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Tommy Habeeb was back with a new show that is Judge Hatchett meets Jerry Springer. A Charleston, SC judge called Extreme Akim Anastopoulos listens to a fake case in a fake court with ex boxer Big Sugar Ray Phillips as the bailiff and Tommy as the court reporter. Litigants stand in circular iron 'cages' to keep them separated. They are allowed to bring witnesses. The result is never a monetary decision. Akim comes up with a strange reality decision when he awards the 'bat of justice', usually a competition.  The bulk of the show is fake, in fact it is the best/worst show on TV. It is so totally stupid that it is funny. With Ep 38 Brain 'Kato' Kaelin from OJ Simpson fame became the host. With Tommy's sudden, unexplained departure from the show I don't know how much more I can take. 

"In the court system, justice is not always just. That's why they bring their disputes here. Real people, real problems...real...revenge. Justice is Eye for an Eye."


E!'s Wildest Court Show Moments Clips & discussion of - One Last Little Fling/The Bar Poured a Stiff One/Female Wrestling/Granny's Got a Gun. 8/10/07


Season 1 (2003-4)

1 #03101. 1/3/04
2 #03102. 1/10/04
3 #03109. 1/17/04
4 #03107. 1/24/04
5 #03106. 1/31/04
6 A woman sues her ex-boyfriend for taking money from their joint account and purchasing a big-screen television. #03103. 2/7/04
7 A man sues his ex-fiance over an engagement ring. #03104. 2/14/04
8 A man sues another for property damage to his house. #03105. 2/21/04
9 #03110. 2/28/04
10 #03108. 3/13/04
11 #03111. 3/6/04
12 #03112. 3/20/04
13 #03113. 3/27/04

Season 2 (2004-5)

14 The Bum Roommate - Lorrie & Joseph Cecil vs. Ray Lindsey. They rented an apartment with a roommate for $1200 a month for 3 months with their 2 kids. Ray was supposed to pay $300 a month, but only paid $100. He wanted to pay his dope dealer off instead. Joe went after him with a knife and kicked him out early. Ray says he paid some and the rest he supplied in dope and coke they shot up. Vanessa Cecil their 10 year old daughter says she saw him shooting up. Ray worked with Joe and had him fired for stealing. The Cecil's claim they don't do drugs and knew he was a drug dealer. She thought he was going to clean up and she's been sober for 10 years. Ray says his room was the shoot up room and all 3 of their blood is on the walls. Vanessa says she never saw her parents do drugs and that Ray came to her after school looking for a connection because he lost his dope contact. Their 14 year old ran away 2 months ago and Ray wore short shorts in front of the kids. Ray says she came onto him and snuck out the window to have sex and had to eat what the roaches left behind. Akim says they need counseling and should take care of the kids first. The verdict - Ray has to be blindfolded and abandoned in a field to feel what it's like to be scared and lonely. Day 1 (11am) They drive 5 hours out of Dallas. At 4pm he starts walking back. 8pm he finds out he is in Louisiana. 9:15pm he changes a tire to get a ride. 3:30am he dumpster dives for pizza and sleeps. Day 2 (11:35am) he gets a hotel and Tommy comes by with Lorrie to talk to him. #04346. 9/11/04
15 Mi Casa Su Landlord - Larry the Landlord vs. Female Tenant - Larry says she broke the lease and owes him $6,400. She says he's a New Orleans slumlord who made no repairs and could never get a hold of him. He owns 12 properties and his witness Ralph the maintenance man was always available. Larry has a lawyer who isn't allowed in and Akim throws him out. He says a 1 year lease was broken after a month at $565 a month. She says the building was falling down, there were no working toilets plus the ceiling and walls caved in. Ralph says he fixed the toilet and rugs. She says the lights blew out, sewage leaked from upstairs and a citation was presented to him for high grass which he never responded to. He says the rent was below market rate and he was helping college students. She sent him 2 certified letters that he signed for, but claims he never saw. She also has a petition from the neighborhood that he owned the building 25 years when he claims he just bought it. He curses at her. She brought her mom who says Ralph is a drunk and the stairs collapsed on her when she left and she hurt her arm. The verdict - she wins and Larry and his lawyer Ken have to live in his worst apartment for the weekend and she gets to live in Larry's house. Tommy picks out the an apartment that is vile, dirty and infested with cockroaches. (12:30 AM) Larry wants his lawyer to get him out of this, but he says he signed and agreement. He complains to the neighbors about their loud music and they say they never saw him before. He leaves and goes to a hotel. (1:45 AM) Sugar Ray brings him back and handcuffs him to the fridge. #04220. 9/18/04
