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Season 1
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    This show was NBC's version of a news camera footage show like Real TV, World's Wildest Police Videos or Maximum Exposure. Unlike those shows it had a famous person narrating the show - Stacy Keach. If you've seen the other shows then you've seen 35-50% of the footage before. What makes this show the best of all these shows is that in nearly every case they went the extra mile to get interviews with many of the participants giving you a new aspect to the footage. In some cases there is even extra footage at the beginning of the stories. There are no cheesy reporters like Real TV or humorous anecdotes like Max-X. There was only one season that aired staring March 3, 1999 with 24 episodes airing at 9pm on Wednesdays. The only bad thing is they don't list where the action took place, it is just spoken and makes it hard to tell most times. Produced by Bruce Nash.
    Six volumes were released on VHS with 2 episodes each. Five years later Spike TV bought the show. The one funny/lame aspect of the show is around 75% of the 1st season narration ends something like this, "and they'll never forget what happened that day" or "they know they are lucky to be alive." It's no surprise since they have a policy of not showing anything that ends in a death. 

Season 1 - NBC (1999-01)

1. Baltimore, MD - during the Chesapeake Bay Airshow the McDonald family has a backyard BBQ nearby. They are recording as a 117-A Stealth Fighter crashes into their neighbors' house. 12,000 people are at Martin's Airbase watching the show when the plane breaks apart in midair. Gloria Stumpf was having a picnic and saw the plane coming in real low. Pilot Major Brian Knight heads for the bay to avoid the crowd and ejects in time. It doesn't reach the bay though. On impact a major fireball erupts. Daina Stumpf watched debris rain down and it was total chaos. Mark McDonald saw the pilot come down. After Brian said he was so glad no one was in the house he crashed into. He knew where he was and was scared where he was crashing. He wanted to make sure everyone was all right. 1000s of people could've been killed/Italian Alps - hikers climb near a 1000 year old glacier and as tourists get close it suddenly breaks apart, slamming water over those who didn't run away. They are washed against the rocks and swept away/On the 66th anniversary of Houdini's death escape artist Bill Shirk is buried alive in a plexiglass coffin under mud and concrete. Melvin Benn coordinated the stunt and thought it wasn't good. Two years earlier Joe tried the same thing and died. The wet earth and concrete caused the coffin to shatter. They had a radio to him, but it stopped working and he couldn't break out. A backhoe is brought in to dig a hole next to him to free the concrete. Melvin jumps in and digs him out seeing his hand sticking out. He was underground for 22 minutes, but survives the 6 tons of dirt. He thinks it's the greatest escape ever and is under the illusion that Houdini thinks so too/Butte, MT - a suicidal man, Terry Roslin, packs his car full of explosives because his marriage failed. He threatens to blow himself and the town up. Sheriff Bob Butrovich knew the guy since he was 15. Officer Bob Lee assists. He had a toggle switch to 25 gallons of gas in the back seat. Suddenly the car blows up as they stand there talking to him. Bob was engulfed in flames as there was a huge impact to his chest. Terry gets out and stumbles down the street on fire with clothes and flesh melting off. They take him down, the car explodes again and the flames destroy the car. Lee was lifted up in the air and thought he was dead. Now he says it was fate he lived, it wasn't his time/Sao Paulo, Brazil - $85 million was spent to renovate a concert hall. During he grand reopening the national anthem plays as the entire 200 member choir and the bleachers crash down through the floor into the basement. 43 people were hurt, but no one died/Jackson, MS - police surround the home of a wanted suspect named Vince. Agent Dan Norton leads the raid. He knocks on the door and hears shots fired from the back. So they go around and Jim Marlett returns fire, hitting the suspect. A female officer dodges behind a woodpile. Dan runs inside and is shot point blank and returns fire. They yell to get an ambulance. Dan was angry he shot at him, was in pain and grabbed his chest. He had a bulletproof vest on and felt blood, but that wouldn't stop him as he has a job to do. They yell for Vince to throw the gun out. He doesn't want to go in, so he takes a piece of lumber and breaks off the side view mirror from the suspects car and looks around the corner, but can't see Vince. He then goes to his trunk to get tear gas canisters. Then they hear the suspects' wife calling out that Vince is hurt. They tell her to have him crawl out on the floor. She says he is on the floor. Inside there are spent shells and bullet holes all over. They find Vince unconscious with a rifle next to him he was trying to load while he passed out. He survives. The bullet just caught the edge of Dan's vest. He's glad he put the vest on that morning. In the footage he has a mullet, now he is shaved/Albuquerque, NM - at the International Balloon Fiesta Festival Arthur Minazzolli films balloons coming in for landings. Then the wind shifts and they are blown off course. One hits a building and another heads for a baseball field, but hits power lines. A huge flash appears, then sparks and crackles. It is stuck on the wires when suddenly the fuel tanks explode and the basket separates and crashes to the ground. Art thought they were dead. Passenger Stuart Spicer crawls out. After he says he was gasping for air and was fortunate to walk away from it. Art still gets tears thinking about it/Sao Paulo, Brazil - a crazed bank robber holds a knife to the neck of Rosalita Mendonca. She says it was horrible as it went on for hours. Lt Paulo Henry said he was very nervous and knew anything could happen. Suddenly Paul does a flying drop kick from across the room disarming the suspect. He goes down and Rosalita runs for it. Paul is very happy to have helped a person in need/Beartooth, MT - Ron & Bob Michaelson are camping when a man arrives to say a raging forest fire is coming their way, but it's too late. Seven miles of flames from a careless fire block the only way out. There was no place to go. After they say a wall of flames from one side of the mountain jumped to the other. They put the vehicles in a circle and plan to hide in the horse trailer. They pack inside, but it catches fire, so they jump out and couldn't see each other. They decide to cut the horses loose since they don't know if they'll make it. Then the fire ignites a box of ammo, firing rounds all over. They duck, not knowing where to go. Ron keeps taping as they grab blankets and head for a creek. They all survive as the fire burns itself out. Ron tapes after as all the cars were burned, bullets are firing and it was like a graveyard. But Bull and Waco the horses survived and came back to them. When they saw the video they realized how lucky they were. They were surprised they made it out/Lake Elsinore, CA - 30 veteran skydivers plan to do a mass jump before sunset. They want to break the record for a night-time jump. Chet Bennett was there and says they had tried before. Skip Evans flies the DC-3 and says he likes the night jumps. They taxi out with no problems, then seconds later an engine explodes and rocks the plane. A propeller snapped off and blew up the engine. Chet thought they wouldn't get out. Skip could hear screaming, but couldn't see anything. Chet opens the rear hatch, pulls the people out and no one dies. The crew was trapped in the cockpit, but they crawl out the top hatch and they run down through the smoke toward the tail. Then the tanks ignite, blowup and the plane is engulfed in flames. If it happened while they were in the air they would've all died/Alberta, Canada - Three friends walk along the Saskatchewan river when Mike Rennich spots 2 girls who broke through the ice. Fiona Clair is 40 yards downstream, but Erin Daniels is closer and he reaches for her first. After Erin said she was so tired, her fingers slipped off the ice and she thought she would slip away. He gets Erin out and races to get to Fiona. She pleads for help and begs for him to get her. She could hear the ice cracking, got real scared and thought he wouldn't be able to save her. The men form a human lifeline and grab her as he yells at her not to give up. She has to pull herself out and he yells for her to kick out. She didn't want to give up. Mike says he wasn't a hero and hopes someone would do the same for his kids/Myrtle Beach, SC 7/20/91 - Scarlett Blake and her sister Adrienne are on Big Eli Ferris wheel. The bar breaks and Scarlett hangs upside down 47 feet above ground. Her mother Penny heard the screams. Park employees climb up the wheel and she says her legs are going numb. They hold onto her as more help arrives. She broke are arm. Today she says it was like a dream when she had fallen and it's a miracle/Tulsa, OK - Jeanne Casey & Debbie Ellison are working the late shift at a liquor store. They just talked about what to do if a robber came in. They agreed to just give them the money. Then Carter, a hardened criminal, walks in. After they say he looked normal. He reaches in his pocket and says he has a gun. He turns and they see he doesn't really have a gun. Deb signaled her and Jeanne sneaks up on him and hits him on the head with a bottle, then Deb breaks a bottle across his face. He pulls out his hand out and is only holding a comb so he runs away covered in wine and blood and gets in a waiting car. He's now in jail/Oslo, Norway - during a track and field event. Juha Laukkanen is a javelin thrower. He tosses his final pole and the referee can't see it from the blinding sun and it hits the old man in the arm. He pulls it out and tosses it aside. It's only a minor flesh wound. 3/3/99
2. Las Vegas, NV - at the national finals champion bullrider Tuff Hedeman rides Copenhagen Stinger AKA The Eliminator and after a couple of seconds he gets thrown off, but his hand is caught between the ropes and he gets spun around and around and the rodeo clowns trying to save him get tossed as well. Five of them surround the bull and grab on. Tuff's wife Tracy Hedeman was watching and was scared, knowing she couldn't do anything. 60 seconds passed and he's getting beaten, but is alive. She thought he would never get out. The clowns pile on top of the bull, hold his horns, cut him loose and Tuff gets up. After he says he felt totally exhausted, like he was awake for 7 days straight, it was eerie, it kept going on and on. When the chute opens it never changes, from perfectly still to all hell breaking loose. He still rides/Asissi, Italy - a 5.5 earthquake hits the town. A repair crew tries to hold up the basilica built in 1300. A 600 year old bell tower, the town's most prized possession is also trying to be secured. Then an aftershock hits sending the tower to the street. At the basilica the ceiling collapses and a sea of dust covers the entire church. They'll spend several months and millions to recover, but they can never replace the works of art lost/ Peterborough, England - students are sky diving from 13,000 feet in tandem with their instructors. Mike Smith is attached to Richard Maynard and Ronnie O'Brien shoots the video. Mike pulls the cord, the chute goes up and the cord tangles around his neck. They are falling at 250 feet a second and Rich can't get the reserve chute. Ronnie swoops over trying to pull the cord, he struggles, can't do it and finally get it 6 seconds from the ground. After Mike says if it wasn't for Ron they both would've died/Chicago, IL - a fire burns an apartment building. Anabel Perez is 7 months pregnant with her husband Noel on the third floor gasping for air and help. Josephine Urbanski was there and thought she was going to die, it was a horrible sight. Lt. George Rafalski says they were getting desperate, they put a blanket out, thinking Anabel would jump at any second. Noel lowers her out head first, she insists on it so she won't hit her stomach. She falls right into the blanket, but hits too hard and goes right through the blanket into the sidewalk. Noel climbs down one floor, then jumps. After Anabel says she knew she would have to jump, she went head first to protect the child and give her a chance, she did what was necessary. She named her daughter Milago (Miracle). She's her life and best friend/Rio De Janeiro - the Maracano soccer stadium is packed with 150,000 fans during a game. Suddenly the upper deck gives way from the overcrowding. 50 people go flying over the edge, 25 feet below and land on top of people. Helicopters airlift people out and the game continues/Grand Rapids, MI 11/14/98 - cops pull over a drunk 17 year old girl. They cuff her and put her in the back of a police car. She then climbs over the seat, gets her hands around front and drives off. She cries and says "what am I dong?" The cops give chase and pull in front of her, but she throws it in reverse. Then police ram her, but to no avail. She speeds onto the highway going over 100mph. Then they ram into her and box her into a guardrail sending her up in the air. She cries, but before they can get her she starts ramming the cops and they shoot at her tires. She keeps ramming until she escapes. The car weaves all over the place, then crashes into the rail. She gets surrounded again doubly and they get her. She gets DWI and resisting arrest/Valdez, AK - at the world extreme skiing championships Anna Kanarowski goes downhill on a rocky mountain. She hits a rock and her skies are sheared off. She slides, falls, hits a rock, keeps going, hits another rock, tumbles over and over, slides, hits another rock and finally stops 100s of feet later. She sits up as rescue comes to her and a helicopter airlifts her off. After she says they wouldn't tell her how she was. She hit the rock and lost her ski, that's why she went out of control. She felt like a bird going over a cliff. She was trying to stop but there was no way to do it. She kept feeling her head banging against the rocks. She won't stop skiing, but thought she was going to die/London, UK - a bank robber approaches a teller asking for money, but the teller activates a metal wall. He thinks he's locked in and frantically pounds against the door. All he had to do was pull. An old lady enters and he runs out/Hawaii - at a circus Steve Hirano watched as an elephant attacks it's trainer. It stomps him viciously and Gail Scheleski saw his head bobbing. There was a lot of screaming and men pushing people out of the way. Her daughters Linda & Helen were scared. Steve goes forward to calm the beast and thought he could keep the audience calm so the elephant wouldn't follow them. She bites the trainer, then charges out of the area. It tramples an SUV, attacks another trainer, then runs away. A police car tries to coral it, but they have to flee from it. Steve tries to close the gate to keep it in, but the elephant barrels it's way through and knocks him over. It runs down the street toward a woman trapped inside a car. Then police open fire with rifles and take it down. Steve is glad to be alive today/Sao Paulo, Brazil 6/15/91 at 11pm - balloons launch rockets from the air during a fireworks festival. A second balloon is launches, but catches fire and launches dozens of roman candles into the crowd, making it into a warzone. People run like mad as pieces of burning rubber are raining down on them, but no one is killed/Lacrosse, WI 2/20/97 - a murder for hire plot in a hotel. Jim Schuman is hiring a hit man to kill his wife Susan Toussaint. He doesn't want his two kids touched and needs an alibi. He wants her dead so he doesn't have to pay alimony. He's been living in a hotel room for 3 months and is losing everything. The undercover cop does the hit man role for a living. She was shocked to find out what he did. After 7 years it was a bitter divorce. He wants her to disappear, but not this week, it's his son's birthday. It sent shivers up and down her spine to hear him casually choose ways to kill her. He also wants her dad killed if he gets in the way, but he doesn't have that much money to pay. The cop tells him it ain't free, he wants some money. It's costing him expenses to do the trip, the hotel and gas. He's burned out paying lawyers and will give him what he has. He agrees to kill up to 8 people for $10,000 a hit. She couldn't believe she was married to him and he had no conscience, no feeling. The cop says it's a go and they arrest him after he makes a $1,500 down payment. He gets 35 years in prison/Stan Frazier wants to take out an old brick silo in his yard. His wife Diane says it's not a good idea to pull it down. He decides to rig it with chains on the bottom and pulls it with his truck, but it just rips it off the foundation. His dad tells him to push it with the bulldozer. He pushes it forward, but it falls back right on top of him covering him in bricks. He was covered with rocks and dirt, but wasn't injured. She came running over to him and they hugged. They can't bear to watch the tape again/Australia - at a championship road rally after 3 laps Alan Laverick locks his brakes, starts skidding and his 280-Z careens right into cameraman Michael Barnett knocking him over. Then the car runs him over. A second camera shows him hitting the man as the glass breaks. He goes flying. After Alan says chaos ensued as people were screaming. They put him in an ambulance with only a broken leg, they are all shocked/Forbes, Australia 6/21/97 - during the last lap of the last race of harness season. There hasn't been an accident. Suddenly one horse "She's a problem" trips, falls and tosses the rider setting over a chain reaction taking down 10 horses, but no one is seriously hurt/St. Louis, MO 7/4 - Chris Foshage watches as her husband does a bunji jump from a crane 200 feet up. Marty Hatch is the first jumper of the day and his friend Jim Decker was there. He told everyone he was going to do it, so all his friends went. Barb Lewis also watched. He jumps head first and the cord snaps and he falls on the edge of the airbag. They rush over to him and he doesn't move. Then he moves his arms and legs to see if they work. After he remembers falling and waiting for the recoil. He heard the snap and knew something was wrong. After several operations he's back. If he landed head first he would've died. Later an investigation determined the safety latches weren't in place, it was negligence on their part not hooking him up safely. His mom said he had 9 lives and he used 7 that day. 3/10/99
3. Hillsborough, OR - at an airshow on a cold winter morning stuntman Lee Oman does an axle hang underneath a biplane 1500 feet up in 200mph winds. Neil Granley works on his crew and says he was out there a long time. Bill Ammirata says he was frozen from the wind. He weakens, falls and the safety wire holds him under the plane. The pilot does a dive to try to flip him back up, but it doesn't work. The plane can't land with him hanging underneath so Neil and Bill drive a truck down the runway matching the plane's speed to pull him in. They get him in the truck and Lee said don't let go of me. They can't get the wire off at first and have to cut it and Jim flies away. The snap sounded like a gunshot as they fell back. Lee waves to the crowd and after says a lot of things could've gone wrong and was that a show or what?/Anchorage, AK - a summer day at the zoo. Kathryn Warburton climbed over to fences to pet a polar bear in the cage and it gets a hold of her. People try to beat it with sticks and branches and finally get her loose where she suffers a lacerated leg. In the hospital she says it was the dumbest thing she ever did/Henderson, NV - an earth shattering explosion at the Pacific Engineering rocket fuel factory on 8201 Gibson Rd rocks the town. Firefighter Larry Sullivan said it was like a bomb. Rodney McCarrel worked there and was told to get out since it would blow right off the earth. The sound was huge as the shockwave rolled across the town and destroyed it. Dennis Todd was there and thought everyone was dead. A woman in her car was turned over. Rodney was thrown 60 feet through the wall of his office. Roy Westerfield is trapped inside and calls 911. His wife Janet says he wasn't concerned about himself, he just wanted to get the others out. He was disabled, couldn't walk and his friends would've died helping him. Then another blast like a 3.5 magnitude earthquake hits. The town was like a warzone, everything was destroyed, debris was everywhere, dust on everything and cars are blasted off the road. People are rushed to the hospital battered and bloody. The town was completely shut down. Roy was the only one who didn't survive. He saved many others though. His phone call said "everything is on fire" and to get them all out there - police & fire/San Diego, CA - lifeguard Charles Davey demonstrates how to fight a fire at sea. Paul Makarushka was the cameraman video taping it. He douses a boat with gasoline and goes to torch it, but the fuel ignites. He was launched up in the air and the boat is engulfed in flames. He was knocked to the floor, but gets up and jumps out as rescue arrives. After he said he was 6 feet in the air with his feet over his head. The day before he found out his wife was pregnant. Now he can be with Max and Sydney the twins/Taipei, Taiwan - at the national assembly two opposing parties can't agree and start fighting on the floor. One guy walks over to his rival and punches him. Several legislators are sent to the hospital with bloody lips/Cedar Hill, TX 3/30/96 - Officer Aaron Barens spots a car parked next to a dealership that has been broken into often. He pulls up and there is no one there, then the guy comes up and says he was using the bathroom. Aaron searches him, finds nothing and goes to check the car. The suspect doesn't listen as he goes for the gun on the front floor. He fires at Barnes point blank, but misses. A gunfight ensues as the suspect takes off on foot. Officer Garland Wolf arrives, touches his head, it was wet and thought it was blood. He yells for an ambulance. To hear the screams over the radio and to see him wilt in his hands was bad. It was really the muzzle blast that hit his face, not a bullet. After Aaron said he didn't realize he was hit until later. They caught him 3 hours later. He never saw the gun, he tried to pull it down so he would take it in the chest. He thought the vest would save him. He feared his kids would see him die on video. They had a meeting after and watched the tape and he thanked them all/Melbourne, Australia - during an international stock car race Graham O'Brien fights his way to the front, makes a move to pass and is clipped by a yellow car. His blue #6 is launched off the track and flips over and over 14 times, getting 30 feet in the air. Rescue arrives and is shocked to find him OK. He only has a black eye/Comfort, TX - rains cause the Guadalupe river to overflow and several teenagers cling onto trees. Chris Ray was up there and says it took all his strength to hold on. He thought he was dead and heard a helicopter, but never thought they would see him. They throw him a rope and he ties it on him. He didn't think he could hold on, but is lifted out and over to a field. Rescuers ask him what happened and he says he was in a bus with 40 people. They are in shock at the amount out there. They were riding a church bus that stalled and the wall of water swept them away. Then the bus hit a tree, people fell off and floated away. Pilot Kenny Meadows rushes out there as the river rises and their safe places were becoming less safe. They didn't know where to start and only had 1 chopper that wasn't equipped for that kind of rescue. He had to get as low as possible, just clipping the leaves. Finally military choppers arrive as the water is raging past at 70mph. They lower troops down and start pulling them out. The first is easy, the second girl isn't. The rescuer is whipped by branches and thrown back. He comes back and she's too scared to let go. He goes back a third time and grabs her. In the end 33 of them are rescued. After Chris thought there was a lot he wanted to do in life and wondered if this is it. Nancy Ray, his mom says it was very hard, still is. Her son was OK, but others weren't/New Zealand - during a stunt show a team prepares to drive through a wall of flames for their big finish. Tony races for the wall of fire and the impact is massive, which sets off fuel inside the car which is part of the plan. Both of them get out engulfed in flames and the crew puts the fire out on them. The firefighter goes to put the car out not realizing one of the tanks didn't explode. Now it does and sets him on fire. He has no gear, but is quickly put out with minor injuries/Queensland, Australia - convenience store employee Roger Granger has been robbed many times. This time a man comes at him with a pitch fork and he fights him off with a crowbar. He calls the police and seconds later 2 men run in with shotguns. He opens the register and hands them the drawer. He writes down their plates and they are caught/Barrera, OH - Alberta the town terror is pulled over for reckless driving. Officer Robert Surgenon says you are always asking for fun giving her a ticket. She doesn't want to sign the ticket and says it's not right. He says she can go to jail. Then she screams "did you hear me ask nicely the first time?" She wants to know where the people are she endangered, she signed and now she's leaving. Then she turns and almost hits them. They tell her to stop and she keeps going. They go to pull her out and she keeps saying "No! take care of my cat." She is put in the car and yells that she wants her teeth and cat, its a live animal and so is she and your mother screams too. She loses her license for good/Lake Placid, NY - Chris Coleman is a bobsledder who says there is no room for error - no brakes, no steering. The US team digs in and many crashes are shown. Chris says they did well in practice, had good ice and were extremely excited. They set a record pace going 90mph, but at turn 12 they hit too fast and high. They turn over and their necks are pinned against the ice and walls as it keeps going out of control. Rescuers pull them out, but only 3 of 4 can walk. Chris can't move, but he only has minor injures, races next week and they win the silver medal. They were happy to be alive as they were to win/Zambia, Southern Africa - Hank Buissink and friends go on a safari. Their small plane barely makes it up, then the pilot says they are overweight. Not getting it, they say "it's good." He says they have to land now, it's not the place and they go down on the dirt. He hits hard, then panics, goes back up, they stall and go back down crashing hard. The engine explodes and flames are all around. The engine and wing came off, but all of them survive. They are trapped in the middle of the bush, but locals come to rescue them/The mountains of Japan - a volcano rumbles spewing an ash cloud. A pyroclastic flow of 1500 degree gas and rock covers the mountain at 200 mph. Firefighters run for their lives, but no one is killed. 3/17/99
