt 1
Intern Beauty Pageant Fall 2002 Pt 2
Savannah from Scores/Zoryana/Mary
Dani wants to be in Scores Pt 1
Tammi Baliszewski 1997
Michelle will do anything for Implants - She gets rolled in a carpet, then put in a garbage can
Amanda the Stripper plays Turkish Millionaire for breasts
Kelly Osbourne w/Ozzy
Lord of the Anal Rings Part 1
Lord of the Anal Rings Part 2
Lord of the Anal Rings Part 3
Dina Meyer
Moet + Sam Simon
#91 - 1/25/03 - 2/26/03
Nikki Ziering Bachelorette Part 1
Nikki Ziering Bachelorette Part 2
Crazy Cabbie Meets his Mom
Emma Caulfield
Caroline returns with Implants
Win Fred's Money with Jason Alexander
World's Meanest Listener Contest
Stump the Booey with Mike + his sister Michelle/Artie's Celebrity Playboy Photo Shoot
Animated F-Emmy's Part 1
Animated F-Emmy's Part 2
Steve-O Lights his Girlfriend on Fire
Black Model Spins the Wheel of Sex 3 Times for National Security Plug
American Idol Judges
Suzette Spencer
Linsey Dawn McKenzie/Biker Beetlejuice
Stump the Booey with James + Jen
Lezley Zen
50 Cent
#92 - 2/27/03 - 3/19/03
Savahnna the Psychic Stripper
Boxing Beetlejuice, Camille + Drunken Jamie
Justine Priestly
Stump the Booey w/Carl + Allyson
Fred Durst talks about Britney Spears
Stump the Booey w/Kristen
Vaginal Millionaire w/Vivid Video Girls Part 1
Vaginal Millionaire w/Vivid Video Girls Part 2
Powell, Adam + Fronfield Play Win Fred's Money
Evan Marriott/Sarah Kozer
Leah Remini - Married
Neil vs. Dominic + Robin at Jeopardy (1998)
Tabitha Stevens Lesbian Dial A Date Part 1
Tabitha Stevens Lesbian Dial A Date Part 2
Lisa Donahue/Roberta the Transsexual
Donald + Brittney Andrews Part 1 (2000)
Jack + Sharon Osbourne
Stump the Booey w/Victor + Cane
#93 - 3/20/03 - 4/6/03
Kat Kleevage + Hi-Pitch Eric
Geri Halliwell - Spice Girls
AC/DC - Brian Johnson & Angus Young with Artie on Backup
Stump the Booey w/Stacy/Kevin Tooth Boy
Carly the Stripper Wants to be Famous
Porn or Politics w/Karina Part 1
Bridget the Midget dates Hi-Pitch
Porn or Politics w/Karina Part 2
Guess Who's the Porn Star w/Tabitha Stevens
Jerkoff Special
Judith Regan Dial a Date
Goldust - wrestler
Win Fred's Money with Julie Bowen from Ed
Shawna Mitchell from Survivor
Snoop Dogg + the Eastsidaz (2001)
Miss Howard Stern Citizenship Test
Gary the Retard Porn Director (2001)
#94 - 4/7/03 - 5/13/03
Sara & Melissa want Implants/John's Fitness
Taryn Manning - Cold Mountain
Aiko Tanaka
Diana Kauffman
Nicole Narain - Playboy Playmate
Make out with Beetlejuice Contest
Robert Duvall
Steve-O after Weiner Obscenity Charges
Sandi Taylor/Tina Jordan
Vegas 2003 Part 1
Vegas 2003 Part 2
Vegas 2003 Part 3
Bijou Phillips (2000)
Vegas 2003 Part 4
Latrice Playboy Evaluation (2001)
Vegas 2003 Part 5
Vegas 2003 Part 6
Vegas 2003 Part 7
#95 - 5/14/03 – 6/3/03
Vegas 2003 Part 7
Vegas 2003 Part 8
Debbie Schlussel/Brittney Andrews
Vegas 2003 Part 9
Vegas 2003 Part 10
Vegas 2003 Part 11
Vegas 2003 Part 12
Vegas 2003 Part 13
Vegas 2003 Part 14
Vegas 2003 Part 15
Rebecca Romijn-Stamos (X-men 2)
Guess Who's the Transsexual (2001)
Jim Carrey Part 1
Jim Carrey Part 2
Sofia Vergara - Chasing Papi
Dick Smothers Jr.
Fereda Wants to be a Model/Mize
Christina Santiago Playmate of the Year 2003
#96 - 6/4/03 - 6/24/03
Jenna Jameson vs. Britney Spears
World's Greatest Ass Contest - Sandra, Cheryl, Tara & Paula (1999)
Lisa Marie Presley Part 1
Lisa Marie Presley Part 2
Shaved or Unshaved Part 1
Shaved or Unshaved Part 2
Yucko Evaluating Oania
Evaluation for Best Ass - Girls from Bottoms Up
Tabitha Stevens after Vegas sex w/Steve
Chloe Wants to Meet Seann William Scott
Rita G Claims she has the best real breasts Part 1
Rita G Claims she has the best real breasts Part 2
Wendy the Retard dates Gary the Retard
Lonnie and the new Scores girls
Dave Chapelle/Guess the ugly vagina (2001)
Bridget + Aubert - Midgets Gone Mad
Devin Devasquez returns
#97 - 6/25/03 – 7/27/03
Martina Warren/Stephanie Wood - Penthouse Pets
Carnie Wilson in Playboy
Heidi + Jenna from Survivor
Arnold Schwarzenegger for T3
Daisy the Porn Star
Fred the listener vs. Artie Pizza Eating Challenge
Voting Show - Should Artie Stay/Do You Like Stuttering John?