16 My Bouncers Boo Boo - Mark Howard vs. Biggie Smith - Mark says his shoulder was hurt, he got a black eye and his tooth was chipped because he won a game of pool. Biggie was the bouncer who punched him in the eye and ripped his shirt. Biggie says it was a black club and since he's white he shouldn't have been there. Ivan owns the club and Jo Don Howell is his brother who says a drunk guy lost the game, swung his cue at Mark and Mark hit him in the nuts. Biggie says it's all a lie, he gently removed Mark like a baby. He's 6'6" 300 pounds and Mark is 5'1" 118 pounds. Mark had 3 lingerie models with him including Ellen who says he only had 2 rum & cokes. Emy says Biggie dragged him out and the third one saw him pulled. Wallace Bates, the second bouncer, says they pulled him out and he got the black eye from the fight. Biggie says Mark called him a nigger and Mark was thrown out because he is white. The verdict - Biggie has to box Big Sugar Ray for 3 rounds in Sugar's gym. Ray knocks him out in the third round. #04219. 9/25/04
17 Self Defense - Patrice Harlan vs. Scott - She's suing her ex-boyfriend for what he took from her. He bought her stuff and won't give it to her after she left - a TV, CD player, jam box and picture phone. They were together 3 years. She goes to college on grants and used the grant money to pay for the items. He says she's out of her mind. He owns 2 trucks, they lived together and he pays the lease. He says she took his stuff and cheated on him after 6 months. He wrote "busted" on the boyfriend's car after he caught him. Her older sister is there and says he beat Pat and brings the pictures and police report. Akim has enough. A woman from the audience throws her shoe at him. A man in the audience says he'll fight him and so does a second man. The verdict - He has to pay her $780 and be a punching bag at a women's self defense class. Rachel, Natalia and Wendy take turns beating him in a ring at the class. #04241. 10/2/04
18 The Bar Poured a Stiff One - Robert Peacock vs. Strangleweed – Rob is suing for a $355 bar tab from the band Strangleweed who showed up 75 minutes late to play at his club Jay’s Lounge. The band says Rob took their mixer and didn’t pay them, the place is a dump, the toilets are backed up, he put his hands all over one of their girlfriends and gave them a free bar tab since the club was overbooked. Rob says the crowd was rowdy, but they ask what does he expect from a rock band? Rob’s witness is his bartender who says they got tons of shots and tequila. Only the beer was free, not the liquor. Rob didn’t pay them since he didn’t get what he paid for. He was supposed to get a cover band. They say they don’t do covers and he’s held their mixer since April and have had to be a new one. The verdict – Strangleweed gets their mixer back and they get to trash anything in his bar. They bring baseball bats, golf clubs and a chainsaw. They rip up posters and break tables. Rob tries to hide the liquor up high in the ceiling, but they find it, pour it out and smash the bottles against the wall. Note: The show is based on a real incident where a club-owner messed them around. In real-life they finally were paid #04216. 10/16/04
19 Freaky Fender Bender - Chantrell Martin vs. Brian Dozer. She claims a parking valet at a bar wrecked her Lexxus when he parked it causing $780 worth of damage. He says the damage was there before and she didn't say anything until a week later. It's all a lie and they know valets are easy scapegoats. She has her husband Lou with her. Brian says it was busy and they had to wait 7 minutes. He parked the car, didn't dent it and she can't prove he did it. He brings his friend who works with him, but he didn't see Brian park it. He says Chantrell had a bad attitude and offered her free valet service because she had to wait and she smelled like alcohol. He has a voucher that reads the valets are not responsible. Akim reads it and says the fine print is so small that they think they can get away with it and is disgusted. Chantrell's witness Leshaun Lewis says 6 months ago she went to the bar and got a scratch from Brian too. She says the car was worth more because it was a gift from her husband. Brian says Lou came to the lot and was rude, of course he would stand up for his wife. The audience asks if she has a witness and she says no. Another asks if it could've been someone from the club. The verdict - she'll put it on her insurance and will be allowed to bulldoze Brian's car and his company will pay for it. Later at the scene Brian wants her to trash his car, he doesn't care because his company promised him a new car. She's excited and drives up in the bulldozer then says she won't do it. It's not fair that he gets a new car and is rewarded. Tommy says to do it anyway. She agrees, then changes her mind and leaves so Tommy gets in the bulldozer and wrecks it. #04226. 10/23/04