4. Manning,  SC 1/19/96 - Chief Randy Garrett chases a deranged driver at speeds over 100mph on country roads. Afterwards Randy says two lane highways weren't build for those speeds. Cpl Patrick Reilly was chasing him and thought it would never end until he ran out of gas. They didn't want him to get to the city so they shot out his tires and he fishtails off the road, but gets back on. He goes back into town, turns right into an Exxon station and Pat hits him into the gas pumps which catch fire. After Pat says they were sitting on a bomb. He jumps out of his car to pull the suspect out, but he won't budge. Donna Prothro from a nearby dance studio told all her kids to get out. One of her students Camlin Martin is at the station buying a soda. Randy pushes his car into the suspects as the pump explodes. He couldn't watch him burn to death. The suspect gets around the corner of the store and tries to run, but they corner him. Camlin saw the guy, the car, and through it was horrible and was scared. They still can't get the guy out of the car, so they break the windows and go to pull him out. He still fights them and they have to drag him in front of the car in case the station blows up. The fire department arrives to put the fire out. Camlin says she didn't cry because she was in shock, but she cried when got back to her friends. Randy was mad at the guy, but happy no one got hurt/Lake Catherine, LA 1/14/88 - Cpt Milton Dudenhefer and his crew are fishing. Suddenly they haul in a 6 foot shark in and put it on deck. It's dead so Chip Salinger reaches in its mouth to pull out the hook, but the shark isn't dead and clamps down onto his arm. They can't get it open and try to pry it with a bar. Milt said it wouldn't give up. He gets his hand out and has 9 deep puncture wounds and he bleeds all over the deck. They have no first aid kit, just a rag and duct tape as he goes back to work/El Toro, CA - Colonel Jerry Cadick flies an FA-18 jet at an airshow. He does many wild moves then does a loop, loses control and smacks down into the ground. Paramedics Thor Swanson and Rick Van Auken ran out to help. His tail hit the ground at 300mph. They thought he was dead and didn't stand a chance. They spray the jet with foam and pull him out. He was unconscious bleeding through the mouth and nose. He broke his arm, elbow, ribs, exploded a vertebrae and collapsed a lung. After he says there was no room for emotion, just cross your fingers and be calm. He has made a near full recovery and was beyond extremely lucky. He stared the devil in the face from 6 inches/Corria, Spain 6/25/98 - at the Festival of San Juan. Vickie Moore is an animal activist documenting the torture of the bulls. One scene shows men setting bulls horns on fire driving it to madness. The next day a bull goes after a man and tosses him up in the air. Then the bull charges Vickie tossing her in the air, spinning her around into a wall. It lifts her again, spins her around and tears her clothes off. The one person there to help is harmed. The bull stands guard so people can't get to her. It took her a year to recover/Columbus, OH - a man sits in a lawn chair in the middle of the road with a gun to his chin. Lt Dave Wood says he had two demands - for a lawyer to fill out his paperwork and for his girlfriend to be there to watch him die. He threatens the police and there's nothing they can do at close range. Snipers are called in. Officer Mike Plum knew once he sat down he's have the shot. He puts the gun between his legs and it explodes from Mike's shot. Cops jump him and take him down. He only cut his face and chin. They told him they didn't want to hurt him and the suspect says that was a great shot. The gun is broken into 3 pieces and hung on the wall of the police station/Redwood City, CA - an arsonist burns down 14 houses and police have no leads until the find a video tape next to a plastic skull. The arsonist recorded everything and narrates it in a deranged voice to his friend Omar. Officer Louis Vella the fire marshal knew it was arson. The man whispers, "look what I created, look at the flames, it's my domain, my hell, the coyotes yell in the distance." They play the tape on the news and Bill Otherlie called in, it was his house burning, he knew the guy was nuts. The tape says look at what he did. At the arsonists house they find newspaper clippings of 60 other arson fires. He gets 2 years at a treatment center. His last words are your house is next/Off the wild coast of South Africa - The Greek Luxury Liner Oceanas' final cruise. Twelve hours after leaving the ship is damaged in a severe storm, tips and takes on water. Julian Butler the magician questioned the captain about it as the captain and main crew took off and left everyone to die. He said to get 10 people and come with him. Moss Hills the guitarist went below to find it was sinking. They didn't know what to do and were forced to run the rescue. There were many elderly passengers who couldn't look after themselves. They get half the people into the lifeboats when the ship turns too far and no other boats can be launched. They radio for help, just calling mayday. A ship responds and asked his rank, he said none - guitarist. They asked what he was doing there. Five hours later helicopters arrive, but the wind is too rough for them to land. Moss straps himself to the deck and helps load people on the hoist 2 at a time. He and Julian are the last to go and talk about it after. Looking back it was incredible to see their ship sinking in front of their very eyes. When it was over and he collapsed. It went straight down like the Titanic. But they were alive. Everyone survives. They meet after and the captain says he ordered abandon ship, that's for everyone. He left and if they wanted to stay they could/Newtownards, Ireland - 70 year old Ken Wallis pilots a home made gyro plane as a crowd watches. He tries to make a turn and loses the rear rotor. The main rotor hits the ground, flips him over and rips it apart. He survives, he's a movie stuntman from many James Bond films and has been through tings before/Oklahoma City, OK - at a convenience store a man with a six-pack and a gun demands money. The clerk panics and jams the register. He threatens to kill him so the clerk backs off and tells him to take it. He pounds on the register and demands him to open it. He trips to get around the counter and the clerk tells him to take what he wants, so he throws everything aside and grabs the entire register. He grabs a t-shirt to cover it as he runs out and the clerk calls the police. They play the tape on the news and the crooks dad turns him in/Sacramento, CA - stuntman Bobby Carpowitz has to drive fast to turn over a Jeep into the water for a movie. Ricky D. is in his crew and knows the dangers. They have divers, oxygen, knives and tape the glass down on his helmet. On the first take he's not going fast enough. On the second take he goes fast enough, but can't flip it. They were getting frustrated, so they give it one more try. He succeeds, but he jeep flips over and Bobby is trapped upside down. George Anthes is the diver and knew it was trouble. He couldn't get him out so he gives him his oxygen to sustain him, but he panics. Ricky cuts the seatbelt and frees Bobby. Ricky hugs him and cries on land. He thought he lost his good friend and it was a horrible feeling/Russia - new soldiers are punished during hazing. Cpl Makfim Klementiev talks about it after. It's a time-honored tradition. They are punched, kicked and knocked down for the first year. They are stomped on, walked on and made to clean toilets with a tooth brush, then use it in their mouth. Makfim refuses to be a part of it and campaigns to stop it. It's living in constant fear/Belo Horizonte, Brazil - a flash flood turns a town into a raging river. People abandon their cars and run for their lives. A boy and his bike are trapped and Sgt. Ricardo Viola is lowered down to get him, but he won't leave his bike and they are pulled up and the boy panics, the cable snaps and they are dropped down into the water. After Ricardo thought it was risky and he would die, but he tried to protect the boy and swam them onto shore/Clarkston, WA - at the weekly town council meeting Bernie McKinney gets mad and won't be quiet. Mayor Gwendalyne Schwaney tells him he's out of order. He says she is ever since she got he job. She votes to move on. He refuses. She calls the Sgt. at Arms to make him leave. He yells he has no authority and can't take him out. He refuses to move and the man grabs him to remove him. Bernie says he's elected and he has no authority to remove him. The police are called and he still won't listen. He tells them to go and sit down. They each grab his arms, he refuses to get up. They go to cuff him and the officer puts the pepper spray right in his face. He tells him he's under arrest. He says he'll go on his own and struggles. He gets two blasts in the face and a mark is left on the wall. They go down on the floor and get him cuffed. His friend tells him not to fight. After he sues the city and wins/Mexico City, Mexico - a man driving a natural gas truck cuts in front of a train and crashes into it. They leave as the train is covered in fire. Suddenly the explosion ignites 8000 gallons of gas at once. A helicopter over head filming is pushed back, but is able to make it out of the way. Only 5 people were hurt. 3/24/99
5. Daytona Beach, FL – At the Daytona Speedway during a stock car race after five crashes one car spins out on Calamity Corner, goes off the track and crashes into a paramedic Mike Staley. He is tossed 25 feet in the air and then run over. Cameraman Buddy Pittman was there and says there was nothing to protect Mike. They were hoping and praying he was OK, but thought there was no way he could survive. He is airlifted out and interviewed after. He saw the car out of the corner of his eye, didn’t remember flipping through the air, but felt like he was on fire. Now he’s a motivational speaker. If it happened at any intersection he would’ve died, but because of where he was he lived/Korea – a stand off between construction workers and tenants who won’t leave their building escalates. They get on a scaffolding and attack workers with rocks, fire bombs, homemade flamethrowers and gas bombs. The foreman gathers his men and moves in behind a heavy wooden barricade. He’s the only one not wearing a helmet. A firebomb hits him setting fire to his back, then another hits setting his head on fire. He runs off and the workers put him out. Then the police take over and all tenants are arrested/Glouchester, England – During an airshow Sergei & Alexander, two Russian Mig-29 pilots fly in tandem, then fly at each other at high speeds. Alex does a reverse loop, goes into the clouds, Sergei can’t see him and calls off the stunt, then he comes out and they smash into each other. Alex’s plane is broken in half, catches fire, goes down hard into the ground and he bails out at the last second. Sergei parachutes out too and both are able to walk away from it/Perth, Australia – during the Avon River canoe race riders go over turbulent rapids and most will carry their canoes on land to get around them. One man died earlier in the day and 23 year old Lachlan Mills tries to save time and the rapids pull him over, turn him upside-down and drag him down. Rescue diver Tim Moore is on a nearby rock and jumps in to save him. He fights his way over, but can’t budge the canoe. He’s underwater 90 seconds before another canoe hits his and breaks it free. They get him out and give him mouth to mouth. After he says he knew he could easily drown/New York City - a fire traps Jose Gallegos 13 floors above Times Square. Patrick Barr of the NYFD went after him. Jose hangs out the window as the smoke pours around him. Once he realizes the ladders can’t reach he loses hope. He’s interviewed after and thought he was done. Pat is lowered down from the roof toward him. Jose is ready to pass out from the smoke and Pat grabs him and he collapses. The crowd below cheers wildly. He holds him with his legs as Jose passes out. They can’t be lowered down and are too heavy to be pulled all the way back up. They start spinning and Pat breaks a nearby window and his coworkers break out the rest and pull him in. He waves to the cheering crowd and was glad it was over. Jose is grateful and says they are best/National Park, Australia 10/21/88 – people feed kangaroos at the wildlife park which is against the rules. Then a 200 pound kangaroo jumps on Sean Fitzpatrick and gouges his crotch and face. He needs 30 stitches and is interviewed after with huge wounds on his face. It jumped up and kicked him. His son Bo Fitzpatrick was there and was scared stiff/Mushan, South Korea – a gas leak at a propane storage facility spreads quickly. The FD tries to put it out before it reaches nearby storage trucks filled with propane. It’s too late, a tanker explodes and it consumes an entire block. Thousands of people are nearby. A witness says the flames were 400 feet high and he thought the building would fall on him. The pavement is ripped open exposing an underground storage area of liquid propane. When those explode it sends a massive fireball in the sky, burning everything around it. 60 people are injured. The tanks continue to burn for 2 days/Beaumont, TX 10/29/98 – Deputy Greg Fountain chases criminals at a high speed. They throw the bundles of coke out the window and explode on the ground. The driver gets to 110mph, hits a spike strip, blows a tire, loses control, hits a cop, keeps going and decides to ram the police as he drives on the rims and sparks fly. After Greg says they were dangerous and needed to be stopped. Soon after their car explodes, catches on fire and they keep going. They spin out, fish tail and skid out amongst explosions. Cops jump out and are shocked to find the criminals won’t leave their burning car. They get one guy out, then the car explodes, shooting flames out. They drag the guys away at the last second. Greg says you wouldn’t have to ask him twice to leave a burning car. They do their best and go home after/China – a village comes out to watch a tidal boar. The moon exerts an intense pull and two giant waves come toward shore and crash together. It swirls against the sea wall, gains speed, then pound the shore. People run for the hills by the 1000s, but not all make it. A few are dragged into the water and carried over the seawall. One man is pulled out, they hand branches toward a second man, but he can’t hold on. He grabs another and a man is lowered down to grab him at the last second/Mount Gambina, Australia – During the Blue Light Classic on the second turn a hot rod driven by Lynton Connor crashes and his seatbelt sticks as the car catches fire. The gas line has severed, so it’s impossible to put the fire out. Bill Barrows thought he might not be able to get him out. His girlfriend Sandra Ohlsson was turned away and thought he was dead. They use a truck to push the car away from the fiery pool and knock a rescuer over. The fire still rages as they try to pull him out. 80 seconds later one man climbs on top of the car, rips the seatbelt out and pulls him up. He gets out and collapses. His hands are critically burned, but that’s it. After he says he feels extremely lucky to be alive/Connecticut Correctional Institution 3/28/93 - at 9am a fight between rival gang members erupts, 300 men fight and a handful of guards are trapped with them. They break anything they can and pound and attack each other. Then the officers become targets. One officer goes down and is kicked brutally and another is beaten on the head. Seven minutes later backup arrives, nine officers are injured, but none die/Taft, California – a first time skydiver is ready to jump from 11,000 feet. Cameraman David Crouch films it. The man flips over in a bad way, can’t open the chute and his instructor tries to turn him over, but he’s falling to fast. If they open it, he’ll die. David flies over to him, flips the man, but he can’t find the cord. He’s falling at 200 feet per second as he frantically grabs himself and David pulls the cord for him. He lands safely/Altice, Oklahoma – Chief Mike Patterson sends 2 cops undercover to the 400 block, the most dangerous. They put a camera in the dashboard to catch the drug dealers and send them to jail. Mike the informant says it’s like a warzone, they’ll use anything for a weapon. The signal is to hold up 2 fingers for a $20 rock. The dealers send a woman over to say they are scared, they’ve been made. Then six men head over and a shirtless black man in a Duke hat punches the cop in the face as the others whip out guns and start shooting. They throw it into reverse and flip over. Gunshots continue and they can’t get out, but backup saves them. After they says the buy went bad, his heart started beating fast and you can see Detective Dave Meadows getting the pistol in his face. As long as they continue to sell, the cops will be there. They’ll catch them eventually/Colville, WA 1/18/92 – during a high school wrestling match between Josh Kelp and Chad Hildebrandt, Chad jams his thumb into Josh’s eye, cheating. Josh then flips him over and pinned him. Chad gets pissed, goes after Josh and referee Bob West steps in and Chad head butts him. Bob goes down and is knocked out cold on the mat. Chad was charged with assault and spent 30 days in jail. Bob never recovered. He has chronic headaches/Morrow, GA 1/23/98 - burglars smash a pickup truck through the window of a department store. Then a group runs in and grabs everything they can and leave. Detective Ken Macgillivary says the leader instructed them. He crashes on the way out, they were there only 1 minute and stole $12,500 worth of clothes. Chief Kenny Lee Smith says the plan was so simple, hit the gas, go in, load up, get out, their odds of getting caught are slim. When the tape is shown on the news, they were all caught/Persian Gulf 2/20/91 – a navy crewman working on a plane is too close to the engine. He is lifted up and sucked into the engine. He lives through it and is seen after in an interview. They search for him to be on the show to no avail. 3/31/99
6. Honolulu, HI - a tank with 6000+ gallons of diesel fuel explodes and the fireball threatens to consume everything in its path as firefighters struggle to put it out. Fireman Daniel Bishop says everything within ½ mile was under threat. The fuel pipes melt and create pools of fire, which spontaneously combust shooting flames up 200 feet. Daniel and Fireman Ken Yamamoto try to put out a burning pipeline when it suddenly ignites causing Ken to fall into a pool of flaming gas. He looked like a stuntman, a running ball of fire. Ken tries to put him out as he crawls across scalding pipes. Another firefighter puts him out with gloves. After Ken says he thought he was going to burn to death. He's covered in second degree burns and everything told Dan he would lose his friend. Ken reflects back at how close he came to death/Snake River, ID - at the world jetboat finals. After a few races Gorden & Bonnie Johnston, a husband and wife team, hit a wave that launches the boat in the air and catapults them out going 70mph. She is unconscious and he holds onto her. The river starts dragging them into the path of oncoming boats. One boat almost runs them over before they are rescued/Tyler, TX 10/26/98 - Trooper Jasmine Andreasen stops a speeder and Trooper Barry Goines questions the passenger. They both think there is something wrong so Barry tells the guy to get out, he resists and he explains it's against the law to disobey. Suddenly the passenger pulls a gun and Jasmine takes cover. A gunfight ensues as the suspects run. Backup arrives and Barry says he told him not to move or he'll kill him. It turns out he was an escaped convict who put the gun on Barry's throat, so he dropped his flashlight and went for his gun. The convict says, "don't move lady" and Barry is able to knock the gun out of his hand. The driver is caught, the gunman got away, but is caught an hour later. At the trial with Judge Cynthia it only takes 30 minutes to put him away for life/Los Angeles, CA - police chase burglary suspect Eddie Price driving a Ford Taurus heading for the Mexican border. He's holding his 1 year old he just kidnapped son hostage. Customs Agent Al Morales is at the border as Eddie goes along at 90mph until he hits the traffic gridlock. He goes around it, but hits another gridlock 30 feet from the border. Cops swarm him and they break a window, but he jumps into the backseat and holds a knife to his throat. Al says he told him to hand over the kid and no one would hurt him, everything would be OK. Their goal was to get the baby to safety. He told him he could cross the border safely if he gave up the kid. He gets out holding the kid and the knife to his neck. Cops mace him and he gets back into the car. He then gets out again and makes a run for it. They mace him again, he drops the kid, Al catches him and runs. He's surrounded by 30-50 people and taken down on the Mexican side, but brought back. He's charged with child endangerment and resisting arrest. Eddie is interviewed after and says he would never do anything to hurt his son. He's now in jail/Southern California - at Sea World in the Orca tank. A diver is riding one whale when another 12,000 pound whale goes to jump over them, but lands on the man. He is injured, but survives and will never be able to work with whales again/England - at an airshow cargo planes demonstrate short landings. Brad Fowles is the co-pilot of one plane who says everything was going great until he turned to make the final landing. The wind hits it hard and a propeller jams. Eric Laine was a passenger who heard them say the controls are not working, there wasn't enough altitude to recover and they all thought they would die. They hit the runway hard and the wings break off and the belly explodes, but he was able to pull up at the last second. They grayed out for a short period of time as they slid down the runway. They smelled fire, but it burned out quickly since they ran out of gas. Rescue teams race over and shocked to find them all are alive. Eric broke ribs and punctured his spleen. A car is hit by a propeller blade, parts landed all around the crowd, but hit no one/Atlanta, GA - Trooper Hank Fielding pulls over a speeding driver, Anthony Barber. He gets out and is calm explaining he hasn't been drinking, but Hank doesn't believe him. He wants him to take a breathalizer test. The female passenger makes a move and the driver comes over so Hank tells him to back off. Hank goes back to the car and a passing vehicle hits Hank going 70mph and he goes down. Anthony asks how he is and he says he's not OK. He can't move or feel his legs. He tells Anthony to get on the radio and call for help. He first goes in his trunk and grabs a blanket for him. If he hadn't told Anthony to move he would've gotten hit head on. Anthony wasn't arrested, he dodged a bullet. The female hit and run driver stopped down the road, then sped off. She is later caught and arrested, but never apologized/Istanbul, Turkey - a car falls into a raging flooded river and turns over. The woman is in back screaming. Citizens get a rope on the car and try to pull it on shore. It starts come over, then is washed away, leaving the people to watch helplessly and jump and scream. The car stops against a tree and is able to be pulled out/Lima, Peru - a raging fire at a textile factory pours out smoke. Firefighters on a cherry picker are up close when the wind shifts, engulfing them in a smoke cloud. As they go toward the ground a massive backdraft encompasses them. They are thrown, other firefighters pull them out and they are covered in burns. 10 hours later the fire is put out/Albuquerque, NM - a mother bear runs into town looking for her lost cub. Luke Shelby of animal control is out there with a tranquilizer gun. She then climbs up a phone pole right to the top in seconds. They shoot it with a dart, but it doesn't do anything. She was so stressed out, it took an hour to knock her out. She then slides down, hits a transformer, explodes and is launched away. They put her on a stretcher and take her to a veterinary hospital. After weeks at a zoo she makes a full recovery, is renamed Sparky and set free/Kansas City, MO 4/7/98 - a security camera at a convenience store shows a couple walks in claming to repair the ATM machine. The say they'll have to remove it and take it out the door. The woman hands over the ATM sign and walks out. They are frauds and are caught later/Muroc Dry Lake Bed, CA - Ron Cook attempts to break the land speed record by getting his motorcycle over 200mph. The bike weaves, he falls off and is dragged along 1000 feet after his boot strap gets caught in the fender, but is able to walk way. The bike continues along and doesn't fall over for half a mile. Patrick Palumbo was photographing him as he crashed at 175mph. Ron says he has only minor injuries and feels good. Two weeks later he decides to do it again. Everything was going great until the bike started shaking, exploded, flips over and over again and shreds to pieces as he is thrown 600 feet. He survives again, but has a broken arm, broken leg and third degree burns on his leg. His racing days are over/Queensland, Australia - a sailboat gives out and Malcolm calls for help with his 2 year old daughter on board. They can't find him and rescuers race right by. Suddenly a 20 foot wave slams his boat tossing him overboard and cracks his mast off. He climbs back in and his daughter is OK. A second rescue boat closes in, but gets pounded by rough surf, then is tossed upside-down. They have to climb on top of their boat hull. A helicopter comes in to rescue them. One man grabs onto the skid, but falls off. He has to climb back on and do it again. Then the second guy climb on, slips, but stays on. The coast guard tows Malcolm's boat in/Manford, CA - Donny Oliver is driving #43 in a Midget car race. He takes an early lead, but after 14 laps a car hits his wheel, he flips into a wall and is turned over. The gas pours out behind him as he struggles to get the seatbelt off. Too late, it ignites, engulfing him in fire. They try to put it out, but aren't fast enough. His dad Jerry Oliver thought he was OK until the gas cap blew off. He had to take the steering wheel off to get out which created a spark igniting the gas. He ran to him, heard the crowd and knew it was on fire. He had to crawl through a burning pool of gas to get out. They douse him in foam and he makes it out. After Don says the first thing he heard was it's OK, you're out. He's only has minor burns. Jerry says it's really hard when it's your son. Don saw his life flash before him and thought he would never get out. He races again. 4/14/99