Playmate Battle of the Wits Pt 2 (2001)
Sunny Leone Pet of the Year 2003
Dalene Kurtis Playmate of the Year 2002
Dynamite Mayo Bukaki
Chris Rock + Colt 40 Feinberg (1997)
Simon Cowell + Tabitha Stevens
Lisa Huin Looney ex Playmate who Banged Benjy
Porn Star Quiz Master - Kaylynn, India + Felicia Part 1
Mary McCormack/Mystery Alaska Premiere
Porn Star Quiz Master - Kaylynn, India + Felicia Part 2
Kerri Kasem
#98 - 7/28/03 - 8/20/03
Kerri Kasem Cont.
Who's Under House Arrest w/Joe, Jody + Tina
Jessica Rabbitt Wants to be in Playboy/Beetlejuice
Estelle Reyna - Most Downloaded Woman
Sean Puffy Combs
Tommy Lee + Scott from
Beth Ostrosky Makes Over JD
Carol Grow - Model
Naked Daredevil w/Karina Part 1
Naked Daredevil w/Karina Part 2
Queer Eye for the Straight Guy Makeover of Artie Lang
Hunting for Bambi DVD
Stump the Booey w/Glen + Lisa
Michelle Ruben Dial a Date Part 2
Miss Girls Gone Wild - Donna
Aisha Tyler - Talk Soup
Leslie gets Naked so her Boyfriend can meet Howard
Intern Beauty Pageant Summer 2003 w/KOAB/Craig Cass/Gange Part 1
Intern Beauty Pageant Summer 2003 w/KOAB/Craig Cass/Gange Part 2
#99 - 8/21/03 - 9/15/03
Jenna Jameson and Friends
Kristi and Paige play Turkish Millionaire drunk (2000)
Harry + Vinnie play Win Fred's Money
Jason Alexander plays for Butt Billionaire (2000)
Jill Kelly + Jeff the Drunk
Latasha Marzolla/Robert Schimmel
Dennis Rodman and his new Wife Michelle
Chasey Lane, Amy Lynn and Danni (1999)
Michael and Nicole play Win Fred's Money
Hank the Angry Drunk Dwarf vs. Gary in Rock N Roll Trivia (2001)
Beetlejuice is Getting Married
Kathy Griffin plays Asses Up
Deanna Merryman
Tommy Lee promoting Never a Dull Moment CD (2002)
Stuttering John Gets Fired from his Radio Show by Chuck Roast
Nikki Aycox/ICP
Erin Brodie
#100 - 9/16/03 - 10/8/03
Erin Brodie Cont.
John and Robin Heineken War/Three Stooges Tattoo Guy
Chanel Ryan
Win a Date with Tabitha Stevens
Fred gets to play guitar if his sister Lindsey gets Naked
James Brown and wife Tomi Rae
Lori Wants to be a Car Model
Jennifer Cole of Sex Wars/Hooters Girls (2000)
KC Armstrong Goes Crazy
Sarah Silverman
Amy Hayes/Siobahn
Dannii Minogue
Joe Rogan - Fear Factor/Crystal + Jocelyn
John the Stutterer, Yucko + KOAB evaluating Leah and Savannah Part 1
John the Stutterer, Yucko + KOAB evaluating Leah and Savannah Part 2
Jack + Kelly Osbourne - Osbournes Season 2 DVD Part 1
Jack + Kelly Osbourne - Osbournes Season 2 DVD Part 2
Daryl Hannah
#101 - 10/9/03 – 11/3/03
Jack Gordon's Shiny Bubbles/John the Stutterer Hypnotized (2001)
Mary Carey - Running for Governor
Jillian Barberie - Sex Test (2001)
Uma Thurman - Kill Bill Part 1
Uma Thurman - Kill Bill Part 2
Sunset Thomas - Win a Date Part 1
Houston, Brad and her Husband John on the phone (2001)
Sunset Thomas - Win a Date Part 2
Snoop Dogg, Evan Metropoulos + Al Goldstein evaluating Krissy Kitty + Rachelle (2001)
Phone Sex Operators - Amber & Pinky / Aaron Star - Naked Yoga
David Spade - Dickie Roberts
Bill O' Reilly / Lawrence Fishburne Direct TV Ad
Tawny Kitaen
Gina Gershon
Pamela Anderson - Scary Movie 3
Divini Rae
Nick Lachey
#102 - 11/4/03 - 12/1/03
Nick Lachey Cont
Linda Lingerie/Sunny Leone & Kelle Marie
Score Chicago Opening/Cribs/Chaunce
Jenny McCarthy - Scary Movie 3
Howard on David Letterman 11/6/03
America's Smartest Stripper Week 1
Bridgette Kerkove & Brittney Foster - Porn Directors
Alec Baldwin - Promoting Nothing
Brook Hunter - World's Smallest Gangbang/Leni & Teri with 20 inch fingernails
Wheel of Benjy - Gina Lynn & Nadia Styles
America's Smartest Stripper Week 2
John Stamos - Guess the One Night Stand
Alicia Klass & Hank the Angry Drunk Dwarf (2001)
Shannen Doherty
Quentin Tarantino - Kill Bill
James Caan - Elf
America's Smartest Stripper Week 3
Wheel of Benjy - Carmen Luvana & Violet Blue
#103 - 12/2/03 – 1/6/04
Kid Rock - Self Titled CD
Rena Sofer - Coupling
50 Cent/Lloyd Banks/Young Buck
America's Smartest Stripper Week 4
Chaunce Hayden - Peroni's Disease/Norm McDonald/Dr. Terry
Carrot Top - Promoting DVD
Mary Carey/Tabitha Stevens/Simon Cowell
America's Smartest Stripper Week 5
America's Smartest Stripper Week 6
Wheel of Benjy - AVN Trip
Hollyweird Squares w/Gay Bashers Part 1
Hollyweird Squares w/Gay Bashers Part 2
Hollyweird Squares w/Gay Bashers Part 3
America's Smartest Stripper Week 7 - Finale
Beetlejuice vs. Hank on St. Patricks Day Part 1 (2000)
Matt Fraser from Freak Out Interviews Hank & a listener sucks his Toe Part 2 (2000)