20 Roller Girls - The Lonestar Rollergirls vs. Chris Smith. He wrote an article in his newspaper that female rollerderby is a joke because it is fake. They are suing him because the article shows he didn't even go to their match. He admits he didn't go and claims freedom of speech. They tried to talk to him, to get him to go to their games, invited him for free, but he refused. They say his article hurts their business and they are for real and have the injuries to prove it. he claims he is an avid skater and knows better. The ruling is that he has to get 4 friends and compete against the girls. He is up for it. The girls let loose on him and his team barely scores and he gets thrown out of the ring and has the wind knocked out of him. Eventually he scores a point, but his team is soundly defeated and he is forced to admit they are for real. #04348. 10/30/04
21 Love Thy Neighbor - Tex & Sandy vs. David & Cynthia. Tex & Sandy are an older hick white couple, the other is a 40s black couple with a teenage son. The hicks say their place is a mess and have problems with the dog. The blacks say they have these meetings all the time and park in front of their driveway. So one night they had one of the cars towed. The whites say it was a business meeting and because of that they lost a deal and are suing for the money. The verdict - the only way they are going to get along is if they wife swap for a week. Both couples are horrified about this. When it comes time the ruling is cut to just a weekend. Sandy is a slave driver and bosses David and his son around making them do yard work, clean up, empty the cat box and cutting the son's curfew back. Cynthia just sits there and they fight over the TV. At the end the Cynthia says they share a love of old music and David says Sandy cooks some good chicken. #04230. 11/6/04
22 Bitter Batter Battle - Juana vs. Sophia - Juana says her cousin stole a prize winning chicken recipe that has been in her family for generations. She won the Bowleg OK cook-off three years in a row, her mother won it 5 years in a row and her grandmother won it 5 years in a row. Suddenly her cousin who couldn't cook came up with the same recipe. At the fair they were in separate booths and she thinks Sophia sabotaged her chicken by putting spices in it when she kept coming by her booth and they don't even get along. She wound up coming in last place. Sophia accuses her of being a drunk and has her aunt back her up that she can cook. Juana says Sophia's husband left her since she couldn't cook. She denies that. The verdict - Sugar Ray is to try each woman's chicken they brought in. He tries both and says he can't decide whose is better. The new verdict - to have a professional food critic Martin Randell decide whose is better and the loser will get tarred and feathered. They go out in public and Juana loses by just a little, but both are good cooks and Sophia pours syrup on her and throws feathers on her. #04232. 11/13/04
23 Body Slam Fan - Robbie Johnson vs. Crazy8. Rob is an insane wrestling fan who jumped in the ring and attacked wrestler Crazy8 who hit him with a Frito pie and broke his nose. He's been going to wrestling matches for 30 years and was trying to help another wrestler, Action Jackson, after he got a low blow from Crazy8. He says he also poured his girlfriends beer on his head. Rob plays with glow in the dark wrestling figures that he brings in and also claims Crazy8 ripped his Steve Austin signed shirt that he bought on eBay for $200. Action Jackson is Rob's witness and says he'll settle it right here by fighting him. Rob also says he has $1350 in medical bills, his girlfriend disappeared, he's shamed and can't go back to watch wrestling. The verdict - Robbie gets to wrestle Crazy8 and Crazy8 has to let him win with him knowing it. At the gym Action Jackson trains the new "Super Rob". In the ring Crazy8 clotheslines Rob and Sugar Ray threatens him since he isn't letting him win. Action Jackson jumps in the ring to help out and Rob wins. #04217. 11/20/04
24 The Strange Stain - Asia Smith vs. India Smith – Asia accuses her sister of taking her dress and giving it back with a sperm stain on it. She paid her boyfriend Slick Johnson $300 to strip for India and he had sex with her. He says Asia stopped having sex with him. She was at a party with 10 friends and India got $200 from her boyfriend Jermaine Williams and used it to buy sex with Slick for her 21st birthday. Slick wasn’t involved with her, that’s why she paid for it. She stays with him for the money, he won’t go anywhere and has a kid. The verdict – Asia gets to destroy India’s clothes. At her house India tries to stop her from taking the clothes outside. Asia puts them in the yard and pours motor oil, ketchup, mustard and spray paint on them. Then she cuts them and goes back inside for more and sprays the clothes India’s wearing. They fight and spray liquid on each other and fight some more. Asia tells Jermaine that India slept with other guys at his house. Asia says she’ll sleep with Jermaine and India says sex with Slick was worth the money. #04344. 11/27/04