7. Lancaster, CA - police chase a stolen truck through residential areas. He hits a car in an intersection, goes on the highway. He gets pitted, but makes it. Then goes offroad, hits a ditch and goes in the air. Deputy Steve Owen talks about it. The passenger jumps out, but he gets the truck moving again and jumps back in the truck as it is moving and climbs back in the cab. He gets back on the road, blows a tire, gets pitted again and the passenger jumps out. Deputy Erik Ruble chases the man and talks about it. He jumps multiple walls before he was caught. Driver was trapped/ Cape Cod MA - Jimmy D'Ambra is fishing and the pole is harnessed to him. He catches a big blue shark and before they can get it in he is pulled into the water. The shark pulls him under water, but eventually he gets back up. He hits the bloody chum and a school of sharks surrounds the boat. The guys grab him as the shark pulls him down. Eventually they get him in. He is interviewed after. He collapses on the deck, then reels the shark back in, gets him up and cuts him loose/Moscow Russia - a daredevil rigs a car with explosives and gets out. The TNT detonates and throws the car in the air much to his surprise/Longview TX - flash floods fill the streets with water. A car is stuck and covered with water. Glenda Glassglock was pulled out, but Rebecca and her baby Amy Lee is trapped inside. Scott Dooling from a tire store ran out and into the water to help. Russell Galloway was a firefighter on the scene. All three are interviewed. Rick dives into the car multiple times until he opens the door and pulls them both out - alive/Cape Canaveral FL - an unmanned Titan rocket carrying a satellite, Air Force Delta 2, takes off and a few seconds after launch it explodes raining down 250 tons of flaming debris. 24 employee cars are destroyed, craters are left in the parking lot, fires are everywhere, no one is hurt. There was a 17 foot long crack in the booster/San Francisco CA - a rain storm causes a sewer pipe to erupt, it causes a sinkhole. Then a three story house starts to collapse, people are evacuated. The next morning thee three story house collapses into the sink hole. This house was 35 years old, TV crew talks to the owner/Guatemala City - an escaped criminal gets a live grenade and takes two bank employees hostage. He goes outside with the man and the woman and ties himself to them. He pulls the pin. Day turns into night. He threatens to blow them all up if they don't give him a car to take to the boarder. He has been convicted of murder and has nothing to lose. He asks to be shot and goes into the street. He holds the grenade against the woman's throat. They finally get him a car and driver. At the boarder the next day he lets the man go. He wants a gun and they agree. The officer holds the gun and doesn't let go to distract him. Another cop goes around and grabs the woman. He pulls her out and the kidnapper blows himself up/New Delhi India - a 12 story office building catches fire and there are no sprinklers. People head to the roof and Air Force choppers get them out. Those who aren't able to get there are sprayed down with water. Across the street construction workers try to use their crane to get them. A bigger firetruck is brought in to get those trapped on the 6th floor. The construction workers make a bridge of rope and bamboo to get the others trapped on the roof 120 feet up. It works. 300 people are saved/Darbyshire England - at a horse race a horse panics before the race and runs like mad. The saddle goes down and it goes through the fence, into the crowd and stamps on a baby carriage, knocking the father and grandfather over. Mother Katherine Price finds her baby unarmed and talks about it/Forrest City AR - officers pulls over a speeding car on 1/12/92. Off Jackie Clark pulls him over and checks the trunk. There is 15 pounds of pot in there. They put him in the police car and check the rest of the car. The dashboard camera catches the sounds of him freaking out screaming "oh, god, no, no, no." Eventually Jackie comes back to check on him. He admits he is freaking out/Seoul South Korea - rival monks go to war. New leaders are elected and the losers fight back. They storm the temple and take control of it and wreak havoc. 80 of them inside take on 2000 police officers. A construction cart full of cops go up and collapses spilling them to the roof below. Fire bombs are thrown into the night. Each floor is cleared except for one last monk who stabs himself. Eventually his friends pull him in from the ledge/Normandy France - Jean Louis hangs from the bottom of a plane and drops into the English Channel. He slams into the water and bounces, hitting the water at 80pmph. He is pulled out alive. Sgt Paul Hargrove is in Great Neck Long Island at a hostage situation. A man holds people on the second floor. Eventually he lets them go, but has an arsenal. Andy is up there. They send a robot in with a camera and a microphone. The robot goes up the stairs and he shoots it. They talk to him, but he shoots it again. It backs him into a corner and he shoots it again knocking out the light. He then shoots the power cord and the robot can't move or hear, but they still see him. Then one final shot finishes the robot off. Then he kills himself/Minnesota - a cat is stuck on top of a telephone pole. They call the fire department. Steve Johnson climbs the ladder and hits the powerline and sends the cat flying, but he gets 12,000 volts and is knocked out. They climb up to rescue him. He is taken to the hospital and recovers/Queensland Australia - handlers are trying to remove a 6 foot crocodile. She wants to stay with her eggs, they want to incubate them. They pull her out and she spins. Charlie is holding on, is spun, punctured and bones are shattered in his arm/Paris France airshow - A Mig-29 is doing maneuvers and has an engine flameout and hits the ground. Christopher Wain was a witness. A bird was sucked into the engine. He bails out and hits the ground hard falling from 200 feet. Pilot Anatoli survives with only a black eye. 4/28/99
8. British Columbia, Canada - diver Doug Pemberton and friends find an old ship wreck and when Doug goes inside he is attacked by a giant octopus. It grabs him and he can't get it off his face. It tries to drag him down or crush his head. It pulls the mask off and the regulator, so he can't breath. He finally pulls it off and swims away/Ogden, UT 10/26/96 - a car with 3 teens is pulled over for having no registration. He keeps moving and Trooper Donald Sagendorf notices the right front passenger acting suspicious. He asks about the registration and the female driver has no ID. He calls for backup and Trooper Warren Nelson arrives. They don't call for backup unless something is really wrong. They think he's a gangbanger and pull out the guy in the back and check him, then they go to the suspect, he pulls a gun and a gunfight ensues. Doug saw his hand in his coat and knew it wasn't good. The woman runs out and they shoot him from the other side. Warren says he got sick over it, started doubting himself and it was a horrible feeling. The guy was hit 6 times, but survived. He asks the cops if he's dead. He's charged with attempted murder. The guy's gun jammed and couldn't fire, so they were very lucky/Montgomery, AL - at the American Cowboy Rodeo Chas Hughes is making his final run. His mom Ronnie Cobb was concerned he could get injured. The 1200 pound bronco, Earthquake, bucks him madly, he is thrown off, but his hand is caught in the rigging. Charlie Lowry tries to help get him off, but he goes down and is dragged along the ground. David Phipps and around 20-30 other guys surround the horse. The horse was moving too fast for them to stop it. Charlie and David say it was dragging him against the metal wall and there was nothing they could do. Chad was screaming and Ronnie couldn't take it and ran into the ring to help him. Two guys pull her away in case Chad is dead since he was covered in blood and choking. The medical team arrives to pull him out, but he wants to walk out. Mom was astonished he made it out. His ribs were cracked and his nose was broken. He's interviewed while he's bloody on the scene. After he says he was scared, but he relied on those 2 guys to help him/Sacramento, CA 5/16/97 - at a raceway during the NHRA finals Hans Kuesel races, loses it, hits a guard rail, explodes and skids on his side down the track. His girlfriend Kay Toplikar thought he was dead. Hans says he tried to hold on, but knew he was in trouble right away. When he hit the rail it was around 150mph. He skidded on a pool of oil, his tires spun out, he flipped on his side. He saw sparks and thought about a fire. He could hear the grinding as the body was coming apart, got unbuckled, rolled out and when EMS arrived he knew it was bad. The car is a loss, he should've been hurt or killed, but was very fortunate/Darwin, Australia - the HMS Gauller is a patrol boat in a dry dock. It's just been repaired, but the dock buckled and now it's suspended on its side. They try to figure out what to do, then the ship topples over and causes tons of damage. It needs over 1 million dollars in new repairs. Cpt Bill Overton wasn't happy, but it could've been much worse. The town could've been blown up/Melbourne, Australia - during a steeplechase final Simon Mills gets thrown off his horse, his foot gets caught in a stirrup, but the horse keeps going and jumps the next hurdle launching him over. He hits the next rider breaking his arm. He says he was terrified when the horse wouldn't stop. It was a million to one to get out of it, but he recovers/ Toronto, Canada - during an airshow elite paratroopers are doing a routine and the wind knocks two together as they are in the quartet formation. Mike Mountain and Kenneth Nunn get tangled and land on a nearby roof. Rescue workers get up there and lift them out. They are both OK and unharmed/Thailand Beach - a gas explosion rips through the Royal Hotel, the sprinklers and alarms do not work and a raging fire spreads. Rochelle Stein-Salmi says they were on the 15th floor, but couldn't get out. Her daughter Samma thought she would die. They waited to be rescued and called below, but the trucks ladders couldn't reach them. The room fills with smoke, so she opens the window and hangs out. She was so angry that she yelled out. A helicopter overhead lowers a safety line and she pulls it to her with a teddy bear. She gets her daughter on the harness and they lift her onto the roof. Rochelle gets twisted in the harness and they have to slowly pull her up anyway. She felt she had to be strong for the 2 1/2 hours it took. After she collapsed. Now her daughter says her mom is her best friend/Sydney, Australia 1/27/96 - a daylight robbery of a jewelry store by 3 men armed with machetes. They smash all the cases and grab jewelry. Two customers are trapped in the middle and work their way out. 75 seconds later they are gone with thousands worth of jewelry. A female customer trying on a ring steals it while the chaos ensues and a woman on the other side also steals a necklace/Kirakui, Turkey - the largest munitions factory in the country goes up in flames. The military evacuates as hand grenades and landmines detonate inside. Shockwaves spread out, then tons of liquid TNT explode sending a mushroom cloud a mile into the sky. The place is covered in ash as people evacuate/Ontario, Canada - Officer Brian Wilkinson takes the call of a deranged man in a Camero ramming 15 vehicles on the road including 2 motorcycles. When he catches up to him the hood of the car has been bashed open and bent in place blocking his view. He still goes along doing 100mph, though he can't see. He hits a spike strip and loses his front tires, but he doesn't stop. They set up a roadblock and he floors it, so Brian rams into him, forcing him to stop. He gets out, jumps in and it takes 10 men to bring him down. No one knows why he did it, he has the 2000 yard stare and refused to ever speak/Lockjung, China 9/5/96 - Tom Mei is 2 ½ years old and fell into a hole at a construction site. He screams from 40 feet down as his parents look on in agony. A man is lowered down head first into the hole, but is too big to make it all the way down. A 10 year old boy is then lowered down since he is smaller, but he is too big as well. Three hours later they dig a hole next to it and tunnel over. Night falls and the child grows silent. It takes all night to dig and they don't know if the child is alive, but the next day the child wakes up in the cold. A man is lowered down on a harness, then the boy disappears, but the man has pulled him out and the crowd cheers. After 18 hours he is safe and his father breaks down. He broke his leg, but survives/NYC - at the high school basketball finals for the first time in 25 years after a riot shut it down. Todd Myles from Robeson HS throws the ball from far away at the last second and it goes in to win the game. The crowd storms the court and someone gets sucker punched, then a brawl ensues. Floyd Burgher from George Washington HS couldn't believe it. Todd's mom Sadie was scared and didn't want her son to get hurt. They start using chairs as weapons and pound each other. A teenage girl collapses and is carried out. After Todd found his mom, hugged her and cried. Four officers are hospitalized and the next day Todd and Floyd shake hands at a press conference/London, England - a public awareness video is made when they intentionally drive a double decker bus into a low bridge to show the damage it causes. Martin Reynolds is the bus company spokesman whose goal is to make bus drivers aware of the bridges height. A stuntman drives as cameras inside catch the damage on the countries most frequently crashed into bridge/Vladamir, Russia 7/7/93 - 1000 violent convicts rebel at correctional colony #4. They get into the yard, destroy a fence and build a barricade. Guards hit them with a water cannon and retreat, then beat them mercilessly and are thrown into a large pile. One man tries to climb through the barbed wire, but fails. After 14 hours they are forced back into their cells/Mexico City, Mexico - bullfighting season begins. Charito, the most feared bull jumps onto the first wall and leaps again. The 1000 pound bull crushes a man he lands on repeatedly kicking him before it runs back into the ring. The man had his vertebrae fractured, but he lived. 5/12/99
9. Off Keauhou, Hawaii - Lisa Costello and Lee Tepley are in a boat and spot pilot whales. They stop the boat and Lisa decides to swim with them while Lee films it. They stay close and then one whale attacks, gets her leg, pulls her down 40 feet and she has no oxygen tank. She thought her life was over, even if it let go. Before it is too late the whale senses panic and races her to the surface bolting the last 15 feet letting her go unscathed. It almost killed her and in the end it saved her/Shelby Township, MI 4/16/97 - David McCarthey is on his way to kill his ex-girlfriend Kimberly Ehlen. Officer Jason Scmittler chases him after trying to make a traffic stop thinking it would be routine. David didn't even notice him back there. Jason had to pull up next to him to get his attention. He says, "who me?" and takes off. She filed a restraining order against him and he said he would slit her throat. She was at home and David floors it and smashes his 5000 pound van into her living room. They saw it coming and raced into the kitchen. If they stayed where they were they would be dead. Jason saw debris everywhere and people running out of the house. He runs on foot and they catch him in a nearby parking lot. She says he has scarred them for life and it will never heal/China - a giant panda in the city zoo swipes a man standing too close to the cage, but he gets away. Another man sits with his back to the cage and the panda gets a hold of his jacket in his teeth. People pull the jacket off him and the panda takes it in the cage/Sydney, Australia - 6 ton trucks race and Gary Hannaford films it. Truck #53 goes out of control and heads right for him. The windshield explodes after hitting the wall, covering him in glass. After he says he thought it would go over the wall and crush him. The concrete wall held though/Thailand - a deranged man climbs up a high voltage poll in the middle of the street. The power company turns off the power and climbs up to get him. It turns out a wire was still on and one of the workers grabs it, getting blasted with 15,000 volts. He is knocked out and the other men lower him down. Then the crazed man gives up. The lineman who was shocked survives/Tucson, AZ - a man and 2 teenage boys drive a truck into a flooded river and get stuck. They hold on outside the truck and are pummeled by water for 2 hours. Captain Chet Babcock says they couldn't get out there and hand them ropes. They throw Rob a rope, tell him to secure it around him and jump into the river. They pull him in and go for 15 year old Chris Moyers who jumps too soon and they struggle to pull him in. Kelly Buttle is last, the look in his face is of death, he's gone. He wraps his rope around the safety line holding the truck and gets stuck. He goes under, they can't find him, he comes back and goes under again so they have to jump into the water to save him. They find out his legs are tangled in the rescue line, holding him under. One rescuer gets swept away, then another. Richard Kunz was there and couldn't see him, but finally grabbed him. He thought he had drown. His eyes were big, couldn't tell if he was breathing. He gets him in and two other men give him a lifejacket and untangle him. They floated downstream to get to a safe point. After 3 days of intensive car he survives. After he says he can't thank them enough for rescuing him. He thought he was gone, he went under, saw a light, but said it wasn't his time since he has 2 kids. He cheated death and owes it all to them/Kowloon, Hong Kong - a 16 story office building catches fire. It was being renovated when a spark from a welder's torch ignited a blaze near an elevator. The flames shoot up the elevator shaft to the top. At first people thought the smoke was from the construction. They can't get the fire trucks in and have to move parked cars by hand carrying them. People scream for help and send out notes to say where they are. Lee hangs out the 9th floor balcony, but they can't get to him. People start climbing down the building and one woman says after she thought she was going to die since the heavy smoke made it hard to breathe. One man climbs onto the underside of the fire ladder and is lowered down. Lee then panics and jumps falling 6 floors onto a corrugated tin roof. They can't get to him though and he isn't moving. The rest race to the roof and the helicopter is brought in. Pilot Barry Collier couldn't land, didn't know what he was getting into, it was very tough flying. They pull people up on ropes and everyone gets out safely. They get to Lee and he is OK, only having minor injuries. It takes 21 hours to put it out and 110 people are saved/Tulsa, OK 9/29/96 - Mike Bowers is a motorcycle racer. His son John is 11 and is on the crew. After the start of the race his opponent goes out of control and into the other lane right in front of Mike. Mike literally goes right over him and is thrown. The other guy was fine, Mike was injured badly, but recovers. John thought he was dead. Mike says he's not finished/Gloucester, OH 2/5/93 - Tuffy the horse is going over a railroad bridge and gets spooked, tossing her rider, crashes through the bridge and hangs from under it. Ron Herbert, Jr. is the paramedic, but he's not used to dealing with animals. Andy Bycofski is the fireman. They cut off the saddles to lighten the load then start winching her up, but the winch breaks off and falls into the water. They thought it was over since the horse has been hanging there for 30 minutes. Then they start pulling the horse up by hand and right before it gets up, the horse kicks out, breaks free and falls into the water. They hold the ropes so she lands on her side safely. When the horse stands up everyone cheers. She only sprained her leg. It's leading a normal life today because they helped/ Refugio County, TX 9/21/91 - Trooper Andy Lopez Jr. pulls over a car for a broken tail-light. The driver gave him a look that said something was wrong. After Andy says they stop cars every day and when you become complacent, you get hurt. He talks to them in Spanish, but the passenger does all the talking. They pop the trunk and he smells pot. The guy gets out and grabs a backpack to distract him. Then the other 2 guys get out and he knows he's outnumbered. One guy pulls out a gun and he pushes him and takes off. He fires twice and wounds the gunman. Andy comes back and fire is returned. He uses the car as a barrier and shoots over and through the car. He's caught in the glare of his own lights so he runs back to his car and calls for backup. He could feel the bullets coming by too close. He looked in the rearview and saw the shooter. He jumps out and a gunfight ensues. Two days later the others are caught. After he says it'll always be in the back of his mind, but he knows he did the right thing, it was either me or him/Comoros Islands off East Africa - a couple films an Ethiopian Jet flying way too low and then it crashes into the ocean. Three hijackers took over and ran out of fuel. People pour into the water to help as passengers exit the broken plane. Ron McFarland said the last words of the pilot were "we have run out of fuel, be prepared for a crash." Franklin Huddle was also on board and says the engine caught the water, slid, then the wing ripped off. He thought he was dead. The crash, breakup and people thrown into the water took a second. Frank says he woke up floating on his seat in the water and his seatbelt was still on. He looked over to where his wife was and she was gone, then he found her off to the other side. The hijackers were killed, but 50 passengers survived/They return to the video shown in the first episode of the navy crewman sucked into the engine. A letter from Mike McDonald who was there saw the 3/31/99 show and clued them in. It was 2/21/91, Persian Gulf, the Theodore Roosevelt. An A-6 fire jet was ready to take off and a rookie unlocks the wheels and J.D. Bridges goes to check. He was supposed to be kneeling, but wasn't. It sucked off his helmet, goggles, took his gloves, chewed his float coat and jacket all along. The helmet flew off and jammed the blades and they call to turn the plane off. In an interview right after he says it was sucking all his air and he couldn't breath. He heard the engine go off and he clawed his way out. Now he says someone was looking out for him. Mike said he had some cuts, bruises and a few broken bones. It was a miracle/ Guadalajara, Mexico - a man cleaning the elephant cage isn't aware that the elephant in front of him was going down. It sits on his head, which is inserted into his rectum. He is pulled out and couldn't breathe. They have been looking for the man, but couldn't find him. 5/5/99