Wheel of Beetlejuice - Isabella + Layla
Win Freds Money with Victoria Zdrock Part 1
#104 - 1/7/04 – 1/31/04
Win Freds Money with Victoria Zdrock Part 2
Johnny Fairplay/Sandra Diaz-Twine of Survivor
Lawrence Taylor - Over the Edge Book
Natasha Togai - Playboy
Donald Trump - The Apprentice
Savanna Samson - Porn Star Game
Steve O/Alyssa Lovelace - Out on Bail DVD
Lillian Muller - 50 Year Old Calendar
Carmen Electra & Dave Navarro Part 1
Carmen Electra & Dave Navarro Part 2
Carmen Electra & Dave Navarro Part 3
David Letterman/Triumph the Insult Dog - Howard's 50th Birthday
Lispy Linn & Ashley Blue
Lingerie Bowl Cheerleaders
Donna D'Errico - Comic Book the Movie Part 1
Donna D'Errico - Comic Book the Movie Part 2
Stupid Bowl w/Natalie and Erica
Rebecca Lord - Wanted to Make a Statement (2001)
#105 - 2/2/04 – 3/1/04
Angie Everhart - Lingerie Bowl/Pam Anderson Part 1
Angie Everhart - Lingerie Bowl/Pam Anderson Part 2
Angie Everhart - Lingerie Bowl/Pam Anderson Part 3
2000th Episode - Farting/Queefing Part 1
2000th Episode - Savanna Samson/Elliot Offen & Violet Part 2
Nikki Ziering - Lingerie Bowl
Wack Pack Jury Votes on Vinnie Mazzeo/Melrose Larry/Angry Black
Vic + Melissa Play Stump the Booey/Time Plays Win Fred's Money
Erica the gymnast returns with Implants/Trent Plays Win Fred's Money (2000)
Guess Who's the Real Jessie De Moaner
Brandi, Sunshine, Harry Morton from the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas/AJ Benza (2001)
Blue Iris - 57 Year Old Porn Girl
Tara Dakides - Snowboarder
Corina Talyor - From Junk to Hunk Pt 1
Andrea - Miss Howard Stern's IQ Test
Victoria Zdrock & Courtney Taylor ask Sex Questions to a Listener for Prizes Part 1
Victoria Zdrock & Courtney Taylor ask Sex Questions to a Listener for Prizes Part 2
Stuck on You Contest with Jeff the Drunk & Jessie Part 1
#106 - 3/2/04 - 4/5/04
Stuck on You Contest with Jeff the Drunk & Jessie Part 2
Heather Nicole - Wants to be in Porn (2001)
Stuck on You Contest with Jeff the Drunk & Jessie Part 3
Laura wants to be evaluated for Playboy + see if she needs Implants/Artie's Doughnut
Andy Dick & Cara
Cat Schwartz - Tech TV
Snoop Dogg/Don Magic Wand/Uncle June Bug - Starsky & Hutch
Tara plays Gay or Straight for implants
Rachel Hunter - in Playboy
Lonnie & the Scores Girls new Westside club
Stuttering John's Last Day
Evan Marriott for Fake a Date vs. Miss Howard Stern
Miss Howard Stern & KC talk about dating
Stump the Booey w/Frank & Theresa
Jarret & Nicki play Win Fred's Money
Courtney Love gets out of bed and comes in Part 1
Courtney Love gets out of bed and comes in Part 2
Wheel of Gas w/Junior & Shickless goes bust
#107 - 4/6/04 - 5/6/04
Nikki Ziering - FHM Magazine (2001)
Mystique Magazine Girls - Elizabeth Kelly & Rebecca Depicco - Mystical Journeys
Al Franken - Liberal Radio Network
Kristy, Ereka & Katrina from The Apprentice
Wheel of Humiliation with Double and The Rock
Quentin Tarantino & Daryl Hannah - Kill Bill V2
Sam Phillips & Nikki Nova - Guess Who I Slept With Part 1
Sam Phillips & Nikki Nova - Guess Who I Slept With Part 2
Tim Robbins - Embedded
Rebecca Romijn-Stamos - Punisher
Intern Beauty Pageant 2004 w/Ronnie, Cleft Palate, Jeff the Vomit Guy + John the Stutterer Part 1
Intern Beauty Pageant 2004 w/Ronnie, Cleft Palate, Jeff the Vomit Guy + John the Stutterer Part 2
Lorna Heart brings in a Superman Costume from the fourth movie and Howard, Artie and KC try it on/Beetlejuice Doesn't Care
Steve-O & Pontius from Wildboyz
Elliot Offen & his Buttaface assistant Violet
Carrie gets Munchkins thrown at their ass & Sara shows her breasts to meet Howard
Jenny McCarthy - Belly Laughs
Anna Nicole Smith Returns but leaves since they won't let her cameras in/Erik & Soraya play Win Fred's Money
#108 - 5/7/04 - 6/3/04
Wheel of Yucko with Erika & Dawn
Bonnie Jill & Brandi Bagley XFL Disgruntled Cheerleaders Part 1
Vince McMahan with Bonnie Jill & Brandi Bagley Part 2
Chyna (Joanie Laurer) & Ronnie Woo Woo (2001)
Las Vegas 2004 Day 1 - Part 1 - Pam Anderson/Retard Bowling
Las Vegas 2004 Day 1 - Part 2 - Porn Star Bowling
Las Vegas 2004 Day 1 - Part 3 - Hollyweird Squares
Las Vegas 2004 Day 1 - Part 4 - Hollyweird Squares
Las Vegas 2004 Day 1 - Part 5 - Artie's Baseball Challenge
Las Vegas 2004 Day 2 - Part 6 - Miss Buttaface w/Rob Schneider
Las Vegas 2004 Day 2 - Part 7 - Miss Buttaface w/Rob Schneider
Las Vegas 2004 Day 2 - Part 8 - Miss Buttaface w/Rob Schneider
Las Vegas 2004 Day 2 - Part 9