25 Winner Takes Al - Deborah Sawyer vs. Veronica Sawyer. Veronica is suing her 53 year old mom to stay away from her boyfriend. She says her mom hung out with him all the time without her, going to bars. Deb says they are friends, not romantic. He went to Chicago and mom wrote him every day. Akim is given the letters to read. Veronica's friend Tina thought it was all in her mind until she saw Deb grab Al's balls and then saw them kissing including a long tongue kiss. Mom denies it. Josh is another friend who saw Deb and Al together at bars and thinks Al is gay. Al is on Deb's side and says they had sex once. Deb says they were out drinking and it just happened. It's not a relationship and it's hard to find dates when you are a single 53 year old because guys want young girls. Al loves them both and can't choose between them. A girl in the audience says no straight man would wear a shirt like Al. The verdict - a tug of war over a pool of slime where the winner takes Al. After some struggle Deb wins, Al gives her a rose, but the women decide neither wants him and push him into the slime. #04227. 11/29/04
26 Early Worm Gets the Bird - Amanda Marshall vs. Ronnie Marshall – She says her soon to be ex-husband is a smoking liar who left home with their 9 year old gray African parrot Gracie and she wants it back. He says she brings strange men in front of the bird, who is like their child since they have no kids. She says he cheated on her and he says the bird called out her boyfriends' name. He gave her the bird, but since he bought it he takes better care of it than her. She says she hasn’t seen the bird in 3 months. He says she comes over after working at a topless bar for some sex and leaves. He has receipts for the bird. She says the bird called her a whore and plays a video of the bird saying dirty words. Her friend Laura is her witness who says Ron is a DJ at the club where they work and he hit on her. She had a party and he took her underwear and people at the club told her. He brings Trini the black Rastafarian pet shop owner as a witness. He says he sees Ron at the store all the time, but not her. The audience says he did it for revenge and he doesn’t wear women’s underwear. The verdict – whomever eats the most worms wins the bird. They go to a Thai restaurant and eat live earthworms one at a time taking turns with no drinking allowed. After 27 worms she drinks water so she loses. Then they throw water and worms at each other. After he hands the bird over to her and she is shocked. #04218. 12/6/04
27 Costly Credit Cards - A man accuses his former fiancée of maxing out his credit cards while he was in jail. #04234. 12/13/04
28 Fat Chance - Amy Wendell vs. Chris Wright. Amy is morbidly obese and applied for a a receptionist job at a car dealership and didn't get it. She sent her friend for the same job that was supposed to be filled and she got the job with no qualifications. Chris says he didn't hire her because she was overqualified, she would only work for a few weeks and then leave. She says the job is close to her house and family. Her friend is there and says she called for an interview because the job was still open and he was looking at her sexually. He denies that. She says he wanted her to move her desk into his office. He kept looking at her body, not her face, didn't look at her resume, she wasn't qualified, but that night he offered her the job. He says it is a junior job and the first person you see is the receptionist, so you want someone with a good appearance. It is the reality of the world today. Akim says he is a bigot. He says he isn't since he interviewed a black, Akim wasn't there and doesn't know how he operates. Amy says everyone needs to know this is something that happens to everyone. She wants $5000 for emotional distress and since she was waiting for the job she was out of work. The audience asks why he cares about her looks when he looks bad. A woman says appearance matters, it's a way of life. He says he did look at the friends resume. Another woman says he is skeevy. The verdict - he has to be put in a fat suit, go to a bar and try to pick up women. He is made up for hours by a professional FX artist and looks really fat. Amy hopes she doesn't look that dorky. The Expo Lounge has an 80s party. He sits with a woman, buys her drinks, has nothing to say. He asks for her number, but she says she is seeing someone. They next girl won't let him sit. The third girl, Heather, lets him sit down and he tells her he is in a fat suit. Then they go to 'Minc' and a Britney Spears wannabe won't talk to him. The second girl blows him off. The third girl Rachel is with someone. The second girl says he wasn't fit and not a smooth talker. Afterwards Amy feels better. Chris learned that it hurts to be rejected for how you look. He says it's been a good experience for him. He now likes Amy and says he would like her to work for him. She isn't sure. #04342. 12/20/04