10. Los Angeles, CA - an ex-con steals a blue pickup truck and is being chased. His mother calls the police and says he's armed and dangerous. He blows a tire which shoots off sparks, goes across 5 lanes, around cars, gets off the freeway and hits cars in traffic and pushes a taxi to get through ripping the bumper off. He hits another car and just misses hitting a man. Sgt. Ernest Sanchez says it was a radical pursuit and would do anything to stop him. The con is on his way home when his sister runs out to try to stop him. She grabs the door and yells at him and when she climbs in the truck bed he pulls off and she falls. He hits another person, wrecks his truck and carjacks Tim Cole's van. Tim was watching the chase on TV, but left for a job interview. Soon after Tim is thrown out, but is caught in the seatbelt and dragged. Night falls, then he fishtails into the center divider, hops the wall, crosses all the lanes, gets to a fence and can't get over and police catch him after 2 hours. He's charged with assault, evading and attempted murder/Charlotte, NC - 175,000 racing fans watch stuntman Brian Carson race a car over flatbed trucks and through explosions as he's supposed to land on a pile of cars. He misses his mark and flips over and over through the fire. After he says he knew he was in trouble when the suspension broke. He landed engine first right into a wall of fire, which caused his engine to ignite. It takes the emergency crew 40 minutes to cut him out. He was pinned and, his arm was shattered. They have a camera inside the car which records the crash. Brian says you go and hope for the best/Evansville, IN - police are called to a church parking lot. A woman thought she parked her car, but put it in reverse and it is doing doughnuts backwards. Officer Tony Hartweck breaks out the rear window with a crow bar. Officer Joe Frazier tries to unlock the door and goes around and around, but can't get in. Tony tries it too, but can't get in. He then climbs on the window, over the roof and climbs in the front and stops it. That's why he gets the big bucks, in 13 years it was the wildest ride he had/Uruguay - a fire rages out of control in a downtown industrial district. The fire department doesn't know if anyone is inside and that the building is full of explosive chemicals. Eight fire fighters go up to the door and a large wall of fire erupts from the building knocking them out. A vat of turpentine exploded, hurtling them back to the street, burning their gear. They splash themselves with water and gasp for air. The building was destroyed, but no one died/Lafeyette, IN - Mike Skaggs is filming trains when an 18 wheeler stalls across the tracks and a 6000 pound engine pulling 12 million pounds barrels down on it, crushing it in half and pushing it 100 feet with the driver trapped inside, but he survives/Valdez, AK - at the world extreme skiing championship Garret Bartlet starts down a jagged mountain. At the start his ski catches and he tumbles over, and keeps tumbling 100s of feet end over end, hits rocks, keeps going and going and going. Rescue comes over, but he isn't dead. After Garret says it was the worst fall he ever had and knew it would be bad. They bandage him up and airlift him out. He says he was confident and his ski got caught and twisted off. He fell for 600 feet, then his leg hit a rock and flew up, breaking it in 3 places and his boot hit him in the head/Tao Yen, Taiwan - at a luxury hotel 30 masked robbers pour into the lobby wielding baseball bats an attack the guests. One man is chased out and beaten. Some thugs aren't wearing masks and are seen on film. People are round up after 15 minutes and robbed. Then they go after a hotel clerk behind the desk. He hits them with a powerful foam extinguisher blinding them. People take off and all are caught/Melbourne, Australia - at the winter nationals Romeo's nitro dragster is racing, when suddenly both rear tires explode, the car blows apart, scrapes along the track, flips over and sparks shoot out. He's trapped inside, upside-down. Rescue teams arrive and pull him out. He is OK though, his helmet is black. The other driver pulled his chute and missed him/Brazil - Maria De Fatima falls out of a Ferris wheel and holds on underneath for dear life. She was trying to exit when her leg got stuck and the ride kept going. Employee Jose climbs up to save her, tries to push her back in then she slips. She holds on, then he slips and spins around upside-down holding on by his legs. Other men arrive and lift him up. They push her again, but her leg is still stuck, then another man pulls her in. After she says she was scared to death and was screaming "get me out of here." He says he is so happy she is still alive and he's glad to be alive too/New Delhi, India - the house has gathered to debate an issue. The minority party rushes the bench and a fight ensues. They rip the long metal microphones off their tables, hurl them at each other and beat each other with them. Chairs are hurled, people hide under the tables and it's total chaos for minutes. Beaten and bloody people are escorted out into ambulances. It's a gruesome brutalization of democracy, but no one dies/San Severo, Italy - an annual religious festival turns into an angry stampede as people run for their lives. They parade through streets lined with firecrackers, but too many people are there and get pushed into the explosions, panic and run for their lives as flaming debris rain down on them. The village is covered in smoke, their clothes are shredded, ears are ringing and alarms go off, but no one is killed/Lima, Peru - a local acting troupe performs Jesus Christ Superstar in an arena. Jesus plays Judas and climbs up a scaffolding to hang himself. He puts the rope on and jumps, but the 12 foot drop snaps his safety harness and he struggles to breath. The audience cheers, not knowing he's dying. His windpipe is crushed and he can't breath. Men grab him and try to untie the noose, but can't get it off. Other actors join in and save him at the last minute. He's supposed to hook the noose to his harness, but didn't do it right. His weight took up the slack and pulled him. He makes a full recovery, but will never do that scene again/Hortense, GA 12/30/91 - two men go into a convenience store and tell clerk Tina Porter they need a tow truck. Then one threatens her with a gun and she begs them not to kill her, but the gun goes off and the bullet passes right through her hair. She goes down thinking she's hit. The other guy comes around to grab the money. They want to get into the safe, but she can't open it. They steal $415 from the register and she thanks them for not killing her. A few weeks later they are caught/Macau, China - a car bomb explodes in a neighborhood. Police and news crews go to the scene to investigate, then a second bomb erupts, pounding them with metal. The first bomb was just a decoy to get them there. They fell for the trap and panic ensues as cops try to get people to safety. 10 journalists and 5 officers are hurt. Several members from a local gang are arrested/Chang Lai, China - a three year old Cheng Shu falls down a water pipe and 300 farmers dig to pull him out. One man pulls him out and he's alive, but not breathing. On the way out the man then falls on the child. Another grabs him and gets him to medics who revive him. He's rushed to the hospital, pulls through and her mom breaks down/Thomasville, NC - a botched robbery at a local bank turns into a hostage drama. Tamara Smith is held hostage and Cpt Ronald Brattan was there. They hold a gun to her head in a car as he negotiates with them to keep him calm and talking. After 90 minutes he still threatens to kill her. Ron then makes his move grabbing for the gun and it falls out the window. He thought he could fire if he couldn't reach the gun. He pulled his arm back and he dropped the gun outside the window. He could've been killed/Florence, OR - a carcass of an 8 ton whale washes up on shore. Local people decide to blow up the carcass with dynamite to get rid of it. Reporter Paul Linnman was called in to cover it. It was a carnival atmosphere, people came out to see it and have picnics. City engineer George Thornton came up with the plan. They put a half-ton of TNT on it, then get more, not knowing what is enough. Doug Brazil was the cameraman and thought is was too much. They back the crowd up ½ mile then blow it. Then 200 pound chunks of whale meat start raining down from the sky. They were huge thumping sounds, which quickly turned to panic. It doesn't go toward the water, but toward the land over 1500 feet away. They were covered in whale blood and the overwhelming smell was disorienting. One car's roof was flattened by a chunk. Half the carcass remains and they have to bury it. It takes 2 months for the stench to go away. It's a story they'll never forget. Even today Paul gets asked about it and he tells them, "oh, I'll tell you about the whale." 5/19/99
11. Bangkok, Thailand - an Elephant gets stuck in a 7 foot deep mud pit. After 5 hours Dr. Lee Kats says it looked stressed and close to dying. A man climbs on it's back to move it along as the entire village comes out to rescue it because it is revered. They hook it to a 3 ton harness and a crane, but the snaps break and it sinks back in the mud. More people try to help they try the harness again, but the straps break again. The third time it gets out on solid ground, but is exhausted and it must be forced to stand up or it will die. The rescue team treats it and say its internal organs will be crushed from lying down. They all push it up to save it and it recovers/Memphis, TN - Friday the 13th. Jerry Caminito competes in the mid south nationals in the Blue Thunder car. His wife Mary wishes him luck. He goes from 0 to 200 in seven seconds, blows a tire, smashes into the guard rail, rips apart and the chassis goes over the fence and tumbles end over end again and again with him inside. The rescue team swarms him, yanks him out and airlifts him out. He has broken ribs, collapsed lungs and a fractured leg. After he talks in the hospital and a few months later he's back on the track and wins/San Diego, CA - a storm hits during the America's Cup finals. John Bertrand in the One Australia boat is hit violently. He heard a massive explosion and the boat cracked in half. They abandon ship and jump into the water so they don't get dragged down with the boat and tangled in the line. Mark Richards won't jump off because his friend Don can't swim. He grabs him and holds onto him as he jumps. The last thing they saw was the mast popping down with no sound. No one died/Stockholm, Sweden - Lars lands an experimental jet plane, loses control on the landing, flips it over and crashes into a rail, but survives. He gets back in for an airshow and flies later. The plane stalls out and loses control. He ejects and the plane slams into a nearby park next to the crowd catching fire. No one is seriously hurt and Lars retires/Cartaret, NJ - in the city hall Mayor Peter Sica is passing a ruling for a committee for the disabled then he announces his wife Barbara to lead it. The crowd is pissed and someone yells "she's a whore" and Peter flips out, jumps down and punches the guy in the face. A melee ensues. After he says family is everything and he was defending her honor. He gets fined for fighting in public/Sherwood, AR 2/8/92 - Officer Reggie Koch pulls over a truck for speeding and he sees the couple change seats to try and trick him. He goes to the passenger side and asks for his license. He says it's suspended and he wasn't driving. He's been drinking and just wants his friend to drive him home a few houses a way. Reggie asks why didn't he let him drive in the first place. He says he's stupid and ignorant. He asks him to do his ABCs and he gets to G, then goes to Z, X and back to the middle. He tells him he's under arrest and he tries to run into an oncoming car. He keeps telling him not to place him under arrest, sees the cuffs and freaks. He just wants to talk and then takes off and is getting away. A pizza delivery driver passes and drives right in front of the suspect and cuts him off. After Reggie says help arrived, but not his backup. Crimefighters come in all shapes and sizes, even delivering pizzas/Canterbury, England - a fire goes through a 500 year old building. The fire department tries to put it out, but it's too hot. One firefighter on a ladder is covered in burning embers. The captain calls it off and one man runs inside to make sure no one is in there. Then the front wall of the building collapses and the men have to run backwards from it. Everyone makes it out and the fire is put out by dawn the next day/Kuai, Hawaii 9/11&12/91 - hurricane Iniki is bearing down on them. A church steeple comes crashing down, a roof is torn off and surf pounds the beach. Tony Wichman and his son John and are trapped in his house and scared. It turns to a Cat5 at the last minute. After Tony said they had no idea it was a C5. His house has been in the family three generations and suddenly the roof starts to come off and the whole thing blows away. His wife Lorraine says he was outside laughing hysterically. He says it was a way to cover the fear in front of his kids so they wouldn't get scared. He said to grab stuff and go, then the ceiling comes crashing down on the living room. She ran away because the wall could've separated them. The next day he's glad no one is hurt. It meant saying goodbye to all the memories, it was sad/Soperton, GA - Wayne and his son Carey Cauley are professional boar hunters who only use a rope. They know it's dangerous since, it could rip you up and kill you. Along the river their dog finds a boar. He's been doing it his whole life and only 1 in a 1000 boars are worse than all others. They get one down and Wayne puts his knee on it to hold it. He goes to turn him over and the boar bites his arm in a split second. It cuts open a big gash and he continues to tie the boar down, but they are 2 hours from the nearest hospital. Carey closes the wound with a needle and fishing line. After he says it really hurt and he was gritting his teeth. Though in pain it won't stop him from doing his job/Buenos Aries, Argentina 6/6/93 - during the big road rally race Maurcioi is at the back of the pack, then skids into the wall and flips over and over 6 times, but he is ejected at full speed. He flies through the air, falls on the ground and his helmet comes off. His friend is sickened because he gave him last rites that morning as a sick joke. He broke 14 bones, but survives/Southhampton, England - Tony Wilson vs. Steve McCarthy in a boxing match. Steve knocks him down, but he gets up. Then Steve pounds him into the ropes when suddenly Tony's mom comes out of the crowd and hits Steve on the back of the head with her shoe twice. Steve wins by disqualification, so he thinks. The referee says to keep fighting and he refuses so he loses/Sao Paulo, Brazil - a man holds 14 year old Luciana Oliveira as a hostage for hours. A cameraman is brought in close so he can record his demands for the president. He then suddenly lunges for the gun and grabs it. Cops swarm in and arrest him. The man was really Sgt. Claudio Falcao a cop and army veteran. He saw the fear and he remembered his sister who was killed recently in a tragic accident. He was looking around and made his move and grabbed him. After she says she never guessed he was a cop. In the hospital she thanks him so much/Romania - a crowd watches a stunt show in the streets. Adrian Foolea is the reporter covering it. A car is going to go through a pile of flaming boxes, but it misses the ramp, loses control with the boxes stuck under the chassis and slams right into the reporter/Delton, AL - a convenience store the clerk is reading the paper when a man comes in, fires at him point blank and misses. He grabs the register drawer, hands it to him and has a gun in his pocket, but can't get it out. He's so scared he reaches into the wrong pocket, he tries again, gets the gun out and the robber fires. He misses and the clerk chases him out on the street and keeps shooting at him. Later the crook is captured/Rochester, NY - Sheila Mills and Mickie Keller are strapped to a board for a magic trick. It's her first performance having answered a personals ad for the job. Frank Puff sets up the trick, soaking the board with gasoline. Then a 3 minute fuse is set. Frank is in handcuffs in a locked mailbag and has to escape before he can break them free. Kelly Roberts locks him in. Sheila wanted to back out because she had a bad feeling about it, but Mickie told her it was fine. He struggles to get out of the bag with 90 seconds to go. He gets Mickie out, then sees the fuse is too close. Kelly tries to put the fuse out, but it explodes in his face throwing him back 10 feet. Mickie was thrown on the ground having just gotten out. Sheila is trapped to the board surrounded with flames. A fireman then puts her out and she only gets minor burns. After she thought she would die. Frank says not to try it at home, they got lucky. 6/2/99
12. Eerie, PA - on a bitterly cold winter night a fire rips through an old boarding house - the Station 1 Hotel. Noah Brooks woke up and escaped. Firefighters can't put the fire out because the hydrants are frozen shut and have no water to fight it. Then they see an elderly resident, Howard Eyster, trapped on a second floor balcony with no way to rescue him. Paul Duris owned the hotel and watched him looking for help. They put up a ladder, but it's too hot, over 2000 degrees. It looked hopeless as he was minutes from dying. A pumper truck shows up and douses the roof, but accidentally hits an electrical transformer, blowing it up. Eventually Firefighter Timothy Wilhelm climbs up into the fire to save him. As he climbs up Howard disappears and he has to wait for the smoke to clear to find him. After Howard says he wasn't going to stay and wrapped his legs around him. He owes Tim his life/Orange County, CA - a man on a motorcycle races through residential areas going 130mph. A cop tries to stop him and he tried to run him down. A police helicopter tracks him as he weaves in between traffic right at a motorcycle cop almost hitting him. Jim Underwood is a bus driver who says it was a normal day, just returning the bus to work. The bus drives through an intersection and the bike crashes into the back. He thought the guy was dead or unconscious. He starts to move and then police grab him and it takes two cops to hold him as he struggles. All he got was a concussion and a broken wrist/Phoenix, AZ - at the Phoenix 500 WWII plane race Gordon Bowman-Jones is the announcer. Kevin Eldridge is a pilot who makes a move, but smoke starts streaming from his engine, then it explodes causing a trail of fire 400 feet behind him. He bails out and the plane nosedives right into the ground. He breaks his neck, arm and both legs when he hit the tail of the plane, but he survives and is flying 3 months later. He doesn't know why it happened/Samalton, Australia - drag racers get up to 250 mph when the car on the left explodes into a ball of fire. Keith can't deploy his chute and crashes into the back of the other car shredding it. He's on fire, but is able to jump out and run away. Both men make it out alive/Teton Mountains, WY - Todd Jones skis down a jagged mountain, hits a patch of new snow, proceeds with caution, then 200 tons of ice and snow break free and send him flying down. Then the snow starts crashing down on him at the bottom spinning him around 3 or 4 times. After he says he back paddled after seeing the sun. He survives and returns to skiing realizing it could've been sketchy/Chang Hwa, Taiwan - a man wearing a motorcycle helmet holds up a convenience store. The owner gives him the money then goes for the gun. They struggle, go down and then 6 people in the store playing games start pummeling the gunman, but his brother is also there and pins the owner down so the gunman can get away. The female clerk jumps on the counter and calls the police. They are caught soon after and the gun was a fake/St. Johns, Newfoundland - a polar bear climbs 100 feet up an icy cliff and gets stuck. Rescuers fire flares over its head to scare it, but it doesn't work. So from a helicopter they shoot it with a tranquilizer and plan on lowering it down. They put it in a harness and start lowering, but 50 feet down the bear hits a rock, falls out upside-down by one foot, then falls out and crashes into the water below. It's too dazed to swim so they go to get it, but it's too heavy to lift into the boat, so they pull it onto the shore. A week later they return it to the wilderness/Dallas, TX - Broc Glover competes in the Wrangler Supercross Series Nationals dirt bike race. He races back and forth with his rival David Bailey. Broc says they were dicing - fighting for position. He cuts to the inside and on a jump they hit in the air. He tries to regain control, but hits the throttle and it goes over the embankment and hits a person watching. Both men were OK. After Broc says he couldn't believe the bike went 15 feet in the stands. The guy was excited he got hit excited and came up to him after and was OK, so he gave him his jersey as a souvenir/Indian Ocean - Kutee, a Greek oil tanker's front rips off in violent seas with 37 crew trapped on board. The tanker bounces up and down so hard that a helicopter can't land on deck, so they lower a harness to grab them one at a time. Oil spills out into the water and it suddenly ignites and explodes. The whole ship could go, but they can only be pulled up one at a time. Minutes later the water covers the ship putting it out/Orlando, FL 3/96 - Reverend George Crossly tries to hire a hitman to kill Butch Waldo. He wants him dead after having an affair with Butch's estranged wife. Butch caught him and tried to make it stop, but he said no one could tell him what to do. He's afraid he will go to the press. He would kill him himself, but he'd do a bad job. Agent Steve Martin is the hitman. He is told to put a bullet behind his ear so he'll know. George wants to pay with 2 antique firearms that are unregistered and he'll let him use a 9mm for the job. George comes out with the guns and boxes of ammo. Steve makes the deal for the gun and $650. He's arrested soon after/Sherman, TX 9/24/92 - Officer Merle Collins pulls over Ruby Kumler, an old woman. She goes to get out, but the car isn't in park and rolls with her caught in the door. He runs after her, jumps in and puts in park. Ruyb was in a state of shock at the time. She was dragged 50 feet, then the car ran over her shoulder. She was very lucky it hit her there and not her head. She's grateful to him for saving her. She lost her husband after 60 years and he looks in on her when he can and says she can call him for help anytime/Los Angeles, CA 1/18/90 - man claims to have been injured at work. Aaron Stipkovich is a private investigator that follows him after a tip that he's faking it. He leaves the doctor with a crutch. At home he goes outside to pick up the newspaper on the lawn without the crutch. Then he rips the neck brace off and comes out later with 2 heavy suitcases and drives away. He's arrested, fined and sent to jail. Out of 100s of cases he was one of the best actors/Milwaukee, WI - elderly residents gather to watch a helicopter cart off a 2000 pound air conditioner off the roof of their building. Sylvia Schworck was using her camera for the first time and knew something was going wrong. Pilot Benjamin Moore, stalls, drops the load in a field and heads for the water. He doesn't make it and crashes into an embankment. It teeters on the edge and smoke billows out. The Coast Guard races over and he's trapped inside. After Ben thought he was going to die. He tried to maneuver away from the crowd/Montreal, Canada - John Campbell is a harness racer in the most prestigious race in Canada. On the first turn he makes a move and the horse Banker Bluechip tosses him over the railing, but the horse keeps going full blast. The harness gets caught on the rail and the horse is launched over the railing end over end to the bottom. After John says nothing good could've come of it. He thought the horse would break its neck, but both of them survive to race again/Rasit, Brazil - angry farmers march through town demanding free land when tourists in a car make a wrong turn and protestors start pummeling his car with sticks and knives. He jams it into reverse knocking people down, then races forward with one man holding on the car. They swerve and launch him, escaping with broken windows/Melbourne, Australia - Rags the boxing kangaroo is on a children's program, The Early Bird Show. David Triscott is in a large orange costume of Marty the mascot. Rags hits his trainer Fritz in the stomach and when Marty comes by he punches Fritz in the face and Rags grabs Marty by the throat and takes him down. After David says he was grasping for air, the claws came through and went toward his head. He gets up, but pretends it's OK so the children aren't scared. Then Rags punches him again and starts clawing at him. Fritz tries to remove him, but Rags punches him again. In the end the costume's padding saves him. 7/14/99