Las Vegas 2004 Day 2 - Part 10 - Artie the Drunken Mess
Las Vegas 2004 Day 3 - Part 11
Las Vegas 2004 Day 3 - Part 12
Las Vegas 2004 Day 3 - Part 13
Las Vegas 2004 Day 3 - Part 14
#109 - 6/4/04 - 6/28/04
Las Vegas 2004 Day 3 - Part 15 - Highlights
Maria Menounos from Entertainment Tonight gets in the tickle chair
American Idol Judges Return - Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul (Broken Thumb), Randy Jackson (Thin)
Alanis Morissette - short hair
Wilson Phillips - Reunion tour
Velvet Revolver
Tracy Richman - had sex with many celebrities
Tera Patrick gets in the tickle chair
Bunny Bunns - Nude Chef/Kid Rock
Jerri Manthey from Survivor/Extreme Dodge Ball
Jewel De'Nyle the porn star and her parents Larry & Debbie
Get John's Job Part 1 - Sal the Stockbroker's Wack Pack - Lotto Dad & Uncle Paulie
Get John's Job Part 2 - Sal the Stockbroker interviews Beth Ostrosky
Get John's Job Part 3 - Crazy Cabbie plays Guess the 'Nese/Quinn the Almost Stutterer
Get John's Job Part 4 - Chaunce Hayden with Katherine Kronus, Beetlejuice, his sister and mom
Get John's Job Part 5 - Chaunce Hayden's Harlem Ho Beauty Pageant
Get John's Job Part 6 - Joey Boots with Elanore the 9/11 widow and shamed ex NYC cop Eric
Get John's Job Part 7 - Yucko and Rack Em Willie play When Did I Bathe
#110 - 6/29/04 - 8/8/04
Get John's Job Part 8 - Rev Bob Levy - You Bet Your Bitch/Wack Pack Silly Willy the Pimp & John the Drunk
Get John's Job Part 9 - Shuli - Benjy Put Your Clothes Back on/Richard Christy - Perversity Quiz
Get John's Job Part 10 - The Finale
Nicole Richie - Simple Life 2/Stuff Magazine
Beth Ostrosky - FHM Cover/In Store Signing
Shannon - Former Intern went to LA & became a stripper/Beetlejuice Password Game
Jillian wants to be in Playboy & comes in with her mom Catherine
Craig & Aja play Stump the Booey/Gary tries on masks for the
Amber Brkich - Survivor All-Stars
Amber Brkich - Survivor/Stuff Magazine/John Hein (2001)
Ivana Bozilovic - Hot Lines/Lie Detector
Chyna Doll Joanie Laurer & her brother Tobi play music
Steven Baldwin - Born Again/Adam Corlla/Uncle Paulie
Steve-O sticks a safety pin through his cheek
M. Night Shyamalan - The Village
Cara Wakeland - Playboy Playmate
Porn Star Olympics - Layla Jade, Victoria Givens, Selina Silver Part 1
Porn Star Olympics - Layla Jade, Victoria Givens, Selina Silver Part 2
#111 - 8/9/04 – 9/9/04
Corina Talyor & stepfather Steve take a lie detector test
Pam Anderson takes a lie detector test promoting her Star book Part 1
Pam Anderson takes a lie detector test promoting her Star book Part 2
Jillian Grace's Playboy shoot in Chicago/Scream Against Violence with Benjy/Baba Booey Harold & Kumar promotion
James the stem cell guy & Jennifer/Rappin' Granny's 82nd Birthday
Intern Beauty Pageant Summer 2004 Ralph/KOAB/John the Stutter - Kristen/Katie Part 1
Intern Beauty Pageant Summer 2004 Ralph/KOAB/John the Stutter - Jen/Marcia Part 2
John the Stutter the boxer vs. Brian Scotia with Damon Feldman the promoter
Jenna Jameson - How to Make Love Like a Pornstar Part 1
Jenna Jameson - How to Make Love Like a Pornstar Part 2
Restless Restless Contest
Aurora Snow - Porn Star with Blind Pete
Juli Ashton and Doria from Playboy's Night Calls (1997)
Savanna Samson - How to Have a XXX Sex Life
Sonya has a crush on Artie Part 1
Sonya has a crush on Artie & Rhiannon Bray - Porn Star Part 2
Joey Numb & Star play Stump the Booey/Benjy at the Manhattan Monologues
#112 - 9/10/04 - 10/5/04
Cindy Margolis - Pink Dress/Wants to Have Sex with Howard (2000)
Animated Special w/Fool Metal Jacket
Vincent Gallo - Brown Bunny
Tony Danza - Talk Show
Amanda Beard - Olympic Swimmer
Nikki Ziering - Golddiggers/Tickle Chair
Chris Rock - DVD Never Scared
Heather Locklear - LAX/Jay gets stuff thrown at him to meet her
Victoria Givens - Anal Gang Bang Record Attempt
Brigette Nielson & Flavor Flav - Surreal Life II Part 1
Brigette Nielson & Flavor Flav - Surreal Life II Part 2
Mark Cuban - The Benefactor
Kitana Baker & John - Incident at Loch Ness
Bai Ling - Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow
Animated F-Emmy's for the 2003 Year Part 1
Animated F-Emmy's for the 2003 Year Part 2
Steve-O - Tattoos Himself
Selena Valentine - How to Date an Exotic Dancer
#113 - 10/6/04 - 10/28/04
World's Largest Hemorrhoid Contest
Andrea - Miss Howard Stern after $16,000 worth of Plastic Surgery
Pamela Anderson/Natalie Raitano/Dustin & Raquel + Kim the Pam Look a Likes Part 3 (2000)