29 Hogwild - Hogwild - Linda Jinks vs. Christina Anderson. Linda says her ex gave away her house to her daughter and she isn't taking care of it. Chris says she is paying her mom, but her mom didn't send the money in, so she is doing it herself while raising pot bellied pigs. Linda says she put $7,000 into the house, lost it in the divorce and feels she should have the house even though she did nothing for Chris. Linda repoed Chris car in the middle of the night and she still doesn't have it. Teresa is Linda's friend who witnessed them arguing. Chris's witness is a goth queen and a guy with a speech impairment. Chris gave Linda a job, but she badmouthed her. Audience - a woman says she claims to be a Christian and wants to know where the love is. Another says Linda should let it go. Verdict - Christine wins. Linda has to be the perfect mother for a week. If she isn't, she gets to be dragged through the pig pen. Day 1 - They go to Tony & Guy's salon to get their hair and nails done. Day 2 - They go to Planet Pizza to celebrate Chris's 12th birthday. Day 4 - they go to cheerleading school, but Chris is too fat to do much. Day 5 - they get glamour shots taken. Day 6 - they go trick or treating, but it's not Halloween. One family lets them in and gives them beer. Day 7 - she reads Chris a bedtime story. Both are happy how it turned out. Kato hosts. #121. 12/27/04
30 Say No to Cracks - A concrete contractor is accused of taking advantage of an elderly woman. #04225. 1/3/05
31 The Wrecker Show - A tow truck operator is sued and accused of towing the wrong car. AKA The Wanton Wrecker #04343. 1/10/05
32 The Flim-Flam Man - Brett Fountain vs. Trey Garrity. Brett claims his half brother destroyed his car and has always been a conman. Trey says he’s a scapegoat. He borrowed the car illegally, street raced and crashed it into a BBQ place and wants him to pay the $2,500 deductible. He also swindled his 82 year old grandma out of $100,000 and wrecked another car and a motorcycle. Brett’s witness is Trey’s mom Jeannie who says Trey stole from grandma, got 5 cars from her and stole his brother Oliver’s college fund of $20,000. Grandma has Alzheimer’s, he moved in with her and put his name on her bank account. Trey claims he had permission, made an investment and it’ll all come back. His investment banker has the money and he only has $125 in his account. His stepdad said to be careful what you marry into. Trey said he was going to Afghanistan after 9/11, but it was a lie. Trey’s stripper wife even slapped grandma. They’ve been married only 6 weeks and she denies slapping her. The police were called because he threw her out. He has repair records and a written agreement that Trey would pay her back $15 an hour doing odd jobs. Trey said he was going to pay, but didn’t because he was busy. He claimed he would make the money into more money. The audience asks how he could do that and he is so disgusting. Another man says shame on him. The verdict - Brett wins $2,500 and gets to drive Trey’s car in the Cowtown Demolition Derby and destroys it. AKA Demolition Derby. #04236. 1/17/05
33 Internet Sex Tape - A woman sues her ex-boyfriend for putting video tapes of her on the Internet.#04345. 1/24/05
34 The Bum Steer - A couple sues a man over a vasectomy. #04239. 2/12/05
35 Clean Up Your Act - Tyro Akamoto vs. Cindy Jones. Tyro of Miracle Cleaner on Broadway & Tinkerline cleaned a rug for Cindy & her husband and they say he destroyed it. He says they destroyed his cash register and wants $300 for it and they didn’t pay for the cleaning. They want $1200 for the rug. She says they had a stain on their original Persian rug from the Gulf War and it came back with more stains than when they started. He is supposed to be an expert on Persian rugs and has a miracle space age cleaner. She brings in his ads, a 50% coupon and the rug to court. The rug smells bad and is covered with stains. She says he assured them he could clean it. He says they weren't able to clean it because it was made by machine and was too tight to clean. Cindy says she called him and he said he would be able to clean it. He wants to know if they saw his $7000 sign that says Miracle Cleaner. They say the sign is small and someone holds it up. The sign is the most important thing in his life. She says he fakes not understanding them and says 'yes' to everything. He says he tried his best to clean it and wasn't responsible. He was supposed to clean it the same day, but he had it for weeks. The husband went to the store, but says he didn't destroy the register. Tyro says he has it on tape, but didn't bring it, why should he? He didn't bring the register either. He says the husband said he'll make sushi out of him. They deny it. He says they have a big sign that says they are not responsible for loss or damages. He brings in the sign. They say the sign wasn't there before, it’s the first time they've seen. Audience asks the owner how he can give perfection to customers. He says it was important to him, tries to make it right. A woman calls him William Hung and says he needs to follow through. The verdict - Cindy wins. He has to pay $1200 and they get to go to his house and stain his rugs and he'll have to clean them. Cindy arrives with a tool belt filled with condiment dispensers of grape juice, ketchup, chocolate and paint. They get one room - the living room. He thinks they are jealous of his sign. Inside the wife isn't happy about this. She sprays pink all over the walls and furniture and he tries to stop them and they have to hold him back. He doesn't want her to use chocolate since it won't come out. She puts it on the woman too. Then she uses crazy string and spills dirt from a plant. The wife says this is absurd, they will sue and he has new evidence. He only did the show to promote his business. #04223. 2/19/05