13. Cannadale, TX 3/27/90 - Trooper Stephen White pulls over a car with phony plates, but he takes off at a low speeds and Steve thinks he's drunk. He gets on the freeway, passes 2 cars, fishtails, broadsides a van that hits a big rig and they all smash into the center divider and take out a lamp post. After Steve says when he saw the Cadillac hit the van he was in shock, he thought he would see a serious injury. He rushed toward the suspect to find him lying on the roof of his car. No one was injured. Trucker Mike Wendel felt the truck hit him, saw the wall and wondered whom else he would take out. Ty Mullins was driving the van and only heard brakes, a snap and the 18 wheeler ripped him open like a can opener. Steve says it's a million to one they all survived/Toronto, Canada 7/23/90 - at the zoo Tekia the elephant gets it's foot stuck in a tire rope swing. Toby Styles who works there says she called for help by sending a low pitch cry we can't hear, but other elephants can. Two come over and help her pull. They encourage her to keep pulling and they yell until she gets free/Portland, ME - a boat is on fire and calls out in distress as a huge column of black smoke goes up. Gerry Balzano owns it and the rescuers know him. They look for the missing men when suddenly the propane tanks explode raining down huge chunks of the ship all around. Gerry and John were rescued just before and are soon back to fishing/Calgary, Australia - Stuntdriver Ray Bowman is attempting a world record jump over 45 cars in his car - The Coffin. He hits the ramp at 122mph, comes up short, nosedives, goes end over end and his car is ripped in half. The front is launched 100s of feet in front. He breaks his leg, but survives. After he says he'll try it again when he recovers/Orlando, FL - an old man working in a convenience store is robbed. A shirtless man tries to grab the cigarette rack while his back is turned, but it's chained down. He tells him try to get out you son of a bitch. He pushes a button to lock the door and shields himself behind the glass wall. He calls the police as the man smashes again and again against the door. He has no success and begs for him to open the door. He tells him no, he's going to jail. He then starts hitting the door with soda cans, gets out and is arrested right away. Then it's business as usual/Savannah, GA - a fishing boat crashes in the Savannah river. Gerald Olding and his wife Debra hold onto a pylon while waiting for help. Gerald yells to hold on, if they fall it's certain death. After she says she was tired and ready to let go. R.J. Smith arrives to help them. He ties her down so she won't fall. Then the coast guard arrives and lowers a man down to pull them up. They pull her into the helicopter, but she's still tied to the jetty by her neck and is getting strangled. She starts hitting him to get his attention and he cuts the rope. Another team pulls Gerald out. After she is thankful to RJ and Fort Wentworth rescue for saving them/Phoenix, AZ - a man in stolen Corvette refuses to pull over and flees at over 150mph. The police can't catch him even though a tire goes flat. He passes an 18 wheeler, then another, but fishtails, slams into the back of the truck, the car is ripped apart and he is ejected across the ground and the car keeps going. The police arrest him and take him to the hospital. The rig is barely scratched, but his car is destroyed and in pieces/Meadows Park, PA - during a harness race Roger Hammer leads near the finish. Bill Z tries to pass and clips another driver and in the end five drivers are taken down. Doug is launched through the air and flips his harness when the horse hit the wheel. Ken Weimar tries to avoid it, but hits the guardrail. Medical teams rush them all out and everyone recovers to race again the next week/On 1/1/98 - thieves steal a setup car with a hidden camera inside. Moments later the police are called. The black crooks are having fun and Officer Laura Turner says they are loving life until the police come up behind them. Sgt. Jolene says they got unhappy real fast. Then police use a remote device that turns the car off. The guy tries to restart it, but can't. He says "They have guns drawn, must've known it was stolen. It's a set-up car." They were caught red handed, so there's nothing they can say in court/Semper Hills, FL - Rick Townsend and 34 other sky divers perform a large diamond shaped stack. The most dangerous part if they get entangled. Rick approaches too fast and crashes. After he thought he could still get in, but he took out 3-4 people. He gets tangled in the lines of 2 of his friends and they all fall. Brett Townley was above them and felt helpless. One man cuts loose as they still spiral out of control. The other guy cuts his line and pulls his reserve shoot. Rick is caught in the line and falls upside-down with the 2 bad chutes on him. He cuts them free, falls father and pulls the reserve. He was jumping for 18 years and he'll never forget it/Gold Coast, Australia - a tourist plane with 9 people crashes into the water off a beach. Constable Trent Lucas saw them go down and ran over. Partiers from a beach club rush over. Senior Constable Graeme Rante helps. Senior Constable Jane Beare says there were so many people crying it was horrendous. With so many people around it's chaotic. The pilot is brought out with a gash to his head. He tells them 9 Japanese tourists were on board. They have 8 of them, but a 27 year old woman is missing. They search all around then finally find her. Alan Saxby from the Fire Dept quickly gives first aid as people carry her onshore. After getting CPR she is revived. Everyone survives/Marysville, CA - during a sprint car race Dennis Wood and Greg Blevins are locked in a high speed duel. They have a rivalry and talk about it after. On the second turn Greg is spewing fiery gas out the back, but he doesn't know it. Dennis pulls up and tries to wave him off the track, but Greg thinks he was egging him on. He slows down and his fuel tank ignites, then he finally notices it. He gets stuck in the harness as the flames start getting massive. Dennis runs over and pushes one car out of the way and pulls Greg out with his bare heads. They douse them down with foam and only get minor burns. Now they race as friends/Little Rock, AR 3/31/95 - a thief breaks into an electronic store with a bag over his head. But the eyeholes are too small and he trips and falls which sets off the burglar alarm. He goes back, cuts bigger holes, gets a flashlight and steals $1,600 worth of stuff. Police recognize his uniform because he works at the store. Lt John Hutchinson says he wasn't a criminal mastermind/Genoa, Italy - a deranged man waves a knife in the air and says he's making a line of death on the bridge and whomever crosses it he will kill. Police in riot gear go after him and he fights back, wildly swinging the knife at them, cutting a few. The finally take him down and cuff him. He's taken to a psychiatric hospital/Three Rivers, TX - on a hot summer day an oil tank bursts into flames. The volunteer fire dept fights it for seven hours and think it's under control when it bursts into flames causing a massive fireball that expands all around sending everyone running for their lives. After Chief Billy Shaw saw it was boiling over and the flash caught them. 20 firemen are seriously burned. Their backs are all red and they are iced down/Phillipsburg, NJ 4/20/98 - Rick Stripp has a birthday party for Betsy the Boa in his bar. He lets customers take their picture with it for a souvenir. The women are terrified of it. Lisa Miller lets the snake within inches of her baby daughter Kayla because she thought it looked cute. After she says it wouldn't be hard for the snake to choke her to death if it wanted. It's around her neck, then suddenly attacks Rick right in the face. The snakes teeth went right through his jaw, breaking off it's fangs inside his mouth. He had to spit the teeth out and grab the snake to stop it. His face has 2 massive cuts. After he says that'll be the last birthday party for it/Las Vegas, NV - during a bullriding event Barry Gullow rides the 2000 pound Duecy. As soon as he's out of the gate he falls off and the bull kicks launching him 15 feet into a fence. He staggers and is able to walk soon. After he says he's scared every time he gets on a bull. 6/23/99
14. Monroe, LA - Northeast Louisiana Indians NCAA football game - Shane Claybaugh playing the mascot Vic the Demon is harassed by the Indians mascot Chief Brave Spirit played by Steven Patron. Steve punches Vic in the face. Shane gets mad, says it's not between the mascots, it's the teams. Shane punches back and the chief punches and kicks him. The TV coverage switches to them. The Chief throws Vic down, then takes his head off. Shane says you don't do that, it's a cardinal rule. Then Shane tries to take the Chief's head off by the ponytail, but can't since it has chin-straps to hold it down. He has the better costume. The police are called in and the Chief is cheered by the hometown crowd. Indians 28, Demons 18. Steve says he won, so does Shane. Steve is ready for a rematch and calls him out/Cornwall, UK - daredevil Matt "Kangaroo Kid" Coulter from Australia is jumping an ATV over a riverboat. He hits the top of the boat with the rear tires and is catapulted into the river. Rescues drag him to shore, but he's alive. He says he's a bit dizzy and hugs his son Mike. After Matt says his sons were in sock. The current pushed the boat closer then it was supposed to be. It was roped down, but it was too loose. He recovers and plans the jump again. They make a much higher ramp this time. He notices it's higher than it should be, but does the jump anyway. He hits the ramp going 70mph and hits hard on the other side and is thrown. He breaks many bones and has nerve damage to his leg. Doctors later save his leg. He continues to jump now saying he almost died twice, so he's not giving up/Kowshung, Taiwan - a chemical tanker full of styrene gets in a traffic accident, it catches fire and the cooling system fails. The fire department tries to cool it down when suddenly it explodes and the fireball fills the sky burning 4000 gallons. Then the sky turns black, debris rains down on everyone and four men are burned, but no one dies/Marshall, TX - Sgt. John Best has a new K-9 named Pedro training for drugs. John Gordon is a TV reporter who is covering his arrival in town who covered the previous K-9's death. He puts his hand on the throat and head of the dog and the dog lunges and bites him on the face. He needs 5 stitches on his lip and forehead. After Gordon says it was very scary, close to his eye. He's bandaged up and completes the news story/Syracuse, NY - top gymnasts compete. Brian Meeker makes his first jump on the pommel and doesn't like the spring, so he adjusts it. His second jump he doesn't hit the spring right, slams his chest right into the 350 pound pommel horse and doctors rush right out. After he says it was like getting the wind knocked out of you times 20. Ii could've been very serious. He recovers to compete in the Olympics/Telluride, CO - during the US hang gliding festival men compete for the most elaborate routine. There are rough landings and one man hits a big wind and must use a parachute. Dan Murphy gets up to 4000 feet, hits a gust and starts spinning out of control. Karma Denton was filming and hoped for him to get out. He deploys his chute, but it gets tangled. His back up chute also gets tangled and it all catches fire. He spins out of control toward the earth hitting the trees. After he says he landed on top of the glider, saw no blood and no broken bones. He was stunned. He knew it was bad when both chutes tangled. He curled into a ball and waited and couldn't wait to fly again/Sea of Japan 7/11/94 - USS Kittyhawk aircraft carrier during night landings. An F-14 Tomcat comes in a little low, tries to adjust, doesn't make it, then hits the deck going 140mph. It shoots down the runway in a ball of flame, then explodes. The pilot ejects and is blown right back into the fire. The rescue team is out right away to put it out. Allen Weimer was first on scene, it was chaos, screaming and fire as he sprayed the pilot with foam. They get him and the blaze put out. Lt. Cmd Dave Jennings ejected over the side. After he says it was dark everywhere. He was trying to steer around the tower. He doesn't remember what happened, he got wrapped around another plane. Allen got a medal. He credits the training. They did their jobs and they all walked away/Argentina - a cable car slides off its track 200 feet above a ravine. Domingo Gomez and his 10 year old daughter Eliana are inside. The cars are old rust buckets that used to be for ore. They are trapped for 2 hours when Demtrio Vargas gets another car and works his way over. He tosses a line to them and the girl must hold onto it and jump. She hangs from underneath as he pulls her up a little at a time and the crowd cheers. After she says she was glad, but worried for her dad. Domingo puts a rope over the line, slides toward the land and the crowd reels him in then he collapses/MO - formula 1 racing championship. Bill Seebold has been racing for 40 years, it's like an airplane on the water. He's there to watch his sons' race against Mark Miller. Tim Seebold loses control after hitting Mark's boat and is launched through the air upside down. His canopy shreds and he hits the trees. Cameraman Tom Stone watched as the boat flew 6 feet over his head. He runs into the trees and thought they were dead, but he walks away. Tim says he bruised his shin from kicking his way out. Bill thought he was dead. Tim says he was there for the ride. He wanted to race again and he does the next day and wins/Classic - San Diego 1995 - a mentally deranged man steals a tank from a military base and runs it down the street. Officer Todd Jager was first on the scene in a helicopter. He says they were at his mercy. One man runs from the tank in reverse. He runs over cars, flattening them. Lucile Santos was watching it come right at her house, but it only goes into her yard. It takes out a hydrant on Edgewood and Armstrong andt rips a motor home in half. Letecia Benavides owns the RV and after says it was devastating. After 10 minutes it's like a warzone. Sandra Pinnell was in a van that he hit. She was screaming in a ball. Police chase him down the freeway and he hits the center divider and gets stuck there. Police swarm the tank and open the hatch. He refuses to surrender and they shoot him, pull him out and later he dies/Seville, Spain - Five California high school students are on a field trip. Deborah Martinez takes them to a bullfighting event. They don't like it, but want to see the culture. Jose 'El Doctor' Garcia the matador is watched by Brenda Harmonn who says she noticed something wrong. He goes in for the kill, but the bull dodges and turns on him. It hits him, impales his anus with a horn, carries him 30 feet then falls over on him. Deb couldn't believe what she was seeing. The crew rushes him to the hospital/Edwards AFB, CA -NASA and the NTSB crash a Boeing 747 on purpose. Fitz Fulton is the test pilot who does it by remote. After he says he never wanted to crash a plane. The wing hits the ground first and a wing cutter punches the tank, causing and explosion. The fire never reaches inside the cabin which is what they hoped for. It cost $12 million to do it. 6/30/99
15. Phoenix, AZ - an escaped prisoner in a Toyota pickup is chased by the Arizona Highway Patrol. Officer Tim Mason throws stops sticks out and they hit them. He gets back in the car, races ahead and drops the sticks again flattening all 4 tires. After Tim says the crook knew he was going to jail and did everything he could to prevent it. The suspect keeps going then shoots meth into his arm with a needle while driving. Tim said it was pure desperation - one last fix. He fishtails, plays chicken and does the worst thing he could do - he goes on the freeway the wrong way. Tim says a truck is like a loaded gun. He pulls up and PITs him into the wall, boxing him in. The driver throws up his arms and the truck spins out on the shoulder. Tim says he could roll, be killed or he might be killed trying it. He floors it into the truck. They scream at him to get his hands up and pull them out at gunpoint/Taipei, Taiwan - the national legislature is debating a state lottery. The minority party wants to speak and they won't let them. So they sit in front of the podium. Lee Mun Chung gets mad and starts throwing papers. They grab him to stop and a brawl ensues. Punches are thrown, he grabs a man's hair, another man grabs his eyes. It's chaos and Lee punches another man again and again. His friends try to calm him and he gets back into it and punches a man, then grabs a flag pole and beats a man with it/Orange County, CA - Kevin "the Banana Man" Rubio races a bike with no breaks on the Costa Masa speedway. He gets behind and tries to make a move. He loses control, hits the wall going 50mph and is launched over the wall flipping around, then hits the hits a steel rig and spins around that. His girlfriend Suzanne Hallowell was there and thought he might be dead or paralyzed, but he only has minor injuries. After he says if his neck hit the rig he could've been killed. He races again and now looks at the video in awe/Moreton Bay, Australia - at a coral reef of sunken ships. A 100 year-old barge, The Enterprise, is 150 feet long and is going to be sunk to add to the reef. Lex Gordon is the explosives expert rigging the boat. Multiple explosions go off and they are tied to the boat behind it. They were still on the boat when it went off and they are all thrown through the air. Lex thinks his leg is broken and the ship is sinking. Michael Lee was a tech there who was worried Lex could die with the boat sinking. Five minutes later the boat is gone. After Lex admits he underestimated the explosives. He makes a full recovery/ Monaco - during a sports car exclusive road rally Ferrari is showing off a million dollar F-50. It has a camera so amateurs can be filming racing inside. It starts to rain and gets dangerous. One woman is almost hit. Then one man loses control and hits Jocelyn and they all go down the stairs. The camera on the car shows him hitting the woman, tossing her on the hood and down the stairs into plants. One man grabs an extinguisher and everyone is OK/Classic - Auburn, CA - Officer Carl Prichard shows Pinky the cat on TV to find him a new home. The cat suddenly freaks out, screams and though it's on a leash it flips and spins through the air. They try to get it into a box to no avail. He tries to hold it down and it claws his leg and sinks it's teeth into his crotch. After Carl says he let out a massive scream, it was a little embarrassing to have it shown. It left a quarter size hole in his pants. He says it's not typical, the cat felt threatened and it's instinct was to get away/AZ - a raging river traps 2 men in a pickup truck. They tried to tow a stranded van out and got trapped. Rescuers arrive and a helicopter is brought in and gets the first man who is on the outside. Joe Rose is trapped inside and can't get out. Rick Logan plans what to do. He's been there 3 hours and can barely hold on. Sheriff John Hutchinson goes with him and they both work to free the man's legs and drag him out onto the landing struts of the chopper, but he falls off into the river and they hold him upside-down by the leg. They lose his leg, but grab his arm. Joe panics and grabs Rick in a death grip. He won't let go and they can't get him to safety. They get the harness on him, but he falls into the water, but they are able to airlift him out as they run out of gas. He is put in an ambulance and survives/Castro, CA - a fight in the jail erupts into a full-scale riot. They use makeshift weapons and start throwing stuff at each other. One man throws a metal container then the alarm sounds and gas grenades are thrown in clearing the area. The blasts rattle the walls and smoke fills the room. Sting balls explode pelting everyone with 100s of tiny rubber balls. Chuck Helton says it's like getting hit with a 90mph fastball. One man who got hit is led out to be questioned. He lifts his arm and the side of his shirt is all burned/Devon, England - one of the countries largest fireworks factories blows up. 18,000 pounds of works ignite and 13 men are trapped inside. Chris Hutchinson who worked there said it was like a caged tiger that got out and was hungry. The fire department arrives and more explosions rock the village. The building falls apart as it's blown to pieces. Michael Perry was there and ran for cover as blazing debris are launched everywhere. 10 miles away people felt it. The fire department can't do anything since it's unstable. They eventually put it out and find everyone escaped alive/Ellensburg, WA - during the annual rodeo teams must catch and ride a bucking bronco to win. One horse goes down and kicks. Another horse is saddled and races at 30mph and crashes head on into another horse. Both riders are thrown and Dr. Ken MacRae said they were both all right, not killed/Flagler Beach, FL 12/15/97 - a crane is dismantling an old fishing pier. A storm brews and waves get higher so the crew scrambles to get out. John Toft wanted to secure what they had and get out. John Anderson tries to tie down the crane and a 15 foot wave comes over the pier and knocks Anderson into the water. The go to rescue him, but can't find him. A large section of the pier was knocked out then the edge of the pier just collapses into the water. Toft says the sound was deafening. The end of the pier washes away. Then they spot Anderson. After he says he hit the water, looked up and stayed away from the lumber as it rained down around him and the current swept him to safety. Toft says he was lucky to walk away/Sao Paolo, Brazil - Fernanda Vilia is being held at gunpoint by fugitive Leonardo Parasia who was sentenced to 50 years in jail. He puts a sheet over them so they can't get in a shot. He takes her inside and up to the second floor. He speaks from behind her and says she will die. He wants money and the police provide ransom and give him a phone to call the bank to check on it. They say he can't leave without giving up the girl. He wants a car and fires a shot. A family friend switches places with the girl. He gets a car and makes them tape newspaper over the windows so they can't see inside and escapes. He lets the man go and 2 months later he is captured and taken back to jail. Later he leads a prison revolt and holds the warden hostage. He wants 40 cars to lead a massive escape of 140 men. The cops say no, so he fires a gun and the warden yells to give him what he wants. His son cries for his dad. They give him the cars and they escape, but cops catch them all in an ambush, except Leonardo. A month later he turns himself in/Rio, Brazil - a soccer match is tied and Vitor scores a goal at the last second. He runs to the side to toss his jersey to the fans and the surge of humanity causes the wall to collapse and 100s tumble down. Vitor couldn't believe it and he climbs down to help. A huge amount of people broke bones, but no one died/Auckland, New Zealand - Jodi Hooker is celebrating his 26th birthday. He's a stuntman and will set himself on fire. He wears a suit to shield him, but his crew isn't there. His friends assist and douse him with 10 gallons of fuel, which is too much. A car races in, tosses a match that ignites a flame across the ground and blows Jodi up. He's in a panic, but they think its part of the show. His suit isn't working, he can't breathe and is burning alive. He passes out and they go to put him out, but can't. They spray him, but the flames continue. A man throws a blanket on him, but gets a backdraft in his face. They finally get him put out. After he says the guys panicked and let the fire breathe.