Donald Trump/Jennifer the Intern - The Apprentice Season 2
Teri Hatcher - Desperate Housewives
Jesse Jane - Porn Star gets in the Tickle Chair
Lady Saw - Jamaican Rapper/Zenaida Perez
Natalia Delano - Model/Stefani - California DJ
Rachel Perry - VH1 Maxim DVD
Jack & Elaine La Lanne - 90th Birthday
Scores Fort Lauderdale Audition w/Big John, Savanna Samson, Aimet & Joy
Savanna Samson & Dave Navarro/Carmen Electra on the Phone - Threesome Attempt
Drew Carey/Eden & Jen from Scores do Naked Improv - Green Screen Show
Mandy Lauderdale - Temptation Island/Win Fred's Money with Joe who wins $20,000 (2001)
Kelly Osbourne - Life as We Know It
Kari Ann Peniche - Miss USA Teen/Playboy Playmate in the Tickle Chair
Trick Daddy, Yucko & Triumph the Insult Dog Evaluate Violetta
Pat Croce - Gary vs. Scott
#114 - 10/29/04 – 11/28/04
Pat Croce - Howard vs. Ronnie the Limo Driver
Amy McCarthy - Playboy Cyberclub & Jenny's Sister/Ty gets into a Bikini & has Cupcakes thrown at him to Meet Her
Shaune Bagwell - Model/Asks Q's to touch and Tickle Her
50 Cent, Lloyd Banks & Tony Yayo - G-Unit DVD/Daisy, Kayani & Lacey - Groupie Love
Jillian Grace, her Mom Catherine & Kevin Kuster after Playboy Shoot to Announce the Centerfold
Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne - Battle for Ozzfest
Ronnie the Limo Driver & Scores Girls Morgan & Chase get Hypnotized by Marshal Sylvar
Loco, Vin the Retard & Gay Ralph Evaluate Stephanie & Lori (1999)
Amputee Beauty Pageant Judged by Chaunce Hayden w/Hillary, Corinne and Jennifer Part 1
Mouthing Off: 51 Greatest Smartasses #12-1 w/Howard
Jennifer Tilly - Seed of Chucky & Sam Simon
Sky, Kim & Tanjareen - Vegan Vixens
Sandi Taylor & Alana Curry - Wet T-shirt & Tickle Chair
Howard on Late Night with David Letterman 11/18/04
Hollyweird Squares - Nicole Bass vs. Joey Buttafuco Part 1
Hollyweird Squares - Nicole Bass vs. Joey Buttafuco Part 2
Howard Stepped in dog poo and Stuttering John cleans his shoes for $100/Ruby Monroe thinks Howard is God/Benjy takes his shirt off and does pushups (1999)
#115 - 11/29/04 – 1/10/05
Jessica Jaymes - Nick Lachey & Robospanker
Jennifer Crumb - Miss Amputee gets in the Robospanker/Elizabeth New Scores Reject Evaluation
Cindy Plays Stump the Booey & gets in the Robospanker
Sean, Michelle & Beetlejuice vs. Isaac, Doug & E! about Plugs
Erica Durance - Smallville
Richard Belzer/Nikki from Charlotte NC wants to see if Howard thinks she needs implants/Danielle - burp for implants/Burp for CD to get played
Anna Benson - NY Mets wife
Victoria Zdrock & Ginger Jolie - Anatomy of Pleasure/Penthouse
Paul Fishbein, Teagan & Cytherea - Porn Evaluators w/Jeff the Drunk & Julie Part 1
Paul Fishbein, Teagan & Cytherea - Porn Evaluators w/Hi-Pitch & Carma Part 2
Mark Harris - Life with Father Radio Show w/Dennis Donahue & Dr. Gilda
Intern Beauty Pageant Winter 2004 - Gary the Retard/John the Stutterer/Double A - Erika & Michelle Part 1
Intern Beauty Pageant Winter 2004 - Gary the Retard/John the Stutterer/Double A - Gianna & Jennifer Part 2
David Brenner & Tai Babalonia - Guess the One Night Stand
William Hung - Hung for the Holidays
Queer Factor - Angel, Michael, Philip, Brett & Julius
#116 - 1/11/05 - 2/1/05
Jennifer Crumb - Miss Amputee on 12/9|Mark Goldberg, Hillary & Angela w/new legs
Beetlejuice's scenes from Bubble Boy
Al Goldstein/Are You Tough Enough Part 1
Are You Tough Enough Part 2 - Terri & Hi-Pitch
Gary the Retard is tempted by Jen & Dakota from Scores/Gary's Photoshoot/Scores Girls Xmas Carolers - Yliani, Chantel, Monica, Syxx & Chase
Double-A in Robospanker to meet Triple-H promoting Making the Game
Verne Troyer - Surreal Life 4
Penthouse Pets Martina Warren and Natalia Cruze - DVD Pet of the Year Playoff
Christina Santiago & Shallan Meiers - Girl Next Store Search/Stuttering John vs. Tom Golf Challenge (2002)
James Brown and Tomi Rea's ass implants - I Feel Good Book
Jillian Barberie - Sex Test Part 2 (2001)
Marg Helgenberger - In Good Company
Chyna Doll/Sean Waltman - Surreal Life 4 Part 1
Chyna Doll/Brother Toby/Chyna Game - Surreal Life 4 Part 2
Strap-On Baseball for Implants - Christine/Morgan & Sylvia
Julie McCullough - Growing Pains playmate
AVN Awards Show 2005
Emma Burton Baby Spice - Free Me CD
#117 - 2/2/05 - 3/7/05
Kenneth Keith in Robospanker and Gary tries to pay Women in the street to get naked
Mike Spinner - Inventor of the Vibro Pad/Lonnie from Scores with Irene, Shavone & Greta