36 Sister Got Lucky - Plaintiff Brittany Williams says her sister Tish stole a $500 winning lottery ticket from her. Brittany lived wish her sister for 6 months, Tish says she lost it, she found it and kept it because her sister owed her money, over $1200. They are two very large black women. Britt says she bought it, she's 21 and is eligible. Tish paid for her car, nails, food, clothes. Britt keeps saying she'll pay her back, but only pays her $2 or $3 at time. Britt has been out of a job for a year because she was on drugs for 2 years. Says she quit a year ago, was in rehab. She says Tish brings any man she wants in the house and spends money on them. Tish  says it's her house and she can do what she wants. Plaintiff brings her boyfriend Aaron Pogue, he works at McDonalds and says Britt never tried to apply there. He makes $500 every three weeks, but doesn't give Tish any money. He gave her the dollar for the ticket. Tish bought her a clothes for an interview and didn't even go, instead wore it to a club, she also paid for dry cleaning. Tish pays for everything and gets nothing in return. Tish brings her best friend in and she says Brittany gives 389 reasons why no one likes her. Britt brings a man over because he heard Tish was easy and tried to sleep in her room. Audience asks why Tish let her druggie sister move in, she said no one else would take her in. Another one says Brittany should pay her back and any job is better than no job. Verdict - Sugar Ray will put the lottery in a big dumpster full of garbage and they'll have to find it and fight out to get it. Tommy says he'll throw in $200 as well. They wear boxing headgear and dig through the garbage - there are only empty boxes and trash bags filled with newspaper. Suddenly a burned out white dude jumps in the garbage wanting the ticket. Sugar Ray has to throw him out. Tish finds the ticket and they fight for it. Brittany gets it away from her. After they award Tish the ticket back since she found it first.
37 Paint Me Nekkid - Mandy, Jennifer & Earth Child (Nasdaq) vs. BodyScapers - Charles Jones. The female rap group says a body painter did a bad job since it melted off after 2 songs. He didn't get paid and wants his money. They perform every week at Brooklyn's Club and Charles and his assistant Oswald were rude and perverted. They got down to pasties and thongs, but he wanted to take pictures of them topless to recruit new business. They started sweating on stage and the paint and pasties came off. He said it was sweat proof and it would only come off if they had lotion on. They deny having lotion. The men wore latex gloves so they couldn't tell if they had lotion on. The girls finally admit they had lotion on, but were never told not to wear it. The girls only paid them $500 since they didn't get paid for the complete gig. Charles did the job with no money up front. The girls claim they wanted sex for the rest of the bill and they play a tape of the show where they were painted like cats. They were supposed to do 2 more shows for $1000 each, but the club cancelled them. They only got paid $500 and gave it all to Charles. He is countersuing for $972 for not paying him. He says the girls were drunk and threw paint on them. It ruined his clothes and got on his car. Audience asks why they couldn't do something more creative. Another asks why they don't guarantee their work or clean them in advance. The verdict - Charles wins. To get the balance of $250 the girls have to sell balloons full of paint for $2 each to people get who get to throw hit them. Jennifer says she had surgery so she can't get paint thrown at her. Tommy calls Akim and he lets her off with just a fine. People line up to toss balloons at them. They wear bathing suits and goggles. Jennifer wants to throw a balloon too and the girls put paint on her. Children throw the most. In the end they let them hose off.. #04214. 3/5/05