16. Santa Fe, Argentina - Santa Fe, Argentina - a bus is hit head on, goes off a bridge and into a river. A salvage barge and a 14 ton crane is used to lift it out, but before they can get the whole bus out of the water, the massive crane falls over the side, goes 30 feet down into the river and almost hits a rescue boat. Men dive off another nearby boat. The crane operator bailed out in advance and was not hurt/Chicago, IL - a 10 story apartment building erupts in flames. 100 people are trapped and they head for the roof. One man climbs on a drainpipe, loses his grip and falls 75 feet to the ground, but is OK. Five stories up a family is trapped and firefighter Bill Heenan's ladder won't reach them. An 11 year old girl jumps and he catches her in the air. After he explains what happened. She started to panic, the wind was blowing 40mph and he told her to come back and grab him. He's able to carry her down. An old woman falls down the ladder. William Johnson records from the 6th floor. After he says everyone was screaming and they couldn't breathe. The fire gets up to 1500 degrees and firemen head through it. They say to keep a door open as the smoke spreads. People run out, there aren't enough rescuers, so civilians help. William has to dangle out to the ladder and turn around and carry a 6 year old girl down with him. He says he hates heights. They keep going and rescue dozens of people. People cry and Bill says he doesn't know what kept him on the ladder/Memphis, TN - at the National Funny Car semifinals champion John Force is in a Mustang dragster. When he gets up to 300mph his engine explodes, engulfs him in flames, shreds the tires, he nearly hits Hoffman's car, hits a wall, the chassis disintegrates, skids down the pavement and flips in the dirt kicking up a cloud. His crew thinks he's dead, but he crawls out alive, with no injuries. After John says he was black and blue from the seat belts and was lucky the wheel didn't break his neck. All hell broke loose, like sticking your face in the fireplace. He thought he was going to hit Hoffman and thought he was dead. He went into the field and it was rolling over while he tried to pull the belt. After he does a victory lap with the wreck. He still races, knowing each race could be his last. Just keep him alive for 5 seconds/Sarasoga, Spain - during a bullfight festival a crazy man runs into the ring wearing a red shirt and the bull goes after him, hitting him and launching him though the air. On the ground the bull rips his pants off in the attack. After his underwear is on the bull horns/Green Bay, WI - a police SWAT team surrounds the house of a suicidal man, officer Crab goes in with a flash grenade, but runs out after smelling natural gas. Outside he tries to put the pin back in, and crouches behind a truck, jams the pin back in, but it malfunctions but the grenade goes off in his hand causing second-degree burns to his leg after he's hit with 2000 degrees of heat. He walks away and collapses as four officers are blinded. The suspect was arrested alive and the tape is now used as a training tool. Even going by the book accidents can still happen/Jamie, Iceland - before 2pm the fishing village is rocked when the volcano erupts, causing a mile long crack that splits the island in two, spewing lava. After a man says the whole town turned red. In two hours 5000 people are leaving with whatever they can carry. They head to the harbor where 60 fishing boats are docked. Ragnar Thor says the lava changed course and headed toward the harbor, which is their lifeblood. The ocean boils as fishermen fight to put it out and spray 60 tons of water a minute to cool the lava using 19 miles of pipeline. They cool it so it will harden, but no one has ever fought a volcano and won. They say it was like fighting a war against mother nature. After working 24 hours a day for days they stop it. Jon Hauksson says the houses built today are on top of the old houses/Classic - Portland, OR - at a minor league baseball game right fielder Rodney McCray smashes through the center field wall trying to catch a fly ball and goes down hard. Teammates go to him and are shocked he is OK. After he says they were scared to come over thinking he was dead. He was touching himself and making sure he was OK. He bit his lip, bruised his shoulder, but doesn't know how or why he didn't get hurt. He shows people the tape and he still flinches from the sound/Palm Beach, FL - an Atlantic storm sends the biggest waves of the century slamming into Hope Kallback, a 70 year old woman who is photographing the water and they carry her away. She is hurled into a row of parked cars. Jack Ploing recorded it and says when he watches the tape it brings chills to his spine. All he saw was a massive wave as high as the palm tress that picked her up like a rag. Jack's car was flooded with his three-month baby Chelsey inside. The cars were slamming into each other while he was in the middle and Hope was swept under his car. The waves go out and he pulls his daughter out. She pops up unharmed. After she says it was like a river and thought she could run away from it. Her shoe was launched onto a car. She thought she could've been killed and has a guardian angel/San Diego, CA - a convenience store worker asks two black men trying to buy wine for ID. One pulls a gun, starts shooting and the owner Norman Mansure pulls a gun too and a gunfight ensues. 14 shots are fired in 13 seconds, Norman chases them out of the store into the street, but no one is hit. Deputy D.A. Victor Nunez says he pushed the gun away, they get upset at being abused and taking advantage of. The suspects are caught and go to jail/Roseville, CA - in a crowded residential neighborhood a sedan spins out of control in reverse after the woman driver started it with a screwdriver and left it there to do donuts on it's own. Officer Wayne Neidig asked her about it and she said it was her car and wasn't concerned. They are going to let it run out of gas, but after 20 minutes it hits the curb, then garbage cans and stops/Madrid, Spain - Mark Golmaye races a motorcycle up a man made waterfall. He gets up the first level of the Fortuna sponsored event. He makes it to the second level, then right at the top where it is the steepest he struggles, then his bike launches away, hits a camera and he falls 20 feet down into water and his head hits a wall. It is caught on multiple cameras. He is able to walk away and vows to ride again/Brunada Hills, CA - an Arabian horse named Twister goes off the trail because of heavy rains and falls into a ditch with her owner Sharon Varnes trapped underneath. After she says her leg was trapped. Ardeshir Radpur helps to rescue her. Others try to help move the horse and it shifts, kicks wildly and Sharon is pushed further down. The fire department calls in for special equipment. A harness is rigged to lift the horse up enough to pull her out. Then the horse slips and she can't breath. She says it didn't feel good. The men pull from both sides and get the horse on its feet and slide her out. She says it was like the wind came back. Both survive without serious injuries. The horse is airlifted to the stable. She says she got a second chance at life/Huntington Beach, CA - police chase a stolen red sports car down the freeway at 100mph. They can't set up a roadblock, so the car is PITted, but it hits an innocent blue car that hits another. He runs on foot and cops hit him with a car while others jump him. The car keeps rolling with the passenger inside and they ram it again. Both are sent to prison/Eagle River, WI - at the annual snowmobile derby, a dozen racers go over packed powder and solid ice. Brad Pake is blinded by snow and is launched off his snowmobile, hits the ground, gets up then is hit by a runaway racer at 40 mph that was driven by Jessie Strege then spins 10 feet in the air. After Jessie says he was hit hard. Brad gets up and says his leg was burning, didn't know if it was broken, he just wanted to get out of there and survive the whole thing. He gets in an ambulance, but races again/Summerville, MA - an explosion rocks a neighborhood when a factory bursts into flames. Lt. Wallace McClean is first on the scene. He calls for more gear and rookie Earl Johnson III answers. It's up to an 8 alarm fire and it's Earl's first fire. Earl remembers Wallace coming over to ask him if he'll be all right. Then an explosion slams two houses off their foundations and Earl is thrown 10 feet trough the air across the driveway. After Wallace didn't know if he was hurt, he just wanted to get him out. Earl said he was fine and wanted to go back and did. He said you are a rookie, but you'll be OK in this job. He loves the job so much/Wentworth Valley, Nova Scotia - on the Wallace River an ice flow takes June Dix's entire 2 bedroom house down the river. Norman Webb films and after he says there was no way it would make it past the Howard bridge. The house starts sinking as two foot thick ice blocks crush the house as it crashes into a bridge and shreds. It sounded like a paper house being ripped to pieces. It's hard to believe something that big could be ripped apart so easily. No one knows if June is inside. Before it swept away she escaped unharmed. After she all that is left is her foundation. She still wants to cry thinking about. It was there 19 years, then it was gone.
17. Omak, WA – the Omak Suicide race. Jack Miller starts it as people ride horses down a 260 foot hill into the river and across into the gates. Aaron Carden #3 hits another horse, is launched over other horses and goes down, is trampled and he rolls down the hill as other horses hit him, but his horse keeps going. He gets a concussion and broken ribs, but wants to do it again. Hollywood, FL - Larry Holmes refuses to fight Trevor Berbick and gives a press conference. Trevor trashes him at it and bad mouths his wife and kids. Police drag him out and Larry comes running out, climbs over a car and jumps on him, kicking him. They go down and punch each other. After Larry was glad he didn’t get hurt or do something stupid. Taipai, Taiwan – a man in a motorcycle helmet fills a garbage bag with lingerie after he locked the store clerk in the closet with a knife. Then the clerk gets out and attacks him. He swings at her, but she tears his clothes off. He pulls her by the hair, then drags her in the back and slams her into the floor. He’s caught soon after with $10,000 worth of lingerie. Classic 10/94 – Shirley & Ken Agan are filming outside the White House when a man opens fire on the building with an assault rifle. He thought he saw he president and fires 30 rounds. He tries to reload when Harry Rakowsky tackles him to the ground. Two other men grab him. He tried to get away and they just held him there. One man leaves his kid in a stroller and it rolls away. Then police and secret service agents arrive, jump him and ask if anyone was shot. No one was. Harry was injured, but the clip was knocked to the ground. There were bullet holes in the White House walls. Leon Panetta says president Clinton was watching football upstairs. The shooter had a suicide note on him wanting to go out in a hail of gunfire. Harry gets a medal of valor. TX - Motorcycle Hanggliding – Jimmy Lynn Davis plans on jumping two trucks. He makes a test run and the winds are too heavy. The crowd gets anxious, so he goes anyway. He lights flares on the wings, jumps hits a gust of wind and is turned the wrong way and hits the ground falling from 45 feet up and is pinned under his 300 pound bike. He is battered, broken and was in a coma for 11 days. He broke every bone on the left side of his body. He would never jump again. Arapaho National Forest, CO – teams use a helicopter to drop bombs to clear away the extra snow to prevent unexpected avalanches. It all goes well as a cameramen tape it. Then it changes course and heads right for the men. The snow covers 50 foot trees. Jim Stair the reporter and his cameraman Russel Ruffin leave the camera behind and jump in a car. They thought they were dead and after they check the camera, it is OK. Jim says it was like getting hit by a freight train. The next day they cover they story, but from now one they’ll stay further away. Cobb Co, GA 3/7/91 at 1am - a cop pulls over a woman for speeding, but doesn’t put his car in park. It rolls backwards on him, he finally notices it, runs after it and jumps in. He drives back up and still gives her a ticket. Denver, CO – Don Gay Jr. races a funny car in his second race. He loses control, slams into a wall and is knocked out. The car keeps going along, then catches fire and suddenly explodes. The CO2 he was to pull to save him ignited. Rescuers run over and rip the car in half and pull him out. His suit is burned up, but he’s OK. After he says he heard his name being called. He got 3rd degree burns and hasn’t raced since. Minor League Baseball – Hunstville Stars. Coach Herm Winningham’s son Kevin has become the batboy for the team and runs out to get the bat as Ricky Lopez is running for home. He plows right into Kevin knocking him down, but he gets up and is OK. After he says he was embarrassed, bruised his jaw and learned his lesson. Copenhagen, Denmark – a news team is going to shoot a story when they hear a loud crash. Around the corner a 20 ton bulldozer was driven through the prison wall. Dangerous convicts come pouring out and run down the road into a neighborhood. Stunned guards come running out and try to stop them from taping. All are caught soon after. South Pacific – Albie Adams captains the Endurance and three days into the trip his engine goes out, then winds rip the mast in half. He radios for help and a freighter called the Endeavor says they can be there by morning. The next day the freighter pulls up next to the boat to secure it and they crash into it again and again. The hull cracks open and it starts sinking. Before the men can be pulled up the boat is yanked down backwards into the sea. All the men are pulled down with the boat. Later they pop up holding on to wreckage. They lower a rescue craft, pull them in and have a celebration after. Latvia – the luge world cup. Markus Fluckinger and Alexander Reutz, a two man luge team rocket down the track at 70mph. flip on a turn and are slammed into the side wall crotch first. Alex screams like a wild boar and Mark is able to walk off the track. Alex is carried off with bones in his legs shattered. GA 3/14/98 – Sgt. Goose Stephens pulls over trucker William Hannah. He knows he was in the third lane, but some guy cut him off and slowed down and he swerved to miss him, he got mad, oh hell forget it. Everyone does it, but he knows he’s wrong. Goose says he knows he swerved to avoid an accident and wasn’t intentionally breaking the law, so he asks him what he should do to him. The old truck driver is flabbergasted. He says Will can be the cop, tell him what to do. Will says hell, he’s guilty, never mind. He wants to go, but he’s guilty as sin. After Will says he never in his life heard such a thing in 30 years of truck driver. He says he feels like an old maid talking about hot sex who never got a kiss. After Will can’t believe it and felt like he was in front of a church with his fly down. UT - Mike Muscat is a base jumper. He jumps from a large rock formation known as the Tombstone. He jumps and pulls his chute too late and he hits the rocks, tumbles over and is pummeled by jagged rocks falling down on him. David Nunn was taping and rushes over. He’s making a horrible noise, but survives with only broken bones. He’s thinking about doing it again. Indian Lake, Canada – Lee Dewitt, a 75 year old woman, fell off her small fishing boat, but is holding on the side as the engine spins her around and around doing doughnuts. She has a heart condition and was afraid to let go for fear of hitting the propeller. Another boat pulls up and David jumps out to get into her boat, but misses and he hangs on the side and can’t get in. Then his boat almost hits him. Finally he climbs over and cuts the engine. After she says 20-30 boats were watching, but only one did something. Cape Canaveral, FL – the largest rocket Air Force Titan IV is launching a top secret spy satellite. It takes off and at 20,000 feet it tips over, explodes into a fireball, and showers the ground with 4 million tons of burning debris and fuel. Air Force people run for their lives, but no one is hurt. 12/11/99
18. Mediterranean Sea - an Aircraft Carrier of the coast of Lebanon. Admiral Zap explains about carrier landings. A malfunction causes a plane to accelerate after landing, Lt. Charlie Boh ejects at the last second. Plane goes over the edge, he lands on the deck hard, broke hip, 5 ribs, wind blows the chute over the edge, catching him in a safety net over the side. Taken to hospital, now enjoys life to the max/Southern CA - Brandy Miller lost her keys and tried to get back into her house by the chimney. Hit the flute on the bottom and got stuck. They pull her out and she is covered in shoot and has no shirt on. She is interviewed and shocked about all the cameras and people watching. They put her in the ambulance, but she doesn't want to go to the hospital. /Austria - Todd Brooker is a downhill skier who rockets down a mountain at 90mph. His left ski breaks away and sends him cartwheeling down the hill. Wife Lisa is interviewed and says she thought he was dead or paralyzed. He says he hit his head so hard and was asleep for three months later. No broken bones./France - Bullfighting raiders go against a bull with no weapons. The bulls toss them over the walls and when they can't get them the bulls jump the walls and go after them. Round last 20 minutes with a dozen men in the ring. One man jumps the fence and gets a bull anal probe./Spain - annual hot air festival. A homemade 60 ft balloon is lift by a bonfire, which instead sets it on fire and into the sky, raining down fiery debris on the crowd. A mother and daughter are almost engulfed in flames./Classic - Lincoln, ME 7/16/92 - trooper Stephen Murray pulls over Harold Waltz who flips out on him about getting a ticket. He curses him out, yells, screams, says they are ripping him off, just wants pills for his dog. He then litters and Stephen makes him pick it up. Stephen is interviewed about it. Says he was shaking and sweating. They go to Harold's house and now he is a changed man. He named his house Harmony Place, but has been stopped by police 6 times since then and says now he says nothing. He's the best worst driver./Auckland NZ - a tanker collides with a car and erupts into a massive column of fire. The driver of the escapes. Royd Kennedy from the FD sees a hand of a 12 year old stuck in the wreckage. He finds Shirley Young trapped and gets himself trapped in the 1000 degree wall of flame. He puts his helmet on her head to save her face. He told her stories about his horse. Firefighters pour water on him and the flames, lift the truck and pull them out. He gives her a kiss on the stretcher. She is in the hospital for days and loses some of her leg. She then gets a chance to ride the horse/Wellington NZ - test driver Klaus practices in a BMW on a course. When the executives arrive he does a 360 degree spin that flips him over and leaves him upside-down. He is OK, but the car is totaled/Gulf of Alaska, 7 miles off shore, California fishermen are on a boat when an explosion in the engine causes the fishing boat to sink. They are Lorna & Carson Chism and they are given a vest and told to get into a lifeboat. The Irene is almost gone, the lifeboat is sinking, so Captain John Farrell leaves and goes back to the ship. A plane comes and they light a flair. A coast guard plane comes the other way and spots them. A helicopter comes back to get them in 46 degree water. They pull them up one at a time 90 feet in a basket. The raft overturns, but they get them all. The captain is the last to make it. He says later he resigned himself to dying. Hypothermia had set in./Providence RI - police search for 3 armed bank robber. John Hicks has captured Officer Osvaldo Castillo and puts him in a getaway car. He holds his gun to his head. The cop tries to stall. Snipers shoot in the back hitting Hicks, Castillo is hit in the hand. Afterwards he says he was convinced he was dead. The gun was in his ear. He kept telling him they would both die. In the car he was holding the gun so he wouldn't get shot. That's when he got shot. He is thankful to the cops and knows they had no choice./Moscow, Russia The Tough Guys play a concert in the rain. The wind knocks down their set and traps their backup singer. Victor the bass player pulls her out. Lana and the band go back a few minutes later and complete the show/Ponderossa TX - Walter Coodey is painting a water town 125 feet up when his scaffolding collapses. He is hanging on a rope. Firefighter Paul Cote has to climb to the top and repel down to get to him. The rope is cutting into Walter's abdomen. The safety lines tangle and now they are both trapped. A second firefighter climbs up, Roger Leader, the man who trained Paul last month grabs Walter from the other side and they all go down together/Murdoch, IL - a train crashes and is full of propane and causes a raging explosion. Sheriff John Chambers is on the scene. Ramey Becker reports from nearby. She says it is so loud and then it explodes in a massive fireball sending a wall of heat over everyone. A train car is launched into the air and lands a mile away. Ramey is interviewed after. Fire goes on into the night and another tanker explodes into a massive fireball turning night into day. Sheriff Charles was there, 3 days later they put it out, leaving a warzone behind.