Stupid Bowl 2 - Jasmine Byrne/Friday/Holly Stevens/Jenna Brooks - Balloon Break Part 1
Stupid Bowl 2 - Jasmine Byrne/Friday/Holly Stevens/Jenna Brooks - Dildo golf/Sausage Singing Pt 2
Win Fred's money with Alexandra plus Jimmy Kimmel and Hi-Pitch
Brandi Love - Playboy evaluation and Robospanker
Marty the Midget and Tabitha Stevens - not getting married
Stump the Booey with Chris and Naomi
Jillian Grace, playmate March 2005 - has sex with Pauly Shore Part 1
Jillian Grace, playmate March 2005 - Workout Part 2
Candice Michelle - model for
Jamie wants to know why she can't get a good man then gets farted on by Will the Fartman
King of all blacks and stripper Jennifer from New Haven CT
Debbie Gibson - Playboy/Allison wants to get naked to meet Howard
Genevieve Gallen, Mini Me's ex Part 1
Genevieve Gallen, Mini Me's ex Part 2
Stump the Booey with Andy and Jami
#118 - 3/8/05 - 3/30/05
Tabitha Stevens in Robospanker/Beetlejuice as Howard
Crystal Klein - Penthouse Pet Plays the Piano Nude Part 1
Crystal Klein - Penthouse Pet Plays the Piano Nude Part 2
Black Freaky Feud - Wiggers vs. King of All Black's Family
Ann the 75-year-old porn star/Triumph the Insult Dog - Comedy Love Call Benefit
Heidi Cortez AKA Jessie De Moaner and Annette meet Mötley Crüe Part 1
Heidi Cortez/Annette & Mötley Crüe - Vince, Nikki & Mick Part 2
Sylvester Stallone - The Contender Part 1
Sylvester Stallone - The Contender Part 2
Porn Star Beauty Pageant - Gianni Russo/Richard Christy/John the Stutterer Part 1
Porn Star Beauty Pageant - Railee/Renee Pornero Part 2
Porn Star Beauty Pageant - Aurora Snow/Kami Andrews/Taylor Rain Part 3
Stacey Hayes from Lingo in the Tickle Chair Part 1
Stacey Hayes from Lingo in the Tickle Chair Part 2
Christy Hemme from the WWE vs. Eliza the 11-Year-Old to win $10,000 for Wheelchair Bound Chris Part 1
Christy Hemme from the WWE as a School Girl gets Spanked Part 2
Rick Schroder - Black Cloud
#119 - 3/31/05 - 4/22/05
Kimberly Stewart - Rod Stewart's Daughter
Jose Canseco - Juiced
Nicole Richie Lost Weight/Plays Piano - Simple Life 3
The Office Beauty Pageant Part 1 - Male Staff Dresses as Women - Judges Big John from Scores and Danna
The Office Beauty Pageant Part 2 - Dan the Song Parody Man/Will/Jason/Sal/Isaac/Richard Christy/Benjy
Scores Miami Opening w/Ronie & Gary/Sherry Gets Topless to Interview Howard
Worst Comic Sitting - Iceman/Kenneth Keith/Vinny Mazzeo/Lisa - Miss Funnybones/Johnny McCarthy
Courtney Rachel Culkin - Playboy Playmate Gets Tickled
Brooke Borasky (Looks Like Beth O.) & Katrina her Boss from the building get topless and kiss Part 1
Brooke Borasky (Looks Like Beth O.) & Katrina - Brooke directs for E! Part 2
Vanessa Williams - Everlasting Love CD
Buffy Tyler and Suzanne Stokes - Playoby Playmates/Frostbite DVD
Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne - Prince of Darkness Box Set/Bulimia
Amputee Beauty Pageant Judged by Chaunce Hayden w/Hillary, Corinne and Jennifer Part 2
Nikki Ziering - Gold Diggers DVD/Answers $500 Questions for Scott who gets tasered if she's Wrong
Lorraine the tall goddess Plays Guess Who's the Jew and then Dominated Richard Christy
Beetlejuice boxes a Midget & Sal
#120 - 4/23/05 - 5/25/05
Stump the perv with Krystal Steal - Richard Christy vs. Ralph Whittington
Ace Frehley & Chuck Zito (Remedy DVD 3/29) and Sal fight
Siobahn the transsexual shows his new vagina, Helane his daughter & Yucko
Tabitha Stevens bleached butt
Shuli/Ronnie the Limo Driver vs. Dan the Song Parody Man
Win Fred's Money with Steve and Shayna
Fran Drescher - Living with Fran
Corey Clark - American Idol/Slept with Paul Abdul
Homeless Hi-Lo Game with Joe and Aspen Lee Part 1 - Aspen Plays, but won't get naked
Homeless Hi-Lo Game with Joe and Aspen Part 2 - Homeless Joe goes Shopping
Hi-Pitch Limbo - to win $100 listeners Eddie, Tom & Rich have to pull a card of his balls with their teeth/Rich fakes an injury and won't leave/Howard & Sal vs. Gary
Beth O. makes over Richard Christy/Beth in Barney's Window - Pet adoption
DJ the Vibrating Stripper/Howard & Robin vs. Ronnie/Ronnie, DJ & Tai at Scores
Andrea Brooke - Miss Howard Stern's New Boobs
Guess Jeff the Drunk's Sister Traci w/Angela Muto & Bridgette
Christian & Tracy/Jessie & Amber play Stump the Booey
Sal gets upset Howard won't let him stay at his apartment
#121 - 5/26/05 - 6/18/05
Marshall Sylver hypnotizes Sal the Stockbroker and Richard Christy
Beetlejuice and Gilbert Gottfried