38 The Smoke Detective - Sandra Wear vs. Ronala Webb. Sandra is suing her apartment manager for fire damage to her apartment when came home to find it burned. The maintenance man used a plumber's torch and burned through the walls. She's been trying to get the case done for over a year. They didn't want to replace anything or compensate her. She got a voucher for a hotel by the Red Cross, but they wouldn't give her a good apartment. Ronala says she's a problematic tenant and they could work it out. They gave her an apartment in the south side instead of the north side because the south side is much cheaper. They didn't offer to pay damages, to move her, anything. She brings in photos showing the living room, bathroom and bedroom were destroyed by fire and firemen's water damage. Manager says she should've had renters insurance. Stan the maintenance man who caused the fire is brought in. The plumber isn't there and he won't say where he is . They don't agree with the fire report that it was a faulty plumber's torch. The neighbor John Jones is brought in and has marbles in his mouth. Stan was using the torch to hook up the heating unit. He says the unit was faulty when they turned it on and the fire happened after he left. Akim says he goes by the report from the fire department. The manager has no answer. She says Sandra gets all her clothes from Goodwill and doesn't deserve anything better. Sandra denies it. Akim asks if she has any sympathy for Sandra and she says nothing. Audience asks where the apartment owners are and she says they tried to accommodate her the best she could. A man asks Ronala where her evidence was she says nothing. The verdict goes to Sandra. She wins $5000 and gets to go to Ronala's house and set her mattress on fire. Ronala doesn't show up so they go to her apartment. She won't answer the door. Then a man comes up yelling for them to get out of there. He says he owns the place and wants a court order. He keeps going after the camera and Sugar Ray pushes him back. He calls the police and an officer shows up. He yells at the cop and the cop tells him to clam down and it is a binding agreement so he lets them in. She is inside and says it's a bunch of crap and won't let them take her stuff and fights them. They take it anyway. They put her bed in a field, douse it in gasoline and set it on fire. AKA Apartment Fire. #04349. 3/12/05
39 Miss Planted's Miscommunication - Kato Kaelin Hosts - Becky Remine vs. Roberto Hemenez. Becky claims Roberto the gardener took her tree. She hired him because her daughter was getting married in her backyard. He has to have an interpreter in because he doesn't speak English. Becky says he can speak when he wants. He was supposed to plant flowers for a garden wedding, but he said it would take 45-60 days. They were supposed to be pink and everything came up orange including a squash plant. He says she was drunk all the time and didn't know what she wanted. She says she wasn't drunk and had a big weeping willow he was supposed to trim and came home to find the tree gone. He says she said to cut it, so he took it down and took it home. He didn't want to waste it, so he planted it at his house. Roberto brings in an assistant who only speaks Spanish. He also says Becky was drunk. Roberto says she hit on him when they met in a bar when she was singing karaoke. He doesn't even do landscaping, he thought he was just helping an old lady. He won't give the tree back because he can't move it again or it will die. He read that it on the internet. He'll give the tree back for firewood. She says you should never trust someone with a name longer that a car vin number. A woman in audience says she's a red headed bimbo making deals in a bar. A man who speaks Spanish says the guy is faking and speaks English. Another woman says to let the tree go. A man says she has a hard bark on her. Judgment goes to Becky and she gets to go to his house and pick out his most sentimental item and smash it. He says his sound system is his most valuable item. She wants to hit his motorcycle but it's in the garage so it doesn't count. She wants to smash the grandfather clock, but he fights it. They take it outside and Kato offers her $500, then $1000 not to break the clock. She declines the money and smashes it anyway. #04238. 3/19/05
40 Love Flood Show - A water contractor is accused of causing more of a mess than he was hired to clean. #127. 3/22/05
41 The Fall Guy - #129. 3/24/05
42 Runner Up - The judge has to decide the winner of a wet T-shirt contest. #201. 3/28/05
43 The Pillow Fight - A bride sues her new husband's former girlfriend when she shows up at their wedding and makes a scene. #203. 3/30/05
44 Blood Is Thicker Than Gravy - The judge decides which brother is more fit to take care of their aging mother. #202. 3/29/05
45 A Dog's Just Dessert - A neighbor sues when he learns that his dog has been shot. #204. 3/31/05
46 The Renter Who Cried Wolf - A man sues his apartment complex for burns he got on his feet when the bathtub malfunctioned. 4/1/05