19. Newark, England - Stuntrider James Dylan is trying to set a record by driving his motorcycle through firewalls. He goes through 24 burning hay barriers out of 28. Announcer Nikki Anderson said she never thought he would come out. Eventually he crawls out on fire and shredding clothes. His head is badly burned. Afterwards he says a bar ripped the helmet off his head./Melbourne Australia - Pot Luck talent show. Todd Rixon performs a dance routine and Ernie Sigly is the host and thought he had found the next Gene Kelly. He does a high kick and tears his hamstring and can't go on. 20 years later he is back./Austria - a couple, Barbara & Marvin Stone, celebrates their 40th anniversary and records hang-gliders. Thomas flies into high tension wires and explodes and is stuck there after taking 75,000 volts. The firefighters come in and rescue him, he is still alive. They cut the glider away and he is able to walk away/Seoul South Korea - a video crew shoots a race car intentional crashing his car. The first take is no good. The second take the camera man lines up against the wall and gets hit by the car because the wet crash can't stop it in time. He goes on the hood and is pinned next to it, but only minor injuries./Melbourne AU - baby beauty pageant. A woman confronts a judge saying the contest was fixed, then goes after the mother of the winner and attacks her with her purse. Another woman jumps in. Ursula Rosengren was a witness, said it was better than a cat fight. Jo Ann 2/8/96, the winner swore off pageants after that.\/Spain - elementary school graduation. The whole class gets on stage and gets crazy, the stage collapses on them, no one is badly injured/Rodeo in Minneapolis MN - Todd Leftwich rides a longhorn bronco named Timberlane, out of the gate the horse falls, Todd goes down and the horse rolls right over him. The horse is OK, but Todd is badly winded/Rio De Jenaero Brazil an old paint factory catches fire. 50 firefighters battle the monster blaze. 4 hours later they've gotten nowhere, the roof has collapsed, the smoke is bad. Then the front wall gives way and smashes down on the street, but no one is injured/Los Angeles - a group of teenagers go around in a car and shoot people on the streets with paintballs. A bicycle rider is shot 10 times and goes down. A bum goes down thinking he's dead. A woman goes down, a man walking goes down. People think they are hit with real bullets. Thomas L. Macdonald was a victim who got shot in the face, thought it was a drive by. A man with a cart is shot in vie w of the police who catch them right after. Two teens are sentenced to 4 years/Roller hockey championship Guns vs. Grizzlies - a guy hits the goalie and it erupts into a brawl. Coach Jim Costello sees Jason Hessel drops his pants to protest. Cops are called and he is arrested./Classic - Schedectdy NY - Northeast Flight Airshow. Attack choppers are flown. A Canadian seacopter flies early loses control Cpl Jim Simpson was on the door. It goes down hard and launches the blades 100s of feet through the air. People run out to help the victims who were trapped/France - a 16 year old black kid is attacked by two rottweilers. The owner tries to stop them, but can't/New Kensington PA - a man tries to rob a convenience store. He comes around the counter and Teresa Elston throws a cup of hot tea in his face. He only had his hand in his pocket, no gun, so she hits him with a garbage can. He comes back around and beats him over the head with the ceramic mug and it breaks. He then gets her in a headlock. Then agrees, but stalls. A man comes in and he then runs away/Auckland NZ - a man drives a stolen white sedan on a high speed chase. They can't box him in, he runs a roadblock, goes through 7 towns. He is pitted, cops jump him, he backs up with a cop on the door, gets rammed, cop goes down, keeps going, hit him again, he keeps going and then is taken off road soon after/Oahu HI - Hugh Alexander is knocked off a 20 foot cliff by a wave. He is caught in fierce tide and then pulled in a cave, the jaws of death. Brian Kealuana is the lifeguard who takes a jetski in to save him. They can't find him, Earl is on a raft behind the ski and tries to grab him when he finally emerges. He gets wiped out, then grabbed, they go to pull him out, but are both knocked off the waverunner, Brian goes back, grabs them and get out. He learns after how dangers it is in an interview/Moscow, Russia - parliament in session. Mad Vlad isn't allowed to speak, so he throws water on an opponent. He keeps filling up the glass and throwing at him. He runs out of water so he spits on him/Hollywood FL - The Diplomat Hotel is imploded, Mark Loizeaux is hired to do it. Las Vegas NV hotel is imploded 20 floor casino/Detroit - Hudson's Department store, 2.2 million square feet is imploded in the center of the city. In Chicago they blow up a three building apartment complex. A dozen more quick implosions are shown.
20. Chandler, AZ - Winter National speedboat race. Sunny Moon races his black boat, falls behind, guns it and loses. The throttle jams and he heads right for the bank, launches through the air and hits a powerline and explodes. He bails out and hits the water going 150mph, but lives. Afterwards he knows he is lucky to be alive/Dallas TX cheerleader national finals. Coach Elaine Pascal was excited, Andrea Sorensen says it’s the biggest competition of the year. Joelle Antico is the other coach, Blair does a flip and her elbow slams into Andrea's mouth and her tooth goes flying out. She completes the routine though her mouth is all bloody. They are from NJ, they go on to win third place/Spain - a squad of firefighters practicing a mountainside rescue techniques. A cable snaps and two men go more than 100 feet tumbling down the mountain. They are badly injured and bones are broken, but they live/Moscow, Russia - Oleg is a pop singer who grabs the microphone and is suddenly shocked so bad he drops to the ground. Later he is interviewed live on TV and a wall of the set crashes down on the back of his head, causes 11 stitches of wound/Brazil - killer bees attack. They travel to Tucson AZ. Steven Buckman works with them to understand them. He is in a bee suit and bees swarm him. Corpus Christi TX - Chris Graves calls 911 as he is attacks by bees. He is stung more than 1000 times before he was rescued. His mom Charnel says he has become a stronger person/Toronto Canada - a convenience store owner is closing when two men try to rob him. When paying the man grabs the owner, the second man comes around the counter and grabs him. A customer comes in, sees this and leaves, one of them runs out, so it is down to one on one. The owner swings a bottle of wine out him Officer Donald Bleecker pulls up, calls for backup , but jumps in an arrests him. The man hits him with the bottle after he goes down/Canyon Speedway sprint car race - a car goes out of control, causes a pileup and one car launches over the fence and hits the flagman's stand. Dan Klein was up there and falls off. Driver Fred Bryan was OK, his wife Evelyn thought he was going to be badly injured/Salem MA - an armed robbery suspect crashed his car, ran on foot and fled into Paul Hardy's house. Broke the window, came in, and held him and two sons Kevin & Kyle hostage. Wife Gail runs home from work. Chad Austin is able to watch the whole thing on TV because of live TV coverage. Paul convinces him to release his sons, the kids don't want to go and hold on, He lets them out of the garage, but they run back to him. He then closes the door on the scared son so he can't get back in. Paul talks to his wife on the phone, says he is OK. After 4 hours Paul beats on Chad, busts out the screen, but Chad comes back. They fight it out and police slam into the back and toss a flash grenade and disable them. Paul jumps out the window and is safe. In court Chad is found guilty/East Moline IL - 7th harness race at Quad City Downs. Ideal Neal driven by Scott Robbins goes down and he gets run over causes 5 other men and horses go down. Afterwards he says he had hoof marks on his head. Bill Lappe hits the guard rail and drags him 30-40 feet/Classic - St. Augustine FL - pilot Scott Gordon's landing gear is jammed. Mechanic Joe Lippo helps evaluate. Jim Mozier decides to pull a flatbed trailer at 90mph and Scott would land his wing on the trailer, but it doesn't work. Instead they drive under and pull the wheel down by hand/Houston TX - police chase a car with 2 men wanted for home invasion. They race down the freeway at over 100mph, get away, but crash into Beverly Stubb's car head on. The passenger jumps over the bridge and drops 30 feet. Pilot Rod Hooks couldn't believe what he was doing. He hits hard and runs, but the police chopper corners him/Victoria South Africa - a 29 story building catches fire on the 19th floor. Fire goes up and choppers land on the roof and evacuated 50 people. Four people from a dentists office are trapped on the 19th floor balcony. The air force lowers a man from their chopper onto the ledge. They pull him in and he straps himself to a woman and go back up. Then the building starts falling apart. So they lower down an empty harness and all three must get pulled up at once. As they get close they start spinning as Dr. David Nutt man carries up a box/Kent UK - three men in gorilla suits get into a plane. Steve Treble is one, says they were happy about it. They jump and try to create a 3 man stack and the man crashes into Steve, causes a tangle, they cut their chutes and deploy backup chutes and are OK. Steve is too entangle and heads for the ground and hits hard and he survives with no broken bones, he screams like crazy on the way down/Barcelona Spain - dance school director Rosalia Muliero is doing a show showcasing her best students. She does a dance with her son Antonio holding a tray of flaming alcohol. They tray spills and her hair catches fire. He dress is also on fire. Her son jumps on her and puts her out. The tray was supposed to be lined with cotton to prevent this, but wasn’t/Melbourne, Australia - people go on the beach because it is 110 degrees. Rod Aikmen, a storm chaser, tapes as a massive dust cloud envelops the city. It moves at 50 mph plunging the city into darkness. The dust storm is because of a severe drought. The town turns into a dustbowl covered in 140,000 tons of dust. It looked like the end of the world/70 miles off Australia - the Royal Navy's submarine is training. The sub hits a 2000 ton battleship #53 with torpedoes. The ship is broken in half, launched into the air and comes back down with smoking spewing out the stacks and is left afloat in a twisted pile.
21. L'Espulga, Spain - a massive tornado comes through Jose Morato's village on 8/31/94. It hits the town's power plant causing multiple explosions and cutting the power. Winds are 200 mph when it hits a hillside and dissipates, then reforms and comes back toward town. No one dies though/New Senwicky Twp PA - a police sting nabs a man who steals underwear from laundry lines. Sgt. Glenn Young caught him. He does it every Wed, she ran out of underwear. He denies everything, until he sees the video/New Zealand Harbor - national jetski championship. Going around the corner Carl Ammudson gets spun around and plowed right over by Steven Sutcliffe. Rescuers pull him out, put him in an ambulance, but he is still alive. It takes him two years to recover/Honolulu HI - Millie McCarter's apartment is on fire and she hangs out the 25th floor window. Dep Chief John Clark comes to the rescue. She said she never planned on jumping. Firefighters come to the next window and hit her with water, then pull her inside. She was burned, but survived. Dwight says the heat was so bad they felt it through their uniform/Richard Slaughter rides a bronco in Tucson AZ - the ride is over, but the horse won't stop, then jumps over a fence and he slams into the concrete bleachers. The horse runs off, but he is out. He eventually recovers/Port Philip Bay Australia - festival of sailboats. Reporter Laurie Atlas covers it from a helicopter. On the way back they lose power and the helicopter hits the water and sinks. He is trapped in the harness. The pilot gets out and goes back to free him/Edmonton Canada - a man floors it on a snowy turn, jumps the curb, hits a sign, a parked car, spins around, hits another sign, hits another vehicle and ends up on the curb. The woman he hit says if he totaled her car she could've gotten a new one. Sherman Townsend was the driver, hit the ice, rather hit cars than a person/National Magician's Conference - Scott Bray performs and does a fire eating trick with two torches and sets his face and mouth on fire. He runs off stage. A man jumps up to put the fire out. Dru Bray his wife goes to help him. His whole face is burned/Sydney Australia - a fire erupts at a petroleum gas plant ignited 10,000 gallon tanks of fuel. Everyone within two miles is evacuated. Major Frank Wilson was in charge says 40,000 people could've been killed. 4/1/90, looks like an atomic bomb from 1/2 mile away. Another tank blows shooting flames 1800 feet up. The tank flew 900 feet through everything and into the water. No one dies/New Orleans LA - a man crashes his truck through a convenience wall. Roberta Goodman was working there. He did it on purpose to steal the ATM machine and only got $40 out of it/Classic - Jersey England - 5 year old Levan Merritt falls 12 feet into the gorilla pit. Jambo a 400 pound gorilla comes up to him and stands guard so other gorillas won't bother him. He then pets the boy. Eventually he wakes up and Levan cries, so the gorillas run away. Then Hobbit comes running toward the child. Zookeepers distract it while a paramedic goes and helps the boy. A dozen years later Levan doesn't remember it and can't believe it is him on the tape. He's a local celebrity and fells he and Jambo are connected/Los Angeles - police pursue a burglary suspect at nigh speed. The driver drinks vodka during the chase. Hits a car in an intersection and cops back off. He goes along PCH, then goes off the road, into the dirt and slams into a guardrail for 20 feet. Derek Bell is the helicopter reporter who calls it. He gets out with a gun, wanting to be shot. Lt. Anthony was there. Snipers take position from a roof. SWAT team goes in and fires two rounds of tear gas into the car, but it does nothing. Then officers come in and pelt him with beanbag bullets. Then they get him/Charlotte NC - a storm dumps a foot of rain in 24 hours. Little Sugar Creek has overflowed and wiped out a railroad bridge sending a locomotive crashing into the water/11/1/96 Whitfield Co GA - Dep Grant Mantooth pulls over a car at 12 am. The man has had several run ins with cops. The man runs back into the car and is drunk. Grant fights with him, punching him repeatedly in the face. The man says he can't go back to jail. Grant pulls him out and the fall into the road. The man grabs for his gun, throws him against the car, throws him down, jumps back in and gets the keys. The man comes after him again. He says he is exhausted now. He pins him down and waits for backup. They grab him and he falls over from exhaustion. 8 minutes felt like hours. He gets 5 years probation/Vancouver Canada - the Canucks lost the 7th game of the Stanley Cup. The people fill the streets and heavy drinking leads to violence and continues long into the night. People are arrested, injured and police are outnumbered. They use pepper spray and nightsticks to fight back. Riot police move in and spray the area with tear gas. 100s are arrested, many cops are injured/London England - royal tournament at Earl's Court - reporter Anthea Turner is covering it live sitting on the tail of a truck. A motorcycle jumps out of the truck behind her and pyrotechnic erupts, catching her on fire. It went early because they thought her signal was the signal for the bike. She says later if she says over 3 inches more she'd be dead.
22. Oakland, CA - Stunt performer Reckless Rex Phelps drives motorcycles up a ramp and flips into a pool. It is rainy, but he does the stunt anyway. At the end of the ramp he slides off, he falls off, hits the edge of the pool and the motorcycle slams nearby. His leg exploded. He is interviewed after and won't stop doing the stunt/Las Vegas NV - North American Boxing Championship ship - Canada vs. Cuba. Willie De Witt goes in to finish him off and Gardenia hits the referee Burt right in the face. He is out cold. The 62 year old recovers with only a cut nose. 20 minutes later the fight resumes with a new ref. He falls over and then hits the second ref in the head. In the second round Willie knocks him out/Tokyo Japan - a cooking show on deep frying. Oil is heated to 247 degrees. The host drops a crab cake in and it sprays onto the counter catching ire. She tries to put it out with water and it explodes. She is a stunt woman demonstrating grease fires/France - Paris Airshow - Russian Su-30 is performing. A flat spin maneuver ends up close to the ground and the engines hit the ground, bursting into flames. The go back up, eject and the plan goes back to the ground, exploding into a ball of flame. The pilot and navigator are OK/Zurmot Switzerland - extreme skiing at the Matterhorn. The three men, Brian, Andy & Jerry start down and 7 million cubic feet of snow are loosened into an avalanche. They are buried and ride down the mountain. A helicopter pulls them all out OK. They say they'll never ski there again/Classic - 2/15/97 - Wilmington Ohio - cops pull over a blue truck with two men inside. They have no ID. They are Chevie and Cheyne Keyoe - wanted felons. Officer Harker pulls him out. Dep Robert Gates drives by and stops to help him. The passenger reaches under the seat while waiting. The driver runs back to the truck and the passenger jumps out and starts firing. Cops fire back. The driver pulls away, more shots are fired. Robert is interviewed after. Cheyne has a bulletproof vest. He is hit and is OK and runs off. J. Harold Harker talks about it after. He felt he hit him since he looked like a wounded deer. A manhunt is called. Minutes later another cop finds Chevie. He follows him into a parking lot and his windshield is shot out before Chevie runs off. 6 months later they are caught. Both cops walked away unscathed/Strassburg PA - Michael Lewis arranges a hot air balloon ride for his mother-in-law Rose Marie Luetgens. While heating up the balloon, flames shoot out all over the gondola. Then the balloon starts lifting. Mike runs over and puts her out/Lewiston Idaho - sprint boat racing on the Snake River. Tiffany Landrus and Holly Barcklay are judges at the rivers edge. She is interviewed - thought she was safe. A boat driven by Fred Carpenter loses control, goes up the bank and runs over Holly, pinning her under the boat. Tiffany and others push the boat off her. She is rushed to an ambulance/California - NHRA Shelly Anderson is trying to qualify. Halfway down the track she blows a tire, spins out, goes across the other lane, hits the wall at 295 mph, and skids 1/4 mile on fire. The view is shown from inside the car. She is interviewed after. He legs were on fire, her harness melted, she survived/8/18/92 - Ridgefireld UT - Cocaine Lane - Dep Phil pulls over a speeder. They don't own the car. He runs them and they are wanted for many things including weapons. He pulls them out and searches the trunk. The couple sneaks back in the car and takes off. Dep Duane Ross arrives and they shoot out the tires. They throw coke out the window and it explodes on the road. Duane pulls next to them and shoots out the tire with a shotgun. They pull them over and fins pot in the back. It wasn't coke, it was PCP - $1 million worth/Daytona Beach FL - an exterminator is caught on a hidden camera stealing change from Blair Harrison. He keeps $100s worth in jars. Then he goes through the drawers. He doesn't go to jail, but loses his business and reputation/New England Coast - a storm batters a house. It knocks the sans out from under it. Dewitt Smith watches as her house is pulled out into the ocean. It is intact for a while until a massive waves breaks it up. She is interviewed now and still isn't over it. She vows not to live by the ocean again/England 10/31 - a shotgun wielding bandit robs a jewelry store. Off duty police man Chris Standen jumps him and they wrestle. Chris goes down and he pulls the trigger, but it jams. He fights back some more and the thief runs away. California - a mudslide traps a horse. Dave Summers is the owner. The swift water rescue team including David Poppi has to cut down a tree trapping her, but she struggles and falls into the water. They can't get her on her feet, so they pull her out by hand two hours later. She makes a complete recovery/Spain - road rally - drivers race on backstreets. A tire comes off one car, another spins out on a turn. German Castrillon takes a turn too fast, spins out and slams into a bank, flips over and Fernando Anderos tries to help. The y flip the car back over and they want to finish the race and succeed only in causing an explosion. Fire is everywhere. Navigator Estrella Vidal is trapped inside and burned, but survives.