Carin & Michell from Thundherstruck get naked to meet Howard/Christine Christian shows the boobs she won on the show and does things to get her band Death Before Dancing played with her husband Johnny
Blind Beauty Pageant - Judges Ralph & Hook Nose Mike - Jacleen/Michelle/Anita/Joanna Part 1
Blind Beauty Pageant - Maryann McDonald/Maricar Marquez Part 2
Valentina Vaughn - Penthouse Pet Part 1
Valentina Vaughn - Penthouse Pet/Richard Christy sucks Benjy's toe and gets spit on by Sal to touch her Part 2
From a lardass to a hardass - Kim/Jen/Keira/Talta/Nickie/Leah - Part 1
Juliette Lewis, The Licks
Jeff Levy the Vomit Guy - first girl to throw up on him gets implants - Carrie/Leigh Ann/Anna
Hi-Lo game with Homeless Reynaldo and Heather from Penthouse Club Part 1
Hi-Lo game with Heather playing - gets naked, wet and tickled Part 2
Lisa Marie Presley, Now What CD
Fred the Elephant Boy reunited with Girlfriend Mary
Richard Christy and Benjy at the NY Erotic Ball
Joe Walsh returns after 11 Years
Mario Cantone - Laugh Whore
#122 - 6/19/05 - 7/8/05
Paul Anka
Comedian Jim Breuer
George Lopez
Stump the Perv with Ron Jeremy
Richard Christy meets Jessi
Jessica Jaymes and Captain Sack Part 1
Jessica Jaymes and Captain Sack Part 2
Krissy gets tickled and toes licked
Hi-Lo game with Jennifer Walcott and E! crew
Lori lust gets spanked
Fantastic 4 Penthouse Pets 1
Fantastic 4 Penthouse Pets 2
Final Show Part 1
Hit to meet Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice fight with Hank

In Demand - Uncensored (2006)
Chyna Doll/Sean Waltman - Surreal Life 4 Part 1
Chyna Doll/Brother Toby/Chyna Game - Surreal Life 4 Part 2
Debbie Gibson - Playboy/Allison wants to get naked to meet Howard

Howard TV - Mojo HD (2007-08)

Aired every Saturday until 11/07 when it switched to Friday. Supposed to be a preview of the week's shows, but sometimes the footage is as old as 9 months and sometimes it rerurns.

5/14/07 - Artie Lange Intro/Tobey Macguire/Jeff the Drunk's 40th Birthday Party/Sal the Stockbroker & Richard Christie in the Lie Detector Chair/Classic - Eminem
5/21/07 - Cyndi switches implants from silicone to saline/Joey Buttafuco & David Krief vs. Artie/Win Fred's Money with Jennifer/Classic - Gina from Survivor in the tickle chair
5/28/07 - Hanson - Isaac, Zac & Taylor w/Jimmy Kimmel/Dee Snider & fight video/Andy Dick Roast/Classic - KC Armstrong's like detector test
6/4/07 - Sal's intro/Faust wants his sister Galadriel to get naked for plugging his weight loss product/Jen wants to date Artie/Artie gets mad at Howard & Gary for bringing Jen in and wants to leave the show/Classic - Jesus Twins 1997
6/11/07 - Richard Christie intro 1/Mr. T/E.G. Daily/Penny Crone is tricked into thinking Steve Langford is her new boss/Classic - Gary Busey
6/18/07 - Will Murray's engagement story/Artie's no soda diet/Classic - Benjy at the Donald Trump roast
6/25/07 - David Arquette/Terrence & Mike Napier w/Christina who thinks she's a perfect 10/Exploding pen gag pulled on Jason Katz, Artie & Scott Salem/Classic - Andrea Ownbey MHS IQ Test
7/2/07 - Gary Baba Booey Intro/Ronnie Mund embarrasses himself at Bubba's wedding/Joe Frazier/Staff vs. Drag queens football/JD at the AVN awards/Classic - Hank the Angry Dwarf vs. Gary at Rock N Roll Trivia
7/9/07 - Richard Christie intro 2/Michelle & Neevah from Penthouse/Beetlejuice is depressed/Bigfoot - guess his girlfriend game/Classic - Milton Berle 1994
7/16/07 - Benjy's Taxicab intro/Erica Durance/Alec Baldwin & Nicole Siedel/Andrew Dice Clay/Classic - AJ Benza vs. Stuttering John fight
7/23/07 - Ralph calls in that Richard Christie smells so JD, Benjy, Gary & Will smell Sal & Richard's room/Bobo, Ronnie & Gary's kidney stone stories/Penny Crone smashes Steve's award/Classic - Stuttering John interviews Tommy Lasorda
7/30/07 - Miss Howard TV Jamie Hilfiger/Riley Martin/Miss Howard Stern Andrea & Manager KC Armstrong/Classic - Robin was late for her Cleveland booksigning and walks off the show
8/6/07 - World's Strongest Naked Woman - Charlie Lane/Scott Baio/Artie & Dr. Keith Albow/Classic - The cast of Son of the Beach acts out Hank the Angry Dwarf's script
8/13/07 - Charles Q. Murphy/John the Stutterer's Radio show - his beliefs & Sean Hannity/Howard talks about having a wedding and a son/Classic - Blue Iris - 57 year old porn star
8/20/07 - Hogan Family - Brooke, Linda, Hulk & Nick/Danny Bonaduce/Baba Booey Roast/Classic - Conan O'Brien fired?