47 He's a Poodle - Simon Carlisle vs. Lupe Campos - he is suing his boyfriend for not taking care of his poodle Sarah Jessica Barker when he was out of town for 4 days. He went to a party and the dog trashed the place. He went on a business trip his mom said the apartment was torn up. His mom is there and says she ate everything and was neurotic. Lupe says he doesn't know if he really went on a trip and thought he was cheating. Lupe went to a 3 day rave and it crapped all over the place. He left because he was mad, but he never asked him to watch the dog or he would've. Lupe says he brought him there to embarrass him, he wouldn't have cared if it happened to him, but he's a tight ass. Lupe brings his two gay friends, including Gary who have nothing to do with the case. Lupe says he found condoms in his suitcase. Simon says they have an open relationship and do threesomes. He says his Italian suits were damaged, $1,500 worth. He wants Lupe to grow up and be responsible. The audience says the poodle isn't the only one confused and why didn't he take care of it. Another says they should use condoms. Another says he shows no responsibility. Verdict - he awards nothing to Simon, so the bat goes to the dog. Lupe has to go to doggie jail, wear a dog collar and clean out kennels. They take him to Camp Bow Wow Kennels for the weekend wearing a leash and a collar. Heather works there and tells him what to do. He has to pick up the poo with paper towels and put it in a bucket. He gags repeatedly while doing it. He then has to give a dog a bath and he doesn't want to do it. He sprays it with a hose and then shampoos it. Sugar Ray has to force him. Then he has to walk them. He stays in the kennel overnight and Simon comes to see him the next day to apologize and Lupe wants him to go away. They pick him the next day and he says it was hell. He won't take a ride from them, he decides to walk home 20 miles and they drive next to him and mock him. #04235. 5/7/05
48 Basket Brawl - The Basket Brawl - Charles "Africa" Aguisse vs. Erin McCoy. He claims his iPod was broken by a bad basketball shot. He says he was fouled and it got broken. Eric says Africa's buddy fouled him. His witness who fouled him is there and confirms it. Africa says he's lousy shot and doesn't know how to play. Eric says he's stupid. Africa says he downloaded all the songs from the continent of Africa, they are rare and you can't get them here. He wants $500 for the iPod and $500 for the CDs he downloaded. Eric says if he keeps talking trash he's going to take them both out. Africa says the Africans taught him how to play. The witness goes dancing around the court. Sugar Ray makes him sit down and Africa threatens Sugar Ray. Tommy has a talk with him. Africa says if he doesn't pay he will beat him. He jumps out of the cage and goes after Eric. They start fighting and a dozen people jump in and break it up. Then Africa goes after him again. They are leading him out and he breaks loose again and goes after Eric. Verdict - they have to box at Sugar Ray's gym and the winner gets $300. The audience says the big Africa will win. They want to see them tear each other up. Another says it's not the size that counts. At the gym they are ready to go before the bell. Ron Browning is the referee. Charles is 245 pounds. Erin is 195 pounds. Round one - Charles takes a big punch, misses and falls. Round Two - nothing much happens, they get in close at the end. Round Three - Erin winds up jumping on Charles and they go down. Erin gets in a shot and knocks Charles out. #04237. 5/14/05
49 What's Up Dog? - Two men fight over the ownership of a dog. #206. 5/19/05
50 Cat Fight - Two neighbors argue over their cats. #207. 5/20/05

Season 3 (2005-6)

51 Who Gives a Puck? 7/15/05
52 Bare None #209. 7/18/05
53 Elvis vs. Elvis - Two Elvis impersonators ask Judge Extreme Akim to decide which Elvis should leave the building. #210. 7/19/05
54 One Last Little Fling - A little person has a big problem with boys who got a little too rough after hiring him for midget tossing. #211. 7/20/05
55 Mauled Mascot #212. 7/21/05
56 Cello, I Love You #213. 7/22/05
57 Dad who Stole Christmas - #214. 7/25/05
58 Boys to Men Revisited - #215. 7/26/05
59 The Last Lap Dance - A woman sues her significant other for spending funds at a local topless bar. #216. 7/27/05
60 The Jokes On You - A heckler and and comedian are in court after a brawl over questionable material. #217. 7/28/05
61 Dennis and the Man #218. 8/1/05
62 Tighty Whities #219. 7/29/05
63 She Tans My Hide #220. 8/2/05
64 Bird in the Hand #221. 8/3/05
65 Who Pimped My Ride? #222. 8/4/05
66 Take the Ring & Run #223. 8/5/05
67 Not a Niece Thing to Do #224. 8/8/05
68 For Love of Money #225. 8/9/05
69 Whose Boobs? #226. 8/10/05
70 Happy Endings Are Extra #227. 8/11/05
71 Mommy's Dearest #228. 8/12/05
72 Poof the Merry Ferry #229. 8/15/05
73 As the Will Turns #230. 8/16/05
74 Homecoming Havoc #231. 8/17/05
75 Ride'em Cowboy #232. 8/18/05
76 Wheelchair Justice #233. 8/19/05
77 The Trailer Trashed #234. 10/20/05
78 The Rental Package #235. 8/22/05
79 Dominating Daddy #236. 8/23/05
80 A Holey Mess #237. 8/24/05
81 Fair Ball #238. 8/25/05
82 Granny's Got a Gun #239. 8/26/05
83 Love and Theft #240. 11/25/05
84 Smoking Weed #241. 10/26/05
85 A Religious Holiday #242. 10/26/05
86 Postmortem Pickpocket #243. 10/27/05
87 Street Performer Smackdown #244. 10/27/05
88 Taxation With Bad Representation #245. 10/28/05
89 Boy Meets Girl, A Lug Story #246. 10/28/05
90 Playstation Destruction #247. 10/29/05
91 I Can Sue the Future #248. 10/30/05
92 The Stolen Saloon #249. 10/31/05
93 Mail Order Bride of Frankenstein #250. 10/31/05
94 Mama Knows Best #251. 11/1/05

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