23. A boat rips apart; a sinkhole swallows homes; riot at a soccer match; a motorcycle runs over a man; a building catches fire. 12/10/00
24. Maui, HI - 7 miles from the beaches. In 1965 they detonate enough TNT to simulate an atomic bomb and sink captured Japanese ships and blimps. Cameras inside show the view/Spartanburg, SC - a man stops to buy milk when a man behind him jumps over the counter after Audra Hilton the clerk. He screams 'give me the loot.' She tries to grab Dr. Andy Sansbury who throws the milk at him and it smashes the cigarette rack. He hits him with the broken cigarette display in the face. Then he throws 12 packs at him. The man pulls his mask off, grabs some cigarettes and runs out/Perth Australia - stuntdriver Ray Baumann tries to jump 42 vehicles in a row. 20 people have died trying it. He clears the cars, but nosedives into the ramp, flips, falls apart and skids for 100s of feet. He is trapped inside. One man jumps in to pull him out and frees him unhurt. Afterwards Ray says he was lucky, it was a big risk. It was doomed from the start. He is still going to keep jumping/Melbourne Australia - super bike championships. On a tight turn Frank Connel #2 loses control, is thrown and Adam Furgesson hits him, then Paul Free slams into him. The 3 men slide 900 feet down the track. Adam was worried about the others. Paul knew it was going to hurt. Adam says it was so scary, doesn't want to do it again/Jacksonville FL - 6 teens break into a house and destroy it 2/3/95. Dr. Kris Mohandie is a psychiatrist who analyzes it - talks about a rush they get. Det Eric Simmons said they had nothing without the video. They do it again on 2/6 destroying houses under construction. Shawn Kernigan was one of the home owners and said he felt violated. One guy left a palm print on the wall. They were caught, tried and convicted and had to pay back the damage/Norfolk VA - a gasoline tanker explodes in a traffic accident. 2000 gallons ignite a river of fire in storm drains and sewers. A nearby housing complex is evacuated. David Delozier jumps on it to put it out. The fire erupts and he jumps into a pool of burning gasoline. It was deeper than he though and burns him. Steve Lindblad pulls him out. He was completely covered in gas and burning/Dayton OH - a storm turns a freeway into a hazard course. A vehicle spins out 3 times, then another, and another. The couple get out of the car and then someone else slams into their car Melissa & Ronald Miller were there. He says they didn't see the water, slid sideways, did a 180, hit the wall, were hit by a semi truck with her still inside the car. After that a Sedan hits them again demolishing them/Arizona - 3 men get trapped in Hell's Hole. Air Force Blackhawk goes in. Jerry Clifton is reporter who films it. A hoist is lowered down to pick them up one at a time. The first man goes up, then the chopper loses it and goes down. It crashes and explodes. There is a fire. People jump out into the water. Mike Sermeno was there. The blades were hitting the rocks and shredding. All survived. Sgt. Bruce Mayburry is trapped. Jerry goes back to get rescue equipment. The fire is out. Bruce's leg is trapped and needs to be amputated. Public rescue choppers show up. An hour later they are pulled out/Valencia Spain - bullfight - Jose is battling a bull when another matador jumps in the ring and fights with him. Then more matadors jump in and a brawl ensues. The bull doesn't even know what to do. El Sauro loses and the fans don't like him hurling seat cushions at him. He is arrested/Classic - Lima Peru. Japanese embassy Christmas party. The terrorists recorded their attack and it is shown. They storm the building and take control with 72 hostages. They want fellow terrorists released. The president refuses. The standoff lasts for 4 months. Then special forces launch an assault to free them. After 30 minutes it is over. 126 days later/Glacier Co Montana - police chase a DWI suspect. The man runs with his girlfriend. Cpt Scott Murray was there. 2/24/96. He is a Blackfoot Indian and knows if he gets back to the reservation they can't arrest him. They box him in and he rams his way out. He goes offroad and spins around back onto the road. He rams the police cruiser. Murray jumps out and aims his gun. The man tries to run him down and another cop rams the truck. He is run off the road, but he tries to get back on the road. They jump in and the man fights them as they pull him out/Jackson Hole WY - world championship hill climb. Snowmobiles are driven up steep slopes and crash. Hill catchers stop the out of control snow mobiles Marvin Davison is one of them. He tries to stop one and he gets caught in the tread and dragged down the mountain. He says he won't retire/Taipei Taiwan - midnight apartment building fire. People up top are trapped. Cherry pickers are brought in and pulled down one at a time. On the other side a woman is trapped by thick smoke and flames. She disappears and then a rescue man I s seen carrying her on the street/Nicaragua - government cuts funding for universities and students protest in the tens of thousands. They use rocks and tear gas against the cops and a riot ensues. Cops fire rubber bullets and tear gas back. A man carrying 5 tear gas canisters in his backpack is launched through the air when his backpack explodes. He survives with only burns/Spain - wedding day prank. The cake is loaded with trick candles that won't go out. Then they are sprayed with crazy string and it catches fire. The groom is covered in fire, but is OK. 1/7/01
25. Jerome, ID - Snake River Chariot Races 11/30/91. Driver Gene's bar breaks free and the chariot runs out of control and the pole vaults his car up shooting him over 30 feet in the air/Altedena CA - three young hikers are stranded 100 feet up on a hillside. Paramedic Jeff Barry hoists them up one at a time. On the third one, Christian Flores, he loses hold and they both fall, but the rescue strap holds. Both men are interviewed after. Chris was lucky nothing broke, thought he was going to die/Salt Lake City UT - 5/24/97 an Officer Greg Lundel stops to help a man, Antonio Garcia, when 2 cars hydroplane and miss them by inches/Classic - Evel Knievel jumps. Las Vegas NV 1967 - plans on jumping the Caesar's fountain. He wipes out on the platform and crashes on the asphalt. He is interviewed now. Says he felts sockets pop, bones break, pelvis crushed, ankles and wrists broken. Was in a coma for 29 days/Myrtle Beach, SC - Monster truck quarter finals. King Kong driven by Steve Cain race over cars, then loses control, flips over and lands on Lt. David Smith's police car, crushing it.. then catches fire. Afterwards he talks about it. Knew it was out of control, escaped out the back window, could feel the flames through his flame suit. He is now retired/Seoul South Korea- a man comes in a bank with a motorcycle helmet trying to rob the place. The two female tellers fights back. One has a pistol of tear gas that sprays in his face. He pistol whips her, the second woman starts throwing things at him. He drops his gun and runs out the door/Yellow Lake Wisconsin - snowmobile water skip racing. As Rodney Johnson is going out, another is racing in and hits him head on demolishing his snowmobile. The race goes on as they can't hear the crowd/Boen Australia - a fire erupts at a fisherman's wharf. An explosion rocks the harbor, boats are all on fire. Roger Williams races in to save his boat, but it was too late. He is interviewed. The fire was so intense there was nothing they could do. Firefighters have to stand in the water to put it out. Propane tanks explode shooting metal everywhere. Cpt Ken Jenkins was there and checked vessels for men sleeping on them and all of them are saved uninjured. The next day 5/8/99 the place looks like Pearl Harbor/Spanish Countryside - a bull goes on a rampage and villagers run for cover. It runs down a mountain path, charges after a boy and then falls off the cliff, taking two men down with him. The bull hits the water, gets up and is then calm/5/31/70 Northwest Peru - an entire town is hit by a 7.7 earthquake. People run, building fall. The mountain nearby collapses. Entire town of Jundai is buried under 160 million cubic feet of rock and mud/China Lake, CA - air force fighter jets on a training mission. An F-18 accidentally shoots and F-4 Phantom. It spirals out of control and then explodes. Actually it was all planned/Indianapolis, IN - a race car with a jet engine shoots down the track at 280 mph. Duane Elliot say it. He pulls the shoot and the car launches through the air and crashes 100 feet later into the guard rail. George is pinned, but survives. He says the hardest part was his 2 sons were there. Because of this he retired/Ontario, CA - a man with a gun threatens police and leads police on a high speed pursuit. After 2 hours he heads into a neighborhood. They pit him, but he gets away. He is hit 2 more times. He is dragged, hits a parked car, then he is hit again onto a median. Gerald Tackett jumps out of his car, chases him and tackled him. Then the homeowner thinks Gerald is the bad guy and pulls a gun on him. Police jump him/Auckland NZ - a boxing match. Albert Macho man gets a cut over his eye and the ref stops the fight. His manager throws in the towel. Sullivan wins and celebrates on the ring and Macho goes after him and punches him. Then fans jump in and a brawl ensues in the crowd. Macho jumps into it and a mic stand and chairs are used on each other. Video was used to convict brawlers. Macho got suspended/Phoenix AZ - a car gets trapped in a flash flood and fireman Ron Cummings was on the scene. They thought is was going to be a body search. But a 34 year old woman Mrs. Young is alive and trapped inside. Larry Hallas flies a helicopter over it so Ron can jump down and get her. It was the worst flood they've ever seen. He smashes the rear window and pulls her out. The pilot can't see them because it is so dark. Ron gets a shock on the way in, but gets her up on the skid. She is uninjured. Her car was buried/Australia - at a check point a man's engine catches fire and inside they find camping equipment, motor oil, rubber and a propane tank. The man has no answer/Barcelona Spain - 2 men fly a hot air balloon for a festival in the street. It hits a building, ripping a big hole in the side. It falls back into the building, hits it and they get stuck 50 feet up. They climb out onto a nearby ledge/San Antonio TX - a make breaks into a convenience store trying to steal bear. Joe Castellano is the manager. The man tries to fit through a vent in the kitchen and gets stuck. His 38 inch waist can't get through the 24 inch shaft. Dean Solid of the fire department tried to get him out. He is stuck for 2 hours and he freaks out. Everyone is laughing and he stinks. He is arrested right there/Classic - a man cleaning the elephant cage at the zoo gets his head stuck in an elephants ass/Baton Rouge, LA - circus. A man is thrown headfirst into a horse's ass. Mark Karoly is the clown and says it is part of the act. He demonstrates how the trick is done. 3/4/01
26. Top 10 Most Amazing Videos of All-Time
10. Baltimore, MD Stealth Fighter crash. 
9. Auburn, CA - Pinky the cat attacks Carl Prichard the animal control officer. 
Bonus: Los Angeles, CA - a 5 alarm fire at a warehouse with a gas line explosion while firemen are on the roof. 
8. Chief Brave Spirit vs. Vic the Devil mascot fight. 
7. Italian tourists get washed away by a falling glacier that causes a massive wave. Bonus. German motorbike race. On the 13th lap Andy wipes out and he and the bike hit the hay bales and spins around and around back onto the track. He is able to walk away from it. 
6. Anderson, NV - a rocket fuel factory explodes again and again with the force of a 3.5 earthquake. 
5. South Africa, Greek cruise ship Oceanus sinks with 400 on board after the crew abandons ship. Moss Hills & Julian the musicians saves the day. 
Bonus: Chesapeake Bay VA - An F-18 an a bombing run drops it's 250 pound bomb and it is blown up in the air and hits a Skyhawk that was shadowing it. The plane plummets into the bay as the pilots eject at the last second. 
4. Florence OR - a beached whale is blown up to dispose of it. 200 pound chunks of whale rain down from the sky on nearby onlookers. 
3. Korea - tenants of a condemned building fight off construction workers with molotov cocktails. The foreman is hit twice and set on fire. 
Bonus: Seminole County FL - Dep Rick Kolentus lost his son to a drunk driver. He gets involved in a high speed pursuit. On the freeway he blows past a roadblock into a residential area. He enters a school zone and just misses a school bus, guns it town the road and heads into oncoming traffic. He enters a second school zone and Rick pits him, he hits into a white pickup truck. The black SUV flips over, spills all it's contents and Rick's police car hits a street sign and is disabled. Rick jumps out, runs over and apprehends the driver. 
2. On 2/20/91 a Navy crewman, J.D. Briggs, gets sucked into a jet plane engine on the deck of the USS Theodore Roosevelt. 
1. Guatalahara Mexico - a zookeeper cleaning the elephant cage has an elephant sit on his head making his head disappear inside the elephant's rectum.

Season 2 - Spike TV (2006-7)

27. Ashen, Holland – Supersport World Championship Motorcycle Race 6/4/06
28. Las Vegas, NV – Malu Brayce bungee jumps from a 17 story platform above a hotel pool. 6/4/06
29. Via Debravo, Mexico – Joe Parr paraglides over a mountain with others. 6/4/06
30. Tampa, FL – lowrider convention.  6/3/06
31.  Isle of Man Grand Prix – during motorcycle time trials #34 Paul Oritz takes a turn and it starts to wobble, he loses it and slams into a wall and then slides along another 50 feet with his leg reversed in the air. His rear shock absorber snapped and he had multiple fractures and quits racing. A kayaker nearly drowns; a BASE jumper's chute gets tangled; a man falls from a Ferris wheel; a cameraman is covered by a mudslide; a riot erupts at a prison; a horse falls into a crowd. 6/10/06
32. Prince George, BC, Canada – at the annual downhill dirt race anything goes – skis, bikes, unicycles, even chairs. Three people with a couch on wheels with no steering or breaks, they go off course, run over someone in the crowd and launches the people over and over and over into a wall. 7/1/06
33. Santa Fe Springs, CA – Williams car is stuck in the LA river as the water moves fast around him. 6/17/06
34. Queensland, Australia - a high stakes horse race. 7/8/06
35. Kuala Lampur, Malaysia – The Petronas Towers World basejumping championships. Pierre Pascal jumps, pulls his chute and is blown back into the building 800 feet up. 7/15/06
36. Siloam Springs, AR – Shayna Richardson is going to do her first AFF skydive. Rick West is her boyfriend, instructor and cameraman. 7/22/06
37. Perth, Australia – During a Formula Ford race Bryce Washington is bumped and knocked off the track into the wall. 7/29/06
38. Bristol, MN – teenagers ride innertubes down a snowy hill as Shaina Rasmussen and her friends film wipeouts for a school film. 8/5/06
39. Melbourne, Australia – Carlton Draught Steeplechase race. During a ten horse race Joe Hartley’s horse misses a jump and crashes into Robert McKenna. Joe is launched 15 feet in the air and lands under Rob’s horse. 8/27/06
40. Holland – a fireworks factory catches fire and people gather in the streets to watch. Newsman Danny De Vries records it. 9/2/06
41. Moscow, Russia – Daredevils jump from the 1700 foot Ostankino Broadcast Tower for a competition. 9/9/06
42. Perth, Australia – at the Queen Motorplex, 9 motorcross bikers race. 9/16/06
43. Phoenix, AZ – a carjacker leaves a white truck and takes a black car at gunpoint. The guy gets out and stands there as a helicopter follows him. 9/23/06
44. Phoenix, AZ – during the qualifying round of the hydro racing world finals Scott Lumbert races a yellow boat, it spins, flies up, rips apart and his capsule flies onto land and keeps bouncing along the ground end over end many times, then stops in the water. 10/7/06
45. Corpus Christi Bay, TX - Jerry Ellison in his first Jet Ski Race. The water was real choppy, he had a bad start, he was too aggressive, not thinking, he lost control in a jet wash and spun around 180 and then got slammed right in the chest by another skier at 45mph. Cat drops 100s of feet from a tree. 10/14/06
46. Carbayena, Spain – during a road rally race in the rain on residential streets #27 the lime green car skids out and slams into a wall of people knocking them everywhere. Loan offers holds back a robber. 11/4/06
47. Sknyliv Airshow, Ukraine 7/27/02 – fighters do tricks close to the ground. The Ukrainian SU-27 guns it, does an arc, loses the engine, turns, the wing drags along the ground near the crowd, then flips over and explodes in a fireball. Porsche hits wall, bear falls on trampoline. 11/18/06
48. Mt. Bachelor, OR - Nick Klecker and friends decide to ski jump over a 40 foot highway. He thought it would be easy to make it, then slams into the bank on the other side right on his back. Boxers brawl at a press conference; a massive mudslide leads to rescue efforts; police pursue a former football player. 1/6/07
49. Valdez, AK - James Peyrouse races his snowmobile everywhere whether there is snow or not like going down stairs. He races it down a forest covered hill, takes a jump, goes 70 feet, hits a log, flips over the top, gets run over and slammed into the ground. Soap opera helicopter crash 12/9/06
50. Starkville, MS – Mississippi State vs. Alabama NCAA football game. As parachutists enter the stadium #2 Bill Wasser makes a low turn and crashes hard in the end zone and flips over. A meeting turns violent; a referee is knocked out by a boxer; an air guitarist suffers an injury via a chair; an in-line skating misstep. 12/16/06
51. Jacumba, CA - Miles Todd & friends mountain bike in the Carriso Canyon Gorge. It’s rocky, hazardous and winter storms caused erosion. A snowmobile accident is depicted; a gang attack occurs at a casino; fans clash at an arena football game. 1/13/07
52. New River Gorge Bridge, WV - Bridge Day festival is a year in the making. Rick Meyner leads a group of 7 people trying to bungee off the bridge in a basket to face their fears. Riot footage includes the destruction of a police vehicle; a motorcycle-rodeo crash is featured; a rider is injured during a bicycle pileup. 1/20/07

Season 3 - Spike TV (2008)

Animals Gone Wild! - Karola, India - at a religious festival people ride elephants. One throws riders off and people panic and start running. #301. 1/4/08
Maniacs out of Control - Jackson, NJ - Crazy Mike Gaboff films himself all day. He does a backflip off an M&M vending machine and hits face first into the concrete and bleeds. He had a headache for a week. A year later he does it onto a mat, then goes back to try it again and slams his feet, breaks his foot, knee and his face knocking himself out and getting a concussion. He’s carried out on a stretcher and won’t do it again. Foxboro, NJ - at a house party 2 friends wrestle and get thrown out. They go in the snow shirtless. One does flips, another gets hit with snowballs. The other does a belly slide across a snowy car. He lands, gets up, does it again, goes off the roof and slams his face into a sideview mirror. Castle Rock, CO - Dan Fox agrees to get shot with 200 paint balls in the chest with no shirt on. They cover him with semi automatic shots. He bends over crying, cleans off and is covered in huge red welts. After he expected it to hurt and it hurt more than he expected and saw blood and paint. He has permanent scars and can’t watch the video. #302. 1/11/08
Stunts Gone Bad #303. 1/18/08
Wasted, Reckless & Out of Control - Philadelphia, PA - Keith turns 21 so his friends rent a party bus and drive around getting wasted. On the street Dwayne picks a fight and tensions flare, a crowd arrives, then push turns to punches, kicks and chaos. #304. 1/25/08
Crash & Burn - Anne Arundel Co. MD - Tommy Passemante does a jump on a BMX bike into a huge dumpster full of foam, then another on his motorcycle. Examining vehicular crashes involving race cars, motorcycles and speed boats and a demolition derby. #305. 2/1/08
Wicked Wipe-Outs - Pemperton Valley, British Columbia - Big Dog snowmobile competition. Tim McGregor goes up the mountain and at 600 feet is nearly vertical and the mobile stalls out and rolls over. He and the mobile go back down the mountain smacking into rocks for 100s of feet, then he stands up. A helmet cam shows him spinning over and over. He only bruised his ribs and side and wins the best climb and best crash. Wilshire, England - K series racecar challenge. They are lightweight fast cars. Paul Winford #66 goes to pass, gets clipped and launches in the air, flips over and hits the wall at 90mph and shoots in the air. He hits another car that wipes out too. His car is destroyed. Westchester, PA - Brian Deegan does freestyle motocross at a party on a 90 foot dirt jump. He does a backflip and his front tire slams the handlebars into his chest and he’s thrown. His left kidney exploded and blood is going into his abdomen. The ambulance is 45 minutes away and rushes him to the hospital. He went into shock and woke in the hospital without a kidney and a ruptured spleen. #306. 2/8/08
When Good Sports Go Bad - Louisville, KY - Cardinals vs. Eagles NCAA basketball. Luke Whitehead goes for an alley oop, a guy hits him in midair, he flips and falls 7 feet onto his neck. #307. 2/15/08
Terror in the Sky - Brooklyn, NY - helicopters fly over a crime scene and the Channel 4 chopper loses the tail motor and falls wildly out of control, hits a roof, falls over and breaks apart, but everyone walks away. #308. 2/22/08
Freak Accidents - Oahu, HI - Junior World Fire Knife championship. Dallin Muti (11) competes, twirls his knives and soon flames jump onto his face. He rolls them out, then goes back to the performance. He says the fuel got on him, there was too much. Structural collapses, performance mishaps and demonstrations gone awry are featured. #309. 2/29/08
Bare Knuckle Brawls - Newton, KS - mid America youth Basketball tournament. Dale Vestal coaches Lawrence with his son Coulter from the 8th grade. He grabs for a loose ball and they struggle. Then the Wichita player pushes him and punches him hard in the face. Profiling pugilists involved in illegal street fights, female fisticuffs and backyard wrestling bouts. #310. 3/7/08
Hell on Earth - San Bernardino, CA - the worst wildfire in 150 years breaks out so John & Nancy Casper go on Hwy 138 to film it. Choppers with water don’t slow it. The wind kicks up and embers blow across roads and start up all around them. Land, air and sea fires are observed, along with pyrotechnic displays gone awry. #311. 3/14/08
Nature's Fury - Dallas Co. OK - Reed Timmer films a tornado that turns into a huge F4 funnel that drops nearby. He drives right into it and his friend Joel tells him to stop and back up. Then it starts coming down the road right at them. Reed tries to get out as it’s 50 yards away with 200mph winds. Destructive weather events are spotlighted via footage of storms, tornadoes, mudslides, earthquakes and tsunamis. #312. 3/21/08
Disasters of the Deep - Dire Island, South Africa - divers film great white sharks. Jerry Lohman is in a shark cage and they lure sharks with bait. One shark attacks the cage and breaks through upside down. It rips his air house off and he has to squeeze through the bars to escape. It bit down on the fish head and hit the cage by accident and got caught in the opening that was made by a film crew. The shark was stuck and they had to turn the cage over to release it. Swanee River, FL - Hank Hogan races his amateur boat to see who goes the fastest. Lee Dashieel films him going 130mph and he wants more so he goes to 138mph and the boat goes in the air, flips over, smacks the water and Hank is flung out and bounces across the water. They pull him out with a broken collarbone, arm and ribs with internal bleeding. A few weeks later he wants to race again. Oahu, HI - the Bonzai pipeline is 15 feet high. Ray Hollowell & Larry Haynes film surfers and the waves are heavy. Guys are spun around and thrown. Then a wave slams Ray and spins him over into the bottom. He’s knocked out by the coral and underwater for 2 minutes. Larry pulls him out full of water. They get him breathing and rush him to the hospital. He has chemical pneumonia which needs a year of recovery. He was in pain for months. #313. 3/28/08


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