8/27/07 - Borat plays Guess the Jew/Tracy Morgan/Classic - KC Armstrong goes crazy about not doing his job
9/1/07 - Heidi Cortez vs. Bubba/Cindy Margolis/Artie's Dating Game/Classic - Hi Pitch Eric plays wheel of sex
9/8/07 - Robin Quivers intro/Artie's date with Stephanie/The Hottest Ex-con with Kate, Jenna, Jamie & Jessica/Classic - Beetlejuice and his billboard
9/15/07 - Artie forgot about Isaac Mark's wedding and reads an apology letter to him/Bam & Melissa Margera/Nancy Siriani Dial a Date with Irish John & Mike/Classic - Hi Pitch Eric kisses Benjy
9/22/07 - Bobo calls Howard about guests at his wedding/Artie gives Isaac a big check/Date Jackie's Wife - Irish John, Paulie & Mike/Classic - Conan O'Brien 1998
9/29/07 - Stephanie Petrubo/Brad Garrett vs. Ronnie/Paul Anka & Anna/Classic - Scott's Wig vs. Gary Puppet
10/6/07 - Jamie Foxx/How tall is Ronnie?/Jerry Rice/Classic - Pam & Tommy Lee
10/13/07 - Win Fred's Money - James & Melanie/Jim Carroll psychic madmen/Dr. Keith Ablow talks to Sal and his wife Christine/Classic - Norm McDonald as Bob Dole
10/20/07 - Crackhead Bob is moving away/Steve Langford is pranked by Ronnie & Scott and Howard gets pissed/Gary the Retard Cribs/Classic - Robert Downey Jr. & Debbie 1996
10/27/07 - Howard throws a surprise birthday party for Artie at a pizza place/Reweighing the staff after the weight loss contest/Lisa G gets mocked and picks the best looking guys/Classic - Hi Pitch Eric vs. Artie treadmill challenge
11/2/07 - Laura - Miss Howard TV for November/Jackie & Gary puppets return/Artie passes out on the air and they test his blood sugar/Classic - Artie vs. a dog pizza eating contest
11/9/07 - Are You Smarter than Miss Howard Stern? - Rick vs. Siobahn the transsexual/Artie vs. Sal fight/Gary cries over Elton John's Last Song/Classic - Tara the burper
11/16/07 - Mario Cantone/Ru Paul as a man/Artie vs. Sal fight Part 2/Classic - Kylie Bax lie detector with Carmen Electra
11/30/07 - Fred Norris intro/Giselle a former Marine gets in a bikini/Male Staff Beauty Contest/Frank Caliendo/Classic - ICP vs. Sharon Osbourne 1999
12/4/07 - Porn Stars (Trina Michaels, Liv & Lyla Lei) vs. Slow Adults (Miss Howard Stern, Rev Bob Levy & Crackhead Bob)/Who is the fattest guy on the show? (Artie 295 pounds)/Ronnie gets in trouble for telling Artie's assistant to not talk to Howard/Classic - Joey & Marky Ramone 1996
12/21/07 - Benjy at the street pillow fight & Sex in Media protest/Howard gets mad at Gary for laughing during a break/Sal dances in the Gary mask/Gary the Retard birthday party/Classic - Jackie uses Mike Novaro's toothbrush at John's house
12/28/07 - Miss Black Howard Stern with Xica, Zubaydah, Dee & Charlie/Sal falls off stage in Tampa because he's wearing the Gary mask/Win Fred's Money - Win a date with Nicole Sheridan/Skating with the Tards - Shuli, Joey Boots & Eddie the Produce Guy/Classic - Carmen Electra in the tickle chair
1/11/08 - Heather Vandeven & Justine Joli from Penthouse/Richard Simmons/Shannon James from Playboy/Chris Kanyon/Classic - VIP Cast & Pamela Anderson in the tickle chair
1/18/08 - Lisa Michelle - Miss Howard TV Feb 2008/Which celebrity do Artie & Fred want to bang?/Earthquake/Classic - Kelly LeBrock
1/25/08 - Richard Christie & Benjy at the AVN with Dave Navarro/David Spade with Jillian Grace story/Critique of Gary's clothes/Gary at the chocolate story & his teeth/Classic - Mystery Guest George Clooney
2/1/08 - Sunny Leona & Joanna Angel/Nick Ganim wants Robin/Sylvester Stallone/Classic - Gina Lee Nolan & her husband
2/8/08 - Sara Prinzzess, Erica Ellison & Nicole/Robyn O'Neil likes Benjy & Artie/Beat the Foot - Michelle & Big Foot play Password/Classic - John Stewart 1997
2/15/08 - Win Fred's Money - Tim & Yaritza/Sal & his wife's drunk strip club story/Hi-pitch Mike vs. Artie/Classic - Julia Roberts
2/22/08 - Brenda - Miss Howard TV March 2008/Flo-rida/Bob Levy & Christine's relationship quiz/Classic - Anna Nicole Smith 1997
2/29/08 - The Mexican Delivery Guy Game with Gina Lynn, Jorge & Wellington/Sal & Beetlejuice with his new teeth/Robert Schimmel & Melissa/Classic - Uzo cries over Howard
3/15/08 - Amy Fisher/Wyclef Jean/Artie plays Win Fred's Money/Classic - Beetlejuice is in a bad mood about Sal
3/22/08 - Callena wants to be in Playboy/Gallagher/The Bell Game with JD/Classic - Gary the Retard birthday party
4/19/08 - Artie goes to sleep and falls out of the bed/Richard, Howard & Artie play the drums/Dance Off with Jason, JD, Gary, Artie, Scott, Howard & Ronnie/Classic - Magic Johnson & Gilbert Gottfried
5/9/08 - Tracy Pendergast Intro/Bowling Beauties Preview/Wayne Hoffman says he can guess Lacey, Brooke & Pamela's panties/Beetlejuice promo/Ugliest Guy & Hottest Wife Contest - Aaron & Marie, Veronica & Vince, Jenny & Pete/Classic - Pamela Anderson for Scream 3
5/16/08 - The Mexican Delivery Guy Game with Roxy Jezel & Louis/Steve Guttenberg/Artie eats 2 Burger King breakfast sandwiches in high speed/Classic - Gene Simmons vs. Craig Gass
5/23/08 - What would Tabitha Stevens do?/ Phyllica & Vicky for Bowlign Beauties/Celebrity Superfan Contest - Jeff Probst, Jimmy Kimmel & Jerry O'Connell/Classic - Shaw
5/30/08 - Hottest Chick-Ugliest Scar - Dannia, Megan, Danielle & Tiffany/Cyndi Lauper/Classic - Ozzy Osbourne 1997
6/14/08 - Mary McCormack/Artie's Iraq Restrictions/Pitch Meeting - Porn Stars vs. Slow Adults/Classic - Tommy Chong on the Phone

After this one they never aired another new one.

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